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Electronic Cash Registers Manufacturing in South Eastern Europe by jennyyingdi

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MARCH                                             /2012
                                                                 ISSN 1312-0670

                  Electronic Cash Registers
                          Manufacturing in
                      South-Eastern Europe

        Machine-Building Sector in Bulgaria
        Power generation investment projects in Serbia

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           Mr. Nenad Micic, manager of ICM Electronics, Serbia for South-East European
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    21     IFC Invests in Enso Hydro to Boost Albania's Power Generating
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    22     Renewable Energy Projects In Croatia
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    25     Implementation of continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) in            Anna Nikolova
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4   south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET
south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET   5
             Italy's Balkan Investments:
               The Four Major Sectors
  Many Italian corporations have recently taken       medium-sized companies, located in Vukovar            ENI to create a joint-venture with local oil com-
advantage of this state of affairs, moving part       and Sremska Mitrovica. In the Danubian town           pany INA, named INAgip; current production
(or all) of their production into Yugoslav suc-       Adriatic Dunav, mostly financed by the com-           exceeds 5 million cubic meters.
cessor states (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo), all       pany Adriatica S.p.a. from Rovigo, is active in         In a joint venture with INA, Edison (the fifth-
of which have very sound relations with Rome.         the market of fertilizers: the total amount           largest energy company in Italy, active in elec-
Market penetration in Croatia, Bosnia-Herze-          reached 18 million euros, with more than 200          tricity and natural gas) created ED-INA for re-
govina and Slovenia is more difficult because         employers working in an ultra-modern factory          search and production of hydro-carbons in the
of German and Austrian prominence, though             with a low impact on the environment; in              Adriatic. In 2010 Edison funded an explorato-
some economic hubs are emerging around Ital-          Vojvodina, the STG group last year opened a           ry investment of 25 million euros and spent
ian companies or merchant banks.                      foundry in Sremska Mitrovica to produce iron          about 110 million euros for developing infra-
  Generally speaking, Italian investments in the      bars for building trade, with an investment of        structures on the new "Isabella" oil field. The
Balkans have been made in four principal ar-          near 35 million euros.                                rig started production in 2010 and will furnish
eass, in which operate major investors: finance,                                                            an estimated total production for 2011 of 200
the automotive industry, general distribution         Clothing and Trade                                    million euros.
and the energy sector. The financial one is un-         A more active Italian sector in general distribu-     In Serbia, as well, SECI Energie SPA signed
derstandably the leading area of Italian invest-      tion is clothing production and trade, with some      an agreement with Elektroprivreda Srbije to cre-
ments in any Balkan country; in particular, the       well-known international brands moving factories      ate a joint company named Ibarske Hidroelek-
major Italian banks Unicredit and Intesa-San          and productions into Serbia and Croatia: above        trane, with a 51%share for the Italian company.
Paolo have opened since the 1990s bases and           all, Calzedonia, whose investments in Croatia         This investment (about 285 million euros) pro-
affiliates in new capitols and major towns.           (Cakovec and Varazdin) amount to about 100            vides for the construction of hydro-electric power
                                                      million euros, and directly employing 1,300 work-     plants on the River Ibar.
Automotive and                                        ers and boosting a growing satellite industry. This     Energy production represents the main sector
Industrial Production                                 company also owns a 700-employee factory in           of Italian investments in Montenegro, as a con-
  Outside of the financial sector, the Italian        Sombor in Serbia's Backa region (about 16 mil-        sequence of the wide operation of recapitaliza-
business presence in Balkan states tends to           lion euros invested).                                 tion and partial privatization of the EPCG (Elek-
vary in relation to the disposal of raw materi-         Benetton also has a long history of investments     toprivreda Crne Gore) led by the government. In
als, energetic sources and level of government        in Croatia: since 2001, when the first manufac-       this scenario, the Italian Group A2A from Brescia
commitment in attracting foreign capitals and         turing plant was established in Osijek, Benetton      became a pivotal strategic partner of the Dinaric
companies. Broader investment has been al-            Croatia has evolved to become one of the big-         Republic, buying 43.7% of the capital, for a total
located in Serbia by FIAT, Italy's biggest auto-      gest local industries, with 500 internal workers      amount of 436 million euros. This agreement,
motive firm, bent on delocalizing in the former       and more than 3,000 in cooperating firms. The         thoroughly supported by the Italian government,
Zastava industries of Kragujevac, by means            total amount of the investments has been ap-          led Italy to became the principal foreign investor
of a joint-venture (two-thirds, one-third) with       proximately 16 million euros (5.2 in 2000, 7.7 in     in Montenegro in 2010.
the Serbian state.                                    2001 and 3.1 million in 2006). In September             A second Italian energy company, Terna rete
  The total amount of the investments exceeds         2010, Benetton inaugurated its Serbian branch:        elettrica s.p.a. (controlled by the Ministry of Econ-
700 million euros, and will grow in the next          current projects define a future investment of 50     omy through the state bank Cassa Depositi e
years with the launch of the new Minivan L0,          million euros for a new factory in Nis, which will    Prestiti) acquired a 22.09% minority stake of
entirely produced in Serbia. According to the         employ about 2,700 people.                            CGES (Montenegrin energy distribution society)
official project, the production will start at the      Two more important investors in the clothing        on November 23, 2010. The entrance of Terna
end of this year and - according to FIAT man-         production industry are Pompea, with some 300         into the state-controlled company is the first step
ager Marchionne's declarations - will in 2012         employees in Zrenjanin and Brus, and Geox             in the project for the laying of a power line be-
have resulted in 200,000 finished cars.               (third-largest footwear producer in the world)        tween Italy and Montenegro, which will run for
  However, the FIAT-Zastava operation is not          which is investing 8 million euros in a new manu-     415 km, 390km of this total being under the Adri-
the only field of Italian investments in Kraguje-     facturing plant in Pirot, southeastern Serbia.        atic Sea. The total investment by Terna will
vac. Magneti Marelli - an automotive compo-                                                                 amount to 720 million euros.
nents industry controlled by FIAT - signed in         Energy                                                  Besides these high-profile investments made
May 2010 a new agreement with the Serbian               The fourth area of Italian investments in the       in recent years. many smaller Italian companies
government for the construction of a factory,         Balkans is energy production and supply, in           have opened subsidiary bases or factories in Bal-
with a capital expenditure of 60 million euros        particular in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.         kan states, favored by the development of deep-
and the likelihood of granting 400 new jobs.          Concerning the first country, ENI (Ente nazion-       er economic relations between these countries
Also, in July 2010 the Italian company Dytech         ale idrocarburi, the largest Italian state-con-       and national or international institution and orga-
(a producer of fluid-conducting tubes) started        trolled industry) has worked with the Croatian        nization. This tendency is likely to continue in the
the construction of a new factory in Nis, with an     government since 1996 for the modernization           coming years- unless, of course, the entire Ital-
overall investment of about 13.3 million euros.       of infrastructures and for the construction of a      ian economic system is not jeopardized by the
  In the field of industrial production, greenfield   pipeline between the Adriatic gas rig Ivana and       Eurozone financial crisis first.
investments have been made by two Italian             the town of Pola, in Istria. This experience led      Source:

6    south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET
     MAPS dramatically reduces your engineering effort and
          costs throughout the life cycle of the plant
Engineers looking to develop and deliver integrated SCADA systems, and then operate and maintain
     those systems over a lifetime that could see many ongoing alterations and upgrades, will
understand the difficulties of maintaining consistency and integrity. But users of Mitsubishi Electric
  PLCs and Adroit Technologies SCADA packages have a solution in the form of Mitsubishi Adroit
                                        Process Suite (MAPS).
   Designed to offer a fully integrated design, engi-                                                                         MAPS provides a wizard that can be used to generate
neering and management tool, MAPS can signifi-                                                                               PLC and SCADA projects automatically, saving a significant
                                                                                                                             amount of time during the engineering and configuration
cantly reduce automation system lifecycle engineer-                                                                          phases. It also ensures a structured system design and
ing effort and costs, offering savings of up to 50%. It                                                                      makes routine lifecycle system maintenance much easier.
delivers tightly integrated SCADA and PLC solutions
built around pre-configured and tested engineering
libraries, builds in a full suite of diagnostics and main-
tenance tools, and integrates full document manage-
ment capabilities that help users to maintain 'as built'
quality documentation throughout the lifecycle of the
plant. MAPS adds value throughout all the phases of
the automation system project, from process design
to engineering, development of the control systems,            MAPS provides a streamlined lifecycle approach for com-
                                                             plex plants that drives down costs and boosts productivity.
installation, commissioning, start-up and acceptance         The program has unrivalled openness, features scalability
testing, all the way through to operations, mainte-          and extensibility and delivers tight integration with Mitsub-
nance, repairs and ongoing upgrades. It supports             ishi Electric PLC-based automation systems.
consistency and integrity right across the automation
                                                                                                                               APS supports consistency and integrity right across the
system, and improves quality while reducing cost.                                                                            automation system throughout its lifecycle, from process de-
MAPS is a step change in the way a complex plant is                                                                          sign and engineering through installation and commission-
designed, installed and maintained, with a stream-                                                                           ing to maintenance and set-up.
lined approach that drives down costs and boosts
productivity. It builds on Adroit's object-oriented SCA-                                                                     About Adroit Technologies
DA software that provides unrivalled openness, fea-                                                                            Adroit Technologies has been developing indus-
tures scalability and extensibility and delivers tight                                                                       trial real-time software since 1983. With over
integration with Mitsubishi Electric PLC-based auto-                                                                         15,000 seats in over 15 different countries, its prod-
mation systems, while addressing the shortcomings                                                                            ucts can be found in almost every industry. The
of traditional integration tools which fail to maintain                                                                      company focuses on delivering 'Solutions Focused
system integrity as the project evolves.                                                                                     SCADA Software' and has three principal products:
   The MAPS methodology allows automation sys-                                                                               SCADA, Alarm Management and Analysis soft-
                                                               Designed to offer a fully integrated design, engineering      ware, and SCADA Intelligence. These solutions are
tems to be built around pre-configured and tested            and management tool, MAPS can significantly reduce auto-
                                                                                                                             designed to work together to offer easy-to-use data
engineering libraries of PLC function blocks and             mation system lifecycle engineering effort and costs, offer-
                                                             ing savings of up to 25%. (Details you will find in the sepa-   acquisition, visualisation and the associated pro-
associated SCADA graphics. This standarized ap-
                                                             rate document "background information.)                         ductivity tools that allow customers to drive up pro-
proach to projects reduces engineering time and
                                                                                                                             ductivity through improved process insight.
effort throughout all the phases of development,                                                                             Further information:
delivery and operations. The wizard based ap-
proach to project development allows cost reduc-
tions of between 30% and 50% to be achieved by
                                                                                                                             About Mitsubishi Electric
                                                                                                                               With 90 years of experience in providing reliable,
reducing the time spent on development and con-
                                                                                                                             high-quality products to both corporate clients and
figuration. MAPS also provides integrated diagnos-
                                                                                                                             general consumers all over the world, Mitsubishi
tics and maintenance tools that significantly boost
                                                                                                                             Electric Corporation (TSE: 6503 / ISIN
system availability.
                                                                                                                             JP3902400005) is a recognized world leader in the
   Where different engineers, different project teams
                                                                                                                             manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and
or even different companies are involved in the
                                                                                                                             electronic equipment used in information process-
project across its full lifecycle, MAPS helps to en-
                                                                                                                             ing and communications, space development and
sure that optimum efficiency of the automation sys-            MAPS provides a structured lifecycle engineering ap-          satellite communications, consumer electronics, in-
tem is maintained - from the design phases to the            proach in process applications using Mitsubishi Electric
                                                                                                                             dustrial technology, as well as in products for the
ongoing operations phase which will often see the            PLCs along with SCADA solutions from the market leader in
                                                             South Africa, Adroit Technologies.                              energy sector, water and waste water, transporta-
system evolve beyond its initial specification - by                                                                          tion and building equipment.
providing an integrated document management so-                                                                              * Exchange rate: 125,93 Yen = 1 Euro as of
lution that maintains 'as built' quality documenta-                                                                          31.3.2010 European Central Bank
tion. The system reflects up-to-date configuration
information, and ensures that with every change in
the design the project databases and documenta-
tion are synchronized. MAPS also offers the ability
to centrally back-up a project.
   MAPS is a further example of how Mitsubishi
Electric's e-F@ctory Alliance is providing custom-
ers with enhanced solutions built around its own                                                                             Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
                                                                                                                             Factory Automation European Business Group
core product technologies combined with the mar-                                                                   
ket leading technologies of partner companies.                                                                     

                                                                                                                              south-east european INDUSTRIAL      MARKET             7
    The weakest link in wireless access control
Vivien Delport, Cristian Toma, Microchip Technology.

  One wireless security solution simply does not fit all applications and various factors
need to be balanced, if designers are to find a system that offers adequate protection at
an affordable cost. The latest microcontrollers, featuring advanced security encryption
algorithms, on-chip RF communication or low-power technology, together with dedicat-
ed RF ICs, can help designers to easily develop a complete, secure wireless system
that offers the right balance of cost, size and functionality.
  No wireless access-control device is unbreakable. It only takes time and money for
crypto-attackers to find a way to break the device and read the protected information.
By using a system-level approach to security, designers can develop a powerful arsenal
with which to protect wireless access-control devices. Security is a system-wide issue
and it is crucial for designers to consider the security of the mobile/transmitter and the
base/receiver section of their design, as well as potential weaknesses in their hardware.

