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                                LEAKED REPORT

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Welcome to FBCASH Blueprint.

This is a leaked report we are only offering for download over Facebook that is
going to show you exactly why in 2011 your main focus should be utilizing
Facebook’s viral power as we do.

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In this guide you’re going to learn the keys to Facebook marketing and how many
underground marketers are raking in thousands each week through Facebook,
keeping their secrets under lock and key.

Now if you don't know what Facebook is then you might as well just give up any
attempt to market online. Google was once thought to be the internet super
power and I doubt four years ago anyone would have thought it could be knocked
off the top spot. But young Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg managed to do just

Mark has taken Facebook to elite status, establishing it as the online superpower.
With more than 400,000,000 members, it certainly deserves its name. What
many people don't know is that unlike any other social networking website online,
Facebook's members stick like crazy with over 50% of them logging in on each
given day. In the US, Facebook is more popular than Google, and that’s when
70% of Facebook users are living outside America. Facebook also receives over 39
billion page views per month. The statistics are absolutely insane, and the best
part about this is that there is only 1/20th the amount of advertisers on Facebook
as Google, making this a prime time for Facebook marketing.

For those reading their first Facebook marketing eBook, this guide is all you will
need. The majority of internet marketers finding great success on Facebook keep
their lips tightly sealed as to how they achieve such great results. It is much like
the old days of Google for Facebook right now so the money being generated is
just incredible. But all will be revealed in due course.

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                     The Viral Power of Facebook
Many overlook the major
advantage of Facebook; it
is the most viral platform
in the world. There is no
other social networking
hub available anywhere
else that can spread an
idea so fast to so many
people. To give you an
example of this, there was
a recent fan page which
was created over Facebook. I tracked the fan pages progress for two weeks from
the day it started. Within this period, the fan page had been exposed to over 1.7
million members. I refreshed the page every few seconds and each time, the
number of fans would increase by hundreds. That page owner has access to over
1.7 million people each time they decide to place an ad or comment on that page.

So how does this spread occur?

Facebook has been created so that each member on Facebook has their own
individual networks. They are able to increase their network by adding other
friends. All the activity they undertake network is viewable to friends in their
news feed. This activity may include uploading a photo, talking to a mutual friend,
joining a funny group or updating their wall status. Any time something happens
in their network they will be notified via the news feed. Below is an example of

     3   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
You can see all the activity for each of the above user’s friends and interactions.
This is separate from a person’s Facebook profile and should not be confused with
it. This feed is probably the most engaging function on Facebook. I and my
friends frequently check what is happening with our friends using this news
network. If something catches our eye, we click the link and view it.

Quite frequently there will be something posted from YouTube or someone’s
website which will be added to someone’s profile. I'll view it, and because I want
to share it with my network, I post it to my network. This happens quite
frequently. What is even more powerful about posts and ideas on Facebook is that
with just one click you can share something with your network and this is where
the viral nature of Facebook really kicks in.

The above example about the fan page spreading virally was due to this effect.
Member after Facebook member join the group, and it is broadcast on their news
feeds. Others see it and join too, and the cycle continues. The key to tapping into
this viral movement is knowing how to attract Facebook members via these news
feeds to click, adding to the growth of your page.
      4 FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
So how do we influence thousands of people over Facebook without spending a

There are many ways to get mass exposure through Facebook, but the fastest
and most influential is to create a Facebook Fan Page with a topic that motivates
people to join. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds though. In fact, it is much
harder to find a profitable niche for PPC or get a website’s conversions right than
find a popular topic for a fan page. Let me show you why:

Below I have two case studies of successful fan pages explaining their progressive
popularity which could potentially inspire some ideas of your own.

The first case study is on a Facebook fan page which, admittedly, has a lot of
character. This fan page increased its member numbers from nil to 1.5 million in
just seven days and is the quickest growing fan page I have seen. The title is:

     5   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
I like your makeup...LOL JK, it looks like you got gangbanged by Crayola

You'll see down the left hand side the amount of fans which have joined this page
as the owner has recorded them. At the time I took this screenshot, this group
had 1,752,537 fans. You'll also see a number of status updates in the centre of
the page. I’ll cover status updates in a later part of the book, but for now, we’ll
look at the reasons for this fan page’s exponential growth and popularity.

The first thing that stands out is the eye-catching title and creates some drama. A
fan page’s title accounts for about 90% of its popularity, so it is important to keep
that in mind when you create your fan page.

