list of software good for windows 7 by enggar16


									                     50 the best freeware recomendated for windows 7

Windows 7 is already equipped with software-software built pretty good, like new games, windows
media center is cool, and also the security is good, but I think that was not enough. For that here we are
trying to gather some free software but its quality is not inferior compared to other software that pay.
We managed to collect 50 best for your application, so if you have a new PC or want to maximize the
performance of your PC with free software but the quality, maybe you can try the following applications.

 1. Fishbowl: Fishbowl is a facebook application based desktop client. So you can facebook's without
having to pass the browser. With this application you can upload pictures with drag and drop or our
latest status update, and also new notification when a new message and others.

2. Google Talk: This application for a chat with our friends who have accounts on Gmail. In addition to
chat we can also make video calls or calls over the Internet.

3. Pidgin: This application Chat Killer in my opinion, with this application we can chat with our friends on
AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber / XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, Novell
GroupWise Messenger, QQ, Lotus Sametime, SILC, SIMPLE, MySpaceIM, and Zephyr.

4. Skype: Make phone calls and pay often expensive especially if the phone out of the country, then you
can use this application. Skype is a VoIP-based applications so that we make phone calls, video
conferencing, instant messaging and other features. Of course with other Skype users.

5. Trillian: It's also one of the real time chat application, but its now been more complete as Pidgin, with
this you can chat with our friend who has an account Windows Live, Yahoo!, MySpaceIM, AIM, Google,
ICQ, Jabber, Skype and IRC , but also with Twitter, Facebook.

6. Yahoo Messenger: If that is surely all already know, because this is the most popular chat applications
innate Yahoo.

 7. 7-Zip: Software Winrar compression can replace you, the following file formats can be handled, ARJ,
In addition we can also compress files in the 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR.

8. Auslogics Disk Defrag: This software may be regarded as the best disk defragger on the market,
because the award winning five star review, and the good news this software for free.

9. FileZilla: This is software that you must use if you frequently transfer files via FTP (File Transfer
Protocol) such as uploading files to web server.
10. Free Window Registry Repair: This application for our help to clean Windows registry of the rubbish
that is not necessary. Waste here means the registry using the registry is corrupted and is not used
anymore, or because the program removed manually without going through the uninstall. Rubbish is
piling up too long will affect the performance of our PC.

11. Google Desktop: This application looks like Google, but its function is to search the file on your
desktop, the search results very quickly and is displayed in the web such as Google Web. Once installed
normally he would index the files on our computer for a few minutes or hours. This application is also
looking to the content-content.

12. TrueCrypt: This application is to protect our files to encrypt or scramble the way so that even file it
fall into the hands of irresponsible, the file will not be legible.

13. GIMP: This application Arguably the best free photo editor, features can not be underestimated
with the software image editor Photoshop class.

14. HandBrake: This application to convert video files from one format to another. There is also a
feature to add a chapter, subtitle and others.

15. IrfanView: IrfanView is an application for the picture viewer like ACDSee, but it comes with capture

16. Paint.NET: This is a photo editor application successor of mspaint, judging from his name was
predictable that the software is written using the language. NET. Remarkably software-like features are
similar to Photoshop, there are features include: supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects and
other tools such as plugins that can be downloaded through the community.

17. VLC Media Player: When we are dizzy with Windows Media Player the default Windows can not
open a video file that is sent by a friend on the other side, please try to use this application. Because this
application plays almost all video formats that exist.

18. K-Lite Codec Pack: This is my favorite player, although it looks simple, but he can open multiple video
formats, and usually if you have installed Windows Media Player is the default Windows will be able to
play movies that previously he could not play.

 19. 7stacks: This is an interesting application you are trying, with this application we can create a group
icon on the desktop making it easier to find.
20. Adobe AIR: Adobe AIR our ears it may sound new, but actually it's not the application of a framework
or platform for running applications - Adobe Air based applications such as TweetDeck, ebay Desktop
and many more.

21. EnhanceMySe7en: This application for Windows 7 to make sure we keep it clean by keeping the
registry let me stay clean, hard-pebaikan didefrag and other improvements.

22. Fences: This desktop application to make us more crowded with icons and how to group the
program in a particular area.

23. Foxit Reader: This application can be used as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF
documents, the excess he can open PDF files faster than Adobe Acrobat itself.

24. Google Earth: Make the lovers of travel, this application must be installed on our computers,
because the application we can walk around the world only from our computer. Cool it. We can see how
it looks in 3d satellite is equipped with a photo of that very realistic.

25. Windows Live applications: It is a Windows application to support applications such as Windows Live
Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger), Windows Live Writer to write to the blog offline, Movie Maker
and more.

 26. iTunes: This music player application and to arrange media from Apple, is also used to synchronize
your iPod or iPhone with us.

