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                                                                                     China Jewelry Expo

              The 3rd China Xi'an International Jewelry & Clocks and Watches Expo

       Time: Oct 31—Nov 4          Venue: Shanxi International Exhibition Hall (Provincial Stadium)
Organizers: China Wood Trade Web ; China Commodity Association ;Chinese Collections Association
Sponsor: Beijing Zhonglin Huida International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Supported by: Putian Municipal Government; Xi'an Municipal Government; China Wood Culture Society; Gems
         & Jewelry Trade Association of China; Association of Chinese home decor gifts in Xi'an Branch of
         China Chamber of Commerce

Scope of Exhibits:
    Jade jewelry category:

  Diamonds and gems: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, semi-precious stones, emerald, gem, etc.;
  jewelry: gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, palladium jewelry, diamond jewelry, precious stones,
   jewelry, mosaic jewelry, simulated jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, pearl jewelry, jade jewelry;
  Gold Products: Gold bars and other gold products;
  Equipment instrument: Jewelry processing equipment, test equipment, cleaning equipment, jewelry display
   and packaging, etc

    Clocks and Watches:

  Watches: mechanical watch, quartz watch, multi-functional meter, gift table, sports stopwatch;
  Clock class: waves clock, quartz clock, mechanical clock, mantle clock, wall clock, alarm clock, grandfather
     clock, multi-function clock

    Collectibles:

  Antique curios; Cultural relic; Red porcelain; Precious stone; Bronze;

Exhibition time:
Preparation time: Oct 30, 2012 ; Exhibition time: Oct 31-Nov 4 , (9:00-16:30);
Closing time: Nov 4, 2012 (16:00)
Participation Fee:
1. The Standard Booth: USD1500 (3x3/m2); 2. The Bare Stand: USD160 / m2 (more than 18m2)
Note: 3m × 3m panels on three sides (two sides open booth), two spotlights, 220V/100W socket, one table, two
         chairs, business name fascia board; bare stands are not equip with any exhibition.

Promotion plan:

1.   To advertise on Shanxi TV, Xi'an TV, China Business News, Xi'an Evening News and other public media.
2.   To send invitation cards directly to manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, distributors and
3.   To publish press releases and advertising professionals in the public media, professional journals, newspapers
     and electronic media, and to releases advertisement and information on the professional network.
4.   The professional customer service personnel offers 30 million tickets to the markets, which include the major
     professional jewelry in the Northwest market, major high-end communities, government departments, cultural
     markets and antique markets. It guarantees buyers and visitors professional and high grade.

                                                                                   China Jewelry Expo

5.   To show the same type at home and abroad, on-site investment promotion, and invite international buyers to
6.   To invite the ten western provinces and cities ’gifts, crafts, jewelry, home industry association groups to
     participant by the advantages of using the principal organizer.

           Account Name: Beijing Zhonglin Huida International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
           Bank: Beijing Rural Commercial Bank branch Huilongguan Longhua Branch
           Username: 0,616,010,103,000,007,108
           Pay line number: 402100000456

Organizing Committee Address:
Organizers: Beijing Zhonglin Huida International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Address: China Post Science Academy, Haidian District, Beijing city, China
Tel:86-010 -82920181 / 4038/6205
Fax:86-010 -82920181
Contact: DestinyDu Jack
Cell phone: 86+13520446182
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