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                                                         Calendar of events
    JUNE 2012                                                       16–18       Central Region Leadership Conference,
       14-16       DECA Train the Trainer Certification Course                  Dearborn, MI
                   Reston, VA                                       28–Dec. 2   New York Experience I, New York City, NY
       18-20       DECA/Collegiate DECA Membership Workshop         29–Dec. 1   CareerTech VISION 2012 (ACTE Annual
                   Reston, VA                                                   Convention), Atlanta, GA
       20          Copy due for September/October DECA              30          DECA Month Promotional Campaign due
                   Dimensions                                       30          Global Entrepreneurship Week Campaign due
       20-23       DECA Chapter Advisor Summer Institute            30          Community Service Campaign due
                   Providence, RI                                   30          Membership Campaign due
       23-27       MBAResearch Conclave
                                                                 DECEmbER 2012
                   Broomfield, CO
                                                                    1           Deadline for Honorary Life Membership Award
       26-29       DECA Chapter Advisor Summer Institute                        and Outstanding Service Award Application
                   Denver, CO                                                   Packet
       28          NAB Executive Committee Meeting                  5–9         New York Experience II, New York City, NY
                   Providence, RI                                   14          Stock Market Game ends
    JULY 2012                                                    JANUARY 2013
       9-11        School-based Enterprise Advisory Council         7           Virtual Business Challenge II begins
                   Meeting, Reston, VA
                                                                    11          School-based Enterprise certification
       10-16       National Officer Training                                    documentation due
                   Reston, VA                                       16          Copy due for March/April DECA Dimensions
       23–25       Association Fundraising Training                 18          Student scholarship applications due
                   Reston, VA
       31–Aug. 2   DECA Emerging Leader Summit                   FEbRUARY 2013
                   Los Angeles, CA                                  1           DECA Emerging Leader Honor Award
                                                                                applications due at DECA Inc.
    AUgUST 2012                                                     1           Virtual Business Challenge II ends
       13          Copy due for November/December DECA              1–28        Career and Technical Education Month
                                                                    6–10        Sports and Entertainment Marketing
       14–15       New Advisors of Chartered Associations                       Conference, Orlando, FL
                   Training, Anaheim, CA
                                                                    20–29       Piper Jaffray Spring Online Survey
       16–18       State Association Management (SAM)                           (continues in March)
                   Conference, Anaheim, CA
       20–31       Piper Jaffray Fall Online Survey              mARCH 2013
                   (continues in Sept.)                             1           ICDC competitors’ final membership eligibility
                                                                    1           Advocacy Campaign due
    SEPTEmbER 2012
                                                                    1           Advisor scholarship applications postmark
       1–25        Piper Jaffray Fall Online Survey
       3           MDA Labor Day Telethon
                                                                    1–27        Piper Jaffray Spring Online Survey
       4           Stock Market Game begins
                                                                    8           National Officer applications due
    OCTObER 2012                                                    25          ICDC registration and hotel rooming list/deposit
       24          Copy due for January/February DECA                           due from chartered associations
                                                                 APRIL 2013
       22          Virtual Business Challenge I begins
                                                                    24–27       DECA International Career Development
    NOVEmbER 2012                                                               Conference, Anaheim, CA
       1           Deadline for Honorary Life Membership Award
                                                                 JUNE 2013
                   and Outstanding Service Award Candidate
                   Nomination                                       13-15       DECA Train the Trainer Certification Course
                                                                                Reston, VA
       1-30        DECA Month
       8–10        Innovations and Entrepreneurship              AUgUST 2013
                   Conference, Chicago, IL                          15-17       State Association Management (SAM)
       12–18       Global Entrepreneurship Week                                 Conference, Atlanta, GA
       15          Online membership dues deadline
       15–17       Western Region Leadership
                   Conference, Seattle, WA
       16          Virtual Business Challenge I ends
       16–18       The Ultimate DECA Power Trip
                   Washington, DC

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