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					Speak English Clearly!
A clear accent - in addition good speaking voice in a language -
requires you to start to sing in order to form the words

It sounds obvious, yet present have you heard someone
mumbling nervously by using an interview, or speaking to quickly
in a corporate presentation?

Speakers , for example some Indian features and some regional
British accents (Glasgow and Liverpool in particular) really do not tend
to open their teeth very wide when they consult.

For non-native speakers in English, what this means is that when
you DO speak English, occur literally not opening your good mouth
wide enough to make the sounds and speak the language properly!
Some of one's long English vowel sounds such as the 'aw' in 'prawn'
and the 'oh' in 'phone' , both of which need an open lip area for
correct pronunciation, are shortened to an 'o' sound....this is
not correct for a sure , neutral British accent.

So, what can you do?

The predominant thing is to practice initial your mouth wider than you

would in most cases when you are speaking English, indeed , it will feel a
little uncommon , but you will find that using moving your mouth more,
your are able to pronounce English key phrases clearly and with a
better accessory.

The is a particularly important for a correct pronunciation of
English vowel sounds, which non local speakers, as I have
mentioned, almost always pronounce incorrectly by as opposed to keeping their
mouths open decent , or by putting the availability of mouths in the wrong

How much does this matter? clearly how well do you want to speak
English?! The important point is that a formidable accent can be
difficult to be told , and if you are difficult to understand,
people will just stop playing.
One of the most useful actions is practice vocal
exercises to boost your pronunciation. The following exercise
encourages you to practice English vowel and consonant sounds
without growing them into words, and it's one that I often take in
accent reduction and public speaking classes:

The sounds are:

Oo as in shoe

Oh as in phone

Or as in port

Ah as in cart

Ay as in pay

Ee as in sheet

As you can see, these are all often English vowel sounds, so
stretch them out to make sure that you usually are not shortening them.

Of course of action , it's difficult, if not impossible to assume the
sounds of English from your written word, so respond for these
sounds as used by native speakers, not to mention copy them.

Improving your good English is often about shifting mother tongue
habits, and initial your mouth a little wider at what time speaking
English is one of them.

Description: A clear accent - in addition good speaking voice in a language -