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									     Faith Clayton's Collection
             Deeds – Copied Ones

1.   Pendleton County. Deed from Capt. John Robinson to Amos Garrett Robinson for $50.00
     for 640 acres on 23 Mile Creek. Originally granted to James Hackett by his Excellency Ben
     Geurard, the tract includes all land except that part which was sold to Jacob West. Signed
     1 Apr 1799. Witnesses: G. W. Earle and D. M. Caleb. David W. Caleb swore he saw Capt.
     John Robinson sign deed before G. W. Earle on 29 Apr 1799. Recorded in Pendleton
     County, Book D, Page 479 on 29 Apr 1799.

2.   [Partial deed] Pendleton County. Deed containing 800 acres surveyed on 7 Nov 1805 on
     waters of 26 and 23 Mile Creeks. Bounded by: James Linn, James Moore. J__ Bynum,
     surveyor general and R. McCann, Deputy Surveyor.

3.   Pendleton District. Deed. 450 acres. Ezekiel Noble to Thomas Hamilton, 23 Mile Creek;
     $450. Originally granted to William Wallace. Conveyed to Noble by David M. Calib, Sheriff
     of Pendleton District. 3 Aug 1808. Witness: Benjamin A. Markley, Harrison Posey.
     Harrison Posey swore before John Wilson, in Abbeville District on 21 Mar 1810 that he had
     witnessed Ezekiel Noble sign the deed. Dower by Mary Noble on 1 Aug 1816 before
     Edward Collier.

3a. Pendleton District. Amos Robinson, James Rodgers and Ephraim Robinson sold to
    Thomas W. Carne for $200 for 100 acres. This being part of tract of 640 acres originally
    granted to James Hackel by Governor Benjamin Guerard and sold to John Robinson by
    Tulley Merrick and by him the said John Robinson to Jacob West. Land where West
    formerly lived. 5 Jan 1818. Witnesses: Levi Robins, Joseph Grisham. Dower: Eleanor
    Robinson, wife of Amos Robinson and Hannah Robinson, mother of Amos Robinson,
    James Robinson, and Ephraim Robinson before Joseph Bazzell, J. Q. Book O, Pages 85-
    86. James Rodgers and James Robinson are apparently the same person.

4.   Pendleton District. John Smith sold to Thomas Smith for $20 a tract of land granted to
     William Golden. Mentions Tar Hill Branch, Andersonville Road, Danniel Green, John
     Smith. Witnesses: Thomas L. Carpenter and Margaret Linn sworn before James Linn, J. J.
     on 14 Oct 1820. Dower by Elizabeth Smith on 20 Oct 1820 before R. McCann. Registered
     Pendleton District, Book P, Page 168.

5.   Pendleton District. John, Joseph, Aaron, Josiah and Jeremiah Prator (sons of Philip
     Prater, deceased) sold for $184 to Henry Hendricks 83 acres. Part of 701 acres granted to
     Robert McCann and conveyed to Philip Prator. Bounded by James Chapman, Thomas
     Garvin. Signed by John Prator, Joseph Prater, Aaron Prator, Josiah Prator and Jeremiah
     Prator in presence of John Chapman and James Hendricks on 21 Dec 1820. John Clayton,
     Justice of Peace. Registered in Pendleton District, Book P, Page 349 on 5 Nov 1821 by
     Joseph Grisham.

6.   Pendleton District. Archibald S. Taylor filed bill in Court of Equity at George Town against
     Robert Heriot, executor of William Heriot, deceased to sell property. 4 Nov 1825 to the
      highest bidder for $640. Sold to James McKinney land in Pendleton/Ninety Six District,
      land granted to William Heriot, Esq. in 1785 and containing 640 acres on waters of 26 Mile
      Creek. Robert Heriot, Commissioner in Equity. Witness: W. W. Godfrey, James Smith by
      Wm. McMurry, J. P. on 12 Jan 1826. Recorded in Pendleton District, Book R, Page 315 on
      12 Jan 1826 by John Lewis, C. C. & R. M. C.

 7.   Pendleton District. Mathew Warnock to James Orr 229 acres on 23 Mile Creek for $420 on
      11 Jan 1826. Part of two tracts, one to Andrew Warnock Sr. and other to Hugh Warnock.
      Place is where Mathew Warnock lives. Bounded by Thomas Orr, Henry Newton, William
      Newton, David K. Hamilton, Robert Lemon. Witnesses: R. McCann and Randle/Randh.

 8.   Pendleton District. James McKinney sold to James Smith 520 acres for $520 where he
      now lives. Bounded by Robert McCann, Aaron Clement, and James McKinney. Mentions
      wagon road to Pendleton Court House and Stanton's Bridge. Dower by Susannah
      McKinney. 25 Oct 1826. Witnesses: Vincent Hamilton and William McMurry by James
      Osborne, J. Q.

