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                                                                 YOSEMITE TEL
                                                                     YOSEMITE      NATIONAL       PARK

                                                                 Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Ca.
                                                                        in th, e interest of its emplo?lees
                                                                               and local residents
YOSEMITE NATIONAL                            PARK                            SATURDAY, JANUARY 4,        1947

   John Jay, widely known producer of first                       the Village Store and Badger Pass Ski House.
rate ski movies will bring his newest "Skis                       There are only 300 seals in the Pavilion.
in the Sky" to Yosemite, February 7 and 8.                        When they’re gone, they’re gone. So dolft
It’s a two hour movie during whicil Jay nar-                      wait 1oo long!
rates in an interesting   and amusing fashion,                       On February 7, in conjunction    with the
unmercifully    ribbing  the awkward "snow-                       Yosemite Winter Club Ski Dinner at The
bunnies," The show has had glowing reviews                        Ahwahnee, Jay will present his film and nar-
from boih siding and non-siding audiences.                        ration.   The Ski Dinners are scheduled for
   "Skis in the Sky" is scheduled for two                         Friday nights to begin toward the end of
showings in Yosemite. It will be at the Vil-                      January. The next Sentinel     will announce
lage Pavilion on Saturday night, February                         the date or the first party. Marshall Hall
8, Tiekels are ,60, including tax, and will go                    will again occupy his old role as MC, Plan to
on sale January 10 at Yosemite Gift Shops,                        see the show one or the two nights,
                                    THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                 tined to become a fine playmate for his big
                                                 brother Stuey.

Published   by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.         Miss Margaret   Drown made her appear-
             EDITORIAL STAFF                     ance on December 16 to make a "threesome"
  Lois Nordlinger            "Dete" Oliver       in the home of Eugene and Marian Drown.
  Irene Uken             Louise Satterlund       Voice and all, she weighed seven pounds and
                Ken English                      two ounces,
  Ralph Anderson                 Dave Metz          Carole Mal’y I-Iogan became a Christmas
  Circulation Manager      Florence Morris       present for Mr. and Mrs, Gilbert Hogan, ar-
  Supervisor                Harold Ouimet        riving   on Christmas  Day! She tipped the
  Editor                     Henry Berrey
                                                 scales at five pounds and eleven ounces.
  Associate Editor            Jack Greener
                                                    And to Ranger & Mrs. Art Holmes, George
                                                 William arrived on the 30th day of Decem-
      GRINDINGS FROM THE Y.T.S.                  ber. I-Ie weighed in at six pounds and thir-
                                                 teen and a quarter ounces.
   Vacation time being over, the Y T.S. is
geared for a busy winter. Frank Pierce’s trip
to Wisconsin was reported as being a lot of
fun. He says he’s glad to get back to the                 SEEN AI~D      HEARD FROM
Valley, however. It’s nicer to live at 32 de-        Among the many who came "home to Yo-
grees above than 32 degrees below.                semite" for Christmas we saw Mary and Don
                   $      $     $
                                                  Tresidder,     Oliene Mintzer. Della, Herman
   In the spring a young man’s fancy turns        and Peter Hoss, Midge Pittman, Sally and
to thoughts of making love--or however it’s       Bob Plumb, Jack Hinton,          Jean Brandon,
said. Miss Trytha[ says "I’ll take my vaca-       Olive Lorenc, Bill Gwinn, Roy Lally and his
tion in the spring time." (Hmmmmm).               family.    There were many who could not
                                                  come but sent their greetings from all over
   Adams, Garfield and Phillips are back in       the country:      John and Rose Wegner from
stock after a reportedly successful hunting       Sequoia National Park; Christine Smith from
trip in Northern California    and Oregon and     the ranch near Fresno, where there are no
claiming daily limits.   (Which is how many,      shortages of meat, eggs and cream; Carolyn
boys? ).                                          and Cecil Tinkey to say they have sold their
                    18 ¯ $
                                                  place in Richmond and will be at home at
   Dapper Dantibo spent two weeks at Mon-        460 St. Ann’s Drive, Laguna Beach, shortly
terey and Carmel. However, he is very quiet      after the first of the year; William (Bill) Me-
about his golf scores.                           Namara, whose health has improved and who
                    II,       $ $
                                                  is now working for the Yellow Cab Co. in
   WesHull took fi~,e days visiting friends in   Merced; Winnie Kinnard writing from Cam-
the Southland. Kctivities    included a ferry    bridge, Mass, how much she enjoys keeping
boat ride from Glendale to Burbank; the          in touch with Yosemite through the Senti-
purchase of a fog horn for car; a slushy trip    nel.
back to Yosemite; took off rubber shoes,            Paul Tobin wrote from Desert Inn at Palm
hung up rain coat and returned to work. Wes      Springs; Olga Schomberg from her home in
may be quoted as follows:        "The weather    Evanston, Ill.;      Florence Scribner from Oak-
down south was swell--but it rained all the      land~she is ah’eady looking forward to sum-
time,"                                           met and her return;        Kathryn Donahue from
                                                 Meriden, Conn., her home town to which she
                                                 has returned for a while; Fred Geisdorff and
        BUNDLES FROM HEAVEN                      family from San Jose; Marie Henningsen
  That long legged old bird, the stork, was      from San Antonio; Lee and Esther Bailey
busy during the month of December. On the         I’rom Oakland; Walter and Rose Lintott from
6th he delivered another son, Kent James,        E1 Cerrito;     Carol and Frank Brockman from
to Mr. and Mrs. Itarry During. Kent James        Seattle where they are enjoying the change
weighed 6 pounds and 12 ounces and is des-       to city activities , . .
                               THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                                CLOTHING DRIVE CONTINUES
                                                    The campaign for clothes for overseas t’e-
                                                 lie[, sponsored by the Park Church, will con-
                                                 tinue unl, il January 13. Our recent cold wea-
                                                 ther reminds us that, millions across this
                                                 wor]d al’O   meeting much ITIOl’e sovol’O   col’l-

                                                 diiions with threadbare clothing.         Will you
                                                 do your part 1o hollY? Bring your old clothes
                                                 to the Standard Oil Station near the Com-
                                                 pany general office and ask the attendant to
                                                 show you the stall in which the clothes may
                                                 be placed.
                                                     Mr. Glass, of the Park Chureh, wishes to
                                                 thank the Yosemite Park and Curry Co. and
                                                  the Standard Oil Company for their coop-
                                                 oration in this collection,
                                                     The special offering I’or overseas relief,
                                                  tak.,’n cluring the observance o1! Claristmas
                                                  in the local church, now totals $71.!18,
                                                                            ~i~ ~I~

                                                   CANDLELIGHT             COMNUNION SERVICE
                                                    The first eancllelight  communion service
                                                 or’ the New Year will be held this Sun,.l.ay,
                                                 dm~uavy 5 at 8 p.m. in the Old Village Cha’J-
                                                 el. Mr. Glass will speak on the ther.ae,
                                                 ¯ ’Christ, the L’ght.’
                                                    At the eleven o’clock service,     Alydine
                                                 Bowmanwill be the soloist.    Mr. Glass will
                                                 speak on "Four Things to Do in the New
                                                 air t.~ a 1,

                                                                    CHURCH SERVICES
                                                 IVlass~8:30         a.m. in Old Village Chapel.

                                                 Morning Worship~ll           a.m.    in the Old Vil-
                                                 lage Chapel.

                                                 Brief Service (Protestant)~9:30              a.m.
                                                 Sunday in the Old Village Chapel.
                                                                WANT ADS
                                                  FOR SALE. Ladies’ hockey skates,        white.
   Oul’ Staff Photographer     was a very busy      Size 7, 85.00. Call Sylvia Lindroos, No. 13!1.
man over the Holidays but managed to pass
along the above pictures     taken at Christ-
                                                                  ICE RINK IN GOOD SHAPE
Top--Escorted    by Gimay Ann Sturm, Bobby           Congratulations    to Everett Edwards and
Ewing receives his present ilom Santa.            his crew for the wonderful ice rink set up.
Center--Enjoying   their first dinner at The      Skating is excellent and many of the locals
Ahwahnee ¢m opening       night    ave Marian     are showing great improvement on the thin
Gray and Phillips    Webb,                        blades. After a few brisk turns round the
                                                  i’ink, visit one of l, he local fountains for at
Bottom--Mrs. Bill Latly presents her grand-       hot ehocolate--a   good way to finish oil" an
daughter Mary Louise to Santa Claus al the
                                                  enjoyable evening,
Christmas Party,
                                 THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

   NATIONAL PARK SERVICE NEWS                     visit the various Reclamation Areas and go
                                                  over their employment problems. No one has
   Amongthe many visitors to the Park dur-       ever been more interested or more enthusias-
 ing the holiday season staying at the Rang-     tic over Yosemite National Park than Steve.
 ers’ club were Mrs. Betty Drury Edwards         He was accompanied on the trip by Mr.
 and her husband. Mrs. Edwards is the daugh-     Brown, Chief of Ernployment of the Sacra-
ter of the Director of the National Park Ser-    mento Office of the Bureau. One of the high-
 vice. From the Regional Office in San Fran-     lights of their trip was a quick look-see at
c’i~’co Miss Metcalf, her mother and a friend,   The Ahwahnee where Steve l~ad many good
Mr. Brown, were in. Francis P. Farquahar         times in the early thirties.
and family spent several days in the Park.
Anlong many other National Park interests,              NEWSKI PAPER PUBLISHED
he has done much work in place names of
                                                    A newski paper is about to see light. Called
the ’Park Former Ranger Frank Givens, now         "THESKIER," it will be the official publi-
Custodian of Pinnacles National Monument,
with his wife and children, came m to spend      cation of the California Ski Association, an
                                                 organization that has done countless good
the holidays with friends here. Bob Sovu-
                                                 jobs in the interest of skiing in California
]ewski and his family spent a J:ew days in
                                                 and Nevada. It will be a weekly publication,
the Park. His father, Gabriel Sovulewski,        the first issue scheduled to appear January
was a Supervisor of Yosemite National Park       2, 1947. Sixteen issues will be printed and the
in. 1915 and 1916. There are several Sovu-       subscription price is ,$1.00. WilliamStensaas,
ldwsl}i decendents who make their home here      we:l] known to many Valley skiers, is the
in the Valley.
                    $   $   8
                                                 editor and it will be published in Modesto.
                                                 It will contain news of interest to all skiers
   The wee folk of the Valley added their bit    about events, places, people and the activi-
to the Christmas spirit.    Sponsored by the     ties of the C.S.A. There will be frequent bits
Sunday School, and under the direction of        about Badger Pass and our locals as well as
Mrs. Alfred Glass, readings, solos, duets, and   some of ore’ prominent skiing guests. The Yo-
carol:ing were given. "The Star," a two scene    semite Winter Club endorses the new paper
playlet, written by Mrs. Glass from a child’s    as a worthwhile effort to bring to all up-to-
viewpoint, was presented by the older Sun-       the-minute ski news.
day School children. It was very interesting        Mail your dollar to Win. Stenaas, 1214 J
the way the children interpreted the birth of    Street, Modesto, California, for sixteen is-
the Christ Child. One of the highlights of the   sues of a really good ski paper.
evening was lhe scratching of an itch. Oh!,
to have never acquired self conscmusness.
With the old familiar carols being sung again              LOCALSKIER INJURED
                                                    Bill Cuthbert, who will be remembered as
all appreciated the work that the youngsters     one of the best skiers to come out of these
did as wee as that of the ones behind the        hills, suffered a broken leg while competing
scenes,                                          in the Nationals at Sun Valley. His mother,
                                                 Myrtle Cuthbert heard over the radio the
   We announce that Pete and Jeff Thomson,       terri[ying runlor that Bill had broken his
sons of the late C. C. Thomson, superinten-      back. So, though a broken leg is bad enough,
dent of Yosemite, now have a camera store        she was relieved to learn that the rumor was
at 1350 Polk Street, San Francisco, and that     unfounded. Mrs. Cuthbert is recovering from
Cal Willette, /ormer sewage plant operator       a broken shoulder herself. Best of luck to
in Yosemite some years ago, has bought out       mother and son.
Edwards Camera Exchange, 1428 Spring
Street, Paso Robles, Nowcamera fans, there
are two more addresses to write for your            Arnold Fawcus, one time ski instructor
needed equipment!                                and man of letters in the Valley, was back
                    $   $   $                    to his old haunt over the holidays. Arnold is
  It was great to see our own Steve Tripp        in the publishing business in Paris now and
back in Yosemite for a very brief visit last     in addition is writing a book on skiing which
monfl~, Steve is now Chief of the Employ-        will be illustrated by Tyler Micoleau, ano-
ment Division, Bureau of Reclamation, in         ther former Yosemite instructor now at the
Washington, D.C. He was m California to          Sugar Bowl.

                                 i _ --
                                                   YOSEMITE       NATIONAL        PARK

                                                Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co,
                                                      in the interest of its employees
                                                             and local residents
YOSEMITE :NATIONAL PARK                                                       17, 1947
                                                                FRIDAY, JANUARY

                                                price is .60, including tax.
                                                  The Valley people have been showing great
                                                interest in the performance and a sell out is
                                                expected so you are encoul’agcd to get your
                                                ticket as early as possible.

                                                    RECORD CROWDANTICIPATED
                                                   The Friday night Ski Dinners that have
                                                 been great successes in the past with tl~e lo-
                                                 cal gentry as well as the guests, will begin
                                                 on January 17 at The Ahwahnee, The open-
                                                 ing party will be without benefit of orches-
                                                 tra, as its arrival will be sometime later,
                                                 However, phonograph records will supply
                                                 a variety of good dance tunes.
  :’, ":, . . "   -                                 In the interest of propriety, gentlemen are
                                                 asked to wear neckties and coats or ski jack-
                                                 ets (in addition, of course to the other essen-
                                                 tials). Ladies arc asked to wear ski trousers
                                                 or skirts. No Ski, Boots, Please!
                                                    The charge ~or the dinner and the dance is
                                                ’,$2.45, including tax. This is a reasonable
                                                 figure for an Ahwahnee dinner alone, so
                                                 thece will be no reduction for privilege card
                                                 holders. Make your reservations with The
           SKI FILM DATES CHANGED                AhwahneeFront Office, See you or~ Friday
  It was announced in the last Sentinel that
"SKIS IN THE SKY," John Jay’s ski film,
would be shown at The Ahwahnee on Fri-
day night, February 7 in conjunction with
the Ski Dinner. For a number of reasons,
mainly that more people would be able to
see the. movie, the Friday night show has
been postponed until Saturday night when
there will be two shows at the Old Village
Pavilion. The first showstarts at 7, the sec-
o1%at 9:30 p,m.
   All tickets will be sold in advance com-
mencing January 20 and will be on sale at
Yosemite Lodge and Ahwahnee Gift Shops,
the Village Store and at Badger Pass, The
                                  THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co,
                   STAFF                                             Badger
   Lois Nordlinger            "Dete" Oliver
              Louise Satterlund
   Evelyn Mitchell                 Jean Kirk
   Ken English              Ralph Anderson                    i~ews of the Fortnight
   Circulation Manager      Florence Morris          Big races in the stem turn class last week
   Supervisor                Harold Ouimet
                               Henry Berrey       found Pat Dryden of the cafeteria tying with
   Editor                                         Frank Ellersick of Los Angeles for second
   Associate Editor            Jack Greener       place. The event was clocked by Bob Lint,
                                                  recently appointed Assistant Director of Win-
                                                  ter Sports. Bob was an instructor prior to his
       AHWAHNEE WANDERINGS                        new job.
   After seeing The Ahwahnee through the             Trubi, Le Roy Brooks and former instruc-
mad scramble of the Holidays, Dick Connett        tor Bill Cahowattended the meeting of the
slipped out to San Francisco for a few days.      Fresno Ski Club at which Trubi plugged
He recently had with him his sister and bro-      loudly for Badger.
ther-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Cochran of           Sunday is locals’ day at Badger. Johnny
Oakland and their two children Susan and           (the postman cometh) Hansen and one
Dick. Susan, not yet three, handles a pair of     the ~ull time instructors gives special atten-
skis like a Swiss,                                tion ko Valley residents in handling the slick
                    *   ,#   *                    slats.
   Nancy Taylor is now the official soda dis-                    Casualty Colunm
penser in the Sweet Shop, SammyBallante,             Syd Ledson has done it again! With a hip
manof all trades, gave up the job for a turn      to ankle cast he now enjoys the scenery from
with the Maintenance. Before Sammyleft            the back of the bus instead of battling the
the Sweet Shop, he had become devoted to a        road from behind the wheel.
ring tail cat that came up through a ventila-       When four boys go skiing and two come
tor from the hotel basement every afternoon       back limping, this moonlight skiing has to
at three-thirty   in quest for tid bits. His      stop. It sounds romantic but it’s not all it’s
change broke up a beautiful friendship.           cracked up to be. Ask Don King and Ken
  Desk Clerk Frank Bailey and Badger Pass           ToneyFrietas’ wife Elsie is nowstrictly a
hand Dorothe Brand are impatiently wait-          porch skier due to an injured ankle twisted
ing for Springtime. They announced their          on an icy slope.
engagement a while back and have set a yet
undisclosed date in April for the big event.                "I Wish I Had My Camera"
                                                     Trubi:s eye-appealing stocking cap with
   Edith Beer is now minding the ski rental       its blinding colors that droops clear to his
customers at Badger instead of being secre-       waist was tenderly knitted by Stanford co-
tary to Manager Connett.                          ed Nadine Mahlm.
                                                     Terry’s blonde hair combed into a more
  Arnold Benson, first pilot of elevator No. 1,   intricate glamor coiffure each day. Howdoes
was seen taking his constitutional last Sun-      she do it?
day morning, He walked from Badger Pass             Do Mary’s black furry after sld boots have
to Chinquapin and liked it!                       any connection with the disappearance of a
                                                  certain black kitten?
   Wehad some movie great with us recently.         Old 152, the employees’ bus, collapsed from
Miss Judy Garland and her secretary Kay           old age between Chinquapin and Badger. So
Thompson; Miss Lucile Ball and bandleader         out we got and started thumbing, Edith de-
husband Desi Arnaz; and Mr. and Mrs. Jef-         termined to reach Badger even if she had to
frey Lynn.                                        walk. (P.S. She got a ride).
                                    THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                            FROM HERE AND THEI~E
                                                      Ralph de Pfyffer has a new model, namely,
                                                   Margaret Lou who was born on January 4,
                                                   She is already a charming little lady~(eye
                                                   witness)! Margaret started out with 6’/.,
                                                     A "Junior" arrived in the James Spencer
                                                   family on January 12. He was a husky little
                                                   fellow at seven pounds and fourteen ounces.
                                                     Congratulations to the de Pfyffers and the

                                                       Leona Fox, cashier at the Spoon and one
                                                    of the smilingest people in the Valley, met
                                                    with an accident recently when she skidded
            CHURCHSERVICES                          into the mountain this side of the Brieeburg
                                                    grade after encountering an unexpected
Ylass--7:30 and 8:30 ill Old Village Chapel,        stretch of icy road. Foxy, as she is knownat
YIorning Worship--I] a.m. in the Old Vil-           the Spoon, suffered rib injuries and a lacer-
lage Chapel.                                        ated knee cap. Vern Appling and William
                                                    Martin, occupants of the car, were also in-
Brief Service (Protestant)--9:30       a.m.         jured. Vern was thrown part way through
Sunday in the Old Village Chapel.                   the windshield, receiving serious cuts on the
                        $ $ $                      face. Martin escaped with scratches.
                        4                             Our best wishes to Foxy and Vern for a
                                                   speedy recovery,
                                                                 MUSIC PROGRAM
   The sound movie, "A Certain Nobleman,"             Wouldyou be interested in listening to fine
will be shown at 7:30 Sunday evening at the        classical music some evening? Then lend an
Old Village Chapel. The film will depict a         ear . . .
well-known Bible story and is produced by             On Wednesday evening, January 22 at 8,
Cathedral Films of Hollywood. The service          Doug Whiteside will preside at a. get-to-
will also include ti~e singing of manyfavor-       gether for music lovers at Best’s Studio. The
ire hymns and a sermon by the Rev. Alfred          tentative program will include Wagner’s Die
Glass. Everyone ~s welcome.                        Gotterdamrnerung, Siegfried’s Rhine Jour-
   At the 11 o’clock service, tl~e soloist will    ney and Funeral March; Bach’s Partita No. 2
be Alice Cruze of San Francisco. Mr. Glass        in C Minor; Schumann’s Piano Concerto in
will begin a series of sermons under the gen-     A Minor, and Quartette No. 8 in E Minor by
era] title "A Spiritual Pilgrimage." The          Beethoven.
Brief Services w/ll be held at 9:30 and will                      CAMERA CLUB
close at l0 a.m. Stop Jn for a church experi-         Twenty camera enthusiasts gathered at the
ence before you go skiing.                        Best’s Studio January 14 to discuss the reviv-
                    s       $   $
                                                  al and reorganization of the Yosemite Cam-
CLOLPHINGDRIVE CLOSES JAN. 20.                    era Club. It was a preliminary meeting to ex-
   The drive for old clothes for Overseas Re-     plore the possibilities and set up plal~s for
lief will close on Monday,January 20. If you      following meetings.
have clothing you would like to give to help          The first regular meeting will be held at 8
those i~ distress in Asia and Europe please       p.m., February 3 at Best’s Studio and every-
leave it at the stall near the main Standard      one who is interested in becoming affiliated
Oil Station~ask the attendant for directions.     with such an organization is welcome. The
  The amount of moneyreceived for overseas        progl’am arranged for that night will include
relief now totals more than eighty dollars.       an election of officers and an exhibition of
If you would like to give a cash gift, see Mr.    color slides. Call Lola Peterson, Hotel Divi-
Glass of the Park Church,                         sion, phone 100, if you wish to attend.

                                 THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

    NATIONAL PARK SERVICE NEWS                    The youngster arrived at 10:45 and George
                                                  Bailey was there to sign up his membership
  The Annual Meeting of the Yosemite Credit       at 2:50 p.m. Weventure to say that not many
Union will be held at the Masonic Club next       youngsters have a bank account at such a
Monday, January 20 at 8 p.m. Members of           tender age.
                                                                    i, 11 $
our "local bank" will be interested in the ex-
traordinary growth of the organization which       The first shipment of trout eggs arrived at
now serves the credit needs of a large part     the Fish Hatchery on January 6, marking the
of the Park employees.                          start of another busy season. The shipment
   Everyone interested h~ the credit union is   consisted of rainbow trout eggs.
urged to attend this meeting. Members    should                     $ I $
at least fill out their proxies and ballots and
mail them to George Bailey, Treasurer, in          Park rangers are asked many questions
the event they canot attend the meeting.        about many subjects, but Sam King at Bad-
                                                ger Pass had an unusual one the other day.
                                                A visitor approached Sam and asked if there
  Ben and Gayle Tarnutzer and Gayle’s two was an ice skating rink at Badger Pass, "No,"
brothers John and Don Rawles were in the        replied Sam, "but there is a skating rink in
Park recently for a few days of skiing.         operation at CampCurry in the Valley."
                                                   "Anyice on it?" asked the visitor.
   Mr. and Mrs. Don McHenry (hereafter to
be referred to in these columns as Don and                 OLD VILLAGE STORIES
Bona) and their two sons, Bruce and Keith,          With the winter in full swing, the Village
arrived in Yosemite a week ago to occupy         Store crew is ready to help one and all enjoy
the Brockman house. Don is the new Park          the season. In every department can be found
naturalist and comes to Yosemite from the        items of interest to both the locals and guests.
National Capitol Parks, Washington, D.C.,           In the curio department, Ellie Smith and
where he has been park naturalist fcr a num-     Evelyn Gullic are proud to display the new
ber of years. While there he initiated many      calendars with twelve beautiful Yosemite
new features in the educational program,         scenes. The cases and shelves are also cov-
such as conducted trips on barges on the.his-    ered with new glass and leather articles.
toric old Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Re-            Pauline McKee, always the busy saleslady
memberseeing pictures of it in the National      is ready to help the skier with the latest in
Geographic?                                      ski clothes. Manynew articles in baby cloth-
  Bruce McHenry will soon join the bus           ing are being added to the shelves daily.
group attending    Mariposa High School,
while Keith is attending grammar school in         A change has taken place in the meat de-
Yosemite.                                        partment with Sam Bhmberg on a needed
                                                 vacation and genial HomerHuot, last year’s
  The moving van which left Washington           CampCurry Store butcher taking his place,
with the McHenryfurniture before Christ-
mas is expected to arrive almost any day.                           are
                                                    Localhousekeepers welcoming many
                                                 new itemsnowappearing thefirsttime
                                                 sincethe war--hardware as saucepans,
   Announcements  have been received     that
Phyllis Cole, daughter of Jim and Jessie Cole,   llevere          boilers,
                                                        Ware,double              and
formerly of Yosemite and now at 29 Palms                pots.
where Jim is custodian of Joshua Tree Na-
                                                    Irene Uken, who was in the Store for a
tional Monument, was married to Walter
ltayn~ond Bolster on December18.                 year and an half is taking up the duties of a
                    $   ,I   $                   housewife. She is greatly missed by all her
  At the year’s end, George Bailey had a race
with the stork and lost by only a few hours         The members of s-.q welcome Hazel Whit-
when he registered the Credit Union’s new-       ley back to the fold after an extended stage
est member, George William Hohnes, born to       of sickness. She suffered severe injuries in
Art and Dorothy Hohnes on December 30.           an auto accident last November.
                                                               r     : ....   "   .’    ’   :’’:    ’   .   4..   :.,,   ,;

   II             i , i   --~ -__ J- I   I

                                                      YOSEMITE      NATIONAL                       PARK

                                                 Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                        in the interest o:f its employees
                                                               and Zocal residents
 YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                      SATURDAY,FEBRUARY 1947

    1Maggie Howard, perhaps better known by       mother at Mono Lake. The name means
 her Indian name Tabuee, died following           "grass-nut"   or ,sweet root dug from the
severa] montils of failing health Saturday,       ground." Her people were Piutes, and they
January 25, at MonoLake. This is sad news         used to make long treks into Yosemite Valley
to her many :h’iends          in Yosemite  and    in summerand return to 1V~Ol’lO Lake in the
throughout the country, for Tabuce was            autumn. She is survived by two sons, Willie
known and admired by many people who              Williams and Sire Lundy, both of Mono
used to visit with her while she pounded         Lake. Three of her nieces are living in Yo-
acorns or wove baskets at the small replica      semite at the present time. They are Lucy
of an old Yosemite Indian village back of the    Telles, Alice Wilson and Agnes Castro,
rntlseLln~ ~lt (~ovel/nnlerlt Center.               Tabuce will be buried near her ancient
    Tabuce was one of the last of her people     grounds and the scenes of her childhood in
to live according to the customs of her ances-   the vicinity o1’ Mono Lake, Her passing
tors. She preferred to eat Indian food, such     marks another chapter in the interesting
as acorn bread, seeds, bulbs ancl nuts. She      history of California Indian life and tho.se
gathered ka-cha-vee, an insect delicacy com-     who have known her will consider them..
posed or larvae which are washed up on the       selves fortunate.
shores of Mono    Lake at certain times.
                                                    ~SEE     SKIS          IN          THE         SKY~
   No one knows how old Tabuce was at the
 time of her death but in all probability she
 was in her late eighties. Manyoldtimers of
the park remember that she was apparently
an elderly person when they fh’st knew her
thirty or forty years ago.
   Tabuce posessed an unusually good sense
of humor. On one occasion when an elderly
womancasually asked her how old she was,
Tabuce replied: "I’m sixteen, how old are
you?" She cooperated with many photo-                  SKI MEET FEBRUARY8 AND 9
graphers by posing for pictures, but natural-       The Yosemite Winter Club will be host for
ly resented ha’¢ing her picture taken on the     the Class "B" Ski Championships at Badger
sly wiIhout the usual modest tip. We re-         Pass February 8 and 9, The Meet will consist
member one time when she came into the           of Downhill, Slalom and Combined for both
museun~ after a busy afternoon of working        men and women. The Downhill race will be
on Indian craJ:ts,    answering hundreds of      held at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday and the Slalom
quesl,  ionsof visitors and posing for many      race at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, The Do~vn-
plnotographers. She was disgrunted because       hill race will be run on the Rail Creek course
someone had taken her picture froln behind       and the Slalom will be set on Tempo Dome.
a tree. "l-Iuml)hh" she grunted, "take my        Bob Gallison, Tito Sigal and John Wight are
picture all the same bear."                      scheduled to represent the Yosemite Winter
   Tabuce was given her Indian name by her       Club.
                                  THE YOSEMITE

Published     by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
               EDITORIAL STAFF
  Lois Nordlinger                "Dete" Oliver
                Louise Satterlund
  Evelyn Mitchell                     Jean Kirk
  Ken English                 Ralph Anderson
                                                    The long awaited snowstorm arrived and
  Circulation    Manager       Florence Morris    with it a rushing business in the parka de-
  Supervisor                    Harold Ouirnet    partment.
  Editor                          Henry Berrey                         $      $   $
  Associate Editor                Jack Greener
                                                     "Hambone," Mr. Hamilton, as he is known
                                                  on Wednesdays in Merced, plowed the porch
                                                  with the little    putt-putt and refusing to don
       AHWAHNEEWANDERINGS                         a park~l because he didn’t want to be mis-
   A recent Ahwahnee guest apparently     is
well supplied with automobiles,    John Kas-      taken for a skier.
                                                                        J(:       W~
senbrock,   one of the bellmen, asked him
where his car was parked so that he might           Any injured skiers needing one sock or one
send it to the garage, The guest looked puz-      mitten, call. our lost and found.   We have
zled and then said, "Good heavens, which          enough for everyone.
                                                                       $ $ Ill
car did I bring with me?" Ho hum!
                    $   $   ¯
                                                     Ray and Peg 1VIalby out from Glacier Pt.
  Wendell and Vickie Otter are expecting to       recently for a Sunday dinner at The Ahwah-
entertain their 13 year old son, Dick, over       flee.
February 1 and 2.                                                             s   ¯

                                                           HOSPITAL     DEPARTMENT
          SKI DINNERS CHANGED                       The hospital reports that only one local
   Bigger and better Winter Club Ski Dinners      needed mending as a result of slding mis-
are planned for the future. It was decided        haps sil~ce the last Sentinel. Marion Gray,
that rather than have a Ski Dinner every          Curio Warehouse beauty, broke her ankle
Friday night at The Ahwahnee, all those con-      but is now up and about.
cerned would be better     pleased by having                           Wc Wc W~
them less frequently and on a grander scale.        Old man stork stayed in his nest.
Four dates have been’ set for the remainder
of the season on which Ski Dinners will be
                                                     --SEE    SK’IS     IN            THE SKY
held: February 7 and 14; March 7 and 28.
The price will remain the same, $2.45 for din-
ner and the evening, Plans include music by
an orchestra rather than records, folk danc-
ing exhibitions   by some of the talented lo-
cals and folk dancing contests with prizes for         If you haven’t gotten your ticket for    []
the nimblest couples. Except for these dates           "Skis In The Sky," hop right out and     ~]
there will be no ski dinners.                          get them because they’re going fast.
                     $ IW w~

                NO PRINCE
                                                       They may be purchased for .60 at the
                                                   [] Gift Shops, Badger Pass, and at the
  We had been looking forward to seeing the            Village Store. The movie is reported     [11
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia whose visit               to.be Jay’s best~which makes it a
was expected early next month. For "rea-          []   bang up good show. The date, Feb-        []
sons known only to the emperor," the visit           . ruary 8 at 7 and 9:30 1).m. at the Old
has been cancelled     and we will never, at
least not now, have the opportunity to show
our Park to the visiting nobleman,
                                                       Village Pavilion. It is doubtful if
                                                       thm’e will be any tickets
                                                                    at the door.
                                                                                     on sale


  --SEE     SKIS   IN       THE SKY.


                                THE YOSEMITE

                                                  were advanced to Second Class rank on their
                                                  completion of the specified tests. Bruce Mc-
                                                 Henry was introduced        as a new member of
                                                  the Scout Troop as a transfer from Washing-
                                                 ton, D.C. Bruce is the ranking scout of Troop
                                                 50, having attained first-class status.
                                                    Awards were made by Ralph Anderson,
                                                 Cub committee chairman,         William Brown,
                                                 Troop committee chairman,         and visiting
                                                 scouters Robert Laird, District       Commission-
                                                 er, and D. S. Milliken,       Neighborhood Com-
                                                 missioner, both of Merced,

                                                    .... SEE     SKIS      IN THE SKY.--

                                                                    .~ ¯
                                                                                ~ ,.,~’,.


   Our roving reporter caught the above pic-
ture showing the Badger Pass crew leaving
in the Snomobile to break trail to Ostrander
Sld Hut. Not shown m the picture, but trail-
mg two miles astern, John Loncaric and Har-
old Ouimet are snowshoeing at top speed to
climb aboard the wagon. The trailing   sled m                 CHURCH SERVICES
for Harold when he finally catches up.
                                                 Nass--7:30   and 8:30 in Old Village        Chapeh
                                                 Morning Worship--ll       a.m. in the Old Vil-
     BOY   SCOUT   COURT    OF HONOR             lage Chapel.
   The first    Boy Scout Court of Honor ever    Brief Service (Protestant)--9:30           a.m.
held in Yosemite took place last Wednesday,      Sunday in the Old Village Chapel.
January 22 at the Ranger’s Club. In addition
to members of Cub Pack and Scout Troop 50,
more than 60 parents and friends attended           "Our Reading Habits,"       Sermon Topic
the program, The purpose of the meeting was
to recognize and award Cubs and Scouts who          At the eleven o’clock service at the Old
had advanced       in cubbing    and scouting    Village Chapel the Reverend Alfred Glass
grades,     Two new boys, Robert Eckart and      will preach on the subject       "Our Reading
Keith McHenry attained their first rank and      Habits"--third   in a series "A Spiritual Pil-
became members of the Cub Pack. Cubs             grimage." Jeanne Kirk is the soloist.     Brief
Roll Clark, Bil],y Cramer, Gary Scott, Jimmie    Service for skie’rs and others at 9:30 to 10.
Starr,    and Larry Miller were given awards
for advancement, In addition the last three         Elmer L. Hommel, NPS cashier,  has just
named boys were graduated         to the Scout   resigned, and is moving to Sacramento. The
Troop as Tenderfeet in a special ceremony.       Hommels, Elmer, Dorothy and Dennis will be
Scouts Mike Adams, Charley Castro, Wally         leaving for Sacramento in about two weeks.
Brown, Paul DePfyffer,        Larry Hoyt, Ted    They have ah’cady located    a comfortable
Phillips,    Peter Robinson,. and Jack Miller    apartment.

                                      THE YOSEMITESENTINEL

                                                        past weekend. Boys and girls from the Chad-
                                                        wich Seaside School in Rolling Hills will be
                                                        here 31 strong for a week. Gh’]s from the
                                                        Castilleja School in Pale Alto, Douglas i~l
                                                        Pebble Beach and the Dominican Convent
                                                        m San Rafael will be here soon.

                  N.P.S.   RAMBLINGS                       ~SEE    SKIS    IN THE SKY.

         The new secretary in the Park Engineer’s
       Office is Miss Phyllis Leeders of Chicago.                   CREDIT UNION NEWS
      Miss Leeders was formerly in the Branch of           The annual meeting of the Yosemite Credit
      Plans and Designs of the Director’s Office Jn      Union was held at the Masonic Club on Jan-
      Chicago. Miss Olive Lorenc is the new steno-       uary 20. As you might expect, everything
      grapher in the NPS accounting office. She         was well organized with Charles Hill, Presi-
      formerly worked in the Y. P. and C. Co.           dent, and George Bailey, Secretary-Treasu-
      accounting office. The new ranger on the          rer, stationed at the door to register every
      force is Kenneth R. Ashley, Mr. and Mrs.          shareholder as he or she entered the build-
      Ashley came from Walden, Colorado, and            ing. However, George was so busy turning
      are now living in the apartment formerly          out a fine annual statistical repot’t, getting
      occupied by Helen Gemmer just opposite            ballots and proxies in to be sure of having a
     the Hamers. Esther McMaster has moved              quorum, and a hundred and one other de-
     into the house formerly occupied by Annette       tails that he completely forgot the minutes
     Zaepffel before the teacherage was converted      of ]asL year’s meeting! There was a slight in-
     into two attractive apartments. Mr. and Mrs.      terruption    to the meeting while someone
     James T. Murray moved into the house west         went after the minute book.
     of Bill Stevensons’ near the Lodge, and Mr.          Officers for the coming year are almost
     and Mrs. Herb Ewing and son have moved            the same as those who served last year.
     into the house at the east end of ArmyRow         Charles Hill will again be President, George
     west of the Lodge.                                Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer.    Other members
                                                       el’ the Board of DirectoJ’s are as follows: Ed
                                                      Bowman,Bill Ellis, A] Glass, Bill Lally,
         Announcement has been made of the en-         Gene Ottonel]o, Helen Schroeder and Ellis
      gagement of Ranger Tom Rixon to Miss            Whitley. The Supervisory Committee con-
      Betty Carlson, Y. P. and C. Co. employee.       sists of Sturge Culver, Dick Ditton, Florence
      Spring must be just around the corner, for      Morris, Carleton Smith and Ralph Anderson.
      there arc several other forthcoming mat’-       The Credit Committee reelected again this
      riages too. Thomas R. Tucker, blister rust      year is composed of George Goidsworthy,
      foreman, and Evelyn F. Buschlen, Glendale,      Alice Hewitson and Frank Ewing,
      will be married February 15. Lee H. Duzzim,         The meeting turned into a nice social oc-
     NPS painter,   will be married to Lucille        casion when refreshments of hot chocolate,
     Murphy, E1 Portal, on February 1. They plan      coffee and sandwiches were served.
     a week’s honeymoonin Mexico, after which
     they plan to move into the home they bought
     from Johnney Charron at E1 Portal.                  ~SEE     SKIS     IN   THE     SKY.~

                                                                      WANT ADS
                SCHOOL VISITORS
                                                      FORSALE. Six year old size crib, wood,~
       The Valley and Badger Pass will be the         in :fair condition. Springs good. Excellent
     scene of much merriment when visitors from       inner spring mattress: $15.00. Small tricycle,
     a number of private schools make their an-       $2.50. Call Thelma McGregor, 6]3.
     nual junkets to Yosemite. Miss Burke’s
     school in San Francisco has had one group                    COMING MOVIES
     in and another will be here over this week-      "Wild Bill Hickok Rides Again" with "The
     end. The Sarah Hamlin girls skied, skated                       on
                                                      Strange Woman" a "Strange Journey" and
     and generally enjoyed themscl.vcs over the       signs up for "Two Years Before the Mast,"
                                                      YOSEMITE       NATIONAL       PARK

                                                  Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                        in the interest of its employees
                                                               and local residents
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                       15,
                                                             SATURDAY,FEBRUARY              1947

    The Father-Son Banquet held at the Ma-         that this wasn’t a live onel
 sonic Club on the evening of February 11 by          Lou Hall0ck gave a ctetailed ’ddl~on~tration
 the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts turned out to       of howto tie a fly, not a housefly but a trout
 be a big success. Practically every boy in the    fly. He prefaced his. demonstration with a
 Valley from the young cubs to dignified high      fine little talk on good sportsmanship and
 schoolers joined with their dads, or other        how we must become accustomed .to the need
 dads assigned to them for the evenir g, for a     for sraaller limits, to safeguard against over-
 grand get-together around a deh ’.ious pot-       depletion of the trout population. He urged
 luck supper prepared by the mo~ .:rs and          Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to be good con-
 served by Grace Robinson, Bobby Starr,            servationists and fish not for numbers but
Bona Mac McHenry and Audrey Scott.                for the sheer sport of catching a few. After
  The occasion for the dinner was the cele-       his demonstration "there was evidenced con-
 bration of Boy Scout Week being observed         siderable interest by the boys in learning to
throughout the nation. Bill Brown acted as        tie flies, and Lou generously, offered to help
MCand enlivened the evening with his stor-        them individually or in groups.
ies and ribbing of those whocould not boast            Other talks were given impromptu by
of having a son, He called attention to Char-
                                                  Superintendent Kittredge, Mr. Hilmel: Oehl-
lie Hill who has neither son nor daughter,        mann, and Emil Ernst. Emil is an avid stamp
but even worse tl~an that~to Jim Taylor
                                                  collector and supplements his hobby study-
who has neither son, daughter nor wife.           ing the early history of postal service in Mar-
   Manyinteresting talks were given on hob-       iposa County. He told the group of some of
bies. HomerRobinson pointed out the possi-        his interesting discoveries along this line,
bilities of "whittlin’" and passed around a       and offered to assist the boys in this hobby
few samples of a small statuette of a deer in     of stamp collecting after they have started
various stages of completion to show how          their collections.
easily it was done.
                                                     The evening program was concluded with
   Bobby Mclntyre talked at some length on        an expression of appreciation by the entire
his many worthwhile hobbies which include         group for the splendid work being done with
skiing in winter, fishing in summer, and col-     Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts under leadership
lecting stamps and paper money from all           of A1 Glass (who’was unable to be present)
parts of the world. He modestly indicated         Gene Ottonello, Cubmaster,         and Homer
that he was as good or better than his dad in     Hoyt, Assistant Scout Master.
some of the sports.
   Bruce McHenry, recently arrived in Yo-
semite from Washington, D.C., explained how
interesting the hobby of collecting snakes can                CHURCHSERVICES
be. He told of his talks before groups of Girl    Mass~7:30 and 8:30 in Old Village Chapel.
Scouts and Boy Scouts on this subject, and
                                                  Morning Worship~ll     a.m. m the Old Vil-
ended his talk by casually dropping a "snake"
                                                  lage Chapel.
in front of the toastmaster. This was the more
nppropriate since Bill Browndoesn’t particu-      Brief Service (Protestant)--9:30      a.m.
larly like snakes, and how was he to know         Sunday in the Old Village Chapel.
                               THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL
mmmr~mammr~=~==~           EI~    Q ~m~E

Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
             EDITORIAL STAFF
  Lois Nordlinger            "Dete" Oliver
              Louise Satterlund
  Evelyn Mitchell                 Jean Kirk
  Ken English               Ralph Anderson
                                                           PASSING GLANCES
  Circulation Manager       Florence Morris
  Supervisor                 Harold Ouimet      Sue coming in from the slopes and shoving
  Editor                      Henry Berrey      her skis at Dale saying, "These things just
  Associate Editor             Jack Greener     don’t work right." Next time, Sue get some
                                                skis that can sld . . . Carl Munson,spending
                                                all his time taking movies instead of skiing,
         AHWAHNEE WANDERINGS                    until time to go home. You can’t do both...
                                                Louise and Bob, who have had a half day’s
   Reminiscing over last Friday’s Ski Dinner, skiing before the rest of the crew ever gets
we decided that the funniest incident of the to Badger . . . John Weeks, new ski school
evening was Zeppy, who, in the middle of the hand, Bob Hicks, Bill Crawford and Mike
folk dancing exhibition, insisted in leaping l~ossi, cafeteria department. The welcome
over ’the shadow of the microphone thinking     mat is out . .. The past weekend was no-
it was an electric cord--not once, but twice! thing short of sensational--races, storms and
Next ’funniest were the Tyrolean hats bor-      crowds. To go from the sales room to the
rowed for the occasion. BobLint’s fitted like   cafeteria, you just got into the moband, after
a bucket--hitting    everyone just below the    a slow, rough trip, you were therefor down
ears.                                           in the ski room or up on the balcony. Woe
   Voted the best dancer of those at the train- to him who tried to change direction!
er’s table was Ge61"ge Oliver, judging from        John Jay, who kept us all in stitches with
the many compliments heaped upon him.           his wonderful movie, finished thirteenth in
Marian Gray ran a close second in her at-       the Class "B" Championships.
tractive costume and her cast-bound leg. El-       Did you ever get Edith Beer started on
sie Frietas, back in the running after ankle the customs of the Swiss or the culture of the
difficulties,    was among the top three--es-   Far East? After having lived practically
pecially when she threw herself into la         everywhere in the world she is a fascinating
rhumba] Which reminds us: let’s have some conversationalist.
sambas. Dorothe promises to teach us how if        It’s nearly time for Syd Ledson’s cast to
 we will show up at the Curry folk dances.       come off--but someone else can take his
    A fine three-pmce orchestra, an accordian,   place in the damaged department. Betty Aro
 string bass and guitar, has been secured for is reduced to a porch skier nowwith a hip to
 the nightly enjoyment of the hotel guests.      ankle cast--another pulled ligament.
 Two members are oldtimers at The Ahwah-            Somehow we’re sorry Johnny Hansen’s
 nee and ,.~,e welcometheir return. Richard baby wasn’t a girt. Weall like candy better          .
 Ferraris heads the trio with Warren Wise- than cigars. All but Syd.
 man and Harry Mordecai assisting.

