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					                                               "O, Dem Golden Slippers," the quintessential

                 Parade Route                  Mummers tune, was written by the African American
                                               musician James A. Bland and published in 1879. With
                                               three verses and a refrain, it is about going to heaven.
                                               Oh my golden slippers am laid away,
                                               ‘Cause I don't 'spect to wear 'em till my wedding day,
                                               And my long-tailed coat, that I love so well,
                                               I will wear up in the chariot in de morn.
                                               An my long, white robe that I bought last June,
                                               I'm goin’ to get changed ‘cause it fits too soon,
                                               An the old grey hoss that I used to drive,
                                               I will hitch him to the chariot in de morn.
                                                           Oh, dem golden slippers!
                                                           Oh, dem golden slippers!                       Happy New Year,
                                                           Golden slippers I'm goin’ to wear,
                                                           Because they look so neat.
                                                           Oh, dem golden slippers!
                                                           Oh, dem golden slippers!
                                                           Golden slippers I'se goin’ to wear,
                                                                                                           and Thank You
                                                           To walk the golden street.
                                               Oh, my old banjo hangs on the wall,

                                                                                                          for supporting the
                                               ‘Cause it ain't been tuned since way last fall,
                                               But the darks all say we will have a good time,
                                               When we ride up in de chariot in the morn.
                                               There’s ole Brother Ben and Sister Luce,
                                               They will telegraph the news to Uncle Bacco Juice,
                                               What a great camp meetin' there will be that day,
                                               When we ride up in the chariot in the morn.
                                               So, it's good bye, children, I will have to go
                                               Where the rain don't fall or the wind don't blow,
                                               And yer ulster coats, why, you will not need,
                                               When you ride up in the chariot in the morn.
                                               But yer golden slippers must be nice and clean,
5 Official Performance Areas on Broad Street   And yer age must be just sweet sixteen,                               1/1/11
                                               And yer white kid gloves you will have to wear,
   Judging Areas at City Hall and the PA       When you ride up in the chariot in the morn.
    Convention Center (Fancy Brigades)                     Refrain
                                                                                           String Bands
What is a Mummer?
                                                                                           Ornately garbed captains lead the groups of 48 or more musicians. Plumed and bespangled, they mark time to music, highlighted by the horns, banjo and glockenspiel. String Bands are
Mummery in America is as unique to Philadelphia as Mardi Gras is to New
                                                                                           considered a fan favorite because of the music, pageantry and precision timing.
Orleans. "Mummer" comes from the Old French momer, to wear a mask;
pantomime. A masked or costumed merrymaker, especially at a festival                       String Bands Step 11:00AM at Marconi Plaza (#) = Place in 2010 Mummers Parade
(American Heritage Dictionary).
                                                                                           1.   Pennsport (NA) - Marching To Our Own Beat - Pennsport returns to Broad Street as a marching band led by drum major Charlie Nicholas, who conducts the show. Authentic band and
Philadelphia's first settlers welcomed the New Year with parades of revelers                    majorette uniforms are interpreted with Mummers style. Featured are complex band maneuvers and a drum-line solo.
traveling from house to house, singing and dancing. The City of Philadelphia               2.   Fralinger (1) - At the Golden Gate of Kiev - Fralinger's band of Kozaks celebrate Ukrainian traditions, culture and pride with a commanding and intricate musical score of Ukrainian folk
officially sponsored the first Mummers Parade on January 1, 1901.                               songs and colorful costumes and characters representative of the country's culture. Thomas D'Amore (last year's first-place captain) portrays the Hetman (commander). Drawing an
                                                                                                earlier marching position than in previous years, Fralinger is going for an unprecedented nine consecutive first-prize finishes.
        4 Divisions Order of March: Comics,                                                3.   Woodland (6) - Gator Done - Bayou Style - Woodland's Ragin' Cajuns revel with gators and crawdads. The swamps come alive with Cajun rhythms and characters that include fishermen,

    Fancy, Fancy Brigades and String Bands
                                                                                                hunters and Southern gamblers. Watch for the airboat, houseboat, washboard players, and a dancing gator and crawfish finale. Captain Tom Robison is King Creole.
                                                                                           4.   Broomall (14) - Different Strokes for Different Folks – Peter J. Broomall Sr. leads these Mummers as house painters. Staging takes place at the not-so-typical PAB Paint Store, so come in
                                                                                                and get your favorite colors mixed. Painters dance on ladders, with pails, rollers and brushes.
                                                                                           5.   South Philadelphia (4) - No Boat Like Showboat - The glitter and glam of the Showboat, with musicians and tap-dancing Dixie canes straight out of the ‘20s. Show includes banjo
  Prancing, dancing clowns in colorful costumes wield three-tiered parasols as they
                                                                                                minstrels and a performance of the Showboat Hall Jazz Band. Music is a selection of familiar Southern tunes. South Philly is always a top finisher led by Captain Denny Palandro.
  "strut" to the sounds of Golden Slippers. Comic motifs run the gamut from traditional
  to contemporary with imaginative floats and presentations that satirize everyday life.   6.   Durning (11) - Irish you a Merry Christmas - Durning is noted for its creative, comic themes, and this year is no exception. Santa and his elves land in Ireland on Christmas Eve, but the
                                                                                                leprechauns want nothing to do with Santa's helpers, and a feud ensues. Can the elves and leprechauns co-exist and rise up against the Grinch? Captain Joe Pomante is Santa, complete
   10:00AM start at Broad and Washington                                                        with reindeer, sleigh and a sack of toys. Music selection mixes holiday and Irish favorites.
   1. Murray
   2. Goodtimers                                            Comic Wenches                  7.   Greater Kensington (8) - The ROAR-ing '20s - A return to the 1920s, with a twist. Colorful animal characters are living it up at Leo's nightclub, the hottest speakeasy in town. Tigers,
                                                                                                hippos, zebras, bears and penguins entertain - watch as the penguins transform into flappers. Captain Jim Tatar Jr. is Leo the Lion, speakeasy proprietor.
   3. Landi                                                 1. Oregon                      8.   Aqua (12) - Aqua Has a Peel - Aqua's going "out on a limb" and is "ripe" for the picking. A tribute to our favorite musical fruits . . . apples, strawberries, grapes, bananas and oranges. At
Fancy Division                                              2. Saints                           the street market, Captain Ron Iannacone is Huckster Ron in his 1931 Ford Model A truck.