 9.   Pendleton District. James McKinney sold 40 acres to James Smith on 25 Mar 1828 for $50.
      Part of tract that McKinney purchased of Kennedy or Johnson on 23 Mile Creek on north
      side of road from Slabtown to R. McCann's. Bounded by James Smith, Peter McMahan,
      and John Archer. Witnesses: Benjamin Smith and John O. Grisham by Joseph Grisham
      on 5 Jan 1829. Dower is Susannah McKinney before R. McCann, J. Q. Recorded in Clerk's
      Office in Anderson District, Book S?, Page 382. Certified 24 Jan 1829 by James W. Lewis.

10.   Anderson District. Thomas Martin, Edmond Martin, Fanny Martin, Nancy Martin, Susannah
      Martin and Patsey Martin, children of Abram Martin, deceased for $135 sell to Abram
      Martin, brother, 100 acres of 200 acre tract granted to Charles Start? and conveyed to
      James Smith. Mentions 6 Mile Creek, Alexander Oliver, John Martin, his brother, J.
      McKinney. Signed by Thomas, Fanny, Susannah, Martha, Nancy, Edmond and John
      Martin. Witnesses: Ann Martin, James L. McCann. Recorded in Anderson District, Book T,
      Page 319 on 24 Jul 1832. [Difficult to read.]

11.   Laurens District. John H. Byrd sold to Margaret Glen 17 acres for $60 on Lynches Creek.
      Bounded by: John Hutchinson, John H. Byrd, and Margaret Glen. 20 Mar 1834. Witness
      by W. W. Hitch and Jim G. Williams.

12.   Anderson District. Benj. F. Stover and George Seaborn, executors for estate of General
      John B. Earle, deceased and by instrument of writing 16 Mar 1836 designating and setting
      apart certain lands of said deceased for sale and signed by his widow, sell for $650 100
      acres on 26 Mile Creek to James Wilson. It being a part of land granted to Benjamin
      Waller. Land keeping up the Mile Dam the height that it now is we having obtained that
      privilege from John Golding 4 Jan 1837. Bounded by Jacob Martin, Stephen Ford, Richy
      Golden, John Golden. 17 May 1837. Witnesses: David S. Taylor, Benj. F. Sloan, George
      Seaborn sworn before Jesse P. Lewis, Jul 1837. Anderson District, Book V, Page 388.
      Certificate 12 Sep 1837.

13.   Anderson District. Thomas Hamilton sold to D. K. Hamilton for $800 land on northwest
      fork of 23 Mile Creek. Part of 2 grants to Thomas Hamilton, one on 7 Jul 1788, another on
      Jul 1826 for 371 acres. Witnesses: Louisa A. Hamilton, Thomas H. McCann, Samuel
      Hamilton. Attested to by William McMurry, J. Q on 8 May 1838. [Difficult to read.] Deed
      Book W, Page 48 on 5 Jun 1838.

14.   Anderson District. Thomas L. Carpenter, John Clayton, James Dannelly, Jacob Ozus,
      Garrison Linn and Charles Winter sold to Robert M. Linn for $1,000 284 acres on waters of
      23 Mile Creek. Witnesses: Willis Dickinson, Rachel Dickinson. Attested to by Thomas L.
      Carpenter before Willis Dickinson. Recorded in Book W, Page 342 on 30 Jun 1839.

15.   Laurens District. John B. Simpson sold to Thomas C. Simpson 164 acres on Beaverdam
      Creek for $1,048. Bounded by Joseph Sullivan, Janus Dorah and John B. Simpson. 14 Dec
      1841. Witnesses: Mary R. Simpson, J. P. Hutchinson. Dower of May Simpson before
      Samuel G. Williams. Recorded in Book O, Page 76 on 24 Jul 1841.

16.   Pickens District. James Smith of Anderson District sold 273 acres William Smith for $800
      on waters of 18 Mile Creek. Bounded by Samuel Maverick, William McMurray, James
      Garner, Benjamin Chapman. 11 Jan 1842. Witnesses: J. M. Smith, S. C. Smith. Attested
      to: James Mullikin on 10 Apr 1846.

17.   Anderson District. Abram Martin to J. B. Graham 105 acres on waters of 6 and 20 Creek
      for $300. 15 Jun 1844. Bounded by William and Henry C. McKinney, Martha Oliver Major.
      James Watson, Lazerus Traynum. Witnesses: Charles H. Leman and Thomas H. McCann.
      Attested to before Elijah Webb. Recorded in Book Y, Page 254 7 Oct 1844.

18.   Anderson District. David K. Hamilton to Thomas H. Russell for $896.50 land on Hamilton's
      Mill Creek, waters of 23 Mile Creek known as the Warnock Tract. Granted on 2 Jan 1806 to
      Matthew Warnock containing 255 acres and resurveyed by J. J. Garvin on 23 Aug 1845. 10
      Sept 1845. Witness: J. W. Robinson and T. W. Hamilton. Dower: Jane E. Hamilton.

