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					Halifax Community College
ANNUAL REPORT 2008          Photo: HCC Student Joseph C. Henry, III
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The Halifax Community College Foundation, Inc.
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       Because at HCC, Learning Comes to Life in Pursuit of Excellence.
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       Message from the

                    Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr.
           President/Chief Executive Officer

Halifax Community College has experienced
a very exciting year this past year. HCC has
completed a Long Range Plan and a Facilities
Master Plan and we have experienced stable
enrollment over the last year. We are currently
reviewing our mission, vision and values
statements and have opened that revision
process to the community. We continue to
reach out to the Roanoke Valley through the news, web and print outlets and have increased our bandwidth allowing
for richer web content. Our Foundation has added members to its board and is looking to embark on future fundraising
ventures. We are also developing a speakers’ series as part of our campus and outreach activities. Additionally, we have
added G-mail accounts for students to communicate with each other, faculty and staff. Another exciting technology up-
date is that our students who have wireless (Wi-Fi) devices can now access the wireless student network from certain
areas around campus.

HCC now offers more than 40 academic programs including associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Due to the
strong tie to local businesses and industries, each of our programs offers our students the opportunity for a well-
rounded and practical education. For 2007-08, we celebrated with our graduates when 452 earned degrees, diplomas
and certificates, including 55 GED graduates who participated in the graduation ceremony. Our Continuing Education
division offers several courses for training and development for employers in our region. In 2007-08, we served 5,843
citizens in our Continuing Education programs. We are very proud of our success in providing updated Workforce Devel-
opment Programs for our business and industry partners and we are continually providing opportunities to work with
them to meet the training and development needs of employees.

We are an open door institution and I invite you to visit our campus often. We believe that students and citizens in our
service area are our greatest assets. I invite you to explore the opportunities available by visiting in person, calling (252)
536-HCC1 or visiting Remember, HCC is the community college where “Learning Comes to Life In
Pursuit of Excellence.”
    HCC Inaugurates Griffin as
    Fourth President

Halifax Community College held an Inaugural Convocation      Warren Smart Start Partnership for Children
and Investiture of its fourth president, Dr. Ervin V.        Board, Halifax County Economic Development
Griffin, Sr. Oct. 19 in The Centre. Community college        Commission Board (ex officio), Halifax County
representatives, government officials, community             Educational Facilities Capital Improvement Planning
leaders, university and college delegates, and other         Committee, Area Health Educational Center
distinguished guests were in attendance.                     Regional Advisory Board (AHEC), National Advisory
                                                             Council of the American Student Association of
The event was described as a monumental and historic         Community Colleges, Roanoke Rapids Mill Community
occasion, since Griffin is the first African-American        Advisory Council, Roanoke Rapids Rotary Club, Roanoke
president to serve at HCC. Speakers pledged unanimous        Rapids Chamber of Commerce, and Choanoke Area
support for Griffin during the proceedings. “It is a great   Development Association Board of Directors.
day because we have all come together here with a
common goal—the celebration of education. That’s             “This is truly a celebration,” said N.C. Community
what this is really about,” said Representative Angela       College System President, H. Martin Lancaster. “Halifax
Bryant.                                                      Community College is a source of great pride to this
                                                             service area, but it is also a source of important learning
Griffin was referred to as a man of vision and               for the people of this area if they are to become a part
purpose and many have noticed that he “hit the               of the economy of the future in North Carolina.”
ground running.” Currently, he is extremely active
in the community, serving on the Halifax Horizons            Many program participants also said that Griffin had
Workforce Development Board of Directors, Halifax-           arrived in just the right place at the right time.
                                                       Dr. Griffin receives a congratulatory handshake from NCCCS
                                                                                       President H. Martin Lancaster

“It is really comforting to know that you’re in the right
place at the right time fulfilling the mission for Halifax
Community College,” said Griffin. “As I said at our
recent Founder’s Day program, I owe a great deal to
the presidents of Halifax Community College who…
nurtured the vision of the college we see today.” Griffin
also spotlighted HCC achievements of the past year
and partnerships that have developed since his arrival.
He added that he has found Roanoke Valley citizens to
be warm and genuine and that he appreciated all of
the support he has received. “I am living my dream,”
concluded Griffin.

