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					    IC Fall 2009 Jessie My-Lien Ho

Ca Daily 1     Cb Daily 1

Ca Mid-term Cb Mid-term

Ca Daily 2     Cb Daily 2

Ca Final       Cb Final

In this presentation, we will be discussing English rhetoric in professional writing.
English for Presentations

All presentations have a common objective. People give presentations because they want to
communicate in order to:

              inform
              train
              persuade
              sell

    A successful presentation is one of the most effective ways of communicating your message. And
    because English is so widely used in international business, a working knowledge of the vocabulary
    and techniques used in an English language presentation is a valuable asset. preparation equipments delivery
    *** language: simplicity and
    *** Structure of presentation Review

    Can you name the 3 most important things when giving any presentation?
    1. Toyota sold two million cars last year. (simple)
    2. Two million cars were sold by Toyota last year.

tell your audience what the structure of your presentation will be. You might say something like

"I'll start by describing the current position in Europe. Then I'll move on to some of the
achievements we've made in Asia. After that I'll consider the opportunities we see for further
expansion in Africa. Lastly, I'll quickly recap before concluding with some recommendations."

When you finish Europe and want to start Asia, you might say:

"That's all I have to say about Europe. Let's turn now to Asia."

When you have finished Africa and want to sum up, you might say:

"Well, we've looked at the three continents Europe, Asia and Africa. I'd like to sum up now."


            Function                                                 Language

     Introducing the subject                I'd like to start by...
                                            Let's begin by...
                                            First of all, I'll...
                                            Starting with...
                                            I'll begin by...

     Finishing one subject...               Well, I've told you about...
                                            That's all I have to say about...
                                            We've looked at...
                                            So much for...

      ...and starting another               Now we'll move on to...
                                            Let me turn now to...
                                            Next...
                                            Turning to...
                                            I'd like now to discuss...
                                            Let's look now at...

  Analysing a point and giving              Where does that lead us?
       recommendations                      Let's consider this in more detail...
                                             What does this mean for ABC?
                                             Translated into real terms...

        Giving an example                    For example,...
                                             A good example of this is...
                                             As an illustration,...
                                             To give you an example,...
                                             To illustrate this point...

      Dealing with questions                 We'll be examining this point in more detail later on...
                                             I'd like to deal with this question later, if I may...
                                             I'll come back to this question later in my talk...
                                             Perhaps you'd like to raise this point at the end...
                                             I won't comment on this now...

  Summarising and concluding                 In conclusion,...
                                             Right, let's sum up, shall we?
                                             I'd like now to recap...
                                             Let's summarise briefly what we've looked at...
                                             Finally, let me remind you of some of the issues we've
                                             If I can just sum up the main points...

              Ordering                       Firstly...secondly...thirdly...lastly...
                                             First of that...finally...
                                             To start finish up...

The Poetry Foundation Light by C.K.Williams Listen to the poem Light, Read this poem Light by
Head Wrapped in Flowers By Thylias Moss
Online Journal: Video A Very Valentine BY GERTRUDE STEIN Animated poem read by the poet.
Mariposa BY FEDERICO GARCÍA LORCA Animated poem read by Andy Garcia

Butterfly of the air,
how beautiful you are,
butterfly of the air
gilded and green.
Light of the lamp,’
butterfly of the air,
stay there, there, there!...
You don’t want to stop,
to stop you don’t want.

Butterfly of the air,
gilded and green,
Light of the lamp,
butterfly of the air,
stay there, there, there!...
Stay there!
Butterfly, are you there?

Song by V. Monera

Read the Poem Butterfly

Poetic Symbiosis: Hart Crane and Federico García Lorca

New American Streamline: Destinations, Bernard Hartley & Peter Viney, Revised
by Irene Frankel. Oxford University Press, 1996.

The American century: consensus and coercion in the projection of American
power 作者:David Slater,Peter James Taylor
The USA as ‘America’ is the ‘Teflon World Power’, bad things do not stick to it.
This book brings together Americanization and American imperialism to assess how far the twentieth
century can be seen as the ‘American Century.’

Topics for Ca Daily Presentation 1

Group 2 Arrivals B There are only two members in this group. Although they have prepared
much about etiquettes of greeting upon arrivals, it is not enough. More drills on the dialogues
between business people, friends, relatives, passengers and clerk, and strangers as well as
announcements and describing sequence through the passport control, the custom, luggage,
the exit are to be learned. Also, Lily needs someone to listen to her reading and correct her

Describing a sequence
First… First of all… Next… Then… After you have done this… do that… Finally…
_1_ As soon as you leave the plane, follow the signs to Passport Control for immigration.
_2_ At Passport Control there are two routes, one for citizens and the other for non-citizens
for aliens. The immigration officer will check your passport and may ask you questions. In
some countries, they put a stamp in your passport.
_3_ After you have been through the passport control, Follow The Signs to the Baggage Hall.
_4_ In the Baggage Hall there may be several carousels. There will be TV monitors which
show you the right carousel for your luggage, e.g. AC 862 Toronto -4.
_5_ Collect your luggage and look for the sign to Customs. The signs are red for Goods to
Declare and green for Nothing to Declare. Blue sign is for travelers from other European
_6_ After Customs look for the EXIT. If someone is meeting you they will be waiting at the
Meeting Point. You will see signs for taxis, buses, or trains that will take you to your

Group 6 Getting a Job A-- -- sufficient and effective--Within such a short time with PPT pictures
and vivid outlines this group focuses on
ways on getting for a job (newspapers, friends, Internet, 104/111 Human resources, summit
personal data to companies )
Dress codes What to were and what not to wear
The interview, Before the interview, Do’s and Don’ts at the interview

Question: How to prepare and do the interview to get a good result
Prepare a resume now to show your background, education and experience, special techniques with
computer, excellent in speaking, writing, and second foreign languages, an honor student, volunteer
service, etc.

Comments: Some sample resumes, cover letter, i-resume, to show to the audience could be
encouraging for the audience to try to prepare their own resumes and to find out what life
experiences they need to keep a good record. More discussion can be about some ideal future jobs
and the ways to get them.

Getting a Job Job hunting, job vacancy, prepare for an interview, write a cover letter
Resume Writing Examples

Group 4 Marriage Counseling A—Curt and his group did a very good example using this topic.
They did not use ppt this time, but they wrote the key issues and given proper directions for
class discussion. Cultural, educational backgrounds are considered as important as attitudes
towards money, life style, and value. Communication, rational attitude and care are the best
ways to improve relations in marriage.
Counseling is important in marriage and education. Do not try to give advice to a friend who
suffers mentally and emotionally. Recommend them to the counseling center for further
counseling sessions. We are no professional regarding counseling. Sometimes we might ruin
their relation no matter how hard we have tried.

Group 1 Earth Day A Group 1 did a very good job of bringing up a video for opening, followed
by Grace’s clear summary of the interview which carried out the main interests of main
problems that concern mother earth. Then, the outline is clear and high-lighted by awesome
pictures. Terms were introduced.

More interaction can be arranged and global warming issues can be stressed too.

Group 5 Call-In. You’re on the Air. B+ Group 5 arranged a performance to demonstrate the
good and bad ways of language used when call-in to talk about issues or problems. They can
be more focus on the way people deal with problems. In the unit, one complained about roads
under construction. He found that in his neighborhood there isn’t an alternative route for him
to drive because all are under repaired, Another person complained the fire chief being
moved away. Still another complained about the sanitation trucks coming at mid-night. It is
annoying when people are sleeping.

Are there required courses needed for seniors in our department? If yes, what would it be?

Group 3 Making a Complaint


Topics for Cb Daily Presentation 1

Group 1 Arrivals A-- This group under the leading of Sephiroth provided drills based on the
text dialogues. Their demo of drills involved simple and complicated dialogues. Dialogue drills
are complicated because in a role play one has to change to meet the part he or she plays.
Greeting someone, a guide, who comes for reception, involving in conversation that may take
place in the railway station or at the airport, going through the custom upon arrival.

Describing a sequence
First… First of all… Next… Then… After you have done this… do that… Finally…
_1_ As soon as you leave the plane, follow the signs to Passport Control for immigration.
_2_ At Passport Control there are two routes, one for citizens and the other for non-citizens
for aliens. The immigration officer will check your passport and may ask you questions. In
some countries, they put a stamp in your passport.
_3_ After you have been through the passport control, Follow The Signs to the Baggage Hall.
_4_ In the Baggage Hall there may be several carousels. There will be TV monitors which
show you the right carousel for your luggage, e.g. AC 862 Toronto -4.
_5_ Collect your luggage and look for the sign to Customs. The signs are red for Goods to
Declare and green for Nothing to Declare. Blue sign is for travelers from other European
_6_ After Customs look for the EXIT. If someone is meeting you they will be waiting at the
Meeting Point. You will see signs for taxis, buses, or trains that will take you to your

Group 5 Getting a Job A-- Jeff and Jason and their group worked out a very suitable ppt map
with impressive visual aids. Their introduction clearly focused on the human power resources
from Internet and newspapers. They also provided a resumé sample. Only that they did not
mention the cover letter. They did not ask for sharing and interaction. It could be better if all
the members speak up in turns.

