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Paris Hilton is [0]_____. This isn't surprising: she is the heiress and great-grand-daughter of
Conrad Hilton, the [1]_____ of the Hilton hotels group. The family business is [2]_____ 300
million dollars.
    Some people hate her and say she is a spoilt brat, [3]_____ others love her enthusiasm for
life. The paparazzi say she's the best, she always turns and smiles for the camera.
Paris was born in 1981 and [4]_____ up with her younger sister, Nicky, in Manhattan's
Waldorf-Astoria, the family's New York home. She had a pampered childhood, but didn't enjoy
school and decided not to go to university. She was [5]_____working as a model for
designers such as Catherine Malandrino and the Italian label, Iceberg.
    The gossip columns were more interested [6]_____ her nightlife and the men she dated,
and she [7]_____ notorious for dancing on tables and going topless. The list of boyfriends is
long: Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Furlong, boxer Oscar de la Hoya and model Jason Shaw.
Next Paris tried Hollywood and had [8]_____ in several films, such as Zoolander (a Ben Stiller
comedy in which she [9]_____ herself), Wonderland (a thriller) and House of Wax (a horror
    Her film career hasn't [10]_____ off, but a Fox reality show called The Simple Life is a great
success in the USA.
    On the original [11]_____ Paris and her friend Nicole Richie (the adopted daughter of
Lionel) live for six weeks [12]_____ a farm in Altus, a small Arizona town. There the two girls
and Tinkerbell, a Chihuahua dog [13]_____ in little boots, shock the local people with their
[14]_____ and mini skirts.
    Paris just never stops and [15]_____ can stop her. She has also published a book,
Confessions of an Heiress.

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