A reception honoring Griffin was held that evening in
The Centre, followed by a concert by The Manhattans.
                                                                 Dr. Griffin introduces family and friends during
                                                                 an evening reception after the investiture
                                                           Message from the Board
                                                           of Trustees Chair

                                                           The 2007-2008 year has been a great one for
                                                           Halifax Community College. We have installed a
Dr. Stanley Edwards, HCC Board Chairman                    new president, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr., who joins HCC
Recipient of the 2008 Southern Regional Trustee            as an integral part of the administration. From the
Leadership Award by the Association of Community           academic excellence of our programs and students
College Trustees                                           to the cultural opportunities on campus to our
                                                           commitment to continuing education, the college
                                                           has much for which to be proud.

  Having served for several years on the board, I can honestly say that HCC is destined for continued success in
  the future. We want to remain responsive to the needs of our students and the community. With the help of
  business and industry partners and caring individuals, the college will continue to make positive contributions
  to our citizens.

  Our residents should feel confident about the quality of education that our students receive. With continued
  commitment, HCC will remain a place that positively impacts lives everyday.

                                                 Board Members
                                                  Frank V. Avent
                                                    Jay A. Baker
                                              William J. Boseman III
                                                 Helen B. Brown
                                                   David Cairns
                                              Bernella W. DeLaMora
                                                  Rachel K. Hux
                                               Rev. Robert L. Knight
                                                 Lillie J. Solomon
                                                  Cary Whitaker
HCC Celebrates
40th Anniversary &
      Turns 40!
Founder’s Day

Past Halifax Community College presidents, Dr.
Phillip Taylor and Dr. Elton L. Newbern, Jr., current
president, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr., Board of Trustees
Chair, Dr. Stanley Edwards, and Director of Distance
Learning and HCC alumna Beth Gray-Robertson
were all on hand as the college celebrated its 40th
anniversary, Sept. 7, 2007, in The Centre. Griffin
made a proclamation of the day, which will contin-
ue to be celebrated annually as Founders Day.
                                                                 Past President, Dr. Phillip Taylor, talked with
Taylor, who was president from 1968-1988, talk-                              anniversary guests.
ed about the early years and the concepts of the
community college and the open-door policy. “I
was here for the birthing of this institution…We’ve
come a long ways in 40 years,” he said.

The president of HCC from 1988-1998, Newbern
talked about staff, building projects and enroll-
ment, which doubled during his tenure. “The col-
lege has touched lives and it has touched my life,”
he said. Newbern also talked about the advances
in and accessibility to technology on campus. “It
amazes me,” he added.

“We owe all of you a debt of gratitude for the won-
derful legacy of service to our region and state that     The HCC celebration featured, from left, current president,
you have left for us to follow,” said Griffin. He add-       Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr., past presidents, Drs. Elton L.
                                                           Newbern, Jr. and Phillip Taylor, and Trustee Board Chair
ed that HCC would continue to meet the task of
                                                                              Dr. Stanley Edwards.
enriching the curriculum, workforce development,
occupational education, and lifelong learning.
  Message from the Vice President of Instructional Services
                                               Dr. Joy Cooley

The 2007-2008 academic year marked a milestone for HCC as we celebrated our 40th anniversary. The observance
provided the College with the opportunity to reflect on the growth and development of the institution and
on the people who have been a part of its rich history. On Sept. 7, the College held its first Founder’s Day
Celebration which has become an annual event. The celebration culminated a yearlong schedule of activities
that highlighted the college’s diverse programs.

Halifax Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The College
began the reaffirmation process last year with the appointment of Cathy Farabow as the SACS coordinator and
Dr. Julie Dilday as the Quality Enhancement Plan coordinator. During the year, faculty participated in workshops
and applied the information to course and program revisions. HCC staff members are also engaged in the process
as they examine their departments to meet SACS standards. The reaffirmation process will continue through

                                         Annual Enrollment

               Curriculum     Continuing Ed   Total*
1996-97        2,176          5,883           8,059
1997-98        1,980          5,972           7,952                            8,000
1998-99        2,509          6,241           8,750                            7,000

1999-00        2,166          5,856           8,022
                                                            Number Enrolled


2000-01        1,898          6,019           7,917                            5,000   CONTINUING
2001-02        2,258          5,339           7,597                            3,000
2002-03        2,383          5,460           7,843                            2,000
2003-04        2,349          5,110           7,459                            1,000

2004-05        2,261          4,731           6,992                               0

2005-06        2,036          5,224           7,260
2006-07        1,985          5,826           7,811

