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                                                     Board Meeting
                                          Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools
                                                Tuesday, October 16, 2007

                                                     Time and Place
                                             6:30 p.m. – Auditing Committee
                                           7:00 p.m. – Regular Meeting Begins
                                                    1415 4th Avenue S.W.
Opening the Meeting
A. Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. in the central business office.
1. Welcome visitors
President Emmert welcomed the visitors attending this meeting.
    B. Amendments to agenda
No amendments were requested for this meeting.
    Public Forum: Visitor comments
The board recognized thirteen visitors with 7 filling out comment cards. Most wished to express their
concerns over the new K/1 multi-age classroom at the Shell Rock Elementary. This new configuration
was initiated administratively and parents wanted to ask questions about current and future plans if
enrollment numbers continued to increase. Principal Bahlmann explained the rationale and research-
based decision making process that was involved with this decision. Director Reiher related her positive
personal experience with the previous multi-age classroom that was initiated several years ago and lasted
for five years. It was reported to have been well received and worked exceptionally well. Principal
Bahlmann will make available names of parents whose children participated in that configuration so
current parents can discuss the class with them. Parents will be polled to determine if they are
comfortable with providing that information. Superintendent Vyverberg and administrators reported they
will continue to monitor that class to determine its success.

In addition, a community patron expressed her safety concerns over unlocked side doors at the Shell Rock
Elementary. Superintendent Vyverberg related ongoing administrative discussion and the new district
crises intervention plan will address that concern. Principals present related individual building
procedures covering locked doors.

School Spotlight
    A. K-6 Professional Development with Character Ed. – Kari Staack
Kari Staack and Karen Erhardt were present to provide an update on the K-6 professional development
activities this year. Those activities relate to character education and follow the district, board, and
comprehensive school improvement plan for this year.

Old Business
A. Approve Minutes
The Board approved the minutes from their September meeting on the 10th.
B. At-risk Budget approval for 2008-09
Jim Janssen was present to discuss the district’s at-risk budget for the 2008-2009 school year. There has
been a drop in anticipated expenses and the increase in anticipated revenues due to tuitioned in students.
There has been a notable increase in revenues received through our alternative high school enrollment.
Due to those changes, Mr. Janssen presented a recommended budget that requests a reduction of
allowable growth amount by $20,000. There will be a carryover in funds and the administrative team will
discuss possible increased resources for students to be presented to the board at later meetings.
C. Final Reading: Board Policies 400-406.6 Employees
D. Final Reading: Board Policies – Protected Classes and Background Checks
The board approved these policies on this, the final reading.

New Business
    A. Reorganization of Board
         1. Call to order by temporary chair
         2. Administer oath of office to new director
         3. Selection of president and vice-president
         4. Appointment by president to Auditing, Negotiations (teachers, support staff,
              administrators), Conference Board, Facilities Study Committee, Technology, At-Risk,
              District Advisory, Staff Development, Legislative Network Representative
    B. Approve budget adjustment for modified allowable growth for increased enrollment
The board approved the application to the state School Budget Review Committee (SBRC) for an on-time
funding adjustment related to increased enrollment for this year.
    C. Facility Scheduling
Superintendent Vyverberg explained the centralization of high school facility scheduling. Associate
Principal Mike Bock will coordinate all requests for facility use. The administration and board will
review our facility use policy since the completion of the new high school facility will likely result in
more requests.
    D. Letter of Understanding for W-SR Master Contract with WSREA
The board approved and signed a letter of understanding between the district and the WSREA. This
agreement alters the current Master Contract between the WSREA and the WSR district so the district
may distribute legislated teacher quality money to all teachers without leaving out the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year
teachers. WSREA President Pam Egli and representative Jeff Orvis were present at the meeting.
    E. Review Board Policy 501.3 Compulsory Attendance
The board reviewed the revision of the district attendance policy. The requested change will bring district
policy in line with legislated mandatory attendance. They will have their initial public reading of this
policy at the November meeting.
    F. Review Board Policy 903.4 Public Conduct on School Premises
    G. Review Board Policy 104 Anti-Bullying/Harassment
    H. Review Board Policies 506.4 and 605. Libraries/Media Centers
The Iowa Association of School Boards has recommended changes to the above policies. They reflect
minor wording revisions. The board will review those changes and decide if they can be approved with
one reading at the November meeting.
    I. Board Self-evaluation
President Emmert requested the board move this discussion to the November meeting.
    J. Open Enrollment
         1. Branden Cox
         2. Ashlyn Cox
         3. Grady Gallmeyer
         4. Gunner Gallmeyer
         5. Hunter Gallmeyer
The board approved the above open enrollment requests. The Cox children are for next year. The last
three are due to a move from N-P to Clarksville and they wish to open enroll at Waverly-Shell Rock this

