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									                         The Magazine for the Hairdressing Professional

Media Kit
Hair by Oscar Cullinan
exclusively to
the professional
industry for
26 years
For the past 26 years INSTYLE has become the premium standard in             INsalon (new salon tools) INfeature articles, INbusiness (industry
hair and beauty publishing. Allowing you to communicate your brand’s         contributors), and more. Editorial is independent of advertising, and
dreams, new iniatives, and report on topical information all in one high     is designed to complement your advertising or campaign objectives.
quality, trend defining package. Setting the benchmark for hairdressing         INSTYLE can assist in all aspects of your campaign creation from
business, INSTYLE is a brand which has one clear goal – to expand            creative concepts, design, artwork and other creative tools that will assist
salon business and hairdressers’ mindsets. Your focus is on quality for      with unrivalled “cut through” to your target audience – salon owners, senior
this industry, and so is ours!                                               stylists and apprentices. INSTYLE is also on Facebook and Styleicons is linked
   INSTYLE is more than just news, reviews, celebrities and people; it is    to Twitter which enables us to constantly connect with our loyal readers and
an influencing media vehicle that is published six times a year. Unique to   followers. What type of social media campaigns are you embarking on?
INSTYLE magazine is the annual trade directory allowing all suppliers,       Can we assist? Are you engaging with all target groups of the hairdressing
manufacturers and importers to list for FREE. Editorial is designed to       Industry? Why not consider a combined activity with both magazine
lead readers easily through the publication, with regular sections such as   (INSTYLE) and online (Styleicons) – the combination ensures you are
UPfront (company news),INhair (new wet products), ONstage (events),          reaching both the traditional media reader plus the savvy online audience.
* A key PubLiCATiOn OF OF THe inTerMeDiA GrOuP – PubLiSHerS
  OF 26 TrADe MAGAzineS, webSiTeS AnD evenT OrGAniSerS
* 26 yeArS PubLiSHinG exPerienCe in THe HAirDreSSinG inDuSTry
* MOST COMPreHenSive inDuSTry COverAGe
* DiverSe rAnGe OF ArTiCLeS wriTTen by exPerienCeD AnD TALenTeD jOurnALiSTS
* eDiTOriAL OPPOrTuniTieS FOr bOTH ADverTiSerS AnD nOn- ADverTiSerS
* MAGAzine DeSiGn - CLeAn, DiSTinCTive, eASy TO reAD AnD PiCTOriAL
* inSTyLe inFOrMS , reMinDS, PerSuADeS, inSPireS, inFLuenCeS –
  inSTyLe iS CreATive, beAuTiFuL , eLeGAnT AnD inDiSPenSibLe
* DeLiverS yOur MeSSAGe TO A wiDer TArGeT AuDienCe
* PubLiSHeD 6 TiMeS A yeAr
* CreATive SuPPOrT OF yOur iDeAS & PrOMOTiOnS

    CirCuLATiOnS: 14,000+
    PubLiSHeD: bi-MOnTHLy
*   reADerSHiP: 70,000 (PASS On FACTOr OF 5)
*   TArGeT AuDienCe: PriMAry TArGeT: SALOn OwnerS – THe DeCiSiOn MAkerS
*   SeCOnDAry TArGeT: HAirDreSSerS MALe/FeMALe AGeD 18 – 30 (THe inFLuenCerS)

iSSue nAMe         eDiTOriAL         AD bOOkinGS         AD MATeriAL       inSerT DATeS   DATe OF iSSue

jAn/Feb            nOv 21 2011       DeC 2 2011          DeC 9 2011        jAn 27 2012    jAn 30 2012

MAr/APriL          jAn 6             jAn 20              jAn 27            MAr 2          MAr 5

MAy/june           MAr 22            APriL 13            APriL 19          MAy 15         MAy 18

juLy/AuG           MAy 28            june 1              june 8            juLy 6         juLy 9