* May be duplicated sum.
Halifax Community College Curriculum Student Profile 2006-07
                    Enrollment: 1,985
                 Continuing Education & Workforce Development
•               Halifax Community College Continuing Education                                                        •   Our Fire Safety and Rescue Programs continue to
                hosted an annual CPR-First Aid Instructor                                                                 offer a wide range of specialty courses and was one
                course, Oct. 23-24 on campus. Fire Service/EMS                                                            of the first community colleges in North Carolina
                Coordinator and Instructor Kevin Kupietz led the                                                          to offer online Fire and Rescue Certification
                class. With completion of the course, CPR and                                                             classes that are approved by the North Carolina
                First Aid instructors are certified to teach others                                                       Office of State Fire Marshall. Also, HCC was one
                proper response procedures.                                                                               of the first schools to offer the new online EMT-
                                                                                                                          Basic Virtual Learning Community (VLC) classes.
•               Continuing Education continues to increase class
                offerings for our constituents. Our Occupational                                                      •   We continue to customize training for local
                Extension full-time equivalency (FTEs) increased                                                          businesses and industries.
                9% over the previous year’s FTEs.
                                                                                                                      •   Our Human Resources Development (HRD) and
•               Our Continuing Education Small Business Center                                                            Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) programs have
                in 2007-2008 offered 89 classes with 1,564                                                                combined services to offer intensified assistance
                attendees, provided business counsel for 71                                                               with developing job seeking skills. The CRC is a
                individuals, continued to publish a bi-weekly                                                             portable skills credential, assuring employers
                Biz Connection column in the Daily Herald,                                                                that a job applicant actually has the basic skills in
                witnessed several class attendees start their                                                             Reading, Applied Math, and Locating Information
                own businesses, held a second annual Small                                                                that they seek.

                                                                                                                            Annual Continuing Education
                Business Resource Expo with more than 75
                visitors, and initiated a summer Small Business

                Education Program at Roanoke Rapids, Halifax
                and Northampton County libraries.

•               Our Continuing Education Law Enforcement
                Programs continue to provide training for people                                                      1996-97        5,883           2002-03         5,460
                who are already employed in law enforcement                                                           1997-98        5,972           2003-04         5,110
                and either need to update or upgrade their                                                            1998-99        6,241           2004-05         4,731
                present areas of certification. One of our recent                                                     1999-00        5,856           2005-06         5,224
                Telecommunication classes had a 100% passing                                                                                         2006-07         5,826
                                                                                                                      2000-01        6,019
                                                                                                                      2001-02        5,339

                                             Annual Continuing Education Enrollment

                         5,883   5,972           5,856   6,019                                                5,826
                                                                  5,339      5,460
                                                                                      5,110           5,224





                        1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

                                                             Academic Year
Basic Skills                                                •   According to the System Office Report, HCC’s
• During December 2007, the Adult Basic                         students from the Basic Skills Program showed
   Education/GED Program received a Student                     progress and met Performance Standards for
   Success Activity Grant from the System Office for            2006-2007.
   $4,200. The purpose of this project was to ensure
   student success. This grant targeted recruitment,        •   The Basic Skills Program’s FTEs increased from
   retention and motivation. For the first time, a              33 in Spring 2007 to 38 in Spring 2008.
   part-time Assessment/Retention Counselor was
   also hired to assist with our efforts.

•   On March 19, 2008, HCC held a GED Kickoff. GED
    graduates shared personal testimonials on how
    acquiring a GED had a made positive difference in
    their lives. Ms. Rosa Sherk, Certified Master Trainer
    and Motivational Speaker with the Les Brown
    Network, was the keynote speaker. Throughout
    the course of the grant, mini motivational sessions
    were held at Literacy Education Classes.

•   Three additional Literacy Education sites have
    opened, and three sites were reopened.
                        The Year in Review:
                    Highlights from 2007 - 2008

                                                         The first day of class kicked off the first of a series of HCC
                                                         student forums in August. Students were encouraged to
                                                         share ideas for improving the campus and to ask questions
                                                         of administrators.

 HCC was awarded a five-year $119,650 grant by the Kate B.
 Reynolds Charitable Trust in Winston-Salem. Grant funding
 created a pilot program called the HCC Healthy Smiles Dental
 Care Program that provided free, basic dental care for a portion
 of the area’s elementary school children.

                                                              The State Board of Community Colleges visited HCC.
                                                              The board conducted a retreat coupled with an on-
                                                              location meeting. This marked the first time the board
                                                              had visited the campus.

The Legislative and Community Affairs Committee
held its fall meeting. Guests included representatives
Angela Bryant, Lucy Allen, and Michael Wray, along
with Senator Edward Jones. HCC also hosted a spring
Legislators Breakfast event.
Weldon’s Acting Postmaster Becky Horton, left,
along with Charles Chesnutt’s fifth cousin, Deloris Best Pritchett
and HCC President, Dr. Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. unveiled the Chesnutt stamp
on campus.

