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					Wilband, Hazel G.. 1919
Thackeray, A Study
Thackeray. . .

Clark, C. A. F.. 1922
Dramatic Irony in Shakespear
Drama. Irony. Shakespeare.

Coope, G.. 1922
A Short Study of Irony in the Works of Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy. Irony. .

Lewis, E. D.. 1922
A Study of Shakespeare's Roman Plays in Their Relation to the Lives in North's Plutarch
Shakespeare. Plutarch. Roman Plays.

Metz, C. I.. 1922
Stevenson's Art of Writing in Theory and Practice
Robert Louis Stevenson. Art of Writing. .

Miller, I. S.. 1922
A Study of the Children in the Works of Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens. Children. .

Stevenson, A.L.. 1922
The Dramatic Monologue as employed by Robert Browning
Robert Browning. Victorian Liturature. Dramatic Monologue.

Verchere, R.. 1922
Tennyson's Self-Criticism as Exemplified in the Revision of the 1833 Volume
Tennyson. Revision of 1833 volume. lume.

Anderson, A. M.. 1923
The Religious Element in the Poems of Dante Gabriel and Christina Rossetti
Dante Gabriel. Christina Rossetti. Religion.

Riddehough, G.. 1924
The Revolutionary Element in Swinburne's Poetry
Algernon Charles Swinburne. Victorian Poetry. Criticism.

Fuller, B. S. C.. 1926
The Element of Irony in the Work of Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy. Irony. .

Story, J.M.. 1926
Burn's as a Revolutionary
Robert Burns. 18th Century Literature. .

Morrison, E.. 1927
Seneca and some Elizabethan Dramatists
Seneca. Elizabethan Drama. .

Matheson, P. L.. 1928
The Convention of Disguise in Elizabethan Drama especially as found in the Plays of William
Elizabethan Drama. Shakespeare. Disguise.
Simpson, S.L.. 1928
Walt Whitman's Conception of Democracy
Walt Whitman. Democracy. American Poetry.

Andrew, Jean. 1929
The Novels of Sir Walter Scott as a Development of his Metrical Romances
Sir Walter Scott. . .

Grant, M.. 1929
Marlowe's Conception of Tragedy
Marlowe. Tragedy. .

White, A.M.G.. 1929
Webster and Elizabethan Melodrama
Webster. Elizabethan Melodrama. .

Felton, B.. 1930
Description of Scene in Elizabethan Drama
Elizabethan Drama. Scene. .

Dohoerty, S.M.. 1931
The Nature and Consistency of Browning's Optimisn
Browning. optimism. .

Holloway, M.. 1931
The Evolution of Scott's Idea of Romance
Walter Scott. Romance. .

Moore, B.. 1931
Shakespeare's Insight into Woman's Nature
Shakespeare. Women. .

Newlands, P.. 1931
Joseph Conrad's Artistic Achievement in the Light of his own Criticism
Joseph Conrad. Criticism. .

Baker, R.J.. 1932
An Interim on the Editing of a 17th Century Manuscript Book Owned by Dr. C.E. Dolman
C.E. Dolman. 17th Century. semigraphy.

Cameron, J. H.. 1932
Scottish History in the Waverley Novels
Scotland. History. Waverley Novels.

Fulton, A.. 1933
A Theory to Explain the Difference between the Earlier and Later Novels of George Eliot
George Eliot. Character. .

Moore, M. A. E.. 1933
The Humour of Dickens
Charles Dickens. Humour. .

Saunders, M.B.. 1933
The Cult of Male Friendship as Found in Various Branches of Elizabethan Literature
Friendship. Elizabethen Literature. Shakespeare.
Cooke, B. M.. 1934
The Tragic Hero of Christopher Marlow
Christopher Marlow. Tragedy. Hero.

Lehman, E.. 1934
William Butler Yeats: The Development of his Poetical Style
William Butler Yeats. Poetry. Style.

Garrett, E.L.. 1935
Shakespeare in the Work of John Keats
Shakespeare. Keats. .

Plummer, T.S.. 1935
Meredith's Exposition of Egoism
George Meredith. egoism. comedy.

Harrison, J. R.. 1936
The Pastoral Lyric in the Elizabethan Miscellanies and in the Songs in the Romances and the Drama
Pastoral Lyricism. Elizabethan Drama. Elizabethan Romance.

Hewetson, R. W.. 1936
The Satyres of John Donne
John Donne. Satyres. Satire.

Rice, M.. 1936
The Sincereity of Andrew Mavell
Andrew Marvell. . .

Roxburgh, J.W.. 1936
The Jacobean Lyric with Emphasis on John Donne
John Donne. Jacobean Literature. .

Biller, Jill. 1937
The Novel of Society as Written By Fanny Burney, Jane Austen and Susan Ferrier
Fanny Burney. Jane Austen. Susan Ferrier.

Bishop, Roger Joseph. 1938
The Influence of Godwin on Shelley
William Godwin. Shelley. Politics.

Gibson, E. M. G.. 1938
The Autobiographical Element in the Novels of Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens. Autobiography. .

Lake, A. C.. 1938
An Interpretation of Swift's Political and Social Philosophy
Jonathan Swift. Political Philosophy. Social Philosophy.

MacLaurin, J. C.. 1938
The Dramatic Values of the Low-Life Characters in Shakespeare
Shakespeare. "Low-Life" Characters. Elizabethan Society.

Ferguson, B.L.. 1939
Jacobean Pulpit Oratory, with Special Reference to the Sermons of Lancelot Andrews and John Donne
Sermons. Lancelot Andrews. John Donne.
McDougall, R. L.. 1939
The Elizabethan Melodrama and John Webster
John Webster. Elizabethan Melodrama. .

Barton, Edger Charles. 1940
Medievalism in Dante Garbiel Rossetti
Dante Gabriel. Medievalism. Mysticism.

Barton, William H.. 1940
The Political Works of Henry St. John, Viscount Bolingbroke--A Study in Journalistic Literature
Journalism. Politics. Divine Right.

Hopwood, V. G.. 1941
Late Victorian Utopias: A Study in Transition
Victorian Literature. Utopias. .

Vesterback, B.. 1941
The Portrayal of Character in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Bronte. character. .

Margeson, J. M.. 1942
Dramatic Irony in the Plays of Euripides
Euripides. Dramatic Irony. .

Rivers, D.E.. 1942
John Lyly's Prose and the Influence of his Style
John Lyly. Elizabeathan Prose. Sixteenth Century Liturature.

Elliott, J.. 1943
Samuel Butler and the Bondage of Ideas
Samuel Butler. . .

Kitson, C. E.. 1943
Humanism in The Faerie Queene
Edmund Spenser. The Faerie Queene. Humanism.

Pickering, M.G.. 1943
imagist poetry. modernism. .

Russell, R.. 1943
The Minor Rustics in the Novels of Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy. Victorian Liturature. .

Nygard, H. O. V.. 1944
Machiavelli and Shakespeare
Shakespeare. Machiavelli. Machiavellianism.

Rodger, J.C.. 1944
Browning and the Italian Renaissance
Robert Browning. the Renaissance. Victorian Liturature.

Kurth, B.. 1945
The Interrelationship of Music and Poetry in the Elizabethan Songbooks
Elizabethan Music. Music. Poetry.
Mitchell, J. G.. 1945
Satire in Burns
Robert Burns. Satire. .

Darling, J. G.. 1947
The Significance of the Moral Ideas in the Major Tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides
Aeschylus. Sophocles. Euripides.

Robinson, F.W.. 1947
Robert Southwell, Giles Fletcher and John Donne: An Analysis and Comparison of their Religious Poetry
Robert Southwell. Giles Fletcher. John Donne.

Rosen, L.C.. 1947
The Portrayal of Women in the Novels of George Eliot between 1850 and 1860 as Contrasted with that of
Charles Dickens in the same period
Charles Dickens. George Eliot. .

Alexander, A. W.. 1948
The Progress of the Cleopatra Fable in English Literature
Cleopatra. . .

Baldwin, Robert George. 1948
Samuel Pepys as a Drama Critic of the 17th Century
Samuel Papys. Drama. 17th Century.

Baxter, John Scott. 1948
The Tragic Hero in the Plays of John Webster
John Webster. Tragedy. .

Dundas, J.. 1948
The Sublime in Paradise Lost
Milton. Paradise Lost. .

Grunlund, B. E.. 1948
The Presentation of Children in Dickens's Novels as Social, Comic, and Pathetic Creatures
Charles Dickens. Children. Social Conditions.

Harris, H. M.. 1948
Thomas Hardy's Evolutionary Meliorism
Thomas Hardy. Meliorism. Immanent Will.

Hayes, E.. 1948
The Use of the Sea, Ships, and Seamen in the English Novel, from Smollett, through Marryat and
Stevenson, to Conrad
Sea Imagery. Smollett. Conrad.

King, R. F. B.. 1948
Coleridge's Theory of Poverty
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Poverty. Poetry.

Rodenchuk, E.. 1948
The Byronic Heroine
Gordon, Lord Byron. The Byronic Hero. Romantic Poetry.

Thomson, A.J.. 1948
St. Francis de Sales and George Herbert
Sir Francis de Sales. George Herbert. Humanism.

Thomson, P.G.. 1948
The Polemical Writings of Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Swift. Polemical writings. .

Bilsland, John Winstanley. 1949
Oliver Goldsmith and the Social Problems of His Day
Oliver Goldsmith. Society. Prisons.

de Bruyn, J.. 1949
The Treatment of the Human Emotions in the Works of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte: A Study in
Contrast, Involving a Comparative Discussion of Their Lives and Times
Jane Austen. Charlotte Bronte. Emotion.

Reid, M.R.. 1949
Arthur Hugh Clough and Matthew Arnold as Moral Idealists
Arthur Hugh Clough. Matthew Arnold. idealism.

Armstrong, Robt. T.. 1950
A Spenser Bibliography Comprised of Materials to be Found in the Library UBC
Spenser. Bibliography. .

Sandison, J.M.. 1950
Antony and Cleopatra and All for Love: A Comparitive Study
Shakespeare. John Dryden. 17th century literature.

Watt, F.W.. 1950
The Critical Ideal in Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnold. Critical Ideal. .

Bell, Inglis Freeman. 1951
The Effect of the Christian Ideal on the Epic Elements of Paradise Lost
Epic. Paradise Lost. Christianity.

Cherry, D. H.. 1951
Personal Imagery In Hamlet
Imagery. Hamlet. Shakespeare.

Chetkow, B.H.. 1951
Matthew Arnold's "Hebraism": A Study of his Endebtedness to the Old Testament
Matthew Arnold. Old Testament. Hebraism.

Woodward, S.F.. 1951
A Study of the Poetic Imagery of Dante Gabriel Rosetti
Dante Gabriel Rosetti. Poetry. Imagery.

Booth, M.R.. 1952
Edward Young and the Poetry of Melancholy: 1700-1745
Edward Young. Melancholy. Poetry.

Horton, M.. 1952
The Influence of Tchehov on Katherine Mansfield
Anton Tchehov. Katherine Mansfield. .
Jeffrey, R.. 1952
A Comparison of the Works of Francis Thompson and Richard Crashaw
Francis Thompson. Richard Crashaw. .

Brockington, J.. 1953
Thackeray and the English Novel
Novel. Thackeray. .

Carstens, P. J.. 1953
English Voyage Literature of the 18th Century with Particular Reference to Dampier, Rogers and Cook
18th Century. Voyage Literature. Cook.

Jabour, J. A.. 1953
A Survey of Wordsworthian Criticism from Victorian to Modern Times
William Wordsworth. Criticism. .

Sawyer, J.P.. 1953
The Aesthetic Principles of Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde. Victorian Liturature. Aesthetics.

Simpson, H.. 1953
Cowper's Contribution to English Nature Poetry in Relation to his Predecessors in the 18th Century
William Cowper. Romanticism. Nature poetry.

Alston, R. C.. 1954
Jonathan Swift: A Guide to Biographical and Critical Studies 1750-1950
Jonathan Swift. . .

Killam, G. D.. 1955
The Literary Critical Principles of Matthew Arnold as Applied to the English Romantic Poets in the Light of
Succeeding Criticism
Matthew Arnold. Romantic Poetry. Criticism.

Matthews, R. D.. 1955
The Literary Critical Principles of Matthew Arnold, Examined, and Traced Through His Social and
Religious Criticism
Matthew Arnold. Criticism. .

Newitt, E.. 1955
The History of Christopher Smart Criticism
Christopher Smart. Criticism. Critical History.

Pratt, A.. 1955
Walter Savage Landor: Interpreted and Criticized Primarily as Epicurean
Walter Savage Landor. epicureanism. .

Carstens, S. M.. 1956
Elizabethan Domestic Tragedy
Elizabethan. Tragedy. .

Fascher, G... 1956
John Calsworthy: His Concept of Beauty
John Galsworthy. Beauty. .

Flahiff, F. H. T. 1956
The Expression of Spiritual Illumination In the Workds of Henry Vaughan and Thomas Traherne
Spirituality. Henry Vaughan. Thomas Traherne.

Forbes, G. H.. 1956
Peter Bell
Peter Bell. . .

Misner, M. J.. 1956
Henry James: A Study in Form
Henry James. Form. .

Sandy-Wunsch, J.. 1956
Hooker's Via Media
Richard Hooker. Elizabethen Literature. .

Avison, Anne. 1957
The Religious Spirit of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Christina Rossetti
Religion. Christina Rossetti. Gerard Manley.

Beaumont, Audrey J.. 1957
Epic Unity as Conceived by Spenser and Milton
Epic. Spenser. Milton.

Levirs, M. J.. 1957
A Study of the Eighteenth-Century Heroic Couplet
Eighteenth Century. Heroic Couplet. Poetry.

Neufeldt, V. A.. 1957
Sin and Evil as Conceived by Milton and Wordsworth
John Milton. William Wordsworth. Evil.

Parker, K.. 1957
A Study of King Lear
William Shakespeare. King Lear. .

Riddle, K.. 1957
Herbert Read: Literary and Critical Principles
Criticism. Romantic Poetry. Critical History.

Abrams, Mabel H.. 1958
Tradition and Originality in the Non-Dramatic Writings of Abraham Cowley
Abraham Cowley. . .

Auchinachie, Gerald. 1958
Keats's and Shelley's use of Myth
Keats. Shelley. Myth.

Coleman, A.. 1958
Milton's Concept of Freedom in Paradise Lost
Milton. Paradise Lost. Freedom.

Harris, M.. 1958
Short Stories
Short Stories. Creative Writing. Collection.

Hinchcliffe, P.. 1958
The Critical Reputation of Rudyard Kipling During the Past Seventy Years
Rudyard Kipling. Criticism. .

McArravy, G. M.. 1958
The Poetic Style of George Herbert
George Herbert. Poetry. Style.

Watson, R.A.. 1958
Between the "I" and the "It" in Wallace Stevens' "Harmonium"
Wallace Stevens. Harmonium. .

Ashworth, John. 1959
The Concept of Wit in the Restoration Comedies of John Etherege, William Wych, and William Congreve
Restoration. Comedy. William Congreve.

Clark, R. D.. 1959
Structure and Method in the Drapier's Letters
Drapier. Letters. .

Coleman, P.. 1959
Some Influences of the Sea Career of Joseph Conrad on his Novels
Joseph Conrad. Novels. Sea.

Davidson, B.. 1959
Joyce Cary's Use of Trilogy
Joyce Cary. Trilogy. .

Dickson, H. H.. 1959
Byron on his Contemporaries
Byron. . .

Jensen, H.. 1959
An Analysis and Appraisal of T. S. Eliot's Four Quartets
T. S. Eliot. Four Quartets. .

Sanson, B.A.. 1959
Coleridge's Concept of the Symbol
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Romanticism. Symbolism.

Blayney, Ann. 1960
A Discussion of Selected Bird and Tree Symbols Illustrating the Importance of Symbols in the Poetry of
William Butler Yeats
William Butler Yeats. Symbolism. Poetry.

Bower, A.W.. 1960
Underlying Conflicts in the Novels of Evelyn Waugh
Evelyn Waugh. . .

Ebbs-Canavan, M. 1960
Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native and The Woodlanders: A Study in Contrasting Imagery
Imagery. Thomas Hardhy. .

Farquhar, R. H.. 1960
Ther Versatility of Thomas Hood as a Poet: A Comprehensice Study
Thomas Hood. Poetry. .

Grayston, D.. 1960
Words that Burn: A Stylistic Critique of the Poems of Thomas Gray
Thomas Gray. Poetry. Style.

Hutchinson, H. A.. 1960
Oscar Wilde: Art, Artifice and Reality
Oscar Wilde. Art. Reality.

Hutson, P.. 1960
The Peculiar Poetic Techniques of George Barker
George Barker. Poetic Technique. .

Larsen, S.. 1960
Chapman's Ideal Man and His Tragic Heroes
George Chapman. Idealism. Tragic Heroes.

Riddell, R.C.. 1960
On the Description of Literary Style
Stylistics. literary semantics. .

Spark, D.. 1960
The Class Theme in the Works of George Orwell
George Orwell. 20th century Liturature. .

Barr, W. M.. 1961
A Study of the Character and Significance of Cleopatra in George Bernard Shaw's Caesar and Cleopatra
George Bernard Shaw. Cleopatra. Characterizations.

Batten, C.. 1961
Symbolism and Imagery in Tender is the Night
Symbolism. Imagery. Tender is the Night.

Clemens, A. B.. 1961
Joseph Conrad's Theory of Fiction as Embodies in Lord Jim
Joseph Conrad. Lord Jim. Fiction.

Crowther, J. D.. 1961
Byron's Mystery Plays
Byron. . .

Davey, F. W.. 1961
Donne in the Age of Reason: A Study of Pope's Imitation of Donne's Satires
John Donne. Pope. Satire.

Morrison, G.. 1961
The Imagery of Katherine Mansfield
Katherine Mansfield. Imagery. .

Ryan, P.. 1961
A Consideration of Robert Browning's Objectivity and Subjectivity in Light of a Selection of his Poems
Robert Browning. Victorian Liturature. Subjectivity.

Stott, J.C.. 1961
The Historical Dramas of Lord Byron
Gordon, Lord Byron. Romantics. Historical Drama.

Bridge, T. J.. 1962
William Blake's "Mental Traveller":An Explication
William Blake. Mental Traveller. Poetry.

Bromige, D.. 1962
Poetry. . .

Brown, H.. 1962
The Defence of Poetry and Prometheus Unbound
Shelley. Defence of Poetry. Prometheus Unbound.

Clark, J. H.. 1962
Anglo-Saxon and Early Irish Heroic Literature and its Background with a Particular Comparison of the
Tain Bo Cualnge and Beawulf
Beowulf. Tain Bo Cualnge. Hero.

Elliott, L.. 1962
Lord Jim- A Study of Imagery
Lord Jim. Imagery. .

Fouks, T. R.. 1962
The Poet-Artist: A Study of a Theme in the Plays of Eugene O'Neill
Eugene O'Neill. Poet-Artist. .

Gordon, L. M.. 1962
"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner": A Modern Interpretation
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Existentialism.

Mackenzie, D. M.. 1962
The Significance of Keats's "Ode to Psyche"
John Keats. Ode to Psyche. Keatsean Odes.

Read, J.E.. 1962
Point Counterpoint and Eyeless in Gaze: Experiments in Counterpoint
counterpoint. . .

Schloss, M.. 1962
The Concept of Will in Milton's Paradise Lost
John Milton. Will. 17th century literature.

Shaw, D.. 1962
Coleridge's Use of Colour in his Major Poetry
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Colour. Romantics.

Clee, D.. 1963
The "Defense of the Indefensible": A Study of the Relationship between Aesthetic Sympathy and Moral
Judgement in a group of Browning's Poems
Browning. Poetry. Aesthetics.

Cooke, C. 1963
The Artistic Integrity in the Poetry of John Donne and Ben Jonson
John Donne. Ben Jonson. Poetry.