   A. Approve Contracts
        1. Nicholas Willenborg, assistant varsity girls’ basketball
        2. Lori Nelson, increase FTE .2 to full time
        3. Joshua Meier, ½ time assistant wrestling
        4. Michael Schwab, ½ time assistant wrestling
The above contracts were approved. Lori Nelson’s contract will now become full time so she can assist in
developing and providing resources for the advisor/advisee program at the high school.
    B. Letters of Assignment
         1. Jolene Miller, bus driver
         2. Ben O’Hare, custodial aide
         3. Duane Bodensteiner, substitute bus driver
The first two Letters of Assignment above were approved. The third request is pending until further
communication with Transportation Director Darryl Wiltse can occur.
    C. Volunteer Coaches
         1. Paul Hubbard, football
         2. Bill Eckenrod, boys’ basketball
         3. Randy Draper, boys’ basketball
         4. Al Hoeper, wrestling
         5. Alino Djoumessi, wrestling
         6. Dave Arns, girls’ basketball
         7. Melinda Groth, girls’ basketball
         8. Cara Schneider, girls’ bowling
The board approved the above volunteer coach requests. There was some discussion relative to the
ongoing need for and use of volunteers. The board requested the administration work with Athletic
Director Dave Litterer to develop a sample Volunteer Coach Policy. They will discuss proposed policy at
the December meeting.

A. Claims and Accounts
The board approved the claims and accounts for the current month.

Board, Staff, and Administrative Reports
A. Official Enrollment
Superintendent Vyverberg discussed the certified enrollment number for 2007-2008. The official count is
taken each year on October 1st. The district has an increase in enrollment of 39.3 students. The board
expressed their pleasure at this increased number of students.
B. Legislation
There was no legislative news to discuss.
C. IASB Delegate Assembly, Wednesday, November 14
D. IASB State School Board Convention, November 15-16
The board was reminded of the November state convention. They were also reminded of the District
IASB meeting in New Hampton next Wednesday, October 24th. Superintendent Vyverberg will reserve a
district van and attend the meeting with registered board members.

Set Next Meeting Date and Location
Set date and time for administrator-board work session
President Emmert requested board members and administrators to bring available dates to the November
meeting for the proposed work session.
Set date and time for the November Board Meeting
The board set Monday, November 5th as the next board meeting.

Closed Session
    Superintendent Evaluation
The board will hold this evaluation at the November meeting.

The board meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

November                16 - Beverly Anderson
 1 - Carol Meyers            Denielle Stuntz
 2 - Sally Kittleson         Heather Obermier
 5 - Jessica Meier      18 - Cindy Chidester
     Eric Stover        19 - Sue Heeren
 6 - Vera Hoins              Sue Jansen
 9 - Amy Cox            22 - Joanna Heyer
11 - Jean Clausing      14 - Deb White
     Steve Kwikkel      25 - Steve Gabe
14 - Teri Neal          28 - Dave Carlson
15 - Bernita Myers      30 - Laura Fitzpatrick

December                19 - Terry Arends
 1 - Doug Nichols            Darren Uhlenhopp
     June Zmolek        20 - Amy Grawe
 2 - Nancy Conklin           Peggy Kaleas
     Linda Pencil            Trish Ribich
 7 - Liesa Bailey       21 - Ruth Hall
     Karen Erhardt      22 - Jo Knapp
 8 - Christine Troyer   25 - Denise Graettinger
 9 - Ron Bigger              Glenda Huberg
     Sandra Fonkert     27 - Julie Holiday
     Karen Olmstead     28 - Mike Butler
     Diane Steege       30 - Diane Goodrich
15 - Jill Boerigter          Jaime Robbins
16 - Brian Gabe         31 - Rick Caldwell

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