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									H1N1 Monovalent Flu Vaccine
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This is worth noting:

Published in Schafer Autism Report, Monday, 26th October, 2009:

Straight from the Horse's, that is, Swine's Mouth

    The insert for the H1N1 (swine flu) 2009 vaccine is now posted on the
FDA web site, and can be viewed here.
    The following statement and other incredulous statements appear on
the first page of the insert:
    "Safety and effectiveness of Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Mono-valent
Vaccine have NOT been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers
or in persons less than 18 years of age."

    In addition, the multi-dose vial, which is so much more commonly used
than the single-dose vial, contains thimerosal (which contains mercury) at
25 mcg per dose, the same amount as in the multi-dose vial of the seasonal
flu vaccine.

   This information contradicts what we are constantly being told by the
media and, very often, our doctors. The insert referenced above is for the
H1N1 vaccine manufactured by CSL and the insert for the same
vaccine manufactured by Novartis contains the same information.
   - Amy C.


Carin S. Smit – C/CMT

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