19.   Anderson District. P. T. Smith sells to H. M. Brown 155 acres known as Warnock Tract
      whereon P. T. Smith lives. Bounded by Siras Hamilton and W. Ford. 12 Feb 1850. $914

20.   Pickens District. Thomas Garvin to Pacal K. Williams 100 acres on west side of Little 15
      Mile Creek for $400. Originally surveyed by John Martin for John Anderson 26 Apr 1785
      and granted 3 Oct 1786. Witnesses: Thomas D. Garvin and L. A. Garvin before H. L.

21.   Anderson District. Thomas H. Russell to F. M. Glenn for 255 acres (Warnock Tract) on
      waters of 23 Mile Creek. Bounded by C. E. Hamilton, William Ford, Thomas Miller.
      Witnesses: P. S. Smith, G. W. Fant. 7 Dec 1850. Dower by Martha Jane Russell before A.
      O. Norris on 16 Dec 1850.

22.   Anderson District. J. B. Graham of Georgia to Benjamin Mullikin for $310 for 105 acres on
      waters of 26 Mile Creek. Bounded by Benjamin Mullikin, L. Tranum, A. P. Watson, Wm. &
      Henry McKinney, Andrew Oliver, and others. Also mentions line of Martha McKinney and
      her children, the land which they bought from John Martin. 1851.

23.   Anderson District. David K. Hamilton to F. M. Glenn for $1300. 333 acres on west fork of
                        st                                                       nd
      23 Mile Creek. 1 surveyed by William Hamilton for William Wallace. 2 surveyed by
      Thomas Loften for Thomas Hamilton and granted 7 Jul 1788. 3 survey by Thomas Garvin
      for William Hamilton. 14 Sept 1852. Witnesses: J. L. Kennedy and D. N. Holcombe.

24.   Anderson District. David N. Holcombe to F. M. Glenn 1 ¾ acres on west branch of 23 Mile
      Creek for $17.50. Bounded by Holcomb, Bailus Field and Glen. 6 Aug 1853. Witnesses:
      Anderson Owen and J. J. Garvin. Dower: Elizabeth Holcombe

25.   Pickens District. On back of deed it says, "Form of a Deed". J. Field Mullinax for love and
      affection to son John Mullinax after Fields death land on waters of 23 Mile Creek. 1854.

26.   Anderson District. David N. Holcombe sold to F. M. Glenn 130 acres for $910. Mentions J.
      B. Fieldings Spring Branch. 8 Aug 1855. Witnesses: S. F. Smith & B. F. Glenn before
      James Mullikin. Dower: Elizabeth A. Holcombe on 14 Sept 1855.
27.   Pickens District. Thomas Garvin for love, good will and affection for son Frederick N.
      Garvin, 257 acres plantation, 1,000 acres granted to Jeremiah Fields and F. N. Garvin 3 Jun
      1830 and 1,000 acres granted to Jeremiah Field and F. N. Garvin 3 Dec 1832. Another tract
      of 998 tract granted to Jeremiah Fields and F. N. Garvin on 3 Dec 1832. Also, 1 Negro man
      called Adam, aged 24 years. 27 Oct 1855. Witnesses: Samuel Parsons and Harmon Cox
      before J. E. Hagood 7 Mar 1859. Recorded in Pickens District, Book J, Page 16 25 Mar
      1859. Also in package is Probate petition F. N. Garvin, administrator for estate of Thomas
      Garvin on 30 Jul 1872.

28.   Anderson District. H. B. Fielding to F. M. Glenn for $12.25 land on the east side of road
      running from Glen's land containing 1 ¾ acres. Bounded: Samuel Newton, H. B. Fielding,
      F. M. Glen. Witnesses: J.W. Fielding, J. B. Fielding. 23 Dec 1856.

29.   Pickens District. John Arial to Thomas A. Gains and Felix Rodgers, deacons of Aeon
      Church and school, 4 acres. Bounded by John Arial. 1857.

30.   Pickens District. John B. Clayton, Assignee of Thomas D. Garvin sold to F. N. Garvin for
      $50 all the interest of Thomas D. Garvin's in 130 acres on waters of Six Mile Creek.
      Originally granted to Frederick N. Garvin and Thomas D. Garvin. Resurveyed by Thomas
      D. Garvin in division of Thomas D. Garvin and F. N. Garvin. 9 Mar 1859.

31,   Anderson District. Andrew O. Norris, Court of Equity, brought suit for John P. Trainnum
      and wife against William S. Pickens and wife and other heirs-at-law of Johnathan H. Smith,
      deceased for Bill for Partition of Real Estate. 7 Nov 1859. Sold 150 acres to Monroe Smith
      for $1,055. Land on Little 26 Mile Creek bounded by James M. Smith, Lazaras Trainnum,
      Sarah Smith, Warren Smith. Witnesses: Elijah Webb, James M. McFall. Book EE, Page
      227. Certified 10 Feb 1860.

