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					                 Looking for a Shortcut to Success?

What Iʼve shared with you in the 10K DVD is the basis for every multi-million
dollar marketing system Iʼve ever created. And I wholeheartedly believe that this
system is the fastest path to profit for anyone who is looking to start a business
online today.

But this course is just information. Donʼt get me wrong, itʼs valuable stuff... in my
life itʼs been priceless because itʼs given me and my family a multi-million dollar
lifestyle of total personal and financial freedom...but itʼs still just information. And
information wonʼt fill your bank account with cash. Itʼs only when you apply your
new found knowledge that you will actually see the result youʼre looking for...
money in the bank.

Which means youʼve got some work to do. You need to create your own or
choose a big ticket product (or products) to promote, setup your automated
system and turn on the traffic... so youʼll have a steady stream of eager buyers
knocking at your virtual web site door.

I know that sounds like a tall order—especially if youʼve never created a product,
donʼt know how to build a web site, write compelling sales copy or setup an
automated online process. And if youʼre like most of us, you also donʼt know much
about driving traffic to your web site either. Donʼt worry.

Youʼre not alone, believe me.

Fortunately for you, thereʼs another way... a “shortcut” you can take to the success
you deserve... and Iʼm happy to do what I can to help you find it.

First, let me recommend a BIG TICKET product that you can promote—so you
donʼt have to go out and create one yourself.

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           Hereʼs My #1 Recommendation For A Big Ticket:


                Get more info at: www.GetRichWithMack.com

(Be sure to watch the videos at www.GetRichWithMack.com so you can see how
weʼre using the Resorts 360 product, plugged into the Magic Wand Formula Marketing
System to create a MASSIVE flood of income, on autopilot.)

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The last piece of this giant puzzle is TURNING ON THE TRAFFIC.

Because the truth is, without traffic (visitors to your web site) NONE of the rest of
this stuff really matters. One option is learn how to drive traffic online using
methods like:

  Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  Article Marketing
  Social Media Marketing
  Ezine Marketing

Or you can tap into “hands off” marketing—which is the fastest way to turn on
the traffic without the learning curve. You can do that through postcard

Use Our Postcard System To Generate Traffic, Hands-Free!

  You Choose The Quantity
  The Mail House Will Print It, Rent Your Mailing List, Mail It
  The System Will Do The Selling For You

Turning on traffic is the last piece of Profit Puzzle. Traffic is the “FUEL” that runs
your Money Machine and thereʼs no simpler or easier way to turn on the traffic
than a fully automated, hands-off postcard campaign.

You can tap into ready-made postcard marketing campaign created for the Magic
Wand Formula Marketing System.

To plug into a totally turn-key Marketing System—including your own 10K DVD
website AND access to our ready-made Postcard Campaigns your first step is to
get started with the Big Ticket product/company weʼve recommended.

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Youʼll need to get signed up for Resorts360 using the link weʼve provided on the
page at www.GetRichWithMack.com. Once youʼre signed and youʼre confirmed
as a buyer you will then be directed to a Memberʼs Only page where you can get
your Magic Wand Formula Marketing System setup (your web site) and order
your Postcard Campaign to turn on traffic ASAP.

               MARKETING SYSTEM NOW:
  Weʼll Setup The System For You With Your Web Site
  Weʼll Give You Access To “Hands Off” Traffic
  Weʼll Write the Copy & Create the Web Pages
  The System Will Do The Follow-Up
  The System Will Do The Selling
  You‟ll EARN upto $5,000 for every direct sale
and upto $2,500 in override sales (when you join Resorts 360 and depending on
what Membership you choose)

The Magic Wand Formula Marketing System was designed around ultra-
conservative conversion rates for all of our hands-free marketing.

Meaning, instead of showing you numbers based on high conversions... numbers
that we know arenʼt practical or likely... we decided to go the other way and totally
low-ball everything. This way, weʼre setting you up for success—and weʼre setting
up realistic expectations instead of pie-in-the-sky hype that will only leave you
disappointed with the results.

So having said that, let‟s look at the system...

