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									                                TEXAS FIRE FIGHTER
                                                          Third Quarter 2011

                         From The President From The
                         Guy Turner                             Secretary/Treasurer
                         While we are all aware of the inherent Bob York
                        dangers associated with our profession,
                        we are never prepared when we lose             I just returned yesterday from the Funeral of
                        one of our own on the job. Such was            a great friend of all of ours, Vice President
                        the case when, on August 14, Dallas            Emeritus Tommy Lowry. Tommy was a
                        Fire Lieutenant Todd Krodle was killed         Waco Fire Fighter for 34 years and served as President of 478 as
while fighting an apartment fire. He leaves behind a wife, Kelli,      well as TSAFF District Vice President. Tommy left the Board in
and children Cade and Caroline whose lives have been forever           1993. Vice President Emeritus Lowry will be missed.
altered by this tragedy. The entire Executive Board, Staff, and
members of the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters extend         I made the National MG Ride to Remember New York City and
to Lt. Krodle’s family, friends, and co-workers our heartfelt          it was most impressive. 3700 motorcycles were in the procession
condolences.                                                           from Newburgh to New York City on September 11, 2011, where
                                                                       we attended a Memorial at the FDNY Memorial Site to let our
As we mourn the loss of Brother Krodle, we must also concern           343 Brothers know we will never forget.
ourselves with our members who suffered losses due to the
recent wildfires that have ravaged our State. We have had              Once again we would request that Local Affiliates please keep us
several members who lost their homes and or sustained property         informed of officer address changes and changes in officers. If
damage as a result. Not to mention the personal sacrifices             you are not getting TSAFF Official emails contact Cindy and ask
made by our members who battled these flames 24/7 in almost            her to add your email.
unbearable weather conditions, often times being “held over”
or called in off duty to do so. Their dedication to duty is a direct   We have a number of events coming up, nothing more important
reflection of the character of men and women who comprise              in educating your union leadership than our Leadership Seminar
our great Union and I salute you all.                                  coming up April 25-27, 2012. Please make plans to attend. You
                                                                       will not be disappointed!
While the wildfires continue to rage across Texas, the flames
of public employee pension reform continue to spread across            I would like to thank President Turner, the VP’s, Trustees and
our Nation and can now be seen on the horizon here at home.            Staff for their hard work on behalf of our 15,600 members. Stay
The TSAFF is staying ahead of the curve by taking a pro-active         Safe and God Bless.
approach in preparation for the fight we know is looming. We
have joined a coalition of other public employee pension systems
and organizations to form a plan to defeat the efforts of those

who wish to change our pensions from defined benefit plans
to defined contribution plans. Texans for Secure Retirement
(TSR) is focusing on getting out the truth about the soundness

                                                                                      Doesn’t Cost
of our plans as well as exposing the greedy motives of those
who want our money for their own selfish purposes.

                                                                                        it Pays!
Finally, on a sunnier note, thanks again goes to San Marcos
Local 3963 President Howie Minor and his members for going
above and beyond in hosting our 42nd Biennial Convention this
summer. Their professionalism was on display the entire week
making for a most enjoyable and productive convention.
2                                                                                                                   Texas Fire Fighter

                          From The                                                                 From The
                          Chief of Staff                                                           Service Director
                          Mike Higgins                                                             Rafael Torres