Getting a Job Job hunting, job vacancy, prepare for an interview, write a cover letter
Resume Writing Examples

Group 3 Marriage Counseling A—A variety of demo with videos and examples from our
society to bring about the topic. The details about the reasons that the couple argues about
could be mentioned to the audience. Is it better that the couple goes to counseling together
but in different session? If they go in one by one alone, they can be honest with the counselor.
Try to say “I Love You” everyday is boring but interesting to young couple. Husband should
take care of the financial part is true if the other stays at home. What is in a marriage promise?
How long does love last? 3 or 4 years. Then how can a couple keep hold on to a marriage that
lasts the rest of life? Would you like to go to a counselor if you need one? How is your parents’
marriage? Are they model couples? What tradition do they usually do?

Group 4 Inside Story B++—Clear about the story and performance, but relatively short.

Someone reads the news.       A general account of the kidnapping should be given as a
summary that gives the main trait. Billy Simpson was lucky to play and the kidnappers hurt
themselves. Finally they gave up the kidnapped by turning him to the police. How do people
usually do in our society when kidnap happens? Do they turn to the policeman for help? Or
they would rather help themselves because they might be threatened if they turn to the police,
the victim would be killed. How to protect the young from being kidnapped?

Do you like to read story about this? Social column is full of tragedy of this kind. What can we
or the government do about it?

Group 6 Earth Day B++ The showing of a video program about animals collecting food for the
winter failed because the notebook in class does not support the format the student used. We
learned to see the video voiceless and the presenters gave the overall of the story to class.
They presented each problem by performance and we learned to pay attention to the key
problems the presenters brought up for discussion.

Group 2 Call-In. You’re on the air. A—This group did the call-in in class, but they did not
discuss with class as a whole. The problems about constructions on different routes at the
same time, fire chief being close down, sanitation trucks come in at midnight. I then asked
more questions further. Whether it is good to work for the government, questions for school,
being an anchor, how school can be improved, etc. are given to know more of students’


The Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal Online Video News 影音財經新聞
News English Online
Steve Jobs to 2005 graduates: 'Stay hungry, stay foolish' Click here. 他在 Standford University 的

Commencement Address 有聽了嗎? 點 Heard on Campus 可收聽; 點 Text of Commencement Address: 'You've

got to find what you love' Job says.可看文。
Impromptu Speech 2005 ~2006 英文系一年級即席演講題目 教育部全國大專英語演講比賽實況 比賽花絮 95

Topics for Ca Mid-term Presentation at T. 242


Group 4 World Fairs A ~Curt begins with his charismatic opening and introduction to hook everybody’s attention.

We learn from this session what were the World Fairs and where were they held as to what were the main thematic

pavilion of each fair. This is a wise topic for people to know what each period of time humans are working on in the

world. It serves as a media that connects those in the past, the present and the future together for future

generations to know about us and the world. The terms of the thematic world fair are worthy of notice because we
may trace the significance of each term and see how the other nations worked in support of the Expo.
Do you see any possibility that Taiwan may host a world fair? (Curt: yes. We have Kaohsiung and Taipei where the
world athletic games and deaflympic games were held. It’s possible we may be able to hold one in the future.)

What merchandise do you think we may have to sell like Hai Bo in World Fair?

What are some significant impacts on world economics and cultures from world fairs?
If you represent Taiwan, what do you want to exhibit in the 21 World Fairs?   Expo

various large public exhibitions held since the mid-19th century. They are the third largest event in
the world in terms of economic and cultural impact after the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic
List of world's fairs
The largest "nation branding" competition in the world is slated to take place in China's financial
hub beginning next May.

Competition is stiff, with host China an early favourite and the U.S., surprisingly, not. Countries
such as Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark and even Canada are expected to be very much in
The competition is known as Expo 2010, but don't let the name fool you.
World Expositions have changed a lot since that magical summer in Montreal 42 years ago.
They have morphed away from the grand themes and beyond the architectural competition between
Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome and Moshe Safdie's Habitat '67.
Which country serves the best food and puts on the best show is still of concern, but mostly
because it creates a buzz and that, in turn, might spark an interest among visitors that eventually
may translate into business deals, investment and tourist dollars.
When a reporter asked Christer Stenmark, chief architect of the Swedish pavilion, how he would
judge Sweden's success in Shanghai, he said bluntly: "Our goal is not to have the most visitors, but
to have the right visitors."

The $45-million Canada pavilion was designed by Montreal's Cirque du soleil.

Group 3 Cirque du Soleil 太陽劇團 A—Good pictures, no course title, no reference. The group thought that Cirque

du Soleil is the most interesting Circus in the world.

Are they successful all the time? Can we see it now? Where?

How do they recruit the performers? How are the performers trained with all those acrobatic feats—flying, rolling,

performing with rings so daring and exaggerating? Who created music?
Do you like to see circus? Why?

Do you think a circus troupe can make money? If you were the manager, would you want to invest with the money

or save it for the future?

Do you dare to try swallowing fire? A few parents charged on a cram school for training students to build up

confidence by forcing children to swallow fire. Do you see any precautions being taken? For instance, explaining to

both children and their parents what they are doing, how to do as not to hurt but build up confidence and what

steps do they do to prevent and guarantee not to harm the body at all. Then let them choose to do or not to do it.

There are always tears behind the smile.

Why do you want to introduce this circus? Compare with other cultural activities what significant meaning regarding

human life can we see in circus?

What circus do we have in Taiwan?

Delirium (Arena show): it was a multimedia/theatrical production that features remixes of existing
Cirque music and reinterpretations of performances. This show was choreographed by So You
Think You Can Dance's Mia Michaels.
DELIRIUM depicts the quest for balance in a world that is increasingly out of sync with reality.
The arena production centers around a character named Bill, an ordinary man who lives inside a
bubble, a recluse in a society where even relationships are “virtual,” and where television and
computers have become ubiquitous (present everywhere at the same time) devices that isolate us
from one another. Everything in Bill’s urban life further draws him into an imaginary, virtual
world. On his journey he meets myriad characters that bring him little by little on the cusp (pointed
end where two curves meet) of growth and change. He eventually learns to ground his energy into
the real world. At the end of his voyage, Bill contaminates the people of his planet and enlists them
in his quest for balance. The subtext of DELIRIUM is the notion that in life, we must join together
to escape our solitary cocoons in order to survive.

Alegría: the show's main theme is about the abuse of power and the subsequent struggle for

Guy Laliberte


Official Site

Group 2 Deaflympics 聽障奧運會 B+ PPT shouldn’t have lots of words on one page. The presentation only has two
presenters. It is not easy to gather so much information and to introduce what happened in Taipei unless you go to
an English web page for information.
Thousand hands of the Goddess of Mercy displayed a Chinese cultural tradition asking for piety, order and rhythm
in this performance. In the TV ads Mr. Ang shows his encouraging words for the deaf people to have courage no
matter one has hearing impairment. This power in me is a strong belief worthy of propagating to everybody. The
main purpose is to never give up. The opening and the closing ceremonies were full of wonderful performances
which consisted of 5% people from deaf community.

I asked Victor if he has the chance to choose if he would like to be blind or deaf. He said he would like to see the

I think to be able to host deaflympics is not easy. It needs money and people in support of the games. The

The design of the emblem for the 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009 incorporates the
following three elements: the Chinese character for north "bei" representing the host city Taipei, an
ear representing the Deaflympics, and a figure representing the athletes. These three elements come
together to form simple, flowing calligraphic lines that create a sense of dashing forward, while
cleverly evoking the image of a running man. This lively emblem symbolizes Taiwan’s undying
vitality as well as the courageous spirit of deaf athletes as they meet the challenges of competition.

mascot the lively Taipei green tree frog; its ability to jump long distances; it has impressed the
world with its economic power, springing to new heights. The banyan leaf worn by the male
mascot and the azalea flower on the female are respectively the Taipei city tree and flower. They
symbolize the city's vision of a fresh and environment-friendly future. The mascots have their arms
wide open, in a pose that looks like the Chinese character for north “bei”, which represents the
host city, Taipei. With open arms and cheerful smiles, Taipei enthusiastically welcomes
participants coming from every part of the world!
how we won the bid to host the 2009 Summer Deaflympics
submit a bidding application, with endorsement letters from its national sport authority (i.e.
National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports), National Olympic Committee (i.e. Chinese
Taipei Olympic Committee), and the host city government (i.e. Taipei City Government).
One month after submission of its application, Chinese Taipei Sport Association for the Deaf
learned that Athens, Greece is also bidding for the hosting right.
President John Lovett arrived in Taipei on November 24, 2002. During Mr. Lovett’s one-week
stay in Taipei, Chinese Taipei Sport Association for the Deaf gave him multimedia presentations,
and visited all recommended venues under guidance of staff of Taipei City Stadium Administration.
Mr. Lovett applauded the well-organized programme and hospitality arranged all by deaf people.
Following the presentation, the Chinese Taipei Delegation hosted all participants with a dinner, and
offered them souvenir packs, which included promotional brochure, tourist information, illustrated
brochure on Taiwan sign language, mascot, Polo shirt, pin etc. that proved to be favorites among
the participants.
The day of February 28 was the day for final decision. Everyone felt nervous. Nevertheless, the
website of the Congress released encouraging media coverage of the 4 interviews with delegates
from 4 countries who strongly supported the Chinese Taipei Delegation. Before voting, the Athens
Delegation and the Chinese Taipei Delegation (chaired by Secretary General Chao) each gave 20
minutes of final presentation. The vote-casting started when all members stopped asking questions.
With 84 effective votes, Chinese Taipei Delegation won 52 votes, while Athens received 32. All
our efforts over the last year finally paid off. wiki The opening ceremony

Group 6 World Festival B+ This group introduced 5 places with carnivals and festivals –Brazil, Italy, Canada,

France and Germany.