Keep in mind, the Magic Wand Formula Marketing System is designed to run
100% on autopilot from the moment a visitor hits your web page. The system
takes over and does all the selling, telling, sorting and explaining for you.

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Hereʼs how it works...

Once youʼre plugged into the Magic Wand Formula Marketing System... meaning,
youʼre setup with Resorts 360 as a Member and weʼve built your MWF web site
for you... the only thing you have left to do is turn on the traffic. Hands-free traffic,
that is.

You have several choices...

You can participate in our Magazine Co-Op or our offline Postcard Marketing.

Both are handled for you. Youʼre only involvement is choosing the volume you
want to start with and placing your order to turn on the traffic. Everything from that
point forward is handled for you... with absolutely no work or effort on your part

For purposes of example, letʼs assume you start with 1,000 postcards mailed
each week. The mail house will send out your postcards and the traffic will begin.

Based on ultra-conservative numbers, letʼs say that out of 1,000 postcards... the
system makes just 1 sale of a VIP 10 Year Membership in Resorts 360.

               That ONE sale will PAY YOU $2,000.00.
Now, letʼs suppose that person joins your team and plugs into the Magic Wand
Formula Marketing System as well.

The next week you send out 1,000 postcards and they send out 1,000 postcards.

And once again, using our ultra-conservative numbers, letʼs say just 1 sale was
generated from each 1,000 postcards mailed.

      You would earn $2,000 from your postcard mailing

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And YOU would earn $1,000 from your team memberʼs sale.

                   Which means, YOU GET PAID $3,000.00.

The following week letʼs suppose you mailed another 1,000 postcards and your
two team members also mailed 1,000 postcards each.

And once again, using our ultra-conservative numbers, letʼs say just 1 sale was
generated from each 1,000 postcards mailed.

                You would earn $2,000 from your postcard mailing


           You would earn $2,000 from your two team memberʼs sale.

                   Which means, YOU GET PAID $4,000.00.

Now here‟s the exciting part... this can continue forever!

And the really cool thing is... youʼre not doing ANYTHING but keeping your
postcards going out (which remember, the mail house will mail them for you) and
your income should continue to grow bigger and bigger.

In fact, imagine if you have just 10 team members mailing out 1,000 postcards
each week, along with your 1,000...

    That would be $2,000 a week from your mailing... or $8,000 a month.

And $10,000 a week from your teamʼs mailing... or... hold onto your hat... are you
ready for this... a whopping $48,000 a month!

So weʼre talking $48K a month... all from mailing just 1,000 postcards a week—
with a team of only 10 people doing the same.

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Now let me say a few things...

First, Iʼm not saying youʼre going go out and make $48-grand your first month.
You wonʼt. Plus, itʼs not legal or ethical to make income claims or guarantees of
any kind. So we wonʼt. In fact, we wonʼt promise youʼll earn a dime. What weʼre
showing you here in our example of 1 order per 1,000 postcards mailed is simply
an example of the math so you can understand the R360 payplan. Iʼm not saying
itʼs what youʼre going to earn.

But I can say that banking six figures a month ISNʼT a fairy tale.

Itʼs not just a bunch of hype.

Because for me... it‟s REAL LIFE. Itʼs MY LIFE!

And itʼs all because of THIS SYSTEM. The very same system you have a chance
to plug-into right here, right now.

So are you excited? By now you should be just about jumping out of your skin to
get started. I know I couldnʼt sleep for the first week I was in this business. The
hardest part for me was finally getting to the point where I believed it was real.

That all that cash pouring in was mine and I could say goodbye to my money
worries forever.

Youʼll see what I mean when you get involved and you start receiving checks for
thousands, then tens of thousands—or even more—like clockwork. Itʼs incredible
and itʼs the best feeling in the world.

And whatʼs great about this business is the more you make... the more we make.
And the more your team members make... the more you make. So thereʼs no
competition here—itʼs all about cooperation and us helping you make lots of
money faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

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Because every time the Magic Wand Formula Marketing System makes you $2,000—
we make $1,000.