SePT/OCT           juLy 14           juLy 20             juLy 27           AuG 31         SePT 3

nOv/DeC            SePT 14           SePT 21             SePT 28           nOv 2          nOv 5
FiLe FOrMATS: Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) – Please                                bLeeD MATeriaL: All bleed must be a minimum of 5mm
prepare all PDF’s as specified by the 3DAP guideline. Visit                  with all marks offset at 5mm. Text to be a minimum of
au for detailed instructions. Artwork is accepted on CD, DVD, USB Flash                    8mm from edge of page.
Drive or by email (up to 10mb). We also accept Quickcut files.                             FOnTS: We accept Postscript fonts only, include both printer
OTHer FOrMATS: InDesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator are accepted                            and screen fonts. We do not accept True Type Fonts. PDF files
as long as all fonts are included and all images are in CMYK mode.                         are to have fonts embedded.
Illustrator files must have all images embedded and all fonts converted                    PrOOFS: A coloured proof should be supplied with all advertising
to outlines/paths. Maximum Ink weight to be no more than 300%.                             material. No responsibility will be accepted for reproduction of the
iMAGeS: Minimum of 300dpi at 100% scaling. Line Art images                                 advertisement unless a colour printout is sent with the disk as a frame
minimum of 1200dpi at 100% scaling. All Images must be in CMYK                             of reference for the printer and all files saved as specified above.
mode. File formats should be TIFF or EPS and should not be                                 We do not accept ads in QuarkXPress above version 6.5,
compressed. Maximum Ink weight of images to be no more than 300%.                          Word, PowerPoint, Publisher or any Microsoft software.

 ADverTiSeMenT SizeS
 nOn bLeeD MATeriAL                                                                                                                                     Depth x width (mm)
 DOubLe PAGe SPreAD                                                                                                                                                  270 x 395
 FuLL PAGe                                                                                                                                                           270 x 185
 2/3 PAGe verTiCAL                                                                                                                                                   270 x 120
 1/2 PAGe juniOr                                                                                                                                                     200 x 120
 1/2 PAGe HOrizOnTAL                                                                                                                                                  135 x 185
 1/2 PAGe verTiCAL                                                                                                                                                    270 x 90
 1/3 PAGe verTiCAL                                                                                                                                                    270 x 57
 1/3 PAGe HOrizOnTAL                                                                                                                                                  90 x 185
 1/4 PAGe verTiCAL                                                                                                                                                     135 x 90
 1/4 PAGe HOrizOnTAL                                                                                                                                                   67 x 185

 bLeeD ADverTiSeMenT SizeS no additional charge for bleed.                                                                                                        TriM Size
 bleed: Allow a minimum of 5mm all around.
 Text to be a minimum of 8mm from the edge of page trim. All marks to be offset by a minimum of 5mm.                                                    Depth x width (mm)
 FuLL PAGe bLeeD                                                                                                                                                     297 x 210
 DOubLe PAGe SPreAD FuLL bLeeD                                                                                                                                       297 x 420
 1/2 PAGe bLeeD verTiCAL                                                                                                                                             297 x 102
 1/2 PAGe bLeeD HOrizOnTAL                                                                                                                                             151x 210
 1/3 PAGe bLeeD verTiCAL                                                                                                                                               297 x 71
 1/3 PAGe bLeeD HOrizOnTAL                                                                                                                                           106 x 210

 LArGe                                                                                                                                           90mm wide x 155mm deep
 MeDiuM                                                                                                                                           90mm wide x 75mm deep
 SMALL                                                                                                                                             42mm wide x 75mm deep

 be inSPireD AD SizeS
 FuLL PAGe                                                                                                                                      185mm wide x 245mm deep
 1/2 PAGe HOrizOnTAL                                                                                                                            185mm wide x 120mm deep
 1/2 PAGe verTiCAL                                                                                                                               90mm wide x 245mm deep
 1/4 PAGe                                                                                                                                        120mm wide x 90mm deep