Harris, J.. 1963
The "Ode to Duty" and the Decline of a Poet
William Wordsworth. Ode to Duty. .
Haskins, L.. 1963
The Awakening Soul: A Study of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Soul.

Hatch, R. B.. 1963
The Moral Universes of Defoe and Fielding
Daniel Defoe. Henry Fielding. Morality.

Laird, R. G.. 1963
From Image to Symbol: Water Imagery and Its Relation to the Theme of the Quest in Tennyson's Poetry
Alfred Tennyson. Water Imagery. Quest Theme.

Lapeyre, J. A.. 1963
Dreams, Barren and Fruitful: A Study of the Function of Dreams in Some Poems by Keats
John Keats. Dreams. Poetry.

Martin, P. T.. 1963
Milton's Theodicy in Paradise Lost
John Milton. Paradise Lost. Theodicy.

Morgan, H.. 1963
John Dryden's "Characteristic Temper of Mind"
John Dryden. . .

Nelson, M. V.. 1963
Unity in Paradise Lost
John Milton. Paradise Lost. Unity.

Richardson, J.. 1963
Symbol and Character in the Work of Morley Callaghan
Morley Callaghan. 20th century Liturature. Symbolism.

Roberts, M.A.. 1963
Image and Symbol in Katherine Anne Porter
Katherine Anne Porter. 20th century Liturature. Symbolism.

Sharman, V.. 1963
Patterns of Imagery and Symbolism in the Poetry of E.J. Pratt
E.J. Pratt. Canadian Literature. 20th century literature.

Snoek, N.. 1963
Death in Poe's Fiction
Edgar Allen Poe. American Literature. Death.

Anderson, J.. 1964
Jane Austen on the Nature of Passion, with Special Reference to Sense and Sensibility
Jane Austen. Passion. Sense and Sensibility.

Baylis, E.. 1964
The Nature of Shelley's Idealism in a Few Shorter Poems
Shelley. Idealism. Poetry.

Daly, R.. 1964
Three Short Stories
Short Stories. . .
Djwa, S.. 1964
A Study of "The Titanic" by E. J. Pratt
E. J. Pratt. The Titanic. .

Fisher, E.. 1964
The Cycle in Adele Wiseman's The Sacrifice
Adele Wiseman. The Sacrifice. Cyclicity.

Fletcher, N.M.. 1964
G.K. Chesterton: The Quality of Imagination and Imagery in some of his Fiction
Imagination. Imagery. Fiction.

Grafton, B.. 1964
Jungian Light on the Blakean Archetype
William Blake. Jung. Archetype.

Herbison, R.. 1964
Dylan Thomas and the Art of the Short Story: A Critical Consideration fo some early short stories
Dylan Thomas. Short Stories. Criticism.

Kalbfleisch, W.. 1964
The English Romances of Sir Perceval and the Holy Grail
Romance. Sir Perceval. The Holy Grail.

McConnell, R. B.. 1964
Structure, Pattern, and Resonance in Paradise Lost
John Milton. Paradise Lost. Structure.

McDonald, R.F.. 1964
Christopher Fry: A Study
Christopher Fry. . .

McKnight, G.. 1964
The Themes and Imagery in William Shakespeare's Coriolanus
Themes and Imagery. Shakespeare. Coriolanus.

Meltabarger, B.. 1964
An Excerpt from The Neverlanders (Original fiction)

Miles, M.. 1964
Prototypes in Morley Callaghan: 1934-1961
Morley Callaghan. Prototypes. .

Mills, J.. 1964
Some Aspects of Comedy
Comedy. Chaucer. Beckett.

Napier, D.. 1964
Every Stick has Two Ends: An Examination of William Butler Yeats' Concept and Practice of Unity of
William Butler Yeats. Unity of Being. .

Overton, D.. 1964
The Role of V. K. Ratliff
William Faulkner. V. K. Ratliff. American Novels.
Rendle, A.. 1964
Beulah Emerges from "Augeries of Innocence"
William Blake. Romantic Poetry. .

Robertson, I.. 1964
I Am the Keeper (poems)

Smith, M.. 1964
Meaning and Form in Wuthering Heights
Emily Bronte. Victorian Liturature. Victorian Novel.

Thornton, A.G.. 1964
The Beggar's Opera and its Perennial popularity
The Beggar's Opera. popularity. .

Tucker, P.A.. 1964
"No Ideas But In Things": A Study in the Relationship of Form and Content in William Carlos Williams'
William Carlos Williams. Paterson. Form and Content.

Whittaker, E.K.. 1964
Levels of Relationship in Charles Olson's Thought and Art
Charles Olson. Thought. Art.

Allen, A.. 1965
Samuel Johnson and the Gentleman's Magazine
Samuel Johnson. Gentleman's Magazine. .

Allen, S.. 1965
James Baldwin: A View of his Achievement
James Baldwin. . .

Belyea, B.J.. 1965
The Influence of Malory's Tale of The Sangreal upon Spenser's The Faerie Queene, Book I
Malory's The Sangreal. Spenser's The Faerie Queene. .

Bie, B.. 1965
The Use of Nature as an Objective Correlative in Two Canadian Novels: Who Has Seen the Wind and
Peace Shall Destroy Many
Nature. Who Has Seen the Wind. Peace Shall Destroy Many.

Clarke, C.. 1965
In Search of the Self: A Study Of Pound's Homage to Sextus Propertius, with Reference to Selected
Poems from the Personae
Ezra Pound. Homage to Sextus Propertius. Personae.

Dickson,K.. 1965
"Reminiscences of Childhood" in the Poetry of Dylan Thomas
Childhood. Poetry. Dylan Thomas.

Duggan, A.R.. 1965
The Unfortunate Doctor Dodd
Doctor Dodd. . .

Enomoto, R.. 1965
Thomas Traherne: The Interior Vision
Thomas Traherne. Interior Vision. .

Gibb, P.L.. 1965
Metaphysical Ideas in Byron's Cain
Byron. Metaphysical Ideals. Cain.

Hilmo, M.. 1965
The Tragic Elements in Doctor Faustus
tragic elements. Doctor Faustus. .

Inglis, G.. 1965
Oliver Goldsmith: A Social Philosopher of the 18th Century as seen in The Deserted Village
Oliver Goldsmith. Social Philosophy. The Deserted Village.

Isted, S.A.. 1965
The Wife of Bath in Criticism
Chaucer. The Wife of Bath. criticism.

Jackson, K.L.. 1965
The Suffering: Redemption Theme as Presented in Three Play's by W. Shakespeare: King Lear, The
Winter's Tale and The Tempest
Redemption. W. Shakespeare. 3 plays.

Johnston, E.. 1965
Order and the Individual in Samson Agonistes
Order. Individual. Samson Agonistes.

Jubb, D.E.. 1965
Mannerism in John Ford's The Broken Heart
Mannerism. John Ford. The Broken Heart.

Larsen, F.J.. 1965
The Development of Northern Heroic Story As seen in the Epic Beowulf and two versions of the Volsung
Northern Heroic Story. Beowulf. Volsung Legend.

Mecready, M.. 1965
Prairie Winds Blow (original poetry)

Reif, A.. 1965
The Style of Scott Fitzgerald
Stylistics. Scott Fitzgerald. .

Shore, D.. 1965
The Potrait of A Mystic: A Study of the Mystical Imagery of Vaughan's Silex Scintillans
Mysticism. Imagery. Silex Scintillans.

Thornley, G.C.. 1965
Five Short Stories (original fiction)

Vague, M.J.. 1965
Light as Metpahor for Life: Imagery in Virginia Woolf's The Waves
Imagery. Virginia Woolf. The Waves.

Vassar, T.E.. 1965
Problems and Techniques of Perception in the Workds of Wallace Stevens
Perception. Wallace Stevens. .

Wallace, R.. 1965
Nursery Rhymes, A Play in Two Acts (original drama)

Woodfield, J.. 1965
The Magic Touch: An Examination of Hardy's Use of Folklore and the Preternatural
Hardy. Folklore. .

Alder, P.. 1966
The Effect of the Concept of Slavery on Plot Pattern and Characterization in Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead
Slavery. Plot and Character. Pudd'nhead Wilson.

Allard, A.. 1966
"Don Juan": Theme and Variations
Don Juan. Theme and Variations. .

Austin, S.. 1966
Browning's Pippa Passes: A Study in Self-Delusion
Browning. Pippa-Passes. Self-Delusion.

Blott, S.G.. 1966
Romance Conventions in For Whom the Bells Tolls
Romance Conventions. For Whom the Bell Tolls. .

Broomhall, P.. 1966
The Walton Tradition in the Literature of Angling: 1653-1866
Walton Tradition. Angling. .

Brown, C.. 1966
The Personal Religion of E.M. Forster as Reflected in A Passage to India
Religion. E.M. Forster. A Passage to India.

Clarke, L.. 1966
the Themes of Marriage in Tom Jones
Marriage. Tom Jones. .

High, J.. 1966
The Role of the Ironic Narrator in Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Persuasion
Irony. Three Novels. Jane Austen.

Hillman, D.W.. 1966
The Poetic Arbour: A Study of the Vegetation and Water Imagery in Keat's Poetry
Vegetation and Water Imagery. Poetry. John Keats.

Jones, L.M.. 1966
The Hero, His Conflict, His World: A Critical Study of Four Oriental Tales
Hero. Conflicts. Four Oriental Tales.

Long, M.. 1966
"The World of Heaven and Hell": Apocalyptic and Demonic Imagery in Wuthering Heights with some
Reference to the Poetry of Emily Bronte
imagery. Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte.
Matheson, J.. 1966
The Development of the British Spy Novel since 1945
British spy Novel. . .

McAskie, C.. 1966
Byron's use of the Turkish Element in Four Verse Tales and Don Juan
Byron. Turkish Element. Verse Tales and Don Juan.

Neufeldt, J.. 1966
The Public and the Private Poet in Tennyson from Early Poems to In Memoriam
Tennyson. Early Poems. In Memoriam.

Neuman, V.. 1966
Three in a Cell (original drama)

Novik, G.M.. 1966
Time in T.S. Eliot's "Burnt Norton"
Time. T.S. Eliot. Burnt Norton.

Poppell, H.. 1966
Metrical Versions of the Psalms in the 16th century
Metric Versions. Psalms. 16th century.

Radford, F.L.. 1966
The Political Extravaganzas of George Bernard Shaw
Politics. George Bernard Shaw. .

Roberts, T.J.. 1966
The Poetic Experience of Donne: A Comparison of the Poetry of John Donne and Jean de Sponde
John Donne. Jean de Sponde. .

Sabine, F.J.. 1966
Some Relationships of the Gullah to the West Indian Dialect
Gullah. West Indian Dialect. .

Smith-Gander, S.. 1966
"Pride was my wilderness": The Imagery and Symbolism of the Desert in the Characterization of Hagar
Shipley in Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel
Imagery and Symbolism. Characterization. The Stone Angel.

Snead G.A.. 1966
Themes in the Medieval English Lyric
Themes. Medieval English Lyric. .

Sobell, G.J.. 1966
A Critical Discussion of the Songs of Innocence and of Experience
Criticism. Songs of Innocence and Of Experience. .

Waplington, F.. 1966
J.B. (original drama)

Wayman, T.E.. 1966
Poems Toward the Golden Jukebox (original poetry)

Barbour, Michael M.. 1967
An Examination of Some Attitudes Underlying Matthew Arnold's Preface to the Edition of 1853 and their
Influence on His Poetry
Self-criticism. Matthew Arnold. Victorian poetry.

Bridger, Steve. 1967
The Unorthodox Birth of Tristram Shandy: Sterne's Use of Synecdoche
Synecdoche. Lawrence Sterne. Tristram Shandy.

Dagg, M.H.. 1967
Huck, Holden, and Their Narrative Voices: A Study of Differences
Huck and Holden. Narrative Voices. Differences.

Edgar, P.. 1967
The Essence of Pinter Drama
Pinter Drama. . .

Forsyth, D.. 1967
The Woman's Offering: A Study of Women as Centers of Stability in Two Virginia Woolf novels
Women. 2 Novels. Virginia Woolf.

Froese, R.J.. 1967
C.S. Lewis's Concept of Myth and his Trilogy of "Science Fiction"
Science Fiction and Myth. C.S. Lewis. .

Furberg, Jon S.. 1967
Tragedy in James Joyce's Dubliners
Tragedy. James Joyce. Dubliners.

Garling, D.. 1967
Good and Evil in Lord of the Rings
Good. Evil. Lord of the Rings.

Glover, R.Y.. 1967
The Final Vision of D.H. Lawrence
Vision. D.H,. Lawrence. .

Guyle, Lynne. 1967
Verbal and Structural Irony in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot
Irony, Verbal and Structural. Samuel Beckett. Waiting for Godot.

Harrison, J.K.. 1967
Geoffrey Firmin: Contextured within The Symbolism of his Circle
Geoffrey Firmin. Symbolism. .

Howard, W.J.. 1967
Growth Through Experience in Byron's Don Juan
Growth. Experience. Don Juan.

Kent, Maurice William. 1967
All's Well and the Character of Helena
Romantic Heroines. Shakespeare. All's Well That Ends Well.

Lovick, L.. 1967
The Shadow of the Florentine
Marlowe. . .
Lowrey, M.J.. 1967
Edward Thomas: A Study of the Relationship of His Poetry and His Prose
Edward Thomas. poetry. prose.

MacLachlan, D.. 1967
The Lockean Doctrine of Association of Ideas in Tristram Shandy
Locke. Ideas. Tristram Shandy.

McKercher, L. 1967
Edward III, A Shakespearian Play?
Edward III. Shakespeare. .

McLaughlin, M.J.. 1967
Text and Design in William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience
Text and Design. Blake. Songs of Innocence and Of Experience.

Mercer, Tracy E.. 1967
Social Comment and Criticism in Selected Works of Thomas Dekker
Social commentary. Thomas Dekker. .

Millard, J.. 1967
"To What Serves Mortal Beauty": A Study in the Aesthetics of Gerard Manley Hopkins
Beaty and Aesthetics. Gerard Manley Hopkins. .

Noble A.B.. 1967
The Deepening Perspective: A Study of the "Four Quartets"
Perspective. Four Quartets. .

Piket, D.. 1967
Isolation in Hawthorne's Writing
Isolation. Hawthorne. .

Rolfe, E.J.. 1967
The Use of the Canadian North in Three Novels by Yves Thierault, David Walker, and Gabrielle Roy
Canadian North. Three Novels. .

Stephenson, Carol Ann. 1967
Fantasy as an Art Form: An Analysis of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"
Fantasy as Genre. J.R.R. Tolkien. Lord of the Rings.

Tate, Carolyn. 1967
The Form and Function of Dialogue in Selcted Works of Jane Austen and Ivy Compton-Burnett
Jane Austen. Ivy Compton-Burnett. Dialogue.

Tryon, J.L.. 1967
A Topographical Study of the Faerie Queene
Topography. Faerie Queene. .

Vicente, Remigio. 1967
The Tragic View of Life in the "Barsetshire Novels"
Victorian literature. Anthony Trollope. Tragedy.

Walach, Marilyn. 1967
The Shavian Woman as an Expression of Creative Vitality
Feminism. George Bernard Shaw. .
Wilson, Jeanne. 1967
The Inspiration and Craft of Dylan Thomas
Welsh poetry. Dylan Thomas. .

Wolfe, Carolyn. 1967
The Heralding of Mary Tyrone
Drama. Eugene O'Neill. Feminism.

Allingham, Philip. 1968
Heroic Elements in Paradise Lost As Reflections of Classical Epic Precedence With Emphasis Upon the
Role of Satan
Paradise Lost. John Milton. Epic heroism.

Arthur, Henry. 1968
Metaphysical Tendencies in Hemingway's Short Stories
Short stories. Ernest Hemingway. Ambiguity in language.

Atkins, Judy. 1968
"Living Relatedness" in The Rainbow
The Rainbow. D.H. Lawrence. The novel.

Bonte, Andries S.. 1968
The Villain Before Marlowe in Eight Representative Plays
Late medieval plays. Villains. Secularization of theatre.

Borland, Donald Bruce. 1968
The Principal Supernatural Characters of Paradise Lost and their Antecedents in Classical Epics
Paradise Lost. John Milton. Supernatural characterization.

Bryce, Joyce. 1968
Dichotomy and Resolution in the Tree Image In The Shorter Poems of Yeats
Symbolism and imagery. John Butler Yeats. Short poems.

Cooke, James. 1968
Dick Diver and the Romantic Vision
Romantic Heroes. F. Scott Fitzgerald. .

Cousins, Diana M.. 1968
William Blake's Text and Illustrations: A Partnership of Interpretation For The Book of Thell
Book of Thell. William Blake. Text and illustrations.

Cragg, C. Edward. 1968
Browning's Art Poems
Aesthetics. Robert Browning. Poetry.

Harris, M. 1968
James Joyce's Molly Bloom: Aphrodite in Dublin
James Joyce. Molly Bloom: Aphrodite in Dublin. .

Hennell, Diana Joan. 1968
The Study of Lyly's Endimion As Court Drama
Courtly drama. John Lyly. Elizabethan theatre.

Hougham, George R.. 1968
Bloom and Stephen- The Father-Son Relationship
Ulysses. James Joyce. Characterization.
Hudson, Heather. 1968
"A Passage To More Than India": An Exploration of Whitman's Cosmic Philosophy
Americal poetry. Walt Whitman. Cosmic Philosophy.

Hyde, Kathleen. 1968
The Mythological Approach to Life in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses
Long Fiction. James Joyce. .

Kenneally, Michael A.. 1968
The Background of Wordsworth's "Ode to Duty"
Romatic Poetry. William Wordsworth. Ode to Duty.

Kruchek, Jane. 1968
Theme and Structure in Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay
Theme and Strucure. Robert Green. Drama and Poetry.

Le Maitre, Darlene. 1968
As You Like It: The Sum of the Parts. A Discussion of the Principal Elements of the Play
Drama. Shakespeare. As You Like It.

le Nobel, J. 1968
A Study in Imagery of Astrophil and Stella
17th Century Poetry. Sir Philip Sidney. Imagery.

Leibel, P.. 1968
Technique and Form in Six Tales of Henry James
Form. Six Tales. Henry James.

Levin, John S.. 1968
Escape to Freedom
Fiction. Joseph Conrad and William Faulkner. .

Lowe, Judith Olga. 1968
Christopher Smart's Changing Conception of David: An Examination of his Religious Poetry
Religious Poetry. Christopher Smart. .

MacFarlane, W. J.. 1968
Robert Creeley: A Non-Existentialist Existentialist
Poetry. Robert Creeley. Existentialism.

Matthews, D. J.. 1968
Blood Images in the Poems of Wilfred Owen
Poems. Wilfred Owen. Blood and Gore.

Mitchell, C. Patrick. 1968
An Examination of Matthew Arnold's "Sohrab and Rustum"
Sohrab and Rustum. Matthew Arnold. Poetry.

Murphy, Peter. 1968
Patterns of Myth in The Return of the Native
Myth. Thomas Hardy. The Return of the Native.

Murray, Pat. 1968
Cummings: An Experiment in Language, Consciousness and Time
Poetry and Prose. e.e. cummings. Linguistic Experimentation.
Nelson, Judy. 1968
Chaucer's Use of the Forest in The Canterbury Tales
The Canterbury Tales. Geoffrey Chaucer. Forest Imagery.

Palsson, Billie Ann. 1968
Anthony Munday's Robin Hood Plays: An Analysis of their Structure
Elizabethan Drama. Anthony Munday. Robin Hood.

Reagh, Elizabeth Merle. 1968
A Study of Byron's Manfred
Manfred. George Gordon, Lord Byron. Heroism.

Richter, S.. 1968
Parade's End: A World in Transition
Parade's End. . .

Sandwell, S.. 1968
The Use of Archetypal Landscape in Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano
Archetypal landscapes. Malcolm Lowry. Under the Volcano.