If you can wear a mask without having to do makeup, will you do that? What kind of masque? We do not know

exactly what this group is going to present until today.

We should look into the cultures and spirits of those colorful festivals. When does each take place? Should we

choose the festive days to travel in those countries? What are the most benefits that these festivals may come up

with? What festivals in Taiwan do you like to introduce to foreigners? Why? Mid-autumn Festival

1. The Lady - Chang Er , The Man - Wu Kang, 3.The Hare - Jade Rabbit, Moon Cake

Festival of Lights
The festival of lights is celebrated throughout the country on Amavasya, the darkest night of the
month at the end of Ashwin or the beginning of Kartik. Ashwin and Kartik are the months in the
Hindu calendar that correspond to days in the months of September, October and November in the
Roman calendar.

Poetry International Festival 2009


Group 5 Facebook B+-- Late in turning it in. It’s better to give it to me before presentation. It has the PowerPoint out

line and vivid pictures, but I can’t see the part Frank involves into as news about using Facebook. Those news are

interesting though. Victor shows his confident speaking manner, but he uses his notes with hands. He claims that

he wrote those notes by himself. His ways of paving the ways about the history sounds interesting. Playing games

is time-consuming. Frank gathered lots of news related. He needs more eye contact and visual aids to help the

audience. It’s important that Twitter and Facebook aid small firms. I may use Facebook to promote my book too.

Facebook is ambitious to bring together opposing sides in some of the most bitterly divided areas of the world,
encouraging online friendship between Jews and Muslims, US liberals and conservatives, and Turks and Greeks.

What other effective functions can Facebook add to it’s domain for the users except using it for social interests,

games, small business, and sharing images, life, ideas?

If you are to use Facebook or Twitter, what will you use it for?

Do you think employees tend to be lazy when they become a Facebook user?
How do we distinguish whether the page is real or fake?

a global social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Mark
Zuckerberg founded Facebook with his college roommates and fellow computer science students
Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes while he was a student at Harvard
University. Facebook has met with some controversy. It has been blocked intermittently in several
countries including Syria, China and Iran. It has also been banned at many places of work to
discourage employees from wasting time using the service. Privacy has also been an issue, and it
has been compromised several times. Facebook settled a lawsuit regarding claims over source code
and intellectual property.
A January 2009 study ranked Facebook as the most used social network by
worldwide monthly active users, followed by MySpace.
The media often compare Facebook to MySpace, but one significant difference between the two
websites is the level of customization. MySpace allows users to decorate their profiles using HTML
and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), while Facebook only allows plain text.

Facebook has a number of features with which users may interact. They include the Wall, a space
on every user's profile page that allows friends to post messages for the user to see, Pokes, which
allows users to send a virtual "poke" to each other (a notification then tells a user that they have
been poked), Photos, where users can upload albums and photos, and Status, which allows users to
inform their friends of their whereabouts and actions.
News Feed, a blogging feature that allowed tags and embeddable images, photos, Gifts, "Facebook
Beta", a significant redesign of its user interface on selected networks


Mark Zuckerberg
Virus loves to do in Facebook

facebook            facebook             friendster                 facebook hong         facebook 教
login               english                                         kong                  學
facebook 美          facebook hack        facebook 古惑仔               facebook wiki         facebook 破
女                                        online                                           解

Sheryl Sandberg
Group 1 Pixar Animation A      Good ppt outline. This group talks about Pixar rather deep in formal manner instead

of being superficial. Grace began to mention the VIPs and their contributions to Pixar. Various work has been

introduced and a little comparison was done. Special term like CGI was rendered.

Is the merging of Pixar and Walt Disney effective?

Grammatical errors like active or passive, the vowel sound of the word “pronounce,” and “written” were


Do you think you may one day join an animation company? What kind of work can you do as English major?

Is it possible to work for story idea, text, or voice talent?

What are some major characteristics of making animation?

What is a flip book?

New power force added help combining business.
What are some of the Pixar production suitable only for adults?

 2    wiki   3 Research Group     4   For the Birds

a CGI animation production company based in Emeryville, California, United States. To date, the
studio has earned twenty-two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, and three Grammys, among
many other awards, acknowledgments and achievements. It is one of the most critically acclaimed
film studios of all time.
Pixar started in 1979 as the Graphics Group, a part of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm before it
was bought by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1986. The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar in
Pixar has made 10 feature films
Expansion to television
Animation and live-action


The Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal Online Video News 影音財經新聞
News English Online
Steve Jobs to 2005 graduates: 'Stay hungry, stay foolish' Click here. 他在 Standford University 的

Commencement Address 有聽了嗎? 點 Heard on Campus 可收聽; 點 Text of Commencement Address: 'You've

got to find what you love' Job says.可看文。
Impromptu Speech 2005 ~2006 英文系一年級即席演講題目 教育部全國大專英語演講比賽實況 比賽花絮 95

Topics for Cb Mid-term Presentation at T. 242

Students, if you are doing presentation with ppt in an environment of 2007 software, please
save your file in 2003 version so that it can be opened in our computer in T. 242 or classroom.
It’s said that a 2003 file can be used with 2007 version.
Today, there was much delay because Chris was late. We then asked group 1 to do the first session, but they

found out that the ppt they worked out with 2007 does open in 2003. Sephiroth went to other place to open and
save it as 2003 and 2007 compatible file to use in T. 242.

Group 2 Up 皮克斯最新動畫[天外奇蹟] B+ Script not ready for me, The animation is shortly presented

with segments and simple plot focused on the Disney animation Up. With three questions relating to
what dream the main character has had and not yet carried out with his wife, whether it is better to hold
on to the memory in the past or to get better chance for the present, and to continue or give up the
dream not yet completed? Good questions, but a bit short.
What past memory does the old man have? His wife got ill and passed away, leaving a common will

What can you do with Up in teaching kids except simple language? To do things that he has not done
yet. It will never be too late.
What dream do you have for the future? Janet: To earn a lot of money and purchase a house. Ho:
Well, at least it is half done, because you are junior now. After you graduate, you will begin your job,
and start to accumulate money.
What does your grandpa want to do in recent years after his retirement?
What do you like to do after you (graduate) retire?
What do you know about 3D and Pixar animation?
Do you like the language and lines in the movie?

Up By  tying thousands of balloon to his home, 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen sets out to fulfill his
lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Right after lifting off, however, he learns he isn't
alone on his journey, since Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years his junior, has inadvertently
become a stowaway on the trip.

Group 1 Internet Addiction A--    Script is not complete yet.. It’s a thorough study and complete introduction to the

Internet Addiction with good pictures, introduction of problems and possible solutions to them. I can hardly find

fault with this group. The only shortfall is the lack of eye contact. But in dialogues, they do have eye contact often

only with each other. The three ads are interesting selling method to spread the use of e-shopping, especially the

last one. The friendship is fresh tinged with commence. It’s a pity that they don’t have enough time to interact with

the audience. For performance, light is needed because you don’t have spot light like that of a stage. It has
a philosophical conclusion too.

Sephiroth is quite good in organizing everything and drawing a thoughtful conclusion. When he said that we should

think about whether the Internet offering too much of good thing is really good for all of us who use the service.” He
pointed out that ‘too much of anything is good for nothing.’ This kind of a reverse way of thinking is philosophical


My student brings me a fishing bowl in Facebook asking me to claim for it. What I can do with a fishing bowl?

Internet Addiction: The Emergence of a New Clinical Disorder
Internet addiction disorder more broadly, Internet overuse, problematic computer use or
pathological computer use, is excessive computer use that interferes with daily life. These
terms avoid the distracting and divisive term addiction and are not limited to any single cause.
Supporters of disorder classification often divide IAD into subtypes by activity, such as
excessive viewing of pornography overwhelming and excessive gaming, inappropriate
involvement in online social networking sites or blogging, and Internet shopping addiction.

Internet Addition Test

1 = Rarely.

2 = Occasionally.

3 = Frequently.

4 = Often.

5 = Always.