This page uses humor; writing an otherwise harmless sentence –or even a
compliment in this case- that is then completely contradicted. The words “LOL JK”
bridge the twist and lead to the unexpected punch line. Pages that use “LOL JK”
in the title are springing up everywhere due to their versatility and effectiveness.

     6   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
This page uses a common idea that many can relate to, drawing further attention
to itself. Everyone knows someone who wears too much makeup, and this page
really plays on that.

I would encourage you after viewing this case study to visit Facebook and type in
“LOL JK” into the search bar. You’ll find massive numbers of other fan pages with
this title, and that’s not accounting for similar phrases in other languages. See if
you can write a number of these out on a piece of paper to spark possible viral
ideas for your own future fan pages.

Our second case study is:

“I hate when I’m playing soccer and people mistake me for Cristiano Ronaldo”

This page isn’t nearly as popular as the first case study; however I believe that
topical and humorous lines are worth looking at. While I write this eBook the
World Cup has started and this page has just sprung up. You can view it below:

     7   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
Celebrity pages are great (If you can call Ronaldo a celebrity) become a popular
subject with girls because of their high visibility. Being a celebrity means you’re in
the spotlight, and there is always some new drama you can take advantage of in
a big way. I won’t even go into the pages that spawned about Justin Bieber being
gay or the Tiger affair because the user interest just went insane. So anyway, this
is a good example of a topical and funny page which soccer lovers will find quite
funny and will more than likely click the “Like” button. It is very easy to create
relevant topics like this which make people laugh.

In this next chapter I am going to run through one website I love finding topics
at. This website is a virtual goldmine for celebrity topics and makes it easy to
create almost instantly popular pages. TMZ.com. TMZ.com is just one humungous
goodie bag of ideas: it's a website where most of the girls I know hang out online
when they want to get their daily gossip. If you don't know TMZ, it’s one of the
largest celebrity news websites and its reporters are renowned for their edgy

     8   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
articles and uncut videos. They always seem to be the first to get the goss and
they love to get in celebrities’ faces and break the stories no matter how big or

Where TMZ comes in handy is with the topics it publishes on its site. Frequently, a
TMZ reporter will use a title on a popular topic which could mold nicely into a fan
page. After that it's a basic copy and paste job (changing some words if need be)
into Facebook and then your page is set to grow.

The topics featured on this website can be sorted by popularity which can often
reveal what popular topics are guaranteed to be a hit over Facebook.

I encourage you to check out TMZ and see what you can find now.

     9   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
 So how do I Make Money using Facebook Fan Pages?
Now that you have learnt what it takes to create a potentially viral topic, it's time
to learn how you can make money from a Facebook fan page.

There are a number of different ways to make money over Facebook. Today
though, we will look at one particular popular and proven strategy which the top
Facebook earners use.

The system is what I like to call the “Feeder Strategy”. The strategy involves the
utilization fan pages and direction of traffic to offers and other marketing
opportunities. This method relies on the ability to take fan pages viral over
Facebook. This isn’t difficult if you know what you’re doing, but we are going to
delve deeper into that in the next section. For now, you need to understand that
the whole point in creating our fan page is to make money online.

The key is to find a profitable campaign to run and then to utilize the traffic to
make money from it.

Some websites have recently been reporting that Facebook is sending them as
much, if not more traffic than Google. What must be realized now is that
Facebook is fast becoming a
search engine itself as more
and more people access
their accounts to find
information. You can
channel this Facebook
traffic toward one of your
own websites in order to
cash in on Facebook's viral
traffic. All it takes is a
status update.

I cover more on what it
takes to find a viral topic in
the Network Quake course
as there are a few important steps that can't be missed. For the purpose of this
eBook though, I am going to move onto the most important chapter:

    10   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
         How to Get Your Fan Page to “Viral Status”
For many people, this step is as hard as getting traffic to an independent website.
What you need to understand first, is that just like getting traffic to a website, as
soon as you become familiar with the methods and begin to implement them
yourself, you will have no problem using the same system over and over again to
get great results. In this section, I am going to cover one popular technique
which should open your mind to the opportunities Facebook holds. It’s really
through the simplicity of this step.