         BUNDLES FROM HEAVEN                    MANOF THE HOUR~AmosNeal. Enthusi-
   Peter Jorgen Hansen, heir apparent to the    astically demonstrating all the gadgets on his
House of Hansen, arrived on February 6. It      new Chewy- somewhat embarrassed          when
                                                the automatic windshield wiper failed to per-.
is said that he wears ski boots instead of
booties, sleeps in a rucksack, and yodels in-   form as per booklet stated. Mrs. Proctor in
                                                the same predicament.
stead of crying.
   Steven Michael Mahoney, which is as fine     MAN OF THE HALF HOUR--Phil             Webb.
                                                Nonchalantly following a bus girl in the cafe-
an Irish nameas there is, was born to Mr. and
Mrs. John Mahoney on February 3.                teria loaded down with his tray (the busgirl
   Glad to have them aboard!
                                     THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                       SPLASHCOURTESY! there such a thing?
                                                       Don’t believe Emily Post has ever written
                                                       anything on it, but the abuse of it the past
                                                       weekend would fill pages! Try walking over
                                                       Sentinel Bridge some puddle-day. You have
                                                       two choices ~ both wet. Take the splash or
      If you’ve been putting off buying winter         step over the rail into the Merced River. At
    needs, now’s your chance to get them, and at       that, the river would be cleaner, for it isn’t
    a saving. We have six waterproofed snow            the splash that’s so bad--it’s the Staid it
   suits for children, sizes 2 to 6 that will go on    leaves behind. Methinks ’t would be fair. to
   sale on Monday. There are several new, best         carry a can of mud as pedestrian ammuni-
   grade ski racks for the top of your car and a       tion.
   good selection Of fine quality ski jackets.
   Look in on the clothing department early if
   you are interested because they won’t last    TO THE LADIES: Keep Wednesday, Febru:
   long!                                         ary 26 open for the second Ahwahnee’lunch-
                         8 $ 8                   eon. There was a good turn out for the Janu-
-i                                               ary meeting, but is is hoped that the next
       Note to Messrs. DePfyffer, Hansen and Ma- four monthly luncheons wili have even bet-
   : honey, We have a new shipment of those 3- ter attendance. When    you receive notice, re-
     cornered pants that are so popular With the turn the reply card as promptly as pos.sible
     cradle set.                                 to insure reservations. Those of us whoheard
                                                 Mr. Walker’s interesting    talk on "Leisure
                                                 Time" may well take .his advice by making
       We all miss Jerry Fasano, the "Kid from it applicable to the diversified programs to
    Brooklyn." He has been confined to Lewis be offered. NancyLoncaric will take us into
    Memorial Hospital for two weeks and will     the realm of Music on the 26tlz
    now have to spend several weeks at home.
    Wife Helen is in the city undergoing an op-
    eration and we are all pulling of a speedy A CHILD’S PRAISE: "Mother, Mr. Glass
    recovery of the Fasano Family.               doesn’t preach about God--he just talks!"
                       $   $   $

     Next door ]n the Shoe Shop, Briney and           RECORDTIME was made last Wednesday
   Helen Wammackare happy with their new              at Badger! Thirty-nine school kids poured
   granddaughtcr who is visiting them.                from the buses, mounted their skis and were
                                                      out on the slopes in classes in 15 minutes
                                                      flat! Like to see that manyadults try it. It
     From Degnan’s, across the way, we hear           wasthe first of the ski lessons to be given Yo-.
   that Barbara McCauley Thornton became the          semite’s lucky youngsters on Wednesday as
~-mother of an eight pound boy on February            part of their physical education activities.
   3. Barbara is well known to the locals and         Hot chocolate and cake at the end of the les-
   her husband Joe is the son of the man who          son contributed by Virginia Adams, was an
   originally built the Village Store.                added climax to an already perfect day and
                                                      you can be sure they will be ready for "more
                                                      of the same."
      The Spoon looked like the Mocambore-
   cently wheneight pretty girls from the Gen-
   ral Offices had dinner there before being hus-     SCOUTCORNER. The Scout Room in the.
   fled to Badger [or a picture taking episode.       Museum  was the scene of an .impressive can-
   There were reserved signs on the tables, fan-      dlelight service when Brownie Troop No.’ 1
   cy salads, delicious soup and, of all things,      and Int. Girl Scout Troop No. 2 met together
   hamburger steaks. No floor show except             for the first time last Mondayevening. The
   Sammy.                                                                (continued on back page)
                               THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

            N.P.S.   RAMBLINGS                 and had to be on their way back to the Can-
                                               yon next day.
   Theeditorial   staff of’ihe  Sentinel appre-                       $ $ S

ciates cardreceived       fromJimCole,Cus-         Manychanges have taken place in the per-
todian JoshuaTree National           Monument, sonnel of Yosemite since Florence Williams,
which         as
       reads follows:                           efficient secretary, served the National Park
     "Tosomeone Yosemite, sendthanks Service here. Many, however, are still here
                   in            I
   forsuch fitting
           a         tribute a mutual
                              to        friend.and will be interested to knowthat she is op-
   Whoever  wrotethe news item on "Yosem- erating a magazine agency from her hotel
   ite’s Oldest  Indian  Passes musthave room in Los Angeles, although severely
   knownTabuce I knewher."
                 as                             handicapped by arthritis.
                                                  Wouldn’t it be swell if each of us who knew
   Supplementing storyaboutTabuce’s her-would send her a subscription or two, or
passing, ]earned       fromLucyTelles     that possibly send for our renewals through her.
burial took        at
             place Bishop             of
                              instead at Mo- It would be so little for us to do, yet would
no Lake originally               Lucy
                        planned. took      the mean much to her., In any event, she would
bus to Merced   during   the heavysnowstorm, know that we haven’t forgotten her, and that
wentto Coleville    where  shemetherbrother would mean a lot.
HarryTom who operates ranchthere,          and     Her address is 1254 West 6th Street, Los
with            they
      relatives drove              a
                            through veritable   Angeles 14, California.
          to         for
blizzard Bishop thefuneral. had        Snow
drifted to thehighway         morethana foot
deepm places.     The windshowled    downfrom        SQUARE DANCE DATE CHANGED
           of               and
thecrest theSierra, it waswith             the
the greatest difficulty that they managedto        Our next Square Dance will be Thursday,
get through.                                    February 20 at the CampCurry Dining Room
   From Lucy we learned of Tabuce’s failing     as the regular dances are now being held on
health, how Tabuce seemed to realize that       Fridays, to take care of the weekendvisitors.
she had a short time to live and had called        Practice period will be from 8 to 9 and.be-
an Indian Service man to make "three wills"     ginners always learn enough then to enjoy
for the two sons and a niece. The estate is     the evening program o~ square and social
reported to have amounted to approximately dancing.
$1800, which included a $1,000 bond.               NewValley residents are urged to come.
  The primitive ritual of the old-time Indians Make up your party to dance "your style"
was carried out by Sam Kinney, a Piute In- and take in the few remaining dances.
dian who sang five songs starting about 9          Your committee is eager for your sugges-
a.m. and ending at 10.                          tions to keep dances up to the pleasure they
   As Lucy described the ceremony m"The have afforded during the past few years.
body on one side of the fire and the dancers
crying there and going around the firemmen,                 ¯ MORE DOODLING
women, everybody." Five more songs were
                                                occasion was three~old; a Brownie Scout In-
given at the cemetery where Tabuce was vestiture~taking             in Lillian King as a new
laid to rest, her quaint homemadedresses        member; a Brownie Fly-up ceremony where-
buried with her in her coffin.                  in Barbara Jean Anderson and Patricia Oli-
                       4, S
                                                ver received their wings entitling them to
   In Yosemite for a very brief visit, Lon and leave the Brownie troop and enter the Int.
lnger Garrison with a friend Mrs. Chase, all    Scout troop; and third, a Girl Scout Investi-
of Grand Canyon, stayed at the Rangers Club     ture in which the same two girls and Lucy
Saturday night. Lon is now assistant super-     Clark became members of the Girl Scout
intendent of Grand Canyon National Park,        Troop No. 2. Formal acceptance into the troop
is well knownhere since he served as ranger was acknowledgedfor Doris Hewitson and
in Yosemite back in the thirties. Incidental-   Shirley Winslow. These girls have been mem-
ly, their Christmas card this year in tim form  bers for some time, but had not previously
of a miniature newspaper with detailed stor-    gone through the Investiture ceremony. Re-
ies of the doings of their interesting family freshments were served by eight of the Scouts
~was one of the cleverest we have ever seen.    who are earning their Hostess Badge under
The Garrison party could stay only one night,   the capable guidance of Mrs. Knowles.
  i   ....            .   _          ,   k ....

                                                           ,, vYzt
                                                                     [OSEMI SENTINEL
             ~:" ----’-       -" -            i
                                                                          YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK

                                                                     Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                                            in the interest o] its employees
                                                                                   and local residents
 YOSEMITE NATIONAL                          PARK
                                                                                     SATURDAY, MARCH1,        1947

    SKI             SNOWFALL
   After enough unavoidable    delays to try                         graphic, made color pictures both in the Val-
the patience of a saint, it now appears that                         ley and at Badger Pass. According to Rine-
the long awaited Constam "T" bar ski lift                            hart, the Yosemite pictures will be a part of
will be in operation this weekend. Skiers, lo-                       a picture story on snow sports scheduled to
cal and visiting alike, have looked yearning-                        appear in a next-winter     issue of the Geo-
ly at the towers, then the cable and sheaves,                        graphic. Watch for it . . . you may be in *t!
and linally when the chairs began to arrive,                           Early this week Rinehart accompanied Os-
it looked like the great day was about here.                         car Sedergrcn,    Duane Jacobs,    Buck Evans
Well, barring any more unforseen calamities,                         and Charley Proctor on a trek to Glacier
C-Day is here. Now, all you good skiers,                             Point for photos of that area.
pray for some more snow.

         ADDITIONS            TO SKI              SCHOOL                           FREE SKI MOVIE

   The Ski School does-so much business, two                            "FOCUS ON WESTERN SKIING,"         a two-
new instructors   have been added to take cm’e                       hour film on skiing in the West will be shown
of the aspiring customers. John Weeks, from                          at the Old Village Pavilion Saturday Night,
Modesto and Stanford,     will work with the                         March 1 at 3 p.m. It was filmed and will be
beginners,    and Dave Clark, Merced and the                         presented by Jack Seabern, publisher of one
Sierr,~ Club at Norden, will take them as                            of the best ski magazines in the country~
they come. ’                                                         "Western Skiing."     There is no admission
                                                                     charge. Get there early for a good seat!

      PHOTOGRAPHERS VISIT                           PARK
   Josef Meunch and Allen Rinehart, two well                         Welcomes--Wedding Bells and New Arrivals
known figures in the field of photography,                                 At the Lewis Memorial Hospital
recently visited Yosemite to capture on color                          Welcome to Dr. Baysinger,    an ex-ranger
film some of the winter beauties,        Meunch,                     naturalist,  and his family, which includes
who has done considerable work in the Park,                          two and one-half year old David who is quite
assisted by his wife Joyce, concentrated on                          a boy,
ski action pictures taken principally on Tern-
po Dome. Ski instructors      Brooks and Hansen                         Another welcome is Nola Krog, R.N, of
and Ski School Director Trubi cut all sorts                          San Mateo. You may recognize her by the de
of fancy capers in the deep powder snow,                             luxe red bike.
   Incidentally,    have you seen "West Coast                           Wedding’ bells for Betty Moe, our R.N. of
Portrait,’     the new book by Hastings House?                       Oregon, and Ken Mooslin, our summer doc-
It contains 95 of Josef Meunch’s finest photos,                      tor, Wedding to be held in the Chapel.
including a number of beauties of Yosemite,
Included with the total of 250 photos are                               Billy, along with his parents, Mr, and Mrs.
many interesting     etchings well arranged for                      William Ovcrton are thrilled     with the new
an excellent over-all effect.                                        arrival of Jacke Jane on lhe 24th of Febru-
   Rinehart, representing     ihe National Geo-                      ary, weighing 7 lbs, 71/,’, oz.
                               THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
           ’ EDITORIAL STAFF                                      ~~
  Lois Nordlinger      i "Dete" Oliver
              Louise Satterlund
  E4elyn Mitchell                 Jean Kirk
  Ken English               Ralph Anderson         The Ostrander Lake ski trips are provid-
  Circulation Manager       Florence Morris     ing considerable diversion for our ski in-
  Supervisor                 Harold Ouimet      structors,   Bud Smith and John Weeks took
  Editor                      Henry Berrey      in a party last TuesdaY’, Trippers were Nan-
  Associate Editor             Jack Greener     cy Taylor, Eunice Smith, Mr. and Mrs, Magi-
                                                dry, Lestcr LaVelle, Mr, Malta and Bob May-
            VACATION NOTES
                                                  Badger had a few people over Washing-
  Dick Connett will entrust his hotel to his    ton’s Birthday--3,967 to be exact--which is
staff for two weeks while he is vacationing,
                                                an all time high, Some were sun bathing,
Dick’s first stop will be Sun Valley for ski-
                                                some skiing--both were equally good,
ing, then on to San Francisco for we’re not
sure what, He will be accompanied by his
                                                  Thanks to office help Hazel Hindley and
sister and brother-in-law, Mr. andMrs, A.S,     YvonneCunninghamfor their assistance dur-
Cochran.                                        ing the weekend rush,
  Grace (Hobby) Hobson is spending her
                                                  Sue is no longer a bride. She and Carl
spring vacation at Laguna Beach and finding
many subjects to shoot (kodachrome),            celebrated their first wedding anniversary
                                                on February 17.
  Marion Bell, former paymaster, spent the
holiday weekend in the Valley,                    As this is written, Toney Frietas is pre-
                                                dicting a storm before midnight Thursday,
                                                February 27. As a matter of fact, he’s taking
  Esther and Lee Bailey have recently moved
                                                bets. By the time you read this Sentinel, he
[rom Oaldand to Santa Ana where Lee is
                                                will either be a weather prophet or in dis-
now engaged in the building business. Nat-
urally they want the Sentinel sent to their
new address. Earl and Irene Uken Prentice          Springtime’s in the air! Nola and LeRoy
also asked to have the Sentinel sent to them
                                                have that look and Nola has a brand new
at Redondo Beach where Earl is the meat         ring,
cutter at the University Club.
                                                  Ginnie Gilmore’s fiance, Bob, recently dis-
               SCOUT ITEM                       charged from the Navy, is up for a few days’
                                                skiing. More wedding bells?
  United Air Lines has announced through
their Chicago office that they will be glad                    Passing Glances
to furnish to any Boy Scout or Cub Scout in        Elsie waxing skis; not hers but Betty Dan-
the Yosemite area information in connection     iels--a bribe to get Betty to make another
with any of the aviation merit badges and       twenty-five runs with her. It didn’t workl
the Air Scout program.
  Mr. Boynton, station manager of United          Keudall--a flyer, skier and guest, circled
Air Lines in Modesto, stated that the local     over the big hill in his AT-6, He dropped a
office will be happy to assist the Boy Scouts   parachute message which landed in the tall-
in aviation study and achievement. Further      est tree. Whowants to climb up and get it?
information may be obtained by contacting
the Scout Office at 914 Eleventh Street in         Everyone in brand new Bally boots after
Modesto.                                        the sale at the Village Store.
                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                    Dan Cup/d’s Good
                                                    That pink little man with tl~e quiver full
                                                 of arrows has been working overtime. On

                  ..... Nil                      Valentine’s Day, Agnes Doyle and Cy Wright
                                                 were married in Merced at Agnes’ mother’s
                                                 very attractive     home. Although Agnes and
                                                 Cy tried to keep the wedding small, they
         OLD VILLAGE STORIES                     both have so many close friends and rela-
                                                 tives that the house seemed filled to the
                                                 eaves, Agnes wore a blue suit styled in the
  Washington’s Birthday provided a good
                                                 latest fashion, with a small straw hat that
workout for the Village Store. It greatly re-    shaded from pink to pale wine. Her flowers
sembled a summer’s day, what with a record       were a beautiful lei of pink carnations tied
crowd and the warm weather.                      with white ribbons. The house was decorated
                                                 with lovely bouquets of white stock and yel-
  Expecting a busy day, Mr. Brownpreyailed       low jonquils and one large arrangement of
upon the good natures of Esther Doll and         pink fruit blossoms and pink tapers, After
Carrie Eisele, two of the cutest girls in the    the ceremony, the wedding cake was cut in
General Office, Carey made an excellent          the approved manner and refreshments were
Curio girl, while Esther divided her time be-    served. Then Cy and Agnes kicked up their
tween the Drug Counter and the Store of-         heels and scooted across the neighbor’s lawn
fice. Both gMs agreed that it was fun, but       to a waiting automobile and sped away.
a little tiring,
                    $   $
                                                   I:lound number two was the marriage of
  The sale of winter clothing and supplies       Evelyn Buschlen and TommyTucker on Feb:
has been quite a success. Ski jackets and        ruary 14 at the Old Village Chapel. It was a
wind-tuckers are still aplenty for the pro-      double ring ceremony with Mary Jane, Eve-
spective customer.                               !yn’s sister and Temple Schlagater, a friend
                                                 of Tommy’s,acting as attendants. The bride
   Sld boots and ice skates are still on sale    chose a short white dress with a finger tip
and are really a bargain. There are no small     veil and carried a bouquet of red and white
size ski shoes left; only sizes ranging from 8   carnations. The maid of honor was dressed
to 11 and they are in Bally, Bergman and         in blue and carried pink carnations, A gal.~
Spqrtsmaster. Although the ice skating is        reception followed at the Ranger’s Club, Mr.
over for the season, it will pay you to buy      and Mrs, Tucker will continue to live in the
now for next year.                               Valley after their honeymoon.
                    8 III   8

 Charles Vogel, an employee from last sum-     Marian Gray will (take) Phil Webb for
mer at CampCurry is the new butcher in the   better or worse very shortly. The only real
meat department,                             clue to their intentions is that they are hunt-
                     ip ap ip
                                             ing for a house . . . plus the fact that they
  Jerry Fasano is seen often around the      are practically    inseparable, Then, Louise
Store now, He is feeling much better after   Satterlund appeared Monday wearing a dia-
                                             mondon the proper finger, The lucky man is
his visit of two weeks in the Lewis Memorial Warren Starnes, a Mariposa rancher. No date
Hospital. Helen is homefrom the hospital in
                                             has been set, but with spring in the air it
San Francisco and is greatly improved.
                    ,l~ it, N,               probably won’t be long now.

  Beth Saunders and Ellen Mathison, both             Bob Seach and Louise Hyder will take the
Village Store employees of last summer,
                                                  step MarchI I. They have a house in E1 Por-
were visitors in Yosemite for the weekend,        tal ready to moveinto, which is a part of the
They were disappointed in not finding more
                                                  Toney Frietas real estate holdings.
snow, but were glad to see their old l’riends,
                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

           N.P.S.       RAMBLINGS
   A group of locals interested in Scouting
accompanied Gene Ottonello in his new sta-
tion wagon to attend the 26th Annual Meet-                    SQUARE DANCES STILL
ing of the Yosemite Area Council, Inc., Boy
Scouts of America, at Merced Tuesday.                         POPULAR WITH
   There were 540 enthusiastic   Scourers at                  LOCAL ATHLETES
the turkey dinner held in the pavilion at the
Merced Fair Grounds. The principal speaker
was James Corson, Dean of Personnel at the
College of the Pacific at Stockton. The dinner   Next Thursday, that’s March 6th son, is
was efficiently served by uniformed Scouts.    the date of the next Square Dance. One of
   Those who accornpanied      Gene were A1 the manyattractions will be an exhibition of
Glass, Scoutmaster, Homer Robinson, Bob Folk Dancing by Dorothe Brand’s Group, a
Mclntyre, Harry Parker, Sturge Culver and top hit at the AhwahneeSki Dinners.
Ralph Anderson, members of the scout and
                                                 Camp Curry Dining Room proved to be a
cub councils. The group beamed with pride      popular choice for the new square dance
to discover Gene Ottonello’s name happened
                                               ser}es, so with a fine lineup of dances, the
to head the list of 92 names on the back of
                                               exhibition, together with refreshments, will
the program,
                    Ill $ $                    assure you a fun-filled evening next week.

  In Yosemite for a few days skiing over the
Washington’s Birthday Holiday were Gaylc                 CAMERA CLUB MEETING
and Ben Tarnutzer and Gayle’s handsome
young brother Donald Hawles.                       The Yosemite Camera Club, which is a
                                                 growing, active organization, will meet Wed-
                    $   $   S
                                                 nesday, March 5 instead of Monday, March
  A recent visitor was Ralph Griswold, en-       3, as previously planned, The meeting place
thusiastic skier and skater who worked in        has not yet been determined, according to
the NPS engineering office about ten years       chairman John Loncaric, but it will be an-
ago. Always a tireless outdoorsman, Gris-        nounced on the bulletin boards in the Valley.
wold confessed that during last summers          The Club’s darkroom will be in operation
Sierra Club outing he sometimes got short        next week and will be available for mem-
Of breath while climbing mountains above         ber’s use. Dr. Starr and other club members
10,000 feet elevation. Most of us have had       have donated equipment. Anyone interested
that experience as far back as we can re-        m photography is invited to attend.
                    *   $   $

  Visiting Harry and Kit Parker and their          The many Yosemite friends of the Barnett
son Harry Mack this week is Kit’s mother         family were pleased to learn that Emily and
who will be leaving soon for her home in         George became the parents of a baby girl,
New York.                                        Marjorie, February 13th in Madera. Several
                                                 days ago Hilda and Jess Rust saw the baby
                                                 and report she’s a chip off ihe old block~red
  The largest number of people yet to con-       hair and deep blue eyes.
gregate at Badger Pass scattered themselves
over the ski slopes last Saturday, Washing-
ton’s Birthday. A total of 4351 entered the
Park on that day and a large percentage of                  CHURCHSERVICES
them visited the Badger Pass area.               Mass~7:30 and 8:30 in Old Village Chapel.
   Ranger Sig Johnson told us of one young
couple arriving late in the afternoon and ask-   Morning Worship--ll a.m, in the Old Vil-
ing about accommodations, They were just         lage Chapel.
sure that they would find a room in the Val-
ley, because they noliced so many cars were      Brief Service (Protestant) --9:30 a.m.
leaving the place!                               Sundayin the Old Village Chapel.
       i   ............

                                                          YOSEMITE       NATIONAL       PARK

                                                      Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                             in the interest of its employees
                                                                    and local residents
     YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                      15,
                                                                    SATURDAY,MARCH              1947

     MARCH DI/                                         NEWS
                                          !S---RED CROSS
       A total of’ $106.60was collected in Yosemite   by our local youngsters for playthings. For
     in the recent March of Dimes campaign for        good reason, the gift boxes may not contain
     the benefit of the victims of infantile para-    foods in the usual sense, but it is desirable to
     lysis. Practically a]l of this amountwas from    include bean bags which may possibly
     the individual containers placed at the          serve for food in a pinch. This is the first in-
     various units, stores, etc. around the Valley.   stance to come to our attention where the
     The Yosemite Post 258, American Legion,          bean bags served as a valuable seed supply.
     added $5.00 to complete the total.
                                                        KEF~P THE RED CROSS ON THE JOB
                                                        The case of Marilyn Muzzurco of San Jose,
         Membersof the Junior Red Cross recently
                                                     3V year old victim of a rare kidney disease,
      sent 34 gift packages consisting of toys, and
      miscellaneous useful items for shipment        illustrates the wide range of services avail-
      overseas. In addition a box of bunny-rabbit    able through the Red Cross. San Jose Red
                                                     Cross authorities in a recent newspaper story
      tray favors were sent for use in hospitals in
      this country,                                  reported that the moneyneeded for Marilyn’s
 7                                                  treatment would have been given by the Red
i        Gift boxes packed and sent by the Yosem-
      ite Junior Red Cross over a year ago have Cross if that organization had been ap-
      brought many inieresting letters from the      proached.
 i                                                      In addition to these more spectacular types
 i   youngsters and teachers in the war-de-
i.                                                  of aid, the Red Cross continues its rehabili-
     vastated Philippines. Most of the letters ex-
                                                    tation work with wounded veterans and its
     press deep gratitude to America for the help
                                                    overseas service to the men in our occupa-
     rendered, and rarely is there any request
                                                    tional forces. Incidentally, these "men" are
     for further aid even though it is apparent
                                                    largely youths of 20 and under, and their
     that they are m great need.
                                                    need for wholesomerecreation is very great.
         One of the most recent and most pathetic
                                                    Hence the importance of the Red Cross in
     letters read in part as follows: "I’m writing
                                                    this field+
     you a few words because I received an              In the recent epidemic of hotel fires and
     American Red Cross and it was a wlnite bean railroad and airplane disasters the Red Cross
     seed. All of the seed that we received here has been on the job with trained personnel
     in Santa Ana Elem. School we planted it.
                                                    and sympathetic service for injured and be-
     Ne’er the plant is still one month later. I
     lhink no harm of as by protecting the plant        This is lied Cross Month, Will you do your
     out of harmful, like of Bugs, Beans bugs . . . part in helping your Red Cross to continue
     all of us want to write a letter for we are its work of mercy by giving generously when
     asking any ldnds of vegetable seeds, as the approached by local representatives.
     cauliflower. Andplease kindly don’t miss the
     only things we are asking,"
        Needless to say, the Junior Red Cross is         "PRODIGAL SON" WILL BE SHOWN
     ordering a good selection of seeds suitable        The well-known bibieal story, "The Prodi-
     .for growing vegetables in the Philippines,    gal Son" will be shown at the Old Village
        The bean seeds which were mentioned in      Chapel on Sunday, March 23 at 7:30 p.m.
     the letter were taken l’rom bean bags made Everyone is welcome.
                                            THE YOSEMITESENTINEL

                                                                      LOCALS TO SKI IN MEET
                                                                Back in 1941, a ski team from the Yosem-
                                                             ite Winter Chib took a drubbing at the hands
             Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                             of the Southern Skis Club of Los Angeles.
                          EDITORIAL STAFF
               Lois Nordlinger                               Another team will have a chance to avenge
                                            "Dete Oliver
                           Louise Satterlund                this defeat on March 29 and 30 when the In-
               Jean Kirk                                     ter Club meetwill be revived--with all the
                                             Joe Brandon    attendant hilarity. One of the qualifications
               Ken English               Ralph Anderson
               Circulation Manager                          to compete is that the entrant must never
                                         Florence Morris
               Supervisor                                   have finished better than thirteenth in any
                                          Harold Ouimet
               Editor                                       skiing event. So we shouldn’t want for run-
                                            Henry Berrey
               Associate Editor             Jack Greener    ners. Three events are scheduled; slalom,
                                                            downhill and an obstacle race. Prospective
                                                            racers will be notified
                                                               If you or you or you want to join the fun,
                    AHWAHNEE WANDERINGS                    call Mr. Proctor at 91 and you’re on the
               The Ski Dinner Dance at The Ahwahnee team, The coaching staff consists of Ralph
            last Friday night was a great success and DePfyffer and Sturge Culver. Henry Berrey
            was well attended. The results of the day’s is manager, and Dr. Sturm, the trainer and
            collegiate jumping were announced, and a team sm’geon. Winter Club President and
            demonstration of folk dancing, under the di-   team captain, A1 Siega] will. be on the side
            rection of Miss Dorothe Brand, was well re-    lines encouraging his racers. In the same
            ceived.                                        fashion that the Olympic Ski Team is now
                                                           being selected, time trials will berun at Bad-
              It is being told around the Hotel of the en- get Sunday, March 16 for the slalom and the
           gagement of Miss Dorothe Brand of Badger downhill; not so much to see how well the
           Pass and Mr. Frank Bailey of the Hotel desk, entrants can ski but if they can ski. Mr. Ber-
           the nuptials being planned for April. Our rey will meet the team at 1 p.m. under the
           best wishes to the popular young couple.        Ski School bell. The obstacle race will be a
              It. seems we have quite a hiker in our surprise to all.
           midst. She took a nice long walk to the top
           of Yosemite Falls and reported the view was
           wonderful. We wonder how Margaret feels
           these days! Last report she was still alive.

             Penny Babcock, one of our young operators
          at the switchboard, is leaving us for a three
          weeks’ vacation. She is planning on spend-
          ing most of the time with her family in Van    Last Sunday night, Pat and B.J. were host-
          Nuys. Have a good time, Penny.               esses at a miscellanenus shower for Louise
             We are wondering how our manager, Mr.     Hyder at Sue lunson’s      home. A number
          Connett is doing with his skiing in Sun Val- of Louise’s old friends from Badger and the
          ley. Last report he was having a wonderful   Lodge were present.
          time and t’he snow was fine,                   At 7 a.m. on Tuesday,March11, Louise be- " ........
                                                      came the very lovely Mrs. Bob Seach. She
                                                      was dressed in an exquisite turquoise spring
                   CAMERA CLUB NEWS                   suit and carried a bouquet of tube roses, car-
           The Yosemite Can]era Club plans its next nations and orchids in a snow flake design.
        meeting for Mondaynight, March 17 at 8 in Father Walsh officiated at the ceremony in
        the Colonial Roomof The Ahwahnee. Mem- the Old Village Chapel. Louise’s attendant
        bers are asked to bring their ten best slides was Pat Powers and Trubi was best man.
        which will be projected and admired and The party left the church under an arch of
        discussed, There is no limit as to subject,   crossed ski poles. The wedding breakfast
        As ever, interested photographers who have was held at The Ahwahnee with the Trub-                   :
        not attended previous meetings are invited.   schencks and the Munsons entertaining the

/* ............
                                 THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

. wedding party, Complin~ents to Bertha Sar-
                                                          OLYMPIC FUND PROGRAM
  ver for her lovely table decorations and to
                                                     A ski team to represent the United States
  Fred Piersoff for ,q wonderful breakfast, es-
                                                   in the 1948 Olympics is being selected now
  pecially the wedding cake. The bride and
                                                  at Sun Valley. It will cost a lot of money,
  groom]eft .’immediately for Carmel,
                                                  $42,000 in fact, to train, moveand house the
     The long awaited Constam finally started     team All this money must come from volun-
  stirring from its lethargy last Saturday and    tary contributions. Any lesser arnount means
  went into action. Everybody at Badger gazed
                                                  a reduction in the number of skiers or short-
  inrapt amazement as two by two the T-bars       er practice periods. On March 29, Yosemite
  guided skiers up the hill. But manyand var-     people will have a chance to do their part
  ied were the comments afterwards,               toward assuring a successful and victorious
     Helen Ledson thought that those who were
                                                  team when two excellent ski movies will be
 able to handle the T looked very graceful,       shownin the Old Village Pavilion. The films
 Two of the rangers, whose names shall go         are "Ski Pro Holiday" and "The First Win-
 unmentioned, :fell four times on their first     ter Ascent of Mt. Bulyea," both filmed in the
 trip,                                            Canadian Rockies by our old Ski School Di-
     Bill Hughes fitted everyone to a T, Carl     rector Luggi Foeger. They are reported to be
 Mttnson was at it again, this time shooting      spectacular both from the standpoint of the
 movies of Dot and Frank, Sue andLowrie           skiing and the scenery. Net proceeds will be
 folk dancing to the nmsic of Ritchie and the     given to the Olympic fund. Further details
 boys on the Badger porch. Ritchie is on the      will be posted soon but plan to come to the
 casualty list. Glad he waited ’till almost the   show and next year when the U.S team wins,
 end of his stay. Mary’s limping after a day      you can remember you did your part.
 of shopping in Merced. Lowrie limping after
 a trip to Ostrander (by himself and by moon-
 light). Which proves people should stay at                 OVER THE MOUNTAIN
 Badger.                                            Doug Cee, of Long Beach, who will be re-
                                                  membered by many Valley people as the man
                                                  who makes a yearly trip over the Sierra in
         OLD VILLAGE STORIES                      Winter, has done it again. Mr. Coe went by
                                                  bus to Leevining then on skis to Yosemite
   The Village Store is first to recognize the    Valley. The trip took nine days including a
signs of spring, Soon to be seen on display       three day stop at Tenaya during the recent
will be bathing suits, sun dresses and sun        snowstorm. The lake is frozen and Coe slded
suits. So even if somepeople are still skiing     across it. lie reports that while the snowpack
daily, why don’t you get prepared for sum-        at the higher elevations is noticeably less
mer, and see what the clothing department         than normal it seems to have a high moisture
has to offer?                                     quantity.
  It seems that Mr .Brown doesn’t know his
ownstrength, Tiny Ethel Spurgin is still suf-
fering from a dislocated rib received when                   FISH HATCHERY NEWS
Mr. Brownwas swinging her at the local []            The Yosemite Fish Hatchery is really in
dance about two weeks ago.                        the busiuess of rearing trout now with a
  Leona Fox, who received injuries in an          million Rainbow, ].50,000 Eastern Brook and
auto accident in January is back on the job       2,000,000 Loch Leven growing fatter every
at the Spoon.                                     day. In addition to all of these, the hatchery
  Frank and Terry Eubank, spending part           expected to receive more than 100,000 spring
of their vacation in Los Angeles met with         spawning rainbow about the middle of April,
some bad luck. Someone broke into their             Leonard Nixon and Bill Overton have re-
car and stole their clothing, They are now        cently set up, an interesting exhibit of Bill’s
spending their time at Badger, where they         color transparencies showing the planting of
think it is safer.                                the trout, and other scenes around the Park.
  St, Patrick’s Day falls on Mondayand we         They hope i.hat by having some good dis-
will see how many h’ishmen are in Yosemite.       plays worked up, they can save themselves
It will be the best day of the year for Pop       much time and many questions from inter-
Danley and Jack Ring.                             ested visitors.