                          Labor Day having come and gone and                                      I have to start out by saying it has been
                          being the traditional starting point in Texas                           a hot dry summer here in Texas. I hope
                          for political campaigns to kick off, means                              and pray that this newsletter finds you and
that these campaigns are in full swing as those already holding office                            your families well. The Fires that have
decide if they will run for re-election, retire or try to move ”up” to    been devastating Texas have put many of our Fire Fighters out to
a higher office. Add in the folks who do not already hold office          task and as such, the public has come to expect that standard of
jumping into the mix and we have a virtual free-for-all politically       care from the Fire Fighters in general.
speaking. The current estimate based on announcements from
candidates shows another huge turnover in the Texas Senate and in         Along with the fires that are burning the homes, trees and grasslands,
the Texas House. Filing for office in Texas begins November 12 and        the other fire that has been sweeping over Texas is an anti-Union
ends December 12. So far, at least 24 State Representatives will          sentiment that was started in the north with politicians that need to
not be seeking reelection to their current seat. There were 35 new        be held accountable for their fabrication of information in regards
members in 2011. I believe that we will have 35 - 40 new members          to public safety; specifically Fire Fighters.
in 2013. There are 3 open Senate seats, and in probability there will
be at least 4 new Senators in 2013. The 83rd Legislative Session may      We Fire Fighters here in Texas have seen the same advance of
also include a new Lieutenant Governor, who serves as the President       that agenda all over Texas from El Paso to Beaumont and from
of the Texas Senate. Of course, this vacancy will be filled by election   Amarillo to Brownsville. These advances come in the form of
of a current member of the Senate who will fill the vacancy for the       small items like violation of “Past Practice” in testing procedures
remainder of the term in accordance with the Texas Constitution.          to larger attacks in the form of terminations on Union Presidents
                                                                          for minor infractions of non-existent policies. We must be ever
One of the biggest issues we will face in the coming Session and          mindful that our actions are not necessarily isolated to our local
probably one of the most important that I have seen in my first twelve    jurisdiction but our actions get spread all over. With the ability of
Sessions is the effort of a group with the goal of “reforming” public     today’s information technology, you should have no expectation of
pensions. Our understanding is that this group will attempt to pass       acts going undiscovered. More correctly you should expect just
legislation to amend the Texas Constitution and statutorily amend         the opposite and with Facebook and Twitter your information can
various pension plans to change the plans from a defined benefit          and does sometimes receive worldwide exposure both good & bad.
plan to a defined contribution plan. I’m not the in-house pension         Be careful with what you say and do in cyber space.
expert, but I understand that this will effectively end public employee
pensions as we know them and modify them into individual pensions         Recently there have been many Locals that have had their collective
such as a 401K. This will adversely affect current retirees and will      bargaining rights challenged along with their agreements. We
drive up future costs for the employers as there will no longer be        must be always protective of what the Citizens of our communities
new members added to the fund. This will result in destabilization        have given us and make sure we treat the process and the benefits
of pensions. The group in favor of making these changes already           that come with agreements with the respect and dignity that the
has substantial funding. However, the Texans For Secure Retirement        citizens deserve who granted us the right to bargain and to sign a
(TSR) has been created to challenge the reform effort. TSR is in          binding agreement with our employer. Here at the TSAFF we are
it’s beginning stages but already several labor organizations and         always available during work hours (which seem to run deeply
pension funds have joined including the TSAFF. It’s almost ironic         in to the weekends these days), so please call us if you have a
that the TSAFF formed in 1938 after members of several IAFF               question on what the current trend is across the State of Texas
Locals successfully passed legislation in the prior year enacting the     regarding working conditions, conditions of employment, benefits
Texas Local Fire Fighter’s Retirement Act. In the coming months           and wages.
and certainly during the next Session, we will keep you updated
on this situation and we will be calling on you from time to time to      Remember that knowledge is power and as a side note there have
make contact with your elected officials.                                 been changes to the service training class to reflect the changing
                                                                          needs of our locals. During the last 12 months there have been 30
The effort to allegedly reform public employee pensions when              locals attend service training and at least that many have attended
they don’t need reform is a very good example of why fire fighters        other training offered in the state. We know that these changes will
must stay politically active and participate in TAFPAC. If you are        make a difference and hope that Locals and new Local Leaders will
not a member of your PAC fund, please consider joining today as a         take advantage of these training opportunities. The Leadership
sustaining member. We can even bill you quarterly for a membership        Conference is coming up spring of 2012 and I hope to see some of
if you prefer and there is a form in this newsletter for this purpose.    the new faces along with the regularly attending Locals that have
                                                                          come to be that backbone of this great Texas State Association of
Usually, begging for new TAFPAC members closes my article, but I          Fire Fighters. Wishing you and your families a safe and happy
echo the words of Joe Singer regarding the loss of our friend Tommy       holiday season and as a wise person once said “Thoughts become
Lowry. Tommy served his Local as well as the TSAFF for many               Words, Words become Actions, Actions become Character and
years and was a mentor to many of us. Our condolences go out to           Character is Everything”. Let’s make sure that is true for us in our
his wife Sue, son Mike, daughter Jennifer and his entire family. He       noble profession.
will be missed.
Texas Fire Fighter                                                                                                                      3