  Ten categories allow individuals, trios and               3. Bryson                      9.   Polish American (7) – Shipwrecked - Stranded on a deserted island, Captain Mark Danielewicz and the Pirates of Port Richmond explore their new home. Joined by spine-tingling
  juveniles, as well as Captains and their pages                                                skeletons of pirates past, Polish American's band of rip-roaring buccaneers are prepared to fight to the death. Music selection is inspired by familiar sailor songs played with different
                                                            4. Riverfront                       musical styles. In 2010, Polish American was the overwhelming winner of Channel 17's "People's Choice Award" as determined by online voting.
  to dress elaborately and outrageously in larger
  than life floats and frame suits.                         5. O'Malley                    10. Trilby (16) – Mumtoberfest - Dressed in their best lederhosen and dirndls, Captain Joseph R. Kaminski and Trilby travel to a Germany Oktoberfest beer garden. Traditional holtzhackers
   10:30AM start at Broad and Moore                         6. Pirates                         (dancers) perform at the Bavarian festival, with the sound of polka in the air. Trilby is the oldest string band, marching in the first official Mummers Parade in 1901.

   1. Golden Sunrise                                        7. Cara Liom                   11. Uptown (10) - Shake, Rattle & Casserole - Are you hungry? The maitre d‘, Captain Ryan Radcliffe and Uptown restaurant staff celebrate your dining options. Uptown's dancing waiters
                                                                                               and musical chefs take over the dining room, but through the clanging of dishes, beautiful sounds fill the air as you enjoy complimentary musical entertainment with your meal.
   2. Hog Island                                            8. Froggy Carr
                                                                                           12. Hegeman (9) - Hegeman Spurs Up Trouble! - It's high noon, and the cowboys of Hegeman are gathering in the center of town to entertain the cowpoke way. Dressed in their best boots,
Fancy Brigades                                                                                 awesome chaps and traditional Stetsons, they belly up to the bar for some fun saloon tunes and the best cancan show. Captain John P. Baron is Sheriff Dale S. Maverick.
  If Broadway and Mardi Gras had a child, it would look like the Fancy Brigade             13. Duffy (13) - Back on Track - The scene is a train station with a boxcar, dining cars, coal tunnels and trains waiting to depart. Captain Ted Kudrick drives a fun-filled locomotive that comes
  performances at the Convention Center. The ceiling-scraping sets, elaborate costumes         and goes as the band performs train songs. In 2011, Duffy's Cheryl Crowe and Margaret "Peggy" Rullo will become the first two women to be elected to the String Band Hall of Fame.
  and pulse-pounding dance routines continue to impress.
                                                                                           14. Quaker City (3) - My Kind of Clown - Clowns in a carnival atmosphere doing what they do best . . . clowning around. A perennial contender, Quaker City brings you clowns of all shapes
  PA Convention Center – 12N and 5:00PM                                                        and sizes playing games, juggling, dancing and even walking the high wire. Captain Charlie Roetz and Quaker City play up-tempo circus favorites providing the musical background.
  1. Satin Slippers - “Avatar”                                                             15. Avalon (5) - Holiday in Havana - Take a scenic, nostalgic trip to the beautiful Caribbean nation of Cuba. Avalon showcases Latin rhythms, beautiful tropical scenery and the romance of
  2. Avenuers - “AAARGH! Pirates: In Search of the Hidden Treasures”                           Old Havana. Regularly placing in the top five, Avalon performs popular Cuban hits while keeping true to the unique rhythms that define Latin music.
  3. Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars - “Haunted Highlands”                                  16. Greater Overbrook (15) - The Sidewalks of New York - Greater Overbrook and Captain Carmen Vitanza Sr. present a nostalgic look back at the sights and sounds of life in old New York at
  4. South Philly Vikings - “Your Wish is My Command”                                          the turn of the 20th century. From the Bowery to Central Park, Overbrook's musical tour of this bygone era includes an appearance by John Philip Sousa and his Marine Corps Band.
  5. Golden Crown - “Trained to Perform”                                                   17. Ferko (2) - Ferko Stakes Their Claim - It's California, 1849, and the gold rush is opening up the American West. At the Ferko Mining Co. camp site, it's another day of picking and panning,
  6. Downtowners - “Arctic Revolution”                                                         where prospectors, miners and other gold-seekers believe in hard work and hard fun in their quest for riches. There will be some hootin' and hollerin' with unique twists on traditional
                                                                                               songs. Always a contender for a top prize led by Captain Anthony Celenza.
  7. Clevermore - “Wizard’s Demonic Realm”
  8. 2nd Street Shooters - “Hillbilly Hoedown”
  9. Jokers - “Clash of the Titans”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  10.Saturnalian - “Spirit Drums: Uniting a Nation”

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