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   20                  entertainment                                                                                                                                                                                        TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2011

    Song Of The Day                                               MDA telethon hosts:
                                                                  Lewis retired from fundraiser
                                                                      LASVEGAS: The hosts of this year’s Mus-
                                                                  cular Dystrophy Association telethon said
                                                                  Sunday that Jerry Lewis retired from the or-
                                                                  ganization and its yearly fundraiser as they
                                                                  solicited donations and trotted out as much
                                                                  celebrity punch as organizers could muster
                                                                  in the annual program’s first year without the
                                                                  beloved icon.
                                                                      Inextricably bonded to Lewis, the MDA
                                                                  invoked his name early and often as it sought
                                                                  to raise at least $1 more than the $58.9 mil-
                                                                  lion raised last year for neuromuscular re-
                                                                  search, clinics and summer camp for young-
                                                                  sters known as “Jerry’s Kids.”
                                                                      Co-host Nigel Lythgoe said during his
                                                                  opening comments that Lewis, 85, seemed to
Fahad AlSabah                                                     be passing the torch last year when the come-
Staff Writer                                                      dian offered Lythgoe his seat as Lewis took a
                                                                  break and Lythgoe was coming on the air.
Song: I Wish You Knew                                                 “He made such a big point about it.’I’ve
Artist: Mariah Carey                                              never done this before,’ he said,” said Lyth-
Album: The Emancipation of Mimi                                   goe, the executive producer of “American
Genre: R&B                                                        Idol.” ‘’I didn’t realize then that he was con-
In short: Mariah Carey’s comeback album broke records and         templating retiring.
set new standards for the genre; the diversity found on the           “And Jerry, and I know you’re watching,
record shed light on all of Carey’s strengths, be it a flat-out   when you gave me that chair I know it’s pos-
ballad, a gospel number, or a club-ready tune, Emancipation       sible to sit on it, but it’s isn’t possible, Jerry,
had it all. The live audience effects on the heartfelt “I Wish                                                          FILE - In this Sept. 6, 1999 file photo, Jerry Lewis
You Knew” gives listeners a feeling of intimacy and closeness     to replace you, sir,” he said. “What you have         sings “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as his final song of      The 46th annual Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon co-hosts, from (left to
to Carey’s voice, and in a way helping make this song one of      done for this organization and its families are       the 1999 Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Associa-          right), Nancy O’Dell, Jann Carl, Nigel Lythgoe and Alison Sweeney ad-lib personal
the greatest songs of the last decade, not just the album.        something close to a miracle and I know that          tion Telethon in Los Angeles. (AP)                        salutes to Jerry Lewis, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2011, in Las Vegas. (AP)
                                                                  we all want to carry on your legacy.”
 To listen to the song visit                     Entertainment journalist Jann Carl fol-           sprinkled between a variety of performances,       showbiz veteran would not take part in the             Rumors flew among those close to the
 E-mail your feedback to                lowed Lythgoe by saying Lewis retired from            interviews with people touched by muscular         annual telethon and was no longer the orga-        telethon in recent weeks that Lewis might per-
                                                                  the telethon this year.                               diseases and suit-clad corporate representa-       nization’s chairman - an unceremonious end         form the show’s final number, singing “You’ll
                                                                      “As Nigel just said, Jerry retired from the       tives touting company philanthropy and part-       to a six-decade association that forged one        Never Walk Alone” one final time. But Lewis
                                                                  telethon this year, but of course, he’s here          nerships with the MDA. It was a stark contrast     of the world’s most famous annual TV mo-           publicist Candi Cazau said he never agreed to
                                                                  with us in spirit and in heart, and we will con-      from previous years, when the show was as          ments.                                             any appearance - recorded or live - after the
The Buzz                                                          tinue to be energized and inspired by what I
                                                                  like to call his towering example,” Carl said.
                                                                                                                        much about Lewis at center stage as the dona-
                                                                                                                        tions themselves.
                                                                                                                                                                               Lewis, who’s appeared in scores of films
                                                                                                                                                                           and TV shows as well as produced, directed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              MDA announced he wouldn’t take part in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              show or be its chairman.