Schiffer, J.. 1968
To The Lighthouse: The Language of Fiction
To The Lighthouse. Language. fiction.

Sellars, L.. 1968
Problems of Love and Identity in James Baldwin's Another Country
Love and Identity. James Baldwin. Another Country.

Sinclair, G.. 1968
Faulkner's Light in August
Faulkner. Light in August. .

Sjoman, N.. 1968
Open in Reminiscence of Shakey's "What you will"
Shakey's "what you will". . .

Toews, D.. 1968
Style and Structure in Maragret Laurence's A Jest of God and The Stone Angel
Style and Structure. Margaret Laurence. A Jest of God and The Stone Angel.

Udy, M.. 1968
Styles and Style in "Oxen of the Sun"
Style and Structure. Oxen of the Sun. .

Uhl, B.. 1968
Conrad's Colour Imagery
Conrad. Colour imagery. .

Walsh, G.. 1968
W.B. Yeats: In the World but Not of It
W.B. Yeats. . .

Wingert, H.. 1968
Utopia and the Monastic Ideal
Utopia. monastic ideal. .
Wood B.. 1968
The Infinite Moment and the Themes of Art, Religion and Love in the Poetry of Robert Browning
Art, Religion, Love. poetry. Robert Browning.

Wright, P.. 1968
Technique and the Role of Time in Conrad's Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard
Time. Conrad. Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard.

Amor, P.. 1969
Aspects of the Theme of Religion in Three Canadian Novels
Religion. Three Canadian Novels. .

Balsevich, M.. 1969
Leonard Cohen and John Donne: The Divine Sceptics
Leonard Cohen. John Donne. divine sceptics.

Bell, J.. 1969
Pat Hobbyas Homo Ludens: A Study of the Ludic Element in The Pat Hobby Stories
Homo Ludens. Ludic Element. The Pat Hobby Stories.

Brown, A.. 1969
The Prosody of Blake's Milton
Prosody. Blake. Milton.

Corbett, N.. 1969
The Role of the Poet: One Theme in the Poetry of Leonard Cohen
Role of Poet. Leonard Cohen. .

Easton, T.R.. 1969
Collected Poetry of Malcolm Lowry
poetry. Malcolm Lowry. .

Elson, M.. 1969
The Pattern of Life and Death in Thomas Hardy
patterns. Thomas Hardy. Life and Death.

Finemore, M.. 1969
Poetry of Tension: A Parallel Study of Keats and Yeats
poetry. Yeats. Keats.

Henderson, C.. 1969
The Movements of The Soroow Dance: An Essay on Denise Levertov's Poetry
poetry. The Sorrow Dance. Denise Levertov.

Irwin, R.. 1969
An Investigation of the Possible Role of Mechanical Analysis in Literary Criticism
Mechanical Analysis. Literary Criticism. .

Jantzen, D.. 1969
A Person Who Does Not Eat Meat is a Chinese Mystic
poetry. Leonard Cohen. .

Knott, R.. 1969
Sheridan's Use of Elements of the Restoration and Sentimental Comic Traditions in The Rivals and The
School for Scandal
Sheridan. Restoration and Sentimental Comic traditions. The Rivals and The School for Scandal.

LaRouche, L.. 1969
A Review of Free Verse Poetry with a selected Critical Bibliography
Free Verse Poetry. . .

Lee, M.. 1969
The Poetry of Leo Kennedy
poetry. Leo Kennedy. .

Life, A.. 1969
The Moxon Tennyson of 1857
Tennyson. Moxon. 1857.

lin, P.. 1969
Gothic Elements in Three of Charles Dickens' Novels
Gothic Elements. Charles Dickens. Novels.

Mackasy, K.. 1969
The Development and Use of the Runic Alphabet
Runic Alphabet. . .

MacKinlay, D.. 1969
Ideas of God in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens
God. poetry. Wallace Stevens.

Minter, B.. 1969
Keats' Use of Lies in "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" and "Lamia"
Keats. La Belle Dame Sans Merci. Lamia.

Newbold, H.. 1969
Keats' Treatment of Female Characteristics in some of His Poems
Keats. Femal Characteristics. poetry.

Perry, S.. 1969
Conflicting Responses to Shaw by some of his Fellow Dramatists
Shaw. Conflicting Veiws from Other Dramatists. .

Pritchard, E.. 1969
Ambivalent Attitudes Toward Emotion in The Mysteries of Udolpho
Attitudes. Emotion. The Mysteries of Udolpho.

Robertson, A.. 1969
An Interpretation of the "Circe" Episode in James Joyce's Ulysses
James Joyce. Ulysses. Circe.

Robinson, D.. 1969
Myth, Literature and Criticism: A Systems Level Approach to some Schemata of Northrop Frye
Northrop Frye. . .

Rosenthal, H.. 1969
The Literary Risks of Black Impersonation: An Evaluation of The Confessions Of Nat Turner
Black Impersonation. William Styron. The Confessions of Nat Turner.

Ruben, J.. 1969
Discussion of Malcolm Lowry's Hear us O Lord from heaven thy dwelling place
Malcolm Lowry. . .

Scott, A.. 1969
A Comparison of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience and Allen Ginsberg's Howl
William Blake. Allan Ginsberg. .

Sexton, J.. 1969
George Orwell amd "The Ersatz World"
George Orwell. The Ersatz World. .

Slipper, A.. 1969
The Satiric Hero in Evelyn Waugh's Novels
Satiric hero. Evelyn Waugh. novels.

Stanley, D.. 1969
Character and Value in Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!
Character. Faulkner. Absalom, Absalom.

Stephens, E.. 1969
Influence of Post- Impressionism on Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, and The Waves
Post Impressionism. Virginia Woolf. Three novels.

Storey, W.. 1969
The "Pure Serene": The Calssical Worlds of John Keats and H.D.
Classicism. John Keats. H.D..

Surges, P.. 1969
Symbol, Motif, and Theme in Leonard Cohen's Beautiful Losers and Introductory References to his Earlier
Beautiful Losers. Leonard Cohen. Symbol, Motif, Theme.

Tapping, C.. 1969
Dreams possess me and the dance of my thoughts: A Study of William Carlos Williams Fifth Book of
William Carlos Williams. Paterson. .

Tetreault, R.. 1969
Carlyle's Doctrine of Work: A History of his Idea
Carlyle. doctrine of work. .

Waldie, R.. 1969
The Ambivalent Quest for Values: Three Novels of Mordecai Richler
Values. Three Novels. Mordecai Richler.

Weaver, G.. 1969
The Importance of A Vision in Yeats' Later Poetry
A Vision. Yeats. later poetry.

Whitley, R.. 1969
Satire, Pessimisim, and The Dunciad
Satire. Pessimism. The Dunciad.

Wickens, G.. 1969
The Pattern of Sacrificial Images in Tess of the d'Urbervilles
Sacrificical images. Hardy. Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
Wilson, J.. 1969
The Acquisition of Langauge
langauge acquisition. . .

Atkinson, W.. 1970
The Mad Doctor's Bag": A Study of Dylan Thomas' "Altarwise by owl-light
Dylan Thomas. Altarwise by owl-light. .

Bailey, S.. 1970
George Herbert's Search for Simplicity in "The Temple": Art and Life in the Image of God
George Herbert. The Temple. Art and Life In the Image of God..

Belshaw, D.. 1970
A Consideration of the Plays of Oscar Wilde in light of his Aesthetic Doctrine
Oscar Wilde. plays. aesthetic doctrine.

Bigelow, P.. 1970
The Women in Beowulf
women. Beowulf. .

Billion, M.. 1970
Patterns of Conflict in Some Poems of William Butler Yeats
conflict. poems. William Butler Yeats.

Coward, B.. 1970
Bobo Dylan: Revolutionary Poet
Bob Dylan. Revolutionary poetry. .

Cullis, T.. 1970
A Structural Analysis of the Wheel Symbolism in Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano
Structural analysis. Malcolm Lowry. Under the Volcano.

Cunnington, L.. 1970
The Archetypal Pattern and Symbolism of Rebirth in Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano
pattern and symbolism. Malcolm Lowry. Under the Volcano.

Devine, L.. 1970
Pale Fire: A Re-Zenblance of Reality
Pale Fire. Vladimir Nabokov. .

Donaghue, S.. 1970
Shakespeare's Reconciliation of Nature and Art in Selected Works
Shakespeare. nature and art. selected works.

Epp, A.M.. 1970
Katherine Mansfield's Treatment of Death
Katherine Mansfield. treatment of death. .

Flick, J.. 1970
The Unity of Jacob's Room
Unity. Jacob's Room. .

Gonclaves, R. 1970
The Affirmation of Christian and Social morality in Oscar Wilde's Fairy-tales
Christian and social morality. Oscar Wilde. fairy-tales.
Gould, J.. 1970
Sexuality as Central 'Motif" in Capote's The Grass Harp 50        sexuality      Capote The Grass Harp
Christian and social morality. Oscar Wilde. fairy-tales.

Holmes, R.. 1970
A Mannerist Approach to the Religious Sonnets of Donne and Hopkins
Mannerist approach. religious sonnets. Donne and Hopkins.

Jacobs, M.. 1970
A Study of Coleridge's Zapolya: Its Meaning and use of Symbolism
Symbolism. Coleridege. Zapolya.

Jaskow, R.. 1970
"Alas all white heads look alike": A Study of Stephen Spender
Stephen Spender. . .

Jones, P.. 1970
A Study of the Romantic and Ironic Pathos: Interpretations of James Joyce's Ulysses
romantic and Ironic pathos. James Joyce. Ulysses.

Kerr, J.. 1970
A Discussion of Time in Shelley's Queen Mab and "The Sensitive Plant"
Time. Shelley. Queen Mab" and "The Sensitive Plant.

King, L.. 1970
Religious Imagery in Joseph Conrad's The Nigger of the 'Narcissus'
Religious imagery. Joseph Conrad. The Nigger of the 'Narcissus'.

Louis, C.. 1970
Christian Ethics and the Poetic Experience
Christian ethics. Poetic experience. .

Macaulay, M.. 1970
"To all of my architects, let me be traitor": A personal look at Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen. . .

Mackinnon, D.. 1970
Self and the Perception of Time in the Stage-plays of Samuel Beckett
self and perception of time. stage plays. Samuel Beckett.

Manning, H.. 1970
Visual Imagery in Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel, A Jest of God, and The Fire Dwellers
imagery. Margaret Laurence. three Novels.

Mcewen, J.. 1970
"…the medium of a world like this…" (Keats)
Keats. poetry. .

Morris, M.. 1970
The Miller's Tale and the Miracle Plays: A Confusion of Values
Chaucer. Values. Miller's Tale and Miracle Plays.

Murphy, S.. 1970
Blake as a Satirist: A Study of "An Island in the Moon" and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Satire. Blake. "An Island in the Moon" and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
Nelson, M.. 1970
Hemingway and the Individual: The War Novels
Ernest Hemingway. Individual. War novels.

Paterson, G.. 1970
"How Then is a Soul to be Made" (Keats)
Keats. development of the Soul. .

Pederson, P.. 1970
Thomas Sutpen in Absalom, Absalom!: a Study of the Multiple Points of View
Thomas Sutpen. Absalom, Absalom!. Multiple points of view.

Pusvaskis, A.. 1970
"The White Doe of Rylstone": A Theory of the Growth of the Human Mind
Growth of the Human mind. White Doe of Rylstone. Wordsworth.

Sait, J.. 1970
Patterns of Character and Image in Charles Williams' Novel, The Place of the Lion
Character and images. Charles Williams. The Place of the Lion.

Thomson, S.. 1970
An Application of Albert Camus' Existensial Principle to Swamp Angel: Ethel Wilson, Beautiful Losers:
Leonard Cohen, Under the Volcano: Malcolm Lowry
Existensialism. Camus. E. Wilson, L. Cohen, M. Lowry.

Ames, C.. 1971
Blake's Divided Audiencein The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Blake. audience. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

Baker, R.. 1971
Aspects of Time and Under the Volcano
Time. Under the Volcano. Malcolm Lowry.

Bentley, J.. 1971
the Formal Dilemma in Parade's End
Formal dilemma. Parade's End. .

Buchanan, P.. 1971
Out-of-Space and Out-of-Time: A study of Faeryland in The Wind Among the Reeds
faeryland. The Wind Among the Reeds. .

Cavell, R.. 1971
The Quest for the Self: An Interpretation of Dickens' Dombey and Son, Bleak House, Tale of two Cities,
and Edwin Drood
self. Dickens. three novels.

Cocksedge, D.. 1971
Fire Imagery in William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience
William Blake. Songs of Innocence and of Experience. fire imagery.

Elliot, K.. 1971
Joyce Cary's The Horse Mouth: The Creative Vision
Joyce Cary. The Horse's Mouth. creative vision.

Flynn, M.. 1971
Margaret Laurence--Three Novels: The Quest for Identity
Margaret Laurence. three novels. identity.

Mahoney, R.. 1971
William Faulkner's Structural and Thematic Use of the Special Vision of the Insane
William Faulkner. Structure and theme. vision of the insane.

Mcgivern, M.. 1971
Theory Vs. Contingency: The Retreat into Fantasy in the Novels of Iris Murdoch
Theory vs. Contingency. fantasy. Iris Murdoch.

Parr, V.. 1971
The Function of Myth and the Pastoral in Thomas Hardy's The Woodlanders
myth. pastoral. Hardy's The Woodlanders.

Parsons, P.. 1971
The Character of the Solitary in Wordsworth's "Excursion"
character of solitude. Wordsworth. Excursions.

Read, J.. 1971
Religious Images and Ideals in Charles Dickens' Hard Times
Religious ideals and imagery. Charles Dickens. Hard Times.

Reeve, R.. 1971
Heroism in Four of Jane Austen's Novels: The Unification of Head, Heart, and Hand
Jane Austen. Heroism. four novels.

Reid, G.. 1971
Continuity of Theme in Shakespeare's Romance and later Comedies
thematic continuity. Shakespeare. romances and later comedies.

Sipos, G.. 1971
Some Theories of Fiction
theories of fiction. Tolkien. Kermode.

Skorah, M.. 1971
"Where is there and end of it": Place in relation to T.S. Eliot's Spiritual Journey in Four Quartets
Place. spiritual journey. T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets.

Soles, D.. 1971
Brebeuf and his Brethren, by E.J. Pratt: A Critical Analysis
Brebeuf and his Brethren. E.J. Pratt. .

Vivian, J.. 1971
The Vision of Fallen Man in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
fallen man. Mary Shelley. Frankenstein.

Yip, C.. 1971
Keats: The Distinction Between Dreamer and Poet--A Matter of Self-Growth
Keats. dreamer and poets. self-growth.

Amor, N.. 1972
A Reading of William Blake's Visions of the Daughters of Albion
William Blake. Visions of the Daughters of Albion. .

Blumenscheit, E.. 1972
T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets and R.M. Rilke's Duino Elegies: Into Another Intensity
T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets. R.M. Rilke's Duino Elegies. .

Cartwright, A.. 1972
The Old Man and the Sea, and "The Bear": Comparisons and Constrasts
The Old Man and the Sea. The Bear. Comparisons and Contrasts.

Fahlman, M.. 1972
The Art of Love: A Study of George Herbert's The Temple
love. George Herbert. The Temple.

Hackett, J.D.. 1972
Three Aspects of the Cuchulain Cycle in the Plays of W.B. Yeats
Cuchulain Cycle. W.B. Yeats. plays.

Harris, L.. 1972
F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Estatic Moment
F. Scott Fitzgerald. ecstatic moment. .

Jang, K.C.. 1972
Spenser and the "Light of Nature": Neoplatonic Aspects of Knowledge in the Multabilitie Cantos
Spenser. Light of Nature. neoplatonism.

Janzen, T.. 1972
New Heaven, No New Earth: A Study of D.H. Lawrence's Women in Love
D.H. Lawrence. Women in Love. .

Macklam, D.. 1972
The War Between Flesh and Spirit in Jude the Obscure
war of flesh and spirit. Thomas Hardy. Jude the Obscure.

Mercer, M.. 1972
The Synthesis of The Hebraic, the Attic, and the Christian in Samson Agonistes
Hebraic, Attic, Chrstian. Samson Agonistes. John Milton.

Monahan, C.L.. 1972
The Immemorial Female: A Study of the Charateristics and the Function of the Immemorial Female in
William Faulkner's Novels
function of female. William Faulkner. novels.

Moore, D. M.. 1972
A Trapped Hero: The Poetry of Ted Hughes
hero. poetry. Ted Hughes.

Moore, D. S.. 1972
Melville's Mardi: The Everlasting Beginning
Melville. Mardi. everlasting beginning.

Owen-Turner, S.. 1972
The Development of the Third Fitt of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
juxtaposition of Christian and chivalric codes. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. .

Paley, J.. 1972
"Sworn Brother to Necessity": A Study of Shakespeare's Richard II
Shakespeare. Richard II. .

Shaw. 1972
The Grotesque Figures as Anti-Life Forces in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield, Bleak House, and Our
Mutual Friend
grotesque figures, anti-life forces. Dickens. three novels.

Willis, N.. 1972
An Exploration of William Blake's "The Mental Traveller"
Blake. The Mental Traveller. .

Winning, B.. 1972
The Prose Style of Morley Callaghan
prose. style. Morley Callaghan.

Wodell, A.R.. 1972
Anthony Burgess: A Study in Minor Art
Anthony Burgess. minor art. .

Barak, B.. 1973
Filial and Social Relationships in Two Novels by Jane Austen
filial and social relationships. 2 novels. Jane Austen.

Cairns, R.. 1973
F. Scott Fitzgerald and the World of the Imaginative Hero
F. Scott Fitzgerald. imaginative hero. .

Clow, T.. 1973
Women in the Novels of George Meredith
women. novels. George Meredith.

Crouch, J.. 1973
A Personal Account of an Abortive Attempt to Produce a Film
personal account. abortive attempt. film.

Drabik, T.. 1973
Hardy's Use of Seasonal Folk Rituals in The Return and Some Other Novels
Hardy. Seasonal folk ritual. The Return and other novels.

Elliot, B.. 1973
The Development of Religious Ideas in Two of Byron's Plays
religious ideas. Byron. 2 plays.

Ellis, S.. 1973
Iris Murdoch: A Study of Three Novels
Iris Murdoch. three novels. .

Elsted, C.. 1973
Roses and Bellies and Baskets Which Please: The Personal Rhetoric and Prosody of Gertrude Stein
rhetoric. prosody. Gertrude Stein.

Elsted, J.. 1973
The Still Turning Point of the Turning World: The Timeless Form in the Poetry of William Wordsworth and
of T.S. Eliot
Poetry. Wordsworth. T.S. Eliot.

Grenier, C.. 1973
A Discussion of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles using Northrop Frye's "Theory of Myths"
Thomas Hardy. Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Northrop Frye's theory of myths.
Harvey R.. 1973
The Silent Voices and The Invisible Artist: Joyce's Use of the Interior Monologue technique in the First Six
Chapters of Ulyssess
Interior Monologue technique. James Joyce. Ulysses.

Javorski, M.. 1973
The Mechanics of Serendipity: Notes of Finnegans Wake, pages 593-594
serendipity. James Joyce. Finnegans Wake.

Johnson, D.. 1973
A Consideration of Yeats' Words For Music Perhaps
Yeats. Words For Music Perhaps. .

Penfold, C.. 1973
J.M. Synge's "Deirdre of the Sorrows"
J.M. Synge. Deidre of the Sorrows. .

Reed, L.. 1973
The Theme of Loneliness in Virginian Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway and To The Lighthouse
Loneliness. Virginia Woolf. Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse.

Richards, D.. 1973
Literature and Advertising: A Comparison
literature. advertising. .

Salzmann, H.. 1973
Rural Architecture: A Symbol For William Wordsworth
architecture. symbolism. William Wordsworth.

Steven, M.. 1973
Innocence and Guilt: Theme and Development in Arthur Miller
Theme. Development. Arthur Miller.