                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

           N.P.S.       RAMBLINGS                               LOST ARROW
  A youngster in Tucson, "Airzona", recently         The Lost Arrow Employees’ Club has a
wrote to Park Superintendent Kittredge for        new guiding hand, Miss Vivian Marshall,
information on Yosemite, and added--"I am         I:ormer Red Cross overseas worker, is the
nine years old. Myhobby is collecting Nat-        new hostess and she has some big plans in
ional Parks,"                                     store for all employees. On Monday, March
  All rangers have been notified to be on         17, there will be a dance in honor of that fa-
the lookout for this fellow and to make sure      mous Irishman, St. Patrick, Come and wear
that he doesn’t succeed in getting Yosemite.      something green!
If Half Domeis missing some bright morn-             Plans ai’e underway to obtain new records
ing, you will know where it went.                 and weeldy dances will be held regularly
                                                  each week with relaxed dress restrictions.
                                                  The Chess and Checker Club will function
 . Gus Eastman delved into the history of         soon as will bridge, pinochle and cribbage
accidents in Yosemite recently and un-            clubs. If you play one of these games or care
covered some interesting figures. Park re-        to ]earn, notify Miss Marshal1.
cords show 0nly one death due to collision           Two ping pong tables now grace the Club
of motor vehicles. In June, 1934, a motor-        and a tournament is in the making. Sharpen
cycle and an automobile collided and killed       up your eye!
the motorcyclist.     Between September 13,          In order to make the Club a success, the
1.941 and February 22, 1947, five and a half      hearty cooperation of all is sought. It is the
years, there were no deaths due to upsets         employees’ club and their efforts will make
caused by cars running off roads, hitting         it a lively, enjoyable place, so cometo the
trees, road banks, etc.                           Lost Arrow when you are i1~ need of relax-
   There are no records of pedestrians ever       ation.
being killed here by an automobile. Let’s            Amateur night programs are on the enter-
keep our fingers crossed on this last score,      tainment list and several suggestions have
however, and resolve to keep up the remark-       bem~rnade for others. There will be a movie
able record by always walking on footpaths        night soon and the advertising department
at night, wear light colored clothing or carry     will show kodachrome slides on Valley ac-
something white like a newspaper, or carry        tivities.
good flashlights,                                           "SEE YOU AT THE CLUB"
   The low accident rate in Yosemite may be
due to constant warnings given at entrance
stations, continuous sanding of roads during      IN STEP WITH THE
icy conditions, and enforcement of the 35                LYRICAL
mile per hour speed limit.                                       TANTALIZING
                    $   8   $
                                                          TOUCH OF SPRING!
   All Yosemite residents who would like to       The spirit of spring is nowin the air
have some good apples from the old orchards             As witness the gamb’ling of
growing here in the Valley will have an                 Deer, frog and robin.
opportunity this year. It is planned to prune     Youtoo can enthuse at the coming of. spring
the orchards through ~ cooperative effort in             By gamb’ling, hopping, and bobbing.
which we can all take part. This will not
only greatly increase out’ chances for having         AT THE SPRING SQUARE DANCE
                                                  Friday, March 21, Camp Curry Dining Room
larger better fruit next fall, but will improve
the appearance of the orchards as well,                    ALL REQUEST PROGRAM
   The work of pruning the trees should take
place within the next few weeks, and all in-                 CHURCH SERVICES
terested local residents should get in touch
with Emil Ernst, park forester, as soon as        Mass~7:30 and 8:30 in Old Village Chapel.
possible to volunteer their services and
arrange for the proper tools and instruction.     Morning Worship~ll a.m. in the Old Vil-
                                                  lage Chapel.
FOR SALE~ Davenport in good condition.            Brief Service (Protestant)~9:30      a.m.
  See Jerry Fasano at Old Village Store.          Sunday in the Old Village Chapel.
          i,   _ ,    i

                                                          YOSEMITE    NATIONAL        PARK

                                                  Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co,
                                                        in the interest of its employees
                                                              and local residents
  YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                     APRIL 5, 1947

EASTER                    LAKE
    With the first silvery notes of the trumpet   conduct the service and bring the Easter
 playing Bach’s "Sleepers, Wake!" the tra-        n3ossage.
 ditional Easter Sunrise service will begin          I?ollowing last year’s experience, local resi-
 next Sunday, April 6 at 9:30. Held by the        dents are warned to ]cave early for the ser-
 tranquil waters of Mirror Lake, with Half        vice. Last year, automobiles were parked as
 Domelooming nearly a mile high above, this       far downas Indian Caves. If you start at an
 annual service is one ol: the most inspira-      early hour, you will avoid the disappoint-
 tional and unique in all the United States.      ment of missing this beautiful service.
The time of sunrise at Mirror Lake, 9:32 a.          An earlier Easter service for the radio au-
m., makes this the latest service held in the     dience will be broadcast from the Lake over
country.                                          NBCPacific Coast Network. If you wish to
    Music this year will be brotLght by the A     tell out-of-valley friends about this broad-
Cappella Choir of the College of the Pacific      cast, the time will be 9 to 9:30 a.m. through
under the direction of J. Russell Bodley. This    all coast NBC   stations.
choir, during its recent spring tour, sm~gat      SPECIAL EASTER SERVICE AT CHAPEL
the Tabernacle at Salt Lake City. The Rev-           At 10:45 on Easter morning a special ser-
erend Alfred Glass o1: the Park Church will                                    (continued inside)
                                 THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                ]ated differently as the Trophy Race rules
                                                call for more weight for the slalom than for
                                                the downhill race. This is done to encourage
  Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.      controlled skiing amongthe youngsters.
             EDITORIAL STAFF
   Lois Nordlinger            "Dete" Oliver       At; this writing there had been received
              Louise Satterlund                 ten entries from the Reno Ski Club, four
   Jean Kirk                                    from Lake Tahoe and three from Fresno in
                                Joe Brandon     addition to the five boys from the Valley.
   Ken English              Ralph Anderson
   Circulation :Manager Florence Morris           These will be the last skiing competitions
   Supervisor                Harold Ouimet      o1~ the season, and at the close of business
   Editor                     Henry Berrey      April 6, all facilities  at Badger Pass will
   Associate Editor           Jack Greener      cease operation for this winter.
                                                                    $   $

                                                INTER CLUB
                                                    The( Yosemite Winter Club Team, Cap-
                                                  tainec! by A1 Sigal and inspired by Sturge
                   ,Badger                        Cu]ver’s victory in the downhill race, came
                                                  through to win the third Inter Club Ski
                                                 Meet against the Southern Skis Team from
                                                 Los Angeles last weekend. "Iqo-check" Cul-
             OLYMPIC TEAM FUND                   ver ran the downhill course m 51.1 seconds,
     In spi£e of a downpour just at starting     faster than Southern Skis racer C. T. Hill.
  time and a minor delay while the waiting       Third went to Paul DePfyffer with a 53.4.
  audience sang "who’s got the key," the Ol- The slalom was a different story. C.T. Hill
  ympic Ski Team Fund was fattened by $44. and C. Wawra, both from the south, placed
  This amount represents one-half the pro-       first and second, while L. H. Scroggins, a
  ceeds taken in from the sale of tickets at a guest racing for the local team took third.
  showing of two of ex-ski school head Luggi The rope race, in which a pair of skiers
 Foeger’s films last Saturday night. The other raced down the rope tow hill tied together
  half of the money, went to Luggi’s new or- by a thirty foot rope, was won by visitor
 ganization,     Olympic Productions Ltd. in "Pete" Bond and Bob Maynard, late of The
 Montreal. The first film, "Ascent of Merit Ahwahnee staff. It was a highly amusing
 Bulyea," s:howed the scaling of a precipitous   event with much pulling of ropes, team
 glacial peak in the Canadian Rockies, The mates going in opposite directions and be-
 second, "Ski. Pro Holiday," depicted some coming ensnarled in their rope.
 beautiful terrain, masterful skiing and ex-        Combined titles   went to "Pete" Bond,
 cellent photography. Those in the audience Gayle Tarnutzer and Lenore Oehlmann, for
 that were familiar with "Sun and Snow," the ladies, and to C. T. Hill, L. H. Scroggins
 made by Luggi at Ostrander Lake some time and Paul DePfyffer for the men.
 ago, recognized his photographic touch in         Individual awards were presented to the
several scenes.                                 winners and a plaque to the winning team.
                                                It ~s a perpetual 1.rophy to be awarded to
JUNIOR SKIERS                                   the current Meet winner.
    Several of the younger slders of the Valley
will compete in the Class C Championships
and the Yosemite Junior Trophy Race to be EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE (continued)
held at Badger Pass, Friday and Saturday,       vice will be held at the Old Village Chapel
April 4 and 5. Bill Brown, Mike Adams,Paul for employees and others who would not be
DePfyffer, Gary Scott and Ted Phillips, good able to attend the Easter Sunrise Service.
skiers all, have entered both events.           The service will close at 11:15, Mr. Glass
   The two events will be run together, as will conduct the service. Special Easter mu-
each includes a downhill and slalom. How- sic will be an important part. Everyone is
ever, the combined scoring will be calcu-       invited.

                                   THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

              OLD VILLAGE STORIES                                   LOST ARROW
       Welcomeback to Lillie Docker, cashier,
    Lillie is a regular summeremployee and re-        WERE YOU THERE
    turns froi~ wintering in Modesto. We also            The newly re]ncaraated    Lost Arrow Em-
    greet Steve Koller, who worked in the Foun-       ployees’ Club began the journey into its
    tain last summer, and who has been doing          new phase of life with a bright beginning.
    some traveling since. He will be with us for      On St. Patrick’s night, the gaily decorated
    the season.                                       Club swelled with 200 dancers and the night
       Pauline McKee the first to go on spring        was filled with music of Richie’s orchestra
    vacation. She and husband Ray are at Death        that had just left The Ahwahnee. The band
    Valley and will later visit other points in the   did a grand job of entertaining the crowd.
    south. Gen Johnson will leave this month          Door prizes were awarded and Helen Jones
    for a short visR ~o Illinois with Carie Eisle     and Toney Frietas were the winners. A
    from the General Office as traveling partner.     brief but enthusiastic jutterbug contest was
       Congratulations to Pop Danley, who cele-       won by Betty Ochinico and Frank Stevens--
    brated his        birthday last week. Pop re-     making them the King and Queen. Bugs
     ceived many gifts from friends in the Store      Blanche Tourand and Andy Campbell were
     and young friends in the Valley.                 the runners up. :Evelyn Mitchell sang a vocal
       Nettle Schilling of the Village Fountain is    with the orchestra. We’re expecting great
     a patient at the Lewis Memorial Hospital re-     things from her.
     cuperating from a recent operation. Also in         The party d~spersed from the Club at
     the hospital is our old congenial friend A1       11:00 but some of the more Irish Irishmen
     Akers of "Greasy Spoon" fame. We wish            serenaded the Valley residents. Thanks to
     them both a speedy recovery.                     Miss Vivian Marshall for a wonderful party
       Mr. Brown, an enthusiastic angler, is al-       and we’ll be waiting for another.
     ways ready to show other local fishermen
     what the Village Store has to offer in tackle.
       There are signs of spring in the Store with             OFFICE RAMBLINGS
     Easter baskets, toys, and cards on display in    Our reservations girl, Helen Satterstrom,
     the show cases. Also the latest in bathing    broke her ankle when coming down on that
     suits (brrrrr), play suits, and light summer  "last run" recently. One of her skis was also
     dresses.                                      broken in the mishap but she claims she is
                                                   going to buy a new pair for next year! They
                   HOSPITAL NEWS                   say you are not a good skier until you have
      The Sig Johnsons are the proud parents of broken your leg once!
    a second girl, named Julia Dawn. Her weight       They tell me that riding down to Indian
    at birth was 8lb. 3oz.                         Flat on a bicycle is good exercise! Madeline
      Adding a new atmosphere to the hospital      of Paymasters did that very thing last Sun-
    is Russian, Miss Benke, who along with her day . . . I’ll stick to the car.
    many talents can play the mandolin and
                                                      Indian Creek, over by the Old Tecoya
                                                   Area, started its merry little medley March
       The visiting hours at the hospital are be-
                                                   26 about 10:30 p.m. It’s a tune that really
    tween 2 and 4; 7 and 8. Please do not ask to lulls you .to sleep.
    see the patients at other times, as it inter-
    feres with nursing duties.                        Twofat robins and a blue jay have taken
       Office hours are from l0 to 12; 2 to 4; and over the little court in the middle of the
    5:30 to 6:30. These hours are daily except General Offices. These spring beauties are so
    Sundays and holidays, at which time there      full of angle wormsafter a day’s stuffing,
    will be only 10 to 12 office hours.            they are barely able to fly home in the eve-
    FOR SALE. Trailer.       See Jack Parkerson~       Saturday now finds many of the office
       Ahwahnee Bar.                               girls dressed in their bicycling clothes in-
     One sing. bed with spring and matt., spread,  stead of ski clothes. Bicycles can now be
       sheets, pillow slips, bed pad.               rented at the Lodge,
     A desk, 9x12 rug, framed mirror, Call Wen-        The horses will be brought back into the
       dell Otter, The Ahwahnee, 88.                \Talley on April 26. Dig out the jeans.
                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL
                                                Everet, born on March 10 at Pasadena.
           N.P.S.    RAMBLINGS
   A few months ago we reported the race         Recent visitors to Yosemite were Kenneth
between the stork and George Bailey, trea-    Pennebaker and children, who came up from
surer of the Credit Union, which resulted in their ranch at Manteca with some guests.
George signing up George William Holmes The Pennebakers are busy as ever operating
as Yosemite Credit Union’s youngest mem- a sizeable chicken business. On the date of
ber on December 30, 1946. For all of these    their visit, they had 3000 chickens, but ex-
past two and a half months George William pected to have 5000 before long.
has beamed with pride over being the
youngest memberof a large progressive or-
ganization, but nowall that has passed.             A Day with the YTS Dispatcher
   On March 14 George Bailey again rushed     7:45 a.m.
to the hospital and reportedly handed his     Emp: May I have a cab at C C. please!
book to Julia DawnJohnson, two hours and 29W.Our drivers will not be on duty until 8
forty minutes old’, who signed her name          so you’ll have to wait at least 15 rains.
with a flourish and in a loud voice which Emp: But I need it right now as I have to
sent Avery and the nm’ses scurrying to           be at work. Gee, I can walk it in that time!
shelter, demanded "Whendo I get my first      29W: It’s a beautiful morning for walking,
dividend?"                                       isn’t it?
                                              9:00 a.m.
   Carl and Liza Danner returned from an      She: I’d like to have a cab at the Lodge. I
interesting vacation trip through northern       want to go by the main Post Office for just
California and south as far as Death Valley.     a second, then I want to go to the Village
A casual check of the Wildlife of Death          Store, but that will only take me about 10
Valley was made. Liza saw one lizard and         minutes. Then I want to go to C. C. to pick
Carl spotted two birds!                          up mycamera as I’d like to take some pic-
                                                 tures at Mirror Lake. It’s still 25c to Mir-
   The recent relocation of the snow measur-     ror Lakeisn’t it?
ing stake at Badger Pass to give a more ac-   29W:Yes, it is mam.But for the Valley Tour
curate picture of snow conditions there          you must make reservation with the trans-
brought forth much interesting       comment     portation agent.
from skiing enthuiasts.    Fred Sharpe ob- 2:00 p.m.
served: "Never in all mylife did I see such She: I’d like to have the cab driver’ with the
a snowfall on a moonlight night!’                pretty blue eyes take me to Happy Isles.
                                              29W: Sorry, Miss, But our policy to to show
   Margery Kennedy, museum secretary,      is    no discrimination toward race, color or
leaving Saturday, April 5, for a lengthy         creed,
motor trip to Mexico. She will spend a few    3:00 p.m.
days at Death Valley first and her mother New Emp: May I have a cab for D Dorm?
will accompanyher on the trip. They plan to 29W: As soon as one comes in you can take
go leisurely and not wear themselves out by      it, but might I suggest walking, as it’s only
covering too great distances per day. Then,      about 100 yards from here, and you can
after seeing a good part of Mexico, they plan    save a quarter.
to return to Yosemite via the Coast Route      NewEmp: Oh, that’s OK. I’ve got a red tick-
and Monterey.                                    et and I want to use it.
                                               5:00 p.m.
   Arriving from Lassen Volcanic National      He: About a half hour ago I called for a cab.
Park this week are Mr, and Mrs. Harry B.         ’Do you want me to sit here all day?
 Rohinson and their young son, Harry will be 29W: The call was answered some time ago
 the new Assistant Park Naturalist     at the     but the driver could find no one waiting,
 Museum. They will live temporarily in the        Where were you waiting?
 house formerly occupied by the Hiltons.       He: Oh! In the bar!
   Announcements have been received from        (Ed. Afraid the boys will have to take the
 Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kredel, (formerly        t’est of the day off. Shortage of space does
 Margaret Boyd, secretary to the superin-      not allow us to list what goes on [rom 6 to
 tendent)    that they have a son, Robert      10. We’ll wait for warmer weather).
                                                  IZ:::’ .
                                             ........ /.,.

                                                             YOSEMITE       NATIONAL      PARK


                                                         Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                                in the interest o$ its employees
                                                                       and local residents
     YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                               MAY10, 1947

                                                          well you’d never get it if you asked for itl
                                                             Where has the fever hit? Well, spottily,
                                                          throughout the Valley. Your reporter hasn’t
                                                          had much chance to observe over in Gov-
                                                          ernment residential sections but has heard
                                                          of a few cases there. Most contagious area
                                                          seres to be on the Row and Tecoya. Some
                                                          haven’t reached "Patio" stages, but slight
                                                          rash can be noted where patches of new lawn
                                                          have been added here--a low curb there.
                                                          More advanced cases can be noted in side
                                                          yards at Van Housens, Olivers, Knowles and
                                                          Browns where outside equipment scrounged
                                                          l’rom Wawonaand E1 Portal by TomKnowles
                                                          is to be used. Complete l!ace-liging attacks
                                                          took place at the Cooper’s, Lally’s and Oehl-
                                                          mann’s estates. Ralph de Pfyffer is adding
                                                         just a small annex to his patio (Peggy Lou
                                                          influence, probably) ; DonChristiansen’s new
                                                         sandbox has become the rendezvous of small
                                                         fry--keeps ’era of new grass; while Trubi’s
                                                         construction job has turned out to be a swing
                                                         for tile kids. LawrenceTaylor seems to be the
                                                         only sensible one--his first act was to hang
                                                         his laammock.Curly tossed out a bit of grass
                                                         seed and hopes the birds don’t see it. Dana
                 CAN IT BE SPRING?                       Morgenson has been exposed, but his resis-
                                                         tance is admirable. He takes a look at Van’s,
       Mydear! What goes on around here? Over-           makes a remark about Oliver’s--then        goes
     heard Sunday at breakfast:                          on a hike! Charlie Proctor and Harold Oui-
     G.H.O. "When will you be pouring?"                  met seemed to overcome the fever the most
     J.V.H. "Oh--by Thursday or Friday, I think.         easily--they just let Maintenance take over.
     It will take me that long to got myt’orm ill        Henry Berrey is another sucker--seems to
     shape."                                             be fighting it out without assistance in his
     G.H.O. "O.K. I’ll speak to Tomabout the             own back yard.
     rrlixer."                                              The after effects? A bit too early to report
        It’s ah’ight, galsl Just a spot of patio fever   on that, but indications are they can be con-
     that h,~s hit out’ men. Symptons: Sol’t of a        sidered both good and bad, Backaches and
     faraway look in the eyes; your own sugges-          new muscles make themselves known. Appe-
     tions by-passed as your fovorite bush is            tites double, but no cardiac reactions have
     moved; tendency towards nightly huddles             been noted unless you can call bits of string
     with your neighbor’s husband: ANDsand               laid out for the nesting jays and robins sen-
     and gravel tracked throughout the house!            timental leanings. They seem to be happy,
     Cure -- let ’era go ahead -- it’s what you          gels, so go ahead--do your spring cleaning
     wanted all the time, but you’ve known darn          by yourself and le ’era alone!           ’Dete"
                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

Published by Yose~nite.Park and Curry Co.
 Lois Nordlinger             "Dete" Oliver
             Louise Satterlund
 Marian Webb Jean Kirk Joe Brandon
 Joanee Pore                Janet Hattman
                           Ralph Anderson                OLD VILLAGE STORIES
 Ken English
 Circulation Manager       Florence Morris
 Supervisor                 Harold Ouimet          The Village Store has welcomed several
 Editor                      Henry Berrey       new employees within the past few weeks.
 Associate Editor            Jack Greener       In the grocery department, Herbert Hill, a
                                                returnee from last summer and John John-
                                                son from San Francisco; Gerald Garner of
           AHWAHNEE NEWS                        Los Angeles and Roy Cavins from San Jose.
                                                   Two new drug clerks~Mary Howard, a
  Frank and Dotty Bailey (the former Miss       free-lance     artist  from Los Angeles and
Dorothe Brand) are two fortunate newly-
                                                John Powell, who has been traveling since
weds back once again in the Valley with a       his discharge from the service.         Martha
hometo moveinto. For those friends anxious      Michaelis has been transferred to the Wa-
to call, their apartment is H 95 facing Lewis   wona store for the summer season.
Memorial Hospital. Frank has returned to           Ruby Holder, who worked last summer at
his room clerk position at The Ahwahnee.        Camp   Curry gift shop is the new curio girl,
                                                and Art Caid from Long Beach is the new
  Everyone is envious of Preston Burkett,
the tall belhnan at The Ahwahneewith the           Evelyn Gullic has returned from her
soft southern drawl, of his recent vacation-
                                                vacation and her husband, Wallis is a new
ing in Mexico.                                  store employee.
                                                   Gcn Johnson reports a grand trip to
  Gerry Babcock, the gift shop girl at The      Illinois and Jeanne Kirk reports a few days
Ahwahnee has finally found herself a new
                                                of eajoyab]e shopping and visiting in Fresno.
home ate Dorm after much patient waiting.          It’s back to NewYork for Jerry Fasano.
Her sister Penny, the cheery-voiced tele-
                                                He is greatly missed by all his friends. In a
phone operator is going to miss her old room-
                                                recent letter, he told of an enjoyable trip
                                                and sent best wishes to all friends here.
                                                   Village store daily hours are still 9:00 till
’ Jenni Ostroska has left the side dining-
                                                5: 45, but it is nowopen seven days per week.
hall and has been replaced by Bernice Smith.       The Village Fountain ]s open from 7:00
   We understand there are some good sing-      A.M.till 9:00 P.M., but is closed each Tues-
                                                day. A summer crew has been added.
ing voices amongthe busboys in the dining
room. Ask Charles Rennie and James Tarp-
lin to give you a duet some time.                            FAMOUS VISITOR

  Ray Welshan, a former busboy in the              Burton Holmes, renowned globe trotter,
dining room, has been boosted up to dining      travelogue producer and lecturer was a re-
room captain. That’s a raise to be proud of.    cent Ahwahnee visitor.     Holmes was accom-
                                                panied by a photographer who made several
  The Ahwahnee has indeed seen its share        shots around the Valley which will be in-
of romances this early spring. Dorothy Bitter   corporated in one of Holmes’ travelogues. In
and Wally Harriman, waiter, recently got        spite of his 77 years, I-Iolmes is as spry as a
married and are vacationing      in Mexico.     cricket. He recalled a day in about 1888,
There will be a warm welcome for them both      when he assisted W. H. Jackson, one of the
when they arrive back in the Valley on the      earliest photographers in taking some pic-
15th of this month.                             tures of Bridalveil Fall.
                                       THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

S               THE BICYCLE RIDER                                 FROM HERE AND THERE
          The ruddy Englishman in shorts riding an           It is getting to be that time of year when
,~.     English racing, bicycle around Yosemite           new faces appear among the rangers and
        Valley lately is Eric J. Cooke of ,London         naturalists,   and many of those who are well
        who is leisurely seeing the United States and     known from former years are back on the
 :"~ Canada before sailing for NewZealand about
:’)!~                                                     job again, On the ranger force now are
,~ a year fromnow.                                        Wally Steward, Herb Ewing, TommyRixon,
  --~     Cooke has chalked up 11,700 miles with          Alfred Ihlenfeld~ J. W. B. Packard, and
.~’.:’~ his bike, first taking a 4600 mile trip           James D. Murray.
   ~ throughout the British Isles, then crossing            The two new naturalists      are John Sch-
"~ on board ship he took a spin occasmnally               rawder, who has been operating the pro-
.... just for the hock of it. Arriving in Canada          jector at The Ahwahneelately, and George
    i he was told by immigration authorities that         D. Ross, Utah State Agricultural College at
        he would have to have more money than the         Logan, Utah.
 ¯J     Bank of England would allow him to with-            Whatto do about the cute little animal that
        draw from his homeland. "So I wrote to the        found its way into the Ahwahnee basement
        president of the board of trade," he recalls      was a problem for a day or two, He looked
 [/’.   "and told him, ’Look here, I’ll be sellin’        too small to be a skunk, and besides he had
        British goods for yo; that’s what ye want,        queer black and white markings over his
        isn’t it? I’ll be showin’ off British bikes and   back, He seemed gentle enough, yet looked
        maldn’ myself known, and I’ll build up the        too much like a skunk for anyone to want to
        foreign market you’re cryin’ for. And bless       get over-friendly with him. Without doubt
        me I was right, Mytrip is good will with a        he (or was it she) was a civet cat.
                                                            Howto get him out of the basement with-
 << seal on it."
          The bike weighs 36 pounds, and cm’ries a        out any ill feelings on the part of the little
        60 pound camping kit in addition to Cooke’s       animal was the question. Plainly it was a
        140 pound weight. His camping equipment           case for skillful diplomacy rather than brute
  ": is light and ingenious, It consists of a down        force, and after some concern over the best
   .:: sleeping bag, a waterproof umbrella type           method of approach, it was decided to leave
        tent with a four-section bamboocenter pole,       the door open and see what happened. The
  !:~ a gasoline stove, canteen, food supplies,, and      critter casually walked out seemingly smil-
        two cameras.                                      ing and nodding his appreciation as he went.
  ..::    He has had many unusual experiences               Joe Kelstrom, well known representative
        travelling,    going on big radio programs,       of the California State Auto Association, has
   ’ lecturing to schools ad colleges, attending a        opened his office at the Park Administration
  -; dinner given by the director of American             Bulling for the season.
        Youth Hostels at Detroit where he met the
  ..... girl to whom is now engaged. About July                    RESULT OF ELECTION
        1 he will meet the girl in Portland and they
        will pedal northward into the Canadian              By a vote of 202 to 109, certain categories
        Rockies. Eventually they plan to settle down      of employes of Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
        in NewZealand and sell the products they          indicated that they chose not to align them-
        have used on their extensive travels.             selves with the A. F. of L. Teamsters Local
                                                          386 of Modesto. The election authorized by
        Surprise elopement to Reno was that of            the Secretary of the Interior was held last
      Myrna Montgomery (Lodge Care), and Bill             Wednesday, May 7 in Yosemite and climaxes
      Ewbank (Ahwahnee bellman), Friday night,            an effort of more than three years by the
      April 25. Congratulations!                          teamsters local io gain recognition as the
        Bill Nieman left the Lodge Desk to man-           bargaining agent for the hourly workers of
      age Best’s Studio May1. John Fitzgerald is          the Company.Officials of the National Park
      nowdispatching the "hosses’ at the stables.         Service acted as referees in the election.
        Bob McGovern and Frank Hewitt are tem-            Every person eligible to vote, according to
      porarily replacing Bill and John, but they          the determination of the Secretary of the In-
      will head for Camp16 upon its reopening.            terior, and in the Park at the time of the
      Bob to manage and Frank to clerk,                   election cast a ballot.

                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                             CHURCH SERVICES
                                                     A service in honor of Mother will be held
                                                  at the Old Village Chapel this Sunday, May
                                                  11 at eleven o’clock. Every mother attending
                                                  will receive a token of affection, Dorothy
                                                  Gregory will be the soloist. Mr. Glass will
                                                  preach on the theme "Mother and the Fami-
                                                  ly." "Every Mother’s son" (or daughter)
                                                     A brief service is held at the Chapel from
                                                  9:30 to 10 a.m.
                                                     On Sunday, l~Iay 18, Mr. Glass is inviting
                                                  all the couples for whomhe read the wed-
                                                  ding ceremony during his ministry in the
                                                  Valley to be present at the eleven o’clock
                                                  hour in the Chapel. The invitation includes
                                                  all who have been married in the Old Vil-
                                                  lage Chapel through the years. Mr. Glass
                                                  will preach on the meaning and the possi-
                                                  bilities of the marriage experience. Mayis
                                                  observed in many of the churches as "Home
                                                  and Family 1Vionth" and the local church is
                                                  bringing that emphasis in the services of May
                                          ’:~     ]1 and 18.
                                                     At 8 p.m. on May18, at the Chapel, the last
                                                  communion ihe "local" season will be held.
                                                  The Roy. Harold Coleman of Mariposa will
Yosemite h(ls two modern swimmb~g pools,          be the soloist and will assist Mr, Glass in the
         Watch for opening dates,                 serving of the communion. The communion
                                                  meditation will be given by the minister.
                                                  Plan to attend this service of fellowship, the
             WEDDING BELLS                        last until next fall.
   Marian Gray and Phil Webb became "Mr.
and Mrs." in the Old Village Chapel May 3                     OFFICE RAMBLINGS
with the Reverend AIfrcd Glass officiating          Two momentous events were revealed last
at the ceremony. A beautiful bride, Marian        Monday morning in the Commercial Depart-
wore a lovely dusty rosc suit and hat and         mont. Vern Knuth now flashes a lovely en-
carried white roses, ’Duke’ Doucette was best     gagcment ring making her the intended of
manand the bride’s sister, Larraine, her only     Bill Ellis of the Post Office. No weddingdate
attendant, Ushers were Thornton Elliot and        has been announced.
A1 Baab. At the organ was Nancy Loncaric,           No less surprising was the appcarance of
playing in her usual lovely manner. Special       Paul Dinsmore’s upper lip. He has removed
guests were Mr. (who gave the bride away)         that handsome R.A.F. style moustache! Just
and Mrs. L. J. Gray, Mr. O. Gray (the bride’s     when we were getting accustomed to it too!
parents and grandfather) and Phil’s morn,          (Who’s we?).
Mrs. P. VCebb.After the reception in the Re-
creation Roomat Tecoya, the newlywedsleft
for a short honeymoonin Carmel.                        HOW’S YOUR FISHING TACKLE
             CLASSIFIED ADS                         Only a little more than two weeks to the
FOR SALE--Hollywood double bed, box               opening of the trout season, Better check
spring and mattress, Good condition. Call         your line and rod, and look over those moth-
Gwen Dinsmore at ]14.                             eaten flies. Mr. Brownat the Store has re-
                    ........... ~ .............   ccived a few new supplies for the fisheman,
Anybodyinterested in a portable radio? See        including lines, leaders and :flies. Don’t leave
Mrs. Heinrich at Apartment No. H87, Tecoya.       it until opening day!

                                                   YOSEMITE       NATIONAL      PARK

                                               Published by Yosemite Park and Cur¢y Co.
                                                     in the interest oJ its employees
                                                            and local reside’nts
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                       JUNE28, ~[947

          FOOD PRICES SURVEY                     tion. That body recognized our hardship but
                                                 the Director stated no action could be taken
    To keep all employees informed on Com- toward increasing cafeteria prices imme-
pany activities     is thought worthwhile and diately because of the President’s "hold-the-
 necessary. In The Sentinel there will appear, line" proclamation, issued at that time. Some
 from time to time, articles containing ac-      months later we were informed by the Na-
 curate information on conditions that affect    tional Park Service that our increase.sub-
 the Company, and likewise, the employee.        m]ssion would be considered and that we
    Recently there was a general raise in meal would have to makespecific justification for
 prices which unquestionably affected many each item requested. This was finally done
 employees. Therefore, it is proposed to start   and those prices were subject to study from
 this series of articles with the background December 1 until May, ]947, with joint and
 and evolution of the change in meal priccs.     separate surveys of surrounding areas being
    In the period preceding the freezing of      made by the Companyand Park Service re-
 restaurant prices when establishments out-      presentatives.   The price of each item was
                                                 compared with that of similar operations.
 side the Park were making adjustments to
 compensate for rising costs, our prices were       Not a single price was set without justifi-
 held to the levels of 1939-1940, A few in-      cation considered adequate by the United
 creases were allowed in 1941. Some vegeta-      States Government, and the present cafeteria
 ble prices were raised in 1942 as a result of rates were approved on that basis.
 the great increase in the cost of produce fol-     Should any employee feel this or any fol-
 lowihg the evacuation of Japanese truck gar- lowing articles to be inaccurate or clouded;
 deners from California. Wewere granted an he is welcomeand invited to bring his ques-
 increase of 25 cents per meal in the Camp tion to the general manageror to the person-
 Curry Dining Roomand at the High Sierra         nel manager. Further, any employee having
 Camps in 1943.                                  a question on such Company operations as
    A survey of cafeteria prices had been made that traced above is invited to write to the
 in the fall of 1942 and spring of 1943 and cost editor of The Sentinel where a conscientious
 figures were submitted to the National Park effort will be madeto present a reply to all
 Service, which recognized that we should be readers. Constructive criticism of these arti-
 given increases in our cafeteria prices to clcs is welcomedand will be received in the
  catch up with ,what had been going on out-      proper spirit.
 side. Wewere just on the verge of submitting
  an entire new list with specific justification            LEGION TEAM VICTOR
  for each item to be changed when the OPA
  freeze went into effect in spring, 1943. We        The night of June 20 saw the Yosemite Le-
  immediately appealed to the OPA, and al-        gion ball team finally stop a three year win"
  thought the submission was pressed during       ning streak of the Mariposa Owls (old men’s
  the entire .freeze period, the OPA  refused to team) when a ].7-4 victory was scored by
  give us aily relief on the basis that the gen- Yosemite. This brought a total of 63 runs
  era] survey of restaurant operations was be- scored in three games by the local team,
  ing conducted and pending its outcome              The Legion-sponsored team plays evei’y
  nothing could be done.                          Friday evening in Mariposa at 8 p,m. Tlm
     With the removal of OPApowers, we were league play started this month and will con-
  returned to National Park Service jurisdic-     tinue until August.

                                                                                                        ,¸ I,,;
                                                                                                        ~,./2 ~



                                  THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                         CAMP CURRY NEWS AND VIEWS

                                                          The FJrefa]l is over and the guests and em-
  Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.             ployees are streaming into the writing room
              EDITORIAL STAFF                          to their cards, letters and light chatter and
   Lois Nordlinger           "Dote" Oliver             their plans for the coming days.
   Janet Hettman            Jean Cloward                  To you old hands and the new ones, al-
   Ken English            Ralph Anderson              though we’re a little      late~welcome~and
   Herbert Hess, Jr.    Florence Scribner             this comes from the management, represent-
   Circulation Manager    Florence Morris             ed by Cy Wright.
   Supervisor              Harold Ouimet
   Editor                                                 A lot of you probably wonder who is who
                            Henry Berrey
   Associate Editor                                   in the different departments, so there follows
                             Jack Greener
                                                      a quick but incomplete summaryof our local
                                                      help. The front office includes Evelyn Mitch-
             AHWAHNEE NEWS                            ell, Jeanne Arnold, Enid Lauridsen, and El-
                                                     len Hall on the PBX(not all at once); Vir-
      Weddingbells will be ringing in tile not       ginia "Effie" Norton, who hands out cards,
   too-far-distant   future for Gerry Babcock of     etc.; on the desk are Mr. Wright, Mr. Otter;
   the Gift Shop and Bert Lewis of the Dining        Hank Kimbrough, Bernie Doyle, Dave Curry,
  Room. The announcement was a great sur-            Pat Griffin, Julie Brun. Please don’t anyone
  prise to friends of both the bride and groom-      :feel slighted if I left our your name. We’ll
  to-be and all are sharing in the enthusiasm
                                                     do better next time.
  of the wedding plans.
                                                         In the porter department we find old hand
     Those particularly susceptible to Cupid’s
  arrows, beware! He’s stalking again!               Bill Conrad at the helm, assisted by Ennis
     June 22 was a red-letter    day at The Ah-      Calloway, John Curry, Harry Nelson, Bob
  wahnee for it marked the first out-door bar-       Robinson, Chet Tatoian, Louis Reynolds and
  becue since the closing of the hotel nearly        Loren Jones. Across the street in the Grill,
  five years ago. The Stained Glass Conven-          where the staff is headed by Ray Wheaton,
  tioners proved to be the lucky enjoyers and       aided by a swell gang including Norma Der-
  from all reports it was a roaring success with    by, Charles Murphy, Elaine Farley, Andy
 those red-checkered tables sprinkled over          Scarborough, Ruth Haggman, Jack Onstot,
 the lawn. All part of a barbecue are the bugs      Bob Barbagolata and Louise Seach. Betty
 that fly by evening ~ but even a buzzing           Jean Dryden takes your money on the way
 mosquito or two couldn’t dampen the ardor          out. Weonly know part of the cafeteria help
 of hungry appetites.                               ~Bea Forsyth, Mary Tikijian, Diane Doane,
     There has been many an eager guest wait-       Don (Camp 16) Nelson, Bill MacDonald, Del
 ing patiently each evening with corn bread         Monaco, and no last names June, Alice and
 in hand to get a glimpse of the hungry little      another pretty little thing with the cutest
 ring tail cat whovisits favored rooms each         pigtails. We’ll try to meet the rest soon.
day for his evening meal. Those who like                To the din.ing room and all its beauty~the
wild life might enjoy the spectacle. He’s a         charming manager Mrs. Maxwell, followed
pretty little animal, they say--and not a bit       by "Droop Head" Lee Abrams, Nancy Taylor,
bashful.                                           Harry Hayes, Fred Champagne and Marian
    A piece of cheese from the kitchen and a       Ho]mgren. (We hear Marian has a lovely
trap from the storeroom did the trick with         sister at the Post Office~. More about these
the little      mouse who has been malting his     people later.
evening meals from the Hershey bars in the             And now I bow my head in reverence to
Gift Shop. The houseman, Jim Mead, can be          that staunch and hardy group of which your
congratulated for the feat. Nowpeace will          reporter is a member~the Camp Curry Pool
again reign in the Gift Shop.                      Life Guards. Mr. Van Housen is our chief,
   The Ahwahneedoesn’t seem quite the same         represented by Bob Seach. The pool boss is
since our friend, Leon ("Boy, oh boy!") Bra-       A] Marquez and his helpers include Mrs’
zitis has left us. But we trust he is enjoying     Danley at the desk, Ed Marquez, guard,
his new work as luggage hustler and friendly       Colleen and Dolores, and the one who says
assistant at CampCurry.                            "this is all folks until the next edition,"
                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

   NEWS FROM YOSEMITE            LODGE                    FROM HERE AND THERE
   This Lodge news is published sort of post-       There was much girlish squealing in the
departure, the two fine scribes’ Joanee Pore      Timekeeper’s Office last week when Hazel
and Marian Webbhaving recently left their         Hindley came to work an engaged woman!
stall :for other pastures. Joanee has gone to     John Marsh of the Ahwahnee front desk is
Burbank for a rest and Marian with her new        the fortunate man.
husband Phil to a place called Haley, which         There were manly handshakes in the Y.T.
 is in Idaho. Phi] is a practicing electrician    S. recently when Eldon Joice made known
 with the Sun Valley Electrical Co. All three
                                                  that he and Miss Eileen Marteniano of Rio
 are properly missed by their local friends.      Vista would be married this Fall.
    It might have cooled off a little but it’s
 still news if you haven’t heard it. Billie         The Van Housen’s son Jack and wife are
 Plumbe, LodgeGrill, hears the far off (July)     nowvisiting in the Valley and none was ever
 sound of wedding bells. They are ringing for     a prouder father than Van. Jack is a Captain
                                                  in the Marine Corps based in China and is
 her and fiance Herschell Anderson. In the
                                                  nowon a thirty day leave. He piloted fighter
 new faces department we find Jim Long of
                                                  planes during the war, which is enough said.
 Los Angeles in the refreshment lounge; a
 new "Firefall’    man, Ronnie Steiner; Diane        Frank Ewbank was feted on his recent
 Avery and Fran Lee, from San Jose and S.F.       birthday with a "candlelight and spaghetti"
 respectively,    in the Studio; Gordon Adams     party at a nearby tavern. A goodly crown
from Los Angeles, at the front desk; Bobbie       attended and a right merry spirit pervaded,
 Russell i"rom San Antonio, Texas and Bob            In spite of the fact that summer’sobvious-
 Wharman, S.F., in the Grill; now on Jimmie       ly here, there are several die hards, lead,
 Hamer’s staff are Jim Averell and Don Huff.      unsurprisingly    enough by Johnny Hansen,
 Welcomeall!                                      whoski on Sunday instead of taking part in
     Grayson McGovernis back in the Park and      one of the more typical June activities. Fol-
  managing the Big Trees Lodge after a winter     lowers of this unseasonal pastime are Elsie
  at the Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley.       Schone, the two blithe spirits, the Zeppys,
  Former manager Mangan was seen in the           A1 Baab and Thornton Elliott,     up from the
  Valley recently. His visit is part of his va-    flat land. The odd group goes up near Tioga
  cation which includes stops at such far off     Lake and reports that skiing is "swell."
  ]ands as Canada, Hawaii and Australia. Good       The Mesdames Oliver and Anderson and
  to see you!                                    small daughters recently spent a week with
     Tl~e Lodge is now under the guidance of     the Tarnutzers in Palo Alto, Gayle and Ben
  that man of many accomplishments--Fred         are both well and happy and Ben is re-
  Sharpe.                                        pot’ted about to fly away to Alaska on Pan 0~
                                                 American business, Did Barbara Jean take
                                                 her white rat along?
                  NOTE WELL
                                                    In the Valley last Saturday afternoon and
    Weall knowthat it is against the National Sunday was the Trail Riders Association,
 Park Service regulations to feed the deer.      some fifty or more horsemen from nearby
 The regulation was written for two reasons’,     San Joaquin Valley cities, who make an an-
 first, to protect you from injury by deer,       nual ride from Merced to the Valley. It’s
 which sometimes misinterpret your good re-       about a hundred miles and they did it in 3
 tentions and strike out with their sharp         days. First stop was Hornitos, then Wawona,
 hooves or antlers; second, to protect the deer then into the Valley. The horses were judged
 from such unnatural foods as popcorn or on Sunday.
 cigarette stubs. There is natural food in           Lenore Oehlmann was graduated from the
 abundance and the inclusion of these un- University of California on June 19. The
 necessary tid bits is detrimental to the health graduation exercises were attended by Mr.
 of the animals So thoroughly does our Com-
                                                  and Mrs. It. Oehhnann. Hilmer Jr. is hust-
  pany subscribe to this Park Service regula-     ling baggage at Yosemite Lodge.
  tion that its inh.action by an employeeis suf-                      (continued on back page)
  ficient cause fol" dismissal.