Costs incurred converting material to these specifications will be re-charged to the advertiser. Contact Heidi Glasson at The intermedia Group for information on (02)9660 2113.
key POSiTiOnS                        CASuAL        2x       3x       4x       6x

FrOnT COver PACkAGe (4 PAGeS)         $20,820

DPS On PAGeS 2 & 3 Or 4 & 5           $8,920    $8,740   $8,565   $8,385   $8,160

FuLL PAGe - OPPOSiTe COnTenTS PAGe     $4,575   $4,485   $4,390   $4,300   $4,185

FuLL PAGe - OPPOSiTe eDiTOr’S PAGe     $4,575   $4,485   $4,390   $4,300   $4,185

inSiDe bACk COver - DPS               $8,920    $8,740   $8,565   $8,385   $8,160

inSiDe bACk COver - SinGLe PAGe        $4,575   $4,485   $4,390   $4,300   $4,185

OuTSiDe bACk COver                    $4,880    $4,780   $4,685   $4,585   $4,465

OTHer GuArAnTeeD POSiTiOnS: +12.5%

FOur COLOur                          CASuAL        2x        3x      4x       6x

DOubLe PAGe SPreAD                     $7,930   $7,770   $7,610   $7,455   $7,255

FuLL A4 PAGe                           $4,065   $3,985   $3,905   $3,820   $3,720

HALF PAGe                              $2,540   $2,490   $2,440   $2,390   $2,325

THirD PAGe                             $1,770   $1,735   $1,700   $1,665   $1,620

QuArTer PAGe                           $1,340   $1,315   $1,290   $1,260   $1,230

MOnO                                 CASuAL         2x       3x      4x       6x

FuLL A4 PAGe                           $2,645   $2,590   $2,535   $2,485   $2,420

HALF PAGe                              $1,650   $1,620   $1,585   $1,555   $1,510

THirD PAGe                             $1,150   $1,125   $1,105   $1,080   $1,050

QuArTer PAGe                            $870     $855     $835     $820     $800
be inspired
Hairdressers need INSPIRATION and EDUCATION - advertise your education dates here. Whether you have a unique training program that you
want to promote, your national education tour dates, a new management program or special events featuring your Guest Artists, “Be Inspired” is
a very cost effective way to promote your education. Located at the back of INSTYLE, this section showcases your educational points of difference.
There are three different sizes of ads.

 be inSPireD All prices are ex gst                                                                                          MOnO            COLOur

 FuLL PAGe                                                                                                                                       $2849

 HALF PAGe verTiCAL/HOrizOnTAL                                                                                                $1139              $1485

 QuArTer PAGe                                                                                                                  $570                $715

classified ads
Located at the back of INSTYLE, this promotional section is a cost effective way to advertise your goods and services or even to list available career
opportunities directly to those in the industry. There are three different sizes of advertisements. Design, production and assembly by negotiation.
All rates quoted are EXCLUSIVE OF GST.

 CLASSiFieD All prices are ex gst                                                                                           MOnO            COLOur

 SMALL                                                                                                                         $107                $143

 MeDiuM                                                                                                                        $292               $427

 LArGe                                                                                                                         $480               $776

annual directory
AvAiLAbLe OnLy in THe juLy/AuGuST iSSue AnD OnLine AT www.STyLeiCOnS.COM.Au
Where do hairdressers go to track down your brand or product? The annual INSTYLE Trade Directory is exclusive to INSTYLE and provides an
up-to-date listing of a diverse range of product categories, suppliers and brands in and relating to the Australian hairdressing industry. Divided into
three user friendly categories, hairdressers can find you by COMPANY, BRAND or PRODUCT CATEGORY. Listings in this directory are FREE,
however companies can upgrade their listing with a product image and logo which will enhance their listing and allow them to stand out! IN addition
you can also sponsor a category with a banner ad so dominating all who are listed under you.

