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									                                                                                               March 2008

                                                POSTAL CONNECTION
                                                                        Your Direct Link...To Mailing Success

       Bob Hart, Co-Chair
       USPS, Carol Stream
      Kirby Ashby, Co-Chair
      Team Services, Itasca           2008 National Postal Forum
 Drunell Langston, Vice Co-Chair
      USPS, Carol Stream              Anaheim CA
   Diane Winter, Vice Co-Chair
    Advance Presort, Chicago
                                      May 18-21
   Tom Luczkowiak, Treasurer          Go for XTREME Performance - and feel the rush of hi-velocity
Northwestern University, Evanston
                                      success in mail!

        Garry Archie, Hewitt          This is the nation’s premier mailing industry trade show. Transform
     Brian Baumrind, Neopost          the world of mail with four days of powerful business and career
      Bernard Baynes, USPS
    Zonnie Bunch-Smith, USPS          opportunities.
       Mary Connolly, USPS
        Melvin Dean, USPS             Business tracks include: Customer Acquisition & Loyalty, Package
Rosanne Druckemiller, Pitney Bowes
   James Helms, Team Services
                                      & Shipping Solutions, Optimizing Preparation & Entry, Quality
       Greg Johnson, USPS             Addressing, Periodicals, Intelligent Mail, Colleges & Universities,
       Kristen Johnson, Uline
 Robert Leffel, Mailing Department
                                      Mail Center Management, Safety & Security, Xtremely Green
      Frank Lennie, DB Hess           (NEW), Global Business (NEW), Non-Profit and PCC Leadership.
        Lorisa Love, USPS
Mindy McClellan, Discover Financial
                                      As a bonus, PCC members get a 10 percent discount on the
  Mark O’Leary, Deluxe Financial      registration fee.
      Tom Pasisis, Sourcelink
 Sandy Poppie, One Stop Mailing                More information is available at
      Dave Tanis, ALG Direct
         Leo Reese, USPS
  Gunther Ruderschmidt, Allstate
  Dan VanErden, American Mktg         Educational Seminar, Bloomingdale IL
       Susan Wagner, USPS
     Ronald Woodall, USPS             MQC Certification
    NIPCC Newsletter Staff
                                      April 24-25, 2008
   Mindy McClellan, Discover
     Kristen Johnson, Uline           Come earn your MQC Certification at the Great
    Paper, printing and mailing       Lakes Area office. The cost is $100 for NIPCC members, or $120
       donated by: Allstate           for non-members, which includes program study guide and on-line
      E-mail your questions           exam. A continental breakfast and box lunch will be provided. The
         or comments to:             training runs from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.
            NIPCC                     The facilitator is Elizabeth Lombard who works in the Employee
         PO Box 87492
  Carol Stream, IL 60188-7492
                                      Development and Performance Group of Pitney Bowes.
     Phone (630) 260-5511             Call Sandra Donald at 630.260.5511 or Lorisa Love at
        Fax (630) 260-5577            630.260.5523 to register.

Things You Should Know...

Bowling with Bob, Bob Hart that is!
Join us on July 24th, from 3-6 pm for an evening of spirited bowling. Network with
our district manager, industry professionals and other USPS management. Look for
details on this event in an upcoming flyer!

NIPCC invites you to Mail Center Professional 2008 Certificate Program
Wednesday, April 2nd, 8:30 - 11:30 am
Great Lakes Area Office, Bloomingdale, IL
As a mailer, you’ve seen a lot of change recently - and there is more to come. The NIPCC is
pleased to invite you to the Mail Center Professional 2008 Certificate Track to help maximize your
mailstream. This certificate track offers two of the five required workshops.
 Mailpiece Quality - How to take advantage of enhanced address cleansing processes to maximize
cost savings and ensure postal processing; general requirements of preparing automation rate First-
Class and Standard Mail, as well as the benefits of automation rate mailings.
 Flats Sequencing System - FSS at a glance including equipment and processing strategy.
Bonus Seminar: Leveraging USPS Rates and Changes - Learn more about the USPS Rate
Change scheduled for May 12, 2008.

                    Registration is $35.00, which includes a continental breakfast.
                    Call 630-260-5511 or 630-260-5523 to reserve your space in
                    this most valuable workshop!