32.   Anderson District. T. J. Hill of Abbeville District to A. M. Moore of Abbeville District, 196
      acres on Brushy Creek for $2,000. Witnesses: Fleurury Hall and C. W. Smith. Bounded by
      C. M. Smith, William M. Orr, R. N. Mauldin, Richard Davis, James D. Smith, William Waddle,
      William H. Orr, William D. Sitton, James Gambrell, and A. A. Smith 18 Jan 1861

33.   Anderson District. Jeptha Watkins to William C. Watkins 155 acres on Tahhr Kiln Branch
      for $1050. 26 Jan 1865. Witnesses: James P. Smith, J. M. Smith, before Jephthah Watkins.
      26 Jan 1865. Bounded by Baylis Watkins, Felix Watkins, William McAlister, M. Melton,
      William W. Campbell. Attested by Elijah Noble and __ before J. Monroe Smith. Book FF,
      Pages 23-24 and certified 21 Mar 1863.

34.   Pickens District. L. Thomas to J. B. Clayton 750 acres for $800 on both sides of Twelve
      Mile River. Sold by Sheriff. Book K, Page 602 on 20 Apr 1865. 2 Oct 1860 at suit of J. E.
      Hagood, administrator of G. S. Garvin & others to sell property of G. S. Garvin. Bounded
      by Nathaniel Madden, Samuel Parsons. Known as Sawmill Tract. Dower by Mary Garvin,
      wife of G. S. Garvin 22 Mar 1866.

35.   Mortgage Book A, Page 145 on 18 Sept 1873. Lydia Ann M. Van Wyck of New York City of
      14 Oct 1868, executed by Thomas C. Martin and Lemuel P. Carson to secure 3 notes for
      $500 each. Witnesses: M. B. Maverick, Benj. P. Van Wyck. Copy of Plat. 300 acres on
      both sides of 18 Mile Creek known as Mill and Tanyard Tract. Originally owned by Samuel
      Maverick, deceased and part of division of Maverick property. 10 Aug 1868. Surveyed by
      Thomas D. Garvin.

36.   Pickens County. Deeds, Bonds, & Mortgage.
      1. Deed from Lydia A. M. Van Wyck of New York City to T. C. Martin and Lemuel P. Carson
      of Anderson County 14 Oct 1868. Recorded Book A, Page 25 1 Nov 1869. $2,000 for Van
       Wyck Tan Yard Tract in Anderson and Pickens counties containing 300 acres. Bounded
       by Mrs. Lay, W. W. Knight.
       2. Bond of T. C. Martin and L. P. Carson to L. A. M. VanWyck . Recorded Book A, Page 17
       on 2 Nov 1868.
       3, Mortgage. T. C. Martin and L. P. Carson to L. A. M. Van Wyck. Book L, Page 320 2 Oct
       4. Bond. Lydia A. M. VanWyck for $3,000 14 Oct 1868.
       5. Title to Real Estate.

37.    Anderson County. John P. Traynum to J. M. Smith 61 acres for $235. Part of a tract sold
       to commissioners in equity to A. O. Norris on 6 Oct 1856 as real estate of Benjamin
       Mullikin, deceased, having been known as Martin Tract. East side of Steel Pine Road 48
       acres of which conveyed from William A. McKinney to John P. Traynum on 23 Jan 1858
       and 13 acres sold by Herbert Hammond, Ordinary of Anderson County, as the real estate
       of Francis Martin, deceased on 1 Mar 1861, to the highest bidder which was John P.
       Traynum. Bounded by: A. P. Watson, W. A. McKinney, John P. Traynum. 6 Mar 1869.
       Witnesses: J. P. Smith, A. D. Mullikin. Attested to by John W. Daniels, C. C. P. Book JJ,
       Page 597-598. Certified 9 Jun 1870.

38.    Pickens County. [A form that with no signatures.]To Gustavus T. Symmes, Trustee.
       Agreement to sell 500 acres known as Symmes Mill Place. Agreed to by Marie Symmes
       and J. H Dean. Dated on 27 Jan 1870 and recorded in Book A, Page 265. Agreement to sell
       to F. V. Clayton as "survivors to J. H. Dean and our Mother, Marie Symmes, afterwards
       Maria Dean, both of whom are dead.

39.    Pickens County. John S. P. Ritchy to John Owen 160 acres on waters 18 Mile Creek for
       $600. Bounded by Van Clayton, J. Eaton, J. C. Watkins, Widow Lay and Widow Mullinax.
       24 Dec 1870. Witnesses: Larkin Newton, Elijah T. Leavell. Attested by J. N. Arnold.
       Auditors Book A, Page 20. Deed Book A, Page 684 on 7 Mar 1872.