Security algorithms
   Unless the designer is totally familiar with different types of potential crypto-attacks
such as plaintext, side-channel, differential crypto-analysis, meet-in-the-middle and slide
attacks, choosing a security algorithm can be a difficult decision. Using a public algo-
rithm such as the Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption provides an encryption             ler supplier to understand which devices incorporate the latest tamper-proof circuitry to
key of 56 bits, whilst the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) can use either 128- or           protect the information stored inside the device.
256-bit keys. Designers may also choose to use a proprietary algorithm such as Micro-
chip's KEELOQî technology, which combines a strong cryptographic algorithm with                RF parameters
code-hopping technology. Code-hopping, or rolling code, provides an additional level of
                                                                                                 The frequency used will depend mainly upon the application and regulations. For
security by changing the cipher message each time it is transmitted to prevent the re-
                                                                                               example, in the US, the Instrumental, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands are 315 MHz
use of previously transmitted messages.
                                                                                               and 915 MHz. whilst in Europe, the ISM bands are 433 MHz and 868MHz. The distance
   Unfortunately, higher security often means higher cost: The stronger the algorithm
                                                                                               covered by the radio link is also subject to guidelines. A typical RKE application requires
have more complex calculations and therefore need larger software memory. This typi-
                                                                                               at least 20 meters and there can sometimes be a maximum distance requirement. In
cally requires a more expensive microcontroller which adds to the overall cost of the
                                                                                               Japan, for example, the maximum covered range is just 5 meters due to stronger RF
security solution and its complexity. Stronger algorithms also typically result in longer
                                                                                               regulations. One of the most common mistakes is to focus on the maximum transmitter
crypto messages that need to be transmitted. This will add longer time delays and also
                                                                                               range and forget that the transmitter and receiver are equally important. Good antenna
increase the power consumption when sending the radio packet over the air, because
                                                                                               design can significantly improve the reception from a weak transmitter.
the packet takes more time to send. Longer data transmission is not always desirable
                                                                                                 The RF-modulation scheme and data rate also have a big impact on the reliability of
and can negatively influence the field acceptance of the product.
                                                                                               the radio link. Frequency-modulated radio links are typically less subject to noise. How-
                                                                                               ever, such techniques add cost. A more advanced radio link adds cost both to the
Hiding the key                                                                                 remote unit and to the the receiver. However, with today's advancements in integrated
   Effective key management is as important as the choice of security algorithm. Kerck-        RF transmitters, receivers and transceivers, these devices can be in the same price
hoff's Principle states that "a security system should not rely on the security algorithm      range as low-cost hybrid RF modules.
being secret but, rather, on the key being secret." It is always safest to assume that both
the encrypted message and the algorithm will eventually be known to the public, even if        Managing cost
it is a proprietary algorithm. System security should, therefore, never rely solely on the       Designers must fully understand what they are trying to protect and then decide on
algorithm being secret, but also consider how the security encryption keys will be gen-        which security solution to use, and this will affect total system cost in a number of ways.
erated, exchanged, stored, safeguarded, used and replaced throughout the system to             Using a microcontroller-based solution, instead of an ASIC-based design, adds flexibili-
decipher or unscramble encrypted messages.                                                     ty. Microcontrollers allow designers to make changes simply by altering the software.
   A critical element of any key-management scheme is that not all devices use the             This is also true if minor code changes are needed to support multiple countries' regula-
same secret key. This helps to increase overall system security, so that if a single           tions, using the same hardware design.
mobile unit is compromised, it does not compromise the entire security system. The
easiest way to implement this is to give each mobile unit its own unique secret code or
encryption key. One method often used to accomplish this is to serialise each unit with a      Microcontroller selection
unique number, and then base the calculation of the unique encryption keys on this               The latest microcontrollers allow easier development of wireless products while offer-
serial number and a master manufacturer's code. A receiver unit that needs to support          ing a high level of security through the use of software blocks that support most of the
multiple mobile units at the same time can then easily use the serial number to derive         encryption algorithms in a high-level language, such as C. This significantly simplifies
the encryption key needed to decipher information transmitted from that specific mobile        the development of a secure wireless application, which can easily be tailored to the
device. Mobile-unit serialisation is typically carried out at time of production, either by    rapidly changing consumer markets.
pre-programming the embedded microcontroller with this information before placing it             Some microcontrollers can reduce design complexity by integrating on-board wire-
on the printed circuit board, or by using an In-Circuit Serial Programming interface           less peripherals. Microchip's rfPICÙ microcontrollers, for example, integrate UHF
(ICSP) to programme the microcontroller after board assembly.                                  wireless transmitters for low-power RF applications, whilst supporting space-con-
   Another good way of protecting system security is to make regular changes rather than       strained applications with a small package outline and a low external component
keeping the same security solution with the exact same security key information for pro-       count. Other microcontrollers, such as PICî microcontrollers with eXtreme Low Pow-
longed time periods. Make changes to either the key-management scheme, the master-             er (XLP) technology, are optimised for low-power applications. The XLP PICî devic-
encryption code used to derive the unique encryption keys for each mobile unit, or even        es feature sleep currents down to 20 nA and provide compatibility with a dedicated
migrate to next-generation security algorithms as they become available. The downside to       RF modules for IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) or IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) as well as transceiv-
change is the loss of backward compatibility but this is a design trade-off that system        ers and receivers for ISM-band applications.
designers need to evaluate. In these types of designs, an embedded microcontroller
makes it easier to implement on-the-fly changes, without the need for a complete re-           RF components
design and allowing the same hardware design to be used for different products.                  Another significant industry advancement that allows shorter time-to-market is a wide
                                                                                               selection of integrated RF transmitters receivers, or transceivers. These devices help to
Hardware security                                                                              reduce the complexity of RF design by integrating most of the RF circuitry needed into a
  Attacks on security systems go well beyond analysing the data and trying to perform          single chip. The next-generation RF ICs only need a few basic external components to
mathematical attacks on the security system, they also include analysing the applica-          enable the full implementation of a high-performance RF wireless implementation.
tion circuit to see if hardware tampering allows access to the secured system. If the          These devices also typically have an SPI-type interface for an easy connection to a
receiver's output simply pulls a digital line high to activate a relay that presents an easy   microcontroller which configures the RF radio to the appropriate settings and sends/
point of attack. Of course, this only works if an attacker can get physical access to the      receives the demodulated data packets.
receiver units' hardware while in use.
  Another attack scheme involves analysing the mobile sender units from the physical           Conclusion
component side. This involves analysing the actual circuit and applying specification             The complexity of designing low-cost, secure wireless solutions has been significantly
voltages that signal the microcontroller, or current-starving the application to see if this   simplified with recent advancements in microcontrollers, RF ICs and compact security algo-
allows the attacker to read the secured information stored inside the device's non-            rithms. However, wireless design still requires a strong understanding of the latest attack
volatile memory. There are also other invasive and non-invasive attack methods that try        methods used to break security systems. Finding the right counter-measures at an afford-
to break the code-protection locking mechanisms built into microcontrollers.                   able price point is only possible if the system design engineer takes a system-wide approach
  With cyber-attackers continually trying to devise new threats, component manufactur-         to security. With such a wide range of component and technology choices, designers should
ers are constantly adding more layers of physical obscurity to protect algorithm codes         not simply look for specific security features on a device datasheet but engage in a detailed
and keys stored in microcontrollers. It is always best to work closely with a microcontrol-    discussion of all of their design options with their microcontroller supplier.

8     south-east european INDUSTRIAL       MARKET
                                                           We would like to establish stable
      SEE NEWS                                              partnerships at Romanian and
      Controltest opened an
       office in Macedonia
     The Bulgarian company Controltest opened
                                                                  Bulgarian market
 an office in Skopje, Macedonia. "The main ac-
 tivity of the new office will be organization of
 services in the area of destructive and non-
 destructive quality control of products, materi-
 als and equipment, diagnosis, control of elec-
 trical installations and equipment on the terri-
 tory of Macedonia. Also, our ambition is to
 expand the company's activities within the re-
 gion, including countries which are not EU
 members. The office will be headed by Mr.
 Dragan Anov. In our plans for future develop-
 ment is opening an office in the Republic of
 Croatia too", stated from the company.

       Microchip Introduces
      Compact, Integrated RF                                                                                             Mr. Nenad Micic, manager
     Front-End Module forWi-Fi                                                                                           of ICM Electronics, Serbia
            Applications                                                                                                 for South-East European
                                                                                                                         INDUSTRIAL Market
                                                     Dear Mr. Micic, please present                     As a consequence, ICM has several divi-
                                                     ICM Electronics as a company,                      sions: PLC automation, Packing and Pallet-
                                                     history, scope of activity, prod-                  izing, Robotic solutions for metal works and
                                                     uct program, etc.                                  Metal works.
                                                       ICM Electronics was founded in 1994 in
                                                     Vojvodina, North Serbia. Since its founda-         Which are the main customer
                                                     tion, ICM was specialized in process auto-         groups of ICM?
     Microchip announces its complete, integrat-     mation, PLC programming and SCADA sys-               As I've already mentioned, our main custom-
 ed RF front-end module for WLAN IEEE 802.11b/       tems. Food industry is the major industry in       ers come from the food industry. We've devel-
 g/n and Bluetooth systems - the SST12LF03.          Vojvodina. Due to this it was a primary tar-       oped many picking solutions for confectionary
 This device features a transmitter power ampli-     get for ICM. In past 18 years, ICM automat-        industry and different packing solutions for all
 fier, a receiver low-noise amplifier (LNA) and a    ed hundreds of processes in the food indus-        food industries.
 low-loss antenna switch-in one integrated, com-
                                                     try. We deliver complete hardware, control           ICM has many palletizing solutions for a
 pact package. It is Microchip's smallest 802.11b/
 g/n-compliant front-end module. The device's        cabinets, and software to our clients. ICM         number of industries. We have some solu-
 RF ports are impedance-matched to 50 Ohms,          automated entire production processes in           tions for palletizing bags in food, construction,
 and the module requires only two external com-      many companies. We noticed that packing            chemical and some other industries. Also,
 ponents to achieve optimum performance. It          processes are still done manually in most          production of bricks and blocks is a very inter-
 offers a high linear-transmission power of 19       factories and we wanted to offer complete          esting market for us and we have a lot of ex-
 dBm at 3 percent EVM, using 802.11g OFDM at
                                                     automation of entire factory. That is why we       perience in this field.
 54 Mbps, and 22 dBm for IEEE 802.11b opera-
                                                     invested heavily in development of robotics          Another industry that became very important
 tion. The device supports Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth
 Tx/Rx, and enables simultaneous Wi-Fi and Blue-     program. ICM invested more than 1.5 million        for ICM is metal industry. ICM was not present
 tooth operation. The SST12LF03 is ideal for em-     in robotics program and build a factory for        much at this industry before. With development
 bedded applications in which small size and         production of various solutions. Now we of-        of robotic solutions, this segment captured a
 high performance are required, such as note-        fer complete picking, packing and palletizing      significant share of ICM's income. We offer dif-
 books or other portable-electronic devices.         solutions. Many companies from the metal           ferent solutions for MIG/MAG welding, TIG
     Many battery-powered, handheld designs re-
                                                     industry liked our robotic solutions and re-       welding, polishing, deburring, machine and
 quire small size and high performance, and the
 SST12LF03 meets those needs. By integrating         quested robots for welding, plasma cutting,        press tending. Also, we produce manual and
 three RF functions into one compact, simple-to-     polishing, deburring. Our factory is equipped      automatic positioners for welding.
 use package, this front-end module makes de-        with machines for metal works, which we use
 signing easier and reduces board size. The de-      for production of parts for our robot solutions.   Where are your current main
 vice features a Bluetooth port, which allows si-    Our spare capacity we use for production of        markets and what markets you
 multaneous 802.11b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth
                                                     various tools and machinery, such as con-          are targeted at in near future?
 operation, with optimum performance for both.
                                                     veyor, gripping units, lifting machinery, etc.      Our main market is former Yugoslavia, most-
10    south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET
ly Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia. However, we had some very im-
portant and big projects in Russia, Libya and France where we had cou-
ple of installations. In Russia, ICM automated entire factory from very
beginning to the very end. This project included integration of 12 lines,
from which one has a robot. In Libya, ICM delivered vision systems for
quality control for Philip Morris factory. In France, we installed few robots
in cheese production.
  In the near future we want to target countries in our neighborhood: Ro-
mania, Bulgaria and Hungary. We already have some activities at these
markets. In Romania we started with marketing activities almost 10 years
ago. In Hungary we just started with marketing activities and we are still in
planning phase for Bulgaria. Also, we expect more activities at the French
market. There are some French companies that realized big advantages
working with ICM and outsourcing parts of their production to Serbia.

Please, present some of the new products in your
industrial portfolio?
  ICM invests a lot of time and money into development of new products.
Some recent development was done for fast picking application. We de-
veloped a robot solution that can pick almost 300 products (cookies) per
minute. Furthermore, we developed a very interesting application for weld-
ing. It is called adaptive welding. Basically, we have an intelligent robot
which can detect where product is located, type of joint it needs to weld
and it adjusts welding parameters automatically.
  We have some developments that are not industry related. ICM devel-
oped a bomb squad robot for civil purposes. It is remotely controlled robot
on a wheel platform developed for military and police purposes for recon-
naissance missions. Operator controls robot remotely with a PC. The
robot is equipped with wireless cameras and several different tools which
can be monitored and controlled with the same PC.
  Also, ICM is a member of flexWARE consortium. In past 3 years we
developed first prototype of wireless Profinet platform. The same was test-
ed for the first time in February 2012 and proved to be a stable system, but it
still requires a lot of work before it can be released into the market.

How do you evaluate the present market situa-
tion in your field of activity?
  There is a big demand for robotics and automation in general. However,
robotic solutions are considered to be serious investments. Although there
is a demand and big interest into robotics, not many companies decide to
invest. There seems to be a big problem with cash flow and instable
demand. There is a shortage of cash. These projects require a lot of
knowledge and a lot of experience in order to be completed successfully.
In our area, there are no many companies that can complete these
projects and our competition comes mostly from Italy, Greece and Ger-
many. In comparison to companies from EU, ICM is in a better position
regarding manpower costs. We can do equally well as EU companies,
but for less money.