First among several events held during Black History Month, Halifax Community College hosted a stamp dedication
commemorating pioneering writer Charles W. Chesnutt as part of Black History Month festivities. For only the second
time, HCC partnered with the U.S. Postal Service to bring a stamp dedication to campus. The Chesnutt stamp is
the 31st in the Black Heritage series from the U.S. Postal Service. His pioneering work addressed a broad range of
African-American experience during the post-Civil War period known as Reconstruction. He is recognized as a major
innovator and singular voice among turn-of-the-century literary realists who probed the color line in American life.

                                                           HCC organizations including the Student Government,
                                                           Student Support Services, Early Childhood Education, Phi
                                                           Beta Lambda and Phi Theta Kappa partnered in an effort to
                                                           sponsor a food drive for the local Union Mission. Ten boxes
                                                           of food were collected as well as monetary donations.

    HCC and Chowan University entered into an historic
    partnership. Beginning in January, Chowan offered its first
    Adult Degree Completion Program at HCC.
                           2007 - 2008 Highlights

                                                HCC’s Child Care Center earned a five star rating from the N.C.
                                                Division of Child Development, part of the Department of Health
                                                & Human Services. The center serves children ages 2-5. This is
                                                the highest rated license in the state’s licensing system.

HCC received a Student Success Activity Grant from the
NCCCS with the purpose of reaching out to people in the
area’s population who have multiple barriers to education,
including citizens with limited English proficiency. The plan
offered an innovative recruitment and retention initiative.
With the grant, HCC was able to hire, for the first time, a
part-time Assessment-Retention Counselor. A GED Kickoff
celebration was held in March.

                                                      HCC hosted hundreds of high school students and guests at
                                                      the first “Men to Men Summit: Developing Men of Distinction”
                                                      at The Centre. Keynote speakers included Troy D. Vincent and
                                                      Dr. Walter Clark. The summit was made possible by a grant
                                                      from the North Carolina Community College System. With this
                                                      funding, HCC has started a Minority Male Mentoring Program
                                                      on campus. The initiative provides comprehensive activities,
                                                      including personal development, drug and substance abuse
                                                      education, and other innovative activities to improve the
                                                      academic success of students.
                           2007 - 2008 Highlights

                                                  HCC students Sherry Agee and Johnnie
                                                  Stevenson were honored by the North
                                                  Carolina Community College System in April as
                                                  outstanding students at the annual Academic
                                                  Excellence Luncheon. Pictured are Dr. Cooley,
                                                  Dr. Griffin, Agee, Stevenson, Dr. Edwards and
                                                  Senator Ed Jones.

Halifax Communitiy College celebrated student
academic success during the first-ever Academic
Excellence Awards Ceremony, April 17. During
the event, those who were included on the
President’s and Dean’s lists for fall 2007 and
Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior
Colleges were recognized.
                             Student Successes
                                  at HCC

                                                                   Rodrigo Martinez was selected
                                                                   as one of only 10 recipients of
                                                                   the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
                                                                   Teacher Preparation Scholarship/
                                                                   Loan Program for the 2007-08 year.
                                                                   The scholarship program benefits
                                                                   prospective teachers.

HCC student Rebecca Simmons has been awarded a Coca-Cola
Two-Year Colleges Scholarship. It is a $1,000 award and only 350 are
available nationally. Selection was based on academic record and
ongoing commitment to community service. Currently, Simmons
has an overall 3.94 GPA. The scholarship was made possible through
a grant to the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation from the Joseph B.
Whitehead Foundation.

                                                   HCC student Carol Whitaker really wants to make a
                                                   difference. The Associate in Arts (Teacher Prep) student
                                                   plans to become a teacher. To help her on her way,
                                                   Whitaker was recently named the recipient of the Daily
                                                   Herald Women in Business annual scholarship and had the
                                                   opportunity to address a crowd gathered for the Women in
                                                   Business luncheon in June.
           Presidential Partnership Awards 2007
           Whitaker                                     Smart                                   Lovejoy

Halifax Community College recognized three business             Jean Lovejoy, manager for the Post Office Operations,
partners during commencement exercises, May 10.                 Area 1, Greensboro District, was presented the
This marked the second annual presentation of the               second partnership award. In February 2007, HCC
Presidential Partnership Award. HCC President, Dr.              partnered with the US Postal Service to dedicate a
Ervin V. Griffin, Sr. made the award presentations.             new stamp just issued as part of the Black Heritage
The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, Turning                  Series. The dedication was held in honor of Black
Point Workforce Development Board and the U.S.                  History Month. It was the first in a month-long series
Postal Service received the award for commitment                of programs that highlighted key developments,