27. TagScanner: This is an application to search and edit tags of songs our MP3 collection.

28. Winamp: if the application is probably no need to explain anymore because we understand. This
application is the most popular music application that many people use. Equipped with an attractive
user interface, skins and also has lot of plugins. Can also be used to play movies.

29. Foobar2000: It was first introduced by my friend at the office, an early version of the music player is
very simple, until I pulled ya wonder what players like this, but it's like the saying goes do not menjudge
something from the outside only, and it has lot of features. But that was then but now it looks already
cool and user friendly, very comfortable to use.

 30. Ditto: Ditto serves to enhance the features of Universal Windows clipboard so that we can keep the
items in the clipboard is more than one, we can also choose what item you want dipaste.
31. Evernote: This is an application clipboard and note manager with its cool, because there is
synchronization with server facilities online, so if we include people who are mobile, frequently changing
device, for example if you use the desktop at the office, then meet the client when using the notebook,
then everything will be tersinkronkan once we connect to the internet, so that our records will not be
scattered. Even the great he could find the words in the images we capture, there is its OCR technology.
I like to use this application because I often work in the field and in the Jakarta office.

32. Notepad + +: Bored with a notepad which is sometimes a strange format when opening txt file
specified. If so you should try this application. This is my favorite application for editing text, is equipped
with features like multiple tabs seabrek, multiple programming languages.

33. OpenOffice: This is a free office application that features no less with the software in the Microsoft
Office package. This application can also open and save files in formats such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint,
Access Database.

34. CrossLoop: This is the application that we can use to share the desktop with our friends on the other
side. For example, friend in difficulty dealing with problems in his PC, with this application we can friend
to share the desktop so that we can more clearly know what the problem and we can help fix it, without
the need to come to his place, just from our homes kubikal or alone.

 35. Avira AntiVir Personal Edition: In my opinion this is the best free antivirus available now, in addition
to scan for viruses, these applications can also scan the malware.

36. AVG Antivirus: In addition to Avira, AVG is also a reliable free antivirus, its very much.

37. Comodo Internet Security: If your PC is connected to the internet then use iniuntuk application
protecting your PC through firewall technology and also anti virus.

38. Eraser: Do you know if we delete a file on the computer, then the actual file is not completely
erased, even if we empty the Recycle Bin. If we do not want secret files that we have found clear again
by others who are not responsible, then this application is the solution. Eraser helps us that we delete
the file that it is completely gone.

39. KeePass Password Safe: If we have a lot of login and password, and we do not want to forget a
moment, then this application is the solution. With this application all the usernames and passwords
stored in one place. And to membukannya course, we must have one master password that must not be
forgotten or lost.

40. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware: Specializing in malware threats, Malwarebytes is updated frequently
with new definitions, and while it does offer a paid version, the free one works perfectly well.
 41. Chrome: This is the default browser Google, although still not as popular as Firefox, but it slowly
started to use it, because its performance is faster than other browsers. It also started to come with
additional plugins and theme options, although not as rich as Firefox. Its javascript engine for Chrome is
the fastest in my opinion than Firefox or Safari. So if you have a web application that is rich user
interface (RIA - Rich Internet Application) better if it is run on this browser.

42. Firefox: This is my favorite browser, the add on and plugins seabreg themes are also very helpful in
the work. Firefox is the browser that must exist on your PC. Although its market share is still less than
the dominance of Internet Explorer but Firefox is increasing from time to time.

43. Flock: The browser is actually a close relative with Firefox because Firefox is developed by developer
developers as well, but the advantage is the integration with social networking that is so familiar in this

44. Opera: This is one of the oldest rival browser Internet Explorer, and is famous for its slogan "The
Fastest Browser on the Earth". This browser has attractive features than IE and also support themes.

45. Safari: This is a browser made by Apple, and Apple looks really, although somewhat wasteful of
memory, but its speed and open a web page has JavaScript execution is fairly fast

46. Microsoft Mathematic: Bored with the default Windows calculator, try this one guaranteed to help
us to solve complex algebraic equations, geometric and even calculus. Wow.

47. Rapid Typing: Day gini still typing with 11 fingers, let's do not want to miss trying to learn to type
now guaranteed 10 fingers of your productivity using computers increases rapidly. To exercise this
software can buy me.

48. 3D Movie Maker: Actually, this software includes software old school and my favorite as a child, with
this software we can make a simple 3d movies suitable for children. Its nice features.

49. Google SketchUp: This is an application made in google if you want to learn 3d modeling, we can
model the house, room, and other 3D objects.

50. Google Earth: I think this is the best application if we want to increase our geographical horizons.
Enough of our seats to the streets across the world seeking interesting places. Suitable for those of you
who want to know the state of destination prior to traveling there.

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