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                FOR E XECUTIVES
                 VisumPoint’s Executive Briefing Series
Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is         VisumPoint’s MDA Executive Briefing      VisumPoint offers MDA for Execu-
being applied as an overall approach       arms today’s executive with the nec-     tives in three delivery formats:
to gaining control over and system-        essary information to make informed      open enrollment, web-based and
atically improving the entire lifecycle    decisions when evaluating the latest     on-site. The web-based Briefings
of IT solutions. It spans all industries   trends in technology. This is not de-    offer a condensed 4 hour over-
because, at its core, it’s about pre-      signed to make you a technology          view. For a more detailed brief-
cisely capturing requirements, en-         expert. We understand the demands        ing, we offer an 8 hour session
forcing architectural standards,           on your time, so we present informa-     that can be delivered at your site.
maintaining traceability and facilitat-    tion that is relevant to your position   In addition, please visit our web-
ing effective communication between        without getting bogged down in the       site at
business and IT.                           technical details.                       Briefings for a listing of open en-
                                                                                    rollment, pre-scheduled Briefings.

MDA presents significant benefits to
business executives, including:                                                     MDA for Executives covers:

•   Reduced cost throughout appli-                                                  • MDA key concepts
    cation lifecycle
                                                                                    • Why you should care
•   Faster time to market

•   Improved application quality                                                    • How to gain buy-in
•   Improved ROI                                                                    • MDA opportunities and

Just as Model Driven Architecture                                                   • Critical factors for success
                                           Every Executive Briefing Session is
presents many opportunities for an
                                           led by a Senior Consultant with ex-      • Estimating cost and ROI
organization, there are also chal-
                                           tensive experience helping Fortune
lenges inherent in such high level
efforts. To make the best decisions,
                                           1000 companies position their IT         • Business impact of MDA
                                           strategy to support their overall
you need to understand what pitfalls
to avoid and the impact they can
                                           business strategy. We offer a prag-      • Future of MDA
                                           matic learning experience that incor-
have on your organization.
                                           porates years of lessons learned and
                                           anecdotal experiences.

V ISUM P OINT                                                                                      VisumPoint
VisumPoint is an Enter-      tablishment of Enterprise      ing edge technologies such
prise Architecture Strat-    Architecture, organiza-        as SOA, BPM and MDA,           931 Monroe Dr.
egy Group that helps         tions can begin to under-      your IT investment can
organizations bring          stand the context of that      help realize and achieve
clarity to the complexity    change and the impact of       your business vision.          Suite 102
of the business              sustainable change. Once
environment.                 defined, your Enterprise                                      Atlanta, GA 30308
                             Architecture gives you a
                             roadmap to your business       For more information
                             goals and technology           please contact us at           404.474.1813
The only constant within
any organization is          becomes an enabler.   or
change. Through the es-      Through the use of lead-       404.474.1813.        

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