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					              A Guide To Speedy Tactics Of Workers Compensation Reno

 When you clock into work each morning, your mind focuses on the tasks that require your
attention. Whether your job is contained entirely within the computer in your cubicle, in the kitchen
where you cook, or on a large construction, you know it's important to keep your head in the
game. When a person is injured on the job, however, it may not register immediately what you
need to do first, but hopefully co-workers and/or your supervisor are there to help you determine
the severity of your injury and assist in your care. An injury that requires a visit to the emergency
room will likely result in a Workers' Compensation claim, which will definitely change your
relationship with your employers. Why not nip over to truck accident lawyer Reno for intelligent

Whether this change happens for the better or worse depends on the situation and the how quickly
your case is settled, or if you decide to accept Workers' Compensation at all. Typically, any
employee who qualifies and accepts the benefits waives the right to sue the employer for
damages. Therefore, what is received from your Comp claim will go toward satisfying missed
wage and any expenses accrued following your injury. If you are unable to come to an agreement
with the administrator of your claim and feel it necessary to call an attorney, there could be
repercussions that affect your relationship with your employer.

If the injury affects the worker to the point that it does not allow the employee to return to work, the
employer's chosen workers' compensation physician will advise of the time frame that the
employee will be unable to work and when, if a time frame is known, the employee could return
safely to work. With some jobs, the risk and the possibility of an injury is much higher than normal.
These hazardous jobs include people who are policemen, oil rig team members, anyone who
deals with explosives or miners.

Many workplace injuries are catastrophic and financially devastating to the injured workers' family.
Workers should not be tricked or bullied into giving up the benefits provided by the Workers'
Compensation Act that may include death benefits to the family of workers who are killed on the
job including funeral expenses. Other benefits may include weekly wage payments while out of
work, payment of medical bills, and lump sum payments for permanent use of body parts and for
settlement of the claim. Claims must be filed in a timely manner or the right to file may be lost

Does this mean you could be fired while on Workers Compensation? It is not uncommon for an
employee to worry about being terminated because of on the job injuries. Legally an employer
cannot fire a worker for sustaining injuries or filing a claim. Doing so can open the door to a lawsuit
for wrongful termination. If you suspect your employers' attitude toward you has cooled following
your injury and you suspect they are looking for a way to edge you out of the company, you should
keep all paperwork related to your injury and claim and consult with your attorney about steps to
take if it comes to that.

Despite of all the preventive measures, instances of workplace injuries are increasing every year,
forcing the business owners to spend huge amounts on compensation claims. According to U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly 3.1 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were
reported among private industry employers in 2010.

Insurance fraud occurs when the employees purposely provide some false information to receive
the benefits of the claim. According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, insurance fraud
costs consumers, employers and insurance carriers at least $80 billion each and every year.
Among which, worker's compensation insurance fraud alone accounts for a considerable
percentage. Now pop over to accident lawyer Reno Clarified for well-rounded info.

No matter what the specific circumstances of your case may be, it is almost guaranteed that if an
employer has denied your legal rights to workers' compensation in the event of a workplace
accident and injury, you are entitled to take legal action. This is often best done under the
guidance of a legal professional. With the help of an attorney, you can successfully file a workers'
compensation claim and determine how your employer should contribute to the injuries that you
incurred while on the job.

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