What is your trade and marketing strategy for this
  We have a lot of new developments and very good solutions. Our main
aim for this and next year is to expand our markets, which means being
more active on international markets. Primary aim is to get stable rela-
tionship with Romanian and Bulgarian markets which seem to be very
similar to our market in former Yugoslavia. However, we plan to have
major income from already existing market which we currently serve.
                                                                                  south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET   11
        Electronic Cash Registers
  Manufacturing in South-Eastern Europe
       South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine presents top manufacturing
                  companies in the region as a history and scope of activity
              BULGARIA                                      home or industrial use.
                                                              Many of the products manufactured by Carat Elec-
                                                                                                                       calculators in Europe - Elka 6521. Later in the year
                                                                                                                       1977 the factory produces the first in Eastern Europe
                                                            tronics were awarded Gold Medals from Plovdiv In-          electronic cash register.
Carat Electronics                                           ternational Fair. The last prize "Innovation product of      In the following years, till 1988, Electronica Inc. pro-
  Carat Electronics was originally established as a         2011" was awarded to Carat Leader-KL, the latest           duces 16 and 32 bit minicomputer systems, graphic
plant for memory devices in 1969. In 1983, due to a         model of electronic cash register, designed and pro-       stations, and on their base - systems for the automat-
change in its field of activity, the company's name was     duced by the specialists of "Carat Electronics" AD. In     ic design (CAD). Electronica Inc. is with over 40 year
changed to "Systems for Teleprocessing and Net-             accordance with the international requirements, Car-       old tradition in the production of electronic devices,
works" (STN) and keeps the same name until the be-          at Electronics adopted a Quality Management Sys-           and over 70% of its production is exported. The quali-
ginning of 2005. In 1997 the company was privatized         tem and in 2003 the company was awarded Quality            ty of the manufactured products is guaranteed by the
and since the year of 2000 its major shareholder is         Control Certificate ISO 9001:2001.                         quality control certificate ISO 9001:2000. The compa-
Zlaten Lev Holding JSC. Thanks to its innovative ap-                                                                   ny's activities range from designing, production, mar-
proach and successful trading policy, the company           Daisy Technology                                           keting and service of:
made its reputation for one of the leading producers                                              Daisy Technolo-        independent and system electronic cash registers
of microprocessor-based electronic devices. Acting in                                           gy is specialized in   with fiscal memory; fiscal printers; taximeter registers
the conditions of a dynamic high-tech products mar-                                             development, man-      with fiscal memory.
ket, Carat Electronics offers high-quality electronic                                           ufacture and distri-     The company offers a wide range of peripheral de-
devices under the "Carat" trademark, which enjoy a                                              bution of electronic   vices for connection with cash registers. It has formed
considerable market share in the Bulgarian and for-                                             products. The com-     a network of over 180 service and sales representa-
eign markets. The well-established distributor network                                          pany is among the      tives with rich experience. Electronica Inc. has a good
in Bulgaria and abroad is a guarantee for fast and                                              leading manufac-       reputation in the country and abroad. It has a rich ex-
comprehensive customer service.                             turers of cash registers, POS systems and equipment,       perience in managing cooperated import-exports and
  The products manufactured by Carat Electronics in-        electronic meters and systems for remote reading of        in the creation of joint companies.
clude: electronic cash registers with fiscal memory,        energy consumption, equipment for petrol stations,
fiscal printers, electronic taximeters with fiscal memo-    taxi and other devices. Daisy Technology has built a       Eltrade
ry, electronic electricity meters, etc.                     distribution network throughout the country, including
  Our specialists use a licensed version of the "SOL-       several hundred representatives. More than 15 years,
ID WORKS" three-dimension design program for the            Daisy Technology is actively present on the market of
precise manufacturing of each detail, which greatly         cash registers in Bulgaria. Daisy Technology is the
increases the quality of the finished product.              largest exporter of fiscal devices and meters in South-
  The company has long-standing traditions and rich         eastern Europe and former Soviet Republics, Africa,
professional experience in the field of electronic prod-    Middle East and Asia.                                         Eltrade is a Bulgarian company established as a re-
ucts assembly. Two mutually-interacting technologi-            The company currently offers different models of fis-   liable producer of fiscal cash registers and mobile de-
cal processes are applied for PCB assembly - SMD            cal devices - mobile and stationary cash registers, fis-   vices for the Bulgarian and the global market. Since
(surface mounting) and conventional (manual) as-            cal printers, which fully comply with recent amend-        1995, Eltrade has been gradually expanding its range
sembly. For that purpose, the company has imple-            ments to Regulation H-18 remote connection to the          of activities, and today the company provides profes-
mented two robotized production lines for SMD as-           NRA, and POS equipment and software - and non-             sionally developed software with applications in man-
sembly and three lines for conventional assembly and        fiscal territories labeling principles, Printers mobile    agement of small, medium retailers and large retail
the number of the conventional production lines may         commerce, barcode readers, scales and many oth-            chains. Backed with a team of highly qualified engi-
be doubled if necessary.                                    ers. Daisy Technology's fiscal devices are compatible      neers, Eltrade offers complete solutions for the man-
  The professional qualification and training of the com-   with all major pharmaceutical, hotel, restaurant and       agement of retail stores, restaurants, canteens, en-
pany's personnel is of great importance for the high        commercial software in the country.                        tertainment parks, sport centers, and service centers.
quality of our products and the dynamic R&D activity.          Since its founding firm Daisy Technology is con-        The POS systems provided by Eltrade are character-
We have achieved a 25% yearly renewal of the pro-           stantly evolving, expanding and improving its busi-        ized by integration of own high quality hardware, in-
duction. 70% of the staff possesses university or col-      ness. At the beginning of 2011 company has devel-          cluding the products of Eltrade's partners - NCR, EP-
lege degrees and the specialists with university educa-     oped and launched new models of cash registers, fis-       SON and Motorola. Eltrade's software is designed
tion make 37% of the company's whole staff. The larg-       cal printers, meeting all the latest amendments to         with flexibility in mind, and can be adjusted to meet
er part of our engineers is occupied with development,      Regulation H-18 of the Ministry of Finance in respect      the particular needs of any retail business. Eltrade's
invention and launching of new products and technolo-       of fiscal devices NRA.                                     brand is also available through the network of over
gies and constant improvement of already manufac-                                                                      300 distributors in Bulgaria who are also certified ser-
tured products and applied technologies.                    Electronica 319 EM                                         vice centers. To our customers and distributors we
  The modern technical equipment of Carat Electron-            Electronica 319EM is a joint-stock company, estab-      provide information, consulting, maintenance and ser-
ics provides possibility for the production of instrumen-   lished in 1960 under the name "plant Electronica".         vice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
tal and molding equipment - injection molds, cutters,       Immediately after its creation, in 1961 the company           Eltrade Ltd. personnel comprises of more than 140
blast forms, press forms and also a wide range of dif-      begins the production of electronic measuring devic-       employees. Our teams of design and implementation
ferent size and configuration of metal products, prod-      es like oscilloscopes, generators, voltmeters and vari-    engineers, after-sales support, project managers,
ucts form thermoplastic and thermo reactive poly-           ous electric adapters. Until 1972 the company is one       sales and marketing professionals are continually re-
mers, produced through molding and pressing - for           of the first and the biggest manufacturers of electronic   searching and enhancing existing product range, ac-

12    south-east european INDUSTRIAL     MARKET
cording to market needs.                                    selling out the new 5000th series of devices. The as-
  Eltrade guarantees maximum reliability of the ser-        sortment of 5000th series includes electronic cash
vices and products provided.                                registers, fiscal printers, POS fiscal system and GPRS
                                                            terminal (ISL750) providing communications service
Incotex Systems                                             of the fiscal devices. Every 5000th series' device has
                                 Bulgarian company          an integrated GPRS communication and control jour-
                               Incotex Systems is a         nal placed within a memory stick.
                               part of Incotex Group -        ISL Ltd has an open information policy towards the
                               consortium of compa-         market. The company is open as well for outsourcing
                               nies with main activities    - development, according to the partners or custom-         capital city, located on the Yantra River, in the heart of
                               in the area of design,       ers' orders for various devices. ISL Ltd also may pro-      Bulgaria, on the main Sofia - Varna (West-East) Road,
                               manufacturing, sales         vide the market with competitor's products, according       some 230 km from the new capital - Sofia. Historically,
                               and servicing of elec-       to its intention for maximum customer satisfaction.         over the period 1992-2000, the joint activity has mar-
                               tronic devices.              Furthermore, the aspiration for constantly increase of      keted and sold over 100,000 fiscal cash registers and
                                 Manufacturing is done      manufactured devices' functionality and reliability; dis-   fiscal printers over the territories of Bulgaria, Romania,
                               at the purpose-built fa-     tinguish the company as a valuable partner by cus-          Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kenya,
                               cility INCOTEX Plant in      tomers, software and system developing companies            Bangladesh, Moldova, Monte Negro.
Botevgrad (located 50 km north-east from the capital        and distributors.                                              In July 2006 Tremol SMD Ltd. - contract manufactur-
Sofia) where highly qualified professionals work. Pro-                                                                  ing company, part of Tremol Group Bulgaria - started
duction quality is guaranteed by the last generation        Orgtechnica                                                 manufacturing of middle-scale production of electronic
SMD equipment, delivered by "JUKI" Japan, as well                                               Orgtechnica JSC         modules for Electronic Cash Registers and POS sys-
as the optical inspection by "Marantz Business Elec-                                          was founded in            tems for Tremol Ltd. The company has its own building
tronics". The range of products manufactured by the                                           1964 and for many         of 2300 sq.m. with 1460 sq.m. production site and 840
Incotex Systems consists of Fiscal cash registers, fis-                                       years it was the only     sq.m. administration and engineering site and PTH as-
cal printers, ESDs and whole solutions for fiscal and                                         one manufacturer of       sembly division in the town of Svishtov. Tremol SMD
trade equipment.                                                                              electronic calcula-       employees are highly educated and committed in the
   Incotex Group was awarded with golden medals for                                           tors and copy ma-         production site and it uses the potential of Tremol Ltd.
its unique and patented solutions - "PLC-modems"                                              chines in Bulgaria        for R&D, Electronic Design, Electronic Test, Mould and
and "LED running lines". The consortium is official         and Eastern European. In the early 80s the company          Plastic Parts Design, Plastic Injection, Mechanical Parts
partner of Analog Devices", "Microchip", "Atmel", "Ep-      began production of microprocessor systems and fis-         Design and Production and etc.
cos", "Rohm", "Philips", "Seiko Instruments", "Avnet",      cal cash registers.                                            Tremol offers a wide range of electronic cash regis-
etc. Following the company's strategy to cooperate            Today, Orgtechnica is one of the leading Bulgarian        ters with fiscal memory and fiscal printers with varied
with such partners, Incotex products are of highest         producers of electronic - calculating and recording         applications (shops, restaurants, exchange bureaus,
quality, reliable and are sold in more than 20 coun-        equipment and cash registers - cash and taximeters,         fuel stations, etc.). They have been developed in a
tries worldwide. Incotex Group is ISO 9001:2008 cer-        fiscal and line printers, mechanical structures and         number of versions according to specific customers'
tified by Tuv Rheiland and implements their standards       plastic parts, assemblies and electromechanical de-         requirements ranging from battery-operated portable
across the board.                                           vices, non-standard tooling and more.                       cash registers to varying sizes of desktop cash regis-
                                                              The Orgtechnica accounts for a large market share         ters with capacity for operating with electronic scales,
ISL                                                         of cash registers in Bulgaria, but the vast majority of     barcode scanner and fiscal printer mode, managed
                                     The Company "In-       production is exported. Major foreign markets of the        from a PC.
                                  tegrated Systems          company over the years have been Romania, Greece,              Current marketing positions and developing tenden-
                                  Laboratory - ISL"         Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Malta,           cies: international developed markets: constant work
                                  was founded in            Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Macedonia, Al-           for expanding and maintenance of the market share
                                  1995 as a Limited         bania and other.                                            and offered devices; international markets: affirmation
                                  Liability Company.                                                                    of the Company's positions by way of development of
                                  In the present pro-       Tremol                                                      new cash registers, fiscal printers and POS devices
                                  file, the short name -     Tremol Ltd. is based in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria's old     designed for other countries; expansion of market
                                  ISL will be used.
                                  The initial compa-
                                  ny's line of activities
                                  has been assembly
of computers, trade and service of PCs, electronic
cash registers with fiscal memories and POS systems.
Consequently, the company has begun to develop
various fiscal or non-fiscal devices, relating to the in-
formation service of business.
  At the present, the company's focus is on manufac-
turing and trade with full assortment of fiscal devices
and accessories, as well as after-sales activities relat-
ed to devices' service, professional consultations, pro-
gramming etc.
  Within the company's centre of business policy real
customer/client with their working conditions, their
identified requirements on product or service require-
ments is being placed. Company's intention is to pro-
vide customer with quality products at maximum ef-
fectiveness for their business.
  After successful accomplishment of 3900th series
of fiscal devices (ISL3940.01, ISL3918, ISL3921,
ISL3916/Amadeus) and POS priters(ISL3941,
ISL3919, ISL3922 è ISL3917), the company starts

                                                                                                                        south-east european INDUSTRIAL      MARKET           13
share of the newly developed wireless communicat-           you the following products and services: Hardware           will make MAT both a respected brand as well as a
ing devices; building of next generation devices based      and software development of electronic devices; Fi-         valued partner to high-profile distributors. With this in
on new hi-tech platform.                                    nal assembling of electronic devices; Manufacture of        mind MAT aims at becoming a world leader in the
  Its future plans include development of Tremol Ltd's      Electronic Cash Registers with Fiscal Memory, utilized      Secure Public Revenue Systems market.
products matching the mainstream in hi-tech sphere.         for efficient management and servicing of stores, ho-
Permanent goal about every product is: user-friendly
interface, reliable and easy to integrate in any kind of
                                                            tels, restaurants, gas stations, shops, etc.
systems. Tremol also develops many software appli-
cations for easy diagnostics and programming of de-                          GREECE
vices, as well as libraries and tools for further devel-    MAT
oping of user software.
  Company's closest goal is to carry out communica-
tion through wireless media and completion of the ba-
sic range of POS products.

Z.I.T Computing Machinery
  Z.I.T Computing Machinery Works was established
in 1967 as a state-owned, Bulgarian-Japanese ven-
ture in the field of electronics and it was the first lo-
cal producer of computers. Until the introduction of
market reforms in 1990/93, the company was the                                                                             Accent was founded in 1995 as a small private com-
Eastern European high-tech electronics leader. Its                                                                      pany with a main activity development of software for
products were well known in the former USSR, Chi-                                                                       small businesses. Nowadays the company designs
na, India, Cuba, Finland, Arab World and all East                                                                       and manufactures fiscal products, computer products,
European countries.                                                                                                     hardware, automation solutions, etc. The company is
  The products manufactured by Computing Machin-                                                                        located in the center of Skopje, near the city park.
ery Works were with civilian application. The USA                                                                       Accent with a partner network has established 12 ser-
DOD and DOC officially tested and evaluated our pro-                                                                    vice centers with over 100 service.
duction in 1984 at the Computer Center of Control                                                                          Servicing and maintenance is covered the entire ter-
Data Corporation, Minneapolis; in 1990 at the Com-             MAT is a European designer and manufacturer of           ritory of Macedonia.
puter Center of Western Geophysical in Houston; in          Retail and Secure Public Revenue Systems (Fiscal de-
1990 at the premises of Computing Machinery Works.          vices), based in Greece. The firm was mainly founded        Duna Computers
  In 1997 the company was transformed into PLC,             on the high expertise of MICRELEC Electronics execu-
since 2000 when on the base of privatization was es-        tive ex personnel and the Company continues to offer
tablished ZIT EOOD company. At present, the com-            the same excellent quality and highly functional prod-
pany manufactures electronic cash registers with fis-       ucts as MICRELEC did since many years. MAT has
cal memory for the Bulgarian and Romanian and Ser-          identified key elements and has spent considerable re-
bian market. ZIT EOOD is exporting also cash regis-         sources in developing innovative products that are tar-
ters in Montenegro and Kenia. The company has re-           geting specific needs in different countries. The Com-
cently diversified its services by establishing a Labo-     pany is vertically integrated and controls all manufac-
ratory for Certification and Testing of electrometers.      turing aspects plus the design and development. Con-
Laboratory clients are Bulgarian and British electrom-      trolling all manufacturing aspects translates to superior
eters' manufacturers. The company headquarters, re-         quality, unparalleled flexibility and high speed in sup-
search, development and manufacturing facilities oc-        plying the market with new products.
cupy 1305 square meters, conveniently located in the           MAT is mainly specialized in designing, developing
Bulgarian capital Sofia, near the international airport     and manufacturing, on behalf of their partners, fiscal        Duna Computers is a leading Macedonian IT compa-
and major roads. Z.I.T Computing Machinery Works            terminals and more particularly, Fiscal Electronic          ny, which provides complete integration and mainte-
is certified with Quality Management System                 Cash Registers, Fiscal P.O.S. Printers, Fiscal Elec-        nance in companies, mobile solutions and document
ISO9001-2000 by Lloyds.                                     tronic Signature Devices(ESDs), Fiscal Taximeters           management. During its last 17 years, Duna Comput-
  The company was rated in the top 100 IT compa-            and Fiscal P.O.S. (All in One). There is a strong glo-      ers has developed itself into an expert on corporative
nies as well as in the top 15 electronic assemblers in      bal trend towards using modern technology to collect        projects and has become known for its software solu-
Bulgaria for year 2003 by Computerworld Magazine            and audit taxes in all aspects of the economic sector.      tions. Duna Computers is an exclusive importer of world
(2004). Computing Machinery Works is glad to offer          Becoming a recognized leader in this expanding field        famous brands - Apple, RICOH, OKI, Psion, Clasus In-