Wadsworth, B.. 1973
Omni Tulit Punctum: Tradition and Innovation in the Plays of Robert Green
tradition. innovation. plays of Robert Greene.

Alexander, I.. 1974
"The Texture of the Text": Excursions into Vladimir Nabokov's Transparent Things
Vladimir Nabokov. Transparent Things. .

Blake, G.. 1974
The Sense of Otherness in the Poetry of Louis MacNeice
Otherness. poetry. Louis MacNeice.

Bowers, V.. 1974
King Arthur's Glorious Doom in T.H. White's The Once and Future King
King Arthur. T.H. White. The Once and Future King.

Brent, D.. 1974
Spatial Imagery in Joseph Conrad's Under Western Eyes
spatial imagery. Joseph Conrad. Under Western Eyes.

Forbes, A.M.. 1974
"Double Key": The Dualities of Astrophil and Stella
Astrophil and Stella. dualities. .

Fowler, J.R.. 1974
Time In Three "Persona" Poems of T.S. Eliot
Time. poems. T.S. Eliot.

McCord, S.. 1974
The Gems in the Ring: The Thematic Content of Ancient British Balladry
Theme. British Balladry. .

Mitchell, S.. 1974
The Vision of Love in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet
Love. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Romeo and Juliet.

Montador, G.W.. 1974
The Movement of Love in Tennyson's In Memoriam A.H.H.
love. Tennyson. In Memoriam A.H.H..

Mowat, J.. 1974
Natural Selection and Hardy's The Return of the native
natural selection. Thomas Hardy. The Return of the Native.

Okulitch, M.. 1974
Profane Perfections: W.B. Yeats's Last Poems
Last Poems. W.B. Yeats. .

Oullette, N.. 1974
Jane Austen: Marriage and the Single Woman
Jane Austen. marriage. single women.

Shatz, M.. 1974
Symbolic Disguising of the Truth: The Distortion of the Mother-Figure in Two Twentieth Century Novels
Symbolism. distortion of mother figures. two twentieth century novels.

Campbell, N.. 1975
"The whole worl's in a terrible state o' chassis": A Study of Selected Plays of Shaw and O'Casey
plays. O'Casey. Shaw.

Chapman, S.. 1975
Nightmare Essay: Reactions to Gothicism: Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey and Thomas Love Peacock's
Nightmare Abbey
reactions to Gothicism. Jane Austen. Thomas Love Peacock.

Dawes, H.W.. 1975
The Occult and the Novels of Charles Williams with Special Reference to War in Heaven, The Greater
Trumps, and All Hallow's Eve
occult. Charles Williams. three novels.

Fidgeon, H.. 1975
Unity in Virginia Woolf's Between the Acts
unity. Virginia Woolf. Between the Acts.

Gaston, W.. 1975
The Still Point in "Burnt Norton"
Burnt Norton. T.S. Eliot. .
Higgins, T.. 1975
Fifth Business and SteppenWolf: Mirror-Image mythologies
Fifth Business. Steppenwolf. mirror-image mythologies.

Meadows, J.. 1975
A Study of two Prose Romances of Wiliam Morris: The Story of the Glittering Plain and The Water of the
Wondrous Isles
prose romances. William Morris. .

Miller, H.. 1975
On Translating Four of Keats' Odes
Keats. odes. translation.

Paterson, A.W.. 1975
Confronting the Absurd: A Critique of Tristram Shandy in Relation to Hume's Philosophical and Religious
Tristram Shandy. Hume. .

Pavelich, J.E.. 1975
The Creation of Modern English-Canadian Poetry: L' instaur de la poesie contemporaine au Quebec
Canadian poetry. Contemporary poetry in Quebec. .

Perry, J.. 1975
The Growth of Perception and the Destruction of Conception in Stevens' "Notes Toward a Supreme
Perception and Conception. Stevens. Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction.

St. Pierre, P.M.. 1975
The Quest Motif in Malcolm Lowry's novel, Hear Us O Lord from Heaven Thy Dwelling Place
quest motif. Malcolm Lowry. Hear Us O Lord From Heaven Thy Dwelling Place.

Stelmaszczuk, J.. 1975
Two Dramatic Elements in the Poetry of William Butler Yeats: Gesture and Tableaux Vivants
poetry. William Butler Yeats. .

Sumpter, S.. 1975
Villains and Victims: The Problems of Evil in Wuthering Heights
evil. Wuthering Heights. .

Dubanski, R.. 1976
The Heroic in Samsom Agonistes: The Hero and God's Fool
Samson Agonistes. heroism. .

Hardman, A.. 1976
Elizabeth Bennet and her Family in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Elizabeth Bennet. Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice.

Hoag, E.. 1976
"The Promise of the Fruit": The Growth of Divinity through Self-Sacrifice in The Book of Thel
The Book of Thel. divinity. self-sacrafice.

Much, R.. 1976
A Comparative Study of Jacob's Room and "The Waste Land"
Jacob's Room. The Waste Land. .

Reisterer, T.. 1976
Malcolm Lowry and the Metaphysics of the Self
Malcolm Lowry. metaphysics. the self.

Rodger, K.. 1976
Human Moral Responsibility: The Terror of King Lear
moral reponsibility. King Lear. .

Roth, E.. 1976
An Analysis of Rosmerholm and Little Eyolf with Specific Reference to the Sacrificial Theme
Rosmerholm. Little Eyolf. sacrificial theme.

Rupp, S.. 1976
The Narrator as Chorus: Heart of Darkness, Der Tod In Venedic, and Nietzsche's Die Geburt der
narrator as chorus. Heart of Darkness. Nietzsche.

Silversides, H.. 1976
The Song of Galadriel
Galadriel. Lord of the Rings. .

Snead, G.. 1976
Themes in the Medieval English Lyric
themes. Medieval English Lyric. .

Turner, B.. 1976
The Structure of Anarchy: The Potential for Freedom and Self-awareness in Shelley's Prometheus
anarchy. freedom and self-awareness. Prometheus Unbound.

West, D.. 1976
Purdy on Ice
Al Purdy. . .

Atkins, M.. 1977
Perception in Patrick White's Rider in The Chariot
Patrick White. Riders in the Chariot. .

Baird, K.. 1977
Chacuer's Legend of Good Women: A Burlesque of Convention
Chaucer. good women. burlesque and convention.

Baumgartel, A. 1977
The License to Look and Touch: A Study of Edith Dombey and Other Nineteenth Century Heroines
Edith Dombey. 19th century heroines. .

Baycliff, E.. 1977
The Presence of the Past in the Poetry of Al Purdy
Al Purdy. poetry. .

Brown, G.G.C.. 1977
The Angular Lyric: A Chronological Study of Shaping Influences in William Carlos Williams' prosody
lyric and prosody. influences. William Carlos Williams.

Casselton, V.. 1977
The Vivification of the Ideal: A Comparative Study of the Roles of Lovborg and The Stranger in Ibsen's
Hedda Gabler, and The Lady From the Sea
roles. Ibsen. Hedda Gabler and The Lady From the Sea.

Collins, B.L.. 1977
The Concept of "Parfit Amur" in the Lais of Marie de France
theme of love and idealized passion. Lais of Marie de france. .

Dawson, E.. 1977
The Prison Metaphor in Troilus and Criseyde
prison. metaphor. Troilus and Criseyde.

Fesseler, S.. 1977
The Theme of Cosmic Mystery in the Poetry of Duncan Campbell Scott
theme. cosmic mystery. Duncan Campbell Scott.

Kelly, F.. 1977
The Quest Motif in Charlotte Bronte's Villette
quest motif. Charlotte Bronte. Villette.

MacLean, J.. 1977
Man's Relationship to His Evironment in Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit
man and his environment. Charles Dickens. Little Dorrit.

McLaughlin, P.A.. 1977
Dorothea Brooke and Rosamond Vincy: A Comparative Analysis
comparative analysis. Middlemarch by George Eliot. Dorothea Brooke and Rosamond Vincy.

Paradis, A.. 1977
The Creative "Rank Tongue" and The Speechless God in Browning's "Caliban Upon Setebos"
Browning. Caliban Upon Setebos. the tongue versus the speechless.

Richter, H.. 1977
C.S. Lewis: The Art of Fantasy
C.S. Lewis. fantasy. .

Russell, D.. 1977
The Phoenix: Gregorian Music in Anglo-Saxon Poetry
Gregorian music. Anglo-Saxon poetry. .

Samson, A.. 1977
Chaucer's Parliament of Fowls: The Making of a Poem
Chaucer. The Parliament of Fowls. poetry.

Smilbert, L.. 1977
The Achievement of the Self: An Analysis of Endgame, Happy Days, and Act Without Words by Samuel
self. three plays. Samuel Beckett.

Walker, D.. 1977
Apsects of Albee's Stagecraft in Who's Afraid of Virginian Woolf
Albee's stagecraft. Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf. .

Water, D.. 1977
Revelation by Boz
revelation. Boz. .

Adams, M. 1978
The Heroines' Fate in Clarissa and Pamela
heroines. Clarissa. Pamela.

Bain, L.. 1978
The Vital Unity: Allegory in Hard Times
unity. allegory. Hard Times.

Cole, C.. 1978
Curiouser and Curiouser: An Examination in Language in Carroll's Alice Books
children's literature. language analysis. Lewis Carroll's "Alice" books.

Dundee, D.. 1978
The Recovery of Father Brown
movements in fantasy lit. fantasy of "escape" and "recovery". G.K. Chesterton's "Father Brown"detective

Henriques, M.. 1978
Doctor Faustus and its Sources: An Examination of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus in the Light of the Morality
Tradition and the English Faust-Book
source studies. Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. .

Higo, T.. 1978
Robertson Davies' Presentation of Dunstan Ramsay and the Role of the Imagination
role of imagination. Dunstan Ramsay in Davies' trilogy. .

Jones. E.L.. 1978
Figures of Earth by Moonlight: Character in the Fiction of James Branch Cabell
character analysis. Cabellian romance and fantasy. Jurgen and Figures of Earth.

Kinsey, K.. 1978
"A Child of Shower and Gleam": A Study of L.M. Montgomery's Artistic Heroine, Emily Byrd Starr
character study of an artist. Montgomery's Emily trilogy. imagination in a repressive society.

Knickerbocker, N.. 1978
Vision and Regeneration in The Double Book
modern regeneration myths. Sheila Watson. The Double Hook.

McCallum, D.. 1978
Business and Imagination in Dombey and Son and The Way We Live Now
business and society. Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope. Dombey and Son and The Way We Live

McIvor, C.. 1978
Secret Harmonies in Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time
music's role in Powell's novel. Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time. .

Palmer, E.. 1978
A Study of Might and Right in T.H. White's The Once and Future King
theme. "might" and "right" in The Once and Future King. retelling of the Arthurian legend.

Sieber, Susan. 1978
Flann O'Brien's The Third Policeman: An Experiment with Time
Time. Flann O'Brien. The Third Policeman: An Experiment with Time.

Stout, R.. 1978
Jacob the Obscure: The Search for Character in Virginia Woolf's Jacob's Room
character analysis. Jacob's Room. narratorial and character voice.

Tarras, L.. 1978
Side by Side: An Analysis of the Theme of Communication in Ford Madox Ford's Parade's End
theme. communication in Parade's End. .

Thompson, S.. 1978
Shakespeare and the Tyrants
concept of tyranny. William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar, Richard III, Macbeth, and The Winter's Tale.

Tomasson, J.. 1978
Joe Orton: SOCIAL CRITIC An Examination of Men and Institutions in Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Loot,
and What the Butler Saw
authority and victimisation of man. Joe Orton. Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Loot, and What the Butler Saw.

Vakomies, C.. 1978
The Intolerable Wrestle with Words and Meanings in T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets
attitude of Eliot towards words, language, and poetry. T.S. Eliot. Four Quartets.

Waisman, Y.. 1978
The Development of the Dramatic Monologue Culminating in "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
dev'pt of dramatic monologue. Donne's "Elegie "XVI," Tennyson's "Maud"      Browning's "Andrea Del
Sarto" and Eliot's "Love Song…" divided into five chapters. Four Quartets.

Young, C.. 1978
Visions of Eternity: The Literary and Pictorial Sources of William Blake's Vision and Imagination in the
Prophetic Poem, "Europe"
literary and pictorial sources. William Blake. Blake's "Europe".

Alexander, S.. 1979
"The Detail of the Pattern": Art and Aesthetics in Dorian Gray
art and aesthetic theories. Oscar Wilde. The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Bains, A.. 1979
Justice, Ethics, and Moral Agency in William Shakespeare's Tragedies Hamlet, Prince of Denmark and
Othello, The Moor of Venice
tragic hero and the concept of justice. William Shakespeare. Hamlet and Othello.

Bradley, A.. 1979
Milton's Successes and Failures in Likening "Spiritual to Corporal Forms"
Milton. spiritual and corporal forms. .

Buschlen, D.. 1979
From Romance to Ritual: Allusions in Look Back in Anger to the Grail Legend and The Waste Land
symbolism and allusion to past works. John Osborne. Look Back in Anger.

Creery, M.. 1979
Virginia Woolf's Use of the Legened of Perceval in Three of Her Novels: Jacob's Room, To the
Lighthouse and The Waves
legend and man's collective unconscious. Virginia Woolf. Jacob's Room, To the Lighthouse, and The

Davis, S.. 1979
Love and Freedom: Their Relationship Examined in the Roles of Michael Meade, Dora Greenfield,
Effingham Cooper, and Marian Taylor in Iris Murdoch's The Bell and The Unicorn
self-knowledge and love. freedom of self. Irish Murdoch's The Bell and The Unicorn.
McEwan, C.. 1979
"A Mighty Scheme of Truth": Wordsworth's Prelude and the Tradition of the Long Poem
Wordsworth's Prelude. tradition of the long poem. .

Milard, L.. 1979
Beyond Fantasy: The Narnian Mythos
Christianity and the Narnian mythos. C.S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia.

Milsum, C.. 1979
"Words, Words, Words": Language and Theatricality in Hamlet
language and theatricality. William Shakespeare. Hamlet.

Moss, J.. 1979
An Examination of Three Runic Riddles Within the Context of the Anglo-Saxon Runic Tradition
epigraphical and literary runes. Anglo-Saxon runic tradition. Germanic langauge, art history, semantics,
numismatology, archaelogy, paleography.

Pavelich, J.. 1979
Tis Paltry to be Caesar: Love and Honour in Antony and Cleopatra
love and honour. William Shakespeare. Antony and Cleopatra.

Skene, A.. 1979
An Heroic Attitude: The Conscientious Science of Bloom's Day
character study from various representative schema. Bloom in James Joyce's Ulysses. .

Sladen, M.. 1979
Blind Angel, Skiapod's Eye: A Comparative Study of Laurence and White's "Old Fools" in The Stone
Angel and The Eye of the Storm
comparative study of "old fools". Margaret Laurence. The Stone Angel and The Eye of the Storm.

Starkey, J.. 1979
The Heroes of Joseph Conrad and Ernest Hemingway
believable heroes. Joseph Conrad and Ernest Hemingway. .

Westlake, C.. 1979
A Loss of Faith; A New Vision: Hardy's Religious Attitudes as seen in Tess of the D'Urbervilles
loss of faith and Hardyan philosophy. religious attitudes. Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

Wilson, S.. 1979
Margaret Laurence: Humanist A Study of the Role of Humanism in Margaret Laurence's The Diviners
role of humanism. Margaret Laurence. The Diviners.

Wiseman, C.. 1979
A Contemporary Odyssey: An Examination of Robert M. Pirsig's Novel Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
novelistic autobiography. quest novel and ghost story. Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle

Clark, H.. 1980
Repression and Reaction: The Ordeal of the Victorian Child
parental repression and childhood rebellion. Victorian authors' treatment of family life. J.S. Mill, Edmund
Gosse, Charles Dickens, and George Meredith's works.

Dennis, K.G.. 1980
Logic and Rhetoric Against Violence in Hobbes' Leviathan
stylistic devices. Thomas Hobbes. Leviathan.

Gore, R.. 1980
The Fact of Fiction and The Fiction of Fact: The Adoption of a Personal and Cultural Heritage in Margaret
Laurence's The Diviners
history and myth, fact and fiction. Margaret Laurence. Morag Gunn in The Diviners.

Hicks, J.. 1980
Setting Sail: Growing up in Arthur Ransome's "Swallows and Amazons" Series
children's literature. Arthur Ransome. "Swallows and Amazons" series.

James, S.. 1980
Formal and Stylistic Concerns in Jane Rules' Fiction
formal and stylistic concerns. Jane Rule's fiction. .

McDougall, J.. 1980
The Wars: Conflict and the Struggle for Harmony
the Great War and human experience. Timothy Findley. The War.

Nishiguchi, L.. 1980
How It Is: "A Complete Circle or Less…or More"
Barthesian analysis of How It Is. Samuel Beckett. How It Is.

Rimmer, D.. 1980
Optimism in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
optimism. Kurt Vonnegut Jr's conception of the world. Slaughterhouse Five, Breakfast of Champions,
and Slapstick.

Simkin, S.. 1980
A Search for Counsel in Dubious Days: A.M. Klein as Psalmist in The Psalter of Avram Kaktani
Klein as psalmist. The Psalter of Avram Haktani. .

Soles, D.. 1980
The Process of Change: The Narrative and Structural Support of Change in Jane Austen's Persuasion
theme of change. Jane Austen. Persuasion.

Ansell, J.L.. 1981
Angels and Rebels: The Role of the Outcast Adolesecent Girl in four Victorian Novels
theme of outcast adolescent girl. Dombey and Son, The Mill on the Floss. Jane Eyre, and Wives and

Cochran, L.. 1981
Lucy's Wordsworth
Wordsworth's Lucy poems. Worsdworth as revealed through the Lucy poems. .

Filipellini, S.. 1981
Journeys into the Landscape of the Mind. A Comparative study of fictional landscapes in Conrad's Heart
of Darkness and Atwood's Surfacing
comparative study. fictional landscapes. Joseph Conrad and Margaret Atwood.

Gill, E.R.. 1981
Plural Perspectives: The development of a critical appraoach for the study of literature with a
demonstrative analysis of Gertrude Stein's "Picasso"
analysis of form. Gertrude Stein. Picasso.

Gould, S.. 1981
The Landscape of the Mind: A Discussion of W.B. Yeats' Tower Symbol
symbolism, paradox, and antitheses. W.B. Yeats. analysis of three poems.

Greenwood, A.. 1981
Ronald Johnson's Radi Os: A Reading
thorough analysis of a poem. Ronald Johnson's "Radi Os". .

Hyrciuk, N.. 1981
The Loss of Paradise in John Fowles' The French Lieutenant's Woman
self-discovery, disillusionment, and loss. John Fowles. Charles in The French Lieutenant's Woman.

Jeffreys, D.E.. 1981
Allophanes: George Bowering's Search for God
poetry analysis. George Bowering. Allophanes.

Kirkley, R.B.. 1981
The Ever-Fixed Mark and the Bending Sickle: A Comparison of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
and Antony and Cleopatra
ideas and presentation of love. William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet and Antony and Cleopatra.

Lake, Diane M.. 1981
Accepting the Swindle: Exaggeration and Story Telling in Jack Hodgins' The Invention of the World
elements of exaggeration in story-telling. Jack Hodgins. The Invention of the World.

Montague, E.. 1981
Towards the Thing Itself: Elements of the Primitive in King Lear
primitivism in King Lear. William Shakespeare. King Lear.

Ovenell-Carter, J.. 1981
The Coming of Wisdom With Time: The Development of the Theme of the Gifted Female in the novels of
Ruth Nichols
theme of the gifted female. Ruth Nichols. four novels are discussed.

Weatherley, N.. 1981
"A Loosely Scattered Chain": Thematic Unity and "Enchainement" in Wordsworth's The River Duddon
thematic unity in Wordsworth's sonnets. The River Duddon. .