                               THE YOSEMITE

           N.P~. RAMBLINGS                            EMPLOYEES’ CLUBHOUSE OPEN
  While on a hike recently to Vernal Fall            The "Den" is now open--and just for em-
Mrs. Catherine Kittredge fell and broke two       ployees. It’s located right behind the Camp
bones just above the ankle. Aid was sum-          Curry Garage and believe us, the old build-
moned from the VaIley and Lou Halleck and         ing fairly jumped on opening night. Bob, the
Bob McGregor responded with horses to             band leader, brought his boys over and the
bring her to Happy Isles.                         bugs wore holes in the floor. The opening
                                                  party was such a success that there hasn’t
   Recent visitors to Yosemite were Dwight        been room for all the satisfied customers
arid Louise Humphreys and their two attrac-       since. However, we were just able to lay our
tive daughters. Their youngest, a boy, was        hands on more chairs, tables, etc, so the
too small to. enjoy the Park. Dwight and          shortage of equipment has been eliminated,
Louise looked ~xactly .the same as they did       We have all sorts of games and activities,
whenthey left here five years ago.                many friendly faces, plus counsellors who
                                                  assume intelligent expressions and try their
  Visiting Yosemite recently were Mr. and         level best to provide entertainment for you.
Mrs. HiEory Tolson, Assistant Director, Na-        "Nel" Bortells, a.Camp Curry maid, has done
tional Park Service at Chicago; and Regional      some howling, caricatures of employeeactivi-
Director and Mrs. Owen A. Tomlinson, Re-          tiesand we are indebted to other maids for
gion Four Office, National Park Service, San      their voluntary curtain making. Someof the
Francisco.                                        outdoor boysgathered local flora and donat-
                                                  ed their time decorating the building.
   One of the big social events of the season        Following is a schedule of our activitie.s:
was the marriage of Ross Smith, blister rust      Mondays: Bridge Session~8 to 10 p.m.
foreman to Miss Lorette Carr, formerly on         Tuesdays: Dancing~8 to 11 p.m.
the local hospital staff, on Saturday May17.       Thursdays: Square Dance--9 to 10 p.m.
   New summer rangers with us are Nell               Employee nights at the Curry Pool arc
Power at South Entrance, Henry ~anning,            Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30
E. W. Mattscke, Walter B. Tovey, Theodore          to 9:30 and Tuesday and Thursday at the
YI. Hansen, Jack R. Young, and Lawrence B.         Lodge Pool.
Brown. Carl Sharsmith is back on the natur-          The clubhouse is open every day from 10
alist force at the Museum will go to Tu-
                           and                     to 12, 2 to 4, and 7 to 11 p.m.
olumne Meadowsabout the middle of June.
   Merwyn Raught, Gilbert Moody and Gale
                                                    FROMHERE AND THERE (continued)
Alumbaugh are the new camp clerks at the
Blister Rust Camps at Wawona, Crane Flat             Miss Betty Plumb became the bride of
and Sugar Pine Pass respectively.                 Russell H. Lee at St. Luke’s in San Francis-
                                                  co on June 20. There were a number of Val-
  Virginia Pearce and Esther Litke, tele-         ley and former Valley dwellers at the five
phone operators, have returned from a trip        o’clock ceremony. A reception followed at
east. DonnaDonielson left for a month’s va-       the Forest Hill Club in the City. The groom
cation.                                           is a last-year medical student at Stanford,
  MerwinM. Davies, better knownas "Bill,"            Just before The Sentinel was set aside a
died suddenly from a heart attack at his          few weeks ago, Louise Satterlund, who was
home in Fresno last week. Bill had been a         employed in the Hotel Division, was married
temporary ranger at Hetch Hetchy for the          to MorganW. Starnes of Mariposa in the Old
past few years and had many friends in the         Village Chapel by the Rev. Alfred Glass. Jess
Valley.                                            Rust gave the bride away and Lola Peterson
                                                   served as attendant. The newlyweds are re-
   News of the Littcl family--A1 and Ray           siding on a ranch near Oakvale.
 are in King’s Canyon National Park, where
 he is manager of the Grant Grove operations
 including Grant Grove Lodge, MeadowCamp              Due to heavy demands on the print shop,
 and Coffee Shop, Studio and Store. Archer         the publication of The Sentinel was discon-
 and family are living in Pale Alto and he is      tinued for a few issues. Wetrust our little
 working in San Francisco as a statistician for    paper will continue uninterrupted publica-
 the California Packing Co.                        tion in the future.


                                                           YOSEMITE .NATIONAL           PARK

                                                       Published by Yosemite Park and Curry .Co.
                                                              in ~he interest oJ its employees
                                                                     and local residents
     YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                    JULY 12, 1947

             Revived by Popular Demand
       PRESENTING THE SECOND EDITION                    table aroma o[ baking goodies floats up
                           OF                           through Melody Lane and we fairly drool
                                                        with anticipation.
       The recently organized "Yosemite Swim-              Weiner roasts and pow wows are being
     mmgand Diving Association" will present            staged each week by the younger element
     the Second Edition of the Aquapades on Sun-        and rumor has it, that several cases of "moon
     day evening, July 20 at 8:30 at the Lodge          glow" have developed In Yellowstone it is
     Pool. This event promises to be the biggest        cal!ed "Rotten Loggin" but love by any other
     entertainment of its ldnd yet presented.           nameis just as sweet.
       Water Ballets by a troupe of 12 include:            The Studio gang are swamped with busi-
     Joan Lee Van Housen, Winston Mumby,Start           ness, ranging from peanuts to pottery and
     Bell, Yvonne Bordegaray, Patty Thompson,           from cards to copper. Overheard there re-
     Bruce Kelley, Joan Stoner, Barry Weber,            cently~Customer buying a Skookum Indian
     Betty Easterbrook, Fred "The Owl," Wally,          doll, inquires naively: "Do you know to what
     Dorothy Wright, Co!leon Bisson, A1 Marquez         tribe these belong?"
     and Bob Van Beber.                                    Wally Cathcart, in his decorating of the
       Included in the show will be fm~cy diving        mantle, has surpassed the artistic achieve-
     by top local performers, as well as somefrown      ment of last season and added a touch of Yo-
     nearby Universities.                               semite Winter Sports by hanging crossed
       Climaxing the performance, floats sup-           snowshoes on either wall. Guests wax enthu-
     porting the most glamorous girls in the Val-       siastic on first sight of the arrangement.
     ley will be featured in a water-beauty spec-          Margaret Thompsonand Florence Scribner
     lade.                                              entertained fourteen of the gentler sex at a
       Humor will be supplied by three world-           tea party on mezz floor Wednesday.The for-
     renowned water comedians.                          me~’, interpreting the tea leaves, caused many
                                     ~A1 Marquez        a girlish heart to quiver and in small town
                                                        vernacular "a good time was had by all."
             "HI"~FROh/I GLACIER POINT                                                      iScribbie
        Did you know that many of last season’s
     employes are here again? On various jobs                       SOFT BALL BUNTS
     are Manager Wally Cathcart, Flora Farina,            The first two rounds of play in the employ-
     Fritz Raiguel, Florence Scribner, Margaret         ees’ soft ball league found The Ahwahnee
     Thompson, Ed Benson, Alma Sykes, Enid              team, powered by the strong men of the Val-
     Swanson, Ernestine Wallis, Jack Barrett, Ro-       ley~Pierson, Minerich and Snow tied with
     sanna Plum and Gertrude Warren.                    the scrappy Curry Cafeteria nine with two
        Our new housekeeper, Mrs. Gladys Bow-           won and none lost.
     man, is an attractive and efficient addition to      These games are played every Tuesday,
     the hotel staff. The pillow punchers all agree     Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon
     she will be an admirable supervisor,               at 2:30 in the local school grounds.
        Flora with her nimble fingers is again en-        Bill Conrad, genel’alissimo of the Curry
     tertaining guests on our Stcinway each eve-        porters, is holding secret practice and will
     ning alter Firefall. Community   sings are also    also field a team, He reports he cannot get a
     part oi’ the program,                              catcher to hold the slants of his pitcher Dave
        Peggy and Ray Malby, the intrepid winter-       Curry,
     keepers, and now busy at Studio and desk,          STANDINGS OF TEAMS: Won Lost Pctg
     treked to vicinity of Buena Vista Lake last        Ahwahnee                       2    O     1000
     week, They spent the night under "a cano-          Curry Cafeteria                2    0     1000
     py of stars" and returned with a mess of fish      Yosemite Lodge                 1     1     500
     and mosquito bites.                                Curry Waiters                  1     1     500
        Lucky are we to have genial baker, Ed           Band and Grill                 0    2      000
,!   Benson, rolling the dough again. The delec-        Curry Kitchen                  0    2      000
                                                                                                                  ¯ LL
                                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                                  their names in their article last issue. They
                                                                  are Mary McClellan, Alice Lovett, and Harry
                                                                  Bronson all of whomhave contributed much
              Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.            to the success of our Den.
                          EDITORIAL STAFF                            Jerry, our ex-transportation     man Debby
               Lois Nord]inger                                    Kettner, two of our former employees, came
                                        "Dete" Oliver
               Janet Hettman                                      back to visit us recently. Jerry is now con-
                                        Jean Cloward
               Ken English           Ralph Anderson               nected with the Visual Aid Dept. of the San
               Florence Scribner                                  Francisco City Schools.
                                     Virginia Norton
               Circulation Manager    Florence Morris               Another former employee who paid the
               Supervisor                                         Valley a visit was Diane Harker, former
                                       Harold Ouh~let
               Editor                   Henry Berrey              cashier in the Cafeteria in pre-war days.
               Associate Editor                                   Diane is now food checker in the Mark.
                                        Jack Greener
                                                                    Barbara Brown, captain in the dining room
                                                                  who was recently crowned Miss Santa Rosa,
                          AHWAHNEE NEWS                           won second place in the beauty contest at
                The arrival of summer with its multi-             Santa Cruz for Miss California. She left for
              varied flowers has brought a riot of color to      Hollywoodon July 7 for a screen test at 20th
              Bertha Sarver’s bouquets at The Ahwahnee.          Century Fox.
              There’s not a wildflower that’s not among             Two nice people that you ought to know
             those represented in her gay arrangements--         are Sonja Scheel and Ellen 3orgenson. Both
             soft lavenders of Shooting Stars, bright yel-       are from Denmark and by a strange coinci-
             lows of daisies with a splash of brilliant In-      dence came over on the same ship. NowSon-
             dian Paint Brush adding its colorful bit.           ja is working as a maid at CampCurry and
                Weunderstand the flirtatious    chatter of       Ellen is the beauty operator.
             four-year-old Kitty has kept the Bellmen at           Bill C~nrad represented the Valley at the
             The Ahwahnee both interested and hopping.           Salinas Rodeo and we hear that he really
             But; we also hear playing nursemaid is really       "slung the bull."
.t           fun to such a charming youngster.                     Have you cast your eyes on the ties that
                The spirit of summer seems to have en-          the Front Office men have been sporting?
            couraged hard labor put forth in the form of        But. then how could you go through the front
            car painting and polishing of late. Reid Den-       yard and miss them. We especially list Mr.
            nis of the Transportation Desk had some as-         Otters bow tie and the dog ties that Hank
            sistance the other day in shining his car so        Kimbrough and Bernie Doyle wear when
            brightly that his face shone in it. Andnot to       they are on the same shift. Bernie has a tie
            be outdone, Dick Tapia of the Side Hall, soon       ordered that will really cause a shock. Just
            sprouted forth in a newly painted car of "red       wait until you see it!
            rust orange" hue which can almost be seen              People passing by Tent 11 in the Office
            coming in the dark P.S. He even has shoes           Circle have stopped in amazement. From it
            to match.                                           you might hear something like this, "But I
     2         -Doris Williamson of the Gift Shop has           tell you he pahked his cah in the gahrage" in
            turned to tenting at Camp16 for the next            the most Bostonian Boston accents of room
     _" o
            week or two. The reason, her family and 7-          clerk Frank McKenna. Then comes the an-
            year old daughter are here on a visit.             swer from the really Deep South~Gulfport,
                                         --Janid Hettman       Miss. Chip Craig, out’ genial Cigar Store
                                                               manager, replies, "But I tell you-all don’t
                                                               know what you-all ah talking ’bout." So
                CAMP CURRY NEWS AND VIEWS                      the discussion about everything from the
               The first business to be taken up this time     Civil War to flying saucers continues be-
            ts our very grave mistake in referring to          tween the Rebel and the "you-know-what"
            Norman Derby as Norma. Forgive us! Will            Yankeefat’ into the night.
            you, Norm? Apologies also, B J.                       Our Transportation Office men are really
              As the peak of the season ~lpproaches quite      the unsung heroes of the Camp. Gerry Crow-
            a few of our old employees ire returning,          ley, Clyde Parminter, Harry "Wolf" Grothe,
            such as, Miss "B" of the Kiddie Kamp, Stu         Rei’d Dennis, Ed Lee are the crew. Not only
            Cross as Chief Clerk, Eddic Rutherford and        must they answer innumerable questions,
            George Meyers as belhnen (porters to you),        find out very diplomatically the weight of
            Lydia Scharton in the Cigar Stand, Ginny          prospective horseback riders, tell the people
            Thompson, our burro picnic girl, and Ruth         where to mail their letters and firmly insist
            Molitor in the Curio. Don Whipple, Dick           that they do NOT     sell stamps, but they must
            Merritt, and Raul Diaz are dispensers at the      herd the incoming bus passengers safely up
            Grill. Also out" former timekeepers, Mrs.         to the desk to register, soothe the more timid
            Swartz and Mr. Baughman are with us. Last         maiden ladies, and assure them that this is
            but not least is Bill Gordon, night auditor.      not a wilderness and that the Indians and
              Our modest counselors did not mention           bears are completely harmless.

                                            THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL
                     DOINGS AT CAMP 16                                EMPLOYEE ACTIVITIES
             Camp didn’t get into the news last issue
                   16                                        CLUBHOUSE--backof Curry Garage.
          so rather than have people go ignorant here        Monday: Bridge Session           8 to 10 P.M.
          is a rundown of what employees, characters,        Tuesday: Dancing                 8 to l l P.M.
          etc. you will see here most any time of day.       Thursday: Square Dance           9 to 10 P.M.
             Wearing a groove from the front desk up to      Clubhouse Open daily            l0 to 12 A.M.
          the back office telephone, pausing from time                                        2 to 4 P.M.
          to time to point out to the more determined                                         7 to 11 P.M.
          new arrivals why they aren’t getting a tent        Free Swimming (bring your own towel)
          alongside the river, will be seen Manager                      from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
          Bob McGovern. Registering guests and won-          Curry~Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
          dering when someone will come along who            Lodge~Tuesday and Thursday.
          won’t have to whip out to the parking lot to       Dancing Lessons at the Clubhouse~
          see what his license number is are room            July 15.                   7.30 to 8:30 P.M.
          ~lerks Frank Hewitt, Howard Arnold, and            July 23.                    7:30 to 8:30 P.M.
          Ollie Bauquier. Dodging traffic on the one             $7.50 for ten lessons.
          waypath in front of the safe as they tell peo-
          ple that twenty five sticks is a bunch and                     OPERATION PAYDAY
          that a ten by twelve tent measures ten by             It was the night before payday and all
          twelve are cashiers Reva Scott and Bob Ray.        through the General Office could be heard
             From tirne to time the back screen swings       the buzz of the Paymaster’s Department.
          open and a big smile followed immediately          Your reporter, being averse to burning the
          by Mona "Mona" Anderson comes m~"How               midnight oil any oftener than necessary, was
          you doing, dears?" her way to the rack, then       curious. Whywere these fourteen young la-
          smiling again, borrows a pencil and proceeds       dies working their fingers to hubs? Because
          back to the linen tent where she directs the       the next day was payday. They were ar-
          activities of the maids and porters.               ranged around their offices in conga line
             Should your gaze encounter a mustache           fashion~in and out of offices~up and down
          as you look around the office it will be fas-      halhvays. Girls were calculating, girls were
          tened on the face of a manin a white jacket,       adding, girls were running check writing
          Commercial Stand Manager Mel Cissna.               machines, girls were stuffing checks in en-
?i        Working the muscles of their scoop arms in-        velopes, and girls were sealing the flaps~
]h        to cramps as they dream of an invention            and near the end of the production line, sat
          where you just press down on a foot pedal          Auditor Cramer m his shirt sleeves signing
           (listen to Dorothy Shay’s record ’Efficiency’)    checks like a man in a bad dream. There was
          and ice cream gobs fly out like toast are re-      great concern over whether he would suffer
          freshment-crew      men A1 Guenthardt,     Bill    a seizure of writers’ cramp before the task
          Truman, Lane l’qewman and Hall Evans.              was done. But, in spite of apparent disarray,
             For a while George and company were with        it was easy to tell by the precision with
          us but they’ve been exterminated. Soon after       whicil each girl worked that it was a highly
          opening day it was found that the house-           systematized and efficient performance.
          count included one mouse, which shortly ac-           The paymaster’s department actually is a
          quired the name George. It was at first            sort of middle body~ an arbitor ~ between
          thought that George would be kept on thru          the employee and the Company. It must be
          the summer in keeping with the wildlife            sure that no one is getting more than he’s
          conservation program. This plan was aban-           earned~nor that he is getting less. And many
          doned when George moved his family in and           times, the regular procedure is put aside to
          began to make extensive inroads in the Pe-          get some individual’s wages straight when,
 : ,,]
 i-!      can Krunch supply. Mouse control equip-             according to their regulations the employee
          ment was brought in by Mel Cessna and               would have to wait ’till next payday, For in-
          head trapper AI Guenthardt speedily checked         stance, in the case of a wage adjustment,
          out George, Georgia, and Georgianna. But            Paymasters will go to any length to have the
 ~:(,.i                                                       fatter paycheck ready on the day it’s due~
           George, Jr., is still at large and thus far has
           managedto elude all snares.                        not a month later, This handling of some-
              That gets everyone in the act except the p.     one’s earnings is a tough job~one of the
           m. auditor, Bill McClusky who does a solo          toughest in the general office. And in our
           l’rom midnight til dawn when the sideshow          prowlings, we’ve yet to see any section work-
           starts operating again, During the long hours      ing harder and in greater harmony and co-
           he finds time to work up such plans as for         operation.
           buying an outsize Great Dane dog. He will             Sometimes things happen that make their
           train it to eat only raw meat and answer that      job more complex and difficult,   such as em-
           Elmer-r-r-r    call. One of these mornings         ployees failure to sign a time sheet. The Pay-
           those characters who call for Ehner are go-         master and timekeepers know that the per-
                                                                                  (continued on back page~
           ing to get Elmer. That’s all. ~Ollie Bauquier
                                         THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                  N,P,S.    RAMBLINGS                      trip to Merced Lake over the weekend. Not
          Ill case you don’t know, the Museum now
                                                is         being acclimated to the high country atmo-
                                                           sphere, they let the delicious warmth of the
       open until 10 p.m. every day. Park employees
                                                           campfire penetrate their tired bodies and
        whofind it inconvenient to see the interest-
                                                         ¯ hurried them into bed fully dressed~not be-
        ing exhibits or hear the talks on the forma-
                                                           cause the temperature was so low, but so
       tion of the Valley during the daytime Call en-
       joy them during the evening hours. There is         they could rise in time to get on the lake for
       a scheduled talk at 8 p.m. in addition to the       some skating before breakfast.
       talks every day at 10, 2 and 4.
          Three young fellows watched intently as                 FROM HERE AND THERE
       a group of youngsters rode out of the corral         If you see a stagecoash painted red, and
       at the stables on one of the daily burro rides.   complete with shotgun rider, dashing down
       Turning to an .employee one asked: "Don’t         the road in the Tecoya area, don’t imaginc
       you have ally BIG horses?"                        the Y.T.S. has slipped to that. It will be "Old
          Not mentioned before in this column was        Betsy," valiant remnant of the Tecoya. Turn-
       the transfer of Ranger Cliff Anderson to          pike Co., the creation of young craftsmen on
       Muir Woods National Monument. Cliff has           the Row. And some of the group have been
       been stationed at Wawona   since his return to    sold on the ide,q of being the horses!
       the Park after working in the shipyards dur-         Some of the better fishermen have caught
       ing tile war. He will be missed by his many       a few fish Jn the river. However,J.G., whois
      friends in Yosemite.                               one of the better fishermen, caught a Water
          Have you seen the recent Sat. Eve. Post        Ouzel~on a fly, of course. He was fishing at
       with the article on the Lost Arrow climb?         the Cascades with Miles Cooper and while
      It is very interesting reading, and well il-       making a false cast hooked into a flying Ou-
      lustrated with protographs by Marie Zaepf-         zel. Like one of the "flying saucers" the bird
      fel.                                               soarded half-way up Elephant Rock before
          Mrs. Clara Johnson, Kit Parker’s mother,       J.G. put on the drag and brout~ht the Ouzel to
      is visiting the Parkers these days following       net. With the aid of "ghillie" Cooper, the
      a transcontinental motor tour with an inter-       hook was extracted. But delft believe an ex-
      esting couple from Austria.                        cited "bird in the hand is worth two in the
                                                         bush. ~’
          The record travel of the Memorial Day
      holiday period still stands. The total number         The first fawn was seen July 4 behind the
      of visitors over the 3 days of July 4, 5 and 6      General Office. He looked shaky and bewil-
     lacked 50 of eqalling the record set a month         dered but not frightened. Howlong before
      earlier. Over tile Fourth the 3-day total was       he gets ulcers from eating popcorn and ci-
     32, 949 as ~gainst 32,999 for the 3-day Mem-        gar butts?                                  ’~
     orial Day holiday.                                     Our sympathies to Mrs. Lester Shorb,
         It was more crowded in the Valley, how-         whose father passed away July 1 in Porter-
     ever, since there were many n101"o campers          ville.
     here overnight, totalling 17,147. Housecounts          There’s more ehildlife.    This time a new
     at the hotels, lodges, "etc. on July 5 this year    donkey at the Stables, one of the burro pic-
     totalled 3,246, makinga total of 20,411 over-       nickers. Mother has been going out on her
     night population. The nearest comparable            regular trips and the offspring, Fuzzy, is ob-
     overnight population was on July 5, 1941            liged to tag along to make sure he gets his
     when there were 13,348 campers and 3,G79            three meals a day.
     at hotel units, makinga total of 17,027 over-
     night visitors.      There were approximately                   OPERATION PAYDAY
     33,000 people in Yosemite Valley on July 4.          son probably worl~ed some place and will
                     Canibals B’Gosh                      hunt endlessly through the records to get him
         A camper recently wrote to Superintendent        propel’ly credited l’or having worked.
     Kittredge as follows: "For years I have made           Speal4ing of their efficiency, we learned
     the practice of carrying a coop of friars for        that a year ago the whole staff put in a 24-
     fresh meat the second week. Would this be            hour night-before-payday to get the payroll
     permitted in the Park?"                             out. Now, this crew can get approximately
         Ranger Lou Halleck was questioned by a           1500 checks out,.in a ]2 hour effort. That’s
     visitor some time ago as to what a person           progress!
    could do to get a summer home in Yosemite.              So when you get your paycheck, unfailing-
    WhenLou msistcd that the only people who             ly on the 7th and the 22nd of each month, re-
    had hornes in the Park were those who were           memberthal behind it is a group of fourteen
    employedhere, the visitor insisted that there        hard working, smart girls who give up many
    were private homes here, he had just walked          an evening to get your check to you--enough
    through the residence area and saw where             and on time. Their record--they’ve        never
    "Bing" Crosby had a home up here!                    ]:ailed to r,ueet their pay day schedule.
         Miss Ruby Thomas, Virginia Pearce, Phyl-           A Pahn to the P~lymaster’s Office!
    lis Lecders and Esther Litke enjoyed a short            Next week we cover the Laundry.


                                                          Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                                 in the i~terest el its employees
                                                                        a~cZ local residents
       YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                     JULY 26, 1947

       FORMAL    AT
                                                           dined at Coarse Gold, returni~lg with the car
                                                           filled to the top with melonsand other fruits.
                                                              One of our frequent visitors is Edith Kay,
                                                           now at the Big Trees. All her days off are
                                                           spent in former haunts.
                                                              Mothballs are being shaken out of tuxes
                                                           and the gals arc pressing their :formals, in
                                                           preparatiol~ for the big event.
                                                              Hwm,or :from the Coke Stand~
                                                           Customer: "Have you an egg sandwi0h?"
                                                          Attendant: "No--the nearest thing to it is
                                                           pressed ham."
         Tile Glacier Point Moonlight Formal, one             Our hotel is having its face lifted and a
      of the social highlights of last season, will        fine job it will be through the efforts of
      bo repeated again this year on Friday, Au-           Messrs Stame], Walker, and Sullivan of the
      gusl 1, according to the announcement by            Maintenance.
      host and manager, Wally Cathcart.                       Twoperipatetic employees hiked in to Os-
         It is strictly formal [or the ladies while the   trander Lake last Friday night, with packs
      men’s attire will conform to the dress regu-        sufficient for a seven day trek and the dozen
      lations of the CampCurry dance. There will          eggs in bottom of the heavier one. A cheer-
      be no charge for admission, the only re-            ing crowd sent them off but their exuberm~ce
      quirement being your privilege card. Sev-           had dwindled to a few fish and bad cases of
      eral novelty acts are also scheduled.               stmburn when they were dragged into camp
         For those desiring transportation,     buses     the following afternoon. Nothing daunted,
      will leave Camp   Curry at 7:30. The fare will      however, they plan to climb Mr. Lyell next
      be $1.00 plus tax per person for the round          Saturday,
      trip. Makereservations either at the Den or             We, as well as the guests, are enioying
      with Ruth Brown, counselor at the Lodge.            some fine illustrated lectures by Ranger No-
                                                          lan and also the Sunday evening services
                                                          conducted by Reverend Glass.
                                                              Miss Carrie Castle of Oakland and Miss
          Thursday--the night. Recreation Hall--the       Florence Hayden of L.A. are expected to be
      .place and all employees are anticipating a         ten-day guests here next Tuesday, They are
       wonderful evcning.                                 friends el’ Florence Scribner.
          It’s a grand get-to-get]mr      with many          We are all lceenly interested because of
       unique features on the program. The young-         wedding bells to ring on August 10 for our
       er group are instigators     with "High Hat"       young ranger here. Marty Britten and Ruth
       Jack Held acting as M.C.                           Luebke. Ceremony will be held in the Val-
          Earl Tapp and his convertible Jeep which,       ley Chapel with Rev. Glass officiating, The
       on provocation seats nine or more, is very         groom-to-be is a Stanlord man, now study-
       popular with the ladies. His affections, how-      ing for his Ph.D,
       eve,’, turn to but one--it’s your guess.
          Instead of rescuing ]’our maidens from the
                                                                       WEDDING BELLS
       briney deep (Yosemite Pool) fair-haired
       Don Torrillo now saves biscuits from the             Sometime in September, Betty O’Brien, of
       burning blast. He is Ed Bensolfs helper in         Maintenance, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. T.
       the bakery.                                        Davis, Assistant to Chief Clerk, National
          Delta Whitehead, Alta Dennison, Gertrude        Park Service, will be married to Mr, Tom
       Warren, Rosalie Whiteside, and Margaret            Swaggerty, Purchasing Agent of the Nation-
       Thompsonspent a jolly day last week out-           al Park Service, They will make their’home
       side ~he Park. They wined at Fish Campand          hero in the Valley.




1                                        THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                           jqb. For example, it turns out, on the aver-
                                                           age of 15,000 sheets per week! Dexterous
                                                           folding and feeding crews, operating a large
       Published by Yose~nite Pag’k (m,d Curry Co.         ironer, turn out 360 sheets an hour and more.
                   EDITORIAL STAFF                        Comparatively, our laundry handles about
        Lois Nordlinger                                   as much work as would be needed in a city
                                   "Dete" Oliver
        Janet Hettman                                     the size of Merced.
                                  Jean Cloward
        Ken English             Ralph Anderson               The dry cleaning part of the laundry ~s as
        Florence Scribncr       Virginia Norton           specialized and systematized a proposition
        Circu]ati on Manager                              as the clothes washing end. Your suits go
                                Florence Morris
        Supervisor                                        through the same processes as they do in a
                                 Harold Ouimet
        Editor                                            big city plant, in spite of being ’way up here
                                  Henry Berrey
        Associate Edi for                                 in the hills. The surge of summer business
                                   Jack Greener
                                                         has kept the dry cleaners up late too, and
                                                         they still manage to do a first rate job and
           BATTLE OF THE BED CLOTHES                     ill goodtime.
                                                             So, some time, when your bundle isn’t
           What do you think would happen to all         ready, remember that the laundry people
        the sleeping units in the Park, and to your      have a critical, hnportant job. Without their
        own downycouch, if the laundry stopped op-       services, we wouldn’t have any guests and
        erating. We’d be in a very unpleasant fix        no guests no jobs. It’s an endless battle.they
        and not many hours would go I~y before the       fight against a never-ending mountain of
        irate customers began to raise loud protest-     laundry.
        ing voices. Finally, we’d have to shut our
       doors altogether--because you can’t lOUt a
       guestin a room where the bed sheets haven’t
       be changed in a week.                                CAMP CURRY NEWS AND VIEWS
          The laundry does a monumental job. It
       supplies bed linen, towels, uniforms, etc., to        Out of the heat of the pastweek there
       all the companyunits--in addition to doing         comes one story that we can’t resist telling.
       the shh’ts ai~d sox of about 5000 guests and       A gushing female came up to an unsuspect-
       employees. And about 4999 of them are right        ing room clerk and simpered, "Isn’t it just
       down to their last handkerchief and need           wonderful how that mountain errupts every
       their clothes tomorrow.                            night al nine o’clock?"
          So the laundry must operate fifteen hours          In case you guys and gals can’t place the
      per day--with no let up. Some sixty-five            new manager of the Store, hc’s the man you
      people keep their tumblers, dryers, ironers,        used to try to avoid last year when you came
      etc., going at full tilt to supply everything       m late, after getting a flat tire or running
      and everybody with clean clothes.                   out of gas--of course. Congratulations, Wes
          In spite of pernicious rumors that you may      Harmon, on the new job. We understand
      have picked up, laundries don’t, or at least        Wes has accepted a position on the faculty
      our laundry doesn’t, wash clothes on sharp          of Chaffee Jr. College for next year.
      rocks in strong chemicals. Fh’st, everything          Draft waste your sympathy on the blonde
      is segregated according to the kind of fabric      telephone operator that you’ve been think-
      and the color.   Somethings take more wash-        ing has been working morning, noon, and
      mg and some colors run, or bleed, in laundry       night. Sisters Enid Lauridson and Ellen Hall
      lailguage, more than others. The dirt is got-      are really confusing people, but: drop around
      ten out by three washings in Ivory soap in         on Thursdays when they work on the same
      a washing machine very much like the kind          shift, and you’ll find that it’s easy to tell
     you have at home--only much larger. They            them apart.
     arc rinsed next in five to seven changes of            Coming out of the fog that surrounds the
     water and those needing ironing are deliv-          University of San Francisco to the sunshine
     ered to the ~roners where they are pressed          of our Valley for the summer arc Bob Bar-
     on high speed cquipment~a shirt, for in-           bagclatta, Johnny Kockos, TomMitchell, Joe
     stance, taking about six operations. If you        Kcndrick, Jerry Crowley, Ed Cremen and
     need buttons or have a rip, these are taken        many others. They are doing alright too in
     care of after ironing. Roughdry things stay        spite of the fact that they aren’t Ca] men.
     longer in the dryers and are lumbled and               "Pinkie" Bowman, the cute red-head who
     blown around by hot air till they’re dry. No       worked in the Post Office and sang on the
     tricks or devilish prates of machinery.It’s all    program last year, is visiting in the Valley
     the system, the tools and a lot of hard work       for two weeks. Pinkie is worldng in a sum-
     by the help. After a lot of launch’y is com-       mer stock company in Fresno.
     pleted, it goes to sort of an assembly room           Another ex-employee dropped in the other
     where Mrs Jones’ laundry is separated from         (lay, Winnie Kinard. Winnie and hubby are
     Mrs. Smitlfs and sorted into bundles.              in the East where Bill is attending Harvard.
         We said the laundry did ~1 monumental             Rememberthe good old days when we had
?                                                SENTINEL

!’}     the open-air    dance at the Ahwahnee?   Sid                  VILLAGE STORIES
        Heft,whoseorchestra the mainattrac-
        tion these     dances,        the
                              visited Valley     last        Busy summer days are with us, The 4th           i:
:t      week Sid is now holding forth at the Ali-         is bel~ind us, but Labor Day weekend is yet
        Baba in Oakland.                                  to come. In the meantime a large crew at
-!;       Don’ t blame Jean for the black eyes that       the Village Store is ready to serve, both the
:ii     Raul Diez has been sporting. Raul and bro-        tourist and local alike. Comeearly, or come
        ther Nick, boxers from Modesto Junior Col-        late (don’t you dare), you will always find
        lege, have rigged up a boxing ring, and when      a grand crew waiting to help you.
        you spar with Paul Snow, you’re lucky to            Amongthe interesting     people working in
.{      get off with just black eyes. The boys held
                                                          the store is Mark Coates, behind the film
;f      an inter-departmental    match the other day      counter, and Worth O’Neil, who is a packer.
,;,?.   to pick out a team to figh.t the Blister Rust     Many of our local skiers remember both as
        Boys, The fellows were all well matched, and      managers of the Fresno State Sld Team. Dur-
        the bouts drew shouts of appreciation from        ing the winter they own and manage a sports
        the audience. Especially exciting was the         shop for skiers in Fresno.
"’i     exhibition match between the Diez brothers.
                                                             From NewYork hails Peggy Smith, sister
                                                          of Stm’ge Culver. Peggy flew here from N.Y.
                FROM HERE AND THERE                       early this month and will work until the fall
           Alas! The wheels of progress have ground       whenshe will return East.
        "Old Betsy," the Tecoya Turnpike darling
        right out of existence. However, the vener-          From last summer, we welcome back Pres-
        able lady has been transformed into a train       ton Hutchins, a high school student from
                                                          Berkeley and Stewart Cramer, who has been
        and still makes the Tecoya run. Sweets and
                                                          attending school at Menlo Park. Richard
i       refreshments are hawked from the caboose.
                                                          Gorman, a law student from Hastings .Col-
        Wonder what she’ll be next week?
                                                          lege in San Francisco is here for another sea-
           Jean Kirk Cloward, our Village Store re-
                                                          son. Another one of last summers employees
        porter, has been slighted by the short-
i:                                                        is h’ma Pierce, who teaches in Wisconsin in
        sighted editorial department, ’Way back last
                                                          the winter.
        May29, she was married in Carson City, Ne-
        vada, to Dee Cloward, a C-2 warehouseman.            Jack Ring, the Store baseball fan has been
        Dee hailsfromModesto      and the happypair       enjoying some good games with the Yosemite
        areliving El Portal. apologies be-
                    in           Our           and        team in Mariposa, If the team loses, he feels
        lated  congratulations.                           pretty bad, but if it wins, he usually collects
           Everett Edwards, Wawona golf course            a few wagers. Two of Jack’s sisters from
        manager,   batted himself a 33 theother
                                   out                    Oaldand have been enjoying a week’s vaca-
        dayon hishomecourse! thatisn’ta re-
                                  If                      tion in Yosemite.
        cord, should    be.                                 Gen Johnson is always blushing after her
:i         Thefoodat the BigTrees     Lodge  Cafeteria    day oil’. At least, that is what it looks like,
.i      is nothing         of
                     short superb.    Myrtle  Cuthbert    but it is really the after effects of a holiday.
        and her assistant,    LouidaWiik,are very         Her first trip to May Lake was enjoyable.
        handyin the cookery     department,               While there, she wasn’t content to enjoy the
           The Ahwahneewas visited by Mr. Bob             day resting, but hiked to the top of Mount
        Patterson, alsotravels         underthe name      Hoffman, and got nothing from it but a bad
        Freddie              of
                 Francisco, theSanFrancisco        Ex-    sunburn.
                  Mr.           is
        aminer. Francisco a firstratenews-
        manandstory     teller hasrecently
                               and               writ-      Even in the hot weather, it seems the law
        ten MarkHellinger’s     "Brute  Force"  intoa     must go on, and Mr. Brown has had to go to
                                                          Mariposa often of late as a memberof the
        motionpicture     story.Mr. Francisco     also
                                                          Grand Jury. With all of the other stores un-
        made some commentsabout The Ahwahnee
        in his column   thatwereeasyfor DickCon-          der his supervision, he is kept quite busy.
                                                          The Tuolumne Store is under the manage-
        nett read.
                                                          ment of Mr. Singleton and at present, Mr.
           Dete Oliver, erstwhileSentinel  contributor,   Wesley Harmon is the Curry Store manager.
        took a throngof Girl Scouts Ostrander
                                                          At the Camp 14 Store, Louie and Myrtle
        Lakerecently.    During the fourdayjunket,        Duckworth are the co-managers, They were
        many amusingthingstook place,not the
                                                          at Chinquapin last winter.
               of       was
        least which D. O.’s         sunbonnet.
           The Aquapades 1947 are gone but not
        forgotten. It was a great show and A1 Mar-        For Sale. USED   Six tube table model Emer-
        quez and friends are to be congratulated on          son radio in excellent condition. See Kenny
        their production. Scotty Chishohn floating        I.,ong, E-5, Yosemite Lodge.
        around the Lodge Pool on an inner tube, a
        daisy clutched in his toes, greeting the audi-    Excellent UPRIGHT  PIANOfor sale,        $150.
        ence with "Lovely to see you," was about the        Call Ewbank at IlW.
         funniest we’ve ever seen.
                                           THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                        N.P.S. RAMBLINGS                    drawings depicting the height of the glacier
               Visiting Yosemite the latter part of last    period in Yosemite Valley. Turning curious-
           week was Herbert Evison, Chief of Informa-       ]y to the ranger, she asked; "Did they have
          tion of the National Park Service with head-      cameras in those days?"
           quarters in Washington, D.C. It was Evison’s
           first trip to Yosemite since 1.930 at which
                                                                        SOFT BALL BUNTS
           time he drove over the old WawonaRoad to           The Curry Cafeteria is still riding high in
           the Mariposa Grove and left the Park via         the Softball League with five wins and no
          the Chowchilla Mountain route.                    defeats. However, m two games they barely,
              Ranger James W. B. Packard is recuperat-     s~eaked through by identical 11-10 scores.
          ing satisfactorily from the broken ankle as a    The Ahwahneethrew the first scare into the
          result of the rescue of A1 Baxter from the       league leaders under the steady pitching of
          Upper Cathedral Spire on July 12. The story
                                                           Fred Pierson, but Jim Durumsubdued a wild
          of the spectacular accident which resulted       last inning rally to gain the close verdict.
          in Baxter breaking both legs has been wide-         In their next game, the Dining Room,
          ly publicized, and people from coast to coast    spearheaded by pitcher. Bob Johnson, outhit
          have read about Baxter’s fall and how 13         the Cafeteria, but pitcher Howie King kept
          rangers brought the injured man down the         his hits scattered and again cameout in front.
          perilous loose-rock talus slope to the wait-     Melvin and Webber from the Dining Room
          ing ambulance.                                   contributed lusty home runs while Gobeleski
              In the process, a large boulder was dis-     also poled out a rour base hit for the Care.
          lodged by the stretcher bearers, and it rolled
          over Packard’s anlde and both legs of As-        STANDINGS OF TEAMS: Won Lost Pctg
          sistant Chief Ranger Homer Robinson. For-        Curry Cafeteria                5    0     1.000
          tunately,     Homer sustained    only severe     Ahwahnee                       4     1     .800
          bruises and lacerations and has madea quick      Yosemite Lodge                 2    2      .500
.il       recovery.                                        Band and Grill
                                                           Dining Room
                                                                                          2    2      ¯500
             It was one of the longest, most gruelling,                                   1    3      .250
          rescues madeby the rangers in recent years,      Porters                        0    2      .000
          lasting from late afternoon until well after     Main Kitchen                   0    4     .000
ii       midnight.
             Victor Staff is the new ranger at Crane                     AHWAHNEE NEWS
 i’i     Flat. He is takingthe place of Milo Aber-
                                                               Little did we suspect that there was a wed-
ii       crombie who has returned to Pasadena. John         ding a-brewing when Bernice Smith of the
 !,      Shrawder, seasonal ranger-naturalist, has re-      side hall left for home on a short leave of
         turned to his home near Philadelphia.        He    absence recently. But the news is true. Andy
         plans to resume his teaching career this fall.     Chancy and Bernice have set the date for
         Ranger Cliff Anderson, formerly at Wawona          next week. The event will take place in Ju-
         and now stationed at Muir WoodsMonument,           arez, Me-hi-co. where they fly for their so.
         was a recent visitor to Yosemite.                  journ before Andy must return for his final
             Mrs. Nell Thayer was in e~rly this week to     weeks of bell hopping at The Ahwahnee.
         start the Annual Red Cross Swimat the Yo-            Carroll Clark of the kitchen received some
         semite Lodge Pool. She left the Park hur-          good news the other day. His request for
         riedly upon hearing of the serious illness of      getting into college has finally been granted
         Mr. Thayer.                                        and he leaves the latter part of August to
             Travel to Yosemite passed the 500,000 mark    attend Fresno State.
         recently, and at the time of this writing (July       Out" baseball team has proven itself "red-
         22~ 511,236 visitors have entered the Park         hot" with its recent victories at the Gram-
         this travel year since October l, 1946. Last       mar school playground. The last score was
         year there were 405,238 visitors at this date,    said to be a landslide over Yosemite Lodge
         making this years travel 26% ahead of last         (16 to 8) despite the fact that the Lodge
         year. If the present rate of increase in travel   fared more admirably on hearty rooters.
         continues the remainder of the season, there      Could it be that the pretty girl boosters on
         will be a total of more thm~ 800,000 visitors     the side lines are only a distracting element?
       ’registered by September 30.                        That’s the excuse we hear.
             Ranger John Mullady tells a good story           Now we know why Andy Campbell of the
        about a lady who asked him a number of             kitchen ahvays seems to enjoy himself so
        questions about the hike to the top of Half        much when the orchestra plays those fast
        Dome. Whenhe told her it was a very stren-         rhythms at the dances. Andy was a pro-
        uous hike and would require all day to make        fessional dancer for five years~1915-20, and
        the trip, she asked; "But aren’t there plenty      from the way he kicks up his heels and
        of places where you can sit down and rest?"        whMs the gMs around we know the steps
             Another good story from Glacier Point is      haven’t changed so much in the last few de-
        concerning the lady who was very much im-          cades. In fact many of us would do well to
        pressed with the photographs of painting and       take a lesson or two from him.