14    south-east european INDUSTRIAL     MARKET
south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET   15
teractive Whiteboards, Brahler ICS, Tentnology; distrib-    pany has been to provide market leading communi-             integrated GPRS terminal, enabling wireless connec-
utor of Garmin; HP preferred partner; Adobe and Corel       cation hardware systems, mostly based on mobile              tion to Tax Administration or customer remote server.
partner; manufacturer of fiscal cash registers Bravo;       and hardware technology. In the year of 2003 the             Beside basic FCR functions, these devices support
developer of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and            company changed the name and legal form and be-              centralized management of cash register in customer
Records Management software ULTIMA.                         come HCP ltd. Very soon HCP became the partner               sales network and solves the problem of everyday
  Since its foundation, the main activities of Duna         with very respectful German company and most of its          data updating on articles stored in the remote cash
Computers have been shaped and adapted to the re-           telecommunication devices are sold over Europe. Ex-          register. Data are transferred through GSM telephone
quirements and needs of the customers, with the aim         pecting only the best quality of its products HCP has        network and Internet enabling the user to remote
to create a complete system which will be continually       decided to base all of its products on the Siemens           monitors all his cash registers regardless of their num-
upgraded. The scope of operation of Duna Comput-            technology and has become the official distributors          ber or location. Devices are provided with OTP
ers includes: computer engineering, application and         for the Siemens modules and modems for the region.           EPROM fiscal memory allowing Tax Administration to
specialized software development, automatic identifi-          In the following years the company became the             do supervision of tax calculation in retail sale. Cash
cation and data collection systems development, sale        South East Europe leader for R&D of telecommunica-           registers have two RS232 serial ports used for con-
of computer systems and components, programming,            tion equipment based on GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS                   nection of barcode reader or communication with PC.
execution and maintenance of computer networks,             and BT technology. HCP is known for being able to            Computer data processing software and ECR PLU
distribution of printers, multifunctional devices, copi-    provide the complete solution from development to            input software is delivered together with cash regis-
ers, fax machines, sales of navigation devices, train-      manufacturing of the required systems.                       ter. Built-in Ni-MH battery makes possible operation
ing, installation, service and support of all products,        Once the fiscal laws was introduced in Serbia the         on sales points w/out mains power system.
production, distribution and maintenance of cash reg-       company was able to develop and manufacture the
isters, GPS devices, sales and rental of conference         first and only device, completely developed in the           Shollex
systems and simultaneous interpretation systems.            country and was able to give the full support for the          Shollex Company was founded in 1990 as an engi-
  Since the adoption of the Law on Fiscalization in         device as well as cover the market demand. Ever              neering and consulting house. Thanks to the experi-
2002, Duna Computers has been manufacturing fis-            since, HCP has developed a number of fiscal devices          ence and hard work of its founders, the company has
cal cash devices for the Macedonian market.With high        all adjusted to the needs and demands of its local           made fast progress in three ranges, one of which is
quality and extremely durable, Duna Computers' cash         customers and successfully selled abroad. HCP also           engineering, manufacture, sales and servicing of cash
registers have been the prefered choice to more than        develops and manufactures devices for remote con-            registers and POS equipment.
5000 small and medium enterprises, as well as large         trol and management industrial systems:                        Shollex has its branch offices in Novi Sad, Podgori-
multinational corporations operating on the Mace-              (remote sensing el consumed energy with possibili-        ca, Banja Luka and Bjeljina. The company also has
donian market.                                              ty on/off; remote reading of gas flow; remote sensing        over 35 authorized dealers and servicemen in all big-
  The fiscal cash registers feature great flexibility and   of liquid flow rate; remote access control; detection in     ger towns in Serbia, four in Montenegro and seven in
mobility, thus can be used in various working environ-      security systems; alarm in medical devices and other         Bosnia and Herzegovina.
ment. They can be used outdoors or in stores, as well       remote manipulation).
to be incorporated in vehicles and meet all technical          Nowadays HCP is a highly professional company             Galeb Group
requirements prescribed by law. Further on, the cash        with great experience in the communication and ECR
registers are integral part of Duna's advanced solu-        technology and with over 50 dedicated employees,
tion for mobile sales and distribution that enables se-     which enables the company to resolve the complex
curity and improved efficiency in the daily operations.     requirements of the world market needs.
                                                               Company has sold over 200.000 fiscal devices all
ElektroSOFT                                                 around the world which makes it the market leader in
                                    ElektroSOFT was         fiscal line products development in Central-Eastern
                                  established in 1991       Europe. During the last few years, HCP has imple-              Galeb Group is the first registered private company
                                  in Skopje, Mace-          mented its solutions in many representative systems          in former SFRY. The company was established in
                                  donia. The company        in this region. Its fiscal cash registers are successfully   1977, firstly as a trade shop in the field of electrical
                                  is a manufacturer of      implemented on strongly filtered West Europe mar-            engineering and electronics. Over three decades of
                                  two models fiscal         ket. Now, its embedded OEM products can be found             successful and dynamic development, Galeb Group
                                  cash registers -          in several international brands. HCP fiscal products         is consistently winning new business areas.
                                  500T Handy Euro           have CE certificate, approval for a wide global sys-           From the leader in the field of production, sales and
                                  and Euro 2000 T Al-       tems. At the moment they are one of the best and             servicing of electrical tools and industrial equipment
pha. They are designed for small businesses, easily         most wanted fiscal technologies in the region. HCP           (welding equipment, generators, air compressors,
transported from one sales area to another and are          research team is made of 15 highly educated engi-            metal cutting and shaping machines), thanks to long
easily transferred to another location in case of mal-      neers with great experience in hardware & software           tradition in the field of electronics, the company be-
function of the checkout register as a replacement.         fields, ready for all market demands.                        comes the largest Serbian producer of cash registers
Despite the small size, registers are extraordinarily                                                                    and remote data reading units from cash registers,
technically equipped, offering great flexibility with the   Geneko                                                       railroad signaling systems, GPS systems, regional
ability to connect with more peripheral units. They can                                            The main activity     leader in a field of metal processing, production and
be connected with PC, bar code scanner and electri-                                              of Serbian compa-       assembly of light and heavy structures and metal and
                                                                                                                         plastic packaging materials.
cal balance.                                                                                     ny Geneko is de-
                                                                                                                           In the village of Cerovac, near Sabac, Galeb has a
  Registers are programmed with licensed software                                                sign and produc-
                                                                                                                         production facility for three models of fiscal cash reg-
which is easy to install.                                                                        tion of network
                                                                                                                         isters and one model of fiscal printers. The capacity of
                                                                                                 and communica-
                                                                                                                         fiscal cash registers, depending on the model, ranges
                  SERBIA                                                                         tion devices based
                                                                                                 on GPS, GPRS,
                                                                                                                         between 2100 and 10 000 products, while the fiscal
                                                                                                                         printer is able to note 65 000 different products. The
HCP                                                                                              EDGE, HSDPA,
                                                                                                                         company has formed seven service centers, and
                                      HCP Company                                                HSUPA, RFID and
                                                                                                                         made contracts with 130 service persons from all the
                                    was founded in          Internet technologies.
                                                                                                                         larger cities in Serbia.
                                    1998 with previous        Also as an authorized producer Geneko has partici-
                                    name MSE (Mobile        pated in implementation of Tax Administration system
                                    Sound Electronic).      for tax control in retail sale by GPRS terminals and fis-                     TURKEY
                                    Since the begin-        cal cash registers. About 40% of all installed GPRS
                                    ning the main ob-       terminals in Serbia are Geneko Spark terminals.
                                                                                                                         Ozak Electronic
                                                                                                                           Ozak Electronic has started production of cash- reg-
                                    jective of the com-       The company produces fiscal cash registers with
                                                                                                                         isters in 1992. The company has more than 20 years
16    south-east european INDUSTRIAL     MARKET
                                                          adding electronic journal, PC online communication           equipped with the latest technology located at the
                                                          or built-in GPRS feature to its fiscal products, or mod-     Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.
                                                          ifying the software according to the customer re-              With a dedicated & well-qualified staff, REM Elec-
                                                          quests. The producer can support most of the lan-            tronics, provides turnkey solutions, from design to
                                                          guages and different alphabets in printings. Farimex         manufacture to its customers in the domestic home
                                                          gives full technical support to its partner companies        appliances and brown goods, heating/cooling
                                                          during the software modifications and approval pro-          (HVAC), smart house, and payment system devices
                                                          cess of its fiscal devices according to the country spe-     sectors. Developments in technology have reduced
                                                          cific legislations and regulations in every market.          the cost of payment systems and new payment sys-
                                                             It has own fiscal ECR solutions for Turkey, Poland,       tems have been developed. These developments
                                                          Italy, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montene-            have created the impetus for the use of smart cards to
experience in electronics sector, as a supplier of Eu-    gro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanza-
rope's biggest TV-sets producers since 1992. Produc-                                                                   be accepted in our daily lives and the birth of new
                                                          nia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda.                                    payment methods and systems. With long years of
tion plant area of Ozak is 12 500 sq. m closed area.         Company has started operations in Africa in the first
With its 700 well-trained staff and machinary resourc-                                                                 solid experience, REM Electronics has taken a posi-
                                                          quarter of 2011, and successfully developed and ap-          tion on an authoritative design center in this field.
es, Ozak Electronics Inc. has a production capacity of    proved several products for different African countries.
25 000 unit electronic cash registers at month.                                                                          From 1993 to today, with 5 separate authorizations
                                                          It approved 2 different models with Electronic Journal
                                                                                                                       for "Computer-Connected Cash Register containing
                                                          for Kenya market recently. Also it developed and ap-
Farimex                                                   proved new models with in-built GPRS module for
                                                                                                                       a Fiscal Memory", REM Electronics drew on its prov-
                                                                                                                       en experience while developing the T-Cash Cash reg-
                                                          Ethiopia and already shipped quite a big quantity to
                                                                                                                       ister product family, which answers all the end-users
                                                          this market. As a new starting country, Farimex is one
                                                                                                                       needs with YTL conformity, ease-of-use, ergonomic
                                                          of the accredited suppliers for fiscal devices in Zimba-
                                                                                                                       design and the newest technologies. With T-Cash's
                                                          bwe with its products with in-built GPRS + E-Journal.
                                                          The company is also participating in start-up process-       software infrastructure supported by a powerful oper-
                                                          es in many other African countries like Rwanda,              ating system, combined with the REM design group's
                                                          Uganda, and Malawi, where the fiscal law will be im-         quick application development capability, the ability
                                                          plemented in near future.                                    to meet future user needs is ensured. With optional
                                                             Farimex developed its cash registers and fiscal           interfaces, the easily expandable hardware infrastruc-
                                                          printers according to the requirements of Bosnia &           ture offers significant advantages for integration with
                                                          Herzegovina and Montenegro, both with GPRS con-              additional units like EFT/POS, BCR, and others.
                                                          nectivity. Its target is to establish a new liaison office     Its product range of Electronic Cash Registers was
                                                          in year 2012, to cover all countries in South-East Eu-       designed to meet the fiscal needs of small and medi-
   Farimex S.A. is a multinational company with HQs       rope region. With this investment company targets to         um-sized commercial operations. It meets the point of
in Geneva, Switzerland, having Liaison Offices in         expand its territory and has a closer and proper sup-        sale requirements in an elegant manner with its dura-
Istanbul, Nairobi and Shenzhen as well as a commer-       port to its customers in all Balkan, Scandinavian and        ble structure and ergonomic design.
cial company in Poland. Its main business is fiscal       ex-Soviet Union countries.                                     Company also provides PC-based Cash Register.
cash registers and payment systems. The company              Its main target is to be active in all fiscal countries   In the current market, cash register expectations are
is serving Electronic Cash Register sector since about    worldwide with its valuable experience, high quality         rapidly increasing. The requirement for cash registers
30 years. Farimex has also pioneered the develop-         products, and satisfactory support to partners.              to work in conjunction with other information systems
ments in Fiscal Cash Register technologies in many                                                                     is growing. Based on this requirement, REM Electron-
countries. (e.g. the first EJ model ECR in Turkey, the    REM Electronics                                              ics set out to design a new generation of Embedded
first micro cabinet ECR design for Poland)                 REM Electronics combines the industrial/consumer            Windows and Linux-based, touch screen, LAN con-
   Farimex develops and produces the fiscal devices.                              electronics design and               nected, distributed cash registers.
Its business starts from the designing the outlook cos-                           printed circuit board, de-
metic of the cabinets until the finalization of the ap-                                                                 Text source: The article is based on materials submitted by
                                                                                  vice and equipment man-                                          the companies or their web sites.
proval procedures in customer side.                                               ufacture under one struc-            Picture source: Daisy Technology, Eltrade, Incotex Systems,
   Company manufactures tailor-made products, fitting                                                                      ISL, Orgtechnica,Tremol, MAT,Accent, Duna Computers,
                                                                                  ture and provides service                      ElektroSOFT, Geneko, Galeb Group, HCP, Farimex,
perfectly to the customer requirements. Examples are
                                                                                  from its 5000 m 2 factory                                       Ozak Electronic, REM Electronics.

                                                                                                                       south-east european INDUSTRIAL        MARKET            17
Machine-Building Sector in Bulgaria
  The machine-building sector has a very high im-       developed countries of EU is reduced, it will au-
portance for the Bulgarian economy in regards to        tomatically reduce the export of the Bulgarian
the increasing of the added value, improvement of       machine-building production. The forecasts of in-
foreign-trade balance and employment. The glo-          crease of GDP from 0 to 1% for this year in most
balization and the integration of Bulgaria in the in-   of the developed European countries will have
ternational business community place high re-           negative impact on us as well.
quirements in terms of competitiveness and tech-
nological development for the companies operat-         Development in exportsorien-
ing in the sector. In order to achieve stable market    tated companies                                                         Source: Balkankar Record, Plovdiv
positions in the global marked, high productivity,        According to the analysis of BBCMB, there was
customer-orientated solutions, new business mod-        a growth in the export of the export orientated        fork-lift trucks and equipment for fork-lift
els and quality of the human capital are required.      companies, which are permanently integrated in         building industry; Warehouse equipment,
It is required not only to do technological and pro-    the international market in 2010. Among them           Gorna Oriahovitsa - warehouse systems,
duction update, but the implementation of modern        are M+S Hydraulic, Kazanlak, Caproni, Kazan-           Podemcrane, Gabrovo - electrical cranes;
technologies that are environmentally friendly and      lak, HES, Yambol in hydraulics sector; manufac-        Madara group, Shumen - engine bridges for
are in accordance with national and European re-        turers of metal cutting machines - ZMM, Sliven.        loading trucks;
quirements. In this article, prepared with the assis-   The production of instruments is growing with        · Hraninvest HMC, Stara Zagora, Index 6, Plo-
tance of Bulgarian Branch Chamber Machine               good speed - Ceratizit-Bulgaria, Garbovo, the          vdiv, Biomashin, Plovdiv, PIM, Haskovo - ma-
Building, we are going to try to summarize what         production and export share of VSK Kentavar -
other challenges the Bulgarian machine-building         IZ Dinamika, Drianovo has grown; the produc-
sector needs to overcome and what are its chanc-        tion and export of water turbines is growing up -
es to become a leading high-technology sector of        Vaptzarov, Pleven.
the Bulgarian economy with stable positions in the        The export of the above mentioned companies
global market.                                          that are operating in the sector "Production of
                                                        machines and equipment", according to the in-
Crisis impact over the opera-                           dustry development strategy, presented by Min-
tion of the machine-building                            istry of Economics, Energy and Tourism is placed
enterprises                                             in the range of middle technology productions.                       Source: Hraninvest HMC, Stara Zagora
  The Bulgarian machine-building sector is export-        Currently in the automotive production sector,
orientated. Over 50% of the production of the ma-       Madara, Shumen is developing very well. The            chines and equipment for food processing in-
chine-building enterprises is exported and they re-     company is strongly co-operated with the giant         dustry; Madara group, Shumen, Perla, Nova
alize about 10-12% of the total export of the coun-     in the production of loading vehicles - the Rus-       Zagora, Ralomex, Zavet - production of agri-
try. More than half, over 55%, of the machine-          sian company KAMAZ. The number of orders for           cultural equipment;
building production, that is exported is goes to        2011 is more than the volume of the orders for       · M+S Hydraulic, Kazanlak, Caproni, Kazanlak,
countries of the European Union (EU). Tradition-        the last two years. Currently in Madara are work-      HES, Yambol, Palfinger Produktionstechnik
ally, the export of machine-building production for     ing 840 people - 300 more compared to 2010.            Bulgaria, Cherven Briag, Badestnost, Chirp-
Germany and Italy occupies the largest relative         For the last 3 years the company started to man-       an - hydraulic equipment;
share. Over 50% of the realized annual selling in-      ufacture broad range of agriculture machinery        · Bulyard - shipbuilding industry, Varna, Rousse
come is formed by production export. The Euro-          that can compete with the production of leading        Shipyard, Bourgas Shipyard, Ship Engineering,
pean market crisis in 2009 is the major factor that     foreign companies. There is growth in the export       Varna - ship building and ship repairs.
contributed to the abrupt reduction in production       of other machine-building production.                · Besttechnika-TM, Radomir, Radomir Metal In-
and sales of the production of the Bulgarian facto-
ries. The average annual income coming from             Leading companies in the indi-
sales in 2009 is reduced by 33%, compared to            vidual sub-sectors of machine-
2008. In the beginning of 2010, the export started      building sector
to grow, but the realization on the local market is      · ZMM Sliven in the production of universal
still week. Generally speaking, the production in          lathes and CNS lathes; Arsenal, Kazanlak -
2011 is less, compared to the production during            metal cutting machines, ZMM-Stomana, Sil-
the pre-crisis 2008.                                       istra - wood-processing machines, Ceratizit                          Source: Besttechnika-TM, Radomir
  The dept crisis in USA and EU countries creat-           Bulgaria, Gabrovo, VSK-Kentavar-IZ Dinami-          dustries, Radomir, Himmash, Haskovo -
ed uncertainty in the markets. It is observed, that                                                            heavy and investment machine-building;
the quantity of orders coming from Italy and Ger-                                                            · Tchugunoleene, Ihtiman, Progress, Stara Zag-
many is going down. According to forecast of
Bulgarian Branch Chamber Machine Building
(BBCMB), the reduction of the economical
growth in Germany, which is "0" in the 4th quar-
ter of 2011, having in mind that in the beginning
of the year, the growth was 3%, is going to have
adverse impact on the companies in the sector.                                        Source: VSK-KENTAVAR
The reduction in the export of machine-building
production during July and August 2011 is evi-             ka, Dianovo, companies in the tools produc-
                                                                                                                                   Source: Tchugunoleene, Ihtiman
dent. Compared to the previous month, the ex-              tion sector;
port was reduced by two times as to the same             · Balkankar Record, Plovdiv and Dimex Lift,          ora, Osam, Lovech, Tchugunoleene Invest,
period in 2010. In case that the production in the         Plovdiv, Balkan, Lovech - ICE- and electrical      Parvomai, Alucom, Pleven - in metal foundry,