US Postal Service Developing New Mailing Standards for Booklets
On Friday, March 14, the US Postal Service published an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
(ANPR) in the Federal Register regarding new mailing standards for folded self-mailers, booklets, and
folded booklets mailed at automation and machinable letter prices. The purpose of the ANPR is to notify
mailers in advance that the US Postal Service is considering publishing a proposed rule in the future.
The ANPR gives mailers a chance to review the information and submit comments prior to the proposed
rule being published. Mailers have until April 14 to comment on the ANPR.
The US Postal Service tested "slim jims" on automation equipment and revealed that the most important
characteristics are thickness of the mailpiece and tab integrity. Two mailpiece thicknesses were tested:
1/16 inch and 1/8 inch. Results showed the 1/8 inch thick pieces sustained unacceptable rates of jams
and damage. The US Postal Service tested 1-inch paper tabs, both perforated and non-perforated, in
three different paper strengths. Results showed the weakest of the tabs often broke during processing,
and that performance was unacceptable when the tabs were on the bottom edge of the mailpiece.
The US Postal Service is interested in comments and suggestions based on the information provided in
the ANPR. Mailers are encouraged to suggest any new or alternative booklet construction techniques
that will improve performance on 1/8 and 1/16 inch thick booklets, as well as tab adhesives.

Things You Should Know....

On May 12, the Postal Service will adjust prices for mailing services - First-Class Mail, Standard
Mail, Periodicals, Package Services and Special Services. A First-Class Mail stamp will be 42
cents. "The Postal Service developed the Forever Stamp for consumers to ease the transition
during price changes," said Postmaster General John Potter. "We encourage Americans to buy
Forever Stamps now for 41 cents, because like the name suggests, they are good forever." The
USPS will also have a 62-cent stamp available shortly after May 12 for 1-ounce nonmachinable
First-Class Mail letters, such as square greeting cards.
                  Pricing highlights:
                    No change in the First-Class Mail single-piece additional-ounce price.
                    Lower additional-ounce price for presorted First-Class Mail letters.
                    Lower pound price for Standard Mail saturation and high-density flats.
                    Shape-based pricing for First-Class Mail, International letters, flats and parcels.
                    First-Class Mail International price groups expand from five to nine groups.
See the Postal Service website at for all mailing services prices and links to
downloadable pricing files and additional information. Consistent with the postal law, prices for
mailing services will be adjusted annually each May. The Postal Service plans to provide 90 days
notice before the price changes each year.

           PMG Responds to Customer Feedback on Implementation
     Many felt that January 2009 was too soon, so May 2009 is the proposed implementation date,
  concurrent with the next annual price change. Many factors drive the choice between the basic and
   full-service options, so the May 2009 implementation will include separate prices for both options.
  The Postnet Barcode will remain eligible for an automation price until May 2010, and prices will be
       announced with the May 2009 change. The proposal will include new options for mail owner
          identification and rescind the requirement for green color bars on the container labels.

NIPCC Golf Outing
June 12, 7:30 am
Poplar Creek Country Club, Hoffman Estates IL
This event hosts over 140 golfers and is a great way to meet new business professionals
and network with US Postal Service managers, while enjoying the great game of golf.
Look for your invitation in the mail!
                We need your assistance to make this event successful! The NIPCC is looking for
                companies to either sponsor a hole, donate a prize or donate items for participant
                goody bags. In doing so, your company will receive recognition at the event and
     n r
  Sponsors      ultimately help support the PCC. If you can help, please call Dan VanErden at
                (847) 566-4545 or email at
NIPCC                                                                    FIRST-CLASS MAIL
P.O. Box 87492                                                         POSTAGE & FEES PAID
Carol Stream, IL 60188-7492                                                   U.S.P.S.
                                                                          PERMIT NO. G-10

                     MTAC Meeting Schedule in Washington DC
                                     April 30 - May 1, 2008
                                      August 6 - 7, 2008
                                    November 19 - 20, 2008

    2008 NIPCC Calendar of Events
Date                    Event

                        Educational Seminar - Mail Center Professional Certificate
April 2
                        Great Lakes Office, Bloomingdale IL

April 24 & 25           MQC Certification Seminar - Great Lakes Office, Bloomingdale IL
May 18-21               National Postal Forum, Anaheim CA
June 12                 NIPCC Annual Golf Outing, Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates IL
July 24                 Networking Event - Bowling with Bob! Location to be determined
August 6                Annual Luncheon and Networking Meeting, Arlington Park IL
September 17            National PCC Day - GIPCC Event
October 23              Educational Seminar - TBD

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