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                                     February 22, 2010

Be it duly noted these minutes of 2/22/10 are UNOFFICIAL minutes.

The Board of Supervisors met in regular session at 8:30AM with Board members Michael Nolte and Jerry L.
Plagge present. Corey Eberling-Chairman arrived at 9:45 AM.

Motion by Nolte, seconded by Plagge, approves the agenda as submitted. All ayes. Motion carried.

Motion by Nolte, seconded by Plagge, approves the minutes of February 16, 2010. All ayes. Motion

The Board opened the meeting to public comment. No one from the public was present.
Committee reports were given on: Long Term Recovery, Prairie Winds RC&D

At 9:30 AM Rob and Clint Ahrens, Ahrens Contracting cancelled their meeting with the Board regarding
various drainage claims and work orders. Present to discuss drainage matters were Sandy Eckhardt-
Drainage Clerk, and Art Cady III-Drainage Attorney. The Board directed the Drainage Attorney-Art Cady,
to send letter to the railroad regarding Drainage District #21 Main Tile Repair with Railroad Right of Way,
per Vern Ziesman’s request. MEC 149019.

Board Chairman-Corey Eberling arrived at the meeting at 9:45 AM.

At 10:00 AM the Board discussed the planning of the operating lay out at the old Park School. Present was
Larry Richtsmeier-Sheriff. At 10:45 AM the Board left the Courthouse for a walk through and further
discussion at the old Park School Building. Present were Larry Richtsmeier-Sheriff and Julie Pralle-
Deputy Auditor. The Board returned to the Courthouse at 11:45 AM.

Steve O’Neil-Emergency Management Director met with the Board to discuss the Multi-County Flood
Mitigation Plan that would involve working with NIACOG. Also present was Russell Wood-Franklin
County Planner/Zoning.

At 11:50 AM the Board recessed for lunch and attended a Homeland Security Meeting at Godfather’s Pizza
at Noon.

The Board Meeting at the Courthouse reconvened at 1:00 PM.

Motion by Nolte, seconded by Plagge, approves claims for the period ending 2/21/10. All ayes. Motion

Motion by Nolte, seconded by Plagge, tables until a future date discussion on setting time and date for
Public Hearing to create the Whispering Willow Urban Renewal Area/Plan. All ayes. Motion carried.

Motion by Nolte, seconded by Plagge approves signing of Mental Health Services Affiliation Form. All
ayes. Motion carried.

Larry Adams dropped in to discuss Chapin sanitary sewer issues with the Board. No action taken.

Motion by Nolte, seconded by Plagge, approves 26 Family Farm applications as recommended by the
Assessor contingent on state funding of the program, and 1 Family Farm Application for disallowance. All
ayes. Motion carried.
The Board acknowledged Manure Management Plan Renewals for: 1) Christensen Farms Midwest LLC-
Site F038 #59319, owner Christensen Farms, site located 1180 220th St, Sheffield, Section 21, Richland
Township; 2) Peterson Pork #58074, owner Darwin & Ronald Peterson, site located 261 B Heather Ave,
Alden, IA, Section 29, Lee Township; 3) Marton/Elk Run Heinz Finisher Farm #57745, owner Elk Run
Farms, Inc, site located 1691 40th Street, Ackley, Section 27, Grant Township; 4) TD Farms LLP Site 1
#61852, owner Donald Lubkeman, site located 1816 Indigo Avenue, Latimer, Section 5, Marion Township;
5) Pletsch/Bud Finisher Farm #58337, owner Iowa Select Farms, LP, site located 412 220th Street,
Alexander, Section 22 Wisner Township; 6) Lyon Site 1 #63580, owner Jerry Lyon, site located 371
Heather Avenue, Alden, Section 20, Lee Township

Motion by Nolte, seconded by Plagge, adjourns at 2:50 PM, until March 1, 2010. All ayes. Motion

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Corey Eberling, Chairman                           Julie Pralle, Deputy Auditor & Clerk Pro-Tem
SUPPLEMENTAL MINUTES: (Additional items of discussion during 2/22/10 meeting)

Present: Julie Pralle-Second Deputy Auditor & Clerk Pro-Tem, John (Jay) Waddingham-County Engineer,
Sandy Eckhardt-Drainage Clerk, Art Cady-Drainage Attorney, Steve O’Neil-Emergency Management Director,
Russell Wood-Planner/Zoning, Larry Adams

The Board met with Jay Waddingham regarding Secondary Road matters: * Discussed procedures for
confrontational behavior from citizens directed toward road workers while on the job. These situations are to be
documented and reported to the Secondary Road office.

Unemployment Insurance discussion

The Board adjourned at 2:50 PM

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Corey Eberling, Chairman                            Julie M. Pralle, Deputy Auditor & Clerk Pro-Tem

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