18    south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET
   Vidima Ideal, Sevlievo - household fixtures;         As a whole, the machine-building companies in        ing industry is on last position for that indicator,
   Berg Montana Fittings, Montana - fittings. The     Bulgaria are not satisfied by the qualifications of    compared to other EU member states, the growth
   biggest foundry company - Tchugunoleene,           the personnel offered at the labour market. They       of investments is encouraging. A factory for alumi-
   Ihtiman was not operating for couple of months     are convinced in the necessity of new politics for     num parts for automobile production of Montupet
   due to high dept rate to creditors.                human resources management and development             was built as a futures contract with French capi-
                                                      and express their readiness to invest in it. The ed-   tals, the installation for the car production in
State of the workforce                                ucational programs are not consistent with the         Lovech is ready to be commissioned.
  The number of employees in the individual sub-      business and new technologies requirements in            Since 2008 up to now, a lot of companies imple-
sectors of the machine-building sector is reduc-      the sector. According to the opinion of the branch     ment projects for technical modernization, with the
ing on annual base after year 2000.                   chamber, the issue with lack of personnel for the      assistance of the procedure of OP "Development
  The reduction of the employees continues in         machine-building sector is not only national. There    of Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy".
year 2010 too. In terms of age, there is aging ten-   are difficulties for the developed European coun-      During the last year a lot of disappointment was
dency. The share of employees at age up to 24         tries and USA as well. This is the reason why Ger-     observed, due to the long and complicated appli-
has dropped from 5.38% to 4.64% (from 2165 to         many is attracting foreign engineers all the time.     cation procedure, the difficulties of the manage-
1468 employees). There was a slight increase in       Having in mind that machine-building sector is not     ment of undergoing projects, slow payment, com-
the share of the age groups from 25 to 55 years.      very attractive, mastering of machine-building pro-    mented from BBCMB. "There are cases, where
As a whole, the share of the employees above 45       fessions requires training in professional high        projects were canceled. The companies continue
years-of-age is high - above 54%. As a result of      schools, than practice at the companies. The num-      to count for their development on funds from OP
the crisis and reduction of the production, the ac-   ber of people that wish to train and work in the       "Development of Competitiveness of the Bulgari-
ceptance of young employees has dropped.              field of machine-building drastically drops. The       an Economy" and 11 companies, SMEs - mem-
  The implementation of new equipment and tech-       problem is getting even bigger with the demo-          bers of the branch chamber, are eligible for fund-
nologies, which is done by some companies is          graphic collapse, the discontinuation of machine-      ing as a result of the last application process, and
happening mainly through projects of "Technolog-      building classes and entire professional high          another 3 are in the waiting list.
ical modernization of the production" of Operation-   schools, was added by the Chamber.                       Because of the crisis, the managerial teams of
al program "Development of Competitiveness of                                                                many companies hold back their investments.
the Bulgarian Economy", but it has no direct im-      Investments in the sector                              The situation is complicated by the high prices of
pact on the increase of the number of hired per-        For the period 2002-2005, the investments in the     fuels, the increase of prices of energy sources,
sonnel, but on the productivity. The increase of      sector are not enough and their volume is equal to     mistimed changes in the methods of setting of
the personnel in some companies happens as a          the capital allowances. For the period 2005 to         waste taxes, ungrounded requirement the com-
result of the orders increase, without new equip-     2008 they are increasing on annual bases and           panied to get licenses for cargo transport, having
ment being implemented. As an example can be          reached 9.1 thousand Euros per employee. De-           in mind, that they use the transport only for their
given Metalagro, Dobrich, Radomir Metals etc.         spite of the fact that the Bulgarian machine-build-    own purposes etc.", was added by BBCMB.

                                                                                                             south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET        19
     Power generation investment projects in Serbia
Serbia is becoming a regional                           partner will invest in this project only if they can     This should be a follow-up project if con-
energy hub                                              export their share of HPP generation to Italy,          struction of HPPs on Ibar river is finished suc-
  Considering overall projections for energy de-        which is only feasible if the submarine cable be-       cessfully.
mand increase in the region of South East Eu-           tween Montenegro and Italy is built, associated
rope, Serbia also undertook a number of power           400kV. OHLs inside Montenegro and between               Construction of HPP Buk Bijela
generation investment projects in order to in-          Serbia and Montenegro, and if the Italian TSO           on the upper Drina with EPRS
crease the security of supply and its regional en-      TERNA is granted certain capacity in these trans-         This is a very ambitious project linked with nu-
ergy position. Serbia Energy Consultants com-           mission infrastructure. Otherwise, the price of         merous water utilization rights and other open is-
pleted the 2012 energy sector analysis which in-        electricity in Serbia would be too low to guaran-       sues between three involved countries (Serbia,
cluded all relevant aspects of a new emerging           tee return of investment.                               BiH and Montenegro),so even if it is technically
market linking north - south and east -west. New                                                                feasible, it is unlikely to be completed before 2020
power generation projects are initiated, classic        Construction of 5 run-of-river                          (with huge uncertainty even for the later period).
power plants units, renewable energy facilities         HPPs on the Morava river, with
but also transmission and grid network capaci-          total installed power of 150 MW                         Projects expected to be complet-
ties are modernized and upgraded.                         The German company RWE Innogy (responsi-              ed before 2020
  New energy regulation provided appropriate en-        ble for the planning and construction of HPPs in          The only projects which may be executed be-
vironment for different FDI in energy sector of Ser-    the RWE Group and for operation of around 90            fore 2020 are new generation units in existing
bia, and moreover the country itself is just starting   plants in six countries) and Elektroprivreda Sr-        HPPs in Bajina Basta and in Zvornik, the new
to understanding its competitive advantages.            bije (EPS) formed on May 24th 2011 a joint ven-         CHP (replacing existing two units 105 MW each)
  In addition, mining sector is becoming even           ture company "Moravske hidroelektrane d.o.o.",          in Novi Sad and a new generation unit in TPP
more attractive for different companies from US,        in which RWE Innogy has a stake of 51% and              Kostolac B. All other developments, even if they
Canada, UK, EU countries, Russia but also Asian         the share of EPS is 49%. The Construction of            happen, will be seriously delayed.
companies coming from Korea, Japan and mid-             the first power plant should start in 2014, after         EPS-s generation assets on average are of a con-
dle east companies. All seeking a new hub for           the positive outcome of feasibility studies and         siderable age. Currently, EPS thermal power plants
their European positioning.                             completion of the planning process. The expect-         have been operating for 187,000 hours, or 31 years
  Digest of the analysis, related to power gen in-      ed annual generation of all cascade HPPs is 650         on average, while hydro power plants have an av-
vestments, an overview provides a glance into           GWh. The deal between RWE Innogy and EPS                erage age of 35 years. Although considerable reha-
overall market perspective for different business       came as surprise, the construction of new HPPs          bilitation works have been done in the last decade
development, companies servicing or providing           on Morava river had not been in the discussion          and have contributed to more efficient electricity
specific power gen products.                            since . The deal was concluded very recently,           generation and security of supply, the most ancient
                                                        and it is too early to form an opinion. Develop-        TPPs, such as Kolubara A1, A2 and A4, are
Construction of two coal-fired                          ments should be followed-up.                            planned to be decommissioned after 2012 due to
TPPs, Kolubara B (2 units, 350 MW                                                                               environmental and operational cost reasons, al-
each) and unit No.3 at power plant                      Modernization and extension of                          though it is more likely that their decommissioning
Nikola Tesla B (700MW)                                  existing CHP Novi Sad                                   will be postponed until a new TPP unit is commis-
  The tenders for selection of a strategic partner        This project is to be executed by the new com-        sioned and starts the generation of electricity.
for these developments were underway during             pany Energija Novi Sad (ENS), a joint venture             The only entirely private (no EPS or any other
April and May 2011, Edison was chosen as part-          between EPS and the City of Novi Sad, and it            private enterprise involved) investment in con-
ner for Kolubara B2 PP, Chinese consortium is           aims to attract a strategic partner for the invest-     ventional electricity generation facilities is a plan
preparing for TENT B3. In the best case, one of         ment in the 450 MW/350 MW CHP unit at the               for the construction of the power plants at the
those two planned TPPs may be constructed, but          location of the existing plant. The tender for this     Lim river near the city of Brodarevo (HPPs Bro-
definitely not before the year 2020.                    strategic partnership is still open. This CHP           darevo 1 with 23 MW and Brodarevo 2 with 25
                                                        should be constructed by 2020.
Construction of 10 HPPs with to-
tal installed power of 103 MW on                        Construction of a new unit B3 at
the Ibar river                                          TPP Kostolac B by EPS together
  An agreement for the development of analyses          with the Chinese National Energy
and a pre-feasibility study was signed with the         Corporation, with estimated pow-
Italian company Seci Energia S.p.A. The Italian         er of 350MW (or more)
                                                          This project includes the rehabilitation of filters
                                                        at TPPs Kostolac B1 and B2, as well as exten-
                                                        sion of coal mining capacities. Project is expect-      MW), by the Canadian company Reservoir Capi-
                                                        ed to be completed by 2020.                             tal Corporation from Vancouver (BC) Canada.
                                                                                                                The current status is that a consortium for the
                                                        Construction of 3 x 150 MW HPPs                         development of a feasibility study has been es-
                                                        on middle Drina with EPRS (pow-                         tablished and the study is due to be completed
                                                        er Utility of the Republic of Srps-                     by August 2011.
                                                        ka) and with Seci Energia S.p.A.
                                                                                                                                      Source: Serbia-business
20    south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET
 IFC Invests in Enso Hydro
  to Boost Albania's Power
    Generating Capacity,
   Reduce Energy Imports
                                                                IFC, a member
                                                             of the World Bank
                                                             Group, is invest-
                                                             ing 6 million Euro
                                                             for a 20 percent
                                                             stake in Enso Hy-
                                                             dro Energji to help
                                                             it build a series of
                                                             small hydropower
                                                             projects in Alba-
                                                             nia that will in-
                                                             crease the coun-
try's electricity generation capacity and reduce energy imports.
  Austrian hydropower developer Enso Hydro established Enso Hydro
Energji to develop small and medium hydro power plants in Albania. Over
the next three years the company aims to invest around 75 million Euro in
the country to build new plants that will have the capacity to produce up to
50 megawatts of hydropower. Mountainous topography and high annual
rainfall make Albania one of the most attractive countries in Europe for
hydropower plants. Despite these natural advantages, the country has
developed only a third of its estimated hydro power potential.
  "We have already begun construction of an 8.9 megawatt run-of-the-
river plant on the lower reaches of the Lengarica River in Permet district,
in the southern prefecture of Gjirokaster," said Gilbert Frizberg, Founder
and Chairman of the Enso Advisory Board. "By partnering with IFC, Enso
strengthens its financial capability to realize additional hydro power
projects in Albania."
  The company also has an option to invest in a concession for a cascade
of five small hydro plants on the Mati River in the central prefecture of Diber,
with a total installed capacity of around 30 megawatts. The project, still at
the concept stage, would involve construction of two diversion hydropower
plants upstream, and three run-of-the-river type hydropower plants.
  "Enso Hydro Energji is backed by an experienced management team
that has delivered positive results in other countries," said Tomasz Tel-
ma, IFC Director for Europe and Central Asia. "This investment supports
our strategy in Albania of stimulating investment into sustainable renew-
able energy sources such as hydro power".
  In addition to investments, IFC is also advising countries in the Western
Balkans, including Albania, to develop markets for small hydro power
plants. Albania became a member of IFC in 1991. IFC's investment port-
folio in Albania stands at 178 million. USD IFC Advisory Services aims to
improve the investment climate, introduce international standards,
strengthen corporate governance, and to attract private sector participa-
tion in development of infrastructure projects.
  IFC is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on
the private sector. We help developing countries achieve sustainable
growth by financing investment, providing advisory services to business-
es and governments, and mobilizing capital in the international financial
markets. In fiscal 2011, amid economic uncertainty across the globe, we
helped our clients create jobs, strengthen environmental performance,
and contribute to their local communities-all while driving our investments
to an all-time high of nearly 19 billion USD.