                                                                the second annual stamp dedication was held. This
and partnership in developing workforce education               contributions, and events within African-American
programs and supporting economic development                    culture both past and present. On Feb. 5, 2008,
in the Roanoke Valley.
                                                                year’s stamp featured the noted African-American
Allen J. Smart, who currently serves as a senior                author Charles Chesnutt.
program officer in the Health Care Division of the
Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, was presented                Pamela S. Whitaker, executive director of the
the award. The trust was established in 1947, to                Turning Point Workforce Development Board was
improve the quality of life and quality of health for           presented the third award. In the past 10 years,
the financially needy of North Carolina. The Health             Whitaker has successfully administered $55 million,
Care Division responds to health care and wellness              with HCC’s JobLink receiving in excess of $11.5
needs by investing in solutions that improve the                million for workforce and economic development
quality of health for North Carolina’s financially              training and development programs. Currently,
needy residents. Last year, the Trust awarded HCC               the 25-member board manages more than $6
grant funding that created a pilot program through              million and is one of 24 boards in North Carolina
the Dental Hygiene department called the HCC                    administering the nation’s principle workforce
Healthy Smiles Dental Care Program. It provides                 development legislation, the Workforce Investment
free, basic dental care for a portion of the area’s             Act of 1998.
elementary (K-5) school children. The Trust and
HCC are currently working with outside providers
to make seamless care more available.
Vice President of Administrative Services’

Halifax Community College (HCC) believes the economic future of the College will continue to be sound.
At the earliest prediction of a slowdown in the state’s economy, plans were made for possible budget
cuts. Employees have been asked to be conservative in their use of supplies, materials, travel funds, and
equipment. A concerted effort by faculty, staff, and administration to slow non-personnel expenditures
will help the College meet the State’s budgetary challenge.

HCC continues to work with the County Commissioners in both service areas of Halifax and Northampton
Counties to grow budget appropriations in direct proportion with the growth in fuel oil prices, utilities,
and labor costs. Again, employees have been asked to follow conservation measures in the use of
heating, cooling, water, and maintenance supplies in order that current appropriations carry us to year

Through careful fiscal management, Halifax Community College should be able to navigate the current
economic slowdown and continue to meet the educational needs of our students and service area.

Deborah A. Armstrong
VP Administrative Services

                                                                  FUND SOURCE          BUDGET
                                                                  State Funds          $9,860,606
                                                                  Local Funds          $1,099,717
                                                                  Other Funds          $4,806,742
                                                                  Total Budget         $15,767,065

                                                   Local Funds
                                                   Other Funds
                            Financial Summary

Personal Services           $10,067,849
Supplies and Materials      $1,577,113
Services                    $1,142,160
Scholarships/Fellowships    $2,597,598
Utilities                   $382,346
Total Expenditures          $15,767,065

  $344,483                 $145,434
                                            DESCRIPTION                AMOUNT
              $194,800                      Buildings                  $12,326,832
                                            Equipment/Motor Vehicles   $344,483
                                            Land/Land Improvements     $194,800
                                            General Infrastructure     $145,434
                                            Total Assets               $13,011,550

                                     Message from the
                               HCC Foundation, Inc. Chairman
                                                   Charles McElheney
The Halifax Community College Foundation Board of Directors would like to extend our appreciation to all of the donors
for their continued support of the college. This past year was very successful. Due to donor and supporter generosity, 155
scholarships were awarded to 104 students last year. Also, seven new scholarships were established including:

                                                   New Life Scholarship
                                            Boyce Alston Memorial Scholarship
                                                 Homewood Scholarship
                                                 WEZU Community Radio
                                        Emery W. Doughtie Memorial Scholarship
                                        Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Scholarship
                                  Bernice Hatchell Hobday Memorial Nursing Scholarship

The Foundation plays a vital role in providing assistance to our students. Without this help, many would be unable to
continue their studies at the college. It is absolutely necessary that we assist our students in this way, because it will impact
our community. Better education equals more economic opportunity for our graduates and the community. Please know

                        Message from the
that we sincerely appreciate your support and that your gift makes a real difference in the lives of our students.

