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					digital signage
contenta directory of content providers
Reel-exchange presents

                               a supplement to
                         Intricacies of
                  digital signage content
As every professional in our industry knows, today’s video display environments
are more vast than ever. Clients constantly look for new, innovative ways to put
digital signage in a wide variety of locations—with every configuration requiring
custom design and creativity. While the future looks to present commercial and
informational messaging to the population in as many ways as possible—whether
it be in-store retail, elevator displays, museums, arenas, or JumboTrons—the
question arises of how to find and build content that will actually stream on them.

2   Rr digital signage
    the first key is developing communication be-         just to the never-ending
tween the digital signage integrators, signage own-
ers, and content creators. While digital signage con-
                                                                                 “the more modular
                                                          variety of [display sizes
                                                          and orientations] that
tent creators are usually provided cheat sheets with                             you can be with your
                                                          exist. in a perfect world,
contacts at the digital signage locations, more specif-
ic information regarding frame rates and pixel ratios
                                                                                 design, the better
                                                          all items should be key-
                                                          able with large canvas
must come directly from the signage vendors.              backgrounds that can beequipped you will
    “the most important details to have squared
away before doing any work are the technical specs
                                                          rescaled for each use.
                                                                                 be to adjust to the
                                                              “With keyable design
for each individual screen,” says shawn stoner, VP        components, it is pos- never-ending variety
of postproduction at new Wave entertainment—a
company that’s done signage work for mall kiosks,
                                                                                 of [display sizes and
                                                          sible to make all of the
                                                          myriad adjustments for
digital billboards, Jumbotrons, spectacolor hd            each unique screen and orientations] that exist.”
signage, and even huge boards in times square. “it        render to the unique
is important to talk with [vendors] about the abili-      specifications or each
                                                                                         shawn stoner, VP of
ties of their screens and develop a working knowl-        location. all encoding         postproduction at
edge about what will and will not work on their           is specified by the end
signs. When you understand where content is being         user. it is important to
                                                                                         new Wave entertainment
placed, you can plan your design around the abilities     try to mitigate any in-
and limitations.”                                         between compression steps that might take place at
    therefore, creating the actual content for digital    the screen provider. if the screen company has their
signage takes discipline and an approach unique to        own protocol for ingesting and encoding, it is wise to
each display.                                             try to provide them with uncompressed material so
    “Because of the dramatic differences between          that things may stay intact as long as possible. if they
applications, creative content must be viewed glob-       want you to precompress, be aware that the steps
ally and in such a way that allows for customiza-         that happen downstream may have adverse conse-
tion. there are many ‘elevator’ screens that contain      quences on your design. that is why communication
a great deal of [competing content]—weather and           is so vital in your planning.”
news updates, and such,” stoner says. “Mall signs             the design of materials is the challenge of the cre-
need to have arresting visuals to break through to        ative team—and at new Wave entertainment, that
preoccupied consumers. Jumbotron-style screens            challenge falls on the shoulders of scott Williams, VP
in stadiums tend to have unique sizes that are often      and creative director of studio at new Wave.
banner- and scroll-based.                                     “our biggest challenge has been [creating content
    “transmission and playback capabilities are also      for] the geoffreytron and the aBc billboard in times
important to keep in mind. that is why it is so essen-    square. they present unique challenges because of
tial to talk with the people who control the sign. any    their size and shapes. For instance, the aBc billboard
misunderstandings about frame rate or size restric-       wraps around corners and has two ticker ribbons,”
tions can result in content that will play back with      Williams says. “another challenge for designing in
stutters or fall off the screen.”                         this medium is that in most instances, there is no
    the increased use of vertical displays for signage    sound to motivate the animation and editorial, so the
creates a different challenge for the content creators,   pieces need to be visually dynamic by themselves.”
who are used to developing content in a horizontal            dynamic content for digital signage is a key ele-
aspect ratio. But the creation of compelling vertical     ment necessary to effectively disseminate informa-
content doesn’t necessarily mean it will show only on     tion to viewers and passers-by. as the spectrum of
vertical displays.                                        digital display configurations widens, the importance
    “if you have done a shoot that was designed to        of understanding the different variables of every digi-
be played vertically, you may get a request to repur-     tal display system, and resulting costs of creating or
pose that same content into a horizontal application,”    purchasing content to run on those systems, is a ne-
stoner says. “the more modular you can be with            cessity for all players involved—integrators, vendors,
your design, the better equipped you will be to ad-       and content creators. n

