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									  There are few things you should know
 before submitting your blog or website to
  the social bookmarking sites. You can
submit your website manually or using the
   automated softwares or forms. Using
automated forms can save your lots of time
       and from unwanted trouble.

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 This is the main thing you should consider while submitting your website
articles to social bookmarking sites via automated services To make sure
that your website articles are submitted correctly, manual submission is
the best way However, automatic softwares will drive traffic to your sites,
but you will just receive huge traffic if you opt for manual submissions
 The way is very simple, you just have to visit the site and the articles
submitted in it by other users you want to visit and bookmark or vote it
Each time you vote for other sites you are building up your credibility and
your own network on that bookmarking site Social bookmarking is a
great tool to optimize your website and this can be done efficiently by
social bookmarking service professionals
 It involves storing bookmarks online, instead of in our favorites on the
computers The immediate benefit is that these bookmarks can be
accessed easily even from mobile phones This has an advantage over
search engines as only the links that are listed will be found, as against
search engine results that may vary
  It is definitely a great SEO tool as it creates inbound links to your
content, which is a good way to get the attention of search engine bots
and increase your page ranking Thus, social bookmarking submissions
can benefit your online business, in many ways With so much of social
networking activity going on, the best way of using this tool is to use a
reliable social bookmarking service, will boost your business prospects
through the web
  Another advantage of social bookmarking submissions, is that since
your website is linked to social networking sites, your site is indexed fast
on the search engines This means that your website will be treated
Positive Sites with increased importance by search engines and will climb
up ranking ladder in no time When you use social bookmarking services
they will relieve you of the time-consuming process of doing it yourself
 They will create individual accounts and submit your website manually
and so save your time and energy You have flexible options of choosing
to submit to the entire list, specific sites or favorite sites If the content is
really good, links spread really fast through social bookmarking sites,
mostly by word of mouth
 Eventually, the links may even end up in blogs, forums, and other
websites This is why many bloggers and webmasters like to build links
using social bookmarking
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