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					                                                            BILLERICA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                                   HEALTH SERVICES
                                                                      35 River Street
                                                            Billerica, Massachusetts 01821
                                                                Telephone: 978-528-7907
                                                                    Fax: 978-528-7919
Carole A. Butze, M.Ed., R.N, N.C.S.N.
Director of Nurses
                                                              October 9, 2009
Dear parents and guardians,

As mentioned in your welcome back newsletter, we will be vaccinating students voluntarily
during school hours with the seasonal flu vaccine. We will be playing a leading role in flu
vaccinations this year to curb the spread of flu in classrooms. The new recommendation from
the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is to vaccinate "all" school-aged children through the age
of 18 years, not just high risk children for seasonal flu. This guidance is designed to decrease
exposure to regular seasonal flu. By implementing these recommendations, schools and health
officials can help protect a portion of the population from flu. Collaboration is essential not only
from state and local public health, but also from schools, students, staff, families, and businesses.

Our focus will be on school children ages 9-18. We strongly recommend parents/guardians
of children under the age of 9 to contact their child’s pediatrician to find out when flu
clinics will be held. Some children under the age of 9 may need two seasonal flu shots if it
is their first time receiving this vaccine, therefore, we strongly urge you to contact their
doctor. Usually it is a nurse visit with no co-pay. Contact your doctor’s offices soon for dates
and times. If you do not have a doctor, then contact the Billerica Board of Health for assistance.

The best way to protect against seasonal flu is to get a vaccination each fall. The influenza
vaccine provides protection against the flu and is given by needle in the arm or nasal spray in
each nostril. Both are effective at preventing the flu. The injectable flu vaccine is an inactivated
form of the virus. The nasal spray contains live but a weakened form of the virus and it does not
contain thimerosal or other preservatives. You can not catch the flu from either form. We will
be administering the nasal flu mist only.

These vaccinations will be administered by Registered Nurses, Christine West,
Carole Butze, and volunteer nurses. One room number at a time will be called out to begin
seasonal flu immunizations. Children will be monitored 10-15 minutes for any side effects after
receiving the vaccine. It will be recommended that the elementary children will have indoor
recess that day, for further monitoring.

Vaccination location and times are as follows:

Locke Middle School                   November 2      AM
Marshall Middle School                November 2      PM
High School                           November 4      various times during school day

1. Please read the following Live, Intranasal Influenza vaccine information statement for
the vaccine your child will be receiving.
2. Please fill out and sign the consent form if you want your child to receive the vaccine.
There are specific questions that must be answered in order for your child to receive the vaccine.
The school nurse will review the form. If there is a problem you will be notified to contact your
own MD or Billerica Board of Health. If you do not wish to have your child vaccinated or
have already done so, PLEASE DO NOT SEND BACK.

October 23, 2009.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the Board of Health Office at
978-671-0932 or check the town website nurses page or up to date information @
You may also check the school health website for up to date information @ and scroll down to the health services web site.

H1N1 flu information is also available on these websites. We will keep you updated on H1N1
information or H1N1 family flu clinics to be offered in town (not schools) when it becomes
available. These will be sponsored by The Billerica Board of Health and Billerica School

Christine L. West, R.N., BSN                         Carole A. Butze, M.Ed., R.N., NCSN
Public Health Nurse                                  Director of Nurses
Billerica Board of Health                            Billerica Public Schools

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