   Vice President for Institutional Advancement/Foundation
                                                   Thomas Schwartz

Although I have only had the opportunity to call HCC home for the past eight months, I have found that the Department of
Institutional Advancement is quite a busy place! Just as an example, in the 2007 – 2008 academic year, the Public Information
Office, under the direction of Melanie Temple, wrote 214 different feature stories, event or class announcements. Of these,
173 were sent to the local media and 41 were for online use only. HCC garnered more than 500 mentions in newspapers
alone from this publicity. In addition, the media (local newspapers, radio, or television) were present at more than 20 HCC
events last year. Local TV also conducted 11 interviews on special topics with representatives from HCC. Kim Edwards, our
graphic artist, completed a total of 692 print requests for the year. Almost half (317) were new design jobs. This means that
she averaged 14.4 print requests and 6.6 new design jobs per week. To give an idea of what that means, each new brochure
that is designed and printed involves almost nine hours of work. Each new flyer design involves almost four hours of work.
Multiply that by 14.4 print requests per week to get an idea of the hours the print shop puts in.

Our Development Office was also productively engaged. Between January 2, 2008, when I arrived, and June 30,
eight new grant proposals were submitted from the Department of Institutional Advancement requesting more than
$1,700,000 altogether. Of these, four were successful, two were unsuccessful, and two are still outstanding. In all, during
Fiscal Year 2008, HCC received $4,107,437.77 in grant dollars. Sherry Agee once again coordinated the assignment of
scholarships and their recipients during the year. In 2007 – 2008, 155 scholarships were granted to 104 different
students. Donor Management Software was identified and purchased for the HCC Foundation, the first such software
ever used by the College. This software should allow us to keep more efficient records of gifts and donors, and enable
us to more effectively report to our donors the difference their gifts are making. And the HCC Foundation’s endowment
continued to grow due to sound investment policies and continued fund raising. From July 1, 2007, to June 30, 2008,
seven new scholarships alone were established, providing more financial assistance to deserving and needy students.

As you can see, it has been a busy, yet productive, year. The 2008 – 2009 academic year promises to be even more so. We
in Institutional Advancement look toward the future with enthusiasm and high expectations!
                                             2007 - 2008 Donors
President’s Circle Society ($5,000 and up)                       Century contd.
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Doughtie                                      Mr. Howard Bethany
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McElheney—Halifax Linen Service, Inc.    Mr. Jason Bone
Mr. G. Mark Twisdale—State Employees’ Credit Union               Ms. Tamikah Brown
Foundation                                                       Mr. V. C. Bruton, III—Haney, Vann & Bruton
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. George Campbell
                                                                 Ms. Bonnie C. Caudle
Foundation Society ($1,000-$4,999)                               Ms. Cora Mae Ciotti
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society                                    Ms. Paige Cutchin
Mrs. Kim Amerson—Ralph’s Barbecue, Inc.                          Mr. and Mrs. David Daugherty
Dr. Todd Arthur                                                  Ms. Evelyn Dawson—BriteSmilz Family & Community
Mr. Ronnie Bell—Daily Herald                                     Connections, LLC
Ms. Kimberly Bracy—KapStone Kraft Paper Corporation              Dr. Bindu Dhasmana
Mr. H. Williams Campoll—Coastal Lumber Company                   Mr. Howard W. Dupee
Dr. Joy Cooley                                                   Ms. Kim Edwards
Dr. Ervin V. Griffin Sr.                                         Mr. Kenneth Harris
Dr. Steve Hoffman                                                Ms. Kelly Harvey
Ms. Vicky Irby—Roanoke Rapids/Lake Gaston Board of Realtors      Ms. Phyllis Hayes
Mr. Don Keisling—Roanoke Valley Energy Facility                  Mr. Wilson Ray Hester
Dr. Fu-Shou Lin—Georgia-Pacific                                  Ms. Angela Hilliard—White Oak Baptist Church
Mr. John Rightmyer—Rightmyer Machine Rentals, Inc.               Ms. Julia B. Horsley
                                                                 Ms. Lynn Hurley—Northeastern Dental Hygiene Society
                                                                 Ms. Sarah M. Iles—Alpha Delta Kappa, Treasurer
Advocates ($500-$999)
                                                                 Ms. Lucia James
Mr. Scott Aman—New Dixie Oil Corporation
                                                                 Ms. Sonya D. Jenkins
Dr. Bill Blaylock
                                                                 Ms. Iris Johnson
Ms. Deborah Boone
                                                                 Ms. Joanne Jolly
Ms. B. T. Brown
                                                                 Ms. Tara Inscoe Keeter
Dr. John D. Hartness
                                                                 Mr. Joseph M. Kittner
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Homewood, Sr.
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. David Kittner
Dr. Pocahontas Jones
                                                                 Mr. Kevin Kupietz
Ms. D. J. Markham
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Liverman
Mr. Brady Martin - Halifax Electric Membership Corporation
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Maupin
Mr. James McCachren
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. L. Taylor Oakes
Mr. Shelton McClure—Branch Banking & Trust Company
                                                                 Ms. Carolyn Stuart
Mr. David J. Newsom—Newsom Oil Company
                                                                 Ms. Carroll Susco
Mr. and Mrs. Armand M. Opitz
                                                                 Ms. Sylvia Swiney
Ms. Vera J. Palmer
                                                                 Ms. Tamba Thompson
Mr. Wilton D. Rodwell—Roanoke Rapids Lions Club
                                                                 Mr. Jerry Thompson
Mr. Thomas W. Schwartz
                                                                 Ms. Gloria Tysinger
Mrs. Lillie Solomon
                                                                 Ms. Ruby Vincent-Ward
Mr. Barry Van Scoyoc—Lake Gaston Computer Club
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wardsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wilkie—Wilkie Real Estate, Inc.
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Warren
Halifax Community College
                                                                 Mr. Clark E. Young
Roanoke Rapids Rotary Club
                                                                 RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation
Wachovia Bank, N.A.