40.    Anderson County. Sedgwich M. Johnston to Willis Newton 109 acres (2/3s of tract) on 23
       Mile Creek known as Hamilton Mill Tract for $800. Bounded by Charlott Robinson, John
       Walker, James Johnston (deceased) and F. M. Glenn. Witnesses: James A. Carson and C.
       L. Carson. Attested to by Larkin Newton, Trial Justice. Dower: N. E. Johnston. 14 Mar

41.    Pickens County. Benjamin Mauldin to B. T. Mauldin for 74 acres for $200 on 27 Feb 1875.
       Bounded by: Wilborn, J. A. Nimmons and others. Witnesses: T. A. Nimmons, E. H. Bates.
       Attested: Philpot. Auditor's Office, Book A, Page 39 1 Mar 1875. Deed Book B, Page 674
       on 1 Mar 1875.

42.    Pickens Central. Mrs. M. Ella Robinson to L. G. Clayton 2 acres in Central on the Atlanta
       and Charlotte Air Line Railroad for $95. Lots 21, 22, 40 and 41, adjoining lands of L. G.
       Clayton, Mrs. Wallthur, James H. Gaines, James Hall and others. Plats made by A. H.
       Bindson, Engineer and Surveyors of Anderson County, 17 Dec 1877.        Witnesses: J. M.
       Rampey and Andrew Anderson. Attested: B. J. Johnston. Filed 9 Jul 1883, recorded Book
       D?, page 399. Auditor: Book A, Page 7.

43.    Purchasers of Lots in Town of Central, SC from Joseph E. Eaton, deceased). Sold on Sale
       day 7 Jan 1878 by Joab Mauldin, Sheriff under order from W. G. Field, Probate Judge.

Lot    Amt./Lot      Purchaser's Name                 Amount
  1    ¼             L. Ross Eaton                       100.00
  2.   ¼             W. H. Wilson                        350.00
  3    ¼             J. A. Gaines                        295.00
  4.   ¼             W. W. Payne                          45.00
 5.   ¼                C. H. Alford                            25.00
 6.   ¼                W. N. Payne                             17.00
 7.   ¼                W. N. Payne                             16.00
 8.   ¼                E. B. Eaton                             10.00
 9.   ¼                E. B. Eaton                             20.00
10.   ¼                E. B. Eaton                             12.00
11.   ¼                L. L. Tiger                             16.00
12.   ¼                L. L. Tiger                             16.00
13.   ¼                J. D. Warnock                           20.00
14.   ¼                C. H. Alford & B. J. Johnston           19.50
15.   ¼                B J. Johnston & C. H. Alford            15.00
16.   ¼                C. H. Alford                            17.50
17.   ¼                C. P. Barrett                           16.00
18.   ¼                C. P. Barrett                           16.00
19.   ¼                L. Ross Eaton                           17.00
20.   ¼                L. Ross Eaton                           19.00
21.   ¼                G. W. Brock                             17.00
22.   ¼                G. W. Brock                             14.50
23.   ¼                L. L. Tiger                             15.00
24.   ¼                L. L. Tiger                             12.00
25.   ½                L. L. Tiger                             25.00
26.   ½                L. L. Tiger                             26.00
27.   ½                L. Ross Eaton                           21.00
28.   ½                L. L. Tiger                             17.00
29.   ½                L. L. Tiger                             15.00
30.   ½                Town Council, Central, SC               25.00
31.   2R/14P           J. H. Gaines                            25.00
32.   ½                J. H. Gaines                            39.00
33.   ½                G. W. Brock                             46.00
34.   ½                G. W. Brock                             11.00
35.   ½                G. W. Brock                             10.00
36.   ½                J. D. Warnock                           11.50
37.   ½                C. H. Alford                            10.00
38.   ½                J. A. Gaines                            10.00
39.   ½                J. A. Gaines                            14.00
40.   ½                G. W. Brock                             12.00
41.   ½                G. W. Brock                             10.00
42.   ½                L. L. Tiger                             10.00
43.   ½                L. L. Tiger                             10.00
44.   6/8              L. L. Tiger                             20.00
45.   1                L. Ross Eaton (Later to L. G. Clayton) 20.00
46.   1                L. Ross Eaton (Later to L. G. Clayton) 14.50
47.   1                P. A. Keys                              10.00
48.   1 ½ + 33 Poles   J. H. Gaines                            23.00
49.   ½ + 11 Poles     L. Ross Eaton (Later to L. G. Clayton)   9.00
50.   ½ + 22 Poles     L. Ross Eaton (Later to L. G. Clayton)   9.00
51.   ½ + 25 Poles     P. A. Keys                               9.00

44.   Pickens County. Probate Title to Real Estate. 24 Nov 1877 petitioning court to sell Lots
      17, 18 on 7 Jan 1878 to Columbus F. Broom for $32.00. W. G. Field, J.P.P.C. Witnesses: E.
      E. Mason & R. A. Bowen. Attested E. E. Mann before J. J. Lewis. Auditor Book A, Page 79
      24 Jan 1878. Deed Book D, Page 15 on 24 Jan 1878.
45.   Pickens County. C. F. Broom to W. A. Rodgers for $30 Lots 17, 18 in a plat made by Jno.
      C. M. Brinson. 14 Jan 1879. Witnesses: H. J. Cooper, J. A. Liddell. Attested: J. A. Liddell.
      Dower: M. C. Broom.

