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      Website and Demo Reel:
      Hair: Red Eyes: Green
      Height: 5’7” Weight: 128
                                        Guardian Angel 818.760.0759

Grosse Pointe Blank                              Supporting-Jenny Slater                                  Walt Disney Pictures: George Armitage
*Lunch                                           Lead-Jan                                                 Chapman University: Beth Burns
Another Man                                      Lead-Dianne                                              Chapman University Graduate Project
On The Eve                                       Lead-Mary                                                Chapman University Graduate Project
**Dateless                                       Lead-Vivian                                              Dan Reheuser Productions: Dan Reheuser
A Cop Romance                                    Lead-Debbie                                              Kamaua Ent.ertainment: Lee Kamaua

The Young & The Restless                         Recurring-Reporter                                       CBS Daytime
***Redemption – Pilot                            Recurring-Katherine                                      CS West Productions: Bruce Caulk
Baywatch                                         Guest Star-Mother                                        Baywatch Productions: Gregory Bonann
Pacific Blue                                     Co-Star-Young Woman                                      North Hall Productions; Gary Winter
Moloney                                          Co-Star-Victim                                           La Mesa Productions: Arvin Brown
Daytona Beach - Pilot                            Lead-Tracy                                               Daytona Beach Project

Theatre: (Partial Listing)
Chapter Two                                      Jennie                                                   Larry Moss Studio
Skylight                                         Kyra                                                     Larry Moss Studio
Waiting for Lefty                                Edna                                                     UFCW Players
Extremities                                      Marjorie                                                 Larry Moss Studio
Sunshine                                         Sunshine                                                 Larry Moss Studio
The Only Game In Town                            Fran                                                     Larry Moss Studio

Commercials: List Available Upon Request
Circle Talent: Jennifer Garland – (310) 279-5155

Spokesperson/Host: (Select List)
Miss USA Pageant                                 Miss Virginia-USA                                        Madison Square Gardens
Miss USA/USO Tour                                Miss Virginia-USA                                        Proctor and Gamble
Miss Virginia-USA Pageant                        Host                                                     Sussman Productions
Miss Virginia Teen & World America Pageant       Host                                                     Winning Ways, Inc.
Karobics                                         Co-creator/spokesperson                                  Kimberly Jordan Group

Training: (Partial Listing)
Scene Study: Larry Moss, Sal Romeo, Lisa Robertson
Voice/Dialet: Arthur Samuel Joseph (Current), Patsy Rodenburg, Robert Easton, Anne Burke
Improv: The Groundlings -Tim Bagley
Cold Reading: Tim Phillips (Current), Margie Haber
Alexander Technique: Jean-Louis Rodrique, Kristof Konrad

Related Skills
Dialects: American – Southern and Northern, British, Irish
Skills: Purple Belt Tai Kwon Do, Snow Skiing, Rollerblading, Ice Skating, Bicycling, Unicycling, Swimming, Weight Training, Jazz,
Tap, Ballet, Yoga, Pole Dancing
Certifications: Broker/Dealer Series 7 and Series 66
Local Hire: NYC, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Tampa/Miami, FL, Denver/ Brekenridge/Vail, CO, Dallas, TX; Valid US Passport
*2008 LA Fem Film Festival
**1999 No Dance Film Festival – Park City, Utah
***2008 NY TV Festival

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