                                                      YOSEMITE      NATIONAL       PARK

                                                   Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                         in the interest of its employees
                                                                and local residents
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                         SATURDAY, AUGUST9, 1947

   Here’s a chance to win fame and a hundred
dollars, girls. The Mariposa County Fair, to             OLYMPIC SKI TEAM BENEFIT
                                                     If your path takes you to Los Angeles on
be held August 30, 31 and September 1, will,
                                                   Wednesday, August 13, don’t miss the St.
like all good fairs, have a queen. She will be
chosen, not by beauty alone, but by her al~i]i-    Moritz Ski Ball. Your $1.25 admission ticket
                                                   will help send an American Ski Teamto the
ty to sell tickets brains, ]n this case, being     ]948 Olympics. The program will include
rated above beauty.
   The details of the contest, as explained by     a ski style and equipment show, ski movies,
                                                   dancing and a chance to win one of the many
George Oliver, queen contest chairman for
                                                   door prizes. The Ball is to be held at the A1-
this district,   follow: Any girl, married or
                                                   tadena Country Club, which is generally to
single, between the ages of 16 and 25, whois
a permanent resident of Mariposa County ]s         the north of Pasadena.
eligible. Prospective entrants will be given
necessary entry blanks and books af tickets
which are to be sold to Valley residents or                       RECREATION
to guests at .25 each~each ticket sold giving
                                                      The hitherto invincible Curry Cafeteria
her twenty-five votes.
                                                   softballers    were soundly trounced by Red
   The contest is divided into two parts, the
                                                   Woelbing’s Lodge team by the convincing
first part closing August13. At that time, the
                                                   score of 19-0 on July 31. Behind the 6 hit
contestant from each district who has sold         pitching of Jules Ashworth the Lodge slug-
the greatest number of tickets will be de-         gers laid downa barrage of 15 hits including
termined and until August 27, she will com-
                                                   home runs by Les Reis and John Hughes.
pete with the six other district winners for
                                                     Fred Pierson’s Ahwahneeclub is still on
top honors. The first prize winner will re-
                                                   the pace with a 15-7 win over the Curry
ceive $100; the runner-up, $60 and the next
                                                   Kitchen and a 5-2 victory over Band-Grill.
five $50, $40, $30, $20 and $10, respectively.
                                                     Bob Johnson’s Waiters are improving with
   Each contestant is expected to appear in
                                                   every game. With Webber hitting an .800
the opening Fair ceremonies and the parade.
                                                   clip and Will Lotter, a recent addition at
The moneytaken in from the sale of tickets
                                                   short, they are definitely in the race,
is to be used to purchase parade awards.
   Two girls, Joan, also known as Jersey,          STANDINGS OF TEAMS: Won Lost Pctg
Jordan, of the Curry Dining Roomand Betty          Curry Cafeteria                5     1   .833
Jean McIntosh, of the Laundry, have already        Ahwahnee                       5    2    .714
signed up and started selling tickets. (They       Yosemite Lodge                 4    2    .667
re,~d about the details in the Mariposa Ga-        Curry Dining Room              3    3    .500
zette.) See George I-I. Oliver, Traffic Mana-      Band-Grill                     2    4    .333
ger, Y. P, and C. Co., for details, entry blanks   Curry Main Kitchen             0    7    .000
and tickets.
                                                     In a swimmeetheldat the LodgePoolon
           AQUAPADES AGAIN!                        Sundaynight,  August3rd, the Curryteam
  The hundreds of late arriving people who         dunked theircrossvalley  rivals fromYo-
couldn’t get seats for the last Aquapadeswill      semiteLodge45-23.   Webber, Palmer,Hay-
have another chance to see the show on                             won       for
                                                   denandStraight firsts Curry        while
August ]7 at 8:30 p.m. when it will be pre-        Mumby, h’omthe Lodge,       the
                                                                         copped 220free
sented again. Al Marquez, Aquapades mae-                and
                                                   style took   first     in
                                                                     place thediving event.
stro, says that his next showwill be rivalled      In the medleyrelay the Curryteamof Hay-
only by Billy Rose’s. In order to pay for the      den, Straight and Mayhew ’defeatedBell,
shiny white bathing suits the ballet girls         Marquez and Mumby,whilethe Curry4-man
bought for the last show, a small admission        free style      of
                                                             t.’,am Costales, Melvin,Webbcr
charge will be made,                               and Hayden alsowon to cinchthe meet.

                                 ~ : 7 .....   : .....   :¯¯ ...... .   ¯   ........   ¯ ........   .   ....                                          (.=¯~. :.~_.,...:.:   ...... :: :: ....   : ........
      .   , - ¯¯:-.~-¯’i.,"--,                                                                                 : ....... : ......   .’-’,.   , ....

                                                                        THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                                                         group left Tuolumne   Meadows last Monday
                                                                                         morning for Virginia Canyon. They plan to
                  yosemite Sentinel                                                      go to BensonLake, Seavey Pass, Bear ¯Valley,
    Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.                                             Tiltill and Lake Vernon and return via Hetch
                 EDITORIAL STAFF                                                         Hetchy,
      Lois Nordlinger          "Dote" Oliver
                                                                                           Recent visitors in the Valley were Mr. and
      Janet Hettman           Jean Cloward                                               Mrs. Paul White who have been spending
      Ken English          Ralph Anderson                                                some time at Tuolumne Meadows Lodge.
      Florence Scribner     Virginia Norton                                              Paul was many years ago a seasonal ranger-
      Circulation Manager   Florence Morris                                              naturalist in the Park during his vacation
      Supervisor             Harold Ouimet                                               periods from Long Beach Polytechnic High
     ;Editor                  :Henry Berrey
                                                                                         School where he is a teacher.
      Associate Editor         Jack Greener
                                                                                           Going into the high country the latter part
                                                                                        of August are Park Forester Emil Ernst and
                         :N.P.S.               RAMBLINGS                                his two boys, Freddie and Timmy.He will be
       Last week was a big week for Bill Purdy,                                         accompanied on the trip by Ed Delaney and
     13 year old Boy Scout of Menlo Park, who                                           his young son. The group will take burros
     wonan all-expense trip to Yosemite for him-                                        and pack in from Tuolumne Meadowsto the
     self and family as a result of the winning                                         northern section of the Park.
     slogan in a state-wide contest. The contest
     was held by the California Fire Prevention                                            Carol Brockmanis now visiting her friends
     Committee, composed of members of the                                              in Yosemite and staying at Harry and Kit
    National Park Service, State Forestry Divi-                                         Parkers. She and Jean are enjoying their
    sion, U.S. Forest Service, and various groups                                       former stamping grounds while Bill serves
    and organizations interested in safeguarding                                        as fire lookout at Mount Rainier National
    the State against fire.                                                             Park, and Brock devotes some time this sum-
!      Bill’s slogan Keep Califor~ia Green and                                          mer to writing.
    Golden is being handed to every visitor to
    Yosemite these days, and it is believed that                                                  FROM HERE AND THERE
    already the campaign against carelessness                                              Eloise Aguirre of Paymaster and Melvin
    with fire has brought results.                                                      Brantlcy announced their engagement at the
       Bill enjoyed hiking, swimming,fishing and                                        Glacier Point formal last week. Louie, as she
    riding horseback as well as motoring to Gla-                                        is known locally, comes from Los Angeles,
    cier Point and the Mariposa Grove of Big                                            while Melvin’ and his family have been in or
    Trees. He appeared on the CampCurry pro-                                            around the Valley for many years. The
    gram one evening and another evening was                                            Brantleys have recently purchased the E1
    introduced to a Camp14 audience by Scout-                                           Portal Hotel and are redoing it from cellar
    master Mike Manahan of Yosemite Troop 50.                                           to garret.
                                                                                           Fishing has taken up the weekends of quite
       A Park visitor at Tuolumne Meadows is                                            a few of the local anglers. A week or so
    still shivering over a near-collision with a                                        ago, George Oliver, Sturge Culver, Marshall
    pedestrian along the Tioga Road. It seems he                                        Hall, Stan Plumb, (former Traffic Manager)
    was driving fron: the Meadowsdown to Te-                                            and Bill Dugan, S. F. adman, made a trip to
    naya Lake, and while he was not traveling                                           Vernon, Branigan and Laurel Lakes. Old-
    fast he suddenly saw a person on foot walk-                                         angler Plumb did well at Laurel; the rest of
    ing on the right-hand side of the road di-                                         the party had a good trip. Mr. Plumb is now
    rectly in his path.                                                                in the peach business.
      Fortunately no one was hurt, but the driver                                         Another party of Los Shorb, Sherwood
    insists that visitors be warnedalways to walk                                      Spurgin, H. Ouimet, Bill Brown, Dr. Sturm,
    facing automobile traffic, and on the left side                                    Ralph dePfyffer and Jack Van Housen re-
    of the road. There is probably far more dan-                                       ported big winds and little    fish at Young
    ger of accidents from this source in Yosemite                                      Lake where they recently tried their luck.
    Valley than on the Tioga Road, so alwa?ls                                             On top of the stories about spotty fishing
    use the walks wherever possible, and when-                                         conditions, Dana Morgenson, who, with Jim
    ever we do have to use the roads, be sure to                                       Taylor, made a hike in to some of the re-
    face traffic, rather than turn our backs trust-                                    meter parts of the Park, tells us that a great
    ingly to it.                                                                       big, hungry trout, that long              rose
                                                                                       to the surface and struck at his toe as he
      On a pack trip into the northern part of                                         lowered a hot, tired foot into a secluded
    the Park this week are Superintendent Kitt-                                        stream. Which tale you may believe or not,
    redge, Les Moo, Alfred Glass, Rangers Sam                                          as you choose
    Clark and Martischang, George Oliver, Don-                                            Our best to Ella Greener, now recovering
    ald McI-tenry, Bob and Catherine Jane An-                                          from an operation in the Lewis Memorial
    drews, Roll’ Clark, and George Calkins. The                                        Hospital.


                 MeGILLICUDDY WILL LIVE                    have put McGil]icuddy on the road to re-
            From the Shadyhaven Homefor Ice Cream          covery. Doctors in charge of the case say
<i       Scoopers     and OtherNervous   Wreckscomes       that as soon as they curb his tendency to
         word that Hector McGillicuddy, who went           ]eap screaming out of the nearest windowat
         into a nervous breakdown on the job last          the sight of an ice cream cone McGillicuddy
         week, is showing improvement. From statis-        will be ready for release.
         tics gleaned during moments when his mind                                   ~by Ollie Bauquier
         momentarily cleared we are able to give a
.:/i     coverage of events leading up to his collapse.         CAMP CURRY NEWS AND VIEWS
            Hector was in fine physical shape when he         Several of our former employees have come
         arrived in the Valley and took the job of          up for a visit these past two weeks, one of
:L       scooping cones at Camp16. As he’d had no           whom is Alva Brown, who was Assistant
         previous knowledge of the work he knew             Manager of the Dining Room last year.
         nothing of the struggle he was facing. After       "Brownie" is now Dean of Womenat Stan-
        a day of continuous scooping he was a wreck.        ford. Tillie Sample, for years the head of the
        He estimates in that time he scooped a ton          Linen Room, and Edith Nelson, matron of
        and a half of the stuff makinga total of one        the Terrace, were in, as were Mrs. Lane of
        hundred sixty thousand swipes. In the course        the Kiddie Kamp, Roger Lane, ex-porter, and
        of the day this activity gradually disjointed       his bride. Also Ed Wells of the Grill and his
        his spinal column, wore his muscle fibers to        wife, who worked in the Dining Room, and
        frazzles, knotted his ligaments, flattened his      MidgePittman of Recreation. Bill, the little
        arches, and unhinged his mind.                      tenor of the Sun Spot Quartet, and Dick Gaw,
           His vocal apparatus took a terrific pound-       a pre-war master of ceremonies, all were m
        ing. During the day three thousand, seven          for short visits.
        hundred fifty people, after looking at the            The old adage, "Where are you going my
        sign reading: Flavors Chocolate, Vanilla,          pretty maid?" really holds true this year at
        Tutti-frutti,      and Prune Krunch, asked,        Camp Curry. This group of cute gals is
        "What flavors have you?" Three thousand,           headed by Mrs. Blair, the housekeeper, and
        seven hundred fifty times he answered, "We         Mrs. Mitchell, her assistant. They are helped
        have Chocolate, Vanilla, Tutti frutti, and         in the Linen Roomby Mavis Miller. Mavis,
        Prune Krunch." "What! No Strawberry?"              Marion Horst, and Nell Bortels are all stu-
        "We’re out of Strawberry," he gasped. In-          dents of the College of Arts and Crafts in
        numerable times he repeated "Who’s next?"          Oaldand. Nell, the creator of those clever
        "Double or Single? .... Ten cents a scoop."        cartoons m the Den, is the cousin of Betsy
        "I’ll get to you in just a minute."                Bacon who used to manage the swimming
           During the day one hundred twenty people        pool.
        claimed they had arrived before the person            The Dining Roomis very proud of two of
       being served. He figures they left thinking         their members who have been singing on the
       he was the worst kind of a heel. At the start,      program, Ernie Larsen, tenor, who works in
       he argued with the more determined ones.            the kitchen, and Katherine Thonms,waitress.
       Later on he said nothing as his vocal chords        Bot]] have been favorably received by the
       were in such an exhausted state that he could      audiences.
       only get out a hoarse croak. The ordeal so             That red-headed fellow who the gals say
       strained and inflamed he pharynx and tra-          remind them of Van Johnson, is none other
       chea that a complete collapse of the vocal         than our Western Union boy, I-Iarry Grogan.
       mechanism from the epiglottis      on down re-     The line forms to the right, girls.
       sulted.                                                A lot of people have been asking about our
          In spite of this total exhaustion of the vo-    orchestra. The boys are students of San Fran-
       cal apparatus, extensive overtaxing of all         cisco State and are lead by Bob Holroyd.
       joints, membranes, and muscles from neck           Bob is the little brother of Harold Holroyd
       to arches, clouding of the brain, and paraly-      who played with Bill Struble’s Band up here
       sis of the right arm from hand to clavicle, he     a :few years back.
       would have made it through the day if a                Congratulations, George 1Vfeyers, on be-
       party hadn’t asked for a cone of chocolate         coming the new assistant      manager of the
       and vanilla. He scooped it with the chocolate      Grill. Wethink that you’re just the man for
       on top. The person refused to take it; wanted      tile job.
       the vanilla on top. That was the last straw.           Wehave a jolly crew at the Post Office,
       McGillicuddy broke into a hoarse shriek and        with Bill Ellis as head man. Leah Ashworth
       commenced beating himself over the head            Dalton and George Grenfell have the stamp
       with the scooper. Fortunately, in his ex-          and parcel window. Madeline Holmgren,
       hausted condition, fellow employees were           Jewell Crosby, Patricia Abbey, Donna Morri-
       able to restrain him before he could do him-       son, Dean Heisey, and Robert Gallison are the
       self much further harm.                            ones whosort the mail and shake their nog-
          Though it is doubted he will evcr be the        gins when you come up to the windowto ask
       same again, several days of complete quiet         for that long-awaited letter.
        , ¢, ¯ /

                                                       THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                           TAX INCREASE PROTESTED                        basis of county taxes for manyyears. An al-
                        Operations in a National Park are often          ternate value could be obtained by capital-
                      made more complex by the lack of a clear           izing at the 6%profit anticipated in the con-
                     distinction between the powers and jurisdic-        tract, the profits earned by our Company,or
                     tion of the local, state and federal govern-        the dividends paid to its stockholders.
                     merits. Whenthe State of California ceded              All these methods based on the contract
                     jurisdiction over Yosemite National Park in         gave substantial]y similar results.
                     1919, thus establishing the park in its present        The Supervisors decided against the Com-
                     form, the State reserved certain rights and        pany.
                     relinquished all others.                              Our Company  feels justified in continuing
                        The State reserved the right to serve civil     the action into the courts, not only because
                     and criminal processes, the right to fix and       it believes the basis of the assessment to be
                     collect fishing licenses and the right of the      inaccurate, but because the Company      and the
                     residents of the park to vote in local elec-       employees of the Company    obtain so little in
                     ions. It also reserved the right "to tax per-      return
                     sons and corporations, their franchises and           The tax rate in Yosemite this year is $3.73
                     property on the lands included in said park."      of which $2.21 is for county roads, county
                        Under the right to tax, the County of Mari-     police and fire protection and other branches
                     posa has assessed and collected taxes on the       of County government. These various county
                     property of the Yosemite Park and Curry            activities are of very doubtful benefit to resi-
                     Co. for many years. Our Companyhas been            dents in a National Park. Our roads are state
                     the largest tax payer and has paid about 10%       or federal roads, our police and fire protec-
                     of the total tax collected in the county.         tion are federal and our law is federal law.
                       This year the County Assessor re-assessed           The schools are the only tangible return
                                                                       enjoyed by a taxpayer in Yosemite for the
                    the properties of the Companywithin Mari-
                    posa County raising the assessment from            payment of county taxes. Our Companyhas
                                                                       been very happy to contribute the major
                    $594,014last year to $1,31.7,250 this year and
                    the amount of the tax from $20,252.27 to           share in supporting the Yosemite Grammar
,,-°~                                                                  School; this year it will pay over $9,000 out
                    $48,882.07. With this year our Company     will
                                                                       of a $10,000budget. It has been glad to assist
                    pay 20%of the total County Tax.
                                                                       in supporting the high school:in Mariposa.
                       Our Company protested this action and
                                                                           The final chapters in this story will prob-
                    appealed to the County Board of Supervisors
                                                                       ably be written in the courts. In a way, this
                    for reduction of the assessment. Hearings
                                                                       is a test case since many questions of con-
                    were held at Mariposa July 21 and 25.
                                                                       flicting state and federal jurisdiction have
                       The Assessor’s position was briefly this:
                                                                       not been determined fully. Our Company
                    The Company had been under-assessed          in
                                                                       hopes for clarification as a result of this ac-
                    prior years and this assessment valued the
                    Company’sproperties on the basis of current        tion.
                    construction costs.
                       No allowance was made for the fact that                 WATCH YOUR CAMPFIRE!
                   the Company’sproperties are in a National                It doesn’t pay to leave your campfire
                   Park and on federal land.                            burning according to Paul Runyon of Mo-
                       Our Company’s position was that it had          desto, who was fined $150 and removed from
                   only such rights of use in its properties as        the Park for six months by Commissioner
                   were disclosed in its contract with the Sec-        Gene Ottonello recently.
                   retary of the Interior. This contract is es-           Runyonleft a fire burning against a log
                   sentially a lease and title to buildings and        near the North Crane Creek campground.
                   improvements on leased land resides in the          Not only had he left his fire unextinguished,
                   owner of the land, in this case in the United       but it was burning against a log and it was
                   States. Under the terms of the contract, the        outside of the established camping area. In
                   Companymay not sell or mortgage its prop-           other words, he had three counts against him
                   erties without prior approval of the govern-        instead of one.
                   ment. It mayuse its properties only for those          Ranger Eugene Drown phoned the Chief
                   purposes described in the contract. Further-        Rangers Office in Yosemite Valley to be on
                   more, since there is no provision in the con-       the lookout for a blue jeep, since a blue jeep
                   tract for the value of its buildings and land       was know to have camped at the spot the
                   improvements on expiration of the contract          night before. It was not long before the
                   other than by sale to another park operator,        guilty party admitted having camped there,
                   our Company believed it had not the same            and pleaded guilty to the charge. For leaving
                   values as if it owned the land and buildings        his fire unextinguished, Runyon was fined
                   outrigl~t. Our Company    maintained its values     the $150 and fines of $25 each on the other
                   were those that tied into the terms of the          two counts were suspended providing he stay
                   contract, namely; net depreciated or book           out of the Park for 6 months. (By that time
                   values,      This method had been recog-            snow should be flying and it will be reason-
                   nized by previous assessors and had been the        ably safe to have him come in[)
                                                                                                          ¸ ,’~¯r


                                                   Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                          in the interest o] its employees
                                                                 and local residents
 YOSEMITE NATIONAl,          PARK                                SATURDAY, AUGUST 23,       1947

JERSEY                 IS
                                                   Grounds are about two miles out from Mari-
                                                   posa on the Mormon Bar Road.
                                                      The 3-day exposition    opens Saturday at
                                                   l0 a.m. with the grand parade through town
                                                   to the arena where the Queen will be
                                                   crowned (who, with your support,      will be
                                                   Jersey Jordon). Following will be a wester’n
                                                   horse show open to :Mariposa, Madera, Mer-        J
                                                   ced and Toulurane counties.     Sunday after-
                                                   noon, the program includes a roping contest
                                                   for Mariposa contestants    only. Local cow-
                                                   boys will compete for a cash prize and a
                                                   $230 roping saddle. Monday afternoon,      the
                                                   highlight of the Fair, the 6-event rodeo, will
                                                   be presented in the arena. There will be
                                                   dancing Saturday and Monday nights.       Sun-
                                                   day night, the Yosemite Ranger Naturalists
                                                   will present a "glorified"   campfire program.
                                                     There is no admission charge to any of the
                                                   grmlds~and events except the rodeo.

                                                      CAMP CURRY NEWS AND VIEWS
    Camp Curry’s   Jersey   Jordon is within           The following former residents of the Val-
 ntriking distance of being Queen o_f the Mari-     ley are back again working for the summer:
 posa County Fair. She sold about $110.00          Joyce and Phylli.s     Cole at Tuolumne, John
 worth of tickets during the first half of the     Townsley at Mather, Sally Moen at the Lodge
 contest and can win the title with the sup-
                                                   and Richard Hodges at the Store.          Norma
 port of Valley residents and employees.           Jean Sprinkel     is at Camp Curry. Welcome
    The Camp Curry Dining Room crew, Jer-          home, kids.
sey’s most enthusiastic backers, will sponsor
                                                      Flash! Come September 7 Ginny Gilmore
a big variety show Monday night, August 25
                                                   of the Grill and Bob Lyons of Wawona are
at the Den. Talent has been gathered from
                                                   going to take the big leap. Congratulations.
all units and the show will undoubtedly be
one of’ the best employee productions ever            Outside of a skunk who seems to have
presented in the Valley.                           adopted them, the girls in the Curio Shop are
   Admission will be by the purchase of a          having a very successful season under Ruby
Fair Queen ticket from Jersey or one of her        Paskell, assisted by Inger Norswing.
ticket sellers at the door the night of the per=     Monday night found all ears turned toward
formance. Each ticket gives Jersey twenty=         lhe dance pavilion to hear the new orchestra
five votes and the purchaser a chance on one       raider the direction of Bob Thurlow. No one
of (he prizes to be given away at the Fair.        was disappointed as the strains of "Night and
                                                   Day" rang out sweetly. Most of the boys hail
                                                   from San Francisco State and the others are
        MAR1POSA COUNTY FAIR                       just out of the Army.
           DON’T MISS IT!
                                                      In spite of the fact that the Blister Rust
   q:hc Sixth Annual Mariposa County Fair,         Boxing team did not put in an appearance,
Horseshow and Rodeo opens at the Fair              tl~e Curry Team put on a good show last
Grounds Saturday, August 30 and continues          Sunday. Paul Snow and Roger Heatherly
through Labor Day, Septemberl.   The Fair                                       (continued inside)


                                                THE YOSEMITE    SENTINEL

                                                                of skiing and we find that Dr. Sturm and as-
t.t,                                                            sociates have vast experience in the field of
            Published    by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.            Without going too deeply into the employ-
                          EDITO1RIAL STAFF                      ee medical plan, to which all Company em-
              Lois Nordlinger             "Dete" Oliver         ployees subscribe, its convenience and econo-
:i?           Janet Hettman              Jean Cloward           my should be mentioned. It costs an unmar-
              Ken English             Ralph Anderson            ried employees five cents a day and a married
              Florence Scribner        Virginia Norton          employee eight cents per day, including de-
              Circulation   Manager    Florence Morris         pendents, for medical attention     at the hos-
              Supervmor                 Harold Ouimet          pital. If hospitalization is necessary, rates are
              Editor                      Henry Berrey         less than half those charged by reputable
              Associate Editor            Jack Greener         private hospitals elsewhere. Medicine, X-ray,
                                                               house calls and special treatment are not in-
                                                               cluded in the plan but are available to em-
                                                               ployees at fees far below the approved rates
                           OUR HOSPITAL
                                                               :for the public. Some actuary once calculated
               Getting poked by and saying "ahhhh" for         that the average person spent about $7.00 per
            the doctor isn’t a particularly choice way to      month for medical treatmeet.           We spend
            pass away an idle hour. However, these             about $1.50.
            things to all men cometh, apparently,    and
                                                                   So, with no attempt to be sardonic in mind,
            we’re fortunate  in having Dr. Avery Sturm,
       :)                                                      we can conclude that when the inevitable
            his staff, and the Lewis Memorial Hospital
                                                               detour from the rosy path of good health
            a mere stone’s throw away.
                                                               comes along, we’re in a beautiful spot for the
               Lewis Memm:ial Hospital was built in 1.929      trip.
            by ithe National Park Service and named for
            W. B. Lewis who was Superintendent     of the                BUY A VOTE FOR JERSEY!
 i          Park from 19.16-1928 when he was appointed
            Assistant Director of the National Park Ser-

               Dr. Sturm is :’esponsible for taMng care of
            all the aches, pains and sprains of all the
            employees and guests        in the Park~which              i’
            makes up a sizeable crowd developing about                                         F.’
            60-65 ailments per day that are treated at
            the Hospital. There are usually a half-dozen
            house calls to be made daily, in addition, and
                                                               _                                tlli|lila

                                                                             OLD VILLAGE STORIES
            three or fdur times a month, the stork comes
            down the Hospital chimney. It’s a busy place          Irene Uken Prentice, formerly of our Curio
            during the summer season. The Hospital has         Department,   and husband Earl, who worked
            thirteen beds l’or adult patients, four basin-     in the meat market, were guests of Evelyn
            nettes for new arrivals and a crib for anyone      and Wally Gullic recently.     They were wel-
            in between.                                        comed by all their friends and reported to
                                                               miss Yosemite very much. They now live in
               Surgery, to which, dear friend,     we hope     Redondo Beach and are avid Sentinel read-
            you are never wheeled, is a first rate depart-     ers.
            ment. immaculate, glistening     and equipped
            with all sorts of murderous looking devices.          One by one. the summer employees are
            Any sort of general surgery can be performed       leaving to return to school. Most, however,
            llere with the aid of the most modern tech-        will be with us over Labor Day. Richmond
            nical apparatus provided in the largest met-       Hughes, Stewart Cramer, Lloyd Coley and
            ropolitan hospitals.                               Richard Gornlan will¯ probably be gone by
               On the other hand, we have the kitchen          next week.
            and dining room, as spotless as the surgery,
            where a stall’ of four turns out culinary de-        Joe Pruss, vendor wagon driver, left this
            lights for the recuperating patients. No wait-     week for a short period of active duty in the
            ing in line, no macaroni and cheese and no         Army. He will be stationed near Los Angeles.
            checks in this dining room.
                                                                  Old. Betsy has been painted a shiny black
               Because the summer people in the Valley         after being in the round-house for several
            are a highly active and mobile lot, climbing       weeks. Chuck’s new venture is a slide bal-
            mountains, cycling,    etc.,    there are more     anced dangerously     on a couple of tables.
            sprained and broken ankles and other joints        Watch out for the splinters, kids!
            than would be suffered       by a much larger
            population in a city, Add to this the high cost             BUY A VOTE FOR JE1RSEY!
                                                            TIlE   YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                                           stockroom for one more item to replace the
                                                                           many sold--Wa]]y, a long sheet of "To Do’s"
                                                                           in hand, chasing a recalcitrant bus boy down
                -ff                                                        Hoga]fs Alley.
                                                                             Marty Britten and his bride are living       m
                                                                           a "Shangrila"  and the campgrounds.
                                                                                  BUY A VOTE       FOR JERSEY!

            ,[,,                  "HI"’ from GLACIER POINT                     CAMP CURRY NEWS (continued)
             ]             Bob Brundin, houseboy, peruser of "deep"       st~lged an exhibition match as did Raul Diez
            :i;i       literature    and wielder of a lazy broom, left    and Bill Mendoza. In the 165 lb class Marks
                       recently for his home in L.A.                      Greet and Gene Adelbrock       of San Diego
                                                                          St,~te put tip an excellent fight. Other good
                          Bill Gutzwil]er’s artistic   tendencms range
                                                                          matches were between Rex Driver and Don
                       from steaks to a "queen’s" taste~to        dish
                                                                          Whipple Pete Krenlde and Chuck Boucher,
                       gardens~to scaling adjacent peaks. He’s a          and Ernie Oppenheimer and Cliff Crane.
                       man of diversified   ambitions and his fluffy
                       hot cakes are super. His latest creation, "Half        Master of Ceremonies of this years’ Curry
                       Dome"in a red-fir bark setting adorns a cer-        Program is Leonard Mac Swayne. Leonard
                       tain titian blonde’s room in Seventh Heaven.        was bern in Georgia, studied music at the
                                                                           University of Georgia and in Paris, and has
                         Flora Farina, doing double duty as cashier        received very commendable notices h’om cri-
                       and pianist, is entertaining Ange]o Pizzoil of      tics in New York.
                       Livermore this week~                                   Staying at Camp Curry these past few
%. (?                                                                     days were world-famous      Dr. Lawrence and
                          There’s been a kaleiodoscopic  shifting of
                       employees recently,      Ray and Peggy Malby       ].-)avid Lillienthal  of Atomic Bombfame.
                                                                              Thise of you who were here before the
                       transferred  to Vogelsang last Thursday, Ruth
                       Body from cafeteria    to Studio, Bob Clark,       win’ will remember those charming girls, Las
                                                                          Tapetias,    who did much to make the pro-
                       the blond boy on office desk, Leona Travis
           ,!                                                             gram famous. The youngest of the sisters,
                       ~:ldded to housekeeping unit and Nettle Clark
                                                                          Coco, was a visitor    in the Park recently.
                       and Rebecca Pontius to cafeteria   crew.
                                                                          Coco Lindeman Edwards Is now working in
                         The hright and smiling youthful,  at the         the Student Employment Bm’eau of Stanford.
       ,!              Sandwich bar is Dick Coons of Oakland.
                                                                                 BUY A VOTE FOR JERSEY!
                         Sunrises!  Oh. what they mean to night
                      clerk, Paul Adams. who goes tap-tapping   on
                      guests’ doors in the wake of the morning.                    EMPLOYEE’S HOME BURNS
                      Surely, the poet spoke truly,   saying "One
                                                                             A fire totally destroyed the El Portal¯ home
                      touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
                                                                          of Charles Everett of the Curry Garage last
                         If you see Mercury with winged feet dash-        Tuesday, August 19. Everett had built the
                      ing down ihc trails~that    will be Ray Adams       home himself since last February when he
                      chasing a stray gum wrapper. He is a gov-           came to work in Yosemite. The Everetts and
                      ernment    employee~nothing     escapes  his        their two children      were on a picnic down
                      eagle eye!                                          by the rh, er from El Portal when the fire oc-
                                                                          curred. Upon their return, they found their
                         This is authentic~Customer in Studio. "Do        home completely burned along with all their
                      they put the people in cages when they feed         household and personal belongings.
                      the bears?"                                           To help the Everetts over a very difficult
                         With a hoot and a snort our Firefall    Boy,    period while they get re-established,        any
                      Retable, tears up the hill in his latest ac-       contributions     of money and clothing will be
                      quisition. "Diablo." All it needs is a siren--     greatly    welcomed by them. The children,
                      all you need, as a passenger, is a reliable in-    two girls, are five and three years old. Mrs.
  ,>                  suranee policy.                                    Everett wears size 16 dresses, etc.
                                                                            All contributions     of money and clothing
       i                  Familiar sights’~Mrs.   Warren diligently      can be sent to the Company personnel of-
                      polishing her jeweh’y case in Studio~Kurt,         rice. The Curry Garage employees have al-
                      lhe porter, tearing through the hiflls with a      ready collected a helpful sum.
                      pitcher of ice~Rosanna, flipping cigarette
                      ashes with one hand and shaking a linty mop           Be sure to see the August issue of Pacific
                      with the other--Margaret     rapidly thumbing      Pathways magazine. There’s a double page,
   /                  tl]rough list for the price of corned beef, a la   l’our-color   reproduction of an Ansel Adams’
   :’1                Heid~So’ibbie, searching frantically    through    Kodachrome of Mirror Lake in it.
                                                              AHWAHNEE NEWS
                                                     What a great pleasure it was to have
                                                  Mother Curry visit The Ahwahnee last Sun-
                                                  day for luncheon. The beautiful crown flower
                                                  lei she was wearing was a gift from her son-
                                                  in-law in Hawaii. It seemed to radiate some
                                                  of her own charming personality.      Among
           N.P.S.    RAMBLINGS                    those who accompanied her were her daugh-
   John Wosky, Assistant Superintendent,          tel’, Marjorm, Miss Pinkerton and Mis Mar-
was married to Naomi Davies, sister of Ed         garet Jabes.
Davies, Assistant Chief Clerk, at the Christ-
ian Church at Carson City last Saturday,            As summerdraws to a close there are many
August 16. They were accompanied on the           good-bye parties being given for those say-
trip by Ed and Gertie who returned to Yo-         ing farewell. Bud Busch, one of the smiling
semite while John and Naomi went to Tahoe         front desk men, was honored the other eve-
Village for their honeymoon.                      ning at a picnic at South Fork and attended
   Manysocial events have been held lately        by a lively group of ten among whomwere
to honor Carol Brockman and Inez Townsley         Miles Cooper, Bill Ewbank, Bob Grey and
who have been visiting old friends in Yo-         their wives. Wehate to see all our old friends
semite. Inez has spent some time this summer      go but the departures are accompanied by
with son John who is a fircguard at Mather        gay festivities  which make us look forward
this season.                                      all the more to their return next summer.
   Did you hear the explosion in the Lost Ar-
row section recently? It was the result of a        Notes a tea pourer.
                                                           of                      who
                                                                             Those havebeen
rock falling from a high cliff, bouncing over     near The Ahwahnee             at
                                                                       terrace tea time of
several ledges, and fnally landing on a rock      latehaveundoubtedly              the
                                                                          noticed number       of
a short distance south of the bridlepath.         English             It
                                                            accents, somehow        seemsso in
    Whenthe falling rock hit the rock in the      keeping   with the "tea and crumpets"      and
Valley, it seemed to completely disintegrate      thegreat             m             of
                                                             increase thenumber teasip-
into small fragments with a sort of explosion     pers also           many
                                                             bespeaks English      visitors, All
which sent granite in all directions, even                       an
                                                  of it creates enjoyable      atmosphere,  well
 neatly placing one flat section on top of one    in keeping with the quiet dignity of the hotel.
of Les Moe’s most recently erected signs.           To stray from the sublime to the redicu-
    It is said that one housewife who was out     ]ous for a movnent--we all are wondering by
 hanging up clothes was so frightened she ran     what interesting    feat the fragrant "wood
 a hundl"ed yards straight in the opposite di-    pussy’ was shooed from his ahode under the
 rection, through a lawn sprinkler and all,       front office floor boards, on under the gift
 without feeling a drop.                          shop and thence to his wide open spaces. In-
    Did you hear about the visitor who asked      cidentally, the sprayer which remained for
 the ranger at Glacier Point "When do you         so long on the front desk since the episode
 let ’er loose?" The ranger, nonplussed, asked    has become known as the "skunk atomizer."
 what she meant and she repeated, "Whendo
 you let it go? When it released?" The rang-
                      is                                        SOFTBALLI~IOTES
 er seeing a glimmer of light and assuming           As the six softball teams go into the final
 she meant the Firefall, asked "You mean the      week of play it is anybody’s race with three
 Firefall?" "No," was the reply. "We heard        teams tied for first. The Lodge movedinto
 tl]at some time every day you release a gla-     the charmed circle on August 14 with an 8-7
 cier up here so people can see it move!"         win over The Ahwahnee, The two teams
     Art and Ruth Moen and their daughter         were tied going into the 7th inning, when,
 Marilyn came in last Sunday to visit Sally       with two outs, Les Reis of the Lodge walked
 Moen who is working at the Lodge this sum-       and came clear around when a long fly by
 mer. It was the first back to Yosemite for       Rex Driver was dropped, Although Fred
  several years, and Art, Ruth and Marilyn        Pierson held the Lodgehitters to 7 hits while
  were busy looking up their many friends.         The Ahwahneeteam was collecting 11 off of
  In case you don’l know, Marilyn is the stun-     Jules Ashworfh, tighter fielding by the Lodge
  ning blonde skier with the red shirt whoap-      team accounted for the victory.
  pears in the popular skiing film" Sun and          A 3-game play-off between the top four
  Snow" featuring a winter trip to Ostrandcr       learns will start Saturday, August 23.
  Lake Ski Hut.                                    STANDINGS OF TEAMS: Won Lost Pctg
                                                   The Ahwahnec                   6    3      .667
     Word from Doris and Win Churchill, for-
  mer residents of Yosemite, that their daugh-     Yosemite Lodge                 6    3      .667
                                                   Curry Dining Room              6    3      .667
  ter Barbara, now18, is to be married before                                                ..555
  many months. You may remember Barbara            Curry Cafeteria                5    4
                                                   Curry Grill                    4    5      .444
  and Sue as attractive small youngsters of the
                                                   Curry Main Kitchen             0    !)     .000
  Churchills when they lived here.


        ~-_+-"        -      ~,           ++..           YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK

                                                     Publi.~hed b~t Yose+~zite Park and Curr?l Co.
                                                             ir~ ~:he fltterest of its employees
                                                                   a~d local residents.