46.   Anderson County. John Owen to D. K. Norris, W. A. McMurtrey, Albert W. Gillespie for
      Baptist Church House in Garvin Township, waters of 23 Mile Creek, east of Hickory Flat
      Public Road from Central to Passmore's Bridge. (Contains 1 acre and 96 rods, running
      along the public road). 12 Jun 1882. Witnesses: J. D. Glaspie, B. C. Norris, W. Lafayette
      Sitton. Attested: Lawton Newton. Dower is Jude Owen on 12 Jun 1882.

47.   Pickens County. William A. Lay, executor of last will and testament of C. M. Lay, deceased
      on 26 Feb 1878, asking for permission from Olin L. Durant, Judge of Probate to sell
      property to pay debts on 2 Dec 1878. Tract 3 for $500. Tract 4 for $10 to T. C. Martin. Tract
      5 for $280 bid by W. A. Lay for Norton & Keith and assigned by them to J. F. Lay and by J.
      F. Lay to T. C. Martin. Plat made by F. V. Clayton on 13 Aug 1878. Witnesses: J. H. Newton
      and J. E. Boggs before O. L. Durant on 12 Jan 1882. Auditor, Book A, Page 198 30 Dec
      1882. Deed Book F, Page 207 on 30 Dec 1882.

48.   Anderson County. John Traynum to J. P. Smith, 50 acres. Part of tract formerly owned by
      father Lasrus Traynum and willed by him to Frances H. Traynum, his wife, for her lifetime.
      Then, to be divided between the only two heirs-at-law, John P. Traynum and Lucinda
      Watkins, formerly Lucinda Traynum. J. P. Traynum received 55 acres as his part.
      Bounded by J. M. Smith, J. C. Boggs, Lucinda Watkins (north side of public road from
      Slabtown to Anderson). 29 Aug 1883. Witnesses: R. F. Smith, W. M. Smith. Attested by
      John M. Glenn 26 Oct 1883. Dower: M. A. Traynum before J. M. Glenn 31 Mar 1884. Filed 9
      Apr 1884. Book XX, Page 179, 180, 181.

49.   Pickens County. Probate Officer given permission to sell property of Joseph C. Eaton by
      L. Ross Eaton. 29 Sept 1881. Petitioned on 20 Aug 1880. Sell to Columbus F. Brown, Lots
      17, 18. 12 Jan 1883. Witnesses: J. J. Lewis, C. E. Robinson. Attested: J. J. Lewis. [Sold
      later to L. G. Clayton]. Book F, Page 434 on 17 Aug 1883. [Some documents Columbus F.

50.   Mr. Martin. Dear Sir. The weather is so unsettled this evening and my health not being
      very good at this time, I wish to avoid the risk of getting wet. Mr. Watkins has therefore
      consented to go and act for me and I will make out the necessary paper or have it done as
      soon as practicable. A survey will have first to be made and the expense of doing this you
      and Mr. Glaspy will have to settle between yourselves. Mr. W. will show you the old road
      in the middle of which the line right to be run. He and I looked at this while riding together
      on one occasion. The sum of $10 or the worth of it in cotton is what I understand you are
      will to pay for it. Yours respectfully, H. C. Miller. 7 Dec 1883. Received from T. C. Martin
      for S. M. Glaspie $10 for a parcel of land sold by S. M. Glaspie. Signed by H. C. Miller by J.
      C. Watkins, Agent. 8 Dec 1883.

51.   Pickens County. J. H. C. Miller sells to T. C. Martin for $10.00 land lying in the
      southeastern corner of the tract of land "purchased by me of Mrs. Philadelphia Mullinax"
      and containing 1/3 or ¾ acre. Land is in a triangular shape and bounded by T. C. Martin, H.
      C. Miller, and "stone corner in the middle of the public road leading from the house of said
      T. C. Martin to the Town of Central." 18 Dec 1884. Witness: J. E. Bellotte, J. S. Wheeler
      before J. J. Lewis. Book H, Page 421 on 5 May 1888. Auditor's Office, Book A, Page 81.

52.   Pickens County. L. Ross Eaton to L. G. Clayton for $130. Lots 45, 46, 49 and 50,
      containing 3 acres and 33 poles. Bounded by L. G. Clayton, Eaton Street, F. V. Clayton
      (known as Beard land), lots of Mrs. Peter Keys, Central Baptist Lot, Jesse Dobbins, James
      Warnock.      Witnesses: W. N. Payne, B. J. Johnston on 8 Jan 1886. Dower: Annie C.
      Eaton. Book G, page 524 on 20 Mar 1886. Auditor Book A, Page 76.
53.   Pickens County. S. A. A. Parsons for $650 to James H. Gaines, 40 acres, waters of 5 Mile
      Creek. Bounded by W. H. Hester, Thomas C. Martin, W. T. Rowland, and Mrs. Allen.
      Witnesses: William F. Johnston, D. G. Parsons on 1 Jan 1890. Dower: Jane E. Parsons
      before B. Garvin on 1 Jan 1890. Auditor on 3 Jan 1890, Book H, Page 8. Deed on 3 Jan
      1890, Book H, Page 634.