                                                                  “I mean that.”                                            The Lewis-less telethon began airing live      and taught film, had been chairman of the              In May, when the MDA first announced
Madonna aims                                                          MDA spokesman Jim Brown declined                  on the east coast Sunday night with an open-       MDA since the early 1950s, before the famed        Lewis was retiring as host, the organization
                                                                  comment beyond the hosts’ remarks, but said           ing number featuring young dancers perform-        telethon began. In 1977, Lewis was nominat-        said he would stay on as chairman and still
for new album release in Spring, 2012                             the six-hour telethon would include more              ing to David Guetta’s “Titanium,” with an          ed for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work with       appear on the show. It released a statement
                                                                  nods to Lewis.                                        introduction from Abbey Umali, the organi-         the telethon and the MDA. Miller said she          from Lewis in which the comedian said he
     Madonna’s latest cinematic effort, “W.E.,” isn’t ex-             Later, during the show’s first hour, su-          zation’s tween goodwill ambassador.                planned to still tune in and donate because        would sing the song that has become an an-
actly wowing the critics, but maybe the singer will have          perstar singer Celine Dion mentioned Lewis                As the program began, many viewers             she wants to support the children - a value        nual tradition. But the statement said Lewis
better luck with her return to music. The “Material Girl”         again during a taped segment, referring to            openly wondered about the split and how the        she says she learned from Lewis.                   wouldn’t step down as chairman.
songbird announced during a recent interview that her             him as a friend as she introduced a cover per-        show would be affected.                                The telethon staged at the South Point             “I’ll never desert MDA and my kids,” he
next album -- the first since 2008’s “Hard Candy” --              formance of Journey’s “Open Arms.”                        “I don’t know if it’s going to be the same,”   Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas was short-        said. Instead of Lewis’ signature song, the
will be released in spring 2012. Madonna made the re-                 “Jerry, you will always be a hero to the          said Denise Miller, 49, of Bloomingdale, N.J.,     ened to six hours from 211/2 hours last year.      finale was to include Jordin Sparks, Richie
veal while promoting “W.E.” during an interview with              MDA families,” Dion said.                             a longtime donor who said she has watched          It was broadcast live to the Eastern time zone     Sambora and Jon Secada, among others, sing-
Sweden’s Sveriges Television in Venice, Italy. The singer             Other celebrities briefly mentioned               the telethon since she was a teenager.             from 6 p.m.-12 a.m. EDT and tape-delayed in        ing along with 70 children from a Las Vegas
noted that she’s done “a little bit of work” on the new           Lewis throughout the show during cameos                   The MDA announced in August that the           other US zones.                                    choir. -AP
collection in the studio, but will pick the project back
up in earnest when she returns to New York, recording

                                                                  Chaz Bono says
“until the end of the year.” According to the singer, the
first single for the album will be released in February or
March 2012, with the full album due in the spring. As re-
ported by Billboard, this will be Madonna’s first album                                                                                                                Walters’ ‘View’
                                                                  America ‘really needs’ him
since parting ways with Warner Bros. in favor of a deal
with Live Nation. -Reuters
                                                                                                                                                                       primed for run at top of ratings
Decision on Depp’s
Lone Ranger expected this week                                    on Dancing with the Stars
    A decision about whether Disney will proceed with its
high-profile “The Lone Ranger” is expected next week,                  LOS ANGELES: The viewing public              the choice on the series’ message board.
TheWrap has confirmed. The project stars Johnny Depp              might be split on Chaz Bono’s participa-              “When I heard that Chaz Bono was                                                                                                  In this image
-- perhaps Disney’s most important actor -- as Tonto and          tion on the upcoming season of “Dancing           going to be on, I was sick,” went one                                                                                                 released by
Armie Hammer, one of Hollywood’s brightest young                  with the Stars,” but the way he sees it, his      typical anti-Bono tirade. “Not that I have                                                                                            ABC, host
stars, as the masked man. The behind-the-camera tal-              inclusion on the show is just what the doc-       anything personally again her/him, I just                                                                                             Barbara
ent is as impressive: Gore Verbinski is to direct and Jerry       tor ordered for this country.                     don’t want that lifestyle choice continu-                                                                                             Walters is pic-
Bruckheimer to produce. But in August, the studio halted               Reacting to the criticism he’s faced         ally flaunted in the media esp ABC.”                                                                                                  tured on the
production on the film because of budget concerns. Since          since the Season 13 cast was announced                One online group. OneMillionMoms.                                                                                                 new set for
then, Disney has acknowledged that “all parties” have             last week, Bono told ABC News, “It’s              com, has even called for a boycott of the                                                                                             the daytime
been in talks. An individual with knowledge of the talks          made me realize I’m really glad I’m do-           series, with its director Monica Cole, tell-                                                                                          talk show
told TheWrap on Saturday that a resolution is expected            ing this, because America really needs to         ing Inside Edition on Wednesday, “We                                                                                                  “The View,”
soon after Labor Day. A spokesman for Disney did not              see this.”                                        will not be able to watch the show with                                                                                               on Thursday,
return requests for comment, while a spokeswoman for                   The 42-year-old only child of Cher           Chaz on there. This is going to be very                                                                                               Sept. 1, 2011
Bruckheimer referred questions to Disney. Since Au-               and Sonny Bono added, “You know, it               confusing for children, and should not be                                                                                             in New York.