                          From The                                      From The 11th District
                          Staff Representative                          Vice President
                          Joe Singer                                    Sandy McGhee
                          This September, the TSAFF lost one of its     A battle is brewing in Texas over Public
                          former Vice Presidents. Tommy Lowery,         Employee Pensions. A quote form the Austin
                          of Waco, passed away after a courageous       American-Statesman sums up the reality of
                          battle with cancer. Tommy served many         what Public Employees are facing. “A group
                          years as District Vice President of the       of high-powered Houston business leaders is starting a statewide
TSAFF and was elected Vice President Emeritus for his many years        campaign to overhaul retirement for future teachers, firefighters,
of service. When I went to work for the Waco Fire Department in
1981, Tommy was the President of Waco Local #478. I remember            police officers, judges and other state and local government
Tommy working tirelessly in local politics and serving the needs of     workers. “I think the state needs to get the hell out of this (pension)
the Local. He never met a stranger and was a friend to everyone.        business completely,” said lawyer Bill King, who is forming Texans
Tommy was the person that got me interested in our Local when           for Public Pension Reform with others from the Greater Houston
I became a member, and as the years passed I would travel with          Partnership, an über-chamber of commerce with business members
Tommy to Austin to assist him in any way that I could. When             representing $1.5 trillion in assets.” There is definitely more to the
Tommy stepped down as President of Waco’s Local and when                story but you get the idea. Mr. King and his ilk are after Public
he retired from the Waco Fire Department, he continued to assist        Pension plans.
the Local with issues by speaking to the many friends that he had
made throughout the years. Eventually I ran for different offices       Firefighters are already mobilized and have helped to form Texans
in Waco’s Local, first being elected Trustee. Later I was elected
First Vice President then becoming President in the late 1980’s and     for Secure Retirement (TSR). I urge every local affiliate to be aware
again becoming President in 1998 until I retired from the Waco Fire     of the threat against our pension plans. It is real. Contact your
Department in 2008 to come to work for the TSAFF. If it wasn’t for      local pension officers, make sure they are aware of TSR and ask
Tommy Lowery, I probably would have been just another member            them how to engage in the battle. It is critical that every local union
of Waco’s Local, showing up for a meeting when it was convenient        understand that this is an all hands on deck fight. Please take some
for me and doing nothing else to assist the Local. Tommy will be        time to be educated on the issues and inform your membership.
dearly missed and let us keep his wife, Sue and their family in your    The battles have already begun. More to follow.