Of course, youʼll like it even better when you think about it like this...

  Every time one of your team members uses the system and it makes “them”
              $2,000—youʼre gonna bank a cool $1,000—instantly.

Just imagine when you have just 10 team members, each making just one sale a
month—thatʼs an extra $10,000 a month for you—in totally automated income.

Now, what if they each made just 1 sale a week... that would be an extra $40,000 a
month for you—in totally hands-free income.

And I can tell you first hand that there are people that the system brings in who are
making multiple sales per day! Just imagine having people on your team that make
multiple sales per week, or even per day... Your income is about to skyrocket very

  So letʼs break down exactly you get when you join us at the
  VIP Lifetime Member Level in Resorts 360 and plug into the
         Magic Wand Formula Marketing System today:
You will receive our exact same front end website.

That includes the powerful magnetizer optin page, the front-end offer for the 10K DVD
KIT, powerful relationship building follow ups—including audios, videos and our high-
converting tele-seminar—all done automatically for you.

And donʼt worry... you donʼt have to get technical... at all!

Our team will install the web pages for you. We want to keep everything as
easy as possible for you. So weʼll leave the boring technology stuff to the guys

                            Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved.                      9
with the pocket protectors and focus on what really matters... having fun and
making lots of money! ;)

Truth is I still donʼt have a clue how to build web sites, write code or setup all the
behind-the-scenes technology. And honestly, I donʼt plan to learn anytime soon.
Neither should you... which is why MY team of techies will do the complete install
for you.

And get this—youʼre not limited to just the money generated from the sale of the
big ticket (although youʼd probably be thrilled just stopping there). It gets even
better because the system will deliver multiple income streams—on autopilot.

Letʼs look at it works...

When you plug-in to the hands-free marketing (meaning our postcard campaigns)
your visitors will be directed to your web site—which is a magnetizer page offering
the 10K DVD, for free.

Next, your prospect will immediately be able to watch the 10K DVD on their

From there, the system will work its magic. Your prospects will continue through
our funnel—receiving lots of valuable content and information—directed at them
joining us in the business and Resorts 360.

Every time the system creates a sale of the Resorts 360 Membership you‟ll
earn upto $5,000... thatʼs on every lifetime sale.

Then as those people get involved and begin letting the Magic Wand Formula
Marketing System go to work for them, youʼll get paid as much as $2,500 per
sale—on every lifetime sale it makes for them.

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And believe me that money adds up quick. Itʼs the power of the right big ticket
product fueled by the Magic Wand Formula Marketing System. And whatʼs
best is... itʼs all on autopilot. Those massive commissions of thousands of dollars
come in while you are out enjoying life.

And remember...this is all happening AUTOMATICALLY. Youʼre not out there
trying to make sales. Youʼre not talking to people, having meetings, doing
conference calls or 3-ways. In fact, youʼre not involved in the sales process at all.

  Because here‟s the really cool part...Weʼll do it for you!
     Weʼll put up your site!

     Weʼll hook up your opt-in forms!

   Weʼll automatically set you up with a full ongoing series of follow-up
messages and fresh, super converting sales messages that weʼll send for you!

     Weʼll manage the technology side!

   Weʼll handle the entire sales process to turn those prospects into

     Weʼll take care of the web design!

     Weʼll handle customer support!

     Weʼll set you up to make money on the BACK-END over and over again
without effort on your part. Itʼs automatic once youʼre setup to earn
commissions! (Certain products are 3rd party products—like the big tickets—so
you have to be qualified to earn those commissions from those companies. Weʼll
show you exactly what to do and then weʼll hook it up for you.)

     And last but not least—we‟ll write the sales copy for everything!

                          Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved.                         11
You can‟t screw it up. You plug-into the hands-free traffic to send prospects to
your magnetizer page we build for you... from that moment forward the system
takes over... 100% on autopilot. Our members never have to make a phone call,
send an email or talk to anyone at any time for any reason. Thatʼs what the
system does... and it does a perfect job every single time.

