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									A Gravity Jack White Paper

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                             Google OS A Solution not an Alternative

                                    By Adam Chronister, Marketing Director

               Contents        Google OS
                               Desktop-based operating systems have been
Google OS                  2   a core component to computers for the last
The Absence of a Desktop   3   few centuries yet Google’s Chrome OS
                               claims to eliminate the desktop all together.
Google Centric OS          3
                               Some feel that this approach is inline with
Apples Error               3   the uptrend in cloud computing and a natural
It Feels to Early          3   progression for the operating system while
                               others argue that this approach will only
                               benefit the less technical computer user who
                               only relies on their computer for menial web
                               related task. This document intends to look
                               at the reason why Google's Chrome OS may
                               not be the be-all and end-all in the ever-
                               competitive operating system space.

                               Chrome OS requires a Gmail account.
                               Although the Google operating system may
                               not be officially released for another year it
                               is currently available for testing and review
                               in the form of a virtual machine image. I
                               found one of these images over at
                               website. (
                               os/download/) Like most operating systems
                               upon launch of the Chrome OS you are
                               presented with a login screen. Unlike typical
                               operating systems Chrome OS requires a
                               Gmail account. Your Gmail account is used
                               for the username and your emails password
                               doubles as the operating system password.
                               After login and launch you are given a full
                               screen window, which closely resembles
                               that of the Google Chrome web-browser.
                               Also included is a list of shortcuts to Google
                               related services and a few other web

The Absence of a Desktop                  iPhone Apple announced they would be
The major flaw that I see in the          developing and releasing a SDK (Software
Google OS operating system is the         Development Kit). Since the release of the
very feature that makes this              iPhone SDK and Apple app store the iPhone
operating system unique. This is the      has revolutionized the way people use
absence of a desktop environment          mobile devices. As intuitive as the iPhone
and native applications. The              was with its touch screen controls it was
operating system makes the                really the introduction of iPhone SDK and
assumption that you are always            native applications that set the device apart.
online.                                   Perhaps a similar model exist in the Google
                                          OS future but for now Google OS seems to
Google Centric OS                         be little more then a glorified web-browser.
Given Google's business and revenue
models I can see how the company          It Feels to Early
would like to steer people towards a      The Google OS maybe a sign of things to
Google centric always online              come in the operating system space however
operating system however this             it still feels to early. Even as wired as we
approach makes little sense to the        have become there are still situations where
user who is not always online. Say        one may find that he or she wants to use
you are traveling and you are on an       their computer despite not being online. The
airline that does not yet include in      Google OS may be well suited for
flight Wi-Fi service, while others        lightweight notebooks that have built in
next to you are listing to music,         mobile broadband internet but I have a hard
watching movies, or working on a          time believing that people are going to view
spreadsheet you have a laptop             the Google OS as an alternative to their
system that will do little more then      staple Windows, Mac or Linux operating
start up.                                 systems.

Apples Error
Apple made a similar error early on
in development of the iPhone. When
the first iPhone was unveiled to the
public in 2007 there were only a few
propriety applications. If one wanted
to develop an application for the
iPhone they were expected to create
web applications that were only
assessable via the iPhones web-
browser. This limitation severely
limited developers as well as users
and any such applications required
an Internet connection for use. A few
months after the initial release of the

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