Before I move onto the method I am going to teach you, you need to understand
what it takes in order to take a fan page viral e.g. how many people, how much
time it takes, etcetera. My research and observation shows that in order to take a
fan page viral, you need at least 20,000 – 25,000 to join the page. You want this
growth to occur within a two week period. I find that if it takes much longer then
that it is hard to get the viral growth that you want to happen. We need to
measure the effectiveness of all the methods we implement and gauge how much
time we will need to spend using them. If you are not so keen on getting your
hands dirty in working the process, outsource someone to do certain parts for
you. They are very cheap and this could save you valuable time.

                    The Rapid Movement Method
This method is what I like to call the “rapid movement method” simply because if
you implement this method correctly and you have a fan page with viral potential,
nothing will stop it from going viral.

The key to this method is to find other fan pages and groups which relate to the
fan page you have created and find their Facebook ID. Many people add their
names to their fan pages so you can search for them on Facebook. But if they are
not available, I have another strategy for getting them which we will cover soon.

First of all, contact the owner of the fan page and ask them to promote your fan
page or group with a status update. If you don’t think they’re likely to agree, you
could always offer to pay them X amount of money for a status update. If your
fan page is related to theirs in some way, you can always request a free status
update. I often cut to the chase though so I know I can get the fans from it.

Once you have paid the money via PayPal to them, you can ask them to plug in a
“Join this Page” on their news feed for all of their members to see. The only real
criterion in doing this is that you choose fan pages with 100,000+ fans. If there is
any less it's not really worth your while. I would ask them to add a message
along the lines of “hey everyone! Check out this fan page, it's hilarious! LINK”. It

    11   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
doesn’t have to be spectacular just direct so they are called to act. Once you nail
a deal like this, do a couple more and your fan page will soon switch into viral
mode, which for you is going to mean big dollars in the bank.

In addition to this strategy, if you find fan pages you want to work with but are
not associated with anyone’s specific contact details you can always ask. Here’s
what I mean: on the majority of fan pages created, there is a discussion tab. This
is rarely used on most fan pages, but many fan page owners and administrators
will check it on a regular basis.

    12   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
You can see an example in the above screenshot where the discussion tab is. All
you need to do is post a discussion topic saying something like “Can the admin
contact me about this page?” Don't place anything related to buying the page or
anything like that. Once the admin looks at the discussion page, they will most
likely contact you and you can start negotiations from there. Now be wary of
paying any money until the person can provide evidence that they own the page,
and proof that that is their real identity. You don’t want to get caught up in a
scam or be taken advantage of. Once you have confirmation that everything is in
order, continue paying via credit card through PayPal.

    13   FBCASH – Sam Bakker, Wynne Pirini, Kabita Kalita http://fbcash.com/leakedreport
This is one of the many ways which you can take your fan page viral through
Facebook. In Network Quake, I describe many other paid and free methods to do
it which are proven to work every time with the right fan page idea. I encourage
you to test this method out and if you want to really ramp up your results go to
networkquake.com and check out the course.

                                   What's next?
Once you build your fan page up to viral status, you need to make use of all the
people who are on it to ensure you continued success. Start up other similar fan
pages and let your fans know about them. Encourage them to join whilst
attracting more fans. Remember, the more fan pages you have, the more money
you can make, so you want to continue to really push your other pages as soon
as your first page has gone viral. That way they can go viral too. Each page which
goes viral gives you access to thousands or even millions of new networks to
expose your products or offers in. When one of your fan pages reaches about
100,000 fans, it is time to start monetizing it and send those fans to various
related opt-in pages and other converting offers which you believe will work. Use
an ad tracker in order to track opt-in traffic from Facebook and conversions to
monitor your progress.

Facebook holds more opportunity than most marketers would ever believe. With
the amount of people on Facebook and the opportunities which have been created
through its systems, it is a platform that streamlines the process of making
money online. If you implement what you have learned in this book, you should
have no problem cashing in on the big opportunities which have been created.

If you would like to further your Facebook potential, there are a number of other
ways which you can take fan pages viral within hours or monetize your fan pages
to the max.

Want more free content to maximize your Facebook Marketing knowledge?

Visit FBCASH Now

Finally, I leave you with these words: Do it! Don't wait another day, there is
money to be made and as I have made clear in this book, there is nothing
stopping you from creating a fan page and beginning your marketing today.

To become an affiliate for our FBCASH Product mail sam@fbcash.com and express
your interest.

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Sam B, Wynne P, Kabita Kalita

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