Webb, J.. 1981
"I am myn owene womman, wel at ese": A Comparative study of Chaucer's Criseyde in Troilus and
Criseyde and Boccaccio's Criseida in Il Filostrato
comparative study. Chaucer and Boccaccio. Troilus and Criseyde and Il Filostrato.

Anderson, J.. 1982
Lord Byron: The Poet who would be Rational
character of Lord Byron. rationality. .

Bolongaro, E.. 1982
John Fowles and the Domaine: A study of the influence of Alain-fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes on the
contemporary British author's major fiction
influence of Alain-Fournier on John Fowles. John Fowles. Alain-fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes.

Edmondston, A.. 1982
An application of the sociolinguistic model of language change to determine the linguistic consequences
of French Acculturation on Middle English (.c.1100-1500), on London English in particular
title explains all. . .
Fry, J.L.. 1982
"Second Growth": The relationship between painting and writing in the work of Emily Carr
unity of painting and writing. Emily Carr. .

Gallazin, L.. 1982
The Mystery of Mysteries: The Character of Sarah Woodruff in John Fowles' Novel The French
Lieutenant's Woman
character analysis. John Fowles. Sarah Woodruff.

Gill, A.. 1982
Man and the City. A study of Arnold Bennet's Riceyman Steps
man and the urban world (esp. city life). Arnold Bennett. Riceyman Steps.

Gough, J.. 1982
Under the Greenwood Tree: A Reassessment
novel analysis. Thomas Hardy's Under the Greenwood Tree. Hardyan tragedy and pastoral idyll.

Harper, S.. 1982
The influence of the Byronic hero upon Charlote Bronte's portrayal of Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre
Byronic hero. Charlotte Bronte and Lord Byron. Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre.

Higgins, I.. 1982
Freedom in The French Lieutenant's Woman: From Darwinism to Existentialism
concept of freedom. The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles. Darwinism and Existentialism.

Johanson, L.. 1982
The Graven Image. A study of Aestheticism in James' The Spoils of Poynton
aestheticism. Henry James. The Spoils of Poynton.

MacDonald, W.B.. 1982
Rhetorical Poetics and Chaucerian Irony: The Narration of Troilus and Criseyde
rhetorical poetics and the artes poetriae of Chaucer. irony in Troilus and Criseyde. medieval poetics.

McDowell, P.. 1982
Landscape, Architecture and the Home in the Novels of Jane Austen
landscape, architecture, and the home. Jane Austen. six novels discussed.

Puckering, A.M.. 1982
The use and development of the quest myth in Western Canadian Narrative
quest myth. Western Canadian narrative. Earle Birney, Sheila Watson, and Robert Kroetsch.

Rutledge, Mark. 1982
Hollywood Angst: Portrait of the Artist as a Modern Man in Confusion
Hollywood as central metaphor in 20th C American lit. includes discussion of F. Scott Fitzgerald and
John Fowles. .

Thompson, B.. 1982
Collage: Breakup or Breakdown. A comparison of Structural Elements in The Wars and L'Antiphonaire
collage as literary form. Timothy Findley and Hubert Aquin. The Wars and L'Antiphonaire.

Tucker, G.. 1982
The Development of John Keats's Poetical Ideas as Illustrated in his Letters between September 1817
and May 1818
letters revealing poet's development. John Keats. Keats's letters and poetry.

Weir, I.. 1982
The Chivalric Ideal in Malory's Book of Sir Tristram
Chivalric ideal. Sir Thomas Malory. Book of Sir Tristram.

Allen, M.C.. 1983
The Priest in The Temple
George Herbert's The Temple. priesthood and its literary implications. seventeenth-century devotional

Bodnar, D.. 1983
Desire and Transformation: The Function of Jenny Wren as a Key to Elements of Transformation in
Dickens' Our Mutual Friend
novel analysis and character transformation. Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend. Jenny Wren.

Boston, R.. 1983
The Nature of Dystopia: A comparative Study of Hard Times by Charles Dickens and Nineteen Eighty-
Four by George Orwell
comparative study of two novels. dystopia. Dickens' Hard Times and Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Bruce, G.P.. 1983
"An Inward Oracle": The Portrayal of Good and Evil and the Relationship Between Good and Evil in John
Milton's Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes
good and evil comparative studies. John Milton. Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes.

Dixon, G.. 1983
Insects and Extramoral Characters in Connection with Ethics and Life Affirmation in Conrad and
insect imagery and character analysis. Conrad and Dostoyevksy. .

Fairclough, I.W.. 1983
The New Woman in Wessex: A Study of Sue Bridehead: Thomas Hardy's Last Heroine
character analysis. Sue Bridehead. Thomas Hardy.

Iannacone, J.M.. 1983
The Passive Villain: A Study of the Role of Daisy Fay Buchanan in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
character analysis. Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Daisy Fay Buchanan.

Lambrou, D.. 1983
Beckett's Ironic Perspective
irony. Samuel Beckett. .

Leitz, S.L.. 1983
An Interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Man of the Crowd"
short stories. a reading of Poe's "The Man of the Crowd". .

Lynch, D.. 1983
Resurrection and Resurrectionists in Dickens' Our Mutual Friend
a novel reading. Dickens' Our Mutual Friend. resurrection and resurrectionists.

McFayden, R.B.. 1983
The Progress of the Innocent Hero: A Comparative Study of Theme and Motif in George Noel Byron's
Don Juan, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Graham Greene's The Quiet American
comparative studies. theme and motif. Byron, Conrad, and Greene.

McKinley, M.. 1983
"Discovering Who We Are": A Study of Identity in the Collected Essays of Hugh Maclennan
study of identity. Hugh MacLennan's essays. .
Miller, A.. 1983
Yvor Winters' Living Philology: Poetic Diction and Poetic Meaning in the Later Poetry of Yvor Winters
poetry analysis. Yvor Winters' later poetry. poetic diction and poetic meaning.

Plottel, G.. 1983
The House Endures in its Right Place: Disintegration and Reintegration in Randolph Stow's Visitants and
The Girl Green as Elderflower
thematic studies. Randolph Stow's novels. disintegration and reintegration.

Rayner, A.. 1983
"The Person One Chances To Be": The Biographical Method in Anthony Powell's John Aubrey and His
Friends and A Dance to the Music of Time
biographical narrative and methods. Anthony Powell. John Aubrey and His Friends and A Dance to the
Music of Time.

Reynolds, B.R.. 1983
Another Way of Seeing: The Use of Violence in the Novels of Margaret Atwood
novel studies. violence in Atwood's novels. .

Romell, K.. 1983
The Poet as Narrator: A Comparison of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita and "That in Aleppo Once"
comparative studies. Nabokov's Lolita and "That in Aleppo Once". .

Summers, J.. 1983
Wordsworth's "Moral Music"
motifs in poetry. William Wordsworth. motifs of music, sound, and harmony.

Witwicki, J.M.. 1983
The Making of Men: A Comparative Study of the Themes of Isolation and Responsibility in "The Secret
Sharer" and The Shadow-Line
comparative study. themes of isolation and responsibility. "The Secret Sharer" and The Shadow-Line.

Alston, B.R.. 1984
The Tempest in the Creator's Mind: A Study of the Character of Prospero and His Visions in The
character analysis. Willliam Shakespeare's The Tempest. Prospero and his divers roles.

Avakumovic, F.. 1984
The Country House as a Literary "Lost Domain" in Alain Fournier's Le Grand Meaulnes and Evelyn
Waugh's Brideshead Revisited and A Handful of Dust
symbolism of architecture in literature. Alain-Fournier and Waugh. Le Grand Meaulnes, Brideshead
Revisisted, and A Handful of Dust.

Barroll, M.E.. 1984
Shakespeare's Richard III and Marlowe's Jew of Malta: Virtuoso Villains
the villain-hero. Shakespeare's Richard III. Marlowe's Jew of Malta.

Chang, H.. 1984
Silencing Dialectics: A Dual Naming of the Subject in Beckett's The Unnamable
dialectic study. Samuel Beckett. The Unnamable.

Chung, S.. 1984
The Question of Hope in Nichols's A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
theme of hope. character analysis. Brian in Peter Nichols's play A Day in the Death of Joe Egg.
Doughty, T.. 1984
The Death of an Ideal: The Moral Gentleman in David Copperfield, The Newcomes, and The Belton
definition of a gentleman in Victorian literature. three novels by Dickens, Thackerary, and Trollope. .

Easton, F.. 1984
The Last Man in Europe: Winston Smith and the Social Conception of Consciousness in George Orwell's
Nineteen Eighty-Four
character analysis. George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. the character and development of Winston
Smith in the novel.

Eaves, C.. 1984
"…so it seemed to me…" : An Interpretaion of The Knight's Tale and The Miller's Tale
comparison of The Knight's Tale and The Miller's Tale. Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. .

Fleming, A.M.. 1984
Thematic and Dramaturgical Use of Landscape in Selected Works of 20th Century Canadian
Mythographers or Portraits of the Artists in a Young Land
theme and dramaturgical use of landscape. Canadian mythography. .

Hookham, M.. 1984
The Miltonic Legacy: The Satanic Type in the Romantic Novel
Satanic hero in romantic novels. various novels by Scott, Bronte, and Richardson. .

Kendall, V.. 1984
Art for the Sake of Life: A Reading of Walter Pater's The Renaisance: Studies in Art and Poetry
Pater's aesthetic principles. Pater's The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry. .

Lachlan, D.. 1984
The Many Voices of Samuel Johnson
study of Samuel Johnson. biography and analysis of Johnson. .

Laird, M.. 1984
Thomas More: Purpose and Method in the Tower Works
Thomas More's later works. The Tower Works. style and instructive techniques in More's last works.

Raglon, R.. 1984
The Translator's Art: A Comparative Study of Chapan, Pope, and Fitzgerald as Translators of Homer
critcal reading and comparison of translated works of Homer. translations of the Iliad and Odyssey by
Chapman, Pope, and Fitzgerald. .

Sundararajan, C.. 1984
Transcendence and Degeneration: An Explorer of Oscar Wilde's Theory of Personality Development
Wilde's theory of personality development. Oscar Wilde. methodical presentation, explication, and
evaluation of his theory.

Thomas, L.. 1984
"…Music in a Common Word": Continuity in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins
Hopkins' theory of poetry. analyses of a wide range of Hopkins' works. .

Wagar, V.. 1984
On the Concept of Woman in Feminist Thought
the conception of woman. feminist thought. feminist thought contextualised by other theories.

Wilkins, P.. 1984
From Addict to Writer: A Study of the Development of William S. Burroughs' Perspective in Junky, Naked
Lunch, and Port of Saints
novel analyses. Burrough's developing "system" in his novels. Junky, Naked Lunch, and Port of Saints.

Baker, D.. 1985
Visions in Greenland: A Psychoanalytic Study of The Dreams in Graham Greene's Brighton Rock, The
End of the Affair, and The Comedians
psychoanalysis of three Greene novels. dreams analyses in novels. Brighton Rock, The End of the
Affair, and The Comedians.

Blair, I.. 1985
The Quest for the Eternal City: A Study of Mythic Archetypes and Apocalyptic Imagery in the Recent
Fiction of Doris Lessing
Doris Lessing. mythic archetypes and apocalyptic imagery. Lessing's later works of prose fiction.

Buchignani, M.. 1985
Thematic Unity: An Examination of the Nature of Poetry in "The House of Fame"
Chaucer. thematic unity. The House of Fame.

Chang, E.. 1985
A Subtextual Discourse Between Reader and Author in Italo Calvino's If On A Winter's Night A Traveller
discourse analysis: writer and reader's relationship. Italo Calvino's If On A Winter's Night A Traveller. .

Dent, S.. 1985
Permutations of Evil: A Study of Four Novels by Leon Garfield
children's literature. Leon Garfield. the conception of evil.

Hilton, T.. 1985
From Shakespeare's King Lear to Edward Bond's Lear: The Transformation of a Tragedy
comparative study of two dramatic works. themes of Nature, human nature, justice. .

Kondratzky, K.. 1985
The Obsessive Experience: Psychological States and the Depiction of Character in The Mill On the Floss
and Du Cote de Chez Swann
psychology of characters. George Eliot's The Mill on the Floss. Marcel Proust's Du cote de chez Swann.

Lebans, D.. 1985
Spanish Civil War Verses: Poetry or Propaganda?
Spanish Civil War Poetry. evaluation of war poetry. propaganda and poetry.

Livaja, S.. 1985
Haiku Imagery Practises in Early Modern American Poetry
Haiku and its influence on early modernist poetry. T.E. Hulme, Ezra Pound. Wallace Stevens, William
Carlos Williams.

Macdonald, M.. 1985
"Sweet Fire The Sire of Muse": Nature and Gnosis In Hopkins' Theology and Poetry
Gerard Manley Hopkins. gnosis and theology. poetry analysis.

Macnab, G.. 1985
Head Against Heart: The Conflict Between Thought and Emotion in Peter Shaffer's God-Hunting Plays
God-hunting theme Shaffer's The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Equus, and Amadeus. chronological study of
the three plays. .

Pullman, G.. 1985
The Man By The Wayside: An Interpretation of the Function of the Good Samaritan Theme in Malcolm
Lowry's Under the Volcano
good Samaritan theme. Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano. .

Rogers, E.. 1985
Dickens' Portrayal of the Sexual Repression of his Bourgeois Society
sexual repression. Dickens' Our Mutual Friend and Dombey and Son. .

Selder, D.. 1985
Variations on William Golding's The Inheritors, Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange and Russel
Hoban's Riddley Walker
synthetic language constructs. language analysis. phonology, prosody, syntax, and semantics in works

Stewart, E.. 1985
Crown Him with Many Crowns: The Circle/Crown Symbolism in John Donne's "La Corona"
poetry analysis. John Donne's "La Corona". .

Vance, S.. 1985
Matthew Arnold and the Relationship Between Poetic and Religious Feeling
Matthew Arnold. poetry and religion of Arnold. .

Vander, P.. 1985
Lily's Vision in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse
novel study. Woolf's To the Lighthouse. Lily Briscoe's vision in To the Lighthouse.

Yoshihara, R.. 1985
The Box Circle: Timelessness Within T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets
time and timelessness theme. Four Quartets. .

Anderson, L.M.. 1986
T.S. Eliot--A Neo-Romantic
T.S. Eliot. neo-romanticism. discussion of his poetry and life.

Baker, N.S.. 1986
Morality and Form: A Comparative Study of Some Early Short Stories of Morley Callaghan and Ernest
short fiction analysis. Callaghan and Hemingway. morality and form.

Bean, T.. 1986
Tulpas and Abos: The Metafiction of Gene Wolfe
Gene Wolfe. meta-fiction. .

Bell, K.. 1986
The Science and Art of Language Patterns: An Analysis of the English Translations of Madame Bovary
comparison of translations. Madame Bovary. .

Brennan, K.. 1986
Cain and Katabasis: A Modern Descent to the Underworld
katabasis motif in classical and romantic works. Homer's Odyssey, Virgil's Aeneid, The Epic of
Gilgamesh, and Cicero's Scipio's Dream. Cain by Lord Byron.

Buckley, L.. 1986
Boundary and Immortality: A Study of the Poetic Vision of Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson. poetic vision. boundary and immortality.
Colraine, C.. 1986
My Essay on Pope's Essay on Criticism
Pope's Essay on Criticism. Pope's theory of literary criticism. .

Davies, R.. 1986
Ursula's Struggle Into Being in The Rainbow and Women in Love
character analysis. Ursula in Laurence's The Rainbow and Women in Love. .

Fisher, E.. 1986
Truer Than Anything True And Alive: An Examination of Painting Techniques in the Pprose Style of The
Sun Also Rises
painting and the writing process. Ernest Hemingway. reading of The Sun Also Rises in relation to
painting techniques.

Gill, D.. 1986
Beyond the Destructive Element: Morality, Society, and the Individual in Dostoevsky's Crime and
Punishment and Conrad's Lord Jim
comparative study of Crime and Punishment and Lord Jim. theme of morality. .

Hainsworth, J.. 1986
Poet is Priest: A Study of the Messianic Qualities in the Major Poems of Allen Ginsberg
poetry analysis. messianic theme. Allen Ginsberg's poetry.

Harrison, G.M.. 1986
"More than she wished, and less than she ought": A Feminist Approach to Jane Austen's Emma
feminist reading of Emma. . .

Hastings, T.W.. 1986
Unde Coyote's Eye: A Study of Sheila Watson's The Double Hook
novel reading. The Double Hook. .

Henning, R.W.. 1986
Anatomy of Power: William S. Burrough's permuations of William Shakespeare's The Tempest
comparative study of two plays. . .

Hickling, M.A.. 1986
Love of Death: A Study of the Gothic in Keats's "Isabella or, the Pot of Basil"
poetry analysis. Keats "Isabella or, the Pot of Basil". .

Humphries, M.G.. 1986
The Deep Heart of Man: A Study of the Mystical Elements in th Poetry of Sir Charles G.D. Roberts
poetry analysis. mystical elements. Sir Charles G.D. Roberts.

Kuprel, D.. 1986
Intuition and Man's Apprehension of the Darkness: An Analysis of Paradox in Joseph Conrad's Heart of
paradox. Joseph Conrad. Heart of Darkness.

Lacey, M.. 1986
The Human Heart: A Study of the Theme of Love in the Short Stories of Mary Lavin
theme of love. Mary Lavin's short stories. .

Laird, Ross A.. 1986
Quality in Thought and Action: The Perennial Theme of Robert M. Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
theme. perennial theme in Robert M. Pirsig's novel. .
Miller, W.. 1986
The Boreal Spirit: The Northern Myth in the Poetry of Margaret Atwood, J. Michael Yates, and Robert
northern myth in poetry. Atwood, Yates, and Kroetsch. .

Morris, C.A.. 1986
The "Glimpse" as an Artistic Vision of Truth: A Study of the Moment in Katherine Mansfield
Katherine Mansfield. the "glimpse" in Mansfield's work. .

Pulley, J.. 1986
La Tour Abolie: Quest Patterns in Flan O'Brien's The Third Policeman
quest patterns. O'Brien's The Third Policeman. .

Ravvin, N.. 1986
Tragedy and the Holocaust: Balancing the Ideal and the Particular Event in A.M. Klein's The Second
Scroll, Arthur A. Cohen's In the Days of Simon Stern, Albert Camus' The Plague, and Tadeusz Borowski's
This Way for the Gas, ladies and Gentlemen and Other Stories
tragedy and the holocaust. . .

Sugars, C.. 1986
The Road to Renewal: An Analysis of Malcolm Lowry's Dark As The Grave Wherein My Friend Is Laid in
Terms of Arnold Van Gennep's Three stages of Initiation
novel analysis and anthropological theory. Lowry's Dark as the Grave… and Van Gennep's stages of
initiation. .

Taylor, E.. 1986
The Conventionally and Unconventionally Unconventional: A Comparison of Mrs. Warren's Profession,
Lady Windermere's Fan, and The Second Mrs. Tanqueray
comparative study. Pinero, Shaw and Wilde's plays discussed. .

Ashby, C.. 1987
The South, Story of Departure: An Inquisition Into the Work of Jorge Luis Borges
The South. Jorge Luis Borges. .

Baker, W.. 1987
Questioning Langauge: The Poetics of Ron Silliman, with References to "Albany" and "carbon" and the
Poetics of Charles Bernstein, with References to "Air Shaft" and "Bulge"
Ron Silliman. Charles Bernstein. poetry analysis.

Baxter, M.. 1987
The Coyote hunt: A study of the Trickster as It appears in Sheila Watson's The Double Hook and Robert
Kroetsch's The Studhorse Man
trickster. Sheila Watson's The Double Hook. Robert Kroetsch's The Studhorse Man.

Berndt, A.. 1987
Neo-Romantic Tendencies in frederick Phillip Grove's Over Prairie Trails and The Turn of the Year
Neo-Romanticism. Frederick Phillip Grove. Over Prairie Trails and The Turn of the Year.

Broomhall, B.M.. 1987
A Record of Struggle: I-XVI of Ezra Pound's Cantos
Struggle. Ezra Pound. Cantos I-XVI.