                                                                  Source: IFC
                                                                                    south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET   21
     SEE NEWS                                           Renewable Energy Projects In
  SolarMax opens branches
   in Greece and Bulgaria                              Two cogeneration biomass power                              ply. Prices and amounts of wood chaff are determined
     With the new locations in Athens and              plants will be build in Benkovac and                        as a result of public tendering for sale of wood chaff and
 Sofia, SolarMax has moved closer to lo-               Zupanja                                                     firewood for the production of electricity and/or thermal
                                                                                                                   energy, conducted by Hrvatske sume d.o.o.
 cal customers to provide greater flexibili-
                                                                                                                      Strateski plan d.o.o. participated in the public tender
 ty and service and to continue to expand                                                                          for the areas of Vinkovci and Gospic and after gaining
 sales. Both branches have been integrat-                                                                          letter of approval for the most favourable provider it
 ed into Sputnik Engineering International                                                                         signed the contract with Croatian Forests ltd with 15
 AG; General Manger is Daniel Freudiger.                                                                           plus 15 years of wooden chaff supply on the deter-
     SolarMax inverters have been standing for                                                                     mined locations.
 Swiss quality, reliability and durability for more
                                                                                                                   Technical Solution
 than 20 years. The SolarMax products are                                                                            The selected technology is based on combustion of
 characterised by maximum efficiencies at dif-                                                                     biomass out of forest waste on the steam boiler grate,
 ferent application and climate conditions. The                                                                    by heating the water in the boiler pipes and turning it
                                                                                       ENERGY PLANT BENKOVAC
 Swiss manufacturer has the right device avail-                                                                    into saturated steam necessary to turn the turbine
 able for any field of application, from single-         The project includes the construction and implemen-       blades. The construction of a cogeneration plant is
 family homes to solar plants on farms and in-         tation of two cogeneration biomass power plants which       planned to be performed by the "turnkey" system with
                                                       will be located in the area of Croatian towns Benkovac      a reputable provider of trusted typed solutions.
 dustrial buildings through to solar power plants      and Zupanja with total capacity of 28,6 MW (14,3MW +
 in the megawatt range. String and central in-         14,3MW). Project Benkovac is located in the Business        Key Figures For Both Projects:
 verters have been certified for application in        zone Sopot. Complete infrastructure within the zone is       · Total investment costs: EUR 37,190,200
 Greece and Bulgaria and fulfil all statutory          provided by the Town of Benkovac. Land purchase for          · Net present value (NPV): EUR 59,888,073
 standards.                                            biomass power plant was executed in 2008.                    · Net present value + depreciation: EUR 72,099,229
     "Bulgaria and Greece are two of the most            Forest biomass will be used in cogeneration plant with     · Payback period: 5 years
                                                       the capacity of 22 t of steam per hour, with condensing      · Internal rate of return (IRR): 25.9%
 ambitious markets in the photovoltaics indus-
                                                       turbine with extraction and heat exchanger. Installed        · Average annual total revenues: EUR 17,313,830
 try," explains Daniel Freudiger, General Man-         capacity is 10,000 kW of thermal energy and 4,300 kW         · Average annual operating costs: EUR 7,946,684
 ager of Sputnik Engineering International AG.         of electricity. Project Zupanja is located south of the      · Average annual net cash flow: EUR 7,124,345
 "Both European countries have indeed had to           Zupanja junction. The construction land is intended for      · Technical solution: Cogeneration plant with steam
 make many cuts as a result of the European                                                                         · boiler 22 t steam/h with 4,300 kW of electricity and
 financial crisis, however the markets still re-                                                                    · 10,000 kW of thermal energy
                                                                                                                    · Construction start: December 2011
 main attractive for the solar industry due to
                                                                                                                    · Production start: February 2013
 the many hours of sunlight and the govern-
 ment subsidies."                                                                                                  Institutional Framework
                                                                                                                      The legislation of the Republic of Croatia determines
                                                                                                                   the development of energy production from renew-
        Nederman acquires                                                                                          able sources as the national interest. This is reflected
        business in Turkey                                                                                         in the obligation of the Power Transmission System
     Nederman buys the Nederman business of                                             ENERGY PLANT ZUPANJA
                                                                                                                   Operator (HEP-TSO), and the Electricity Market Op-
 Havak Endustri Tesisleri Tic. Ltd. Sti. in Turkey.                                                                erator (HROTE), to accept and register electrical en-
 Havak has for 20 years been a distributor of          construction of production, commercial and business         ergy production from renewable sources and cogen-
                                                       facilities and is located in the centre of the industrial   eration and to purchase such electricity from produc-
 Nederman products on the Turkish market.              zone. The construction land is fully equipped with utili-   ers in accordance with the tariff system applicable to
 Through the acquisition Nederman obtains a            ties and other infrastructure. Land purchase was exe-       renewable energy sources.
 well-established business that will constitute a      cuted in 2009. Forest biomass will be used in cogener-         Legal framework for RES and biofuels consists of:
 base for bringing the full Nederman range of          ation plant with the capacity of 22t of steam per hour,     Regulation on the minimum share of electricity pro-
 products and solutions to the Turkish market.         with condensing turbine with extraction and heat ex-        duced from renewable energy sources and cogener-
 "Turkey is becoming an increasingly interest-         changer. Installed capacity is 10,000 kW of thermal en-     ation which stimulates the production;
                                                       ergy and 4,300 kW of electricity.                              Regulation on fees to boost the electricity produc-
 ing market with considerable growth poten-
                                                                                                                   tion from renewable energy sources and cogenera-
 tial. The acquisition of Havak's business is a        Project Developers                                          tion; Tariff feed in system for electricity production
 fast way of entering the Turkish market, com-           Projects developer and owner is Strateski plan d.o.o.     from renewable energy sources and cogeneration;
 pared to building up a new business", says            Project development, supervision and monitoring dur-        Regulations on the use of renewable energy sources
 Sven Kristensson, CEO and President Neder-            ing the construction phase are undertaken by Strateski      and cogeneration; Regulations on obtaining the sta-
 man. The acquired business was consolidated           plan - energetski projekti d.o.o. When implementation       tus of eligible producer of electricity.
                                                       phase begins the company will ongoing management,              The incentive fee for Incentivizing Electricity Produc-
 in the Nederman Group at January 10, 2012.
                                                       operation and maintenance of power plants.                  tion from Renewable Energy Sources and Cogeneration
     Nederman is one of the world's leading                                                                        is collected from all electricity customers in Croatia and
 companies supplying products and services             Forest Biomass                                              are used by Croatian Energy Market Operator for pay-
 in the environmental technology sector focus-           Supplier of biomass in Croatia is Sumska biomasa          ment of incentive price for electricity delivered to the pow-
 ing on industrial air filtration and recycling. The   d.o.o. - company founded by the state owned compa-          er system. To receive this fee producer must be regis-
 company's products and systems are contrib-           ny Hrvatske sume d.o.o. with the goal of more effi-         tered as an eligible producer. An eligible producer is an
                                                       cient use of forest biomass and the primary task of         energy entity producing both electrical and thermal ener-
 uting to reducing the environmental effects
                                                       organizing wood chaff market. Annual amounts of             gy in a single production facility, using waste or renew-
 from industrial production, to creating safe and      available biomass in Croatia are limited.                   able energy sources in an economically appropriate
 clean working environments and to boosting              Taking into account the energy efficiency of the pro-     manner harmonized with environmental protection.
 production efficiency.                                posed project, Hrvatske sume d.o.o. concluded multiyear
                                                       sales contracts which provide security in wood chaff sup-   Source: Strateski plan - energetski projekti d.o.o.
22   south-east european INDUSTRIAL    MARKET
The South-East European Forum will
present the latest green technologies
                         28-30 March 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria
  The 'green wave' will not pass South-East Europe. The energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste sectors in the Region are in need of
expertise and technology. In view of the global changes, the South-East European Exhibition and Forum will outline good business opportunities
in this part of Europe and promote best environmental practices, the implementation of which will decarbonise the local economy.
  Over 50 % of the exhibition area is covered by foreign participants from Austria, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark,
France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA etc. The organizer Via Expo expects over 7 000
professional visitors to get involved.
  More than 80 top-level speakers from 18 countries will give their perspectives on financial, technological and trade opportunities in the green
economy and engage delegates in stimulating discussions. EE & RES Financing, Biomass Resources, Bio Energy, Waste-to-Energy, Energy
Efficiency, Waste Management and Recycling are the program highlights.

                     28 March                                                          29 March
ÅNERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE                                      ENERGY EFFICIENCY                                                     Directive: the Efficient Thermal Treatment Process of
ENERGY FINANCING                                                    · What New European Policies to Reach the 20% En-                    Waste Materials, Based on the EU Waste Directive
 · Framework Conditions Necessary for Renewables                      ergy Efficiency Target?                                          · Waste-to-Energy Emissions and Air Quality
   and Efficiency                                                   · What is Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW2)?                          · Waste-to-Energy and District Heating: Case Study
 · Fiscal Incentives Working Against and for Resource               · Energy Efficiency Watch: How to Trigger Best Prac-                 of Bologna
   Efficiency                                                         tice Policies?
 · Renewable Energy & Environmental Program                         · Good Practices and Lessons Learned from the Con-                AUSTRIA SHOWCASE 'ENVIRONMENTAL
 · Are PV Installation Already Feasible Without FIT?                  certed Action on the Implementation of the Energy               TECHNOLOGIES'
                                                                      Services Directive
                                                                    · Energy Efficiency in the Dutch Built Environment
Arranging Construction & Development
Project Financing (Debt and Equity)
                                                                    · Understanding People Rather than Barriers: the Key                                  30 March
                                                                      to Sound Energy Policies
 · Debt or Equity Available to Development Companies                · The Benefits of RES DE and the Best Practices for
   in the Balkans?                                                                                                                    BIOMASS RESOURCES; BIOENERGY
                                                                      its Effective Regulation                                         · The Role of Biomass in EU27 to Meet the 2020 Tar-
 · How Can Public Markets Satisfy Some of the Need                  · District Heating and Cooling as a Way to Achieve
   for Construction Debt and Equity?                                                                                                     gets for Heat, Electricity & Transport
                                                                      Higher Energy Efficiency                                         · Enhancing the Market Relevance of Alternative
 · What Impact Has the Sovereign Debt Crisis Had on                 · Current Status and Future Perspectives of the Bul-                 (mixed) Biomass Pellets in Europe
   Bank Project Finance Lending?                                      garian Energy Efficiency                                         · Åcological and Economic Optimization of Future Bio-
 · Trade Finance Answers Many Early Stage Project                   · Engineering for Reduction of Energy Costs, Re-                     gas Plants
   Finance Issues - What is Available?                                leased through a Contract with Guaranteed Result                 · Modelling Approach of Bioenergy Development in Ger-
 · How has China's entrance into the market affected                  (ESCO) - Anti-Crisis Measure                                       many under Competition
   financial landscape?                                             · Austrian Energy Efficiency Policy and Programs with              · Pelleting of Biomass, Fuel from Waste and Coal.
                                                                      a Focus on SME                                                     Grinding of Tyres and Woodchips. Recent Projects of
Arranging Debt and Equity for Operational                           · Austrian Experience in Energy Efficiency Implemen-                 Amandus Kahl, Outlook and Impact on the Balkan
Projects and Assets Such as Existing Buildings                        tation in Industry - results                                       Market
                                                                    · Energy Retrofitting of Multifamily Houses and the EU             · Biomass Potential for Future Investments in Serbia,
 · How Can One Utilize Existing Cash Flow to Modern-                  Program Regional Development                                       Macedonia, Bosna & Croatia
   ize Assets? How Much Leverage is Possible and                    · Renewable Energy Sources Manager In Buildings:                   · The Growth of Biodiesel Production in Central and
   What is the Maximum Term?                                          Control and Monitoring                                             Eastern Europe
 · To Which Extent Can Energy Efficiency Projects be                                                                                   · Agropellets Potential
   Financed on the Basis of Future Savings? Which Col-             PV DISCUSSION -                                                     · Energy Crops Optimization Selection Process for the
   lateral Structures are Feasible?                                Future Opportunities and Risks                                        Commercial Production of Bio-Fuels
 · What Can Go Wrong in an Operating Asset and How                                                                                     · Biomass Mobilization for Industrial - Scale Bioenergy
                                                                    · European Markets - Do Current Markets Meet Ex-                     Plants
   to Solve Those Problems?                                           pectations?
 · Do Bank Credit Lines from IFIs and Governments                                                                                      · European Biogas Initiative
                                                                    · Grid Parity / Incentive Parity / Generation Parity -
   Work or Not - Some Practical Examples                              What Happens After Subsidies?
 · Why is Energy Efficiency a Failure all Over the World            · Accelerating the Adoption of Photovoltaics - What               WASTE PREVENTION
   - or is it?                                                        Role will the Consumer Play?                                     · European Overview of Waste Prevention: Global Chal-
 · Financing Energy Efficient in Buildings: the Role of             · Consolidation of the Photovoltaic Industry - How to Sur-           lenges of Waste Prevention, European Legal Context,
   Governments in Scaling Markets                                     vive?                                                              Overview of Good Practices and Initiatives in Europe
 · Improving Energy Efficiency in Industry by Long-term             · Optimizing Procurement - How to Distribute Photovolta-           · Integrated Approach for Waste Prevention in Nantes
                                                                      ics?                                                             · Strategies and Campaigns for Food Waste Prevention
   Agreements, a Collaborative Approach                                                                                                  in North London
                                                                    · Traditional Solar Firms Versus New Entrants - Who
                                                                      will Lead the Game?                                              · Waste Prevention and Sustainable Consumption
WASTE MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                       · Elaborating a Waste Prevention Plan for Sofia City
 · Financing of Waste Management
 · PPPs Eastern Europe                                             ENERGY RECOVERY
                                                                    · The Role of Waste-to-Energy Plants in Sustainable               RECYCLING
 · Comparing Solid Waste Management in the World's                                                                                     · Legal Instruments to Push Forward Recycling
   Cities                                                             Waste Management and Energy Supply
                                                                    · Development of Waste to Energy Infrastructure in                 · Fully Automated Municipal Solid Waste Sorting
 · Bulgarian Industrial Association - Legislation & Main                                                                               · European Federation of Waste Management and En-
   Issues in Waste Management in Bulgaria                             the UK - Opportunities and Challenges                              vironmental Services
                                                                    · Recent Trends and Future Challenges in the Con-                  · Overview about Mineral Recycling and Construction
 Workshop: Italian Integrated Waste Management Ex-                    trol of Flue Gas Emissions and Residues Manage-
perience - Organized by the Italian Chamber of Com-                                                                                      Industry
                                                                      ment in WtE Plants                                               · Recycling and Metal Scrap Processing in Austria:
merce in Bulgaria                                                   · Recycling and Recovery of Energy from Municipal
 Round Table with Municipality Representatives                                                                                           Challenges for Europe towards Improvement in Ener-
                                                                      Wastes - Recommendations Based on 50 Years of                      gy and Resource Efficiency
                                                                      Experience in Austria                                            · Paper recycling
LANDFILLING                                                         · Decentralized Recovery of Energy from Biogenic                   · PRO EUROPE Experience in the Packages Recycling
 · The Role of Policies in GHG Emission Reduction from                Waste for Small and Medium-sized Municipalities                    Sector - Best Practices and Challenges
   Waste Case Study of Developed and Developing                       and Industries
   Country                                                          · WtE Technologies in Japan
 · Sustainability Gaps in MSW-Landfills
 · Landfilling in Denmark - Legal Framework and Good               THE EXPERIENCE OF THE EUROPEAN
   Practices                                                       SUPPLIERS OF WASTE-TO-ENERGY
 · Environmental Compatibility of Landfills - a Method to          TECHNOLOGY (ESWET)
   Evaluate Landfill Long-term Management                           · Introduction to ESWET and Comparison of Grate-
 · Sustainable Landfills under the EU Concept
 · Purification of Landfill Leachate Based on Membrane                Firing Technology with Other Options
   Technology and Controlled Infiltration of Retentate              · Waste-to-Energy in the Light of Waste Framework                               Organizer:

