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					Stealth Traffic System Plugin

Thank you for your interest in the Stealth Traffic System plugin.

This is one of the easiest ways to get massive backlinks to your site.

You can download the plugin here.

What follows are step by step instructions on how to install and use the plugin.

 Step 1 - Install the plugin

To begin, login to the admin panel within your Wordpress blog.

This can be done by visiting

You will be asked for your username and password that was assigned to you when creating this blog.

Once logged in, scroll down to the 'Plugins' section on the left side navigation panel. It will look like the
screenshot above.

Once there, click Add New.

Next, click the Upload link.

Stealth Traffic System Plugin - 1
Next, click Browse and navigate to the location of the plugin on your hard drive. The filename is

Once you've selected that file, then click Install Now.

Once the plugin is uploaded to Wordpress, you will see the message above. Please click Activate

When activated, you will see the Stealth Traffic System Plugin in your plugins list.

 Step 2 - Configure the plugin

The way the plugin works is simple... it generates content, creates links, and then posts those links to
other sites.

We have to start off and define who those other sites are.

Stealth Traffic System Plugin - 2
The plugin will post to any Wordpress or Wordpress Mu site that you have access to and that has
xml-rpc enabled (90% of blogs has this enabled).

In the menu on the left side of Wordpress, scroll to Stealth Traffic System and click on Blogs.

Add your blogs to the area that I have highlighted above.

The format is:


* I never add more than 3000 blogs at any one time.

If you need a tool to get blogs, then Traffic Multiplier X is my recommendation.

Stealth Traffic System Plugin - 3
Also, when the Epic Traffic Systems package goes live on June 15th, I will have a set of tools that will
allow you to create as many blogs as you want.

Once you've added your blogs, now you need to click on Stealth Traffic System.

This is perhaps the most complex section.

1. Posting delay in minutes - The way this plugin works is it's triggered when someone visits your site
AND this posting delay has expired. For instance, I have the above set to 30. This means that the
program will get me links after 30 minutes has passed AND someone visits my site. Once it posts links,
then the time resets and it will wait another 30 minutes. BUT, if no one has visited the site, then it will
wait until someone does before it's triggered again.

Stealth Traffic System Plugin - 4
2. Stop link posting in days - If you only want the plugin to get you links for 'X' number of days, this is
where you will put that number. If you want to it to work for as long as you have the blog, then leave this
field blank.

3. Feed of blog to link to - This is the RSS feed from your blog. The plugin parses the title and links
from this feed and embeds it into the content it creates and post. This is yet another good reason to use
keywords in your blog titles.

4-6. This information will allow your installation of the Stealth Traffic System to create content and
behave like it's supposed to.

Here's the info you should use:

This is the URL to the server:
This is the username you will use:
This is the password: affiliateradio

7. In this field, you will enter an article related to the topic of your blog. All of the articles I personally use
are created by Articlez.

The last step is adding a posting template and clicking the Set Up Auto Linking button.

The good news is that I've already created a posting template for you!

Stealth Traffic System Plugin - 5
Feel free to use what I have in there already or create your own.

That's all there is too this.

Since this is a free plugin, support isn't included.

But this has been beta tested since October and there are only been one issue reported...

Q - There's nothing in the Posting History?

A - It's either because XML-RPC isn't turned on in the remote blog or the plugin isn't firing (remember,
the posting minutes has to have passed AND the site must have a visitor).

Stealth Traffic System Plugin - 6

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