1. How often do you find that you stay on-line longer than you intended?
2. How often do you neglect household chores to spend more time on-line?
3. How often do you prefer the excitement of the Internet to intimacy with your partner?
4. How often do you form new relationships with fellow on-line users?
5. How often do others in your life complain to you about the amount of time you spend on-line?
6. How often do your grades or school work suffer because of the amount of time you spend on-line?
7. How often do you check your e-mail before something else that you need to do?
8. How often does your job performance or productivity suffer because of the Internet?
9. How often do you become defensive or secretive when anyone asks you what you do on-line?
10. How often do you block out disturbing thoughts about your life with soothing thoughts of the Internet?
11. How often do you find yourself anticipating when you will go on-line again?
12. How often do you fear that life without the Internet would be boring, empty, and joyless?
13. How often do you snap, yell, or act annoyed if someone bothers you while you are on-line?
14. How often do you lose sleep due to late-night log-ins?
15. How often do you feel preoccupied with the Internet when off-line, or fantasize about being on-line?
16. How often do you find yourself saying "just a few more minutes" when on-line?
17. How often do you try to cut down the amount of time you spend on-line and fail?
18. How often do you try to hide how long you've been on-line?
19. How often do you choose to spend more time on-line over going out with others?
20. How often do you feel depressed, moody, or nervous when you are off-line, which goes away once you are
back on-line?

Group 3 Global Warming A—This topic is often discussed among people and administrators. Group 3 has their

original way of waking up the audience’s conscience to live fully aware of the importance in sustainability of our

environment. Their attitude is sincere and serious. It has vivid pictures and outlines, with evidence to show effects

and stress on the solution that one can do early on. No reference was attached at the end of the script.

The natural disasters have different names, appearing in different manner, destructive, deadly driven power which

the vulnerable human beings will never survive without solid reason. Hurricane, tornado, floods, storms, draught,

forest fires, in the film The Day after Tomorrow, one can not sleep without nightmare after seeing the feature


Do you believe Taiwan will be engulfed by sea water someday?

What is the most vital responsibility we have to take upon today?

What are some of the things we can do?


Carbon Dioxide from Power Plants, Carbon Dioxide Emitted from Cars, Airplanes, Buildings,
Methane (Methane is derived from sources such as rice paddies, bovine flatulence, bacteria in bogs
and fossil fuel production), Water Vapor in the Atmosphere Increasing (Water vapor is the most
prevalent and most powerful greenhouse gas on the planet, but its increasing presence is the result
of warming caused by carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases.), Nitrous oxide,
Deforestation (the burning and cutting of about 34 million acres of trees each year), City Gridlock,
Carbon in Atmosphere and Ocean, Permafrost (a solid structure of frozen soil), Tundra ('treeless
plain' in Finnish)
For More on Global Warming
See EcoBridge's Video There is a lot to do. Wild fire.
There's a Lot You Can Do One of the most vital responsibilities our representatives in public office
have is to protect our children, grand-children and future generations from damage to the
environment they will inherit. Tips on Cutting Energy Use: Compact fluorescent bulbs. When
replacing home appliances, use energy efficient models. For example, replacing an old refrigerator
using 320 watts with a new one using 85 watts could make a big difference. Use cars and light
trucks that get good gas mileage. Choose a company that offers for homes electricity generated by
renewable energy sources. Help promote community carpooling. Promote the construction of bike
lanes. Place an insulating cover around water heater. Insulate walls and ceilings, and lower heating
bills. Choose double pane windows. A car needs only about 2 minutes to warm up. Take public
transit whenever possible. When shopping for groceries, bring your own cloth bag to the market.
Evidence of Global Warming
Present Danger of Global Warming Haines      mentioned that small shifts in temperatures, for instance,
could extend the range of mosquitoes that spread malaria. Water supplies could be contaminated by
floods, for instance, which could also wash away crops. Dr. Thomas Karl, director of the National
Climatic Data Center (NOAA), says that global warming has produced an increase in precipitation
during the 20th century, mostly in the form of heavy rainstorms, little in moderate, beneficial
rainstorms. weather-related natural disasters (floods, storms, droughts, fires) worldwide. In June,
2003, 1700 people died during a heat wave that hit India, while 35,000 Europeans died in a heat
wave the following August. Islands are Endangered by Rising Seas.
Future Threat of Global Warming
Causes of Global Warming
Positive Feedback Loops Asglobal warming worsens and temperatures rise, the forests become more
stressed and susceptible to fire, pests and diseases. This in turn may cripple temperate forests'
ability to absorb carbon dioxide. As increasing temperatures enable bark beetles to survive winters
in greater numbers, their growing presence will lead to a greater capacity to kill more trees.
Find Out About the Kyoto Protocol
What We Can Do About Global Warming
EcoBridge Global Warming Reference Page
Frequently Asked Questions About Global Warming
Current News on Global Warming
Ecobridge Home Page


Group 6 Traveling in Italy A—With beautiful pictures, questions and references. I would pretty much like to know

how a tourist should arrange his itinerary to enjoy those spots you introduced. What would one feel when travelling
to each of those places?

Do you think music background can increase the feeling of relaxation? It’s soft, but not interfering.

What are the adjectives that we may use to describe the beauty of the architectures in Italy? Magnificent,

spectacular, solid, serene, religious, piteous, royal, spacious, artificial, etc.

How long is the river over which Gondola is ferrying two people? What is the fare for the ferryboat?

Jocelyn invites us to see the beautiful Obelisk built by Egyptians and moved to Vatican later. The Dome and the

internal design of the roof are beautiful, and the statue of Mother Marie and Jesus made by Michelangelo is huge

and impressive. How long can the tourist stay to admire the masterpieces?

Linda’s part of Milan is relatively short.

Ellenie’s pictures for food looked attractive. If the ingredients and ways of cooking them are added to the ppt, we

will have more visual help.

The flower painting and carpets are special in those festivals.

Others   Higher Education      Art

Vatican Museum

inside the grand and magnificent Vatican Palace. The Vatican Museum was founded by the Pope Julius II the 16th

century in the Vatican City. Today, they are counted amongst greatest art and sculpture museums in the world,
displaying an extraordinary collection of arts and artifacts of the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, the walls of

the Vatican Palace have beautiful paintings and frescos from renowned Renaissance artists such as Fra Angelico,

Perugino, Botticelli, Signorelli, Raphael, Michelangelo, Giulio Romano, Giorgio Vasari and Taddeo Zuccari and
host of others.

It's said that no trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to the Vatican Palace and the Vatican Museums in

Vatican City. Thousands of tourists and art lovers from all over the world visit the Vatican City every year to see the

world-renowned Vatican Museums.

The Vatican Museums comprised of 12 large complexes with over 1, 300 rooms, making it one of the largest

museum complexes in the world. It's not possible to explore all the museums and their fascinating collection of arts

and artifacts on a single tour.
Tour of Italy
Sistine Chapel Cappella Sistina
Web Gallery of Art – Visit to the Sistine Chapel in Vatican
Vatican Museum Online - Sistine Chapel

 Traveling in Europe travelling in the 27 countries of the EU

2   3


Group 5 Roller Coaster B++ It’s topic is clear, but not very attractive until the question time. Questions added up

interests and drew up the audience’s attentions. Because of the nature of the topic, the questions can’t be deep.

The pictures on the script look better than some of those in ppt. Colors in ppt can be improved so that the words

can be clear.

If you were the manager, how would you increase the business of the park?

Who has had the experience riding on one in central part of Taiwan? Nine Tribal Cultural Village?

How do you maintain the roller coaster to help it function properly? Cleaning job, oil, machine

Does it have anything to do with math & metrics?     (CP simulation)

The roller coaster is a popular amusement ride developed for amusement parks and modern theme
This simulator is designed for people who want to design their own thrilling coaster and educators
who want to use a cool activity to simulate the application of physics by using an exciting
interactive tool and access to a wonderful reference source.

Group 4 Khalil Fong’s Classical Songs A—This group introduces the young singer and song writer focusing on

classical songs he sings. The comparison can go further in distinguishing the two singers or by pointing out how

Fong interprets this or that song. In what ways he was influenced? When you are talking about a song lyric, it’s

better that you point out the choice of words in it. Conclusion is entertaining rather than strong. I’d like if you predict
a little abut Fong’s future in this career.

His career and popularity was first grown in Taiwan because he sings more in Mandarin rather than in Cantonese.

Can you name some singers who have been accepted by Taiwanese? How do you see popular songs and

classical songs and the songs markets in the world? What makes Khalil’s singing attractive to young people?

What is the characteristic of soul music?

How do you see a new singer? Jeff Chou?
Do you think singing a lot of classical songs has its significance for a new singer?

Persuade me why it is important to talk about him.

born July 14, 1983, is a Pop music singer-songwriter signed to the Warner Music label in Hong
Kong. His father wanted Khalil to learn more about Chinese culture. Khalil was self-taught on
guitar and piano at the age of 15 and 18 respectively. In the meantime, he started writing songs and
sent demos to music producers. When he was 16, he sent demos, which he had written, to music
producers. Four years later, Warner Music Hong Kong finally recruited him as their producer.
Khalil is a Bahá'í.
Why his father moved from Hawaii to Shanghai, to Guangzhou and then to Hong Kong?
What role does his self-taught play in his way to success?
In 2005,he had his first CD “Soulboy” released on Warner Records HK label. In December 29,
2006, Khalil released his second album “This Love”(愛愛愛).

His first language is English and he can speak Mandarin, Shanghainese, Hawaiian Pidgin English,
and Cantonese.

His favorite music genres are Soul, Neo-Soul, Jazz, 50's Doowop and Rock.