YOSEMITE NATIONAL             PARK                               SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6,            ]947

Is that 107W? the faucetin.. etc.,etc.
8:00 a.m. "Hello Maintenance~this         is Joe      mac:hinist,    painter,   canvas-worker,      lock-
at the Lodge--the toaster in the cafeteria is         smith and engineer.       Tasks undertaken        by
on the blink!’                                        these crews are varied ahnost beyond your
8:05 a.m. "This is Susie at Curry--the heater         imagination.    All in a day!s work come re-
in Cabin 22 is making an awful noise!"                quests to repair a stove in a employee’s resi-
8:10 a.m. "Hello we’re out of crockery and            dence; to patch a tent at Camp 16; move a
the dishwashing machine needs fixing!"                huge piece’ of laundry machinery in a hurry
   "Who’s calling?"    No answer.                     or nobody will have clean sheets. Most of the
                                                      telephone requests are urgent. For instance,
   So the day begins at Maintenance--and it
                                                      if a storage refrigcrator ceases to refrigerate,
gets worse as it goes along.
                                                      the contents will spoil. If visitor Jones does
   To many of us, Maintenance is the depart-
                                                      not get her hcater repaired immediately, she
ment that takes twenty minutes to fix some-           will "blow he]" top," and scratch Yosemite
thing that we think should only take ten--
                                                      from her must-return-to     list,
it’s the department that repairs the plumb-              On an averageday Lily Taxeria,who lis-
ing in the guest’s cottage instead of patching        tensto the sad stories of mechanical break-
our own broken window.
                                                      downs, takes about 40 calls. These are then
   Maintenance is charged with a tremendous
                                                      noted on work orders and the urgency of
responsibility---the     maintenance and repair       each one considered.      They are then passed
of all Com.pany buildings        and equipment,       along to the appropriate       crew J"or repair.
erecting     and dismantling     the temporary
                                                      Critical    jobs--exposed      wiring,    plumbing
camps, providing watchman and fire protec-
                                                      failures, etc., are taken care of first and the
tion and the constant inspection of safety
                                                      less acute disasters later.
measures. These cares would be mighty if
                                                         Everyone’s plight is an emergency,
all our installations    were centrally located,         In addition to these 40 odd hurry-up calls
Consider how they are magnified when our              to keep things going, Maintenance also usual-
units are so widespread, From Tuolumne to             ly has under way three or four large pro-
the Big Trees is a long span. Camp 16, the            jects such as work on the Badger Pass Ski
Lodge and Camp Curry housekeeping           units     House, on the ski lifts, painting all the tent
and ti~e five High Sierra Camps must go up            frames prior to storage. Several years ago
in the early summer and be dismantled and
                                                      Maintenance built the General Offices.
stored in the fall,       Ask someone who has
                                                         Machinery and cash registers       and the like
helped erect Vogelsang in June about the
                                                      don’t break down only between the hours of
mosquitos, And about the icy nights in Aug-
                                                      8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Few nights go by during
ust when the camps are being taken down.
                                                      which Mr. Carpenter       or one of the Main-
Or about shoveling      snow at Badger, chop-
                                                      tenance people isn’t routed out of bed to take
ping trees, or digging out a caterpillar     stuck
                                                      care of a malfunction of one sort~ or another.
in six feet of snow.
                                                         During our busy summer, the impact and
   To do all the things that need to be done
                                                      wear on machines and buildings and fixtures
to keep our units functioning smoothly the
                                                      is very heavy. Many unskilled           people are
service ol’ 87 men are required and their
skills include electrician,   plumber, carpenter,                                   (continued inside)


                               THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                personnel and a few o:f the summercrew are
                                                still here for the winter and ready to serve
Published by Yosemite Park ani2 Curry Co.       one and all.
             EDITORIAL STAFF                       WATCH THIS COLUMN FOR NEWS
                                                       OF PRE-INVENTORY SALES
  Lois Nordlinger          "Dete" Oliver
  Janet Hettman           Jean Cloward                   "HI" from GLACIER POINT
  Ken English           Ralph Anderson
                                                   A merry party of five, Ernestine Wallis,
  Florence Scribner     Virginia Norton
                                                Margaret Thompson, Gertrude Wm’ren and
  Circulation Manager   Florence Morris
                                                AlmaSykes piloted by big, blond and beauti-
  Supervisor              Harold Ouimet
                                                ful Bob Clark left the Point Monday eve-
  Editor                   Henry Berrey         ning. They spent the first night at Tuolumne
  Associate Editor’        Jack Greener
                                                Meadowsand the second at Lake Tahoe, re-
                                                tur~ling Wednesday, rich in exhuberant en-
         OLD VILLAGE STORIES                    thusiasm but poor as to pocket.
   Seen. around the Village Store were Beth        At Reno--they met their Waterloo!
and Bill Birchena]l, formerly of Yosemite.         Said a little boy here recently, "Yes, we’re
Bill, store manager in 1939-40, went on a       staying up here to see the stars fall at nine
fishing trip to the mountains, while Beth       o’c]ock,"
stayed with the Carpenters, and then con-          Mrs, Florence            who
                                                                  Raigue], hasbeen       visit-
tinued down to Cathay Valley with Virginia,     ing with her son and his wife, returned to
where she enjoyed a few days at the Mari-       her home m Grand Rapids, Michigan, last
posa County Fair.                               Wednesday.
   Jack Ring, memberof the store family can        Dependable--reliab]e~Steadfast   -- That’s
now be found at his September hideout. In       Dick Ballard of the culinary department.
other words, he is again managing Tuolum-       Under his soapy manipulation every glass
ne Store. He will be there about three weeks,   shines like crystal and every plate wears the
when he will close it for the season. Jack      luster of Havilland.
just loves that w’alk from the store to the        Two tables of Zioncheks have been the
Lodge every morning and evening,                chief Saturday evening diversion during the
   Mr. and Mrs. Singleton, former Tuolumne      season. Twohostesses serve light refresh-
MeadowsStore managers, left for San Fran-       ments, and though stakes are low, games
cisco on Tuesday, due to Mr. Singleton’s bad    have been interesting.
health. They hope to be able to return next        Counting a "day off" lost in which she fails
year.                                           to conquer another peak, Marie Martin of the
   A group of people have left the Store to     H.K. division leaps nimbly as a gazelle from
return to school in different parts of the      Star King to Tenaya Peak, then to Mt. Hoff-
country. Peggy Smith flew to S.F. on Wed-       man--and with nary a pain or ache. How
nesday where she will spend a few days and      green is my envy!
then continue home to New York by air.             Soundly and securely we slumber now that
Two other travelers     are Leon Crosby and     Scotty Rehart keeps his nightly vigil over
Henry Begin, whowill fly to Maine this next     our abode and shoos nocturnal prowlers back.
week to continue studies at the University of   to their lairs.
Maine~ Wes Harmon, manager of Camp Cur-           David Moss of the Laundry is a frequent
ry Store and son Don, of the Village Store,     visitor. He claims the moonshines brighter
left Wednesday return to school. Wes will
                to                              at this altitude. Ho Hum!
teach at Hollister and Don will continue at       The Evangeline Adamsof the Point--that’s
High School.                                    Ethel Chamberlain who reads horoscopes by
   Iris McFadgen of the Camp Curry Store        the stars, car or tea leaves.
has returned to her former position as nurse      Room C--Seventh Heaven~contains more
at the hospital, She is missed by her fellow    secl’ets than any session of the U.N,
workers but welcomedby the hospital staff.        The season is nearing its close, no doubt,
   Don’t think that with all of these people    for even the golden mantle squirrels are in-
gone and others leaving daily that the store    quiring about housing facilities and with us
is minus a crew. Quite a few of last year’s     the watchword is: "It won’t be long now,"
                                        THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                                        AHWAHNEE NEWS
                                                              With all the recent departures of friends
            Now that Labor Day has come and gone
                                                           heading back for homeand school, there have
         everyone is talking about winter plans. Hank      been a few old timers l~ere to visit the Val-
         Kimbrough has gone to The Ahwahnee as             ley once again. Among them a warm wel-
         room clerk. The Arnolds, Howard and Jean,         come is due Bernice Smith (now Mrs. An-
         Norma Maxwell, and Mrs. Blair are return-         drew Chaney) who is here from Los Angeles
         ing to Palm Springs. The exodus to Cal in-        visiting husband Andy. It’s good to see the
         cludes George Meyers, Bill Gordon, Bruce         familiar faces back again.
         Prentice, Dick Merritt, and Jack Hightower.         Others who have bee~ recently welcomed
         San Jose State and possibly the Olympic          into the fold as Ahwahneeworkers are Hank
         Boxing Team of ]948 are clahning Nick and        Kimbrough, our new room clerk, and Silvia
         Raul Diez. Doris Weaver and Virginia Effie       Simonds who has replaced Connie Edmond-
         Norton are taking a graduate course at the       son in the Gift Shop, Wesuspect thai Silvia
         Armstrong College in Berkeley.                   will quickly pick up a chatting knowledge
           Wedidn’t realize until after they left that    of Spanish from her co-worker, Gerry Bab-
        we had two celebrities   in the dining room~      cock, who has been overheard of late keep-
        cute blonde Jane Baker and her fiancee, Will      ing up her end of ti~e conversation with many
        Lotter~ Jane is Women’sRepresentative on          of our South American and Mexican guests.
        the Student Council at Cal, and Will wa,~on       Let is never be said that The Ahwahnee
        the Cal Baseball Team which won the"Na-          doesn’t makeits guests feel at home--"no es
        tional Championshipthis spring. He is going      verdad?"
        out for football and track and wants to be-          Amongthe recent Hollywood celebrities
        come a coach.                                    here keeping The Ahwahneeon its toes have
                                                         been Yvonne DeCarlo and Janis Paige, both
         Leaving the Store are Byron Ishkanian who       adding their share of festiveness to the at-
        has a track scholarship to U.S.C., and ]~]ton
                                                         mosphereof the hotel. But the real feeling of
        Murphy, quarterback on the Mariposa High         festivity came from the reports of the Fair
,,q     School Team.                                     at Mariposa over the weekend. The whole
          Our school rearms who are returning to         affair was quite spectacular in its feeling of
        duty are Lydia Scharton (Cigar stand) and        "Gay Nineties" days with Yosemite-ites car-
        Pat Pinnell (Curio shop) to Fresno, Mary         rying away a goodly number of the honors.
        McClellan and Alice Lovett, counselors, to
        Las Vegas and Arizona respectively.           OUR MAINTENANCE       DEPT. (continued)
          Have you noticed the sparide on Harriet     operating equipment with which they are not
                                                      familiar, with the result that we may have
        Holsinger’s left hand as she waits on people
        in the Curio shop? Don Lockman of The Ah-     more failures than would be the case .when
                                                      the use was spread out over a full year and
        wahnee is the man. No date set yet[
                                                      experienced operators were available. That’s
           Many thanks to the Dining room kids for    why Maintenance is busy around the clock
         the excellent program they put on in the     and why we may have to wait a while to get
        Den the other night. Bill Moody, Hersh Mc- something repaired. But they do a consist-
        Mullen, George Manoogian, and Mace Dan- ent]y fine job and deserve our understanding
        ziger were the "brains" behind the scenes.    and cooperation.
           An old-timer of pre-war days, ex-porter       "Maintenance! I can’t get into my room.
        Harry Polson was in for several days. Harry   No, the lock’s not broken. I’ve lost my key!"
        is now an underwriter for an insurance com-
        pany in San Francisco.                               RADIO REPAIRS AVAILABLE
                                                        Radio repairman H. R. Gillette, who has
           Bob Bowman,a last year’s Transportation    been m Camp 6, Government entrance, for
        office manalso breezed in over the week-end the past two months will be available until
        for a visit. He Is nowattending Cal.          October. He has a complete stock of tubes
           Certainly was good to see Kathy Lally, now and parts and has had many years experi-
        an interior decorator, when she dropped in    ence in the radio repair business. Gillette
        for a few days.                               plans to return next year.

                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

     YOSEh~ITE ENTRY WINS PRIZE                  husband is with the ArmedForces in Korea.
                                                   Wawona Point seems to be the place these
  The old stagecoach that usually reposes at past few evenings. With lhe nearby forest
Wawona had its wheels greased and was fire covering the sky with a smoky haze, the
hauled over to Mariposa for the County Fair sunsets are nothing short of terrific.        The
Parade. Driven by Lowell Ledson and occu-        familiar cry is, "Edna, do you have any more
pied by some of the local beauties dressed m Kodachrome?"
the stlye of the ’90’s, the entry wonfirst prize
for horse drawn vehicles.

                                                              SOFTBALL NOTES
                                                    At the completion of the 30 game schedule,
                                                 with 6 teams competing in a hotly contested
   Jersey Jordan, the Yosemite entry for the     rac~, The Ahwahnee team landed on top of
Queen of Mariposa County Fair, ran third         the heap, barely nosing out the Lodge and
to winner Helen McNutt of E1 Portal, and         Dining Roomwho were tied for second.
Gloria Guenthert of Cathay Valley, second          But it was the 4th place Grill team who
place winner. Jersey worked hard and had         came with a rusl7 and blasted their way to
the support of her Valley friends but her job    the top in the play off by disposing of the
in the Camp Curry dining room kept her           Lodge and then edging out a victory in’ the
from getting around to all the potential tick-   last half of the 7th after trailing the favored
et buyers in the County. She rode on the         Ahwahnee champs throughout the early in-
Queen’s float, a beautifully decorated Y.T.S.    nings.
bus. Bertha Sarver, of The Ahwahnee, made          The team managers, Fred Pierson, Ahwah-
a lovely job of dressing up the bus in greens,   nee: Jack Onstot, Grill; "Red" Woelbing, the
cones and flowers to makea fitting float for     Lodge; Bob Johnson, Dining Room; Vere
the Queen and her entourage.                     Butler, Cafeteria; and Ernie Oppenheimer
                                                 from the Main Kitchen all did a swell job
                                                 and a bigger and better program for next
                                                 year. is anticipated.
                                                          TOP TWENTY HITTERS
   Edith Kay, one of our waitresses was re-         (Only those who played in 5 or nlore
cently awakenedabout 5 a.m. by a very loud                  games are included)
pounding on the roof. Thinking it" was one of
boys playing pranks, she grabbed her robe        Player    Team            At Bat   Hits        Pct.
and dashed outside with fire in her eyes,        Driver, Lodge               37     20          .540
ready to lay someone low. The pounders           Wark, Lodge                 28     15          .535
were a pair of chipmunks high in a sequoia       Melvin, Dining Rm.          34     18          .529
dropping cones on the roof. Realizing that       Klippel, Ahwahnce           34     17          .500
there is a hard winter ahead, Edith forgave      Butler, Cafeteria           5]     24          .470
them for disturbing her slumber.                 Costa, Cafeteria            30     14          .466
  Mrs. Merrill of the Curio Shop is under        Selman, Ahwahnee            36     16          .444
the Hotel Division’s suspicion of trying to      Costales, Dining l~m.       28     12          .429
blow up the Lodge. She emptied her waste-        Johnson, Dining Rm.         32     13          .406
basket into tl~e fireplace one afternoon and     Minerich, Ahwahnee          42     17          .405
shortly there was a tremendous explosion         Ashworth, Lodge             20       8         .400
showering ashes and dust all over the lobby,     Lotter, Dining Rm.          28     l]          .392
scaring our porter, Dave Duran, out of his       Parkerson, Ahwahnee         28     11          .392
wits. Investigation brought to light three       Snow, Ahwahnee              44     17          .386
shells of flashlight batteries which were evi-   Tinhoff, Kitchen1           26     10          .384
dently in the basket. From now on Dave           Kelstrum, Ahwahnec          2]      8          .381
says he will personally empty the Curio’s        Woelbing, Lodge             35     13          .371
refuse. Wonderif that’s what was intended?       Pierson, Ahwahnce           44     16          .363
  We welcome to the fold Frances Lance;          Onstot, Grill               39     14          .358
a little late, but nevertheless welcome. Her     Thomas,Ahwahnee             42     15          .357
--      ~-- --_~-    -
                           ~,            ,.         YOSEMITE       NATIONAL       PARK

                                                Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                       in the interest of its employees
                                                             and local residents.
YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                            SEPTEMBER
                                                            MONDAY,       22,            1947

                                                  personal service, thne to take care of the un-
                                                  usual requests of visitors and locals. Like
                                                  the lady at, The Ahwahneewho had to have
                                                  a quart of goat’s milk every day. The milk
                                                  of the goat was the only thing that would
                                                  combat her’ peculiar ailment. The Store had
                                                  no goat’s n’lilk and knew of nowhere to get
                                                  Jr; nor did Borden’s have it. However, after
                                                  a wide search of the back lots around Fresno,
                                                  Borden’s manager found a cooperative goat
   The Village Store, besides purveying every and lhe required quart was shipped up daily.
kind of commodity from smoked caviar 1.o
baby’s diapers, serves a social need in the          ’Valley babies who need obscure and re-
lives of Vall.ey dwellers. You can find out       mote ingredients for their formulae are tak-
where the fish are biting and on what fly;        en care of and certain kinds of canned foods
what kind o[ wax you should use on your are stocked for just one customer. Many
                                                  items otherwise unavailable are ordered
skis; how to cook zucchini au fromage en
                                                  special]y for local people,
casserole. Housewives make dates for tea,
exchange cold cures and heaven knows what            We have heard, and so have you, people
else. Nowhere are such good, reliable ru-         grumble about the high price of food at the
mors passed along by customers, All these         Store. The Store ~s singled out as the one
services are awd]able daily and absolutely        place in the country where ground meat is
without charge.                                   80c per pound, To these malcontents we say,
   Like the other Companyenterprises that         shop outside somewhere, anywhere, and
serve the visitor, the Village Store is con- make a fair comparison, brand for brand,
fronted with the usual spring disturbance of cut for cut of meat. Werecently saw a lady
having business increase in astronomical          in one of the biggest chain, "sell for less,"
proportions almost overnight. The number stores in Los Angeles pay 84c for two or-
of employees jumps five-J~old il~ about a dinary looking pork chops. So much for the
week. Andinstead of stocking 100 pies, it be- high cost of eating,
comesnecessary to stock 1000. In fact, during        The Village Grill, or Spoon, where the food
the busy season, the store sells a staggering-    is good and appears promptly, is under the
ly great number of popular foods, On a nor- wing of the Store, Somesort of a record was
rnal July day, 3500 quarts of milk go out of set the day when10,000 ice cream cones were
the ice box and about the same number of delivered to waiting hands, HowNat, Foxie,
loaves of bread off the shelves. Watermelons Gladys, Vince and others take care of the.
are hauled in and sold, three truckloads a crowds that descend like locusts without be-
day!                                              coming jibbering idots will probably stay
   In spite of the hectic pace and the thou-      hurried ill their own Cahn bosoms.
sands o1’ customers that bulge the walls, the        Weare looking forward to winter; to Mr.
Store people still seemto find time l:or a little                            (continued ii~side)
                               THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                 pounds in two weeks, despite temptations
                                                 of Ed’s delicious rolls and pastry.
Pubiislted  by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.          Two pleasant-faced chaps have joined the
             EDITORIAL STAFF                     ranks as bus boys. They are Orvin Larson
                                                 and Fred Reim.
  Lois Nordlinger           "Dete" Oliver           Rebecca Pontius visited with Fresno rela-
  Janet Hettman             Jean Cloward         tives over the weekend.
  Ken English            Ralph Anderson
                                                    Our Studio floor shines like a mirror since
  Florence Scribner           Art Bauman         Frank Payne began manipulating the waxer.
  Circulation Manager     Florence Morris        He’s an old deck hand from the Navy.
  Supervisor               Harold Ouimet
                                                    While a group watched an ambitious chic-
  Editor                    Henry Berrey
                                                 ory cut down Jeffrey pine cones recently, a
  Associate Editor           Jack Greener        womanwith a Park Avenue accent inquired,
~[]~m~m~l~r~                                     "Really!! Are they cocoanuts?"
        "HI" from GLACIER POINT                                                         Scribbie

   In white cap and l’ong-tailed     coat, His
                                                         NEW S. F. OFFICE HEAD
Highness "Murphy" officiates     at both meat
block and kitchen range. The added duty of          AmosNeal, whose last assignment in Yo-
porridge-stirrer just accentuates his dignity.   semite was assistant    manager at Wawona,
   Overheard at Firefall area:                   was made manager of the San Frncisco of-
WifeJ"So that’s Half Dome! Whatever be-          fice and assumed his duties September 15th.
cameof the other part of it?"                    Dick Gibson, former manager, will head the
Husband~"Guess the Park Dept. hauled it          Los Angeles office. Last reports were that
away!"                                           Amos was happy in his new home but will
   A gay party of six--Alma Sykes, Herbert       welcome a hello from any Valley people who
Hageman, Margaret Thonqpson, Earl Tapp,          squeeze in a call at 39 Geary Street.
Flora Farina and Florence Scribner, squeezed
mto Earl’s jeep Wednesdayand drove grand-                  NEW SKI SCHOOL HEAD
ly to Bass Lake~weather perfect, food very
satisfying and companycongenial.                    The director of the Yosemite Ski School for
   Mrs Rosa Steiner arrived from Los Ange-       the coming season will be Bill Cahow, ac-
]es this week to spend the rest of the season    cording to Charles N. Proctor, Winter Sports
                                                 Department chief. Bill will be remembere     d
with her son Ronny, the Beau Brummell at
the desk.                                        as having skied at Badger for many years
    To date 31,060 bags of peanuts have been     and having instructed    under Luggi Foegcr
sold at the studio~will someone serenade         before thc war and under Trubi for one win-
us with the Peanut Vendor?                       ter following the war.
    Rosalie Whiteside is chief instigator of a      The Trubschencks are leaving the Valley
 [farewell jamboree this coming Thursday.        soon as Trubi has accepted an active duty
 There will be gayety and merriment as be-        assignment with the Air Force..
 fitting the final gathering of a group who
 has worked together so amicably all sea-
                                                  VILLAGE EMPORIUM(continued)
 son. Costumes or evening dress~whichever
                                                  Brownlooldng less harried, to Jack Ring and
 you prefer. Several recordings are to be
 made. Order one early, for demand will           Ellis WhJtley helping wonqenwhose arms are
                                                  full of groceries and children; to seeing Paul-
 greatly exceed the output.
                                                  ine lV[cKee selling ski shoes to people who
    With a cheery smile and a pleasant word,
                                                  have no intention of buying them; to Gen
 Jackson Myers of the culinary department,
                                                  and Jean with their adding machines; to Pop
 concocts his favorite dishes and then dis-
 penses same to a hungry populace. Our hats       Danley, everyone’s choice for president,
                                                  giwng apples to the children; and to the host
  are off to him!                                  of others who make the Village Store one of
    Little boy in Studio: "Mama, buy me a
  belt with road lights on it, willya?"            the uice things about life in the Valley.
                                                     The only tlling we need is a cracker barrel
  The gal with the willpower:
     That’s Helen Hayes, who has lost sixteen      and a red hot stove~and a spittoon!


                                        THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                    C.AIV[P CURRYNEWS                                  AHWAHNEE NEWS
                                                              Once again Convention Time is just around
         A swimming pool with nb water; a parking
       area using but half of its capacity; the dance      the corner for workers at The Ahwahnee. It
       pavilion with a handful of customers; a grill,      will start off with the California Tractor
                                                           Dealers’ Convention on the 20th and work up
       cafeteria, and dining room operating at half
                                                           to a grand climax on September 28, at which
       speed~so Camp Curry nears the end of its
                                                           time the 650 delegates of the National Coffee
       1947 summer season.                                 Association will take over. All are expect-
         Amongthe notables leaving this week is
                                                           ing a holiday spirit to reign!
:ii Bill Conrad, the ever returning head porter.               A welcome to the many new faces seen
       Bill has been in Yosemite almost every year
                                                           around the hotel, the owners of which are
       since 1919. With him goes a certain atmo-
                                                           busily putting in their oars preparing for the
       sphere that he alone creates; those that know        wintel: season. At least there will be manya
       him, know that with Bill another good part           duck-tail cut from the nap of the neck! Our
       of CampCurry has gone till next year.
          Evelyn Mitchell is another that left this         new barber, Charlie Hall, has arrived from
(’,."                                                       Camp Curry~and doing a good job too.
       week. Evelyn will be remembered by her               Edith Beer is responsible for the artstic and
       singing, especially the Indian Love Call,            colorful flower arrangements about the hotel
        which she sang almost every night during            since Bertha Sarver has ]eft us on a three-
       the Firefal]. We are now wondering how En-           months’ leave of absence (she’ll be back in
       nis Callaway, caller of the Firefall,     will       time to see the wreaths go up for the Brace-
        sound trying to replace Evelyn!                     bridge Dinner). Hello, too, to Bob Mills in
      ’ After going through the "goodbye~see you            the side hall, newly arrived from Los An-
        next year" routine, Harry Nelson left last          geles. He and Dotty Verhaar make quite a
        Sunday morning to return the same after-            team, the speed of which can scarcely be
        noon with minor cuts from an accident he            equalled. Also the new elevator operators,
        suffered a few hundred yards from Arch              Vince Perkins and Bill Barone, are doing
        Rock. ]t seems Harry croft tear himself              famously in keeping the youngsters amused
        away from the Valley                                 with up and downrides . . . All in all, The
                                                            Ahwahneeis still hummingwith activity and
                                                             many an eager word is heard spoken for the
               WINTER CLUB TO BE REVIVED                     winter sports season which will soon be upon
     a."     The Yosemite Winter Club, the original        US.
           sponsor of winter sports events in which Yo-
           semite residents and visitors participated,
           will be rejuvenated this winter. The Winter
           Club hibernated, to a great extent, during
           the war, and its presence was missed by all        The new Indian Village at Tecoya with
           who enjoyed taking the various ski tests and     Chief Chuck as head tribesman. The local
           attending the Winter Club frolics. Further       kids (and grownups) never had so much fun
           announcement of the plans for the coming         since Chuck’s arrival.
           winter season will be made soon in the Sen-
           tinel.                                             The new signs at the Dare--but keep your
                                                            eye an the road while you read ’eml
              Josef Muench, whose photographic work           Paul Dinsmore~stripped to the waist~but
           on the west has appeared in many publica-        with a tan still rosy red.
           tions recently, just completed a three wecks’
           tour on foot of the Yosemite High Sierra ac-        Skiers, anticipating a heavy winter, eager-
           companied by Mrs. Muench. Muench said            ly watching the Maintenance crew putting
           the trip was highly successful, which means      the finishing touches on Badger. Syd Ledson,
           lie was able to get pictures he wanted. A new    with his perennial cigar, encouraging the
           book of his vmwson Yosemite is scheduled          ~oys to do a good job.
           to appear early next year.
                                THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

            N,P.S. RAMBLINGS                     bacon and sugar, they put all food safely
                                                 away in their locked cars only to have the
   Travel over the recent Labor Day weekend squirrels eat up most of their crayons!
did not keep pace with the record-breaking
crowds of July 4 of this year. There were                       HERE AND THERE
519 less visitors this Labor Day weekend
than last year when 22,183 came into the             Elsie Schocn, of the Traffic Dept. left on
Park. Campgounds had about 1000 fewer            her vacation in Chicago wearing Thornton
campers this year than last.                     Elliot’s newly bestowed engagement ring,
    The reduction in the number of visitors is   She got the ring on Friday night and left on
attributed to the fact that there were ~ great Saturday. Which seems like a heck of a time
many fairs g6ing on throughout the State.        to go to Chicago.
    Harry Parker, Harry Robinson and John            Hunters--Note Well! Before you shoulder
Battenburg are on glacier survey this week. your gun and go off after game, you’d better
The group is measuring the glaciers on Mt. check the local regulations about transport-
Lyell, Mr. Naclure, Mr. Dana and Mt. Con- ing killed birds or deer into the Park and
hess.                                            about where you can camp with respect to.
    Five members of the House of Representa-     Park boundaries.
tives visited YosemAethis week following             The first rain of the season fell September
hearings of the Small Business Committee in 15-]6 generally all over the Park and was
Reno. The first to arrive were Congressman gaged at .44 inches. This was the ill’st rain-
and Mrs. Grant, of South Bend, Ind., accom- fall since June 7.
panied by Congressman Walter Ploeser, the            Mr. Gillette, the radio repairman who was
 Chairman of the Committee.                       announced as living in Camp 6 has moved
    The following day Congressmen R. W. to Camp where he is again in business. His
 Reihlman, M. W. Rowell, and Maddren and         Post Office box is 282.
 their respective families arrived at The Ah-        The male population of the Valley took a
 wahnee and drove to the Mariposa Grove that      big jump during early September. A young
 afternoon. All left for San Francisco the        man arrived in the family of the Ronald
 next day.                                        James on the 6th; the Loren Trubschenck’s
    Brigadier General L. J. Whitlock and his and the Thomas Tucker’s additions came on
 daughter s~opped off in Yosemite en route                                        on
                                                  the 9th and the new Newman the lTth.
 from Tokyo to Fort Sam Houston. General
 WMtlockserved throughout the war as Dep-                       VILLAGE STORIES
 uty Chief of Staff (in charge of Supply) un-
 der MacArthur, and has been living in Japan         Inventory will take place on October 1 and
 since the end of hostilities.                    the Store will be closed for the day. Directly
    The Yosemite Brownie Troop No, ] under following inventory the store will be closed
 leadership of Mrs. Helen Wammack Mrs. on Sundays.
 Denise Nixon decided they would go camp-            Watch the clothing department for bar-
 ing the latter part’of August. Instead of hik- gains~playsuits, socks, and other articles are
 ing to Ostrander Lake as their big sisters, the reduced in price now.
 Girl Scouts had done earlier in the season,                                   of
                                                     If you have seen members the Store rid-
 they camped out in Camp9, popular stamp- ing around in a ancient car, they have been
 ing grounds of manyanother group of Scouts.      on official business. The Companyprovided
 They camped one night and took a side trip       us with the "whoopie" to deliver supplies to
 to Indian Caves.                                 Camp 14 and CampCurry stores, and to use
    While the Brownies didn’~ have the un- for other errands, A recent traveler on the
  forgettable experience with illness that the "whoopie special" was Pauline McKeeof the
  Girl Scouts had at Ostrander, they enjoyed clothing department, She claims it was fun,
  some thrills,  During the night some of them but hard on the hair-do.
  heard a weird call or scream. All sorts of
  possibilities   came to mind, Maybe it was a
  mountain lion, or a bobcat. A few more calls     Sl~ps that pass the editor~
  convinced them it was an owl.                       On a recent movie leaflet "the stars made
     To makesure that the bears didn’t get their   the most of their exciting rolls . . "
      m,   .................

                                                     YOSEMITE       NATIONAL       PARK

                                                 Pul)lished by Yose’utitc Park and Curry Co.
                                                         in the i~terest of its emp~mjees
                                                               artd local, residents.
 YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                     11,
                                                             SATURDAY,OCTOBER              1947

                                                  10 out of 18 passes, two for touchdowns.
      YOSEMITE                                   Charlie and George Murphy, at center,
                                                 played the entire gameexcept for one short
    Yosemite GrammarSchool opened its 1947 breather ;just before the end of’ the half.
 season October 4 with a convincing 46-25           Cireumstanees reduced Bear Creek to the
 victory over Bear Creek Grammar School.         six starting players so Ted Phillips, Yosem-
 Spearheaded by Carl Wilson, a fast, hard        ite alumnus, was pressed into service againsl.
 driving ~ullbaek, Yosemite swel~t into an       his former teammates. It was ~ hot day and
 early lead and added to its advantage as the Ted saw plenty of aetion.
 game progressed.                                   Yosemite’s next game with Cathay’s Val-
   Bear Creek iought hard but was out-           ley has been postponed indefinitely. As a re-
 manned, though it packed enough puncln to sult, negotiations are under way to play two
 score in each quarter. At all times, its speedy games With Sebastopol. A tentative sched-
 backs were dangerous breakaway threats, ex- ule follows:
 ploding suddenly with touchdowns from any October 18--Sebastol)ol~Here
 part of the field. Bear Creek scored first on      November 1.--Sebastopol--Mariposa
 a 40 yard run by Robert Hibpsham from end-             Novembey 8--Mari posa~Here
 around to lead momentarily. Its second                     December 6~Mm’iposa--Mariposa
touchdown climaxed a march late in the sec-                          SUMMARY
ond quarter      when Dwayne Longenbaugh,        YOSEMITE--(FB)        Wilson, Compton,
 fullback, phmged over from the one yard                      (HB) Johnson, Lamkin
line. In the second half Ned Warner returned                  (QB) Castr’~, Adams
a kickoff 60 yards to score while his brother,                (RE) C, Eekart, Ernst, Adams
Phil, scampered 55 yards with a pass in the                   (C) Murphy, Ouimet
closing moments of the game                                   (LE) Halleck. R. Eckart, Ouimet.
   Yosemite presented two complete teams;        BEAE CREEK~(FB) Lmlgenbaugh
one light and fast, the other heavier and                     (HB) Phil Warner, Phillips
loaded with power. The light team, though                     (QB) Ned Warner
badly outweighed, played Bear Creek on                        (RE) Robert Hibpshman
fairly even terms, scoring one touchdown of                   (C) Ronald Hibpshman
its own on a nine-yard pass to Bob Lamkin,                    (LE) Parker, Morrow
thus eompleting the longest mareh of the         Score by Periods--
day, some 65 yards.                              YOSEMITE                  19   7     6     14~46
   The heavy tetm~ carried too many weapons BEAR CREEK                      7   6     6      6--25
for Bear Creek and pushed over six touch-        Scoring--
downs, though it played only a third of the YOSEMITE:Toueildowns--Wilson                 2, John-
game. Carl Wilson. Burleigh Johnson and            son 2, Estes 2, Lamkin
Eddie Estes scored a pair of touchdownseach.       Conversions--Wilson 3, Murphy I.
   The outstanding feature of the Yosemite BEAR CREEK: Touchdowns--Phil                  Warner,
attack was its diversity. Power smashes into       Ned Warner, Longenhaugh, Robt. Hibpsh-
the middle were mixed with end-arounds             n’l a I’1.
and a short passing game to keep the pres-         Conversions--.Phil. Warner.
sure on continuously. Charlie Castro, cap- OFFICIALS: Paul Snow, Referee; Bob Min-
tain and quarterback, handled his team like        erich,       UmMre; Stewart Cromer, Head
the veteran he is. In addition, he eompleted       lL, inesman.

                                                                                                     , o,,~j
                                THE YOSEMITESENTINEL

                                                                LODGE LODGINGS
                                                      One of the facts that we would like to pre-
P.~tblished b?l Yosemite Park and Curry Co.       sent to prove that the feminine employees
             EDITORIAL STAFF                       of the Lodge are very hardworking gals is
                              Jean Cloward         theh" daily task of caring for their coiffures.
  Janet Hettman
                                                   It has been reported by several male inhabi-
                 "Dete" Oliver
                            Ralph Anderson         taats of the annex that they spend at least
  Ken English
                               Sonny Lewis         half o.f the day "putting up" their silken
  Joe Meredith
                                Art Bauman         lresses--the other half taking it down.
  Florence Scril.mer
                            Florence Morris           Profiles of Genius--Dick Jaeger expound-
  Circulation Manager
  Supervisor                 Harold Ouimet         ing the philosophical theories of a porter to
                               Henry Berrey        a cozy group around the campfire at (at-
                               Jack Greener        tention Paul Snow) midnight--Jean Bran-
  Associate Ed itor
                                                   don, of Post Office fame, knitting, giving re-
                                                   :formation to your erstwhile reporter, and
       CACKLES FOR CHUCKLES                        finding mail for Joe Doakes--all at the same
   We welcome the return of "Duke" Dou-               T.o the bewilderment of all concerned, the
cette to the Valley as manager of the Lodge        business at the Gift Shop has been pick.ing
Cafeteria. Duke just closed Tuolumne Mea-          up steadily in spite of a decreasing house
dows Lodge after a very successful season.         count. It has been intimated by some that this
   Payhee Mizell, Iiormer Cafeteria Manager,      might be due to the presence of two new
recently revisited the Valley for a day or two.   very comely employees in the persons of Col-
   Jimmy Hamer, the "Yo-all Head Porter"          leen Bisson, summerlif:eguard, and Annette
has the record long distance "front." A guest     DeWeese, high country hasher.
parked his car m the Old Village, walked              With the wind up of the World Series,
over to the Lodge and registered.                  work has one more been resumed in the
   Joe Meredith, room clerk, has the amazing      kitchen. Coach "Bats" Pierson was thinking
faculty for spotting all the new cars in the       of issuing uniforms. Quite a bit of confusion
Valtey. He will argue the weight, horse-           resulted in whether the home plate was go-
power, model, make and price of everything         ing to be in the salad pantry or the soup ket-
new on four wheels,                               tle.
                                                      Bedhlm has nothing on the Village movie
   In the hearts and flowers group, Colleen
                                                   when Joe Meredith went into competition
Bisson (studio) had her Kenneth visiting her
                                                   with Donald Duck. Of course Joe still can’t
the past week end Ah! L’amour.
                                                   wiggle his pinfeathers.
   Do you have any pipes available--the
smoking variety? John Malone has a hand-
somecollection but will gratefully accept ad-          LIFE MAGAZINE PRESENTATION
ditions.                                             The very dramatic and worthwhile LIFE
   Bob McGovern, having closed Camp16, has        show, "The NewAmerica" will be presented
joined the happy ranks of room clerks.            for Yosemite people in The Ahwahnee audi-
                                                  torium on Mondaynight, October 13 at 7:30.
   Our Sonny "Coffee man" Lewis has the           George Oliver arranged with the advertising
makings of. a real photographer. Don’t let the    group that will be conventioning at The Ah-
frequent flash of bulbs scare you. Weare an-      wahnee then and with the LIFE people for
xious to see the results of the pix taken at
                                                  lhis special showing. First consideration will
lhe theater the other night. Should be some
                                                  be for Yosemite GrammarSchool students,
rare expressions among them.
                                                  then for other locals.
   Our artistic fancies are pleased by the hand      The show is like nothing ever witnessed
painted ties worn by George Simmonsof the         before and has been shown to very few audi-
Transportation desk They’re done, and ex-         ences in the U.S. Inasnauch as it is to be
pertly, by his wife Sylvia.                       shown for the advertising convention im-
   A Texas guest recently inquired if our         mediately after it is shownfor us, everyone
83.00 a day rate included meals.                  is urged to arrive on time and depart
   That’s all, folks!                             promptly.