                         From The 4th District                                        Emergency Relief &
                         Vice President                                                Scholarship Fund
                         Darrell Gonzales                                              Michael Anderson
                                                                                         Wildfire Emergency Relief
                         Hello everyone! I hope you are all safe.       The Texas Firefighters Emergency Relief and Scholarship Fund
                         This summer has been a rough one for           is available to assist any member who has suffered damaged or
                         Texas Fire Fighters. Due to the drought we     hardships due to the recent outbreak of Wildfires across Texas. If
                         have had many fires throughout the State.      you or any of your members have been affected please visit www.
Thanks to all you that have worked on the front lines protecting and complete a relief application. Each person is eligible
the property and the lives of the citizens of Texas. If anyone has      to receive $500 in relief monies.
experienced a loss of property or has experienced a hardship due to
the Fires please contact your V.P. for assistance.
                                                                                     Do you have your Professional
There are a few Elections going on in District 4. Copperas Cove is                     Firefighter License plates?
running for Civil Service. The Brothers there have been working
hard and will need help knocking on doors and working polls.                      $30 fee or $70 for personalized plates
If you can help please send personnel. The Woodlands are also
involved in an election to continue their contract as The Woodlands     The Texas Firefighters Emergency Relief and Scholarship Fund
Inc. changes to some type of municipal status.                          receive a portion of the fees for the professional firefighter license
                                                                        plates. These monies are immediately available to firefighters in
During the next Legislative Session there is going to be a big threat   the form of emergency relief. These monies also provide for Ten
to our pension system. There is a group that wants to change our        (10) $1000 scholarships every year firefighters’ children to attend
pensions from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan.    college. There is no better time to order yours than today !
This will dramatically change our pension system and our future.
Please watch for updates through the state e-mail on this issue.        For application visit: You must complete the
                                                                        application, include confirmation of IAFF membership, and mail to
If anyone needs assistance or would like to have classes to help        your county tax-assessor office..
your members please call or e-mail me.
                                                                                             Order Yours Today!
4                                                                                                                    Texas Fire Fighter

                MDA                                                      to their recommendations, we wanted to be able to provide some
                                                                         feedback and information on what departments are reporting. Our
                                                                         newest information resource, Avoid Injury!, will bring you up-to-
               Ed Baker                                                  date information on the injuries being reported to the TCFP. You’ll
                                                                         get to see what other departments are experiencing, think about
    Divisional Field Representative                                      how your department stacks up, and then we’ll provide you with
                                                                         tips for avoiding these injuries. Visit
On this year’s MDA Labor Day Telethon IAFF General President             to read our blog.
Harold Schaitberger presented a check for over $27,200,000
representing the efforts of the nationwide “Fill the Boot” campaign.     PPE issues to keep your eye on
Each of you and your Local members that collected should be very         During our regular visits to fire departments we are finding that there
proud of this amazing figure! In spite of a difficult economy, fires,    are cracks in the brims of many helmets. This is a safety issue that
tropical storms etc., you really came through!                           everyone needs to be aware of. The manufacturers are aware of the
                                                                         issue and have provided some information and guidelines on what
While not all figures are in it looks like Texas should again be #1      to look for while inspecting helmets. Cracks that are longer than an
in the country and the IAFF mighty 11th District should also be in       inch, any crack all the way through the shell, and soft spots should
first place! If you have gone out, thank you for your support! If        all be advance inspected for safety. Contact Compliance Division
you were new this year, thanks for coming on board for MDA! If           Head, Don Wilson, at (512) 936-3830 for more information.
you still haven’t collected, it is not too late! All dollars that are
raised and received by MDA through the end of the year will count!       New certifications coming
Please contact your local MDA office.                                    Fire protection personnel continue to show a great deal of interest
                                                                         in certifications offered by the Commission. Certificate holders