                                                                                                                                        south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET          23
                 Sentera Thracia is building new
                  production facility in Bulgaria
 CEO Mr. Jos Raskin presents the investment for South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market
Dear Mr. Raskin, where is the lo-
cation of the new production fa-
cility and what is the total surface
area of the buildings?
  The new production facility of Sentera Thracia
Ltd. is planned to be build in the village Voivodi-
novo, municipality Maritza, district Plovdiv, locat-
ed on 4 km. distance from downtown. The build-
ing will include production and stock premises,
located on the first floor with total area 2500 ì2,
as well as administrative offices for R&D and
management respectively on the first and sec-
ond floor with total area of 600 ì2. The approxi-
mate size of the entire place is 3000 ì2. The
project started on the 10th of October 2011 and
we expect it to be finalized in May 2012. The          in the whole company in all its aspects. Also the       About Sentera Controls /
company further plans to build 2000 ì2 extra pro-      use of green electronics that have a lighter im-        Sentera Thracia
duction area.                                          pact on the environment thanks to improved en-            Sentera Controls was established in 1998 by
                                                       ergy efficient and cleaner production methods           Mr. Jos Raskin and headquartered in Temse,
What is the overall size of the in-                    will be used in new designs made by our R&D             Belgium. It has been a strong competitor of con-
vestment?                                              department to have superior efficiency and much         trols for the HVACR market and provider of elec-
  The investment amounts 2,5 million EUR. The          higher green ratings.                                   tronics manufacturing services since then. Dis-
structure is made up of self-supporting panels,                                                                cerning customers soon began to seek out the
type Superwall, which ensures stability of the         Are any energy efficient technolo-                      quality and unique control features of the differ-
building and optimizes costs with respect to heat-     gies set in the production process?                     ent product ranges.
ing and air conditioning. At the construction site        Like any socially engaged and responsible              Now greatly expanded, with offices in Bulgaria,
only proven quality materials will be used, be-        company we rely on the use of environmentally           Belgium and Lithuania, Sentera continues to
cause we hold on to the security of the site and       friendly technologies. High efficient heat pumps        maintain the highest standards for products and
the comfort of employees who will live and work        together with energy recuperation are planned           workmanship. Sentera's exceptional work force
in the premises. In the next stage, around 2013,       for use. Our aim is to become completely CO2            remains committed to carefully upholding the
another estimated 2 million EUR will be spent in       neutral and energy independent by using photo-          principles of quality and integrity that defines the
facilities and infrastructure.                         voltaic energy sources. Sentera Thracia Ltd. Is a       company. Sentera Controls success is a unique
                                                       manufacturer of a large variety of HVACR elec-          combination of general attitude, design of fine
What production equipment is                           tronic products. Due to frequent product chang-         electronic control products and customized con-
envisaged in the project and                           es and the continuous technological advance-            trols, superior product quality and durability and
which companies are the suppli-                        ment of the products we have to invest in better        our commitment to customer service.
ers chosen by you?                                     and energy saving production processes.                   During the last decade, Sentera has emerged
  SENTERA`s policy always has been to have                                                                     as a pre-eminent manufacturer of electronic con-
state-of-the-art production equipment. Without         What suppliers of raw materials                         trols on the European market including sensors,
quality tools, it is not possible to produce quality   for the production you will use -                       switches, transformers, logic electronic controls,
products. In this way, we continue to invest with      Bulgarian or foreign?                                   PCB design and assembly. Continued develop-
our German and Swiss partners like DMG, Ar-              When it is possible we prefer to work with            ment of new advanced electronic controls has
burg, Essemtec, ERSA, IWetc. To produce mod-           "close-at-home" suppliers. But as we work in an         further established the signature style and dis-
ern electronic systems requires an ever increas-       international (European) environment, we wel-           tinctive identity of Sentera.
ing number of investments to keep operating.           come all "open minded" partners with reliable             While we continue to be a well recognized man-
These investment combined with a drive towards         products and quality services.                          ufacturer of HVACR controls in Europe, our long-
a more energy efficient production process will                                                                term strategic plan is to increase international
help us setting up a new benchmark.                    Could you comment the impor-                            growth. Spanning across analog and digital tech-
                                                       tance of the investment for the                         nologies, Sentera offers the optimum solutions
The introduction of what new                           development strategy of Sentera?                        for a the whole range of companies across Eu-
technology and automation sys-                           For sure, this project will be an important tool to   rope. The new generation of products focus on
tems you`ve planned?                                   strengthen our organization and expand our ex-          unified communication protocols and networking,
  In the new site, we will be able to fully imple-     pertise together with an important increase in          and last but not least advanced power consump-
ment Bea Gold: this is an enterprise managing          productivity and efficiency. It is our way to contin-   tion management. Sentera is proud to devise all
software system which will allows us to organize,      ue to research and develop new 'green' electron-        of its core products, own know-how, engineering
register, monitor and analyze all events and data      ics for the HVACR market.                               capability and workmanship.
24    south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET
           Implementation of continuous emissions
                monitoring system (CEMS) in
                 Dalmacijacement, Croatia
  Dalmacijacement d.d., of Kastel Sucurac,              telligence/ Business Visualization Suite (including
Croatia is part of the CEMEX consortium, one of         the ReportWorXÙ enterprise reporting/charting/
the top building materials companies in the world.      analysis component).
The company is the Croatian market leader in              The newly created system collects raw (i.e.
cement production, with three factories (plants):       measured) values and recalculates them to cre-
Sveti Juraj (Saint Juraj), Sveti Kajo (Saint Kajo)      ate normalized data based on the normalization
and Kolovoz.                                            factors. Both raw and normalized values are pre-
                                                        sented to the operator through ICONICS Graph-            Benefits of the System
Project Summary                                         WorX in real time. If any of the measured values           Dalmacijacement d.d. selected ICONICS for its
  The Republic of Croatia, in cooperation with          exceed the defi ned upper limits, an alarm is trig-      emissions monitoring system upon ECCOS inzen-
The European Union, has recently introduced             gered via AlarmWorX, informing the operator to           jering's recommendation. The ICONICS solution
legislation for environmental protection through        change the process in question. Any other mal-           helped meet the building materials company's re-
continuous emissions monitoring. Dalmacijace-           functions or errors in the equipment also trigger        quirements for cost-effective data visualization,
ment d.d. set out, with assistance from ECCOS           alarms, which are depicted in GraphWorX and              control, alarming, trending and reporting. The sys-
inzenjering, to bring all of its factories under com-   stored to a database via AlarmWorX logger.               tem integrates with the company's Siemens S7/
pliance, with the goal of creating a continuous           Data is stored to a SQL database through               300 modular controllers, SIMATIC ET200 I/O sys-
emissions monitoring system (CEMS). Manufac-            ICONICS TrendWorX. Since the project has to              tems, Profibus communications and a number of
turing facilities are often assumed to be sources       satisfy people in different positions and with dif-      specialized sensors including AirLoq gas analyz-
of pollution, so a system was required that could       ferent interests, data is stored in three logging        ers, Flowsic 102 flow monitors, RM210/FW101
continuously monitor the emissions, graphically         groups; 1 minute; 10 minute; and                         dust monitors and Itabar particle analyzers. ICON-
depict current emissions, normalize the mea-              30 minute average values. The first two groups         ICS solutions also integrate with Dalmacijacement
surements, archive measured and calculated              are important to the operators at the factory (real      d.d.'s Microsoft software, including Windows Serv-
(i.e. normalized) values, inform the public through     time) and to the public through corporate Web pag-       er 2003 R2, Office 2007 (especially Excel) and
corporate Web pages and, most importantly, cre-         es (slight delay). The third group (30 minute aver-      SQL 2005 Express Edition SP2.
ate daily, monthly and yearly reports in Microsoft      age values) is needed to create reports for the            Dalmacijacement d.d. is pleased with their new
Excel and XML-formats that adhere to the legis-         Croatian environmental agency. Reports are creat-        driven emissions monitoring system and plans to
lative requirements.                                    ed through ICONICS ReportWorX, a component of            use ICONICS for further development encom-
                                                        the BizViz suite. Considerable SQL programming           passing additional pollution factors throughout its
ICONICS Software Deployed                               (Stored procedures, Dynamic SQL) had to be done          sites, while ECCOS inzenjering plans to use a
  Dalmacijacement d.d., working with systems in-        due to the fact that the measured values had to be       similar system for other clients requiring the
tegrator, ECCOS inzenjering, selected ICONICS'          positioned on exact positions in Excel sheets (48        same level of emisisons monitoring, including
GENESIS32Ù Web-enabled, OPC-integrated                  half-hour values per day - if one is missing or cor-     other factories, electric plants, waste processing
HMI/SCADA Suite (including GraphWorXÙ32,                rupt, the Excel cell has to be empty) as well as veri-   facilities and more.
AlarmWorXÙ32 and TrendWorXÙ32 compo-                    fied (Kiln On/Off, Main generator On/Off, Transition
nents), as well as the BizVizÙ Manufacturing In-        period or normal operation mode).                                                Sources: CEMEX, ICONICS

           Modernization of TE-TO Zrenjanin, Serbia
                Capital overhaul worth EUR 3.5 million increases energy efficiency by 60 percent
  Modernization of Steam Power Plant-Heating            worth about EUR 3.5 million, has been imple-             a combined production cycle. Installed capacity
Plant (TE-TO) Zrenjanin, the second largest             mented in several phases over the last two years.        of annual electrical energy production amounts
branch within the system of the business organi-        After the works on reconstruction of a turbine at        up to 750.000 MWh. Power plant is connected to
zation Panonske Termoelektrane-Toplane Novi             Skoda Power plant, which is also the manufac-            the heating system of Zrenjanin via main hot-wa-
Sad, Serbia is entering its final phase. Czech          turer of the turbine, assembling works were com-         ter pipeline, and to the industrial plants via steam
contractor Skoda Power is implementing the last         menced at TE-TO Zrenjanin.Modernization of               pipelines.
phase of the modernization project - warranty           TE-TO Zrenjanin has contributed to the growth              TPP-HP Zrenjanin consists of the main produc-
measuring, of which aim is to officially confirm        of the capacity and the improvement of energy            tion unit (MPU) and the supporting one. The lat-
the results of the overhaul and modernization,                                                                   ter has five low-capacity boilers, from 12 to 75 t/
                                                        efficiency at EPS, that is, promotion and preser-
people at TE-TO Zrenjanin stated. Upon the                                                                       h, and four turbines from 2,5 to 8,5 MW - with
                                                        vation of the stability of work of the national pow-
modernization, the capacity at TE-TO Zrenjanin                                                                   total power of 25 MW. Boilers are usually used to
                                                        er supply system.
should be increased from 50 to 80 megawatts,                                                                     actuate the main production unit. However, when
                                                          Thermal Power Plant-Heating Plant (TPP-HP)
that is, the level of energy efficiency should grow                                                              MPU is not in function, they are used for heating
by 60 percent, which will reduce the quantity of        Zrenjanin, the second facility according to size
                                                        and production potential, is located in the indus-       and supplying consumers with technological
fuel used in the production of electric and heat-
                                                        trial zone of Zrenjanin, 4 km away from the city         steam. Natural gas and fuel-oil are used as fuel.
ing energy and increase reliability, safety and se-
curity of work of the plant.                            centre and in close vicinity of the Zrenjanin-Bel-
                                                                                                                  Source: Panonske termoelektrane-toplane d.o.o.,
  The overhaul and modernization, a project             grade road. This branch too was constructed for                                         Serbia Business
                                                                                                                 south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET        25
                          Industrial Exhibitions at
                      Inter Expî Center Sofia in 2012
IFAM, INTRONIKA and PLAST                                     conducted under the auspices of the Minister of Inte-           AQUA-THERM
28th February - 2nd March 2012                                rior of the Republic of Bulgaria.                               14th - 17th March 2012
  The IFAM, INTRONIKA and PLAST specialised exhi-               The exhibition will present new generations of com-             AQUA-THERM is a new exhibition format for heating,
bitions will have their Bulgarian premiere, to meet for       munication and security systems, site control and               ventilation, air conditioning, water and sanitation, envi-
the first time Bulgarian engineering, technical and man-      monitoring devices, fire alarm and fire extinguishing           ronmental technologies and renewable energy pools ,is
agerial audiences. The events are organizers by the           equipment, rescue equipment, transportation vehi-               going to open doors. The organizers - KDM Internation-
Slovenian company ICM doo and Bulgarreklama Agen-             cles. The exhibition includes high-tech products , en-          al- Italy and Bulgarreklama Agency will do their best to
cy. ICM already conducts successful exhibitions in the        hancing the security level of each individual, home,            take advantage of the prestigious Austrian REED EXHI-
Republuc of Serbia and Slovenia, and is quite ambi-           office, commercial or business area. The list of partic-        BITIONS brand in order to attract participants and visi-
tious to cover European market, Central and Eastern           ipants includes companies ,engineering and manu-                tors at IEC from the widest possible range of countries.
Europe, including Russia and Turkey, sharing with us          facturing the latest models of devices - intercom,              AQUA-THERM 's best experience and know-how gained
best practices. The forum includes specialized business       alarm systems and intelligent video surveillance sys-           in Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia
modules - Exhibitor's' Platform (presentation of prod-        tems, electronic locking systems, sound equipment,              and Ukraine will be transferred to Bulgaria to intensify
                                                              etc., companies for automated car-parking systems ,             partnership in several industrial sectors - construction,
ucts, services, etc.) Education Platform (experts ex-
                                                              access control systems and automatic drives. One of             architecture, building, plumbing , gas installations etc.
change knowledge amongst exhibits), professional vis-
                                                              the highlights will be the software for video surveil-
itors and chief executive officers (high-speed commu-
                                                              lance and security, we expect to welcome companies              BULCONTROLA AND WATER SOFIA
nication and achievement of quick results in negotia-
                                                              having a high potential of installers and integrators of        28th - 30th March 2012
tions), and The Young Entrepreneur Module (support
                                                              real-time video surveillance and safety systems.
for business starters at stimulating conditions).
                                                              TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS
MACHTECH & METAL EXPO                                         28th February - 2nd March 2012
28th February - 2nd March 2012                                   TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS is a B2B Forum aimed
                                                              at promoting modern transport and logistics chains,
                                                              specialized vehicles, machinery, equipment and in-
                                                              formation systems for efficient storage, customs,
                                                              transport, manufacturing and practical logistics. This
                                                              promotion will help in optimizing the transport infra-
                                                              structure, communications and logistics industry, in
                                                              line with the requirements for even stronger national
                                                              integration into the European transport and logistics             The 41st edition of BULCONTROLA will showcase
                                                              system. The show will also present proposals for in-            a variety of innovations (devices, equipment, monitor-
                                                              novation in forwarding various categories of freights           ing and prevention systems, automated operations,
                                                              and for improvement of the standard of the set of ser-          etc.) associated with the modernization of production
  MACHTECH & METAL EXPO is organized by the Bul-              vice (customs, courier mail, etc.), as well as other ac-
garian Branch Chamber of Machine Building, the Slove-                                                                         and environmental protection. European standards
                                                              tivities servicing transport industry.                          and hygiene control regulations generate new issues
nian company ICM and Bulgarreklama Agency. The ex-               Modern storage business is of big importance to ef-
hibition includes the sectors of metallurgy, machine build-                                                                   for designers, engineers, technologists, environmen-
                                                              ficient freight forwarding and logistics services and
ing, foundry and tooling. It will present a wide range of                                                                     talists, experts in the field of metrology and standard-
                                                              transport. The latest warehouse machinery and equip-
metal-grinding and metal-processing machines, equip-                                                                          ization, and other industrial sectors. At BULCONTRO-
                                                              ment (forklifts, docking equipment, shelving systems,
ment, accessories and machine parts, tools and equip-                                                                         LA they can review modern diagnostic and measure-
                                                              storage structures, automated storage systems, etc..),
ment, steel and pig-iron castings and castings from non-                                                                      ment devices, laboratory facilities and equipment,
                                                              software, hardware and other innovations for ware-
ferrous alloys for constructions and equipment, hydraulic                                                                     electronic devices and accessories, tools, software
                                                              house management and distribution, will show some
and other equipment parts for machines for the main sec-                                                                      and management systems and other automation so-
                                                              efficient management solutions.
tors of industry, machinery and equipment for welding                                                                         lutions for control, rational use and environmental pol-
operations, robotic and laser systems and equipment,                                                                          lution prevention. High quality chemicals, reagents,
                                                              BULGARIAN BUILDING WEEK (BBW)
pumps, compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic compo-                                                                            modern equipment for monitoring of key parameters
                                                              14th - 17th March 2012
nents for machinery and equipment, etc.                                                                                       of various resources, foodstuffs, construction sites,
                                                                 Inter Expo Center is about to open doors from 14th -
                                                                                                                              storage conditions and transportation of goods, resi-
                                                              17th March, 2012, for the 12th edition of BULGARIAN
SAFETY & SECURITY                                                                                                             dential and working environment, etc. , will provide
                                                              BUILDING WEEK (BBW) International Exhibition. This
28th February - 2nd March 2012                                                                                                specialists with a perfect diagnostic tool for quality
                                                              most prestigious national building exhibition will again be
                                                                                                                              control in manufacturing and services.
                                                              conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional
                                                                                                                                It will be the sixth consecutive year for Bulgarreklama
                                                              Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bul-
                                                                                                                              Agency, WASSER BERLIN and the Bulgarian Water As-
                                                              garia. Being a barometer of trends for construction in-
                                                                                                                              sociation to meet at WATER SOFIA 2012 Bulgarian and
                                                              dustry, the BBW 2012 increases the emphasis on envi-
                                                                                                                              international entrepreneurs and experts in aquaculture
                                                              ronmental and energy-efficient construction. The direc-
                                                              tives on the construction of new buildings or renovations       management. As always, the exhibition will showcase
                                                              require clear standards for quality construction, and the       new generations of technologies, equipment, installations
                                                              BBW exhibition halls provide space for demonstration of         and systems to optimize the extraction, processing and
                                                              related solutions from a number of companies. The ex-           consumption of water resources. It will put a focus on
  The 19th edition of SAFETY & SECURITY interna-              hibits indicate the way to future energy-efficient buildings,   advanced materials, machinery and construction tech-
tional exhibition for safety and security innovation is       facilitate the large scale introduction of green homes and      nologies for rehabilitation and construction of water and
an initiative of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce            passive houses as buildings of the future, provide bench-       sewerage systems at different sites.
and Industry and Bulgarreklama Agency, which is               marks for quality construction of highways and facilities.                   For more information visit

