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					                                                                           Carolyn L. Whetzel
                                                         California Environment Correspondent
                                                                                      Phone: (909) 793-1430

SEJ Board of Directors Candidate Statement
August 19, 2008

Dear SEJ Colleagues,

Environmental news is hot, maybe not "hot" like Paris Hilton, but it's hot, which makes it an ideal time to
tout SEJ.

And that is one reason I am seeking reelection to SEJ - to continue efforts to increase this great
organization's profile among journalists, media companies, foundations, and individuals.

Over the last several years, the board has organized regional events in conjunction with its board
meetings. These are a great opportunity to spread the word about SEJ and its work, highlight members'
work, and help recruit new members.

For example, earlier this year, C-SPAN televised one event - a panel featuring the energy and environment
advisors of the 2008 presidential candidates, held at the National Press Club in Washington attracted over
nearly 200 people! In 2007, I organized an event on new media and covering the environment in Los
Angeles. I am willing to pursue similar opportunities for SEJ.

SEJ needs to greatly expand its fundraising to finance the growing menu of programs and build an
endowment - the 21st Century Fund - to secure its future. I plan to help.

As a board member for seven years now, I have served as secretary, but more recently I serve as
treasurer and Finance Committee Chair. I also serve on the endowment committee. I have been actively
involved in SEJ's fundraising efforts, including the 2007 Challenge Fund for Journalism campaign, which
brought in more than $130,000 in donations.

At the same time as working on the Challenge Fund campaign, I was co-chair of the 2007 annual
conference at Stanford University, which attracted over 900 individuals, making it the best attended
conference ever. As part of that conference, SEJ co-sponsored an all-day boot camp on climate change for
news executives.
I raised over $18,000 in underwriting for the Stanford conference and another $10,500 for SEJ   since. I

Since joining SEJ in 1994, I have worked on regional events in California, helped organize a plenary for
the Tucson conference, and led the "Smog Tour" at the 1999 conference at UCLA.

I work for BNA where I've been reporting environment stories from Los Angeles since the early 1990s.
Now based just outside of Washington D.C., BNA is a private publisher of legal and regulatory news and
information. Its publications include the Daily Environment Report, World Climate Change Report, Chemical
Regulation Reporter, and Toxics Law Reporter.

SEJ needs hard workers, and I am a proven hard-worker. I welcome the opportunity to continue serving
you and SEJ.

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