 enHAnCeD LiSTinG                                                             $300 plus gst for the year
 CATeGOry bAnner SPOnSOrSHiP                                                  $110 plus gst per month = $1320 plus gst per annum

FOr FurTHer inFOrMATiOn COnTACT: jO COwAn national Advertising Manager: 0410 594 189
The intermedia Group Abn: 940 025 836 82 41 bridge rd, Glebe, nSw, 2037 (PO box 55, Glebe nSw 2037)
T: 02 9660 2113 F: 02 9660 4419
Media Kit
Colour Artist: kristina russell Hair Stylist: julianne McGuigan for Sable
Photography: Michele Aboud Make-up: rae Morris Stylist: Caterina Scardino
about styleicons
Launched in March 2009, has quickly become the website of choice for the professional hairdressing industry and an interactive
social environment for the hairdressing community. Styleicons is rich with the ideal mix of content to fuel a creative mind, while propelling and
motivating the industry’s business and creative leaders. Both exciting and informative, Styleicons not only reveals the voices of the industry but it
enables inspiration and education – the fundamentals of the hairdressing industry. Using an advanced content management system,
au can provide advertisers with complex traffic tracking statistics across every aspect of the site from the e-newsletter to “What’s Hot” products plus
online advertising banners. Styleicons is easy to use, visually exciting and is drawing an increasing number of hairdressers’ every day. Make sure you are
communicating with your online target market – they may not be reading magazines!

why styleicons
    Twice weekly e-newsletters
    Free access to archived news stories
                                                                          Information is updated regularly
                                                                          Exciting collections
*   Product showcases – twice weekly updates to the industry on       *   Very measurable
    new product releases via the web and e-newsletter.                *   Easy website to use – encourages browsing
*   Free registration for the e-newsletter                            *   INSTYLE Trade Directory is available on Styleicons
*   Employment opportunities – industry jobs advertised.              *   Launch vehicle for events, competition and brands
*   Free diary of events functions and the latest places to go        *   Over 14,000 unique visits per month
*   Social networking opportunities.                                  *   Average time on site 3.15 minutes
*   Exciting mix of information that stimulates creativity            *   Viewing 2.29 pages per visit Ad Enquiries and instructions

ad enquiries
    All advertisements have live links to the URL supplied by the client.
    Click through and other metrics reports are available to advertisers on request.
*   All standard advertisements are booked as run of site.
*   All advertising is booked for a minimum of 1 month
*   Web files jpg, gif or swf. Email files: jpg or gif.
* offers a convenient banner ad production service.
*   Creative supplied by client can be changed weekly at 10% additional charge each banner,
    or fortnightly if creative is produced for the client by
*   Prices quoted are for “basic animated gif or jpeg ads” with up to 4 frame changes.
*   Please contact for information and costings on flash animated or more complex advertisements.
*   All flash ads must be supplied with a backup gif file. Flash format advertisements cannot be accepted for email
    newsletters. Please supply an animated gif in this instance.
*   All flash formats and gif file animation must finish or loop in no more than 15 seconds.
*   Use the styleicons database for special email.

1. Create new layer on top
2. Create white box covering entire banner - convert to button symbol
3. Set alpha to zero
4. Add following action to symbol: on(release){getUrl(url,”_blank”);

Please note: Outlook 2007 does not support animated GiF’s. Please supply static GiF’s for HTML email campaigns.