Musicians that have affected Khalil's songwriting: Singers: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson,
D'Angelo, Steely Dan, NERD
Although based in Hong Kong, his career and popularity was first grown in Taiwan. This is
because his songs are sung in Mandarin rather than Cantonese. When asked, Khalil explained that
Mandarin was his second language, next to English, and that he could express himself better in
Mandarin rather than Cantonese.

Beauty Treatment (Facial & Skin Treatment) / Make Up

Anti-ageing beauty treatment and semi-permanent make-up see here.


Film Segments: John Travolta
      Mario in the film Staying Alive ( (Stress on practice and team-work) Lady D
Staying alive - John Travolta & Cynthia Rhodes
Lady Di dances with John Travolta - exclusive interview

Ca Daily 2

Group 1 Drugcontrol 17
The Coffee Shop Situation Acitivities☆ Fighting against the drug menace. New laws,
education, other measures. Offensive actions vs. Drugs in night-clubs, discos. England has
become a center for drug trafficking, distribution and consumption of drugs. The spread of
drugs is the result of a shattered and resigned and often reactionary policy. Comprehensive
efforts to combat tobacco is now under way in various countries. Preventive measures, action
plain, national groups vs. the making of the law.

Group 2 Marriage  37*/11
Divorce rate, cohabitation, Pride and Prejudice, Green card. Activities☆ Select five most
important qualities you think necessary for marriage. Physical appearance, financial independence,
parents’ wishes, love, health, honesty. Write an essay: Marriage has no place in society in the
21st century.

               the future 47*
Group 3 Predicting

☆ The next hundred years are likely to be far worse than the last hundred years. Apollo’s
Oricle. Oedipus. Do you believe in fate, the higher intelligence? Camus’ existentialist theory
brings forward a universe that is sterile and futile. Fate should be of human matter. One
should be master of oneself. After all ordeals, Oedipus still said, all is well. Like Sisyphus,
when standing at the foot of the mountain, facing his penalty again, he can be happy.

          sport 9/3
Group 4 Bad

Why do you think people cheat? Activities☆ Role-play: Imagine you work for drug-testing
agency. Sally Gates a world champion swimmer, has tested positive for banned steroids. Any
publicity will be bad for the sport, and will lead to a loss of funding from the government, and
you need every penny you can get! What would you do? Keep quiet, call her in for an
interview, impose a ban upon her.

Group 5 Driven   mad 15/6
☆ Ways to stop road rage. Build more cycle routes. Rax cars locally. Subsidise local transport.
Build more roads.

Group 6 Food  Safety 23*
☆ Role-play: A firm producing GM foods has applied to the government for a licence to grow its
products in your country. You have to make a decision on whether to grant the licence. They are
Minister, the firm, the farmer. ☆Write a letter to Health Minister Allan Rock and tell him yur
views on the subject of food labelling and GM foods. ☆ GM foods will not combat world poverty.
Mad Cow disease, beetle resistant potato, mouth-and-foot disease.


Film Segments: John Travolta
      Mario in the film Staying Alive ( (Stress on practice and team-work) Lady D
Staying alive - John Travolta & Cynthia Rhodes
Lady Di dances with John Travolta - exclusive interview

Cb Daily 2

             Superheroes 49/15
Group 1 Racist
  Activities☆ Write: Why do people need heroes? Who are considered superheroes in your
  country? Cheng Long? The Absurd Heroes: Sisyphus, modern workers of today. Tragic
  heroes: Oedipus, Kirilov, Achilles.
Group 2 Fashion  statement 19/7
      What is your wardrobe worth? Activities☆ Debate the issue: You are what you wear.
  Write an account about the contents your wardrobe. If you wish to keep your clothes a
  secret or make your wardrobe more interesting, invent the details! Or Write a letter t one of
  the woman in the article telling her what you think about her attitude towards clothes.
  Haute-couture-- high quality fashion clothes; Accessories—an item added to an outfit,
  necklace, bag, etc. Wallet, sunglasses, shoes, jewellery, watch ring. Calvin Klein, Giorgio
  Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel and Chanel, Cucci, Dior. Civilian clothes,
  tracksuits, evening gown, uniform combat gear, khaki-coloured combat trousers, shirt, boots,
  maroon beret 貝雷帽扁圓無帽簷的毛織帽, training gear (clothes). Rachida Addou: I don’t
  want to be seen in the same dress more than once, so I have more than 30 ball gowns and
  evening dresses. Roz Barnett: The joy of a uniform is that you never have to think about
  what to wear in the morning—or spend lots of money on clothes. (Marie Claire)

Group 3   Beauty 11*/4
  ☆ Role-play: Imagine you are a team of producers for a TV channel. A beauty competition
might be a good way of attracting more viewers. Yu need to think about the rules of competition,
who can enter, the price, what the contestants will wear, how you will make it different. Write up
your proposal for the directors of the TV channel. Explain to them what the programme is and why
you think it will be successful.

               the future 47*
Group 4 Predicting
  ☆ The next hundred years are likely to be far worse than the last hundred years. Apollo’s
Oricle. Oedipus. Do you believe in fate, the higher intelligence? Camus’ existentialist theory
brings forward a universe that is sterile and futile. Fate should be of human matter. One
should be master of oneself. After all ordeals, Oedipus still said, all is well. Like Sisyphus,
when standing at the foot of the mountain, facing his penalty again, he can be happy.

 Group 5 Making   Money 33* Career Consultant Dr. Yeung Ka-ching; NCDA National Career
Development Association
   Trade is the means by which man gets what he wants, freely and without coercion.強求 It is the
free exercise of an individual’s judgement in pursuit of whatever he values. A man’s money is
a man’s liberty. Money in the hands of the State produces nothing. In private hands, it produces
goods, services, jobs, decent houses, healthy teeth, well-educated children, safer cars, and all other
things that make life agreeable. (Mary Ellen Synon) Activities☆ Imagine you’ve been given
$100,000 to spend in one week. Write: How a million changed my life.

          Safety 23*
Group 6 Food

  ☆ Role-play: A firm producing GM foods has applied to the government for a licence to grow
its products in your country. You have to make a decision on whether to grant the licence. They are
Minister, the firm, the farmer. ☆Write a letter to Health Minister Allan Rock and tell him yur
views on the subject of food labelling and GM foods. ☆ GM foods will not combat world poverty.
Mad Cow disease, beetle resistant potato, mouth-and-foot disease.


The Role of Taiwan in World Economy
   Routledge Studies in the
   Modern World Economy 世界經濟研究 Living in a Material World World
   Economic Forum 經濟論壇
向上的城市,新北市 Peter Ferdinand Drucker

Ca Final
Please study your topic thoroughly to include the world trend as your topic indicates. Do not
count on your script much. Please leave about 20 minutes for questions since we do not want
to collect questions but need the audience’s feedback. Each student is to raise at least one
question to either one of the two groups during the sessions. There is a questionnaire to be
filled out before you leave about the question you give to the presenters/debaters.


Group 4 Grimm’s Fairy Tales A-- 92~84 This is a study of the controversial approach to the
fairy tales of Grimm’s fairy tales and storytelling. The characters and style as well as the
authors’ viewpoints were interwoven in this presentation. Irene and Natasha gave the moral
lessons as well as related the stories, while Curt told the stories vividly without using his script
at all. His tale about the fox and the horse shows how witty the fox is to save the horse using
tricks to persuade the lion without hurting anyone. What Doctor Knowall says fits the situation
coincidently. Fairy tales can fully inspire the kid listener’s imagination and use of language.
Henry referred to the use of contents whether sexual or violent applied for the adults improper
for the kids.

Should there be rating system applied to fairy tales?
What moral lessons are suitable for fairy tales to contain? Are racial difference, pure blood,
bad woman character transformed into step-mother stereotype suitable for children?
This group pointed out that children can not distinguish the difference between reality and
illusion. Thus it could be dangerous to tell them the story without thinking whether they really

Why are there scholars doing research on topics regarding children’s literature, fairy tales or

Anderson Fairy Tales      List of Fairy Tales Joseph Jacobs Chinese Fairy Tales and Myths

Lin Shih-jen a new-generation fairy tale writer, has a poetic flavor or a philosophical touch, with fun
and entertainment. By 廖卓成 The purpose of the research was to study the reason that the

transformation of fairy tale writing had become an important model of transformation of children’s

literary works in both Taiwan and Mainland China in the 1990s. It also studied in-depth the
significance of Lin Shih-jen’s fairy tales in Taiwan’s modern fairy tale writing.

writing tactics and special traits of the contents

Through it, one could understand the trend and way of development of Taiwan’s modern fairy tales.

Chapter 1 “Introduction”; Chapter 2 “Analysis on the works of Lin Shih-jen”; Chapter 3 “Lin Shih-jen

and his creative viewpoint”; Chapter 4 “Lin Shih-jen’s fairy tale topics and style”; Chapter 5 “Structure

and scenes of Lin Shih-jen’s fairy tales”; Chapter 6 “Characters and scenarios of Lin Shih-jen’s fairy
tales ”; Chapter 7 “Conclusion”

The True Story of the Real Brothers Grimm
Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm born in January 4, 1785, in Hanau, Germany

brother Wilhelm Carl Grimm, In 1802, Jacob went to university to study law at the University of

Marburg. As always, his little brother followed him, and entered law school in 1803.

