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					Elders Must Use Caution On The Internet

Some people have no shame, and this is evident when you look into the statistics regarding elder
financial abuse. This has become a big problem in the United States today and it is an issue that is a
source of concern within the elder law community.

The MetLife Mature Market Institute keeps tabs on the subject, and their research indicates that
seniors are bilked and bamboozled out of billions of dollars annually.

The sad truth is that a lot of the abuse that takes place is not predatory in nature. People who have
the trust of senior citizens often take advantage of this access, and this could include family members.
These are called "crimes of opportunity."

However, we would like to raise a cautionary flag regarding Internet scam artists and identity thieves
who are in fact predators. If someone that you do not know approaches you with some type of money
making scheme that sounds too good to be true you can be all but certain that this is not a legitimate

Identity thieves often target seniors as well, and it is important to be aware of this and be very diligent
about keeping your personal information confidential.

When you create passwords for any online accounts that you may have be sure to make them
complicated and nearly impossible to guess. It is also advisable to refrain from utilizing the same
password for multiple different accounts and you should change your passwords regularly.

This is a little bit of food for thought to consider as you participate in the online environment. Enjoy
the Internet and all that it provides but be aware of the potential dangers that exist.

If you do what is within your power to protect yourself while working with a good Indianapolis elder
law attorney to handle the legal end of things you should be able to enjoy your golden years in
comfort with total peace of mind.

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