gust, speculation has been that Disney didn’t really              just kind of shows why for me it’s impor-         included in their cast.”                                                                                                              (AP)
want to scrap the movie, rather it wanted to cut costs.           tant to be on the show, because so little             In light of the backlash, Bono’s moth-
-Reuters                                                          still is known about what it means to be          er, Cher, went on the counter-offensive                NEW YORK: With Oprah Winfrey gone,             see the show at first, and Walters remembers
                                                                  transgender. And there’s so many just             via her Twitter account last week, blast-          daytime television is ready for a new monarch.     spending much of her first year cajoling sta-
                                                                  completely inaccurate stereotypes and             ing her son’s critics as “bigots” and calling      Barbara Walters and the show she invented 15       tion managers across the country to carry it.
Kanye West                                                        thoughts that people have.”                       on her followers to come to his defense            years ago, “The View,” pronounce themselves        Now “The View” is seen virtually everywhere
closes first Call of Duty convention                                   Bono, who was born Chastity Bono             online.                                            ready to step up. She may be past 80 now, but      on ABC. “The View” evolved to become more
                                                                  and underwent gender-reassignment sur-                No matter how the audience reacts,             would YOU bet against her?                         topical and opinionated as the years went on, a
    Kanye West closed down the inaugural “Call of Duty            gery last year, ignited passions among            Bono -- who’s paired with pro dancer                   The show begins its new season Tuesday,        progression that is continuing.The Sept. 9 show
XP” convention, a two-day event celebrating the popular           “Dancing With the Stars” fans on Monday           Lacey Schwimmer for the season -- has              with NewYork City Mayor Michael Bloomberg          will feature former New York Mayor Rudolph
Activision Blizzard Inc. shoot-’em-up video game fran-            with the announcement that he’d be com-           no intention of shrinking from the show,           as guest. In a muddled daytime picture, “The       Giuliani and focus on the 10th anniversary of
chise, with an explosive concert inside a hangar on the           peting on the series. Many of the show’s          his advisor, Howard Bragman, asserts.              View” plans to compete aggressively for dis-       the terrorist attacks. “We still do loving inter-
old airfield where Howard Hughes built the Spruce Goose.          faithful expressed their displeasure over         -Reuters                                           placed Winfrey viewers with a more topical         views,” Walters said. “We’re not Bill O’Reilly.”
West’s performance included such hits as “Gold Digger”                                                                                                                 feel, aggressive booking of guests and a few       Fox News’ O’Reilly, who’s had some memo-
and “Love Lock Down.” West, who was joined several                                                                                                                     pages ripped from Oprah’s playbook. “Oprah         rable tangles with the ladies of “The View,” is
times throughout the show by 20 scantily clad female                                                                                                                   was the only other show that did some of the       also booked for the first month.

