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									De Vera family reunites thru
                                         By Nellie Reyes-Lauang
   ARLENE de Vera, a young nurse of Baguio City, may have wondered at first how her family can attain
the Canadian dream. So she took the first step... without hesitation, Arlene sought the able assistance of while she was in Hong Kong. She arrived Ontario on May 28, 2001 and worked in
palliative care in Woodbridge, then moved to Thornhill and completed her 24-month cumulative service to
qualify for migration under the foreign live-in caregiver program (FLCP) of Canada.
   Through the times that Arlene was struggling between her career development and homesickness,
Platinum-care had always been there to provide her with advices and assistance on many concerns
including obtaining her immigrant status. She encouraged her 54-year old mother, Alegria de Vera, to
work in Canada with Platinum’s intervention. In September 2002, Alegria finally joined her daughter in
Ontario where she worked for a Filipino-Canadian family in Mississauga for a year, and later on continued
in Thornhill where she is presently completing her 24-month cumulative service to qualify for migration
under the FLCP. The mother-and-daughter reunion brought them so much joy as they would often see each
other on weekends and spend meaningful moments together.
   But that was not enough for the mother and daughter to feel content to stay in Canada by
themselves. Another de Vera sibling, Concepcion (Connie) , was also encouraged by
Arlene to fly from Hong Kong and work in Canada. In February 2003, Conie arrived and
worked in North York area where she still works to the present. Another happy family
reunion for mother and daughters!
   Having passed the Registered Nurse licensure exams in January 2003 in Ontario , Arlene is now ready to
climb the ladder of career success. Alegria is waiting just a few more months to qualify to file her landed
immigrant application. Connie, a 24-year old darling, is soon- to- be married to her Filipino-American
fiancé from New Jersey, USA., and is still happily working in Canada.
Arlene is always proud of Platinum -care saying “tinulungan nila akong pumunta dito at
ang family ko para ihanap ng magandang future at hindi pagiging nanny lang forever di
kagaya sa ibang countries, nanny lang forever.” Connie, on the other hand, notes of
Platinum-care “kapag may problema, tutulungan ka nila. Susuportahan ka nila ...yan ang
maganda sa agency...pwede pa ulit i -refer sa iba. Kaya confident kaming i-refer ang
Platinum-care sa mga kilala namin dahil ma aasahan talaga sila .”                       (Advertorial)


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