Since my last article, MDA has held four MDA Summer Camps in             and departments alike are recognizing their value as enhancements
Texas all of which had IAFF Fire Fighters as counselors. I would         to expertise and credentialing. Increasingly, organizations are
like to give special thanks to those of you who not only collected       encouraging and providing opportunities for their personnel to
in the streets for MDA but also gave up a week to make these             obtain certification in additional disciplines as part of professional
camps the best week of the year for our kids. You were great! If you     development. Some departments are also requiring possession of
would like to volunteer for next year we are finalizing our camping      advanced certifications as part of promotional processes. We are
schedule and your local MDA office will be able to give you the          excited to report that there are more certifications in the works.
dates soon. It will be the week of your life!                            Committees are considering development of certifications for
                                                                         command, more officer levels, safety, and rescue.
Finally, again thanks to all of you who supported MDA this year
through your Fill the Boots and other events. The IAFF and the           For more infromation visit
TSAFF continue to make a huge difference in the kids and adults
served by the association. Because of you MDA sponsors over 20
clinics, numerous support groups, assistance with equipment, four
Summer Camps and millions of dollars annually in research! You
                                                                                              TCFP Liaison
make all of this possible! If I can ever be of any help please let me
                                                                                               Jim Reidy
                                                                         As budgets tighten with the economic problems, fire departments
                                                                         are looking at ways to do more with less. The Texas Commission on
             Notes from the TCFP                                         Fire Protection is addressing an issue that may become significant
                                                                         for many of you in the future. From the TCFP web page: “As of
The Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) has resources             September 1, 2011, anyone performing code enforcement must be
and information that are available to all firefighters in the state      a commission-certified inspector. House Bill 3866 and Texas Govt
of Texas. We wanted to introduce you to these resources and              Code Chapter 419.908 Fire Safety Inspections has details about this
provide you with news from our various sections concerning recent        change. This new requirement does not include those performing
developments and issues which may affect all fire departments.           pre-fire planning, but does include those performing code inspection
                                                                         and enforcement tasks”. Some departments are already requiring
TCFP Library                                                             their firefighting field personnel to become certified fire inspectors
The Emerson Library provides members of the fire service with            and perform fire inspections in addition to their regular duties.
resources to help with public and professional education. The            Some departments have been requiring their fire companies to do
Library services include an audiovisual training collection, a print     fire code inspections, but without being certified inspectors.
collection, and fire and emergency related research services. The
resources in our collection cover topics from basic training skills to   As the new law becomes more apparent to cities, more of this “dual
wildfire firefighting techniques. We recently added a research links     duty” will probably happen. Right now, in order to advance to a
page to our website where you can find quality online resources          higher level of inspector certification, you must be appointed to that
to help you do your job. Additionally, the library publishes an          duty/discipline of Fire Inspector, even if you are in another discipline
electronic newsletter focusing on hot topics (such as Courage            like Fire Suppression. There has been a problem with firefighters
to be Safe’s 16 Life Safety Initiatives), and the related Emerson        performing both jobs but not being credited with both functions in
library resources available for borrowing. Visit our library website     order to attain the next higher level of Inspector certification. We
at for more       are currently addressing that problem. TCFP strives to encourage
information.                                                             and enable firefighters to achieve as high a level of certification as
                                                                         possible. If you are in firefighting, are also required to be a certified
Avoid Injury Blog                                                        inspector, and perform fire safety code enforcement inspections;
As you are aware, the Texas legislature recently mandated that fire      your pathway to higher levels of inspector certification will not be
departments report all firefighter injuries to the TCFP via our FIDO     blocked. Visit the TCFP website at for
reporting system, and that the commission make recommendations           more information on that issue or anything else related to standards
for avoiding injuries, based on the reported injuries. In addition       and regulations for Texas Firefighters or email me at jreidy@satx.
                                                                Stay Safe .
Texas Fire Fighter                                                                                                                5