During their university years they began to collect folk and fairy tales. Grimms were especially

interested in stories that included Germany and German culture.
“Children’s and Household Tales” - in 1812

“Grimm’s Fairy Tales”,

Grimm fairy tales include stories of kings, magic, and talking animals. Even though the stories are
sometimes scary, fairy tales allow us to work through our fears. They often teach us a lesson about
moral values, and right and wrong.

The influence of these books
The Nazis praised them as folkish tales showing children with sound racial instincts seeking
racially pure marriage partners, and so strongly that the Allied forces warned against them
influenced other collectors
both inspiring them to collect tales and leading them to similarly believe, in a spirit of romantic
nationalism, that the fairy tales of a country were particularly representative of it, to the neglect of
cross-cultural influence.
Joseph Jacobs was in part inspired by his complaint that English children did not read English fairy

Hans Christian Andersen was Danish. He was born in Odense, Denmark, almost 2 centuries ago on

April 2, 1805. His father was a shoemaker, and his mother was a washerwoman for rich people in large
homes. In his stories you will find many themes of the differences between the poor and wealthy

Joseph Jacobs (29 August 1854 - 30 January 1916) was a literary and Jewish historian. Australia,
He graduated B.A. in 1876, and in 1877 studied at the University of Berlin. He was secretary of the
Society of Hebrew Literature from 1878 to 1884, and in 1882 came into prominence as the writer
of a series of articles in The Times on the persecution of Jews in Russia.

Group 6 World Myth B+87~84 Much information has been found about UFO and Aliens,
Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Bermuda Triangle, and Across Space-time, etc. The objectives are
to be mentioned at the beginning as well as the founding in the conclusion. It will then give the
different myth a synthesis and give the audience your idea of world myth. How do people view
themselves, the world and the origin?

Do you care about the aliens and whether they know much about human beings and our
Why do adults want to read story of vampires?
Witch topic is also interesting in Harry Potter series. What have you found of them in Harry
Potter series?
Transformation in Werewolf myth is interesting. The full moon is influential to our spiritual and
fate too.
Bermuda Triangle is interesting in relating to the airplane disappearing and reappearing
across space and time. I can hardly believe that kind of things.

   2 3 The Big Myth,            World Myth and legend in Art       Myth from around the world

        India                China           Japan               Southeast Asia     Greece

        Rome                 Celtic Lands    Norse Lands         Africa             Egypt

        The Near East        North America   Central America     South America      Oceania & Australia

Norse Lands An earthquake shatters Fenrir's invincible chains. The great wolf swallows the sun, and winter
covers the earth for three long, cold years…The Vikings lived in a world that was harsh and dangerous. Their

mythical world was just as threatening. Sky gods fought earth gods. Giants were always lurking. The violent end of

the world was inevitable. Even Odin and Thor, the most powerful gods, were doomed to destruction at Ragnorak,
the final, violent battle.

How do people from different cultures view themselves, the world and their
The myths are told using Flash animation and are accompanied by an overview of the culture, the
pantheon of the gods and a series of exercises based on that culture.


Group 2 Taiwan Tea Culture A= 85~70 No booklet for me. Even though there are words not
properly pronounced, we understand most of the talk. Shelley should work more to
understand her script and say it in an easy way and speak with confidence. Lily involved the
class for discussing about daily role of tea which is quite successful. Fermentation is process
of fermenting. The following is quoted from this site.
     The term fermentation when applied to tea is something of a misnomer, as the
term actually refers to how much a tea is allowed to undergo enzymatic 酵素、酶
oxidation (氧化 cause sth to combine with oxygen)by allowing the freshly picked tea
leaves to dry. This enzymatic oxidation process may be stopped by either pan frying
or steaming the leaves before they are completely dried out. One method of
classifying teas are is based on the degree of fermentation: a) Non-fermented and
Very Light Fermentation, b) Semi-fermented, c) Fully-fermented.

There are grammatical mistakes as usual. Various types, I am going to talk about so and so.
Tapioca Pearl Tea also called bubble tea is popular in the world.

Have you prepared tea from China and Taiwan to see its aromatic flavor?
“Tea can do that” is good to end that commercial.
I sent Bahman Farzad a can of Ten-Ren tea and a couple of my poetry books. He said that his
family can sit down sipping an dreading my poems sometime. It is poetic to do so.

My student prepares to open a tea shop in Paris someday. I hope it is opened.

People are advised to wait a few minutes before drinking a cup of
freshly-boiled tea today as a new study, published on the British Medical
Journal website, finds that drinking very hot tea (70°C or more) can increase
the risk of cancer of the oesophagus, the muscular tube that carries food
from the throat to the stomach. ScienceDaily (Mar. 28, 2009)

University of Maryland Medical Center

Many scientists believe that free radicals contribute to the aging process as well
as the development of a number of health problems, including cancer and heart
disease. Antioxidants such as polyphenols in green tea can neutralize free
radicals and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause.

 1    2 3 2009 Taiwan International Tea Culture Expo 4

Do you like to drink tea?
How much do you know about tea culture in Taiwan, China, and Japan? Britain and America?
Tea is better than coffee. Do you agree or disagree? What is your stand?
Why do some people avoid drinking tea and coffee? Are they good for health? How come?

Group 1 H1N1 A- ~B+ 89~85 Only one reference is mentioned in the booklet. I got the
booklet on Tuesday and I found it convenient for me to read it before the presentation.
How is virus transmitted from one animal to another?
Do you believe using warm salt water to cleanse the throat and nasal cavity can help prevent
virus to multiply rapidly?

Do you agree that joining WHO will do us good in preventing pandemic (occurring the whole
country or the world) or epidemics to spread in our country?
Vaccine is helpful, but which one is better? For how long is vaccine effective?
I have two colds in the past few months. Is it likely that I may get H1N1?

Have you had vaccine injection yet? Why not?
Do you know how many students and teachers are having injection?
Do you believe there is going to be more patients of H1N1 in the world in winter? How do we
prevent this?

Friday, December 18, 2009
Pregnant women's problems have nothing to do with H1N1
vaccine: DOH

A 型流感病毒 H1N1 亞型 1918 年的流感大爆發
2009 年 3 至 4 月,墨西哥爆發 H1N1 疫潮,導致過百人感染。疫情其後傳播到全世界。
2009 年 4 月 30 日凌晨,世界衛生組織把全球流感大流行警告級別提高到第 5 級。2009
年 6 月 11 日,世界衛生組織將全球流感大流行警告級別提升至最高等級第 6 級
2009 年人類豬型流感疫情
2009 年 H1N1 流感大流行美国情况
Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 In June 2009, World Health Organization declared that flu due
to a new strain of swine-origin H1N1 was responsible for the 2009 flu pandemic. This strain is
often called swine flu by the public media.
On June 11, 2009, the WHO declared an H1N1 pandemic, moving the alert level to phase 6,
marking the first global pandemic since the 1968 Hong Kong flu.


Group 3 Musicals A=88~84 Introduction and conclusion can be included to highlight your work.
This is a brief introduction of the musicals which the western culture expresses humanitarian
concerns to the most, including the happiness and sadness of cats in personification, one who
suffers the poverty should confront cruel political confinement without charitable concerns
from the ruling power, the loving power which gives humans great impacts. Kerry used sign
post to show us what to expect next. Molly’s part in introducing Do you hear the people Sing
lyric sounds like something urgent that people needed for a change. Ivy’s introducing Miss
Saigon was fluent. What we look into the presentation is the main spirit the musicals hope to
bring to their audience. Students from my former class once put up the stage performance on
Phantom of the Opera. Kevin one of the students loves to play so much that he put off one
year to graduate. He finally made it to graduate school at Tsing Hua University and wrote his
thesis on some French playwright.

黃維楨 《誰/什麼是歐蘭朵?》:奇幻為其逾越政治
"What/Who Is Orlando?": Fantasy as the Politics of Transgression   93/07 王雪美

In what ways can we learn by listening to those songs you introduced in the musicals?
What is the importance of the theme songs? Do you see any connections between the songs
and the story?
Do you see the special features of the musicals in combination of dance, music, and
performance on stage?
Which characters of Cats do you like the most?
Are there social statuses in cat community?
Do you know a famous choreographer (one who designs dance composition)
Do you know Cats has been performed in Taiwan? Memory is good to listen too.
What is the best way for Tam afterwards? (question for Ivy)

Cats. Is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on Old Possum's Book of Practical
Cats T. S. Eliot. "Memory", for which the lyrics were written by Trevor Nunn after an Eliot poem
entitled "Rhapsody on a Windy Night". Also, a brief song entitled "The Moments of Happiness"
was taken from a passage in Eliot's Four Quartets.
Act I — When Cats are Maddened by the Midnight Dance

Jennyanydots ('The Old Gumbie Cat'), It is Grizabella. All the cats back away. The cats sing of her
saddened, unfortunate state ('Grizabella: The Glamour Cat'). Bustopher Jones is among the elite of
the cats,

Act II— Why Will the Summer Day Delay— When Will Time Flow Away?