After the prospect hits your magnetizer page and enters their name and email
address—theyʼll receive my free 10K DVD—then the next step is theyʼre offered
our front-end product right away.

From there, they continue through our funnel... where theyʼre invited to free tele-
trainings, webinars, given videos and audios... content weʼve created to give
people incredible value... at no cost... and to show them the benefits of getting
involved with our products and our system. And we handle all of it for our
members... so you never have to be prospecting or sending emails or making
calls... none of that. We handle it all.

In fact, no one coming through the system will ever even need to know the name
of the person whoʼs marketing brought them in. Every single person is on equal
ground. Itʼs a level playing field. Everyone rides on our coattails. Weʼre the
ones out there as the face to it all. Because youʼre plugging into our actual
system... the exact system we use ourselves. Which means every prospect...
every new person who checks this out is treated the exact same way.

Weʼll just build a relationship. Just like we do every single day with people all
around the globe. Weʼre here to serve them. Our goal in all of this is to teach
people about a better way of life... to offer them the information and access to the
tools and the turnkey, automated system... so they can be free. We want people
to enjoy the same, “do what you want, when you want, for as long as you
want and never have to check the bank balance kind of lifestyle” that we do.

All-in-all, we‟re allowing you to essentially have a clone of our million
dollar business model. And weʼll set it up for you... and maintain the

                         Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved.                         12
entire sales process ongoing.

Because every prospect and customer who comes through your page will be a
part of our million dollar process. And WE will handle all the marketing, selling
and follow-up to those people. You will get the benefit of our team working hard
to support your business.

So finally, and for the first time ever, you will be able to build your business like we
build ours—with a time-tested and proven perpetual profit machine running 24/7...
while you enjoy life doing the things and with the people you care about most.

Get started now by going to www.GoJoinToday.com.

Just think about it... our entire million dollar system at your disposal.

If we can use the system to generate 7 figures online each year, what could you
do? What if you only did half as good? Would an extra $500,000 a year help?
What if you only did 1/10 of what we do? Thatʼs still an extra $100,000 a year and
on autopilot!

This isnʼt hype or some pie-in-the-sky pipe dream... this is REAL. Get plugged
into our powerful 7 figure money making machine at www.GoJoinToday.com

If you were to pay us to create a system like the Magic Wand Formula Marketing
System youʼd be looking at a bare bones minimum of $70K upfront, plus a nice
percentage of your income. Not to mention having us setup your site online, give
you access to our hands-free marketing so you can drive traffic and start earning
money fast, and maintaining the entire system for you ongoing. Youʼd be
spending six figures. And thatʼs no joke.

But, if you take action right now and secure your spot, you wonʼt pay $70,000... or
$50,000. You wonʼt pay $30,000 or even our daily rate of $20,000.

                          Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved.                      13
In fact, youʼll pay JUST the cost of purchasing either the Annual, 3 year, Vip 10
Year or Elite Lifetime Membership in Resorts 360, plus only $97 for us to
setup your entire MWF system and just $97 a month for us to host it,
maintain it, handle all of the technical side of things + write all the sales
copy so the system will continue to do all the selling, telling, sorting and
explaining for YOU. Remember, it works so you donʼt have to.

You can get started now at www.GoJoinToday.com.

Youʼd have to be totally crazy to let this pass you by.

So hereʼs what you need to ask yourself... and get serious about your answer.

What IS your plan? If itʼs not this, then WHAT... what is it? What will you do to
finally break free to life you want... the success, the money, the freedom...
eliminating all the stress, strain, struggle and that feeling of frustration eating
away at you to figure out how to finally live the life you crave.

And if itʼs not NOW... then when? When will be the right time for you? How long
will you continue down the path youʼre on today?

Because the truth is... whether you want to accept it or not... the TRUTH is that
youʼve gotta do something different if you want a different result. Youʼve gotta
think different thoughts... look at things differently... develop a different attitude
and mindset... and actually take action toward what it is you really want.

In other words, youʼve gotta get on what you really want... and take action toward

So what are you waiting for?

Today is the day of decision.