54.   Pickens County. Alice E. Harper to Lawrence G. Clayton. Lots 47 and 51 containing ½
      acre and 26 poles. Witnesses: R. A. McConnell, R. J. Hutchison before E. R. Horton. 23
      Apr 1880.

55.   Pickens County. Lou Eaton for R. G. Eaton sold to L. G. Clayton a lot in Town of Central.
      Bounded by Main Street, F. V. Clayton (Beard Land), lot known as J. H. Gaines lot, now
      occupied by Mary Simpson, L. G. Clayton. Contains 3 acres for $40. Witness: R. M.
      Martin. 19 Feb 1890.

56.   Pickens County. Mrs. Lou Eaton (formerly Miss Lou E. Walthall) and R. G. Eaton to
      Lawrence G. Clayton for $80.00. Contains 2 acres and bounded by F. V. Clayton, Lawrence
      G. Clayton, Eaton Street, E. T. Leavell, Main Street. Known as Lots 28, 29, 42, and 43.
      Witnesses: James G. Parsons and L. Ross Eaton on 1 Apr 1890. Deed 7 Jul 1890, Vol. L,
      Page 214. Auditor, 7 Jul 1890, Book A, Page 84.

57.   Pickens County. Articles of Agreement between L. G. Clayton and Ella Simpson. Ella
      Simpson agrees to sell house and lot "better known as the James H. Gaines house and lot
      now owned and occupied by Ella Simpson". Bounded by F. V. Clayton (Beard Land), Miss
      Keys, Eaton Street, Mrs. R. G. Eaton. Lot contains 1 ¾ acres. "In consideration of the
      above titles, L. G. Clayton agrees to build an house exactly similar (or as near as possible)
      to the one on said lot or according to a private agreement between said L. G. Clayton and
      Ella Simpson probably 30 feet long with a slack chimney." Ella Simpson to pay the
      difference between the two houses. L. G. Clayton further agrees "to lay off the same
      amount of land from his premises (below the old Baylis Gaines lot extending towards the
      branch on said lands, said branch heading below the R. R. Y)." The said Ella Simpson
      agrees to vacate her present house and lot without further notice on the completion of the
      house to be built by L. G. Clayton and exchanged for her house and lot. 3 Mar 1890.
      Witnesses: J. R. Williams, E. P. Taylor before F. B. Morgan. Filed 4 Mar 1890 and recorded
      in Book M, Page 26.

58.   Pickens County. James H. Gaines to Lawrence G. Clayton for $150. Land in Town of
      Central bounded by F. V. Clayton (Beard Land), Peter Keys lot, lots formerly owned by
      Miss Lou Walthall but now owned by Lawrence G. Clayton, Eaton Street. Lot 48 containing
      one acre, two roads and thirty-two? poles. Witnesses: V. M. Ramsour, E. T. Leavell. 20 Mar
      1890. Dower: Georgiana J. Gaines. Recorded 21 Mar 1890, Vol. L, Page 148. Auditor 21
      Mar 1890, Book A, Page 83.

59.   Pickens County. F. V. Clayton for love and affection give to my son Lawrence G. Clayton
      land near Central on branches of 18 Mile Creek containing 200 acres. Bounded by James
      F. Lay, Ada Wilson, John Brock and others. 17 Jan 1893. Witnesses: J. H. Haywood,
      Fannie M. Clayton. Attested: J. A. Mullinnix. Dower: Mrs. Martha D. Clayton on 24 Jan
      1894 before T. W. Folger. Filed 6 Jan 1894. Book M, Page 296. Auditor on Book A, Page

60.   Anderson County. W. H. McMurtrey to Thomas P. Patterson and wife Dortha J. Patterson.
      Land in Garvin Township containing 119 ½ acres. Bounded by: Jim Evatt, __ Tims and
      others identified in plat by B. D. Garvin on 17 Dec 1896. Parts of three tracts. 1 .
      conveyed to him by R. M. Burris 11 Dec 1895 on north side of 23 Mile Creek. 2 . 1 3/8
      acres conveyed to him by Mrs. M. J. Hix on 17 Dec 1896. 3 . Small tract formerly owned
      by Felix Watkins. Witnesses: E. E. Tribble, John C. Watkins. 12 Jan 1897. Dower: A. C.
      McMurtrey. Recorded 12 Jan 1897 in Book OOO, Page 109. Auditor Book B, Page 135.