                                                                                                 Rr   digital signage   3
    Content CReatoRs
    For digital signage

                               Brad Burrow,                  dzingnlight StudioS
                               real Media                    Atlanta
                               Lenexa, Kan.                  Dzignlight studios provides visual effects and 3D
                               real media is a full-         computer animation solutions for film, broadcast
                               service production            television, medical visualization, stereoscopic
                               company specializing          animation, stereoscopic conversion, and location-
                               in motion graphics, 3D        based entertainment. the company’s creative,
                               animation, and visual         talented, and tight-knit staff uses extremely fast
                               effects for special           hardware and specialized graphics software
                               venues and digital            to bring the visual power of handcrafted digital
                               signage displays, as well     special effects and computer animation to
                               as television and film.       clients’ digital signage production projects.
                               the company also has
                               extensive experience in       Fury deSign
                               all forms of media delivery   New York
                               including hD, sD,
                                                             fury is a young advertising and design agency with
                               DvD, web, and flash.
                                                             a particular focus on motion graphics, web design,
                                                             digital signage, information architecture, and video
                                                             production. fury houses experienced agency
                                                             professionals and creative design talent. that’s why
                                                             the company sometimes behaves like a creative
                                                             boutique and sometimes like a strategic ally. fury
                                                             is driven to find solutions. clients have included
                                                             broadcasters (mtv networks, amc, and hBo),
                                                             financial services (lehman Brothers), government
                                                             (U.s. state Department), publishing (scholastic,
                                                             Dow Jones, and google), and fashion and retail
                                                             brands (ebel, saks fifth avenue, and ralph lauren).

                                                                                          gaSket StudioS
                                                                                          gasket studios creates
                                                                                          idea-driven design,
                                                                                          visual effects, and
                                                                                          animation that both tell
                                                                                          a story and are the story
                                                                                          to meet the advertising,
    JiM Chappell
                                                                                          promotional, product,
    Kennesaw, Ga.
                                                                                          and branding needs of
    chappell is a senior art director, designer, and                                      its clients—including
    animator with more than 10 years of experience                                        recent digital signage
    specializing in high-end, visually captivating                                        work for korbel that was
    design and motion for digital signage in a variety                                    displayed new Year’s
    of environments. he began working on digital                                          eve at madison square
    signage solutions before many knew about it,                                          garden in new York .
    and he has created digital signage for Borders,
    volvo, mcDonald’s, amc, and regal cinemas.
    By creating targeted digital content that speaks to
    consumers in fast-paced environments, chappell
    brings digital marketing to the next level.

view the work of these companies at

4       Rr digital signage
                                                                                gtoo Media
                                                                                Bethesda, Md.
                                                                                gtoo media is a core service provider of exhibit media
                                                                                design, including content services for professional
                                                                                digital signage applications. its award-winning team
                                                                                provides custom media design through dynamic
                                                                                video productions, interactive multimedia, and 3D
                                                                                animation. it develops and designs customized
                                                                                prescriptions that put content into context, and it
                                                                                artfully blends essential messages into memorable
                                                                                impressions. its collaborative process ensures a
                                                                                fresh presentation of brand messaging, corporate
                                                                                identity packages, and animated logos.

andrew                   MightyByteS                                              nileS Creative group
JohnSon, iMed            Chicago                                                  New York
deSign, inC.             mightybytes creates web, video, flash, and               niles creative group is known for its concept-
Reno, Nev.               digital signage solutions. the company started           to-completion capabilities—combining cutting
imed Design is a         out using scala's infochannel for digital signage        edge technology and art. the company offers
full-service visual      and has expanded to include many other tools             solutions for all engineering needs and can design,
production, animation,   and technologies over the years. recently, it            build, and integrate. this includes the creation of
and interactive design   used autodesk 3ds max, adobe after effects,              control rooms, mobile facilities, show displays, or
studio providing         and Dataton's watchout software to create a              permanent large-screen presentations.
content for digital      custom-masked penguin habitat environment                David niles, the founder and president of the
signage, broadcast,      for a 25ft. wide, three-projector video exhibit          group, has earned a distinguished reputation for
corporate, emergency     at chicago's John g. shedd aquarium.                     his work, specifically in television production and
response, and health/                                                             design. he is also recognized as the foremost
wellness industries.                                                              authority on hDtv production, producing in it
clients include                                                                   since 1984. most recently, niles is responsible for
american chemistry                                                                the concept, design, technological development,
council, lac+Usc                                    new wave                      and creative content for the award-winning
medical center,                                     entertainMent                 comcast experience—a 10 million-pixel leD
kodak, procter &                                    Burbank, Calif.               screen at the comcast center in philadelphia.
gamble, carrier,                                    new wave
Boston ivf, fedex,                                  entertainment offers
and Us greenfiber.                                  its clients leading-edge
imed’s work has                                     digital signage solutions
been seen in airports,                              with services ranging
stadium Jumbotrons,                                 from creative design to
and in-store networks.                              digital finishing. recent
andrew Johnson,                                     projects, clients, and
president, brings                                   venues include digital
more than 25 years                                  billboards and mall
of production and                                   kiosks for sony pictures'
design experience to                                Seven Pounds, the
clients’ projects, and                              hollywood & highland
he has been honored                                 center’s Jumbotron            preSton porter
with numerous                                       for colombia pictures'        Olympia, Wash.
industry awards.                                    Quantum of Solace,            preston porter is a graduate from the art institute
                                                    and clear channel             of seattle and the evergreen state college. he has
                                                    spectacolor hD signage        experience in video production, motion graphics/
                                                    for sony pictures'            post, and graphic design/branding—perfect
                                                    Angels & Demons.              for digital signage applications of all types.

