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									                                                        Find Facebook Marketing

              SERVICES                                            LET US TAKE CARE OF IT FOR YOU
                                                                                                   Harmon    Enterprises       creates   and
Get a powerful business hub on Facebook that
                                                                                                   manages a Facebook marketing strategy
reflects your professionalism, showcases your
                                                                                                   that keeps you in front of your target
listings, and builds business. We’ll create an
effective business page customized for you.                                                        audience, keeps you compliant with the

                                                                                                   Facebook terms of service, and grows

BUSINESS PAGE MANAGEMENT                                                                           your business. Contact us today to

Drip market to your customers and prospects with                                                   discuss how Harmon Enterprises
an ongoing stream of compelling, targeted content                                                  can    make    you      a     Facebook
that creates conversation, increases your visibility,
                                                                                                   marketing star.
and grows your list. Hire us to create and manage
                                                          Stacey Harmon and her team at
the content strategy of your Facebook page.
                                                          Harmon Enterprises provide cost

FACEBOOK ADS                                              effective Facebook marketing solutions

Reach the exact audience you want with relevant           for the real estate industry.
targeted ads. We advertise your listings, run
branding campaigns, and convert page visitors to
fans with Facebook ads.

 949.891.1140    | info@harmonenterprises.com                                                            www.HarmonEnterprises.com

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