                    OVERSEAS RELIEF                                     VILLAGE $I ORIES
           This winter hunger and cold will bring              With the coming of October 1st, came in-
        greater suffering than ever before to the peo-      ventor, "Pop" Danley was counting caL’rots
        ples of Europe and Asia. In the midst of our        and lemons. Ellis Whitlcy busy with the cot-
        plenty, we cannot but carry a sense of re-          tage cheese and Lillie knee deep in miles of
        sponsibility for our less fortunate fellow-         spaghetti and macaroni, Pauline McKeewas
        men. Here are some suggestions to give you          measuring and counting black and white
        an opportunity to help:                             shoestrings, and others, like Evelyn, count-
j-~-.   1, Send old clothing overseas through the           ing her jewelry and Francis her many cures
              local church,                                 Iior aches and pains. Gen and Mr. Brown, who
. -     2,    Give money. The local church received         have inventoried Camp 14, Camp Curry and
              an offering this week for overseas relief     Wawona   Stores, besides the Village Empori-
              and you may add your gift to that a-           um, are now busy trying to find an excuse
              mount. You may also send a CARE      pack-     for not helping next year. They have been
               age with a girt of $10.00.                    counting groceries instead of sheep at night.
        3, Have your’ family take responsibility for           Jack 1-~ing, due to the cold weather, is with
               a family in Europe~by personal COl’re-        us again. Actually, the Tuolumne Store is
               spondence you can determine the needs         closed for the season anc[ Jack is back with
               of a certain family and do something di-      us to carry on as usual.
               rectly about it. This approach also brings       Vacation time sees Ellis and Hazel Whit-
               the advantage of an enlarged perspective      ley touring the state, Frances Powell and her
               of the world in which we live,                husband Russ from C-2 have left :[or awhile.
            If you want to help, telephone Alfred             Pauline McKec  leaves next month for a trip
                                                             south, F, lnora is planning a trip to Los An-
          Glass at 125W,                                      geles and Jeanne plans a trip to Utah. MI’.
                                                              Brownwill leave soon for San Diego and on
                                                              up the coast to Mendocino,where he will va-
                                                              cation at the seashm’e for a few days,
         RomanCatholic Masses--7:30 to 8:30 a.m.
         in Old Village Chapel.
         Protestant Services~9:45 a,m. Sunday school                   THE SAGA OF STINKY
         for children at the Schoolhouse,
             10:15 to 10:45 a.m,~Brief Service De-         Behind the Lodge lies a tale. The tail be-
             signed for employees with no other free    longs to a skunk. The animal’s name is
             time but open to everyone.                 "Stinky." I-Ie belongs to Louis Smith of the
          ll:00 a,m.~Morning Worship. Special music,    kitchen staff’,
             Sermon by the local¯ minister, Reverend       Louis has a hobby Eor skunks.      He has
             Alfred Gle ss.                              known many of them in his life.
                                                           But to keep a long tale down, "Stinky" is
                                                         a NewYorker. tie hails from Brooklyn and
                  EMPLOYEES’ CLUB OPENS                  speaks with a Bronx accent.
                                                           Louis raised him from a pup. He gives his
           The employees’ clubhouse at the Lost Ar-
         row is now open and welcomes all privilege      pet a daily bubble bath, uses Life Buoyand
         card holders, Hours are 7-1.1 p.m,; 2-5 Satur- puts Arrid under all five arms.
         day afternoon, The hours from 7 to 9 p.m,          "Stinky" is taken for an airing each day,
         Saturday are set aside for the local young- He can’t understand why folks flee from him,
         sters, The club is closed on Wednesdays.        They associated with him in BrooMyn.
            Edna BerMand, better known as Miss B,           Although he cam’mshis tail proudly like a
         is the counselor in charge and plans an open-   peacock, he ahvays has a downcast look, It’s
         ing dance soon to get the fall and winter sea- because local skunks won’t have a thing to
          son under way. Ping pong, chess, checkers,     do with him,
          dancing and a host of other activities    are     Their nose knows, "Stinky" isn’t atomic
          available. The soda fountain will be open any more..lIe’s been defrosted.
          and under the able hand of Joe Thomas.
                                    THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

               N,P.S.       RAMBLINGS            and worthwhile activities.   Anyonewith con-
     Ranger Eugene Drowa and family left Yo-     structive ideas to offer are cordially invited
  semite September 20 Eor Stony Ford where to lend their experience (or lack of it)
  he will serve in the Forest Service organiza- the fun and merry making, There will be
  tion west of Willows in the Coast Range. Folk Dancing (headed and ably instructed
  Gene and his family will be missed by their    by Dotty ]Bailey), as well as the newly
  many friends here who wish them success in formed Little Theater group which has al-
                                                ready goaded enthusiastic participants       to
  their new loc~tion.
                                                send home for musical instruments and be-
     Joseph Silva Jr. and Carl White, both of seeching families to raid the household attics
  Mariposa, were apprehended October 5 with     for costumes. Then there’s the Yosemite
  unsealed firearms above the Wawonamea-        Songsters who are forming anything from a
  dow, by District Ranger Jerry Mernin They Barber Shop Quartet to holiday caroling
  pleaded guilty next day before U.S. Com- groups for the time when the Christmas
  missioner Ottone]lo and were fined $50 each. spirit fills the air. 5.~ou can see The Ahwah-
                      i I i                     nee is buzzing.
    Have you heard any shooting around the             lt isn’t enough that the Coffee Convention-
 Valley lately? Don’t be alarmed for it is only     ers left us with our heads whirling. From
 Buck Evans and his .22 rifle, (and hand gun,       all the Yosemite old-timers who ventured
 and bowie knife, and poison barley) out after      their opinions, the unanimous opinion was
 ground squiri:els.   Buck has accounted for        that it was about the biggest thing that has
 hundreds of these annals which have in-            hit the Valley since the Great Flood of nine-
 creased m population beyond all bounds.            tern7 hundred and froze to death--and per-
                        i   i   i
                                                    haps no less catastrophic.     But everyone
    The travel year of 1947 ended September         agrees thai even the extra work was fun
 30 with a total of 775,478 visitors recorded,      midst the hustle and bustle and it nowseems
 an increase of 20.9% over last year’s previous     so muchthe harder to settle downto a quiet-
 record travel. For the past few months it has      15, functioning routine~hence the activity-
 been anyone’s guess as to what the final to-       packed plans for the winter months ahead.
 tal would be. Following the July 4 record-
 breaking crowds it seemed that 800,000
 wouldn’t be far off. Then carne Labor Day
 and fewer visitors this year than last and the            PICKING UP THE DAISIES
 percentage of increase over last year fell off.       Just heard from that genial h’ishman
   The decrease late in the season may be at-      Jack Dawson.Jack has finally taken the op-
tributed to several th!ngs, first the large        portunity to return to the auld sod, and from
number of fairs going on over Labor Day,           all accounts, is having a wonderful time.
and the general feeling that this is a dry                                 i ,1~ 11,
y.ear for Yosemite and not the best i:ime to
see the Park. The overall figures, however,           Latest engineering feat is the "barn" now
prove that 1947 was the biggest year on re-         being constructed on the Morgenson’s patio.
cord for the number of visitors to Yosemite        Chuckis still handling his gang with an iron
National Park.                                     hand--no laying down on the job. The out-
                                                   side finish of the building is rather unique,
  Alma and Bill Breckenkaml) are having            being made up of practically     every brand
fine vacation in Southern California while         of peach, orange and egg boxes on the mar-
Fred and Marge Quist look after Billy. Part        ket. The Tecoya moppets spent their first
of. their three weeks’ leave is to be spent        night under a canopy of rather low-hanging
with friends on a brand new boat.                  clouds.
                                                                       i      i   i

             AHWAHINEENEWS                           There are a lot of children playing around
  With the wintry blasts just around the cor-      the Tecoya are.a and before it is too late, we
ner many heads can be seen getting together        ask the local "Barney Oldfields" to take it
in discussion groups planriing how to pass         easy going round the back road~you’ve got
long winter evenings in both merry making          plenty of time!
         ~~-’--    ~ -~-~C .L-      ,,   I ~
                                                         YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK

                                                    Published by Yosemite Park a~d Curry Co.
                                                           in the fl~tcrest of its employees
                                                                 and local residents.
                                                                 SATURDAY,OCTOBER25,           1947

       YOSEMITE                                      Score by Periods~

                                                     YOSEMITE                2]
          AGAIN                                      SEBASTOPOL               7
    If you weren’t out on the local grammar          Scoring~
  school gridiron last Saturday afternoon, Oc-       YOSEMITE:Touchdowlls~Johnson          2, Wil-
  tober ]8, you missed one of the liveliest six-       son 5.
 man football games of this or any other sea-          Conversions~Estes 2, Starr 2.
 son: In a rootJn,’ tootin,’ free-scoring fracas,    SEBASTOPOL: Touchdowns ~ McCall 2,
 the Yosemite team decisively out-pointed Se-          Wilkinson 1.
 bastopo] GrammarSchool, 46-19, to continue            Convcrsions~McCall 1.
 its newly-acquired winning streak.                 Line-Up~
   Leading the scoring parade with five touch-      YOSEMITE~(FB) Compton, Wilson
 downs was Cm’l Wilson, who, at fullback,                      (I-IB) DePfyffer, Johnson, Lamkin
 spent most of the afternoon tearing off: huge                 (QB) Castro
 chunks of yardage in the direction of the op-                 (LE) Eckart, C., Estes
 position’s goal line. His running mate, Bur-                 (C) Murphy, Starr
 leigh Johnsoll, accounted for two more.                      (RE) Adams, Clark.
                                                    SEBASTOPOL--(FB) McCall
    Aiding all this hustle and bustle to no                   (HB) Wilkinson
 small degree was the accurate passing of                     (QB) Wass
 Charlie Castro, who completed 5 out of 9
                                                              (LE) S. Cl’ouch, Wilson
 tosses for a total of 67 yards.
                                                              (C) Gann
     Defensively, the locals continued to show                (RE) A. Crouch, McKeever.
  improvement, stopping dead in its tracks a        OFFICIALS: Paul Snow, Referee; Bob MJn-
  determined upsurge by Sebastopol in the             erich, Umpire; Stewart Cramer, Head
  fotu’th quarter after a blocked kick. Special       Linesman.
  mention should be made of the play of Ed-
  die Estes at left end and JimmyStart at cen-          YOSEMITE KINDERGARTEN DANCE
  ter, both of whom  were stalwarts on defense         .4. dance wil] be held at The Ahwahneeon
    For Scbastopo], Clark McCall, at fullback,       October 25 at 8:30 p.m. to raise funds for the
 also did some powerful running, scoring two        Yosemite Kindergarten, it was announced by
 touchdowns and gaining a net total of 185          Mrs. Oscar A. Sedergren. Tickets are being
 yards. This was the fh’st time Sebastopo] had      sold by mothers of kindergartell youngsters
 played football in actual competition having       and will also be on sale at the door on dance
 taken up the pigskin art only this season.         night. The price is fifty cents. Besides danc-
 Their starting team played the entire game         ing, there will be entertainment by Ml’. and
 without relief, and demonstrated an amazing        Mrs. Wommack     and by Frank and Dorothy
ability to carry on effectively against heavy       Bailey. Dress is informal and the usual Ah-
odds.                                               wahneedance attire is in order.
                                                      The community kindergarten is held Mon-
    A return game will be played with Sebas-
                                                    day thl’ough Friday in the Pohono (Boysen)
topol on November1, at Mariposa.
                                                                               (continued inside)


                                                      If you want to see something new in hair-
                                                   do, see Phyllis Gaspar of the Grill. A new
 Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.          one every day.
             EDITORIAL STAFF                          "Sonny" Lewis, Cafeteria, has purci~ased
  Janet Hettman             Jean Cloward           a Speed-Graphic carom’a, the photographer’s
               "Dete" Oliver                       dream. You may expect flash shots in bigger
  Ken English            Ralph Anderson            and better quantities.
  Joe Meredith               Sonny Lewis             Jimmy O’Brien, Bar manager, has been
  Florence Scribner           Art Bauman           afoot, waiting for his convertible’s new top.
  Circulation Manager     Florence Morris          Hmmm,  expect rain, Jim?
  Supervisor               Harold Ouimet             The guest asked if it was all right to keep
  Editor                    Henry Berrey           his Pekes in his cabin. Mr. McGovern mis-
  Associate Editor           Jack Greener          understood and said, "No, I’m .sorry, Sir, we
                                                   don’t allow "pigs" in our cabins."

                                                             FROM HERE AND THERE
    With the coming of winter, many of the
 outlying units are closing. Amongthem,              So far as we can tell, the first skiers of the
 Crane Flat which called for a farewell           season were Mary Thomas and Ginny Pierce,
 party, attended by Crane Fiat’s local hard government workers. The eager two went up
 workers~Tom and Bob Van Bibber and Vic to Tioga Pass on October 13 and reported the
 "Spaghetti" Staff. Boy, what a feed. Among skiing was wonderful -- when was it ever
 those taking reducing exermses were Don otherwise?
 "Photo" Huff, George, Sylvia and Margo _:e_-,_ General MarkClark madea splendid talk
 Simmons, Mickey Poplar, Betty McIntosh           before the ad men convening recently at The
 and aeannie and Joe Meredith. After tile         Ahwahnee. The General discussed some of
 .feast, merriment was in order with imita-       his experiences and difficulties with the job
 tions, singing and the usual antics of Jumpin’ of occupying Austria. Eddie Bracken, one of
 Joe.                                             ti~e funniest men on two legs, was also on
    Our hearts and flowers section is glad to the program and brought howls of laughter
 announce the recent wedding of Gay Mor- from the guests. The General is an ardent
 row, Lodge Grill and Howard Berkstrom, of fisherman and was led to some of the best
 The Ahwahnee. Mr. and Mrs. Berkstrom             ]ocal waters by Jack Greener--but with mi-
 purchased a trailer, joining the happy group nor success. Not enough wind, or something!
 living in Camp Congratulations!                     The Tecoya Engineering and Construction
    Fred Sharpe, Manager, recently returned       Company is keeping Shipbuilder           Kaiser
 i’rom a Hotel meeting at Palm Springs. He
                                                  awake nights. Tile Eckart boys and associates
 looks none the worse for wear~in fact,           now have a river going yacht on the ways.
 speaking of wear, he is wearing a new pair       At least those were the plans yesterday.
 of sport shoes that look a bit rcmninscent of
 Pahn Springs, Mr. and ’Mrs. Sharpe are going        Alwayslast with the latest, we report that
 on their vacation soon. A well-earned one it     Doris Kuntz and Marshall Stimson were
 is too. Both Maryand Fred have made us all       married October 3 in Mariposa. Congrats.
 feel like a team this last summer.                  News from Phi] and Marian Webb is that
    Mary, incidentally, besides being a room they have a little          boy now. His name is
 clerk at the Lodge is custodian of the Lost James and shows a decided interest in ra-
 and Found Department. Early this morning dies already,
¯ a long distance call was received from Salt        Marian Green of the Commercial Dept. and
 Lake City inquiring about a lost pair of slip-   Don Berry of tile Government are going to
 pers. The humorouspart of the call was the       t’~ke the big step soon. They announced their
 fact that in calling and waiting for Maryto engagement on October 13. While no date
 check for his lost sliI~pers, his bill must have has been set for the wedding, they are mak-
 been ten dollars. The slippers were found~ ing plans for an extensive honeymoonthru
 Ladies slippers~value approximately $3.50.       tile east.
                                                                                        - - ---,

                               THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

     NEWS FROM THE AHWAHNEE                                 VILLAGE STORIES
   Everyone at The Ahwahnee was happy to           People are coming and going at the Vil-
see Edith Beer’s smiling face the day after     lage Store. It’s vacation time. Recent re-
the rock sliding episode in the Valley. About   turnees are Francis Powel], who spent a few
nine o’clock on the night of the foundation-    days in Los Angeles, and a few in Yosemite,
quaking occurrence, those of her friends who    and Ellis Whitley who roamed around the
had not seen her since noon began to specu-     State visiting his grandchildren and attend-
late on "Where’s Edith?" believing that she     ing the hot’se races. Why,Ellis!
had gone gathering greens in that general
vicinity about the time of the slide. Theii’       Mr. Brown has just left and so has Pop
fears were ungrounded, of course, because       Danley. Mr. Brownwill visiz various coastal
Edith was safe at home. She will be happy to    spots, while Pop will spend most of his time
                                                in Stockton. Nat Bredemanhas just returned
know there were many friends who were
                                                J:rom a week’s relaxation in L,A, He reports
ready and eager to star~ a searching party
                                                a very enjoyable trip, but the weather did
on that dark night.
                                                noL permit his planned fishing. (C. of C.,
   Did you know we had a ballet choreogra-
                                                please note).
pher in our midst? One of our room service
v:aiters, Bob Mills, is mighty handy at pro-       Weddingbells will ring again soon in the
vi’ding entertainment for the sidehall diners   Village Store. Gen Johnson, the office curie
with his Highland Flings and his "tiea-tica-    and Ralph Rainey, the handsome butcher
ta" Sambas. Howabout a lesson, Bob?             are both going around with starry eyes. Wed-
   The Ahwahnee has undergone quite a           ding plans are not definite yet, but the big
change with the Dental Seminar men who          event will probably take place in the near
took over the hotel recently. The contrast      future. Best wishes to them both.
with former conventions being the hard            Welcome back to Martha Michaelis, who
working attitude of the group. These men        spent the summer at the WawonaStore. She
were here on business, a fact substantiated     and Frances Powcll are the two drug counter
by not bringing their wives along to act as     clerks, with Martha specializing in the wrap-
distracting   elements. They even had daily     ping department,
diet menus planned and carried out to a "T"
                                                  Sympathies are extended to the family and
a determined "practice what you preach"
program.                                        I’ricnds of TomRenton who died October 10
   Bill and Merna Ewbank’s house warming        in San Francisco. Tomhad been in the Val-
                                                ley since 1.945 and worked in the Village
last Friday night proved to be a roaring suc-
                                                Store and The Ahwahnee butcher depart-
cess; in fact the walls of their little house   mcnts, He will be missed by his manyfriends
soon began to bulge like a Disney cartoon,
                                                in the Valley.
with sounds of gaiety and nlerrymaking is-
suing from within . . . We think more peo-
ple should move into 17ew homes--it’s al-                 WHAT’S IN A NAME
ways an excuse for a good time.
                                                  Have you ever waited and waited for a
                                               check that never seemed to arrive? Well,
                                               Helen Fas~no had returned from a shopping
                                               s]~ree in San Francisco, and araong her pur-
         (continued from front page)           chases was a very nice coat which had daz-
Stadio under the capable direction of June zled her under the indirect lighting oE one of
Brown, who conducted the Grizzly Club this     ihe city’s larger department stores. But when
past summer. There arc now ten children en- viewing it under the crystal clear air of Yo-
rolled in the school and it is hoped that more semite it didn’t look so good. So she asked
will enter soon.                               for the return of her seventy-five bucks, to
   Any Valley resident intet’ested and whose Helen Fasano, B Dorm, Yosemite National
children are from four to six is invited to Park, etc. Weeksof waiting finally brought
talk to Mrs. Sedergren, :Mrs, Les Moeor Mrs. lhe check to Mrs. B. Dorm, Yosemite National
Dana Morgensonabout details of the school.     Park, etc. So--what’s in a name!

                                           THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                     N.P.S.     RAMBLINGS                         Yosemite Scouts have unusual opportuni-
                                                               ties to meet distinguished visitors;  earlier
             A Court of Honor meeting of local Boy             in the year, General Hap Arnold graciously
         Scouts was held at the Masonic Club, Wed-             consented to talk to the local group at a
         nesday, October 22 with Scoutmaster           Mike    Court of Honor meeting.    The General ex-
         Manahan in charge. After a welcoming talk             cused himself from the State Foresters Con-
         by Assistant Scoutmaster Al Glass, thei’e was         vention long enough to address our Troop.
         a presentation      of Troop Cub Pack flags by
         Ralph Anderson for tile        Mariposa County          Carlton Smith recently heard from former
         Community chest.         An American flag was         Park Engineer Elton Hilton that Ralph Gris-
         presented    to the Troop with an effective           wold passed away recently.     Mr. Griswold
         ceremony lead by Past Commander Lester                will be remembered by his many friends who
         Moe of the Amerman Legion Post 258, Troop             knew him when he worked in the Engineer-
         and Cub Pack charters        were presented     by    ing Office for the National Park Service. He
         Basil Sullens, Chairman of the Southern Dis-          was an enthusiastic   mountain climber and
         trict,    Boy Scouts of America. Under pre-           skier.
         sentation    of awards, Ted Phillips       was ad-
         vanced to Troop Scribe; (we hope to have                In the same letter, Mr. Hilton told of the
         many good items on scouting activities           in   death of Leland S. Jewett, carpenter,    who
         future Sentinels from Ted). Others who re-            worked for the NPS for many seasohs be-
         craved awaf’ds were Den Leaders Robert Mc-            tween 1924 and 1940 when he was retired.
         Intyre     and George Robinson,         and Cubs
         Ralph Clarlq Roger Rust, Robert Eekart and
                                                                     APPLES READY FOR PICKING
         Freddie Ernst, After a short speech by Mr.
                                                                  Superintendent Kittredge, in a recent note,
o        Oehlmann, Scoutmasters         benediction     was
                                                               suggested that now is the logical time for
         given and refreshments were served.
                                                               Park residents to pick apples in the sevei’al
             Yosemite Pack Scout Troop No. 50 will
                                                               local orchards.
         soon be highly publicized with a long article
                                                                  He suggests that "picking should be done
          in Boys’ Life, national scouting magazine,
                                                               with care and not by shaking the trees. If
          and a photograph of the Troop made by An-
                                                               picked without bruising, the apples will keep
          sel Adams recently.
                                                               for a long time.
             The local Girl Scouts are still        beaming       "Another point which should be empha-
{         over seeing a picture of their troop in Ameri-       sized while we are reaping the benefit of this
          can Girl, magazine for Girl Scouts. The               apple crop is the fact that the crop exists
          Troop was photographed on Stoneman Bridge            becauseof the interestand the hard labor
          with Half Dome in the background by Ralph             of a group of men and boys who undertook
          dePfyffer.                                           the operationby the sweat of their brows
             At a recent meeting of Boy Scouts Troop            during off hours, Some men worked one day
          No. 50, Francois E. Matthes gave the boys an          or more. Many of them worked many days,
          interesting   talk on some of his experiences         all volunteerlabor, Among those who were
          as a Scoutmaster and later as a Scout Com-            eagerto helpin thispublicenterprise      were
          missioner,    Dr. Matthes has devoted much            the Boy Scoutsand Cub Scouts.Miss Degnan
          time to scouting. He told of visiting Yosem-          hired a man to work in her place.
          ite with a troop of Boy Scouts and having the            "Many thanks to those who took so much
          thrill    of being held up by a highwayman,                      in
                                                                interest pruningand sprayingthe trees,
          According to the story,         the highwayman                                      a
                                                                and to naturefor providing good crop."
          lined up a number of early day motor buses,
          and Dr. Matthes was obliged to act quicldy
           in order to safeguard the Scout funds, which                     LOST ARROW PARTY
           he was carrying. He thrust the billfold       un-      A great Hallowe’en party is scheduled at
           der the cushion of the old bus, and passed as       the Lost Arrow on October 31, according to
           one of the boys when the search was made.           Miss B Fun and entertainment      unrestrained
           It is interesting     to note that Dr. Matthes      are planned, including a 10 act variety show.
           wrote the Map ~-~" of the Boy Scout                 Festi-,ities   will begin at ? and end nt 11. So
           Handbook.                                           put on a false face and we’ll see you there.

                                                                                                                  , o, d

                                                       YOSEMITE       NATIOHAL       PARK

                                                   Published bM Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                           in the interest of its employees
                                                                 and local residents.
YOSEMITE      NATIONAL      PARK                              SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8,                 1947

                                                                          m            _        I    |

 Community                                                       O

   Drive NowOpen
    This week the Mariposa County Commu-
 nity Chest campaign to raise funds for United
¯ Service Organizations,      Boy Scouts, Girl
 Scouts and Campfire Girls got under way.
 The quota for Mariposa County is $1500 this
 year, and Yosemite is asked to contribute
 $500 of this amount.
    It seems almost needless to mention the
 important work being carried on by the use                                   |        |    _
 for the disabled veterans in hospitals and for      HALLOWE’EN       DANCE BIG       SUCCESS
 the entertainment of our Armed Forces to re-
 lieve the monotony of service overseas. Now          As usual, the annual Hallowe’en party at
 that the excitement and patriotic    fervor of"   the Yosemite Grammar School was one of
 the war years is over, we may sometimes for-      the highlights of the year’s social calendar,
 get that there are still thousands of Ameri-      especially of the youngsters.
 cans in other lands, badly in need of the           The party was well organized by the teach-
 generous support we gave to them during the       ers, Mrs. Wilder, Miss Schm~dt and Mrs.
 war.                                              Shorb. The judges of the best costumes as-
    In addition to helping carry on the work       sembled and the grand march wound in and
 of the use, we help our local Boy Scout,          out of tile three school rooms. Judging the
 and Girl Scout organizations    by supporting     costumes were Mike Manahan, Johnny Han-
                                                   sen and Briney Wammack.
the Community Chest. Part of the money
 we contribute will be used here at home for          After some deliberation,      they announced
 our own, and our neighbors, boys and girls.       that the winner for the funniest costume was
                                                   Charlie Castro as a fat woman. Second prize
    Let’s pull together and complete the drive
by November 12.                                    for funniest went to Billy Proctor as a skele-
                                                   ton. First prize for the prettiest went to Hil-
                                                   da dePfyffer who wore a beautiful Swiss cos-
                   ODDITIES                        tume which the dePfyffers          brought back
   Helen Glass reports not only a very fruit-      from Europe. Second prize for prettiest      was
ful but also interesting  summer as far as the     won by Carol Dierksen who was dressed in
chu~’ch offerings are concerned. Besides the       a Valentine costume. For the most original
iinkling silvec, churchgoers also deposited in     costume, Anne Adams took first        prize as a
the plate the following’, one bottle deposit,      Navajo Indian and Ginnie Ann Sturm won
one key tag, one screw, two tax tokens, eight      second prize with the "new look," a long
street car tokens, a dime from the Straits Set-    black suit with Gibson Girl shirtwaist       and
tlements, assorted Canadian coins, and last        black tie, black stockings and black shoes.
but not ]cast, a United States two cent piece        Delicious refreshments    of homemade cakes
dated 1865.                                        and punch x~,cre served.

  ,,:                          THE YOSEMITE, SENTINEL

                                                will be rememberedas the enterprising chap
                                                with watchmaking as a sideline.
Published by Yosemite Parle and Curry Co.         We have only one complaint registered so
            EDITORIAL STAFF                     far about Hallowe’en. The local moppets
                                                complained that too many people attended
  Janet Hettman             Jean Cloward
                                                the party ~therefore draining their source
               "Dete" Oliver
                         Ralph Anderson         el! "Trick or Treat." Guess that was kind of
  Ken English                                   a dirty trick!
  Joe Meredith               Sonny Lewis
                                                   Say--anybody wanna buy a letter?
  F]orence Scribner           Art Bauman
  Circulation Manager     Florence Morris
  Supervisor               Harold Ouimet                    VILLAGE STORIES
  Editor                     Henry Berrey
  Associate Editor           Jack Greener         In a brief ceremony in Carson City, Neva-
                                               da, Gen Johnson and Ralph Rainey were
                                               married. They retum~ed to Yosemite Tuesday
      LODGE CACKLES AND CHUCKLES               mormng, where, they will take up house-
                                               keeping in the trailer camp, We wish them
    November 1st. Ah, yes! Many changes in
                                               the best of luck and happines.
our Valley. The first snow, on the Valley
floor being among the major changes, en-          Mr. and Mrs. Brown returned from a very
couraged a few eager snow bunnies to wax       enjoyable trip through Deatl:, Valley and up
                                               the coast of California to MendocinoCounty.
up their skis.
                                               Mr. Brownreports good fishing in Big River
    Yours truly, living in Camp will proba-
bly become a "Snowshoe Smoe" or a "Pon-        and managed to land a 20 pound salmon~al-
toon Pedro" in the daily commutingto & fro,    ready canned.
                                                  Minnie Everston recently returned from a
    Cy and Agnes Wright left.Sunday on vaca-
tidii, planning to travel eastward through     trip to Missouri where she visited her sister.
Chicago, Kansas City, etc., then south to New     NewYosemite Valley residents are Jeanne
 Orleans and home again. Others taking ad- and Dee Cloward, who have purchased a new
 vantage of our "slack" season and seeking lrailer and are living in Camp       6.
 air or (smog) in the big cities are Margurite     Chester Kuntz, of the Village Store, is now
 Radigan, Jimmie O’Brien and Norma Cart.        convalescing in the Lewis Memorial Hospital.
 Maizies Hornor, Dell Martin and Helen Brad- Weare anxious for his return to the Store.
 ley just returned from their nerve-racking
 trek to the big cities,                                     SQUARE DANCING!
     Wendell Otter returned to relieve Cy as
 Manager during the absence of Fred Sharpe.        The Yosemite Social Club invites all privi-
 The Otters spent their time off down Albu- lege card holders and their friends to join
 querque way.                                   in the Square Dances to be held during the
     The hearts and flowers column writes of fall and winter.
 the approaching wedding bells for Mary Jane       In response to many requests from square
 Thompson and Glenn Reese who will be dance devotees, the program will be limited
 married in our little Chapel. They will make to Square Dancing only, with the usual pol-
 their homein E1 Portal,                        kas, schottisches and waltzes,
     More vacations! Jimmy"You-all" and Bet-       Manypeople think it increases the fun to
 ty Hamerplan to lose their shirts in Reno, bring enough friends to make up their own
 then journey to Virginia City for a little     ~, but don’t let that stop you~come    over for
 study of the "Old West." Lena and John a good time of fun and dancing.
  Schweiffler have their vacation all planned      Had your Wheaties today?
  and will depart soon.
     Millie Taylor is also back from vacation.
  And sporting a new dress~opposite to the      RINGMISSING.Elsie Schoen recently lost a
  new style "longies"l                          plain gold ring at Yosemite Lodge. It’s near
     George Simmons, with wife Sylvia and and dear to her heart and hopes someonewill
  little Margo left for the Southland. George find it and return it to her soon.

                                     THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

          NOT              T;4E WIRES                 Bralsford started for Badger equipped with
                                                      skis¯ The road closed at Chinquapin only
                                                      challenged them on. Powder about, a foot         i
                                                      deep wasn’t the best snow to ski on, but they    f
                                                      managed to pack down a run on the jump
                                                      hilh A:fter the run back on Trail 7 to Chin-
                                                      quapin, they are now in the process of put-
                                                      ting a base back on those skis.
                                                         Cafeteria employees are continually giv-
                                                      ing out impressions to the guests on their re-
                                                      spective jobs. For instance, a guest asked
         There are certain significant signs of ap- Jeanctte Grandmaine, one of the servers, if
      proaching winter that appear simultaneous-      she ate lhat food she was dishing out. Con-
      ly with the change of seasons:                  vinced by her affirmative answer, he piled
      ~Hats and caps left on tile cafeteria cloak his tray heavy and muttered: "You look hus-
      rack a silent reminder that someone is          hy and healthy--and that’s good enough for
      used to going bare-headed.                      me!" In that case, our maids should look
(’::i ~A knitted     glove kicked about unnoticed     well-rested as an example of our Beauty
      until the sweeper swishes by with his broom Rest matLresses, the Laundry workers should
      and it is turned into the Lost and Found to be spick and span with Rinso written on
      await its matt.                                 their faces, taxi drivers should never walk,
      ~The Firefall lighLing up Glacier Point just    and cooks should never complain of stomach
      once a weekinstead of its nightly glow.        ¯ ulcers, This sort of leaves the bartender who
      ~Scotty McGregor displaying his colorful        doesn’t take a nip and a Badger Passer who
5.    array of a dozen stocldng caps, He claims he doesn’t sld in a quandary.
      has one for every moodand situation.               A battle of brains versus brawn seems de-
         The empty stables now that the horses are serving of some comment as John Bradley,
      grazing m the meadows of the lower alti-        Lodge Kitchen soapbox orator without a soap
      tudes until next spring.                        box m~d Howard Doucette snarl in feudin’
      ~Jack Curran driving with his car top up--      ways each time they meet vicing for the title
      making it difficult to see the "Lady of the of "Best Bouncer." Basket Ball?
      Hour."                                             Grace Ewing and Jules Ashworth are quite
:’7¢  ~Andfamiliar faces disappear into the out-      elated with their new Lodge Post Office--a
      side world to get a smattering of city life as brightly lighted, well-heated, spacious room.
      the Valley folk go on their vacations.          If comfort and contentment speed the mails
      ~Less and less noise of clattering garbage through, we should be picking messages out
      cans at night as the last stray bears go into   of thin air. Incidentally, personal boxes are
      hibernation.                                    available at a nominal fee.
        Mr.Goldsworthy    walking briskly theof-
                                          to             Friends of Marialice Cartrell, former Vil-
      ricedecked withwoollen
                    out               scarf, gloves, lage Store Star, may be interested to know
      andjaunty   hat;  takinginto consideration she is designer and manager of Craig of Cal-
      bare  facts, latter a necessity these ifornia Clothing Manufacturers in San Fran-
                    the       is             on
      frosty mornings.                                cisco. Between strenuous working hours, a
      ¯ --And finally,Nature seems at her best when night school course in color, and furnishing
      autumn blends the greens into yellows, the      her new apartment she is quite busy; but she
      yellows into reds, the reds into browns; and often thinks of her Valley Days.
      then reveals a new silhouette as the trees fi-     "Still waters run deep!" It isn’t generally
      nally stand nude. Softly the fresh snow will    known, but we have a "Nick Lucas" in our
      smooth out the awkward angles, give nature      midst, Ai the tender age of 12 he tickled a
      her virgin cloak of white under which life is   meanguitar. Don’t be surprised girls if you
      renewed in the spring.                          are serenaded one of these bright moonlight
         l: ollowing up Saturday’s snow debut, Vir-
                  o                                    (Ed. ’rtmnk.~-, for you,’ column, M.H. Wehope
      ginia Pierce, Mary Thomas, A1 Baab and Bob      you will find time for future contributions).
                                          THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

             FROM HERE AND THERE                            The Yosemite Kindergarten fund is some
                                                          $].40.00 fatter as a result of the dance held
       The Yosemite Troop 50, Boy Scouts, en,             recently at The Ahwahnee. The committee,
     joyed an evening’s trip through the sewage           headed by Jane Rust, wishes to thank Earl
     disposal plant under the guidance of Coun-           Pierson, John Fitzgerald, Dorothe and Frank
     selor Fred Quist. The boys had an opportu-           Bailey, Shirley Connor, Dick Connett, and
!    nity to look through microscopes and see the         the staff, and all the communitypeople who
     various types of useful and harmful bacteria,        helped make the dance such a success.
     and the part they play in the operation of
     the plant. Fred brought out the point that
     the sewage plant is of great importance in
     maintaining high standards of public health                       CLOTHING SALE
     in the Valley.
                          S I~        8                      Here’s a chance to get rid of those neck ties
       Twice weekly practice sessions are now in          you hate. The local Girl Scouts are sponsor-
     order for the Yosemite singing group under           ing a "hand-me-down" sale at the Ranger’s
     the direction of :Donald Edward McHenry,             Club on Saturday, November 22. Bring your
     Chorus Director. ~rhe chorus is concentrating        no longer wanted skis, ski boots, toys, etc,,
     on Christmas music for the holiday season.           --in fact anything not too big to get into the
     If you like to sting, o1" knowanyone who is          Clubhouseand the Girl Scouts will sell it for
     anxious to join the group, the practice ses-         you at the price you have indicated. The
     sions are held Mondayand Friday evenings             Girl Scouts are managing the sale only as a
     promptly at 7:30 "to 9 p.m. in the Old Village       convenience to local people.
     Chapel.                                                 Those interested in disposing of such arti-
                                                          cles, bring them to the Ranger’s Club during
       It’s not too late to join the dancing classes      the morning of November 22, and they will
     at the Lost Arrow. Contact Dotty B who is            be sold during the afternoon and evening.
     planning a special makeup lesson for those
     whomissed the first. Scheduled dates for the
     classes are: November 19, December 3 and                With a sizzle and a snap, the roaring log
     17 from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. so that all late          fire on September 27 set the moodfor Lodg-
     workers will have time to get to class.              ers and guests in A and B’s cozy den. Host-
        Something added~Something new--There              esses, Maggie, Phil, and Gwen(Lodge bus-
     is going to be a weight-lifting club, with           girls) served hot dogs, apples, cookies, and
     classes meeting a’t the Lost Arrow, beginning        coffee to the smooth rhythms of Lucille Mul-
     Monday, November 10. Joe Meredith and                len’s records. Sonny Lewis was the cut-up of
     Glenn Reese will give instructions.                  the evening, and everybody danced and en-
        Bring your ow~ weights!                           joyed the refreshments.
                          D     $     $
                                                             Those responsible for a wonderful evening
      FOOTBALL   GAME.The first of two mighty             have received many compliments and plans
      tussels between "Yosemite and the Mariposa           are being made to have another shindig soon.
      GrammarSchools will be played Saturday,              Have you any suggestions?
      November 8 at 2:15 on the Yosemite grid-
      iron, Comeout and lend your lungs to the
                                                             Latest venture of the Tecoya Construction
      FOR SALE. A.partment washer ~ $29.50.
         Portable HandyHot, perfect for one or two         Company is a Boys’ Clubhouse. Chuck did
         people’s wash, with wringer. Little use.          ll~e excavating of the basement, with plenty
         (It’s had little use, that is). Call at Apt.      of advice from the bystanders. Think the lads
        H-95 and see this wonderful buy.                   will need some kind of a heating system dur-
                              I1 i$                        ing the winter months, as the recent rains
                                                           kind of warped the door and windows.
     IT’S GETTINGCOLDER.Don’t wait until
      your motor has frozen to think about buying             Chuck’s latest recruit is Alan Dierksen, a
      anti-freeze. The garage reports that there is        hardy, two-hammer craftsman.
      a supply on hand and suggests that Valley               Don’t be sm’prised to see the old slide take
      people buy theirs before the visitors get it all.    the shape of a ski jump after a good snowfall.
-"~-~                -e_~r~-~.----- - --~
                                                       YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK

                                                Published by Yose~nite Park and Curry Co.
                                                       in the ~terest of its e~Tzployees
                                                             a~zdlocal reside~ts.