Brugess, K.. 1987
A Study of the Role of Nature in John Steinbeck's East of Eden
nature. John Steinbeck. East of Eden.
Busheikin, L.. 1987
False Azure: The Laws of Artistic Imagination in Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita
artistic imagination. Vladimir Nabokov. Lolita.

Carter, M.. 1987
The Narrative Ambiguity in Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome
narrative ambiguity. Edith Wharton. Ethan Frome.

Chess, S.. 1987
Apollo and Dionysus: Conflicting Elements in the Search for Meaning and Order in Thomas Mann's Death
in Venice and joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
conflicting elements. meaning and order. Thomas Mann, Joseph Conrad.

Chow, E.. 1987
The Characters Beneath the Clothes: Interpreting Guises in The French Lieutenant's Woman
Character. The French Lieutenant's Woman. .

Conway, A.. 1987
"Reeding the Circle" and "Invitation": A Study of Two central Metaphors in E.M. Forster's A Passage to
metaphors. E.M. Forster. A Passage to India.

Currie, N.. 1987
"Excellent Women" and the World of Barbara Pym
women. Barbara Pym. .

Engler, K.. 1987
Through Bodies To Souls: An Investigation of the Platonic and Neo Platonic influences in John Donne's
Songs and Sonnets
Platonism and Neo-Platonism. John Donne. Songs and Sonnets.

Gilbert, H.. 1987
"To Turn the Audience into God": A Study of Stage Semiology in Shaffer's The Royal Hunt of the Sun and
stage semiology. Shaffer. The Royal Hunt of the Sun and Equus.

Jethi, P.. 1987
"What Moves Me": The Metaphor of Movement as a Critical Tool in Discussing the Poetry of Daphne
metaphor of movement. poetry. Daphne Marlatt.

Lazenby, K.. 1987
"Firstly A, secondly minus A": A Study of Tom Stoppard's Technique of Dialectical Perspectives in
Jumpers and Travesties
dialectical perspective. Tom Stoppard. Jumpers and Travesties.

Lowes, C.. 1987
"The Creative Mystery": Art as Process in The Rainbow and Women In Love
Art. The Rainbow. Women In Love.

MacKay, J.. 1987
The Figure of the Gallant in Thomas Middleton's City Comedies
the gallant. Thomas Middleton. city comedies.

Nelems, S. 1987
The "Eye of the Conjuror" in P.K. Page's Visual/ Verbal Art
P.K. Page. visual art. verbal art.

Paterson, L.. 1987
Literary Impressionism in the Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield
Impressionism. short stories. Katherine Mansfield.

Pearson, T.. 1987
"A Period of Finding a Poetry of My Own": The Origins and Development of William Carlos Williams' early
Style and Technique in Al Que Quiere! and spring and All
Development. William Carlos Williams. Al Que Quiere! And Spring and All.

Quan, S.. 1987
Sarah Woodruff--A Hardyesque Figure: The Common Interests Between thomas Hardy and John Fowles
Reflected in the Similarities of Their Heroines
Thomas Hardy and John Fowles. common interests. heroines.

Rainbow, Rhea. 1987
Duality in Christoper Marlowe's Tamburlaine Part One and Two, Doctor Faustus, and The Jew of Malta
duality. Christopher Marlowe. three plays.

Sim, P.. 1987
Virginia Woolf's use of Mythological Allusions in Mrs. Dalloway
Virginia Woolf. mythical allusions. Mrs. Dalloway.

Sylka C.. 1987
Findley's use of Myth in Not Wanted on the Voyage
Findley. myth. Not Wanted on the Voyage.

Wallis, K.. 1987
The Cry of the Medusa: Sex-role Stereotyping and Mental Disturbances in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing
and Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar
sex stereotyping, mental disturbances. Margaret Atwood's Surfacing. Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar.

Welsh, B.. 1987
The Origin and Application of Newman's Rhetorical Reasoning in An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of
Newman. rhetorical reasoning. An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent.

Bachmann, A.. 1988
A Study of the Role of 'Double Nature' in Sam Shepad's Curse of the Starving Class, True West, and A
Lie of the Mind
double nature. Sam Shepard. three novels.

Calvert, B.. 1988
Impressionist Light and Colour in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse and The Waves
Impressionism. Virginia Woolf. To the Lighthouse and The Waves.

Carnegie, T.. 1988
Working for Shakespeare's Sister. A Study of Virginia Woolf's theory of Art and its use in A Room of
One's Own, Three Guineas, To The Lighthouse, and Between Acts
Virginia Woolf. theory of art. five novels.

Demchuk, A.. 1988
The Ethics of Religion and Rationality in hardy and Dostoevsky
religion and rationality. Hardy. Dostoevsky.
Draaisma, M.. 1988
Seeing Red. An intertextual Analysis of The Handmaid's Tale and The Scarlet Letter
intertextual analysis. The Handmaid's Tale. The Scarlet Letter.

Fowler, S.. 1988
Elastic Dance. The Myth of Ogun in Soyinka's The Interpreters and Death and the King's Horseman
myth of Ogun. Soyinka. The Interpreters and Death and the King's Horseman.

Gill, J.. 1988
Beyond the Jarring Lyre: Patterns of Imagery in Tennyson's In Memoriam and hardy's Return of the
imagery. Tennyson's In Memoriam. Hardy's Return of the Native.

Hassell, S.. 1988
A Space Completely not Filled: Gertrude Stein's "Four Dishonest Ones Told by a Description of What
They Do"
Gertrude Stein. Four Dishonest Ones Told by a Description of What They Do. .

Honcharuk, T.S.. 1988
Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and Lord Jim: Thematic Implications of the Bifocal Narrative
Joseph Conrad. bifocal narrative. "Heart of Darkness" and Lord Jim.

Hoyer, S.. 1988
Eternity in time: A Chronological Study of Apocalypse in Blake's Songs and early Prophecies
apocalypse. Blake. Songs and early prophecies.

Karabotsos, F.. 1988
The Role of the Imagination in the Work of Kenneth Grahame
imagination. Kenneth Grahame. .

King, L.. 1988
"The Wendy Lady Lives": The Perpetuation of Female Stereotypes and Roles in J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan--
A Feminist Critical Approach
J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. female sterotypes and roles. feminist reading.

Kozak, R.. 1988
Poundin' Joyce. A Critical Study of the Personal and Literary Relationship of Ezra Pound and James
Ezra Pound. James Joyce. .

Landels, J.. 1988
Magic in the Medieval romance (or the Medieval Mystery Tour)
magic. medieval romance. .

Lawton, J.. 1988
Redeeming the Contraries. A Study of the Early Prose of Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas. early prose. .

Lochan, T.. 1988
The Power of Langauge. Language as an Instrument of Colonization and Freedom in Ian Lamming's In
The Castle of My Skin
language. colonization and freedom. Ian Lamming's In the Castle of My Skin.

Lohin, R.. 1988
Artist in the Margin: Interpretation, Abstraction, and Form in Emily Carr's Klee Wyck, The Book of Small,
and The House of All Sorts
Emily Carr. interpretation, abstraction, and form. three novels.

Monk, K.. 1988
National Conscience and the Guilty Outside in Post-War Canadian and German fiction. A Comparative
Analysis of Robertsond Davies' The Deptford Trilogy and Gunter Grass' Die Blechtrommel
national conscience and guilt. post-war Canadian and German fiction. Robertson Davies and Gunter

Parker, K.. 1988
Sense and "Non-Sense" in Jane Austen Biographies
Jane Austen. Biography. Sense and Sensibility.

Patterson, L.. 1988
Thought and Reality: The two Worlds of Lucy Snowe
Lucy Snowe. thought and reality. .

Ranson, D.. 1988
A Narratology of Confession in Boswell's London Journal 1762- 1763
narratology. Boswell. London Journal 1762-63.

Rochester, J.. 1988
A Study of Chaucer's House of Fame
Chaucer. House of Fame. .

Sale, C.. 1988
"The Bonds of Heaven": Troilus's 'Truth' Reconsidered
Troilus and Cressida. Shakespeare. .

Sandercock, K.. 1988
Indirection and the reader of Swift's Satires: A Tale of A Tub and Gulliver's Travels
indirection. Jonathan Swift. A Tale of A Tub and Gulliver's Travels.

Shulman, J.. 1988
The Labyrinth in James Joyce's A Potrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce. A Potrait of the Artist as a Young Man. .

Simms, G.. 1988
Social and Sexual Imperialism in Wide Sargasso Sea
social and sexual imperialism. Jean Rhys. Wide Sagasso Sea.

Thomson, L.. 1988
James's Evolving Potrayal of Women in The Wings of the Dove and The Golden Bowl
women. The Wings of A Dove. The Golden Bowl.

Veale, J.. 1988
Timothy Findley's Not Wanted on the Voyage: A Colonial Perspective
Colonial perspective. Timothy Findley. Not Wanted on the Voyage.

Watts, S.. 1988
The Maiden Figure in Romantic Narrative
maiden figure. romantic narrative. .

Briggs, P.. 1989
The 'Inward Journey' in Dorothy Bryant's The Kin of Ata are Waiting For You
Dorothy Bryant. The Kin of Ata are Waiting For You. .

Browne, M.. 1989
Discursive Silence: Patterns of Referential Instabilities in Hubert Aquin's Prochain Episode
referential instabilities. Hubert Aquin. Prochain Episode.

Dean, A.R.. 1989
The Antiquities of Hardy's Wessex: A Study of the Use of Archeological References in the works of
Thomas Hardy, with specific reference to The Return of the Native, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and Jude
the Obscure
archeological references. Thomas Hardy. three novels.

Delaney, B.. 1989
Subverting Syntax and Semantics: An Analysis of Language in Gertrude Stein's "Patriarchal Poetry"
syntax and semantics. Gertrude Stein. Patriarchal Poetry.

Doyle, F.. 1989
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur: Ford Madox Ford and the English and Transatlantic Reviews
Ford Madox Ford. English and Transatlantic Reviews. .

Fraser, J.. 1989
The Use and Reversal of Fairy-tale Motifs in King Lear
fairy-tale motifs. King Lear. .

Hiebert, R. 1989
"Heav'n before mine eyes": Orpheus and the Orpheus Myth in John Milton's Poetry
Orpheus myth. John Milton. poetry.

Lysyk, S.P.. 1989
Purgatories: Work in Process…
Dante. Beckett. comparative analysis.

Mackenzie, H.. 1989
Setting As Symbol in Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles
setting. symbol. Tess of the D'Ubervilles.

Moore, S.. 1989
Semantic Field Theory and the Structure of Metaphor
semantic theory. metaphor. .

Munro, I.. 1989
The Liar Orpheus: Framing Devices and Narrative Structure in Robertson Davies' Cornish Trilogy
Devices and Narrative Structure. Robertson Davies. Cornish Trilogy.

Phillips, G.. 1989
The Theme of 'Madness' in Three of Doris Lessing's Novels: The Four Gated City, Briefing For a Descent
Into Hell, and The Memoirs of A Survivor
madness. Doris Lessing. three novels.

Shklanka, P.. 1989
Irony and "Poetric Genius": A Study of Romantic Irony in the Poetry of William Blake
Romantic Irony. poetry. William Blake.

Williams, M.. 1989
The Dark Night: Irish Censorship and the Contemporary Novel
Irish censorship. contemporary novel. .
Clark, G.. 1990
"Th' Observed of All Observers": Theatricality, Interpretation, and Power in Shakespearian Tragedy
theatricality, interpretation, power. Shakepearean tragedy. .

Cox, I.. 1990
Exhausted with Command: Destiny and Renewal in Amy's Eyes
destiny. renewal. Amy's Eyes.

Denholm, J.. 1990
The Beasts in the Wood: An Examination of Transformative Imagery in Djuna Barnes' Nightwood
imagery. Djuna Barnes. Nightwood.

Dixon, R.. 1990
"Kein Ausgang" The Illusion of Detachment. An Examination of Christopher Isherwood's Mr. Norris
Changes Trains and its Social, Historical and Biographical Contexts
Christoper Isherwood. Mr. Norris Changes Trains. social, historical, biographical contexts.

Douglas, C.. 1990
I saw These Things and Heard Them: Prophets and Poets in T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land
prophets, poets. T.S. Eliot. The Waste Land.

Drysdale, A.. 1990
In Search of the Real in The Progress of Love
Alice Munro. reality. The Progress of Love.

Finlay, R.. 1990
Love and Marriage in Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier
love and marriage. Ford Madox Ford. The Good Soldier.

Gordon, C.. 1990
Roland Barthes and Polymorphous Perverse Theory
Roland Barthes. perverse theory. .

Hendrigan H.. 1990
No Ideas but in Things: Apparent Simplicity and Potential Riches in the Poetry of William Carlos Williams
simplicity. poetry. William Carlos Williams.

Hendry, E.. 1990
Not Wanted In the Book: A Study of the Tyranny of Texts in Timothy Findley's Not Wanted on the Voyage
tyranny of texts. Timothy Findley. Not Wanted on the Voyage.

Hughes, J.. 1990
Sound: The Sub-creative Medium to the Secondary Reality of Middle-Earth
sound. creation. The Lord of the Rings.

Kolbeins, M.. 1990
Unity and Disunity: Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, To The Lighthouse, Between the Acts
unity, disunity. Virginia Woolf. three novels.

Kulpas, L.. 1990
Things Beneath Semblances of Things: Virginia Woolf's Sexual Abuse Syndrome and its Covert
Manifestations in The Waves
Virginia Woolf. sexual abuse. The Waves.

Lachlan, M.. 1990
Black Greeks: The Odyssey and the Poetry of Derek Walcott
Odyssey. poetry. Derek Walcott.

Lightbody, P.. 1990
Darwin Defunct? A Study of the Roles of Biology and Evolution in Four of Aldous Huxley's Early Novels
Darwin, evolution. Aldous Huxley. four novels.

Matsuno, Y.. 1990
"Burst the Stone With Telling": A Comparative Study of Power and Discourse in Joy Kogawa's Obasan
and Kazuo Ishiguro's A Pale View of Hills
power discourse. Obasan, A Pale View of Hills. Joy Kogawa, Kazuo Ishiguro.

McRae, M.. 1990
The Eye of the Tornado: A Study of the Photographic Narrative in Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar
photographic narrative. Sylvia Plath. The Bell Jar.

Meneely, S.. 1990
"The Wife's Lament": A Text with a Missing Context
text. context. .

Prime, H.. 1990
The Drama of Self: A Comparative Study of Robert Browning's Portrayal of Artistic Self-consciousness in
"Andrea Del Sarto" and "Fra Lippo Lippi" as They Relate to his Poetic Theory Outlined in An Essay on
Robert Browning. self-consciousness. 2 poems.

Smythe, S.. 1990
Silencing the Soul: The Emergent Consciousness in Yeats' "A Dialogue of Self and Soul"
consciousness. W.B. Yeats. A Dialogue of Self and Soul.

Soros, E.. 1990
The Antiphon: Map of Woe, That Thus Dost Talk in Signs
The Antiphon. Djuna Barnes. .

Spratley, E.. 1990
"Definition More of Less Arbitrary": Ideas of History and Fiction in The French Revolution: A History of
Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life
history and fiction. The French Revolution: The History of Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life. .

Stevenson, A.. 1990
Film-writing Technology and the Possibility of Communicatin: A Critique of Media and Langauge
Film-writing. critique. meida and langauge.

Walchli, J.. 1990
The Journey Towards the Female Self: Atwood's Surfacing and The Handmadi's Tale
female self. Atwood. Surfacing, The Handmaid's Tale.

Collis, C.. 1991
Rewriting Realities: Canada, Maps, and Women and the van Herk Trilogy
mapping Canada. literature and cartography. women and Canada.

Croft, R.. 1991
"Whatever an Unimpassioned Spectator Might Think": Narrative Stance in Thomas Hardy's The Return
of the Native
narrative studies. Thomas Hardy. The Return of the Native.
Donald. B.. 1991
Chaucer's Knight's Tale: A Discussion of Pagan and Christian Perspectives
Chaucer. Knight's Tale. paganism and Christianity.

Duncan, J.. 1991
Beyond the Bedroom: A Study of Joe Orton's Farces Loot, The Erpingham Camp, and What the Butler
modern British drama. Joe Orton. farces.

Godin, K.. 1991
"Charms O'erthrown" in Shakespeare's Final Plays
Shakespeare. final plays. .

Goodison, S.. 1991
"You know I never accepted that view": Resistance Through Language in Margaret Atwood's The
Handmaid's Tale and D.M. Thomas's The White Hotel
Atwood. Thomas. language and totalitarianism.

Hohm, J.B.. 1991
With What Shall we Fix It, Dear Alice, Dear Alice: A Laingian Perpsective on Lessing's The Good
Doris Lessing. The Good Terrorist. Laingian analysis.

Hoople. T.. 1991
The "Mystical Ejaculations" of Jacques Lacan
Jacques Lacan. textual analysis. God and the Jouissance of The Woman.

James, C.. 1991
Marvell's Active and Contemplative Lives: Violance and Pastoralism
Andrew Marvell. poetry analysis. pastoralism and violence.

Lindstrom, S.. 1991
An Analysis of Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles: A study of the Interrelationship Between
Character, Landscape, Society, and Fate
Thomas Hardy. Tess of the D'Urbervilles. .

Lum, O.. 1991
The Comic-Romance: A Study of an Overlooked Genre
genre studies. comic romance. .

Lynch, B.. 1991
The Poet and the Seer: Aspects of the Religious Though of William Blake and the Upanishads
religious thought. William Blake. Upanishads.

Merchant. C.. 1991
"The ende is every tales strengthe": Characterisation and Moral in Chaucer's Troylus and Criseyde
Chaucer. Troylus and Criseyde. character and moral.

Penistan, V.M.. 1991
The Rambler in Mansfield Park: A Study of Samuel Johnson's Essays Reflected in Jane Austen's Novel
Mansfield Park
Samuel Johnson. Jane Austen. Mansfield Park.

Rockett, P.. 1991
Middle English Gan and the Historical Present: A Plague to Modern Scholars. The Function of Gan and
the Historical Present in Chaucer's Troylus and Criseyde
Middle English studies. Chaucer. Troylus and Criseyde.

Rubio, A.. 1991
History on Stage: A Comparative Study of Ideology and the Representation of History in William
Shakespeare's Coriolanus and Lope de Vega's Fuente Ovejuna
comparative studies. Shakespeare's Coriolanus. de Vega's Fuente Ovejuna.

Rust, D.K.. 1991
The Detective as Social Critic: Left Wing Ideals in the Novels of Dashiell Hammett
Dashiell Hammett. social criticism. detective novels.

Towers, A.. 1991
The Dialogic Alice: A Study of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, based on M.M.
Bakhtin's Account of Dialogic Structure in the Novel Genre
novel analysis. Alice in Wonderland. Dialogic structures.

Walters. W.. 1991
The Alternative Hero: An Examination of the Role of Samwise Gamgee in Tolkien's The Lord of the
Rings and The Silmarillion
character analysis. Tolkien. Samwise Gamgee.

Baldwin, R.. 1992
Hounded by God: Eveyln Waugh's Sebastian Flyte and Graham Greene's Pinkie Brown
Catholicism and character. Waugh's Brideshead Revisited. Greene's Brighton Rock.

Blaney, J.. 1992
Shakespeare's Disguised Heroines: An Analsysi of the Use of Gender Disguise in The Merchant of
Venice, As you Like It, Twelfth Night, and Cymbeline
Shakespeare. gender disguise. .

Bolton, B.. 1992
The Lion in Lewis: A Study of the Theology of C.S. Lewis as it has been influenced by Milton and other
writers and is reflected in the first two books of The Narnia Chronicles
theology and literature. C.S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia.

Brayshaw, C.. 1992
Thomas Pynchon's Secret Retributions: "The Secret Integration," The Crying of Lot 49, Vineland
Thomas Pynchon. . .