Old Deuteronomy gives his closing speech to the human audience ('The Ad-dressing of Cats') and
the show comes to a close.
Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, Miss Saigon

musical theatre Musical film             Top ten London Musicals
We Will Rock You

Chicago: The Musical Tickets

Chicago tells the tale of Roxie, a chorus girl who has murdered her lover but manages to get acquitted with the help

of sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn. She teams up with murderess Velma to form an unusual nightclub act. The all-singing,

all-dancing show makes for a great, toe-tapping night out!

Les Miserables     This international award-winning musical sweeps its audience through an epic tale of passion

and destruction, against the backdrop of a nation in the grip of revolution. A spectacular adaptation of Victor Hugo's

masterpiece, it continues to thrill audiences night after night.

The Lion King Tickets      The award-winning adaptation of Disney's film features music by Elton John and Tim Rice,

plus outstanding costumes and special effects. Set against the majesty of the Serengeti Plains to the evocative

rhythms of Africa, The Lion King will dazzle all ages.

The Phantom of the Opera Andrew Lloyd Webber's epic musical The Phantom of the Opera tells the tale of the

phantom that terrorises the Paris Opera to make his protégé Christine the leading lady of the opera.

The Voice agrees and offers to teach her "a little bit of heaven's music."
Christine is, for a time, unable to decide between Erik and Raoul and both suitors become
increasingly jealous. Up in the rafters of the Opera, Christine tells Raoul of Erik taking her to the
cellars. Raoul promises to take Christine away where Erik can never find her; and so Raoul tells
Christine he shall act on his promise the following day, to this Christine agrees, but she pities Erik
and will not go until she has sung for him one last time.

Miss Saigon 1970s Saigon during the Vietnam War, and Madame Butterfly's American Lieutenant
and Japanese geisha coupling is replaced by a romance between an American GI and a Vietnamese
bar girl.
It premiered at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in London on September 20 1989, closing after
4,264 performances on October 30 1999. It opened at the Broadway Theatre in New York City in
KRIS PHILIPS 費翔 after graduating from the American Dramatic Arts Academy in 1980 He
made the move to stage acting in the early 1990s and returned to the US where he joined Andrew
Lloyd Webber's touring company to perform in Miss Saigon and other shows.

Group 5 BMW 89~80 A--~B—This group introduced BMW in an interesting way. It has a
conclusion. Bonnie thought that it doesn’t matter that one is rich or no, as long as he feels like
to enjoy the owning of a BMW, it is alright to buy one. Frank played the video and asked a
question about the name of the speaker. If he can then tell about the techniques to be a good
car dealer, maybe it is helpful for students who want to be in the market someday. Victor
sounds like an expert talking about the engines. Curt likes to learn about cars; he knows a lot
about European cars like Opal whose company tries to create cars safer, not that expensive
to common drivers.

What do you think about a blind people fixing car for the neighbors?
Do you think people know much about cars before they own one?
Why do they move plants to countries like the USA and Japan?

Why is the made of BMW so popular? Spacy, fast, good engine with accelerate power
What social status does it stand for the driver?
Is it the safest car in the world?
Have you seen one? Do you know of someone who owns it?
If you can own one, what made of car would you want to buy?

More    wiki Bayerische Motoren Werke AG a German automobile, motorcycle and engine
manufacturing company founded in 1916.
The circular blue and white BMW logo or roundel is portrayed by BMW as the movement of an
aircraft propeller, to signify the white blades cutting through the blue sky – an interpretation that
BMW adopted for convenience in 1929, twelve years after the roundel was created.

 BMW Motorrad Driving pleasure


 Cb Final

Please study your topic thoroughly to include the world trend as your topic indicates. Do not
count on your script much. Please leave about 20 minutes for questions since we do not want
to collect questions but need the audience’s feedback. Each student is to raise at least one
question to either one of the two groups during the sessions. There is a questionnaire to be
filled out before you leave about the question you give to the presenters/debaters.

向上的城市,新北市 Peter Ferdinand Drucker


Group 4 Pets A—89~85 The script was ready as the class began. With oral introduction and
YouTube fun video and references. The video shows the violent behavior of dogs, cats
caused by their nature, such as curiosity, messy, witty, playful, etc. I wondered if they used
computer animation to produce this video. The way they arouse the audience’s care for pets
with videos sounds warm. Lines like the girl learns to care and love by keeping the pet. Life
span for a dog is about 10 years.
The introduction about top-ten dogs is interesting with pictures. Vanessa has a charming tone
while speaking. I wonder what kind of dog you would recommend to Victor, Labrador or
Golden Retriever?
The introduction included details as how to introduce your cat to your dog and how to deal
with stray dogs problem.

Questions are also prepared. Since there isn’t enough time for questions, it is not fully
Sterilization and immunization are recommended for stray dogs.
Silvia and Jeff raise hedgehogs which looked so cute.

Hedgehog cars pose a great threat to hedgehogs. Many are run over as they attempt to cross
roadways. Another common human-related fatality is pesticides




 Stray dog Smartest Dogs: Moscow Stray Dogs

Group 1 International Etiquette A-~C+ 92~78 The ppt is good. Can I have it too?

This group had prepared a lot to share, but they seemed to run out of time. Altogether
it was fine. The script was kind of rushing for the presentation. [A new booklet was
turned in later with complete information.] They made props and prepared tableware
to demo and test the audience’s knowledge about setting table. The introduction and
conclusion is good. The serving part Jones gave was fine. It sounded like original with
some grammatical errors. Some tips on Chinese customs and manners are a good
way to balance eastern and western customs in relationships among people. One can
see a touch of humor in a selection of humorous comic strips. Sephiroth has a great
influence on his team.

bowl look for the pronunciation of the word from Merriam-Webster.
how to order food in english Survival English for Travelers More

Dinning etiquette Youtube
Dining Etiquette - European vs. American Dining Style

Japanese etiquette Chinese etiquette in Business common-sense guidelines
Chinese etiquette & ethics in business 由 Boye De Mente 著作 - 1994 - 254 頁

That which is suitable, agreeable, or convenient.

Marriage de Convenance in France


Group 2 Series Serials/ Soap Opera A= 89~85****There should be course title, final
presentation, and reference added to make a good cover and complete reference. It went
smoothly and the classifying of the opera according to age was thoughtful. The voice can not
function well is not a good experience, though. I have asked the material room to check it for
us. The topic can be printed across on top without the word “Topic”. The wording for the
subtopic should be more careful. The phrase “How to make a soap opera a great success”
can do.

If you were the actress, do you prefer to have the script before taking it in performance?
Which one you mentioned have you seen?
Promotion is important. Should the leading roles show up in the public after it is released?
Is relationship is more important than plot? Who relates this to whom
How can Taiwanese drama be improved?
How can English majors, Chinese majors, and Taiwanese majors help? With the scripts,
performers, etc.?
If you were producer, how would you make the soap opera? What are the important elements
in a successful one? Culture, people, place? Will you interweave all these elements into one
which is suitable for young university students? How about Providence Youth? Is it a good
title? How would you promote this soap opera? What casts will you choose? Theme, etc.

Serials in television and radio are series that rely on a continuing plot that unfolds in a serial
fashion, episode by episode. Serials typically follow main story arcs that span entire seasons or
even the full run of the series, which distinguishes them from traditional episodic television that
relies on more stand-alone episodes. Japanese TV Drama in Taiwan
and Audience’s Reflexivity on Personal Life by Rita

Taiwanese Drama (traditionalChinese: 台灣電視劇 commonly called TDrama or TWDrama by
fans) refers to televised dramas, similar to Western miniseries, of extended stories usually
dramatizing relationships through the general range of ten to forty one-hour episodes. They are
produced in Taiwan and have gained increasing popularity in the Mando community internationally.
Popular Taiwanese dramas generally divided into “idol dramas" (偶像劇) and Taiwanese
Minnan dramas (台語劇). "Idol dramas" use the most popular singers and actors or actresses in the
Taiwanese entertainment industry, most of whom are in their late teens or 20s.
Taiwanese idol dramas share many similarities in genre with both Japanese dramas and Korean
dramas, although they differ considerably in subject matter with Chinese dramas. For example,
dramas based on nationalist sentiment and politics are much less common.
Many popular Taiwanese dramas are based on Japanese manga, using shōjo manga.

"case-of-the-week", format
In British television, "serial" is also synonymous with the American term "miniseries" - a short-run
series with one title and plot.
The Young and the Restless (premiered in 1973) were popular in the Golden and Silver Ages of
television and still are today.
The X-Files
costume drama Pride and Prejudice (BBC One, 1995

Soap Opera: radio   serials of the 1930s
genre: the melodrama, with which it shares such features as moral polarization, strong
emotions, female orientation, unlikely coincidences, and excess. Another related genre
is the literary romance, with which it shares features such as simplified characters,
female orientation and episodic narrative.
Some media theorists distinguish between styles of TV programmes which are broadly
'masculine' or 'feminine'. Those seen as typically masculine include action/adventure
programmes and Westerns; those seen as more 'feminine' include soaps and sitcoms.
Action-adventures define men in relation to power, authority, aggression and technology.
Soap operas define women in relation to a concern with the family.

