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					                                              KEVIN J. SHAW
1578 Parkside Drive                                                                               Phone: 201.306.9871
Bolingbrook, IL 60490                                              Website:

An innovator in the television / film industry, taking unique approaches to produce quality work. A photographic eye,
creative writing skills, a talent for editing and the ability to take risks have contributed to award-winning work.
Experience as a Director, Producer/Director, Supervising Producer, Assistant Director, Feature Producer, Associate
Producer, and Production Assistant for various television networks and film productions. Skilled at developing long-
term relationships in the media industry that yield results. Proven ability to motivate people. Able to drive change,
achieve objectives, and effectively manage projects. Experience leading teams & individuals. Computer Skills: PC,
Mac, Avid, Final Cut, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Photoshop, MS Word, Excel, & Publisher.
Career Highlights
    Directed a feature-length film for PBS National, “The Street Stops Here,” a portrait of the nation’s best high
       school basketball coach, Bob Hurley, Sr. and his lifelong commitment to save the lives of inner city kids and
       the poor Catholic school that gives them hope.
    Won 18 awards, including the Sports Emmy (2), the Telly Awards (6), the Aurora Awards (3), the Hugo
       Awards (3), & seven film festival awards for the film, Jeremiah Strong.
                          BA, Journalism, MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, East Lansing, MI
        Graduate Certificate, Cinematography/ Directing, WATKINS COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN, Nashville, TN

                                         PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

TEAMWORKS MEDIA (, Chicago, IL, 2007 – 2010
Film & television production company producing documentary films for television and commercial campaigns

DOCUMENTARY FILM DIRECTOR, “The Street Stops Here,” PBS National premiere - March 2010
As Director, managed a crew of 40 during a six-month shoot and eight-month edit. Conducted interviews, operated a
high definition camera, edited the film, wrote the documentary film script and marketed the 82-minute movie.
Followed the best high school basketball coach in America, future Hall of Famer Bob Hurley, Sr., as he fought to keep
his poor, tiny school, St. Anthony’s of Jersey City, open, while trying to form a championship-bound team amongst a
talented group of seniors.
    •    Directed the film, conducting research and interviewing more than 60 people, editing hours of footage and
         sourcing more than 1,000 pages of interviews to create a compelling movie that told a very human story.
    •    Shot 60 of the 110 scenes to make an entertaining, visual film.
    •    Helped develop film website, (
    •    Exhibited strong leadership skills, handling pressure, deadlines, fatigue, and various personalities.
23 FILMS, ( Nashville, TN / Union City, NJ / Bolingbrook, IL 2002 – Present
Produce short and long-form documentary for cable television networks

Hired by television networks to produce features on athletes, sporting trends and game events. Also produce high-end
show opens, teases and music videos. Clients include ESPN, ABC, NFL Network, Big Ten Network, NBA
Entertainment, Red Bull and DIAGEO.

        Produced, photographed and directed episodes of "The Journey, Big Ten Basketball 2010," a documentary
         mini-series following the players and coaches behind Big Ten basketball for the Big Ten Network. Co-created
         show design, weekly format and story structure. Field produced and photographed segments at Big Ten co-
         champion Michigan State University, Big Ten co-champion Purdue University and the University of

    •    Produced and directed a spot for an ESPN NFL game in Mexico, having a Mexican-American theme tied into
         the country hosting its first ever American football game. Conceptualized the idea, directed actors and edited
         the spot. Realized a very quick turnaround, having it ready for a national TV audience of seven million people,
         within three days.
KEVIN J. SHAW                                                                      PAGE TWO

             o   Hired 30 cast and crew, negotiated with vendors, scouted and found locations, wrote the script, created
                 storyboards, directed the actors.

    •   Wrote, produced and directed a 24-minute Super 16mm short film called “Jeremiah Strong.” Hired 12 crew
        members, negotiated with vendors, scouted locations and directed the actors. Efforts resulted in an award-
        winning film that was honored for its cinematography and acting, and was screened in 30+ film festivals
        worldwide. Sold the movie to American Public Television where it is available for On-Demand viewing.
             o   Awards / Honors
                   • Four-time Telly Award winner for The NFL on ESPN game teases.
                   • Three-time Aurora Award winner for The NFL on ESPN game teases.
                   • Three-time Hugo Award winner for The NFL on ESPN game teases.
CABLEVISION VOOM HD, New York, NY, 2006 – 2007
A 15-channel high definition network, having 300 employees, that broadcast news, sports, fashion, pop culture shows and movies
on the Dish Network – closed January, 2009

Reviewed several series for Rush HD, the extreme sports channel, giving notes for improvements on two particular
series – NOMADS and FOCUSED. Producers used notes to edit the final version for air.
             o   Awards / Honors
                    2006 Emmy Award for Best Sports Cinematography for the series, FOCUSED.
    •   Produced an on-site three-hour BMX competition show and an eight-hour series called P.I.G., both in
        Singapore, and both featuring the best BMX riders in the world. Conceptualized both events. Despite a
        language barrier, inclement weather and other logistical issues, the final shows were very highly rated.
             o   Directed and produced The Streets of Singapore, a music video that won two Telly Awards.
ESPN, Bristol, CT, 1995 – 2000
World-wide leader in sports and entertainment television production – 2000+ employees and hundreds of hours of broadcasting
each year, in addition to producing 24-hour sports news television shows

Wrote, produced and edited daily shows, as well as features. Produced content and live shots for in-house and remote
locations. These included features for: Sunday NFL Countdown; Sportscenter; Airtime: The Michael Jordan Years;
Outside the Lines; NBA Tonight and ABC World News.

    •   Earned reputation of being one of the best feature producers in studio production – highly creative and
        talented, one who consistently produced high-end work.
    •   Researched story ideas & interviewed subjects with on-air talent, & worked in tandem to produce quality
        television features.
            o Awards / Honors
                      1998 Emmy Award for work on Best Sports Studio Show SPORTSCENTER.
 “The Street Stops Here” – 82-minute film, PBS, 2010
“The Journey, Big Ten Basketball 2010” – documentary mini-series, 2010
“Metro BMX, Jam ’07, Singapore” – three-hour extreme sports show, 2007
“Streets of Singapore” – award-winning music video, 2007
 “Law & Order” – NBC Universal TV, worked as Director’s Guild of America Trainee, 2005
“Melinda and Melinda” – directed by Woody Allen, worked as DGA Trainee, 2004
“National Treasure” – produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Jon Turtletaub, worked as DGA Trainee, 2004
“Jeremiah Strong” – A 24-minute Super 16mm short film that won seven awards, 2003
ESPN, NBA Entertainment, 1995 - 2003

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