Century ($100-$499)                                              Friends (up to $99)
Belk Department Stores                                           Mrs. Sherry Agee
Friends—Family Home Life, Inc.                                   Ms. Peggy C. Alexander
Friends—Lake Gaston Area Chapter The Links, Inc.                 Ms. Willie M. Alston
Ms. Deborah Ann Armstrong                                        Mr. Kevin Argo
Ms. Sharon Askew                                                 Ms. Gladys Askew
Ms. Joyce M. Barnes                                              Ms. Pat Baker
Mr. Russell Barrett                                              Mr. Lateef Balogun
Mr. Donald Beaver                                                Ms. Bonnie Benthall
Dr. Danilo Bernardo—Valley Hypertension-Nephrology Association   Mr. Thomas Bracy, Jr.
                                                                 Ms. Barbara Bradley-Hasty
Friends (up to $99)                       Ms. Janice P. Hargrave           Ms. Tammy Pleasant
Ms. Betty J. Brown                        Mr. Phillip Harris, III          Dr. Edward Porter
Ms. Vicki Brown                           Ms. Ada Harriss                  Ms. Beverly Reynolds
Ms. Julie Bryant                          Ms. Deborah Hawkins              Ms. Catherine Robinson
Mr. Bryan Carter                          Mrs. Verna High                  Mr. Shawn Rudd
Mrs. Janet Clarke                         Ms. Teresa Hight                 Ms. Katherine Sandlin
Ms. Page Clary                            Ms. Julia Ann Hofmann            Ms. Sandra Saunders-Smith
Mr. Ricky Clay                            Mr. George Holley                Ms. Rhonda Segars
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clement               Mr. Brian Hopkins                Ms. Donna Sellers
Ms. Joy Clippard                          Ms. Dorothy Hughes               Mr. Jason Shotwell
Mr. Richard Collier                       Ms. Janet Humphries              Ms. Monica McAdoo Simmons
Ms. Cindy Collins                         Ms. Pat Hux                      Ms. Emily Smith
Ms. Dorothy Conner                        Ms. Terry Hux                    Ms. Linda Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cook                      Mr. Kenneth Jones                Ms. Betty Spence
Ms. Christine Cooper                      Ms. Jennifer Jones               Ms. Hazel Starke
Ms. Mary Gail Cooper                      Ms. Margaret Jones               Mr. Shaun Stokes
Ms. Brenda H. Cousins                     Mr. and Mrs. William Kittner     Ms. Nina Swink
Ms. Darlene M. Cox                        Mr. Robert Lee                   Mr. Therman Taylor
Mr. Scott Dameron                         Ms. June B. Long                 Mr. Hunter Taylor
Ms. Marie Daniel                          Ms. Peggy Lynn                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Temple
Dr. Julie Parker Dilday                   Ms. Lynn J. Mandalbaum           Ms. Stephanie Terry
Ms. Ethel Edwards                         Mr. Richard McCormick            Ms. Sabrina Thomas
Mr. William E. Evans                      Ms. Jean McGee                   Mrs. Sandra Days Turner
Ms. Cathy Farabow                         Mrs. Delois Battle Mercer        Ms. Cathy Vassor
Mr. John Foriest                          Ms. Patricia P. Mills            Ms. Alice Vaughan
Dr. Julie M. Galvin                       Mr. Bentley Mohorn               Ms. Dawn Veliky
Ms. Doris Garner                          Mr. Marvin Mullen—Riverside      Ms. Louise Warren
Ms. Sherida J. Gholston                   Garden                           Ms. Natalie C. Watson
Ms. Donna Giles                           Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mumford       Mr. Herbert (Boogie) Webb
Mr. M. E. Gilstrap                        Mr. Ricky Nowell                 Ms. Fredia Johnson Webb
Ms. Patricia Gonshor                      Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ogburn      Ms. Sandra K. Weden
Ms. Ellen Grant                           Mr. Charles Oliver, Jr.          Ms. Holly White
Mr. David Graves                          Mr. James Phil Pair              Ms. Jenelle B. Whitley
Ms. Dorothy M. Greene                     Mr. Tyrone Parker                Mr. Charles W. Wilkinson
Ms. Shelia Grosser                        Ms. Leatrice Patillo             Mr. Ralph D. Worrock
Ms. Chuckie Hairston                      Ms. Eddy Pauley                  Mr. Chris Wright
Ms. Sandra Hammack                        Mr. Milton Pittman—Sporty’s      Ms. Judy Yates
Ms. Eloise Hardee                         Unisex Barber Styling