26    south-east european INDUSTRIAL       MARKET
                    Successful WIN with visitor growth
  WORLD OF INDUSTRY (WIN) concluded on 5               tions. WIN Part 1 also hosted 30 buying delega-
February in Istanbul with satisfied exhibitors re-     tions from 19 cities in Turkey who came to WIN
porting good business. Not even unexpected             for the latest technologies.
winter weather could dampen the spirits of ex-           An OAIB initiative supported by the Turkish
hibitors, who indicated that they were satisfied       Ministry of Economics organized a delegation of
with the business conducted with national as well      buyers from more than 13 countries, including
as international trade visitors. A procession of       Azerbaijan, Croatia, Greece, Iraq, Jordan, Ku-
"Sold" signs on machinery and tools continuous-        wait, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Uzbekistan.
ly drew attention. Customers came from impor-          Other delegations from Iran, Japan and Yemen
tant Middle Eastern and North African such as          also used the fair to close business deals.
Algeria, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates as            WIN was supported by 76 organizations,
well as Bulgaria, India and Russia. WIN was            among which 30 are active internationally. These       WORKING. It covered the entire market spec-
comprised of the fairs METAL WORKING,                  included the Turkish Ministry for Research, In-        trum and attracted great visitor interest."
WELDING and SURFACE TREATMENT.                         dustry and Technology; the Economics Ministry;           Japan also showcased a country pavilion for
  WIN hosted 927 exhibiting companies from 33          the Ministry of Labor and Social Security; the         the first time at WIN. The program, which
countries and 43,800 trade visitors. Although          Union of Turkish Chambers for Commerce, In-            matched six large Japanese companies with
snowy conditions on the day before and the first       dustry, Maritime Commerce, and Commodity               Turkish companies, was organized by the Japa-
day of the fair resulted in some cancelled flights,    Exchanges (TOBB); The Anatolian Export                 nese foreign trade organization JETRO. In addi-
the percentage of international visitors increased     Group: the Turkish government funding agency           tion, WIN welcomed 16 representatives from the
7.5% compared to 2011, far exceeding expecta-          KOSGEB; and the German Machine Tool Build-             Japanese Parliament, a demonstration of how
                                                       ers' Association (VDW).                                important the Turkish market is to Japan.
                                                         The German Machine Tool Builders' Associa-             WIN Part 2 will take place from 29 March to 1
                                                       tion (VDW) organized for the first time a German       April 2012 at the Tuyap exhibition center in Istan-
                                                       Pavilion at the METALWORKING section of                bul. WIN Part 2 comprises the international trade
                                                       WIN. Christoph Miller, Director of Exhibitions at      fairs OTOMASYON (industrial automation),
                                                       VDW, was impressed by WIN, stating, "The com-          ELECTROTECH (energy, electrical engineering
                                                       plete organization and exhibit construction is at a    and electronics), HYDRAULIC & PNEUMATIC
                                                       very high and professional level here. The metal-      (fluid power technology), and MATERIALS HAN-
                                                       forming sector is very important for METAL-            DLING (intralogistics and transport).

                                                      ISK - SODEX 2012
International HVAC & Refrigeration, Pumps, Valves, Fittings, Water Treatment and Insulation Exhibition
May, 02 - 05 2012,                                     agers, group leaders and master craftsmen, skilled
Istanbul Expo Center                                   workers, other employees related to the industry.
  Based on many years of successful exhibitions,
Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcilik A.S. organiz-          Proven Success
es the biggest HVAC & R trade fair of the Eura-           The 2010 exhibition saw record-breaking num-
sion region. Sodex Exhibitions, held alternately       bers, both in terms of exhibitors and visitors. 883
in Istanbul and Antalya since 2000, enjoy the par-     direct exhibitors and 80.756 proffessional visitors
ticipation of professionals from Turkey and the        made the fair a vibrant business platform. Togeth-
surrounding countries. ISK-SODEX displays lat-         er with its 52.143 sq. m stand area ISK-SODEX
est developments and state of the art technolo-        has reinforced its position as being the largest in-   Hannover-Messe Sodeks
gies in heating, cooling and air-conditioning.         dustrial trade exhibition in Turkey. The exhibition    Fuarcilik A.S.
                                                       was held through the supports of ISKAV Heating,          Hannover-Messe Sodeks Fuarcilik A.S. (HMSF)
Exhibitor's Profile                                    Cooling, Air-Conditioning Research and Education       is a joint venture of Dunya Fuar Yapim Ltd. Sti,
  Profile for exhibit includes Innovative products     Foundation , DOSIDER Natural Gas Equipment             one of the leading exhibition organizers of Turkey,
& system solutions, Systems for reducing overall       Manufacturers and Businessmen Associations,            and Hannover Messe International Istanbul, a sub-
energy consumption, Latest about building heat-        ISKID Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Manufac-        sidiary of Deutsche Messe AG, that is one of the
ing warranty, New processing techniques in             turers Associations, IZODER Association of ther-       leading exhibition organizers of the world.
plumbing, Building services control technology,        mal insulation, waterproofing, sound insulation and
                                                                                                                As the strong international connections of Deut-
Heat pumps & solid absorbers for heating build-        fireproofing material producers, suppliers and ap-
                                                                                                              sche Messe AG, having its offices in 6 countries
ings, Controlled housing ventilation, Heating &        plicators, and TTMD Turkish Society of HVAC &
                                                       Sanitary Engineers, Air Conditining Assembly of        and over 60 representatives around the world unites
ventilation systems for low-energy houses.
                                                       TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity              with the experience of Dunya Fuar Yapim Ltd. Sti ,
                                                       Exchanges of Turkey) and IMSAD Association of          the exhibitions reach to higher ranks in the interna-
Visitor's Profile
  Self-employed entrepreneurs, partners and            Turkish Building Material Producers.                   tional area and supply the needs of the related sec-
freelance professions, managing directors, board          ISK-SODEX 2012 Trade Fair will be organized         tors much better. The exhibitions that bring all the
members, government administrators, senior exec-       on a net area of approximately 55.000 sqm, in a        demands and innovations together serve Europe,
utives and divisional managers, departmental man-      total of 11 Halls.                                     Asia and Middle East as well as Turkey.
28   south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET
               Industrial Automation at
           Hannover Messe 2012, 23 - 27 April
Technology meets progress                                                                                    Energy Efficiency in Industrial
  In 2012 HANNOVER MESSE, one of the                                                                         Processes
world's most important technology event, will                                                                  Energy efficiency has long been the subject of
showcase ground-breaking innovations in the                                                                  public debate and in 2012 it is expected to be an
context of 8 international flagship fairs. One of                                                            even greater focus of interest. The Energy Effi-
them is Industrial Automation - leading Trade Fair                                                           ciency in Industrial Processes exhibition area and
for Process, Factory and Building Automation                                                                 forum showcase the importance of energy efficien-
Systems and Solutions. Automation solutions                                                                  cy to industry and commerce for both cost savings
play a key role in boosting efficiency and produc-                                                           and climate protection, and the feasibility and cost
tivity - and in securing success in world markets.    HANNOVER MESSE. Visitors can watch live                effectiveness of energy efficiency projects.
Industrial Automation creates a platform for all      demonstrations of mobile robot systems clean-            Two platforms are available at "Energy efficien-
the relevant disciplines - from energy-efficient      ing solar panels, driverless transport systems         cy in industrial processes": the first is a compact
power transmission to ultra-precise measure-          making production and logistics more flexible,         exhibition area, the second a top-flight forum -
ment and control systems.                             and robots assisting people with physical disabil-     the Efficiency Arena.
                                                      ities to cope better with everyday living. High-tech
MicroTechnology -                                     components - from sensor solutions for indoor          Pumpe DE PUMPplaza
Smart Systems for Automation                          navigation to contactless energy transmission -          The Pumpe DE PUMP Plaza offers a high qual-
  As one of the high-tech hot spots at HAN-           complete the range of exhibits in Hall 17.             ity, casual atmosphere of communication, in
NOVER MESSE, the special MicroTechnology                 Specially created "Mobile Areas" present            which the receipt and exchange of information
display showcases the full range of applications-     mobile systems and components to potential             are at the center - a meeting place for all involved
oriented microsystems technology and laser            users - live and in action. Friendly service           in manufacturing, research, development and
technology for micromachining. Main display cat-      guides, autonomous sweepers and other mo-              application of pumps and pump systems.
egories at MicroTechnology: Microsystems tech-        bile robots cruise the aisles of the hall and of-        In this special display area the manufacturers of
nology, Laser micromachining of industrial mate-      fer an impressive demonstration of the vast            pumps and pump systems present their products
rials; Microproduction technology; Microfluidics;     potential for mobile robots, to the delight of         and services. The Pumpe DE PUMPplaza is sur-
Microactuators; Microsensors; Micro-/nanotech-        potential customers in industry, the public sec-       rounded by companies with the following main cat-
nology applications for surface finishing                                                                    egories: Pumps and pump systems; Fittings;
                                                      tor and the services sector.
                                                                                                             Pumps components; Technology for powering
Wireless Automation & M2M 2012                                                                               pump systems; Instrumentation for pump sys-
                                                      Identification, Tracking & Tracing
  With demand for wireless communication and                                                                 tems; Maintenance and Frequency converter.
                                                        Innovative technologies for product marking,
mobile automation solutions growing fast, HAN-
                                                      tracking and protection play a pivotal role in
NOVER MESSE is once again putting a major                                                                    Metropolitan Solutions - Urban
                                                      boosting the efficiency of production, logistics
spotlight on this up-and-coming field in 2012. The                                                           Infrastructure Technologies
                                                      and maintenance. Such technologies eliminate
Wireless Automation & M2M display area within                                                                  Globalization, climate change and increasing
                                                      errors and reduce costs. "Identification, Track-
Industrial Automation which is part of HAN-                                                                  urbanization are presenting new challenges for
NOVER MESSE as the world's leading trade fair         ing & Tracing" will focus on integrated solutions      cities and conurbations worldwide. The key to re-
for industrial technology.                            - for example, smart vision systems that identify      solving these issues lies in the expansion and
  Under the umbrella of this leading trade fair ex-   components and verify their quality; RFID tags,        modernization of infrastructures. The areas re-
hibitors will be showcasing components and so-        barcodes and Data Matrix codes that route              quiring the most urgent attention are energy, wa-
lutions for communication technologies such as        parts reliably to the next assembly station; built-    ter/sewerage and mobility infrastructures as well
ZigBee, Bluetooth and WLAN. Also featured will        in labelling systems designed to combat prod-          as climate protection.
be WirelessHART, which delivers a cost-effec-         uct plagiarism; and product and know-how pro-
tive basis for wireless communication in the pro-     tection solutions that safeguard corporate com-        AMA-Center
cess industry.                                        petitiveness.                                            The market for sensors, measuring technology
  In 2012 the spotlight will be on machine-to-                                                               and automation with its own AMA Center for Sen-
machine (M2M) communication. In view of the           Industrial IT - Embedded Sys-                          sor, Measuring and Testing Technologies, the
increasing range of applications being devel-         tems, industrial PCs, servers, etc.                    AMA Association for Sensor Technology spon-
oped for wireless M2M it is clear that this is a         The importance of server- and network-based         sors a compact and concentrated event for the
market set for further growth. The exchange           IT solutions for the world of automation has           22nd time at the Hannover Fair.
of data between devices via public wireless           grown rapidly in recent years. Industrial Automa-        The exhibitors are showing under the motto
networks or user networks helps to optimize           tion has responded to this trend by focusing on        "Finding instead of searching" practically every-
business processes and resource manage-               key themes at the display category Industrial IT.      thing from sensor elements to measuring tech-
ment. This means increased potential for man-            The exhibition category Industrial IT is a new      nology to system solutions. This is where you will
ufacturing industry.                                  focal point at the heart of Industrial Automation,     find the information forum on current technolo-
                                                      and will present all relevant production-related IT    gies dealing with basic automation elements. The
Mobile Robots & Autonomous                            topics. In addition to cost-effectiveness, impor-      show is complemented by products and services
Systems                                               tant issues such as fail-safe capability, efficien-    in sensor, measuring and testing technologies as
 The mobile robots and autonomous systems             cy, quality enhancement and, not least, IT secu-       well as by microsystems with the aim of compre-
display is a perennial trade visitor magnet at        rity will play a key role at Industrial IT.            hensive practical realisation and documentation.

30   south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET
                                                    Companies in this issue

Bulgarreklama..................... 23, 27           Flextronic Engineering .............. 32             SAT ............................................ 2

Caproni ....................................... 5   Hannover Messe................. 15, 29               SET .......................................... 14

Carat Electronics ....................... 13        ICM........................................... 11    Taiwan Takisawa Technology ... 19

Energy review ........................... 31        Jaksa .......................................... 4   Via Expo ..................................... 3

Farimex .................................... 17     Microchip Technology ................. 9

Fiera Milano .............................. 21      Mitsubishi Electric Europe ........... 7

                                                                                                         south-east european INDUSTRIAL   MARKET            31

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