                                                                  Katt Williams clarifies
dancers, kicked off the Saturday spectacle by ascending                                                                                                                things that we did,” said Bill Geddie, executive        “Authors, actors, celebrities and so forth
more than five stories above the crowd on a platform in-                                                                                                               producer. “Quite honestly, some of the people      need a place to go,” she said. “And we’re a very
side the cavernous space. Earlier, the hangar stage served                                                                                                             that we might have gotten second; we’ll be get-    good place to go. We’re an intelligent show, we
as the final battleground for a “Call of Duty” tournament                                                                                                              ting first now.” “The View” has just as much       are a stable show, we like each other. ... It’s a
that awarded $1 million in prize money. The four-man
group Optic Gaming from the United States toppled 31
other teams from across the globe to win the event’s sin-
                                                                  apology on Mexican rant                                                                              chance as any to become the daytime talk
                                                                                                                                                                       leader. Late afternoon, where Winfrey’s show
                                                                                                                                                                       ran across most of the country, is considered a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          fun show, and I think they will feel all the more
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          comfortable with us.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sound like a pitch? Walters has made a few
gle-elimination “Modern Warfare 3” tournament. William                                                                                                                 more desired time slot than the 11 a.m. home       in her day. Much of the energy she brought to
“BigTymer” Johnson, Blake “Vengeance2T” Campbell,                     NEWYORK: Comedian Katt Williams               an audience member who Williams claims             of “The View.” But a big mixture of personali-     finding big interview “gets” for ABC News is
Joseph “Merc SD” DeLuca and Matthew “NaDeSHoT”                    defended remarks he made to a Mexican             incited the argument by insulting the              ties like Dr. Phil, Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson      now focused on “The View,” where she usu-
Haag bested the United Kingdom team Til Infinity to take          member of his audience last week that             United States.                                     Cooper and Dr. Oz will now be competing in         ally appears three or four days a week. Firmly
home the $400,000 grand prize. -AP                                were perceived as intolerant, telling CNN              Williams soon said to the man, “No,           the afternoon, some of them new to their time      establishing the topical niche is a pre-emptive
                                                                  on Saturday that while he apologizes to           this ain’t Mexico. It used to be Mexico and        slots or new to the business, and none goes        strike against CNN’s Cooper, who premieres
                                                                  anyone who perceived them as hateful              now it’s Phoenix.”                                 in with a huge advantage in the ratings, said      his show this fall, and Walters’ ABC colleague
Taiwan’s MayDay                                                   to the Mexican-American community, he                  At various points in the outburst,            Bill Carroll, an expert in the daytime market      Katie Couric. Couric, who was a guest host on
band set to release 3D film                                       would not apologize for the comments he           Williams began chants of “USA! USA!                for Katz Media.Meanwhile, “The View” is a          “The View” once this summer, begins her own
                                                                  made on stage.                                    USA!,” which some activists perceived as           fixture at its time of day. “Consistency always    daytime talk show next year. Geddie also talks
    Taiwan rock band “MayDay” is to release its first film,           “I meant what I said and I said what I        insulting, but Williams defended as patrio-        works in your favor,” Carroll said. Geddie not-    about more frequently using panels of expert
a 3D production of the boy band’s 2010 live concerts in-          meant,” Williams said.                            tism.                                              ed that no 11 a.m. show has ever been the top      contributors - doctors, lawyers and such - to an-
terwoven with a selection of offstage episodes. Lead sing-            Williams stressed that as a comedian               “I don’t think I need to apologize for        daytime talk program, and he seems eager for       swer questions. That also sounds very Oprah-
er A-Shin said Monday that “MayDay 3DNA” will include             he cannot apologize for a performance,            being pro-American,” Williams said.                the challenge of changing that.                    like, given the satellite system of contributors
the band’s 12 most popular songs, such as “Loving You,”           drawing a sharp line between what is said              “I couldn’t be anti-Mexican. My Mex-              The time slot was no real prize back in        she developed through the years.
and “All of a Sudden Missing You.” A-Shin said the band           on stage and his true feelings.                   ican fan base is largely responsible or me         1996. ABC had a string of failures there before         “We’ve always thought of ourselves as the
originally thought that shooting the film would be easy               He added “that’s for the Tracy Mor-           even existing,” Williams said. “Between            asking Walters to come up with an idea for a       little engine that could, and now we’re prac-
“but the design work, manpower and technologies were              gans of the world,” in reference to Morgan        them and the black community, it’s really          show. She thought of presenting a handful of       tically the railroad,” Geddie said. “The land-
far beyond our imagination.” In addition to the five band         apologizing for anti-gay remarks he made          all I have.”                                       women with diverse backgrounds and opin-           scape is changing, and it’s not just Oprah. The
members, the film also features actress Rene Liu and ac-          during a stand-up show in Nashville.                   This incident is the latest in a string of    ions, primarily an entertainment show. Still       soap operas are going away. At ABC, we were
tor Richie Jen. They will appear in three separate stories            Williams had initially apologized -- or       public controversies for the comedian.             busy at ABC News,Walters appeared only two         always the third or fourth show behind the
interwoven in the script. “MayDay 3DNA” is scheduled to           so everyone thought. Instead, Williams                 Just last week he was kicked out of a         days a week and asked Meredith Vieira to be        soaps and now we’re the No. 1 show. We felt
be shown in more than 3,000 theaters across Asia, begin-          said that was an apology written by his           Young Jeezy concert for his role a brawl,          moderator, a role now held by Whoopi Gold-         that if we were a big show, we ought to look
ning Sept. 16. -AP                                                publicist, and not his own.                       and in June he was arrested for threat-            berg. Only 60 percent of ABC viewers could         like it and act like it.” -AP
                                                                      The controversy began when a video            ening a potential witness after a bizarre
                                                                  was posted online of Williams yelling at          stand-off with a tractor driver. -Reuters

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