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                           22,
                                                                 SATURDAY,NOVEMBER        1947

Investigating       of.
             Committee OneInvestigates
           New   Pot:ent:; But: Not: Un-American
               bl, I Joe McFluke
                                                      "Howabout a shot of this brain food in nay
                                                    arm?" I implored.
   Kicking my tilted chair from under me,             "It’s only for those who have something
the Editor bellowed, "The Sentine] goes to          for the serum to work on," he snickered,
press tomorrow. The printer is tearing his          running the needle into Malcolm McGregor’s
hair (what he has of it) for copy. Take your        vein.
head oft: the typewriter and start pounding           Walking dejectedly h’om the hospital, I
it xv’ith your hands!"                              met Randy l~ust. "Have you had any of those
    "If you hadn’t upset my tender feelings,"       injections?" I moaned.
I hissed, "the story would have been prac-            "I’ll say I have, MeFluke,"he hooted, "but
tically finished. I had just figured howto in-      I can see you haven’t. I used to read comic
vent a robot-writer."                               magazines, but nowI confine myself to Spin-
    " You’re way behind the times," the Edi-        oza, Aeschylus, Shakespeare, and Kathleen
tor sneered. "Scie~tists have just discovered       Wil’lsor,"
Glumatie acid. It’s an intelligence serum.            "It seems I’m forever ambling arourid
The biggest miracle since alphabet soup.            without getting any place," I groaned.
Hurry over to the hospital, get an injection          Strolling   down the road, I met Gordon
and your story will unfold itself."                 Glass. "Have you had your Glumatic today?"
    "Oh, boy! Just what I’ve been waiting for,"     1 queried.
I whooped, rushing out of the building.               "I sure have," he exclaimed. ’Tin leaving
    Arriving at the hospital, I found the lobby     tomorrow for Paris by Pan American (plug
 filled with school children. Fighting my ~vay      for Ben Tarnutzer) to study dress design-
lhrough the excited throng, I saw Dr. Sturm         ing. The younger generation must get the
filling a giant syringe full of the three R’s.      hemline back to where it belongs."
    "What about this new Glumatic acid" I             "Glumatie does bring higher thoughts," I
pantcd.                                             whistled.
    :’it’s the real thing, Joe," he cried. "We’ve     A short distance away I saw Randy Mor-
had lhe ABCDand E vitamins.             Now the     genson. "Howdo you like getting your home
 remainder of the alphabet has been included        work out of a tube?" I grumbled.
 in Glumatic acid."                                    "It’s much more accurate," he said. "June
    "Howwill it effect school attendance?" I        Brown always used to bawl me out because
                                                    Pop had done my problems wrong,"
    "It looks like the children are out :for a
 permanent vacation," he sighed. "Contracts            "Huh." I puzzled, "your dad seemed to
 of the school teachers have been cancelled.        know his figures pretty well at the square
 The school board and football coach have re-       dance.’
 signed. Wewill just give the kiddies a daily          Shuffling along, I met TimmyErnst. "I’ll
 dose of intelligence fluid and they can spend      bet you had your Glumatic today," I volun-
 the remainder of the day skiing."                  teered.
                                                                              (continued inside)
                                    THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                   Michaelis. Let’s hope they come up wliere
                                                   they are supposed to!
     Published by Yose~rtite Park and Curry Co.       Andy Campbell’s birthday party at the Ar-
                 EDITORIAL STAFF                   row was a definite success. The guest of
                                                   honor was dressed in a nifty shirred tinfoil
      Bob Robinson               Jean Cloward
                   "Dete" Oliver                   number and all had a fine time. Amongthe
                              Ralph Anderson       ’mountain of gifts he received some marsh-
      Ken English
      Joe Meredith               Sonny Lewis       mallow fOL’kS, a tin or artichoke hearts, a
      Florence Scribner           Art Bauman       pair of waterwings, three yards of mattress
      Circulation Manager     Florence Morris      ticking and other useful item for the dorms.
      Supervisor               Harold Ouimet                                 ~by Bob Robinson
!i    Editor                     Henry Berrey
!     Associate Editor           Jack Greener                YOSEMITE  V.F.W. POST 9657
                                                       A V.F.W. Post has been recently organized
               AHWAHNEE RAMBLINGS                   in Yosemite. It will be know as Yosemite
                                                    Valley Post No. 9657.
        Like leaves in a high wind, the Ahwahnee-      Initiation o1’ memberswill take place at
     ans have been scattering all over the land-                                23
                                                    .10 a.m., Sunday, November at the Masonic ....
     scape on vacations recently. Curtis "B Flat"   H~I] in the Old Village. Membersof V.F.W.
     Platt and Duane Boone are back from Man- Posts are cordially invited to attend.
     chester, Iowa, on a secret mission for Glen      Regular meeting nights of this Post will be
     Power. Ronnie I-Ieathman off to Seattle to     every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at
     see his folks. Rose Crossley and Bill Ew- the Masonic Club Room, Yosemite.
     banks bumped into each other at the Grand
     Canyon. Minnie Beardsley, Eddie Trossau-
     er, Georganna Meier, and Jack Parkerson                    MATRIMONIAL MEWS
     covered the Northern half of the state while     Florence Watson, one of our Laundry girls,
     Fred Pierson, Lillian Eddy, and Geraldine      became the bride of Nick E. Brochini at
     Babcock went south. Veteran leaf Denis De- Reno on November8th. A reception and open
     Caillet has come back for another stay hom~ house was given by Phoebe Hogan at which
     on the range in the kitchen. Pete Cramer is    a large attendance enjoyed a delicious sup-
     spending his vacation in the Lewis Memorial per of enchiladas.
     Hospital. Good luck, Pete! As soon as the
     wind stops blowing, ~,e’re sure all our leaves
     can be raked back into the old pile.              MARIPOSA WINS~BUT JUST WAIT!
     Back Stairs Gosslp~                              Yosemite GrammarSchool’s erstwhile win-
        The Duke and ]3uchess of Montoro (means ning :l’ootbifl] team ran smackinto Mariposa’s
     "Mountain of Bulls") were THEguests of the     squad on Saturday, November8, at the local
     month and the Duchess (she’s the daughter      gridiron. The result, alas, was the first set-
     of the Duke of Alba) looked just like the      back of the season ~ 27-2. Mariposa, out-
     pictures in "LIFE Goes to a Wedding."          weighed for perhaps the first time in the
        Welcome to Bob McConnell, our new ton..     series between the schools, quicldy took a
     sor.                                           commandinglead which was never seriously
        Our tea service is really the split shakes threatened.
     these days with Edith Beer exuding charm          But this Saturday, November 22, the re-
     over the china and silver. She’s quite the ex- turn game will be played at Mariposa. No-
     ponent of the "New Look" what with her         body on the local team is expecting this sad
     Gibson Girl blouses and longer dresses.        stol’y I:o be repeated- morale is high- and
     Doings Department~                             \yin or lose a good game is assured. Pack up
        Dale "Deerchaser" Devine, Dale "Alaska"     your car with a load of friends and be there
     Ellis, Ken Williams, Jack Ferrell and Bob by 2:15 for an afternoon of fun in the mel-
     Robinson busy as squirrels in the grounds      low Mariposa sunshine.
     planting seeds of wallflowers, poppies, Iris,     Score by periods for November 8 game:
     Godetias and Flax, and other assorted wild Yosemite                        2 0 0 0 2
     posies under the recent direction of Mrs.      Mariposa                    6 14 7 0 27

                                                         ¯ .. u..
                                      THE YOSEMITESENTINEL

                                                          Don’t be scared if you should hear a noise
         Superhltenclent I(ittredge is leavh]g Yo-     beneath your windowone of these dark p.m.s
 :~’   semite December l for Washington, D. C.,        ~it’s either a harmless deer or else Frank
...:   where he will take up the duties of Chief En-
                                                       Anderson, our locksmith. It seems that Frank
’,.    ghleer of. the National. Park Service.          attended the Locksmith’s Convention in Los
   ,       The Kittredges came here from the Grand     Angeles recently and one event of the eve-
~!.ii   Canyon in ].941. Both were responsible for     ning was a lock-picking contest. After sand-
                                                       papering his fingertips down to his elbows,
  .:.~ ..successfully surmounting the many problems
        arising i~7 Yosemke during the war years,      Frank managed to cop second place. When
                                                       interviewed he stated that next year he.ex-
~!- and for their untiring efforts in Red Cross
::      and War Chest campaigns. Under leader-         pects to be champion and intends to keep in
:::     ship of Catherine Kith’edge, the womenof.      practice during the winter months.
"       the Valley madehundreds of articles for the       Should any local sleuths feel the urge to
.’      Red Cross,                                     capture Frank "in the act"~just remember
                                                       he is a former Olympic cycling champ and
           We shall ahvays remember Mr. Kittredge’s    holds the title of U. S. Cycling champfor the
 ..... tireless energy, not only for looking after the ]00 mile race. Who wants to chase a man
   -    comfort of every Park employee, but also for   for a hundred miles? And his top speed was
.... keeping h’iendly and helpful relationships        over 98 miles an hour. Quite a hunk of man.
’!,’:i! with people m surrounding communities
           Mr. Kittredge will be succeeded in Yosem-
        ite by Dr. Carl P. Russell who wrote in his               JOE McFLUKE CONTINUES
:~      revmed "100 Years in Yosemite"--"In all this
":~ varied experience with the scenic master-               "Sure did," he shouted, "and now I’m on
 ;:!:: pieces of the National Park System, Frank my wayto theConversation                     I’m
                                                                                       Club.. going
        Kittredge maintained ~ sincerity of purpose to read paper  a       entitled ’Congress Suffering
         in sa:fe-gua~di ffn~ the natural and historic
               ’       "                                 Cipherititis.’ It fully explains the Marshall
         values of the Parks."                           Plan. Instead of. a loan of $15,000,000,000,I’m
                                                         suggesting out" senators talk in terms of
                                                         cents say $7,2t44,434,333.22, making it more
                                                         easily ufiderstood by the common     man."
                         TO THE LADIES
                                                            "That would make much more sense to
            Wednesday, December l0 marks the open-       me," I marveled, particularly the 22."
         ing luncheon date of the No-Hostess Lunch-         Continuing on nay way, I chanced across
                                                         Richie Ouimet. "Howdo you like a Glumatic
         con series for 1!)47-8. All. Park ladies, and
         those wholive in El Portal, are cordially in- education?" I muttered,
         vited to take part in these interesting events.    "I’ve only had three shots," he pondered,
         If you do not care to partake of the luncheon   "but after explaining to dad how material
         with the group, try to attend the hour pro-     atoms are made of subatomic particles        of
         gram planned afterwards. Lunch is served        protons, electrons and neutrons and showing
                                                         him the bomb I’m making in the basement,
         at 12:45 at The Ahwahnee on December 10.
                                                         he hurt’iedly wired Dr. Tresidder, begging
            Miss Minette Stoddard. Merced County         nay immediate admittance to Stanford for
         Librarian will be our guest speaker at this     post graduate work."
         luncheon. Those who have heard her inter-          "You’d go up much faster at home," I pre-
         esting talks before are looking forward to her dicted, "especially if you finished the bomb."
         discussion on the latest books.                    Rushing back to the Sentinel office with
                                                          fewer ideas ior a story than England has
                                                          dollars, I l!ound Tim Berrey in the Editor’s
          STOP THE PRESS: A baby boy was just             chair and Billy Overton typing out my col-
         bor~ to the Munsons, 6 pounds and 14 ounces ulnn at a lively clip.
         and his name~Lars Bjenks Munson. Many                           in
                                                             Sittimg down Lola Petersolfs lap, I filled
          congratulations Sue for being so patient.       out an application for the Old Age Pension.
                                   THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                     Smile Again" as they are evicted from "B"
                                                     dorm and moved to "A," to make room for
    "Rosebud Radigan," the most unpredict-           1he married, folks who have housing prob-
able thing on wheels, is-now Marguerite’s                           M.
                                                     lems. Remember and H,, next year is Leap
most treasured possession, now that she is           Year--if you want your old room back!
learning to drive. So letting downmy hail’,                              $   $   $

I pen the following verse (or worse):                  The letter "S" fell off the menuboard the
               CLEAR THE TRACK                       other day and many guests were surprised
I’ve lately acquired an automobile,                  to find we were serving "liced Tomatoes. Just
    It’s vintage?--I’m not very certain,             wait until the Inspector gets hold of that one!
 For learning to drive, and still keep alive                                                 ~M.H.
    When   the cedars I’m just barely skirtin’
 Is a dangerous task for a damsel to try                  YOSEMITE RE-UNION PLANNED
    If the roads are inclined to be skiddy,             A recent letter from Bay Muldoonto Grace
 So I’m warning pedestrians--motorists       too--   Hobson informs us of plans ~or another Yo-
     Watch out [or a dark Irish biddy!               semite Re-Union. This is a wonderful oppor-
 Every morning at six I start out for work,          tunity to meet your old Yosemite friends and
     I’m beginning to do this much better,           talk over old times. The dinner party is to be
 But before I arrive at the fire engine house,       held at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley at
     I’ve flooded myold carburettor,                 7 p.m,, December14, Reservations and checks
  I’m not giving up ’till I master this thing,       should be mailed to Rader Crooks at the ho-
     My mistakes I am constantly checking,           tel not later than December10. The dinner,
  For who knows, I migl~t feel                        plus all taxes (and dancing if desired) will
     Like grabbing the wheel                          cometo $3.07 per plate.
  On the next moonlight night and go                    Itemelnber this date~December 14 at 7 at
     Necking!                                         the ClaremontI
  If your dinner check’s wrong
      And I charge you too much                                     OVERSEAS RELIEF
   For the noodles, or maybe the dressin’                About 600 pounds of clothing was shipped
      I was taking a look at a little red book-       to NewYork this week for use in needy Eu-
   "Howto Drive in One Easy Lesson,"                  ropean countries. Over forty dollars was sent
      I’ve improved quite a lot,                      to Church World Service as a result of thc
   For now when I drive                               special, collection in the local Church on the
       I aim for the Lodge :Kitchen door,             World Wide Communion Sunday. Many Yo-
   Then push in the clutch and throw out a gear       semite families have been sending food and
       Andskid to a stop at Camp4.                    clothing overseas ever since the need arose.
                                                          Th offering of the Thanksgiving Day Ser-
   Howard Doucette is scheduled to manage              vice at the Chapel will be sent overseas
 Badger Pass this winter. We’re anxmusto see           through Church World Service.
 bow he makes out with his tap dancing rout-                        Park Church Services
 ine on skis. With his new responsibilities, he        RomanCatholic Masses at 7’.30 and 8:30 in
 will have little time to keep up his guitar              the Old Village Chapel,
 practice. Weullderstand he locks himself in           Brief Service for Protestants, designed for
 a room one hour each day and devotes this                Cafeteria and Dining Room  workers, at the
 time to strumming and humming.                           Chapel each Sunday at 10:15 to 10:45 a,m.
                       $   $   $
                                                        Morning Worship at 11 a.m. This Sunday--
     Everyone has his favorite pastime, and               soloist, Katherine Parker. Sermon by Mr.
  Earl Pierson is courting his first love--horses          Glass, "The Cup of Thanksgiving". Hymns.
  --while vacationing at Bear Valley, His legs          Thanksgiving Day Service--10:30 to 11:45 at
  arc becoming quite bowed from riding the              the Chapel, Special Thanksgiving music and
  range, and he is so proud of his bewhiskered          Message,
   :face (last count--four long ones and two not
   so long).                                           LADIES! Our new beauty operator has ar-
     The Hackenyos sisters,  Mabel and Hazel           fl’om San Francisco--Margaret  McCaffrey.
   are chanting a new theme song--"I’ll never          Make your appointments now.
                                                           YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK

                                                        Published by Yosemite Park and Curry Co.
                                                               in the ~nterest of its employees
                                                                     and local residents.

     YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK                                                       6,
                                                                  SATURDAY,DECEMBER 1947

                MUSICTO USHER
     CANDLE-LIGHT           IN
       The stirring   Christmas cantata "Bethle-                    JINGLES BY JOE
     hem" by Maunder sung in a candlelight set-
     t!ng in the CampCurry dining room by the         With press time so close at hand it calls
     greatly augmented Yosemite choir will open    :for a little noodle juggling of gray matter
     the Christmas season in the Valley on Sun-    to transpose some of the local chatter from
     day, December]4 at 8 p.m.                     lips to prose~So
        Presenting this di.amatic cantata for the     Cy and Agnes Wright just returned from
                                                   vacation looking quite healthy and restedl
     first time on the Pacific Coast, the local sing-
     ers have been working enthusiastically       for Paul Snow and his "new car" have ¯also
     over a month on what promises to be an out-   returned to the Valley.
     standing musical event. Solos will be sung       Our hearts and flowers column missed the
     by Virginia Adams, Kit Parker and "Andy"      boat last edition, but ’tis never too late to
     Anderson with Dr. H. A. MacPherson of         mention a wedding. Mary Jane Thompson
     Berkeley, baritone soloist, and a tenor soloist
                                                   and Glenn Reese were united by Rev. Glass
     from Fresno also participating.      The accom-
                                                   in as neat a little weddin’as ever these hills
     panist will be Nancy Loncaric, playing a      did see. The reception (arrangements by
     Wurlitzcr electronic "pipe" organ obtained    Edna Berkland) was in "B" Dorm. The "get-
     for the occasion through the assistance of theaway" car was decorated but good, The horn
     Hockett & Cowan Music Store of Fresno.        hooked up to the bi’akes, rocks in the hub
     The rendition of the singing of this cantata  caps, tin cans, and bon ami galore. Even the
      will be recorded on a magnetic tape recorder Arch Rock checking station was tipped off,
     by Mr. Jack Arbuckle, sound engineer of       and the newlyweds had a rough time check-
      Fresno who will also operate the amplifier    ing out on their way to a three day honey-
      for the occasion. Donald Edward lVfcHenry,   moon in Monterey. They are’now making
      Park Naturalist, recently with the Washing-  their homein E1 Portal.
      ton (D.C.) Choral Society and the National       The "Hardtimes" Dance, sponsored by the
      Symphony   Orchestra is the musical director.American Legion was a whopping success,
      This will be a public performance.            thanks to Briney Wammack, who acted as
                                                   M.C. The costumes brought out hidden talent
           NEWS PROM THE HOSPITAL                   in many. Charley Morfoot of our ldtchen
                                                    took top honors in the men’s costume prizel
      ¯ Little Susane Buzzini, daughter of Mr. and while Jeannie Meredith (Reservation Dept.)
     Mrs. Lee Buzzini arrived in Yosemite on walked off with the ladies’ prize.
     November 23, weighing a mighty 6 ~ pounds.        As I close up shop for the day, my glance
       Nurse Helen Fisher recently joined Dr.       strays to the calendar~Hmmml Only ump-
     Sturm’s staff, to take the place of h’is Mc- teen more shopping days to Christmas. Well,
     Fadgen. Miss Fisher hails from Santa Moni- there goes those pennies, nickcls and S & H
     ca where she performed her duties.             Stamps. G’nite all l          --Joe Meredith

                                    THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                       Twice more Yosemite staged determined
                                                    marche.s, once for 50 yards and once for 55
    Published by Yosem"~te Park and Curry Co. yards, only to be stopped each time some 20
                  EDITORIAL STAFF                   yards from the goal. The second time Marl-..
                                                    posa, on taking possession of the ball, did
       Bob Robinson                Jean Cloward
                    "Dete" Oliver                   some marching of its own. Eighty yards they
                                Ralph Anderson      went in 8 plays, for the final score of the day:
       Ken English                                     Statistics were, of course, heavily in Mari-
       Joe Meredith                 Sonny Lewis
                                    Art Bauman      posa’s favor. Total yards gained from passes
       Florence Scribner                            and rushing showed 389 for Mariposa and
       Circulation’ Manager     Florence Morris
                                  Harold Ouimet     196 for Yosemite. Mariposa made 12 first
                                   Henry Berrey     downs to Yosemite’s 10, and completed 3 out
                                   Jack Greener     of 6 passes, while Yosemite completed one
       Associate Editor:
                                                    Out of 12.
                                                       The summary of the local season, now
        ;.MARIPOSA ROLLS A.GAIN~32-7!               closed, shows two gam.zs won and two lost,
       That pesky team h:om Mariposa seems de- which, after all, is not a record to be dis-
                                                    dained in these days of rough and tough
    termined to spoil the Yosemite Grammar
                                                    schedules. And there is always next year!
    School’s football season regularly each year.
    On Saturday, November 22, at the Mariposa The hard-working and capable staff, Head
    High School field, they did it again by win- Coach Sterling Cramer and his assistant,
                                                    Dick Ditton, will assure you the search for
i   ning the second game of this year’s homeand
    home series by the convincing score of 32-7. that victory over Mariposa goes on relent-
       Mariposa took a commanding lead in the       lessly.
                                                        The lineup for Yosemite follows:
    first quarter, scoring three touchdowns in
    quick succession. Elgin Rhoan, on the first     QB Castro,       RH~DePfyffer,    LH~Wilson,
                                                    FB~Johnson,        RE~Compton, RT~Adams,
    scrimmage play after receiving the opening
    kick-off, broke loose from mid-field and gal-   RG~Ernst, Hallock, Ouimet, C~Starr, LG--.
    loped all the way. After holding Yosemite Clark, Lamkin, LT~Murphy, LE~Estes.
    for.downs, a long pass. from mid-field again          Smml~ary by periods:
                                                                            ]       2 3 4 Total
    planted the ball in pay dirt, while the third
    score followed, immediately after the next Yosemite                     0        0 7 0 7
    exchange of ldcks, Mariposa marching fifty      Mariposa               20     0    6      6 32
    yards _to the end zone in seven plays.
       This had all the ear-marks of slaughter
    about it, but the Yosemite squad did not in-
    tend that it should continue. Their defense
    suddenly stiffened, and the second quarter
     was played on even terms, the ball moving
    up and down between the 20 yard lines with-
     out either team being able to push it across.
        Opening the second half, Yosemite rose to
     its highest pitch of the game. After receiving
     the kick-off on the 25 yard line and running
     it back to the 43, the locals marchedthe re-               LOST ARROW ACTIVITY
     maining 57 yards in 10 plays to a well-         SQUARE DANCE PRACTICE every Mon-
     earned touchdown. Carl Wilson plunged over day night, with Joe Liskey directing~it’s
     from one yard out for the only Yosemite         real fun !
     score of the day and followed with the con-        Mickie Poppler is our champion wieght
     version.                                        lifter,    while Vince Gionella, the 2nd, has
        Apparently needled by this uprising, Mari- made good progress m the sewing circle. He
     posa charged back into the game with gusto doesn’t even get crossed up on the cross
     after receiving the kick-off and sent Meline stitch!
     all the way for 60 yards and a spectacular      NOTICE: Square Dance at Camp Cm’ry
     touchdown, the longest run of the day.          dining room on Friday, December 5 at 8: 30.

                                            THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                                                                         ~’¢¢1u              ~,,.---   j
                   FROM    HERE    AND   THERE

            Arnos Neal, present.manager    of the San
          Francisco office willgo to the Los Angeles
          office soon to replace Dick Gibson who is on
          the very brink of returning   to duty in the
          Air Force. Out of the b].ue~ Dick was called
       " up for a fligl~t   physical, found sound and                     VILLAGE STORIES
          given time to get ready. Nell Lane will take          The last of the vacationers have returned.
          over the first position in San Francisco.          Jack and Nat report a very nice time in Los
                                                             Angeles. Pauline and Ray McKee spent an
              Mother Curry became a great grandmother        enjoyable    timein Sacramento and Merced.
           for the third time on October 14 when Mar.-       Ellie Smith was in Bakersfield       and Jeanne
           jorie   Curry Woods was born to Lt. Cmdr.         and Dee Cloward enjoyed a trip through Ne-
                                                             vada, Utah and back to Los Angeles.
           and ,Mrs. Mark W. Woods in Baltimore,      Md.
           The new arrival is known to her close friends        Ledna Fox tells    of an enjoyable time in
           as ’Jorie.’  ’Her mother, the former Marjorie     San Francisco. On the 24th of November she
           Williams, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.         celebrated    her birthday at the Balalaika.
           Robert Williams of Honolulu.                      Harold Mulle~" and Gladys Adams were pre-
                                                                Thanksgiving    Day, Roy Cavins and Har-
             A note received    recently   from Carl and      old Muller went to San Jose to visit their
           Peggy Forstman reveals that they now live          families.  Jen and Ralph Rainey went to San-
           in Forestville  on the Russian River Highway,      ta Monica to visit friends.
           where Carl is in the electrical     contracting      Vii’ginia Duke and Dolly Scott were tlie
           business. While here, Carl was an electrician      envy of all the girls having Thanksgiving
           with the.Company.     They will be happy to        Dinner at The Ahwahnee when they showed
           see any Valley people whose steps take them        up sporting beautiful     corsages donated by
           to Forestville.                                    Tom Moran and Art Binder.

                                                                             CHURCH ITEMS
                                                              NAVAJORELIEF~The special       offering    tak-
                                                              en at the Thanksgiving Service of the Park
                                 SCOUT CORNER
                                                              church, at the suggestion of the congrega-
                                                              tion, was sent to the Ganado Mission~in Ari-
                                                              zona for the relief of the Navajo Indians,
                                                              The offering           totaled    $58,09.       .
                 The Boy Scouts ’of local Troop 50, under     CHRISTMAS SERMON SERIES~During              the :
              leadership    of Scoutmaster    Mike Manahan,   next three Sundays, .the Rev, Alfred Glass, .’
                                                              of the Park Church will preach a series of
         ~:. were given an interesting      tour through the
        ..    Yosemite Power Houseby Homer Crider.          A sermons leading to the Christmas expert- .
       ’ ’.’: complete description of turbine output, capa-    ence’.
        ::    city, regulation and operation as well as the      December 7~"The World B,C."               ~.
                                                                              Soloist, Jean Cloward,
         ,.   purchase and sale of power through PG&E
                                                                             14~"An Expectant    World."
              brought many intelligent    questions from the
                                                                              Virginia Adams,
              boys. These tours of various educational
                                                                             21~"The New World."
              points of interest offer an incentive for fu-
          . ture vocations.                                      The sermons will be preached at the 11
                                                               o’clock hour at the Chapel. The singing of
                                                               Christmas carols wiil be part of each ser-
                      NOTICE TO CONTRIBUTORS
           i                                                   vice, The Brief service is held from 10:15 to
                 The Editorial staff’ would appreciate your
               checking the spelling   of proper names when 11:45 a.m.
          :’ sending in your little      blurbs,   This would     A Christmas Day Service will be held at
                                                               the Chapel from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m.
               save much resetting   of type. Thanks!

                                     THE YOSEMITE SENTINEL

                 N.P.S.   RAMBLINGS                   pleasant visit.
                                                         A1 Glass made an excellent presentation
         Carl P. Russell, Park Naturalist in Yo- speech on behalf of the entire community,
      semite from t923 to 1929 has returned to his    and gave the Kittredges a large framed col-
      earlier stamping grounds to become the Park ored picture of E1 Capitan, Mr. Kittredge’s
      Superintendent succeeding Frank A. Kitt-        favorite Yosemite landmark. In addition, a
      redge. Carl and Betty are well known to saddle leather "fortnighter" was given the
      many oldtimers of the Park, and they are        couple, and announcement was made that
      looking forward to making many new friends      lhey would receive "The’New World Sym-
      in the Yosemite community.                      phony" as another going-away present.
         Since leaving Yosemite in 1928 to become       Refreshments of ice cream, cake and coffee
      field: naturalist in charge of National Park were served in the dining room.
      museums, Carl Russell has had a wide ex-
      perience in the National Park Service, not        Don Berry, :NPS employee, and Mariana
      only in’interpretive activities, but in admin- Green, were married by the Rev. Alfred
     istration as well. In 1937 he becameRegional Glass at the Old Village Chapel on Armistice
     Director of Region 1 with headquarters at       Day. They plan to spend their’ Christmas
     Richmond, Va. and in 1939 was appointed         honeymoonin the east.
     chief naturalist in the office of the Director
     of National Parks.                                 Jerry Mernin, former district   ranger at
        A year prior to accepting his new position,  Wawona,left Yosemite early this week with
     he was appointed to the Chairmanship of the     his family for Ashville, North Carolina, to
     National Parks Committee within the Inter-      become Asst. Chief Ranger of Blue Ridge
     national Council of Museums,United Nations Parkway.
     Educational and Cultural Organization. His         Jerry started his NPScareer in Yosemite
     travels and studies in foreign countries facil- in ]929 as a temporary ranger. With the ex-
    .itated his work in organizing this committee ception of about two years during the war
     on a world-wide basis.                          when he was in the Navy, he spent most of
        Carl and Betty have a son Richard, a stu-    the years since 1929 in Yosemite.
     dent at the University of Michigan, who is         The Mernin family, Jerry, Emma, Lynn
     majoring in natural history. During the sum- and Gerald Jr. will be missed by their many
     mer Richard has worked on blister rust in friends whowish them every success in their
     Park areas.                                     new location.

       Amongthe many vacationists      going and      Glenn Gallison received his appointment
    coming these days are Ken and Ethel Ash-        as park ranger dated November 14.
    ley and Fred Martinschang who have just re-
    turned from a two week motor trip to see
    relatives   near Denver. Art and Dorothy             CHRISTMAS CAROLERS TO SING
    Holmes and little Anita spent several weeks       Howwould you like to liven up the Val-
    tomding Mexico where they visited Art’s         ley on Christmas morning by raising your
    brother, a mining man. George William was       voice in song? If that appeals to you, see
    a bit too young for such a jaunt, so was left   Dorothe Bailey who is directing the Carol-
    in San Diego.                                   ers. Rehearsals will be held every Saturday
                                                    from 3 to 5 p.m. and on Thursdays from 7:30
         The McIntyres are visiting relatives in    to 9 p.m. at Pohono Studio. The finale to the
    Seattle on their vacation. Gus and Ada East-    Christmas Morning singing will be break-
    man visited in San Luis Obispo.                 fast at The Ahwahnee!

       The Farewell Party for the Kittredges held     FORMER EMPLOYEES PLEASE NOTE
    at the Rangers Club last Saturday night, was       A number of former Yosemite Park and
    attended by more than 200 friends of the de-    Curry Co. employees have left personal be-
    parting superintendent and his family. The      longings in the Tecoya Dormitories. These
    party was in the form of an informal recep-     people are asked to have their things re-
    tion, with young and old from the Valley and    mo\’ed immediately or they will be disposed
    varmus outposts gathering together for a        Of,




      New Year


      JOIN                    THE YOSEMITE                                                   WINTER                               CLUB
                                                                                                           SURVEY BY EMPLOYEE GROUP                              "
                                                                                                        The recently    formed employee group, made
                                                                                                      up of foremen and unit managers for the
                                                                                                      purpose of presenting constructive criticism
                                                                                                      of company operations and to discuss prob-
                                                                                                      lems of mutual interest, felt that because of
                                                                                                      the sharp and continued rise in the cost of
                                                                                                      living, some study should be made of living
                                                                                                      costs both in Yosemite and outside areas.’
                                                                                                      With this in mind a committee of two was
                                                                                                      appointed to survey the selling price of like
                                                                                                      itemsin Yosemite in Fresno.          The sur-
                                                                                                      veyincluded onlyfoodstuffs, other   but
                                                                                                      merchandise,           and
                                                                                                                     laundry cleaning     services,
                                                                                                      andhousing             The
                                                                                                                    rentals. survey     brought  out
                                                                                                      some  veryinteresting          and
                                                                                                                              figures shows    that
                                                                                                      Yosemite              by
                                                                                                                residents, taking     advantage   of
                                                                                                     scrip,                  on
                                                                                                              can purchase equalfooting        with
                                                                                                     those   doing their           at
                                                                                                                         marketing Black’s,   Safe-
                                                                                                     way,andether      similar       in
                                                                                                                               stores Fresno.    The
                                                                                                     survey   alsoshowed                and
                                                                                                                           thatlaundry clean,
                                                                                                     ing prices muchlowerin Yosemite           than
                                                                                                     in Fresno.
                                                                                                        It was found that, relative to housing,
                                                                                                     where direct comparisons were possible, out-
                                                                                                     side rentals are conservatively double those
                                                                                                     in Yosemite.
                                                                                                        Those interested in actual figures are in-
                 AHWAHNEE NEWS                        mann’s new red dress should be hung on         vited to stop at the office of the Village
                                                      any Christmas Tree! Ted Rider received an      Store where the results of this survey are
         The Ahwahnee seems like Earl Carroll’s                                                      now available.
                                                      early present on his forehead at the skating
      with everything but revolving stages these
      last few hectic days before Christmas. Dick rink. Oh. well, Ted, it will heal into a glam-
      Conn+.tt’s office is like Central Casting what orous Heidelberg dueling scar.                                                                   .L
      with fitting the Jester, (Bill Barone would       Superlativesmthe brilliant slding sweaters                       NOTICE
i     make a good one), fitting appointments for of Ed Mahaffey~the SIZE of the Yule Log--
      costumes, greasepaint to be exhumed,, vigil    and the hundreds of dollars it cost Ted Gog-       The Yosemite Credit Union office is now
      lights on the mezzanine and the Wassail        olewsld to ship that big red box of cones to    located in the west end of the Post Office
      Bowl to find. Randomimpressionsmthe ham- his mother in the East. But Ted says it was           Building in Government Center. George
      mering from Hugh Merritt’s upholstering        worth it. Wayne Phillips and Dorothe Web-       Bailey, Treasurer, has announced that his
     shop in the basement--the platforms behind ster gilded cones that are the talk of the           office hours will be from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday
     the great tapestry in the Dining Room--the dorms.                                               through Friday.
     walnut pulpit just installed in Bracebridge        Well, we’ve just time to wrap a few more
     Hall.                                           neckties for Uncle and Pop. Poor Pop, he will
         Charles Mills and Dave Duran think it       have enough ties to lower himself from a
     would be a good idea to install a Christmas burningbuilding by this Christmas! And we              AHWAHNEE SWEET SHOP HOURS
     tree in the elevator! And Bob Robinson’s        hope you get those pink satin waterwings           The Ahwahnee Sweet Shop, now serving
     little trees in the Sidehall trimmed in pink trimmed in black ostrich tips you’ve always        grilled sandwiches, hot sundaes, and refresh-
     pork chop pants! And Bertha Sarver with wanted this year--fond reader. Personally,              merits is open 2 to t 1 p.m. daily.
     her crew of Mrs. Russell Eddy, Espert Sugg, we’re plumping for a set of monogrammed
     Dale Devine, Jack Ferrell,     Cy Wright and marshmallow forks. A Merrie Christmas
     "Berry Picker" Bob Mills have done a beau- to all from all of us at The Ahwahnee.
     tiful job with cones and candles, boughs and
     berries. Chef Pierson’s just-posted Brace-
     bridge menu--such exciting dishes as Pea-
                                                                  CHURCH SERVICES
     cock Pie, the Baron of Beef, the Plum Pud-
     ding and the Boar’s Head thereon. Wethink       RO]VfAN   CATHOLIC.   The Old Village Chap-
     Frank Bailey’s cheeks should be used instead    el. Midnight Mass on Christmas Morning,
     of an apple in the boar’s mouth! And like       Christmas Day Mass at 8’.30 a.m.
     gray-tailed squirrels,    Minerva Beardsley,    Confession--Christmas Eve from 7 to 9.
    Mary Raw]ins and Georgia Houser run a-           Sunday, December 28 Masses at 7:30 and
    round with their cheeks full of nuts and with      8:30 a,m.
    hats full of names to choose for the Christ-     NewYear’s Day Masses at 7:30 and 8:30.
    mas Party. And the special news that Santa                                                          LOST ARROW CHRISTMAS PARTY
    Claus will be there and arrive by plane from PROTESTANT.        The Old Village Chapel.
    the East! The newly-organized "Longhairs"        Christmas Day Service. 10:30 to 11:45 a.m.                For Teen-Age Employees
                                                       Soloist, Katherine Parker. Christmas Ser-        For employees who haven’t reached the
    music club with lots of plans for a symplmn-
                                                       mon. Singing of Carols.                       grizzled age of 21, a Christmas Eve Par-
    ic winter with "Migraine" Mills at the re-
                                                                                                     ty will be held at the Lost Arrow, according
    cord player. And B.J. and Victor Lipmeyer, Sunday, December 28. Sermon by the Minis-
                                                       ter, "The Possibility of the hnpossible."     to the Arrow’s Billingsley, Miss B. It will be
    now legally an entity won’t be able to buy
                                                                                                     a jolly affair, complete with appropriate
    that station wagon this Xmas! Louise Buck- Brief Service cacti Sunday at 1015 to 10:45.
                                                                                                     Christmas activities.
    AND ENJOY ITS                                                                               VARIOUS ACTIVITIES
                  i[’t{~ul, ~l’ll I ........ t ~..?~          :l

               ~llllllhlhl    ~hl LL~I,I’L([II         tt[I LIII|IN

                  VILLAGE STOI~IES
         Comesnow and ice, Christmas and skiing
     --the gang at the Village Emporium is all
     ready for locals ¯ and guests, Pauline, always
     the busy clerk, is dividing her time between
     helping the customer who haste have a pre-
     sent for her Uncle Henry, whomshe hasn’t
     seen for years, and the one who croft find
     ski pants that are long enough.
        Evelyn and Ellie are busy selling and re-
     placing curios and trying to watch the pho-
     nograph so that "It Might as Well be Spring"
     won’t play me:re than three times in a row.
     Ralph is trying to convince his customers
     that they should have ordered their turkey
    .early and Pop Danley is busy telling all the
     little kids about Santa Claus.
        Jeanne and Gen have set up a gift wrap-
     ping counter amidst the bundles of laundry.
    Mr. Brownand Jack Ring are trying to figure
     out a way to getall done that must be done                                             .........
                                                                                                    ............ .........................................
                                                                           L:’::,~..:.:....~:.;...:.:         :.H..I                               .............
    before Christmas.
        Attention! The Store will be closed on                            NATIONAL PARK SERVICE NEWS                                                               ley. Miss Esther Franldan, Fresno, assisted
     Christmas Day, The Village Grill will also                                                                                                                    by Nancy Loncaric, played the electronic or-
                                                                         Harry B. Robinson, Asst. Park Naturalist                                                  gan.
     be closed, but will be open on NewYear’s
                                                                      in Yosemitesince April 1, 1947, left the Park                                                   Under the leadership of Anne Adams the
    Eve from 12 midnight to 2 a.m. for their an-
                                                                      this week. Robby has been detailed to the                                                    local Gh’l Scouts took the part of the a-ng~
    nual NewYear’s breakfast.
                                                                      Region TwoOffice of the National Park Ser.-                                                  chorus which sang in the back of the hall.
        Briney Wammack   from the shoe shop will
                                                                      vice as Acting Regional Museum Prepara-                                                      The local Boy Scouts of Yosemite Troop 50
    be gone till the middle of January. He and
                                                                      tor until July 1, after which he maypossibly                                                 did their good turn, too, by acting as ushers.
    Helen and granddaughter have left to spend
                                                                      accept the position on a permanent basis. He                                                    Following the program, the choir and fam-
    the holidays with his family in the middle                        will spend one month in Washington, D.C. at
    west.                                                             the MuseumLaboratory to become acquaint-                                                     ilies were entertained at the Rangers’ Club
        The members of S-9, S-12, Spoon and the                       ed with the present status of museumtech-                                                    by Helen Glass and Bona May McHenry. At
    Store all join with the Sentinel Staff to wish                    nique. Millie and young son George will go                                                   this get-to-gether the group heard record-
    all a very Merry Christmas and the happi-                                                                                                                      ings of part of the program made by Jack
                                                                      with him to his homein Missom’i for Christ-
    est of NewYears.                                                  mas. The Robinsons will be missed by their                                                   Arbuckle, sound engineer who did so much
        Martha! Have you had your air today?                                                                                                                       toward making the sound effects of the pro-
                                                                      friends in Yosemite.
                                                                                                                                                                   gram a success.
                                                     One of the most effective Christmas pro-
                                                  grams ever presented in Yosemite was held       l~uby Thomas suffered an injury to her
                                                  in the Camp Curry dining room on Sunday knee while skating recently, and is having
                                                  night, December14, under the leadership of to spend some time in the hospital. Too bad,
                                                  A1 Glass, minister, and Donald Edward Mc- Ruby. Hurry up and get well!
                                                  Henry, choir director. A1 and Macdid a mag-                     *   * $
                                                  nificent job of assembling local talent, an
           SANTA CLAUS IS COMING!                                                                  The local Girl Scouts made the rounds of
                                                  electronic organ from Fresno, and enough
      We’ve received word from the North Pole outside soloists to round out a beautiful pro- residences late Wednesday afternoon sing-
    that Santa Claus was making a stop at the     gram.                                        ing Christmas carols under the leadership of
    Camp Curry Dining Roomat 7:45 Christmas                                                    Dete Oliver and Helen Glass. Following the
    Eve to. distribute gifts and candy to all the    As a result of crowded conditions in the  carol singing they all went to the Lodge for
    children of local residents.        Only GOOD chapel at Christmas programs in the past, it dinner where a special table had been re-
    children, of course.                          was decided to have this year’s performance
                                                                                               served for them, and where each received a
      All parents of such children and other lo-  in the Camp Curry dining room. The open box of homemade candy from Dete and Hel-
                                                  log fire in the fireplace added to the charm :cn,
D   cal residents are invited to attend.
       (Attention--Oscar Sedergren. The office of of the scene. The program started with the
                                                  lighting of many candles along the sides of
    The Sentinel is not headquarters for Santa
    Claus).                                       the hall by Joan Wosky and Frances Free-        New Arrival. This Sentinel was printed
                                                                      1Tlan.                                                                                       on the Greener’s early Christmas present~
    WANTED’. pair skis, 6’3" to 6’6". See                               A Christrnas cantata consisting of three                                                   a new, high-speed Miehle Vertical printing
    Ranger Ashley at Arch Rock.                                       parts included solos by Virginia Adams, Kit                                                  press that went into production last Friday.
    FORSALE:One pr. girls white figure skates                         Parker and Andy Anderson all of Yosemite,                                                    It replaces the old press that ground out the
    size 3, Wilson Bros. make, in excellent con-                      and Edwin Hughes, tenor from Fresno, and                                                     news of the Valley and endless other mis-
    dition. Call 138J.                                                Dr. H. A. MacPherson, baritone from Berke-                                                   cellany for a score of years.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .. ,~[
             YOSEMITE RE-UNION                                    MISCELLANEOUS                               YOSEMITE WINTER CLUB
                                                                                                               MEMBERSHIP GROWS
   Florence Scribner,    formerly of Glacier         For men only--Robert   McConnell, tonsorial
Point, now of Oakland, writes that the re-           specialist  at The Ahwahnee, says that the          The Yosemite Winter Club, once the spark~.
union of former Yosemite employees held at           Old Village barber shop isn’t the only barber    behind many splendid winter sports activi-
the Claremont Hotel on December 14 was a             shop in the Valley. Barber McConnell has         ties,   is being renewed and its membership
rousing success. The highlight ol; the evening,      his razors, shears and clippers ready for all    increased.    A full program is planned that
and a charming gesture on the part of host           cflnlOl’S.                                       will include ski dances at The Ahwahnee as
Rader Crooks, was the beautiful       birthday                                                        well as skiing events at Badger Pass. Be-
cake ablaze with candles and sparklers,     pre-       Radio Repairman Gillette    reports that he    sides ski tests and a chance to compete in
sented to Mrs. Eske, of San Jose.                    is always in his trailer   at Camp 4 from 5 to   local inl;ormal races, the Winter Club offers
                                                     6 p.m. and after 7 p.m. His Box No. is 282.      a subscription to the California Ski Associa-
   Among the seventy persons present were:                                                            lion official    weekly paper THE SKIER, and,
Bill and Mrs. Lally, Walter and Rose Lintott,            Fight Movies I-lere, Newsreel motion pie-    after the season, a copy of the Winter Club
Bill and Dorothy Jonas,        Leo and Hermia        tures of the controversial     Louis-Wolcott     year book. Memberships are available at the
Eldred, Peler and Barbara Kat, Jack ancl             fight will be shown at the Old Village Pav-      Y.T.S. agent’s      desk at The Ahwahnee and
Lucille    Simpson, Hessie,     Betty and Max        ilion on the night of Tuesday, January 6 in      Yosemite Lodge.
Hell’man,     Jack and Bay Muldobn, Johm~y           addition to the regular feature which is "The
and Marian Quartarola,       Ray and Lois Sam-       Arnelo Affair."
ple, the Don Campbells, the Bill Lintotts,                                                            CONSER, Va.TION OF ELECTRIC POWER
the Rader Crooks, Martha Raffensperger,                 Elsie Schoen, Traffic, became Mrs. Thorn-        At this time o1’ the year, demands on the
Ray I-Iincl¢ley,   Bill 13irchenall, Bob Brant-      ton W. Elliot recently, After a week of ski-     Valley electrical   system are extraordinarily
Icy, Florence Scribner, lPloris Eske and her                                                          heavy and frequently there is a considerable
                                                     ing at Alta, they took tip residence in a cozy
daughter Jeannie.                                                                                     overload on the sub-station transformers.~ ....
                                                     trailer in Camp6,
   It was interesling     to observe that, out of                                                        gmpl%,ees and residenls are asked to turn
the entire gatlaering,       the Lallys were the        Something has been added ~ The "Elsie,        off all electric lights and heaters when not
onl:,,, family, eonn,,ci,,d wiih the c’,_o...pana.   the Cow"butter pat:; at the Cal’eleria.          in use and not needed.

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