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									                         Do You Have A Pit Bull Who Needs a New Home?
If you have found our Luv-a-Bull Website because you have a Pit Bull that needs a home, following is some
advice that may be useful to you. Unfortunately, Luv-a-Bull does not take owner surrendered dogs, or stray
or abandoned dogs. We appreciate that you want what's best for your homeless dog, and would like to help
with any advice we can provide you with. We would strongly suggest posting the dog on PetFinder.com
(which allows individuals to post) as well as craigslist, and (if your pet is already spayed/neutered) on

Petfinder - http://www.petfinder.com/classifieds/prepost.html
You can begin a post on PetFinder at the following address. Please be sure to read the conditions, as there are
some conditions which will invalidate your posting! The big one to watch out for is that they will not post any
'free' or 'free to good home' dogs, so make sure you list a small adoption fee, even if you don't plan on
charging it. Something like $50-150 should be appropriate. They do this to ensure that people don't pick
up free dogs for unethical reasons, such as dog fighting, animal testing, or worse.

Craigslist will let you post whatever you like as an individual. There is no requirement for a rehoming fee, but
for the above reasons, you may consider adding one anyway. To Post of Craigslist:
1. Find your city, or go direct to the city's url (such as http://eugene.craigslist.com)
2. Click "Post to classifieds" in the upper right.
3. Click "community"
4. Click "Pets" (you can peruse the "free to good home" warning, but it is similar to Petfinder's reasons for not
allowing this)
5. Enter a title posting, location, and description.
6. Enter an email. By default Craigslist makes a proxy email, so no one can see what your real email is but
you'll get any notifications. However, responses to their email will reveal your address, so you may ask them
to include a phone number if you'd prefer to contact them that way.
7. Click "Add/Edit images" to upload photos of your pet

If your pet is spayed or neutered you can post it on Pit Bull Rescue Central at
http://www.pbrc.net/submission.html. Once again, you'll need a rehoming fee.

Be as descriptive as you can! How is your dog with children? How is it with other pets? Do they walk well on a
leash? Know tricks? Are they kennel trained? The more positive (but true) things you can say, the better! Be
sure to describe endearing personality traits ("Loves to cuddle", or "Waits by the door and wags when you
come in"). Remember, this is your ONE chance to get people's attention about how great your dog is!

We are sorry we are unable to take over the adoption process, but we can point you to some excellent
resources for ensuring you adopt your to the right home. http://www.petrescue.com/library/dog-phone-
screen.pdf is a wonderful guide to help you assess if a home is a good home for your dog would go to. It is
very thorough to ensure your dog has the best possible chance.

Even with these resources, finding a dog a home can take weeks to months. If you are unable to foster the
dog yourself or with a friend and must take it to a shelter, I strongly advise you research the shelter before
bringing the dog in. Make sure the shelter actually tries to adopt Pit Bulls. See if they can give you an estimate
on how long they can keep a dog for. See if the shelter transfers dogs to other shelters as part of the "Second
Chance" program if it is not adopted when at maximum time. Some shelters allow you to "sponsor" a specific
dog - you provide a donation on behalf of the dog and they provide it board while you're sponsoring it.
http://www.pbrc.net has some excellent resources on rehoming your pit bull as well. The
http://www.pbrc.net/adoption/owners.html may be particularly helpful. I'm sorry we can't be of greater help
at this time. Best of luck to you and your dog. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Nick Wolfgang
Luv-a-Bull Adoption Co-Chair

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