Recurrent events in soap opera include courtships, marriages, divorces, deaths and
disappearances. Gossip is a key feature in soaps (usually absent from other genres): in
part it acts as a commentary on the action. Geraghty notes that 'more frequently than
other TV genres, soaps feature women characters normally excluded by their age,
appearance or status' (1991, p. 17).

Soaps are frequently derided by some critics for being full of clichés and stereotypes,
for having shoddy sets, for being badly acted, trivial, predictable and so on. Soap
viewers (often assumed to be only women, and in particular working-class housewives)
are characterized unfairly as naive escapists.
Robert Allen (1992, p. 112) argues that to emphasize what happens when in soaps (in
semiotic terms the syntagmatic dimension) is to underestimate the equal importance of
who relates this to whom (the paradigmatic dimension). Certainly relationships are more
important than plot.

Do you agree that relationships are more important than plot?
Some feminist theorists have argued that soap operas spring from a feminine aesthetic,
in contrast to most prime-time TV. Soaps are unlike traditional dramas (e.g. sit-coms)
which have a beginning, middle and an end: soaps have no beginning or end, no
structural closure. They do not build up towards an ending or closure of meaning.
Viewers can join a soap at any point. There is no single narrative line: several stories are
woven together over a number of episodes. In this sense the plots of soaps are not linear.

Group 6 Dreamland A—~C+ 90~76 A good topic full of beautiful pictures and main ideas
about what happen in our dreams. Some words were mispronounced: average, complete,
fatigue (Ellenie); digest, use of transitional phrase, softer voice or tone (Linda); mechanism,
attacker, neglect (Joanna); femininity (Jocelyn). However, it has been a good experience to
listen to dreamland. Jennifer can make it clear to emphasize that this group is trying to explore
the scientific study of dreams known as “oneirology” which is originated from the advocate of
Marquis d’Hervey de Saint Denys. Oneirology is different from dream analysis in that the aim
is to quantitatively study the process of dreams in stead of analyzing the meaning behind
them. Timing is important.
To keep a sleepwalker safe is important because if we try to wake him/her up, we might scare
the child. Gently guide him or her back to bed is the right way. Have you ever walked in sleep?
Do you know why know? Music is helpful to calm him down and relaxes him.
Joanna’s introduction to dream symbols is interesting: Climbing, flying, falling, chasing, etc.
Jocelyn’s talk about house is interesting too.

Sleep and Dream Center What happens when we dream?
Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., is a world-renowned dream expert. She is a co-founder and former
president of the Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD). Her book, "Creative Dreaming," first
published in 1974, is considered a classic work on lucid dreaming and its updated edition remains
in print. Her other books include "Your Child's Dreams," "Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams,"
"The Healing Power of Dreams," and "The Universal Dream Key." She holds a Ph.D. in clinical
psychology from Temple University.
When we dream, our central nervous system is going into an active state, which it is does
periodically during our sleep.
heart rate, breath, muscles,
That is, men experience erection and women become more lubricated.
I describe dreaming as a three-story house. On the basement level you've got the physical changes
going on in the body, and then, on the main floor of the house, you've got these visual images,
sounds, and sometimes smells and all the other physical experiences we have in dreams that are
expressive of our emotional state, how we are psychologically at the moment.

At another level, kind of the attic, there are sometimes experiences that we can't explain in which
people connect with on another level of themselves, whether it's the spiritual or creative, or
extrasensory. We don't know how this happens, but sometimes people have very unusual
experiences in dreams, for example, a dream where someone to whom they're emotionally close
comes to say goodbye and that they love them and that that they will always be watching for them
and the person wakes up and a few hours later learns that person has died at the time of the dream.
And these are very powerful experiences for the dreamer that we can't explain in a scientifically
acceptable manner.

All of these experiences are there when we dream: the physical changes in our bodies, the
psychological expression of how we're feeling emotionally at the time of the dream, and this other
world that we sometimes seem to touch in dreams.

Why do we dream? Why did that capability evolve?

From an evolutionary point of view there have been speculations that dreams have evolved to
periodically make sure that everything is working in the central nervous system and to be alert,
alerted in a way that one could be responsive to danger in an environment.
The current thinking is that dreaming is an important component of memory and that we do know
that when people are learning new things, they take a language immersion course, for example,
dreaming literally increases. Dreaming increases when we're learning new tasks, and if we're
prevented from dreaming after we've learned something new, our memory for it is very poor. Even
if we're allowed to sleep, but our dreaming is interrupted. There is a lot of evidence now that
suggests dreaming is an important component of short-term memory. So, this is one possibility and
perhaps one that's quite important. But, the bottom line is we truly don't know why we dream.

A dream deferred by Langston Hughes



Group 3 Aliens A—92~82 If there are aliens existing in the universe and if it could appear in
different forms, it would be so terrifying because we would not be able to identify one near us.
What is your image of the aliens if they exist in the universe? Connecting the building of the
pyramids to the existence of the aliens is a bit not real. How do you like the black and white
ppt? The part of alien is shown in a second in the video. It is hardly recognized as one. Ohana
means family. Is it possible Mars can someday be available for mankind to move over to live?
The low temperature of Mars may not be suitable to mankind to live.

science fiction film. The film was rated R for violence, gore and language, unlike its predecessor,
which was given a PG-13 rating.
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem was released on December 25, 2007, and received a largely negative
response from film critics.

Extraterrestrial life In 2006, New Scientist published a list of ten controversial pieces of evidence
that extraterrestrial life exists,[4] but scientists do not consider them credible since no direct
observational evidence has been encountered. Many scientists, such as the late Carl Sagan, believe
that it is nearly impossible for no other intelligent life to exist in the universe.
New Scientist is a weekly international science magazine and website covering recent
developments in science and technology for a general English-speaking audience.
Several theories have been proposed about the possible basis of alien life from a biochemical,
evolutionary or morphological viewpoint.

The topic is changed to Aliens.
Financial Crisis

 2007-2009 2009 Analysis 2009: The Financial Crisis Hits IT Hard

Three Top Economists Agree 2009 Worst Financial Crisis Since Great Depression - Part 1 of 9

摩根資產管理特約: Money Magazine 2009-09-04 - Property Company after Financial Crisis

Causes and Effects

Dubai gets US$10 bil. Abu Dhabi funding

Group 5 Restaurant -- Tasty A—90~82 Jeff introduced the reason they chose to dine in Tasty
and the whole crew talked from their own experience which makes the talk move one
smoothly. I like the way they arrange it. It cost them some fortune, but it sounded worthy of the
doing. If there were descriptive captions about the course and desserts, it would look better. It
sounds like that Tasty offers healthy western dishes except the steak. Maybe young people
like beef. I prefer fish though it comes in too big for me. I like steamed fish better than fried

Barbecue the perfect steak Preheat, season your steak, Cook the steak on the barbecue, using
long-handled tongs to turn the steak, until cooked to your liking. After cooking, transfer the steak to
a plate and cover with foil. Set aside for 5 minutes to rest. press the centre of the steak with the
back of your tongs - if it's medium the meat will spring back.
TASTY 西堤牛排館

開胃菜,菜單設計以一般較受歡迎的西餐餐點為主,其中最值得一提的是 TASTY 特有
的 TASTY 牛排,使用的是兼具菲力及沙朗特質的牛嫩肩板腱肉,堅持 4cm 的切片加上
400℃的 15 分鐘烘烤,是一種全新的牛排呈現。另有烤羊膝,炸海膽,和烤雞等可做選
中低價位的肉,做出高價位的口感。西堤牛排選用的 Choice 級嫩肩板腱牛肉 Chuck Tail

牛腩 Flank, 牛腱 Shin/Shank "牛腱心"含筋較多, "牛腱"則含膠質多且帶筋, 牛肋條(Rib
finger, beef from Canada
Taiwanese do not like to eat beef. Why do you choose to introduce Tasty?
If you want to open a restaurant, would you make a survey about the market, trying to know what
the consumers want?
What kinds of consumers go to Tasty?
If you are to choose a restaurant for a family gathering, would you choose Tasty? How much would
it cost for four people to dine at noon?
How to order food in a restaurant? Ordering Food in a Restaurant (for the beginners) watch the
videos Learning regular and irregular
verbs used in past tense Restaurant Phrases and Vocabulary
Billy Mays Orders Food From A McDonald's Drive Thru

Ordering Food in a Restaurant(在餐廳點餐)
Ordering food online

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell Glance quickly at the menu and order whatever catches your eye first.
Spend no more than 2-3 seconds deciding or the quality of your choice (and your meal) will

Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
The key to ordering a good meal in a restaurant is understanding the economic incentives involved.
Ask the server what they recommend and order something else...they are probably trying to get
you to order something with a high profit margin or a dish that the restaurant needs to get rid of
before the chicken goes bad or something. Never order the second least expensive bottle of wine;
it's typically the one with the highest mark-up on the list (i.e. the worst deal).

Barry Schwartz
Take the menu and rip it into 4 or 5 pieces. Order from only one of the pieces, ignoring the choices
on the rest of the menu. You will be happier with your meal.

They offer jobs to candidates who meet certain requirements such as experience and computer
skills. You are qualified and what will you say to persuade them that you are a qualified candidate
to work for them?
      王品 誠徵


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