                     PLATINUM                                                              PLATINUM

TSAFF EXECUTIVE BOARD & TRUSTEES - Guy Turner, Bob                   GALVESTON 571 - Jens Jenson
York, Steve Holland, Jeff Dillon, Carlos Torres, Darrell Gonzales,   GARLAND 1293 - David Gott, David Holcombe
Curtis Dunn, J.R. Sullivan                                           HARLINGEN 3404 - Eduardo Alvarez
                                                                     IRVING 2073 - Grant Blake, Helmut Money
TSAFF STAFF - Steve Bresnen, Craig Deats, Mike Higgins, Joe          KELLER 3731 - Scott Allen, Daniel Hughes, Jeffery Huntly,
Singer                                                               Alan Jacobs, David Jones, Kevin Lindsey, Charles Mitchell, Scott
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IAFF - Louis Hebert, Sandy McGhee                                    LAKE TRAVIS 4117 - Glenn Trubee
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Texas State Association of Fire Fighters      TSAFF Trustees
627 Radam Lane                                J.R. Sullivan, Zone A Trustee
Austin, Texas 78745                           Doug Dickerson, Zone B Trustee
(512)326-5050                                 Mike Perez, Zone C Trustee
FAX (512)326-5040
                                              TSAFF Chaplain
TSAFF Executive Board
                                              Chris Hale, Abilene Fire Department
Guy Turner, President                         TSAFF Staff
P.O. Box 7654                                 Mike Higgins, Chief of Staff
Abilene, TX 79608                             Rafael Torres, Service Director
325-669-7413 (cell)                           Joe Singer, Staff Representative
E-mail:                     Liz Wright, Assistant to Secretary/Treasurer
                                              Cindy Gonzales, Administrative Assistant &
Bob York, Secretary/Treasurer &                 Assistant Editor of the Texas Fire Fighter
Editor of the Texas Fire Fighter              Craig Deats, General Counsel
5203 Langford Ln
Wichita Falls, TX 76310                       TSAFF Emeritus Officers, IAFF Officers and
940-781-9400 (cell)                           Representative, Auxiliary and Retired Fire Fighters
E-mail:                       Don Greene, President Emeritus
                                              Larry Keith, President Emeritus
Steve Holland, District 1 Vice President      Alton Bostick, Secretary/Treasurer Emeritus
7206 59th                                     Morgan Herron, Vice President Emeritus
Lubbock, TX 79407                             Ed Willborn, Vice President Emeritus
806-781-5980 (cell)                           Reuben Millsaps, Trustee Emeritus
E-mail:                    Denny Burris, Chaplain Emeritus
                                              Buddy Mass, IAFF Vice President Emeritus
Jeff Dillon, District 2 Vice President        Louis Hebert, IAFF Staff Representative for Life
1141 Lakeview                                 Harold A.Schaitberger, IAFF General President
Mesquite, TX 75149                            Thomas H. Miller, IAFF General Secretary/Treasurer
(972) 743-9884 (cell)                         Sandy McGhee, IAFF District 11 Vice President
E-mail:                     Joe Tellez, IAFF District Field Service Representative
                                              Kelli Tucker, IAFF & TSAFF Auxiliary President
Carlos Torres, District 3 Vice President      Jayna Hamons, TSAFF Auxiliary Secretary/Treasurer
5006 Lethaby Dr                               Buddy Mass, Retired Fire Fighters President
Corpus Christi, TX 78413                      Cullen Cox, Retired Fire Fighters Secretary/Treasurer
(361) 877-3444 (cell)
                                              Special Appointments
                                              TCFP Liaison                               Jim Reidy
                                              EMS Liaison                                Darryl Wachsman
Darrell Gonzales, District 4 Vice President   Human Relations Liaison                    Byron Williams
3200 E. Parkway                               TLFFRA Liaison                             Keith Morton
Groves, TX 77619                              TMRS Liaison                               Scott Kerr
(409) 540-0553 (cell)
E-mail:                   Day Representatives
                                              Guy Turner                                 Bob York
Curtis Dunn, District 5 Vice President        Steve Holland                              Jeff Dillon
1829 Westcrest Dr.                            Carlos Torres                              Darrell Gonzales
Arlington, TX 76013                           Curtis Dunn                                Tom Taylor
(817) 925-0245 (cell)
Texas State Association of Fire Fighters                                                            Non-Profit Org.
627 Radam Lane                                                                                       U.S. Postage
Austin, Texas 78745                                                                                     PAID
                                                                                                     Austin, Texas
                                                                                                     Permit #1524

                                       Calendar of Events
         A listing of international, national and regional events. Dates of events are subject to change.

Date                                 Event                                                 Location

October 24-27, 2011           TSAFF Service Training Class                                 Austin, TX
January 9, 2012               Trustee Meeting                                              Austin, TX
January 10, 2012              TSAFF Executive Board Meeting                                Austin, TX
March 25-28, 2012             IAFF Legislative Conerence                                   Washington, DC
April 24, 2012                TSAFF Executive Board Meeting                                San Marcos, TX
April 25-27, 2012             TSAFF Leadership Seminar                                     San Marcos, TX
July 21-27, 2012              IAFF Convention                                              Philadelphia, PA
June 17-21, 2013              TSAFF 43rd Biennial Convention                               Lubbock, TX

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