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									                                    RED TUNA
Characteristics of bluefin tuna
Scientific name: Thunnus thynnus
Common Name: Bluefin
Order: Perciformes
Family: Scombridae

- Weight: 136-680 kg
- Length: Up to 3 m.
- Height:
- Longevity: 15 years.
- Habitat: Coastal and pelagic.
- Distribution: Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.
- Customs: marine and migratory species.
- Food: Carnivorous (fish: mackerel, herring, eels, etc.. Also crustaceans, squid).
- Playing: Sunset 10,000,000 eggs.
- Enemies: Sharks, sea mammals: dolphins, orcas.

More features tuna

On her looks:
Tuna fish is one of the most advanced and largest of all Scombridae (mackerel, tuna).

Tuna is dark blue back and silvery belly.

On their behavior:
The tuna are feeding groups.

The high speed tuna reach allows them to be about big predators.

On feeding:
The adults feed on tuna fish and invertebrates, while larvae consume rotifers and Artemia.

On his playlist:
The tuna are grouped together to mate.

The tuna reach sexual maturity at 5 years.

On the problems they cause:
Tuna is a fish that accumulates in the flesh amounts of mercury, an element that can cause
problems at the neurological, respiratory, digestive and excretory systems.

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