                           Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved.                         14
Take action right now and get plugged into the
Magic Wand Formula Marketing System at
www.GoJoinToday.com then grab a calendar
and mark a big red circle around todayʼs
date... because I know youʼre going to look back
on this day as your turning point. The day your
life changed forever.

Look, itʼs happened for me... it took me from an
unemployable high-school drop out to making my fortune...a million dollar income
and a life of total freedom... right from the comfort of home (or wherever I may
feel like hanging out!)

And believe me, none of us are anything special... super talented, super-smart...
or anything out of the ordinary. Weʼre just regular people—like you.

Our success is thanks to one thing and one thing only—a powerful system that
absolutely anyone can plug into from day one.

This is day one for you. Iʼve given you full access to the Magic Wand Formula
Marketing System— now itʼs your turn to make a move.

Go to www.GoJoinToday.com and follow the easy steps Iʼve outlined for you...
do it now.

We want to help you achieve the success you deserve. And weʼre willing to put
our money where our mouth is. Thatʼs why weʼve invested such an enormous
amount of time, money and resources into creating the Magic Wand Formula
Marketing System and continuing to work on the system, staying on the cutting-
edge so it always delivers the best possible results... meaning money in your
bank account.

                         Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved.                      15
If youʼve made big money with us in the past...then hold on to your hat because
weʼre about to blow the roof off anything youʼve done before—at warp speed.

Or if you joined a previous business (or businesses) and they never worked out
for you...then this can be your turning point...the breakthrough that unleashes
your avalanche of income so you can say goodbye to your money worries forever.

Go right now to www.GoJoinToday.com

The pieces are in place. Itʼs gonna happen...no doubt about it. The only question
is, will it happen for you? Or will you just sit on the sidelines while the rest of us
build massive bank accounts and rock-solid businesses that will stand the test of
time and continue to deliver cash like clockwork?

The choice—as always—is yours. But I want you to remember this day. Because
it will either be something to celebrate or a day you look back on with regret for
letting what might be your only real chance at lifelong success slip through your
fingers. So choose wisely.

Getting started is super-fast and easy. So donʼt wait another moment. Go to
www.GoJoinToday.com and follow the simple steps to success so we can get
hooked up fast.

Itʼll take you less than 30 minutes, from start to finish, and then youʼre good to go.
The system will take over from there. Get started now at www.GoJoinToday.com

To Life Without Limits,

                          Copyright 2011 © All Rights Reserved.                          16

I don't do hype and I want you to be crystal clear that in order to be successful in
anything (life or business) it takes a clear vision of what you want and commitment to
take consistent focused action daily.

Any reference or income examples of our businesses and/or the examples of others in
this report, sales material, tele-trainings, audios, videos, any of our web pages or any
other medium are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average person and are
not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar
results. This is not a business opportunity. We do not sell business opportunities. The
income or financial examples given are in no way meant as a representation of actual or
possible earnings, nor are they meant as an inducement, promise, guarantee or
prediction of income of any kind. No income claims, promises, predictions or guarantees
are made of any kind. We have no idea if you'll use this information or not. If you leave
it sitting on a shelf alongside all the others we can promise that you won't make a dime
with it. Even if you do use it, we have no idea how much money you'll make or if you'll
make any money at all. We are not promising, predicting, implying or even hinting that
you'll make a dime. You may even lose money. Every business or marketing venture
involves some degree of risk. It's up to you to decide what's right for you. All we can do
is share what works for us.

This course is for information purposes only. This publication provides the Author’s
opinion in regards to the subject matter contained herein. Neither the Publisher not the
Author intends, with this publication, to render legal, accounting or other professional
advice. With regards to starting a business enterprise or any other legal or accounting
matters, the Publisher and Author recommend that the reader seek the advice of an
appropriately licensed professional. The Publisher and Author disclaim any personal
liability, both tangible and intangible, loss or risk incurred as a consequence of the use
and application, either directly or indirectly, of any advice, information or methods
presented herein.

The Publisher and Author strictly prohibit any unauthorized duplication or distribution of
this material. Any violation of copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the

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