Contact jo Cowan on 0410 594 189 or
(wiDTH x HeiGHT) All prices are plus gst.

 bAnner TyPe              DiMenSiOnS (wiDTH x HeiGHT)                                    eMAiL OnLy           web OnLy      MAx FiLe Size     web & eMAiL

 LeADerbOArD              728 x 90 PixeLS                                                                       $1560 p/m              25kb
 eMAiL bAnner             468 x 60 PixeLS                                                     $1870 p/m                               20kb

 HALF PAGe                300 x 600 PixeLS                                                                     $2600 p/m              40kb

 wiDe SkySCrAPer          160 x 600 PixeLS                                                     $2185 p/m                               25kb

 MeDiuM reCTAnGLe         300 x 250 PixeLS                                                    $1870 p/m         $1770 p/m             30kb            $3095

                          180 x 300 PixeLS                                                                       $830p/m
 MeDiuM reCTAnGLe

                           260 x 107 PixeLS                                                                     $830 p/m
 MeDiuM reCTAnGLe

 MeDiuM buTTOn            160 x 160 PixeLS                                                    $1560 p/m         $1040 p/m              15kb           $2210

                          * 90 x 90 Product image                                                    $415 -
                          * 300 x 250 Pixel image                                            1 email blast
                          * Company Logo                                                 + 1 month in the
 HOT PrODuCTS                                                                                                                                          $415
                          * up to 10 word catchy headline                                   Hot Products
                          * up to 30 word summary                                               section on
                          • up to 300 words body copy                                         the website.

                          • Supply us with your words and images, we will send                     $2080
 (eLeCTrOniC DireCT
                            the eDM to you prior to send out for your approval                  per email
 MAiL, exCLuSive)

 inSTyLe TrADe DireCTOry - OnLine @ STyLeiCOnS

                          355 x 60 PixeLS banner advertisement features across
 OnLine DireCTOry
                          all stories in one specified section banner advertisement is                           $520 p/m             20kb
 SeCTiOn bAnner
                          exclusive i.e: not rotated with other advertisers.

 OnLine DireCTOry
                          498 x 100 pixels                                                                       $110 p/m              40kb
 CATeGOry bAnner

 OnLine DireCTOry         • A product image max 225 wide
                                                                                                                 $310 p/m
 PreMiuM LiSTinG          • your Company logo max 490 wide

ADverTiSinG enQuirieS
Contact jo Cowan on 0410 594 189 or

         MeDiuM reCTAnGLe                LeADerbOArD & bAnner AD                                       HALF PAGe
         Static gif or jpeg ads: $360        Static gif or jpeg ads: $360              Static gif or jpeg ads: $360
         basic animated gif ads $450        basic animated gif ads $450               basic animated gif ads $450

MeDiuM buTTOn                           HALF MeDiuM reCTAnGLe               SMALL buTTOn
Static gif or jpeg ads: $360            Static gif or jpeg $180             Static gif or jpeg ads: $90
basic animated gif ads $450             Basic animated gif $225             basic animated gif ads $180
direct Mail
What is an eDM? Electronic Direct Mail provides your company or brand with the opportunity
to distribute a personalised email marketing message to our newsletter subscriber database.
An eDM is ideal for distributing a large amount of content that includes a combination of
words and images as well as links.
An eDM is ideal for: Product launches, Brand campaigns, Company profiles, Major
announcements, Events, Invitations, Conference reviews.
There is only one eDM opportunity per month providing your message with exclusivity and
higher reader retention. Please contact Jo Cowan 0410 594 189 or for
further infomation.

On STyLeiCOnS upgrade your listing

         PreMiuM LiSTinG                                                             CATeGOry bAnner
         $300 plus gst for 12 months                                                 $110 plus gst per month.
         Add your logo and product image                                             exclusive opportunity to dominate your product category

ADverTiSinG enQuirieS
contact jo Cowan on 0410 594 189 or
social Media

INSTYLE magazine now has a facebook page that will be regularly
updated with the latest news and information plus collections. Why not
LIKE the Instyle-magazine facebook page and create links to further your
social media campaigns. Go to:

With many followers on Twitter, Styleicons has an ever increasing
group of followers who respond to our tweets on a regular basis. Are you
TWEETING? Why not follow us and we will follow you? This partnership
will be beneficial for both of us.
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