                                                                                                     Rr   digital signage               5
    stoCk Footage
    For digital signage

                                                                                                       Venice, Calif.
                                                                                                       footageBank was founded in
    artBeatS                                                                                           2002 by industry icon paula
    Myrtle Creek, Ore.                                                                                 lumbard as the first stock footage
    celebrating 20 years of award-winning royalty-free stock footage, artbeats                         company focusing on high-definition
    offers an extensive array of ntsc, pal, hD, and red high-resolution                                native content. capitalizing on
    footage for digital signage, broadcast, feature films, commercial, multimedia,                     more than 20 years in the stock
    game development, and independent productions. the artbeats                                        footage industry, lumbard has
    library encompasses innovative clips in a variety of subjects including                            made footageBank into a major
    aerials, cities, nature scenics, special effects, medical animations, and                          supplier of hD images nationally
    international locations. shot on the red Digital cinema red one camera                             and internationally. the company
    and available in resolutions up to 4k, artbeats' red footage allows for                            continues to be the only footage
    greater flexibility as it can be used in both horizontal and vertical displays.                    house specializing in hD native
                                                                                                       content, and it is dedicated
                                                                                                       to shooting and aggregating
                                                                                                       collections of hD images to service
                                                                                                       the rapidly growing demand for hD
                                                                                                       content in digital signage, television,
                                                                                                       feature films, advertising, websites,
                                                                                                       and corporate videos.

    CreataS Footage
    Peoria, Ill.
    creatas footage is your source
    for royalty-free stock footage from                                               eCoFootage.CoM
    leading brands, including its own                                                 Cupertino, Calif.
    Bigshot, thinkstock footage, and                                         supplies high-quality, affordable
    creatas footage. its extensive,                                                   royalty-free video stock footage collections on
    expanding, and always evolving                                                    environmental and sustainability topics including
    online footage library offers you a                                               the natural world, land use, smart growth, sprawl,
    diverse collection of footage clips,                                              urban development, city life, landscaping, urban
    making your choice easy with                                                      forestry, water use, renewable energy, fossil energy,
    thousands of idea-inspiring clips                                                 electricity generation, dams, conservation, transit,
    available for review and immediate                                                alternative vehicles, traffic congestion, roads and
    download upon purchase.                                                           bridges, ships, planes, recycling, composting,
                                                                                      landfills, mining, manufacturing, agriculture, ranching,
                                                                                      forestry, air and water pollution, and green building.

view the work of these companies at

6       Rr digital signage
FotoSearCh                   getty iMageS
Waukesha, Wis.               Seattle
the fotosearch               with more than
online stock footage         35 stock footage
library allows users         collections totaling
to easily search from        hundreds of
more than 60,000             thousands of high-
stock clips to find the      quality downloadable
perfect footage for any      footage clips to search
and all digital signage      through in one place,
application—from             getty images provides
small to large. top          the world's widest         MaMMoth hd
footage vendors              variety of rights-ready    Evergreen, Colo.
available through the        and royalty-free           the mammoth hD footage library provides worldwide coverage, locations,
fotosearch website           commercial footage         sports, cities, wildlife, medical/health care, time-lapse, scenics, and lifestyles
include artbeats,            that is seen every         in red 4k/2k, hD 1080p/i, and 720p. mammoth hD offers vertical footage for
corbis motion,               day on the internet,       broadcast, film, and advertising/marketing, and it is perfect for digital display/
creatas footage,             broadcast television,      signage. mammoth hD represents more than 80 shooters from around the world.
Digital hotcakes, film       feature films, and
Disc, and reel house.        mobile phones.

                                                                    Tigard, Ore.
                                                           offers beautiful royalty-free stock footage
                                                                    shot in 1080i hD for use on any size digital signage or venue
                                                                    display. footage can be delivered uncompressed or encoded to
                                                                    your specifications for easy input into your digital signage systems.
                                                           specializes in spectacular scenery, national                                                     parks, domestic, and international locations at excellent prices.
Bucharest, Romania
high-resolution hD, 2k, and 4k royalty-free time-
lapse stock footage for digital signage video ,
documentaries, short film, feature film, commercials,
music video, and television. all time-lapse clips
are shot using professional-quality digital camera                                 StoCkXpert
equipment (nikon D300 and D700), special                                           Gatineau, Quebec
motorized mounts for very slow pans, and other                                     stockxpert offers a vast library of footage for digital
equipment for royalty-free stock footage video                                     signage, movie, broadcast, and other project
clips from such places as paris; hong kong;                                        types. known for its effortless submission process
london; rome, milan, and venice, italy; frankfurt                                  and high payout percentage, stockxpert has
and munich, germany; vienna, austria; Bratislava,                                  become one of the premier online marketplaces for
slovakia; Dublin, ireland; and Budapest, hungary.                                  photographers, videographers, and digital artists
                                                                                   to sell high-quality stock imagery and footage

                                                                                                         Rr    digital signage               7

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