Chandi, S.. 1992
The Deptiction of Africans and Jews in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, The Merchant of Venice, and
depiction of Africans. Shakespeare. .

Devoy, J.. 1992
Satire in Its Historical Context: William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (With Reference to
Jonathan Swift's A Tale of a Tub and Gulliver's Travels
satire. William Blake. Jonathan Swift.

Duczek, R.. 1992
History as Kaleidoscope: Ruskin's Rejection of Grandgrindian History in The Stones of Venice
John Ruskin. historical representation. The Stones of Venice.

Dwyer, J.. 1992
Factors of Inequality: A Study of Lee Maracle's Theories in I Am Woman
First Nations writers. feminsim. Lee Maracle.
Edred, T.. 1992
The Plastic Power Princess: A Study of the Evolution of Sleeping Beauty from Perrault's La Belle Au Bois
Dormant to Clafeey's "The Plastic Princess"
fairy tale studies. Sleeping Beauty. Perrault and Claffey.

Eurchuk, R.. 1992
Power, The Subject and Measure for Measure: Michel Foucault and the New Historicism
Foucault. New Historicism. Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.

Grafton, K.. 1992
Against Despair: A Thematic Analysis of the Short Stories of Timothy Findley
Short stories. thematic analysis. Timothy Findley.

Hashemi, A.. 1992
Postcolonialism, Counter-Discourse, "Native" Literature (RE) Constructing Indigeneity
postcolonialsim. native literature. .

Hellmuth, J.. 1992
Simon's Counter-Discursive Role in Keri Hulme's The Bone People
Keri Hulme. The Bone People. .

Kendall, J.. 1992
Moral Freedom in George Eliot's Middlemarch
moral freedom. George Eliot. Middlemarch.

Lamarre, P.. 1992
Wallace Stevens and the Poetics of Change
Wallace Stevens. modern poetics. .

Miller, D.. 1992
Mixing Memory Woith Desire: A Study Comparing The Use of Appropriation in Kathy Acker's Empire of
the Senseless with Intertextual Stragies in Eliot's The Waste Land and Joyce's Ulysses
comparative studies. Acker, Eliot, and Joyce. intertextuality.

Reiss, S.. 1992
Anais Nin: The Mirror, The Child, and the Mask: A Study of Identity in The Diary of Anais Nin
identity. Anais Nin. The Diary of Anais Nin.

Ruddy, K.. 1992
Resistance and Resurrection: Self-definitions and Politcial Sub-versions in Shange's sassafrass, cypress
and indigo
black female subjectivity. Ntozake Shange. .

Sellmer, T.. 1992
Identity, Being, and Nonsense: Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass
identity. "Alice" Books. Lewis Carroll.

Williams, J.. 1992
Power Relations as Contested in and Through Sign Systems: Three Dramatic Monologues by Robert
Victorian poetry. Robert Browning. dramatic monologues.

Wong, D.. 1992
Return to Eden in Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte's Revision of Romantic Love
Victorian fiction. Jane Eyre. romantic love.
Wurflinger, J.. 1992
Sensibility and Suffering in Die Leiden desjungen Werther
18th Century novel. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. .

Abramowitz, m.. 1993
Valiant Maidenhood and Knighthood in Distress: An examination of the feminine principle of heroism in
the romances of Chretien de Troyes, The Mabinogion, and Spenser's Faerie Queen
Medieval romances. heroism and women. .

Bennett, A.. 1993
Madness, Fragmentation, and Search for Self in Plath's The Bell Jar, Barfoot's Dancing in the Dark,
Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time, and Atwood's Surfacing
madness. women authors and madness. .

Chilibeck, C.. 1993
How the Reconstruction of an Historical Event Differs from the Event Itself:A Comparison of Factual and
Fictional Assertion's Ability to Tell the Truth in Three Historical Reconstructions of the Plot to Kidnap the
Duke and Duchess of Windsor in Lisbon, Portugal, July 1940
history and reconstruction. Duke and Duchess of Windsor. .

Dawson, C.V.. 1993
Back-Words: Rendering the "Unspeakable" spoken in Toni Morrison's Beloved
Toni Morrison. Beloved. .

Deol, J.S.. 1993
The Territory of the Self: The Image of the East in Medieval English Literature
the East. Medieval concept of the East. Medieval English Literature.

Dutt, S.. 1993
Reciting Rabindranath in English: A Comparison of Rabindranath Tagore and William Radice's
translations from some Bengali poems written before 1932
Bengali poetry. translations of Bengali poetry. Rabindranath Tagore.

Eastwood, P.. 1993
Rhythms of Memory: Freudian hip-hop and other music in the monologues of Judith Thompson
Judith Thompson. Freudian hip-hop. memory and monologues.

Godolphin, H.M.. 1993
Life is a Kumquat: A Literary Partnership: John Keats's Odes and Tony Harrison's "A Kumquat for John
John Keats. Tony Harrison. literary partnership.

Gornall, S.. 1993
Bursting All the Doors: Emily Dickinson's Poetry of Disruption
Emily Dickinson. poetry of disruption. .

Harshenin, E.. 1993
Between Two Worlds: The Virgil-Figure in Dante and Eliot
Dante. T.S. Eliot. .

Heineman, D.. 1993
A Globe Full of Figures: Metaphor in Virginia Woolf's The Waves
metaphor. Virginia Woolf. The Waves.

Henderson, J.. 1993
The Manipulation of Genre to Break Down the Academic Barrier in David Lodge's Small World and Nice
genre studies. David Lodge. .

Kassamali, T.. 1993
"We can kill as well as the men": A Comparative Study of Female Revolutionary Violence in A Tale of
Two Cities, The French Revolution, and Citizens
comparative study. female revolutionaries. violence.

Kelley, W. 1993
The Silent Sphere of Feminist Writing: Eliot's Exploration of Female Friendship in Adam Bede,
Middlemarch, and The Mill on the Floss
Eliot. feminism. .

Kurahashi, Y. 1993
For the Love of Beauty: An Examination of Transformation Tales in Euro-American and Asian Folklore
transformation. folklore. Asia and America.

Lau, A.M.. 1993
"Satan's Falling and He Can't Get Up!": Satan and the Theory of the Continuous Fall in Paradise
Satan. Paradise Regained. John Milton.

Lemon, E.. 1993
Rent to the Ideal: A Study of Real Estate and States of Reality in E.M. Forster's Howards End
E.M. Forster. Howards End. rent and reality.

Macnair, S.. 1993
Until the End of Days: The Elven Quest for Permanence in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion
elves. Tolkien's The Silmarillion. theme of permanence.

Newton, T.. 1993
Brer Rabbit Then and Now: A comparative study of Harris' Uncle Remus: His songs and his sayings and
Lester's The Tales of Uncle Remus: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit
comparative study. Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit. Joel Chandler Harris and Julius Lester.

Peacock, J.. 1993
The Second Coming of Romanticism: W.B. Yeats and the Art of Ritual
poetry. new romanticism. W.B. Yeats.

Perdue, D.. 1993
Invention and Re-Invention: The Blurring and Fragmentation of Texts Attempting to Tell the Story of
Henry V
Shakespeare. Henry V. .

Poyner, E.. 1993
Other Tongues: A Study of Race, Gender, and Language in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, Sula, and
race, gender, language. Toni Morrison. .

Redding, S.. 1993
Sex and the Single Simulacrum: The Fetish Motif in Thomas Pynchon's v.
motif. fetish. Thomas Pynchon.

Sheldon, K.. 1993
Wel Moore Us Oghte: Reevaulating Saintly Images of Perfection Through Genre and Pathos in The
Clerk's Tale and the Man of Law's Tale
imagery of saintliness. Chaucer. genre and pathos.

Shoesmith, K.. 1993
Faulkner's View of Southern Myth: Gail Hightower's Solipstistic Sanctuary
William Faulkner. Gail Hightower. .

Teucher, U.. 1993
A Comparative Study of Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy and Chaucer's Troylus and Criseyde
comparative study. Boethius. Chaucer.

Tiessen, T.R.. 1993
The Fall of a Woman: A Character Study of Candance compson in William Faulkner's The Sound and the
character study. William Faulkner. Candace Compson.

Young, K.. 1993
"Paying for it" At the Disappearing Moon Café: The Consequences of Culture Clash in Sky Lee's Novel
cultural clash. Sky Lee. Disappearing Moon Cafe.

Zuk, E.. 1993
The Formalism of Horror: The Narrative Technique of H.P. Lovecraft
horror fiction. narrative technique. H.P. Lovecraft.

Booker, Merron. 1994
A Generation Apart: An Explorative Essay on the Generational Alienation of the Young Post World War II
Americans, And Their Literature Through J.K. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye and Jack Kerouac's On
the Road
generational alienation. post-war literature. Salinger and Kerouac.

Briand, C.. 1994
Phonological Patterns and Figurative Language in "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
linguistic analysis. figurative language. Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Chow, S.A.. 1994
Even Better than the Real Thing: Physical Transendence in the Erotics of William Gibson's Neuromancer
William Gibson. Neuromancer. physical transendence.

Colussi, S.R.. 1994
Passion and the Angel: A Comparative Study of the Roles of the Heroines in Charlotte Bronte's Jane
Eyre, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, and Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
comparative study. heroines. Bronte sisters' works.

Copeman, D.. 1994
DEF(R)AMING THE FEMALE: A Study of Gender and Narrative in Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell
Hall and Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights
gender and narrative. Anne Bronte. Emily Bronte.

Cummings, K.. 1994
The Artist Figure in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse: Reconceptualizing the Artist and Questioning the
Status and Function of Art
artist's status. Virginia Woolf. To the Lighthouse.

Dingwall, C.. 1994
A Literature of Politics: A Study of the Writings of Lee Maracle
literature and politics. Lee Maracle. First Nations writing.

Ebel, M.C.. 1994
The Power of Language: A Study of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, How
It was affectee by, and Ultimately Reacted Against, the Social Milieu in Which it was Created
Mary Shelley. Frankenstein. .

Francis, A.. 1994
Virginia Woolf's Androgynous Ideal: An Examination of Gender and Artistic Creation in To the
Lighthouse, Orlando, and The Waves
gender and artistic creation. Virginia Woolf. .

Haffenden, E.. 1994
Vernal Prometheus: The Evolution of Auditory Symbols in Shelley's Prometheus Unbound from the
Forms, Language, and Style Within Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound
symbolism. Shelley. Aeschylus.

Hare, R.. 1994
Reading Chaucer's "Women," Reading Chaucer: Implications of Gender Study in the Franklin's Tale,
Wife of Bath's Prologue, and Wife of Bath's Tale
gender studies. Chaucer. .

Keates, P.. 1994
America's Game: Poker as a Metaphor for the American Business Ethic in David Mamet's American
Buffalo, Glengarry Glen Ross, and Speed the Plow
metaphor. poker. David Mamet.

Lange, M.. 1994
Playing at the Margins: A Comparative Study of Toni Morrison's Critical Theory and Fiction with Special
Reference to Playing in the Dark and Jazz
comparative study. Toni Morrison. critical theory.

Morris, J.. 1994
The Rude and Savage poetic Power: Reading the Book of Ahania and the Book of Los as Primitive Art
William Blake. poetry. primitive art.

Pond, C.. 1994
The Art of Illusion: Towards an Understanding of The Tempest
langauge and metaphysics. Shakespeare. The Tempest.

Raguz, J.M.. 1994
Jacobean Realpolitik? Individual Tragedy and the Collective State in William Shakespeare's Coriolanus
and Bertolt Brecht's Adapation, Coriolan.
comparative study. Coriolanus and Coriolan. individual tragedy and collective state.

Richards, A.. 1994
King Once and Always: A Study of Variations Upon the Theme of the Lengend of King Arthur
Arthurian legend. thematic study. .

Swallow, H.M.. 1994
Maintaining the Myth: Women and Nature in Three Twentieth-Century Novels
women and nature. 20th Century novel. .

Watson, C.. 1994
Thy Name is Woman: A Comparative Study of the Character of Eve in John Milton's Paradise Lost and
Elizabeth Barret Browning's A Drama of Exile
comparative study. Eve in Paradise Lost. woman in Barret Browning.

Bain, D.M.. 1995
Campbellian Strucutres in Three Carrolian Worlds: The Adventure Monomyth and Reader Betrayal in
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found
There, and The Hunting of the Snark
Lewis Carroll. Joseph Campbell. monomyth adventure story.

Bose, P.. 1995
Melville's Attack on Yankee Hypocrisy in "Benito Cereno"
Herman Melville. critique analysis. Benito Cereno.

Disser, M.C.. 1995
The Evolution of an Image: The Developmental Progression of Language as Embodied in the Image of
the Thorn
imagery. thorns in poetry. symbolism and meaning.

Feder, L.. 1995
The Taming of the Gaze: Looking Relations and Patriarchal Reaffirmations in The Taming of the Shrew
feminist criticism. Shakespeare. The Taming of the Shrew.

Good, M.. 1995
The Silence at the Center: A Comparative Study of Toni Morrison's Beloved and Harriet Jacobs'
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
feminist criticism. Toni Morrison. Harriet Jacobs.

Graham, S.C.. 1995
The Short Stories of Raymond Carver: A Study of the Development of Carver's Short Stories Collected in
Will You Please Be Quet, Please? What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, and Cathedral
short fiction. Raymond Carver. .

Halvorsen, E.. 1995
Potent Christ and Passive Goddess: An Analysis of the Displaced Fertility Myth in D.H. Lawrence's The
Man Who Died and William Faulkner's Light in August
archetypal criticism. D.H. Lawrence. William Faulkner.

Hoy, J.. 1995
The Myth of Coherence: The Construction of Gender Power Dynamics in Susan Swan's The Biggest
Modern Woman of the World and Beatrice Culleton's In Search of April Raintree
feminist criticism. Susan Swan. Beatrice Culleton.

Kuzmik, M.. 1995
"Travelling to the Edge of Knowledge": Flux, Darkness, and Otherness in the Thought of D.H. Lawrence
D.H. Lawrence. . .

McClung, J.. 1995
The Corrupt and Corrupting Philtre: The love potion as poison: A Study of the Central Motif of the Early
Romances of Tristan and Iseult
motif studies. medieval romances. Tristan and Iseult.

Richards, K.. 1995
S(h)ifting the Grounds of trhe Popular Theatre
Drama. cultural studies. popular culture.

Rogers, S.. 1995
Einsenstein Dante: Examining cinematic technique in the narratives of William Faulkner's The Sound and
the Fury and Absalom, Absalom!
film studies. American literature. William Faulkner.

Ross, N.C.. 1995
Textuality, Contextuality, and Metatextuality: An Analysis of the Strengths and Limations of Derridean
Deconstruction as it Applies to Chaim Potok's My Name is Asher Lev
Derridean analysis. Chaim Potok. My Name is Asher Lev.

Song, L.. 1995
"…but the spirit giveth life." (2 Corinthians 3.6): Tess and Sue's Experience and Expression of Agape in
Thoma's Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure
Thomas Hardy. Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Jude the Obscure.

Szonyi, J.A.. 1995
Myth-Matching: The Rez(onant) Plays of Tomson Highway
Canadian drama. First Nations literature. Tomson Highway.

Taylor, G.. 1995
The Fallacy of Freedom: Constructed choices and the self-construction of Dorothea Brooke and Isabel
feminist crticism. Henry James. George Eliot.

Atal, A.. 1996
Saying No to Yes: Narrative Stragies and the (De)construction of Ideologies in Aldous Hxley's Island
ideology and narrative. Aldous Huxley. Island.

Booth, L.. 1996
Love is a Many Splendoured Thing: A Study of Chaucer's Idea About "True Love" Concerning Eros,
Agape, and Philia in The Parliament of Fowls, The House of Fame, "The Legend of Dido," "The Knight's
Tale" and Chaucer's Sources
Medieval literature. Geoffrey Chaucer. True Love.

Cowern, C.. 1996
The Androgynous Vision Re-Defined: An Examination of Androgyny in the Works of Virginia Woolf and
Jeanette Winterson
feminist criticism. androgyny. Woolf and Winterson.

Fishman, A.. 1996
Archetypal Criticism and the Use of Myth in American Literature: An Analysis of Archetypal Readings of
Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, James' The Portrait of a Lady, and Chopin's The Awakening
archetypal criticism. American Literature. Hawthorne, James, Chopin.

Godwin, S.. 1996
The Starving Mouth and the Starving Tail: A study of the use of food as an expression of female sexual
virtue and vice by the Wif of Bath, the second Nun and the prioresse of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
feminist criticism. medieval literature. Chaucer.

Gray, J.A.. 1996
Oral Literat(E)ure: Randolph Stow's examination of and play with the orality-liteeracy binary in Visitants
and The Girl Green As Elderflower
Randolph Stow. American literature. orality-literacy binary.

Hutchinson, D.. 1996
From Archetypes to Prototypes: An examination of Literary Constructions of the Goddess
feminist criticism. Auel, Jan. Naylor, Gloria.
Johnson, G.P.. 1996
The Signifance of Hrothgar's Sermon
Old English. Beowulf. .

MacPherson, S.. 1996
From Dilmun to Misselthwaite: Women and Paradise
Children's literature. feminist criticism. various authors.

McNeill, L.. 1996
The Pure Acetylene Virgin: Sterility and Fecundity in Sylvia Plath's Poetry
poetry. Sylvia Plath. sterility and fecundity.

Pereira, C.. 1996
The Mythic Quality of Baseball Writing
Baseball. W.P. Kinsella. 20th Century Literature.

Spencer, V.. 1996
Who Am I? Who Am I To You? A comparative study of female autobiography and madness in Leonora
Carrington's Down Below and The Book of Margery Kempe
Medieval literature. women's autobiography. Carrington and Kempe.

Teodoro, B.. 1996
Emma Bovary and Eustacia Vye: Two Modern Heroines Emerging from the Shadow of the Romantic
Novel studies. Flaubert. Hardy.

Ticinovic, M.. 1996
A Postmodern gothic: Technology and Sexuality in Gravity's Rainbow
Postmodern criticism. Thomas Pynchon. Gravity's Rainbow.

Tromans, F.. 1996
Portrait, Poem, Picture and the Aesthetic Ideal: A comparative study of self-conscious paradox in the fin
de siecle art of Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare
aesthetic criticism. Oscar Wilde. William Shakespeare.

Worfolk, M.J.. 1996
A Garden of One's Own: Fertility and Sterility in Burnett's The Secret Carden and Cassedy's Behind the
Attic Wall
Children's literature. Frances Hodgson Burnett. Sylvia Cassedy.

Wright, J.. 1996
A Male Ideal in Fielding: A study of male excellence in the eighteenth-century in Fielding's Tom Jones
and Joseph Andrews
18th Century novel. Henry Fielding. .

Yenson, M.. 1996
"To the Heart of the Host": A study of Sacramental and Incarnational poetics in Gerard Manley Hopkins
poetry analysis. Gerard Manley Hopkins. .

Yep, T.. 1996
Inetraction Between Humans and Nature in Atwood's Poetry
Canadian literature. Margaret Atwood. Susanna Moodie.

Anderson, C.. 1997
The Human Imagination in a Cosmological Theatre: A Study culminating with Edgar Allan Poe's Eureka
American poetry. Edgar Allan Poe. .

Baerg, A.. 1997
Persuasiveness Through an Ethos of Sincerity: An examination of the rhetoric of televangelists, Kenneth
Copeland and Robert Schuller
Rhetoric studies. televangelists. popular culture.

Bains, T.. 1997
Invoking the Goddess in Wuthering Heights
Emily Bronte. Wuthering Heights. .

Bunyan, A.. 1997
The Children's Progress: Moving Pictures, Moving Family in Virginia Woolf's Vision of Childhood
childhood. Virginia Woolf. .

Dix, D.. 1997
Pier Paolo Pasolini: The Divine Life
Dante. film. Pasolini.

Hewlett, P.. 1997
"Words Are But Under-Agents": Wordsworth's Philosophy of Langauge in the Preface to the Lyrical
Ballads and The Prelude
William Wordsworth. language and philosophy. .