61.   Pickens County. Town of Central. L. G. Clayton to W. E. Pinson for $1.00. [All of deed is
      marked through] Note on back of deed that says Mr. Pinson deeded property back to L. G.
      Clayton. Lot No. 10 in a plat made by J. Coke Smith on 14 Jan 1916 and recorded in Book
      RR, Page 348-351. Bounded by Lot No. 9 owned by L. G. Clayton, Lot 11 owned by J. R.
      Garrett, Wesleyan Methodist Church and Eaton Street. Witnesses: Grace Clayton,
      Christine Clayton on 23 Nov 1818. Dower: Addie Clayton on 23 Nov 1918. Recorded 11
      Jan 1919 in Book AAA, Page 216. Auditor book C, Page 244.

62.   Pickens County. These deeds were given to the Clayton Room by Agnes Bolding Lesley
      on 16 Nov 1985. In the note Mrs. Lesley says that Rev. W. D. Correll sold these lots to the
      Rev. Elford Meares Bolding. Part of the property was sold—the larger half facing Gaines
      Street (known in records as Main Street), now belongs to Agnes Bolding Lesley, heir of E.
      M. Bolding. This property is deed to Jerry Bennett Lesley, Sr.
      1.      20 Jan 1916. L. G. Clayton to F. B. Morgan for $345. Town of Central. Plat made
      by J. Coke Smith on 14 Jan 1916. Mentions Lots 3, 18, 20, 19 (lot given away in the "Big
      Auction Sale" and drawn by Rev. J. R. Garrett and sold to F. B. Morgan before any titles
      were made to either party. Witnesses: J. N. Morgan and J. R. Falls on 20 Jan 1916. Dower:
      Addie Clayton. Recorded 25 Jan 1916 in Vol. UU, Page 251. Auditor Book C, Page 142.
      2.      20 Jan 1916. L. G. Clayton to J. W. Stephens for $212. Town of Central, Lot 2,
      surveyed by J. Coke Smith and recorded in Plat book RR, Pages 348-351. 20 Jan 1916.
      Witnesses: E. L. Henderson, C. B. Smith. Dower: Addie Clayton. Recorded 12 Apr 1920 in
      Vol. GGG, Pages 48. Auditor's Book D, Page 165.
      3.      10 Apr 1918. L. G. Clayton to Mrs. L. T. Earle for $262. Town of Central, Lots 15
      and 16 in survey by J. Coke Smith and recorded in Book RR, Pages 348-351. Witnesses:
      Florence Johnson and J. R. Falls. 10 Apr 1918. Dower: Addie Clayton.
      4.      21 Jan 1919. Mrs. L. T. Earle to W. D. Correll for $300. Town of Central 2 lots 15,
      16, and 17 and survey made by J. Coke Smith 14 Jan 1916 and recorded Book RR, Pages
      348-357. Witnesses: W. T. Earle and M. E. Moody on 21 Jan 1919. Recorded 10 Jul 1919 in
      book 3B, Page 245. Auditors Book 10 Jul 1919 in Book C, Page 160.
      5.      29 May 1919. F. B. Morgan to W. D. Correll for $200. Town of Central. Witnesses:
      Florence Johnson, J. R. Falls on 29 May 1919. Dower by Ethel Robinson Morgan on 29
      May 1919. Recorded 10 Jul 1919 in Vol. 3B, Page 244. Auditors Book C, Page 160.
      6.      25 Nov 1919. L. G. Clayton to W. D. Correll for $600. Town of Central, Lots 4, 5, 6,
      13, 14, in Block 1 in survey made by J. Coke Smith on 14 Jan 1916, Book RR, Pages 348-
      351. Witnesses: E. L. Henderson, L. A. Falls. 25 Nov 1919. Dower: Addie Clayton.
      7.      12 Mar 1920. J. W. Stephens to W. D. Correll for $200. Town of Central, Lot 2 in
      survey by J. Coke Smith on 14 Jan 1916 and recorded in Book RR, Page 348-351.
      Witnesses: W. H. Cox, J. R. Falls on 2 Mar 1920. Dower: Mary A. Stephens. Recorded 12
      Apr 1920 in Book GGG, Page 45. Auditor's Book D, Page 165.

63.   Jackson County, NC. Mrs. Callie Sharp of Jackson County, Hamburg Township to L. G.
      Clayton and F. K. Nalley for $10 and other valuable considerations for one acre. Bounded
      by Rufus Galloway, Henry Wilson, Mrs. Callie Sharp, Henry Bryson. Land conveyed to her
      by Mrs. Mary Burgess in 1924. 15 Oct 1929. Witness: Carl Jamison. Recorded 26 Oct 1929
      in Book 109, Page 462.

64.   Note from S. W. Clayton on 7 Jul 1930 on L. G. Clayton's stationery. Received from L. G.
      Clayton the deed to the home place consisting of 101 acres made to W. Harold Clayton
      and kept by me in my safety deposit box.

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