Hlina, J.. 1997
Surviving Canada: A comparative study of the influences of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe in
Canadian Crusoes, Crusoe of Lonesome Lake, Surfacing, Bear and Green Grass, Running Water
Canadian fiction. First Nations literature. Defoe's influence.

Maaren, K.. 1997
Children's literature. fairy tales. poetry.

Nelson, J.. 1997
Layers of Fragmentation: Representations of "Self" in the Poetry of Edward Thomas and Charlotte Mew
20th Century Poetry. Charlotte Mew. Edward Thomas.

Quenneville, C.. 1997
The Word and the Flesh: Representations of Violence in Micahel Ondaatje's The Collected Works of Billy
the Kid, Coming Through Slaughter, and In the Skin of a Lion
Canadian poetry. Michael Ondaatje. violence theme.

Rajkovich, M.. 1997
Marital Duty and Provincial Life: A study of conflicitng duties and how they affect marriage in Eliot's
19th Century novel. George Eliot. Middlemarch.

Ryall, K.. 1997
"The Erotical of Being Made Free": Bodies and Boundaires in Michael Ondaatje's Poetry and Fiction
Canadian poetry. Canadian fiction. Michael Ondaatje.

Schaap, J.. 1997
"Things Greater are in Less Contained": Art, Poetry, and Wisdom in Upon Appleton House
17th century poetry. Andrew Marvell. Upon Appleton House.

Travers, N.. 1997
Scraping Away the Beauty: Raymond Chandler and the Femme Fatale
Raymond Chandler. . .

Whittaker, S.. 1997
Representations of Medievalism in 19th and 20th Century English Literature: A comparative study of Sir
Walter Scott and Guy Gavriel kay's Imaginative Forays Into the Past
Medievalism. Sir Walter Scott. Guy Gavriel Kay.

Yeung, C.. 1997
The Traveller-Artist in To the Lighthouse and Goodbye to Berlin: Internal and External Realites
20th century novel. Virginia Woolf. Christopher Isherwood.

Bright, G.. 1998
Eden Exposed: Transgressing and Undressing the Origin Narative in Sharman and O'Brian's The Rocky
Horror Picture Show
origin narrative. Sharman and O'Brian. The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Dayrit, J.. 1998
The Virgin Identity: An Exploration of Feminine Virtue and Spiritual Individualism in Samuel Richardson's
Clarissa and Frances Burney's Evelina
women in the18th century novel. Samuel Richardson. Frances Burney.

Folk-Farber, J.. 1998
Kamouraska and Alias Grace--Canadian Historical Novels
Canadian historical novels. Alias Grace. Kamouraska.

Foreman, C.. 1998
Pebbles of the Holy Streams: Dylan Thomas and Zen
poetry. Dylan Thomas. Zen philosophy.

Green, M.. 1998
Blake and the Privilege of Unity: Variations on God, the Bible and the "authentic" soul
William Blake. . .

Hainsworth, K.W.. 1998
The Dearest Freshness: The Beatific Theology of Gerard Manley Hopkins
19th Century poetry. Gerard Manley Hopkins. .

Hale, M.. 1998
Performance Anxiety: or Filming Finnegan
film and text. James Joyce. .

Hewalo, E.. 1998
The Hero Myth of Achilles: The "Realistic Heroic Model" as Introduced by Homer in 750 BC
mythic heroism. Homer. Achilles.

Hignell, M.. 1998
Taking an Axe to the Family Tree: Revolutionary Ideas in Syvia Townsend Warner's Summer Will Show
family in literature. Sylvia Townsend Warner. revolutionary ideology.

Hollington, M.. 1998
Women's Voices from the Downtown Eastside: An Anthology of Life Stories
feminist theory. women's narratives. Downtown Eastside.

Kenny, E.. 1998
Shadows of the Divine: Emily Dickinson in the Context of New England Natural Topography
Emily Dickinson. poetry. topography.

Lindsay, S.. 1998
The Perfect Love Story: A Look at the Relationship Between Art as Representation and Art as
Experience in Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body
conceptions of love. Jeanette Winterson. textual analysis.

Long, G.. 1998
Ashes or Phoneix?: The Muse and the Anti-Muse in the Poetry of Leonard Cohen
Canadian poetry. Leonard Cohen. .

MacKinnon, T.. 1998
An Examination of the Rhetorical Management of Discourse in Jane Austen's Emma
rhetoric studies. Jane Austen. Emma.

MacMillian, T.. 1998
Son of Coyote: Didacticism and Subversion in the Works of Thomas King
Thomas King. . .

McArthur, K.. 1998
Departmental Praxis at the Gates of the Tower: Canon, Curriculum, and the UBC Department of English
canon debate. curriculum reform. UBC dep't of English.

Metter, J.. 1998
Degree and Chaos in Troilus and Cressida: An Interrogation of Ulysses' Ordered Cosmos: Does
Cressida Fit?
William Shakespeare. Troilus and Cressida. .

Sia, J.O.. 1998
Shem's First Riddle of the Universe: Reading Exercises: Finnegans Wake
James Joyce. Finnegans Wake. .

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The Anatomy of the Killer: A Comparative Study of Macbeth in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Raskolnikov
in Dostoyevksy's Crime and Punishment
psychology of murderers. William Shakespeare. Fyodor Dostoyevksy.

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Narrated Trauma: The Representation of Unthinkable Expereince in Vietnam War Literature
war literature. Vietnam war narratives. .

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Conspiring Landscapes: A Socio-Historical Examination of Landscape and Metaphor in Ondaatje's In the
Skin of a Lion
socio-historical textual analysis. Michael Ondaatje. In the Skin of a Lion.

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Intertextuality: A "How to" Guide To Reading the Psalms
intertextual studies. The Psalms. Bible.

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Mapping the (Dis)course of Chinese-Canadian Literature
Chinese-Canadian literature. . .

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A Vision of Going: Process in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse
Virginia Woolf. To The Lighthouse. .

Bolton, J.. 1999
Publishing the Screenplay
screenplays. film. .

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From Ritual to Romance to Fantasy: Exploring the Prevalence and Implications of Mytho-Themes in The
Mists of Avalon
fantasy literature. The Mists of Avalon. Marion Zimmer Bradley.

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Revolutionzing: Writing, Life and Being, A Thesis Concerning the Revolutionary Content of Virginia
Woolf's Orlando
revolution. Virginia Woolf. Orlando.

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Foreign Pictures: The Visual Arts and the Other in George Eliot's Fiction
Visual arts. George Eliot. Otherness.

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Neither Here Nor There: Truth and Identity in the Works of Two Metis Women; Breatrice Culleton's In
Search of April Raintree and Maria Campbell's Halfbreed
truth and identity. Metis women. .

Egan, C.. 1999
Bondage and Freedom: The Autobiography of Malcolm X as a Twentieth Century Slave Narrative
slave narrative. Malcolm X. .

Fainberg, I.. 1999
"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall": Chaucer's Harry Bailey as a secular and religious authority on
the Canterbury Pilgrimage
Chaucer. secular and religious authority. The Canterbury Tales.

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Producing the Goods: A Semiotic Analysis of The Legend of Good Women
semiotics. The Legend of Good Women. .

Hussey, A.. 1999
Rocking the Boat: An Examination of the Re-creation of the Biblical Flood Story in King's Green Grass,
Running Water and Findley's Not Wanted on the Voyage
recreation of Biblical flood. Green Grass, Running Water. Not Wanted on the Voyage.

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Bleeding Between the Lines: Technologies of Print, Electronic Media and Body in the Early Modern
Period and the Late Twentieth Century
print, electronic media. Body. modern period and 20th century.

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The Monstrosity of Man: A Study of Humankind's Desire to Parallel or Surpass God's Power Through the
Creation of Life
Judaism. homunculus. mysticism.

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History and Agency in Guy Vanderhaeghe's The Englishman's Boy
history and agency. Guy Vanderhaeghe. The Englishman's Boy.
McCann, M.. 1999
Make Believe of Making Believable: A Study of Magic Realism in British Columbian Literature, focusing
on Gail Adnerson-Dargatz's The Cure for Death by Lightning and Lee Maracle's Ravensong
magic realism. B.C. Literature. .

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On Undecidablity: Self-reference, incompleteness, and the ambiguity of truth
textual analysis. nature of truth. .

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Frolm a Bang to a Whimper?: Epic Prufrock and the Disappearance of the Heroic
20th century poetry. T.S. Eliot. hero and epics.

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"Life's But a Walking Shadow": Shamanism in Shakespeare's Macbeth and King Lear
shamanism. William Shakespeare. King Lear and Macbeth.

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"This great world / Shall so wear out to nought." : Christian Optimism and The Aporia of Nothing in King
William Shakespeare. King Lear. .

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Postmodern Fairy Godmother: Donald Barthelme and the Re-enchantment of Language in Snow White
fairy tale. postmodernism. Snow White.

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Depicting African Landscape: A Comparative Study of King Solomon's Mines, "An Outpost of Progress",
and Things Fall Apart
African landscapes. comparison of three works. .

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A Study of the Poetry and Art Criticism of Frank O'Hara and his Poem-Painting Collaborations with Grace
Hartigan, Larry Rivers and Norman Bluhm
art. poetry. Frank O'Hara.

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Preface to Jazz Verbatim and Individual Interviews of Jazz Verbatim
jazz. music. interviews.

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An Imminent Departure: Ezra Pound's Decision to Leave London
Ezra Pound. Biography. culture.

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The Cross Cultural Gaze and Guise of Folley
Shakespeare. comparitive literature. fool.

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Hardy the Obscure, or Under the Greenwood Tree: An Analysis of Thomas Hardy's Underrated
Thomas Hardy. Under the Greenwood Tree. .

Davison, A. 2000
I Can Hardly Control Myself: Individual Experiences of Chaos and Confusion in War in Jeseph Heller's
Catch-22 and Tim O'Brien's Going After Cacciato
chaos. confusion. war.

Dunnaway, J. 2000
Constructing the 'Lesser' Suffering: The Deferral of Male Trauma in 20th Century Literature
male trauma. 20th century literature. suffering.

Eckbo, S. 2000
Turning Words into Things: Where G. M. Hopkins' Poetics and J. Derrida Meet
G. M. Hopkins. Derrida. poetics.

Freeman, C. 2000
"The Real and only Fucking is Done on Paper…": The Objective Logic of Sexuality in Thomas Pynchon's
Gravity's Rainbow
sexuality. Thomas Pynchon. Gravity's Rainbow.

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Tenor and Vehicle in Wallace Stevens' Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction
Wallace Stevens. poetry. criticism.

Hamilton, S. 2000
Illegitimate Fusions and Boundary Confusions: Intersexions of Feminism and Transgenderism
feminism. transgenderism. boundary confusion.

Hilliker, R. 2000
Reading & Writing Beyond Conspiracy: Finding Space for an Articulated Self
conspiracy novels. paranoia. .

Johnson, E. 2000
The Warrior and the Saint: Modes of Transcendent Experience in the Late Poetry of Yeats and Eliot
poetry. Yeats. Eliot.

Leung, J. 2000
A Look at Antifeminism and the Reproduction of Masculinity in the Wife's Prologue and the Clerk's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales. feminism.

Mauro, E. 2000
Cluster and Radiation: The Figure of the Crowd in West's The Day of the Locust and Delillo's Underworld
crowd. The Day of the Locust. Underworld.

Milligan, J. 2000
Flesh and Bone and Breath: Walking and Ecological Narration in Walser, Woolf and Winterson
ecology. narrative. .

Mosca, M. 2000
The Representation of China and Japan in Victorian Travel Literature: 1862 - 1892
travel. 19th century. Asia.

Pangilinan, M.C.. 2000
Writing Feminine Heroism: A Study of Elizabeth Cary and the Creation of Mariam
Elizabeth Cary. heroism. feminism.

Perkins, S. 2000
Fiction's Piteous Faith: Unfurling Compassion
faith. suffering. religion.
Peters, R. 2000
Outside In: A Study of the Effects of 19th Century American Sentimental Culture on the Poetry of Emily
19th century. Emily Dickinson. sentimental culture.

Randhawa, B. 2000
A Love of the Rack and the Screw: Constructions of Hell, Death, and the Body in Sylvia Plath's Ariel
Sylvia Plath. poetry. hell, death and torture.

Whittington, I.A.. 2000
Transgressions and Mutations: Frank Zappa's "Be-Bop Tango" as Grotesque Carnivalesque Parody
music. parody. Bakhtin.

Williams, B. 2000
The Romantic Outcast: A Vehicle for Exploration of Place in Relation to Culture, Nature and the
Metaphysical World
romanticism. poetry. heroism.

Wong, J. 2000
The Feminist Archive Vis-a-Vis the English Literary Canon: (Ir)reconcilable Aesthetic Differences
feminism. literary canon. .

Aitken, G. 2001
Spelling Psycho-Pharmacology: This is your Brain on Rhetoric
prozac. rhetoric. panic disorders.

Archer, J. 2001
"Would You Feel Welcome?": Genre and the Classical Forebear in Autobiography of Red: A Novel in
Verse and Debbie: An Epic
ancient sources. Autobiography of Red: A Novel in Verse. Debbie: An Epic.

Bradley, N. 2001
"These Helens are Different Creatures": Epic, Paradoy, and Nationhood in Derek Walcott's Omeros
Derek Walcott. nationhood. genre.

Burkett, J. 2001
Framing the Meta-Dramatic: Trans-Media Discourse in Michel Marc Bouchard's Lilies
trans-media discourse. Michel Marc Bouchard. lilies.

Carroll, S. 2001
Resurrecting Redgauntlet: The Transformation of Scott's National Villains in Bram Stoker's Dracula
Bram Stoker. Dracula. national villains.

Daniels, S.. 2001
Fortuna Rerum Humanorum Domina: A Textual Analysis of the Alliterative Morte Arthure
Christianity. Alliterative Morte Arthure. analysis of romance.

Derkatch, C.. 2001
Can Shakespeare be fun? Lois Burdett and the Re-writing of "England's first Literary Saint"
Shakespeare. contemporary culture. Lois Burdett.

Gausboel, G.. 2001
Myth-Breaking: A Study of Patriarchal Mythology and Feminist Revisionary Mythmaking in Angela
Carter's Passion of New Eve
Eve. patriarchal mythology. feminism.

Goodnough, K.. 2001
Challenging the Good Lass: A Discussion of Catherine Earnshaw and the Female Voice in Wuthering
feminism. Wuthering Heights. archetypes.

Hurrell, A. C.. 2001
Imagining D'Arcy Island: The Management of the Past in To All Appearences A Lady and A Measure of
BC history. leper colonies. racism.

Kalsbeek, K.. 2001
Speaking in Pictures: A Discussion of Temple Grandin's Emergence: Labelled Autistic and Thinking in
Pictures and Donna Williams's Nobody Nowhere and Somebody Somewhere
Normal. autism. .

Kay, V.. 2001
Mothering Voices: Representations of Matrilineal Ancestry and Inheritance in Daphne Marlatt's Taken and
Ana Historic
feminism. mothers. Daphne Marlatt.

Khaskin, E.. 2001
Scientific Truth and Social Accountability: The Rhetoric of Science in a Social Context
Scientific rhetoric. society. .

Lauson, C.. 2001
Word and [Image]: A Historical Archeology of Literary Theory and Surrealism
literary theory. images. surrealism.

Pokytylo, H.. 2001
No Longer "Stuck in the Dialogue": James Kelman's use of the Glaswegian Dialect in The Busconductor
James Kelman. Literary criticism. language.

Richardson, L.. 2001
Ideologies of Language and the Meta-Linguistic Narrative: Imagination, Linguistic Exapansionism and the
Interpretations of Langauge in Through the Looking Glass, On Beyond Zebra, and Haroun and the Sea of
children's literature. meta-narrative. ideology and discourse.

Rilkoff, L.. 2001
The Anguish of Ambiguity: Lanscape Langauge and Wandering in Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. de-familiarising. poetry.

Scott, T. 2001
Shapes in the Sky: Mountains in Vancouver, Vancouver and the Mountains
Vancouver geography. mountains. Canadian literature.

Shin, J. 2001
Scorner of the Ground' vs. ' A Little Ball of Feather and Bone': The Fall from Transcendence to
Corporality in a Group of British Bird Poems, 1807 - 1928
birds. poetry. British literature.

Siddle, E. 2001
Generic Features, the Duality of Structure, and Generic Change: A Study of Career Planning Texts for
Students and Recent Graduates
genre and structure. career-planning texts. .

Sinclair, M. 2001
Populist Trimuph or Popular Travesty? The Governing Body of Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura. pop culture. .

Stech, D. 2001
Towards a Poetics of Space: Coal and Petroglyphs in Nanaimo Writings
Nanaimo. stone and coal. history.

van Veen, T. 2001
Thresholds of Abjection: (Vaguely) Thinking an (Anti) Politics of Abjection
literary theory. abjection. politics.

White, G. 2001
Personal Narrative in Academic Writing: Identity as Knowledge
personal narrative. academic writing. identity.

Yuen, K. 2001
The Sound of Text: A Melopoetic Study of Debussey's La Damoiselle elue and Rossetti's " The Blessed
music. Debussey. Rossetti.

Bisnar, D.. 2002
Seeing Home Away from Home: Sentimental Formations of Vision and American Colonialism in the
letters of Edith Moses and Caroline Shunk
Visions. Colonialism. letters home.

Harrington, A.. 2002
Messing About in Boats: Writing the Coastal Experience of British Columbia's Inside Passage
BC's Inside Passage. writing about BC. .

Karpinska, M.. 2002
"Much have I travell'd in the realms of Gold": A Six Sonnet Translation Accompanied by an Introduction to
Adam Mickiewicz's the Crimean Sonnets
translation. sonnets. Adam Mickiewicz.

Lanz, J.. 2002
A Critical Edition of Katherine Phillips' Lucasia Poems
Katherine Phillips. Lucasia Poems. critical edition of text.

Leung, C.. 2002
The Therapeutic Forces of Nature in William Wordsworth's Poetry
Nature. William Wordsworth. poetry.

McMartin, P.. 2002
The Return of King Arthur: Arthurian Literature in Nineteenth Century Britain and England
Arthurian Literature. 19th century. Britain and America.

Power, H.. 2002
All the World's a Stage: Wollestonecraft, Austen, and the Theatre at Mansfield Park
Wollstonecraft. Austen. theatre.

Thompson, K.. 2002
Scarlett and Survival: The Struggle to Balance Both Traditional and Evolving Gender Roles in Gone with
the Wind's Civil War-era American South
Gender Roles. Gone With the Wind. Civil war-era American South.

Wright, M.E.. 2002
Not Quite Living: A Response to Shakespeare's Characters and Halfyard's Dolls
Shakespeare. Halfyard's Dolls. drama and character.

Yip, D.. 2002
From Of-Man to Woman: Gender Politics and the Re-visionsing of the Dystopian Tradition in Margaret
Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale
gender politics. dystopian tradition. The Handmaid's Tale.

Lau, H.. M
(not recorded)

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M. M. M.

unrecorded. M
M. M. M.

Grainger, R.H.. no date
Voyage Deferred: Anna's Gender Construction in "Voyage in the Dark"
Jean Rhys. . .

Pacholka, M.. no date
A Semiotidc Attention to Samule Beckett's Texts for Nothing
semiotic analysis. Samuel Beckett. Texts for Nothing.

Shankey, J.. no date
Prairie Parody: Gender Conflict and Narrative Stragety in Badlands and The Studhorse Man
Canadian literature. Robert Kroetsch. .

Garling, Kirsten.
The Gentleman Concept in Ford
The Good Soldier. Ford Madox Ford. Parade's End.


no entry.

Ullman, C.
The Prevalence of a Legend: "High of Lincoln" and Related Stories in Narrative Verse from the 13th
Century to the 20th Century
Hugh of Lincoln. narrative verse. 13th to 20th Century.

Weaver, M..
The Realm of Cold etc.

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