                  Have you considered including the HCC Foundation in your will
                                 establishing a new scholarship?

                                      For more information, contact:

                                              Thomas Schwartz
          Vice President for Institutional Advancement/Executive Director of the HCC Foundation
                        Phone: (252) 536-7239 Email:

                                                  Sherry Agee
                   Administrative Assistant for Institutional Advancement/HCC Foundation
                           Phone: (252) 536-7234 Email:
                                         2008 Scholarships
911                                                    Lake Gaston Computer Club
Alice J. Lewter Memorial Fund                          Libby Grant
Benny Strickland Memorial                              Lillie J. Solomon
Bernice Hatchell Hobday Memorial Nursing               Marcella Marks Liverman Memorial
Boyce Alston Memorial                                  Margaret & Linwood Nixon, Sr. Nursing
Brandi Noel Ogburn Memorial Nursing                    Margaret Gunn Taylor Memorial
Charles Preston McElheney Family                       Myra Robertson
Clellie M. Taylor Memorial                             Nash Edgecombe Halifax Dental Society
Coastal Lumber Company                                 New Dixie Oil Corporation
Connie Pittman Wardsworth Memorial                     New Life
Damian S. Hawkins Memorial                             Newsom Oil Company
District 17 NC Nurses Association                      Nikki Batten Memorial Nursing
Dr. Laura W. Buffaloe                                  Oscar Luther Scarbrough, Jr. Memorial
Earl Houston Fuller Memorial                           Peggy V. Babb Memorial
Edgar and Mary Hutchinson Memorial                     Pete Amsler Memorial/Stray Cats Hot Rod
Elizabeth Marie Nielsen Schuelke Memorial              Peter Luther Kasper Memorial
Ellen Davis Eudy Alpha Delta Kappa Memorial            Phi Theta Kappa Honors
Emery W. Doughtie Memorial                             Presidential Initiative Fund
Enfield Chamber of Commerce                            Raybon Bone Memorial
Eugene Craig Shell Memorial                            Rightmyer Machine Rentals Construction
Evelyn Freid Memorial Nursing                          Roanoke Lumber Company
Fannye Marks-Marcella and Bob Liverman                 Roanoke Rapids Jaycees
Frank V. Avent, III Veterans/Business Administration   Roanoke Rapids Lions Club
Georgia-Pacific Corporation                            Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce GED Award
Gloria Amelia Maxwell Memorial                         Roanoke Valley Lake Gaston Board of Realtors
Halifax Regional Medical Center Auxiliary              Robert Whitley Memorial - Rotary
Harry Branch                                           Roanoke Valley Energy Facility
Harry, Evelyn and Josephine Freid                      Roanoke Valley Home Builders Association
Hazel Piner Lawrence Memorial                          Robert B. Metcalfe Memorial
HCC Assoc. of Educational Office Professionals         Robert L. Armstrong Memorial
HCC Associate Degree Nursing Alumni                    Rose and Louis Kittner Memorial
HCC Dental Hygiene                                     Ruth Elliott Oakes Nursing
HCC Education                                          Sandra R. Tart Memorial
HCC Foundation Academic                                Sandra Ward Memorial
HCC Student Services                                   Sara Crawley Boseman Memorial
HenryMollieLouise Farber Memorial                      Shirley R. Garner Memorial Nursing
Hoffman-Arthur Dental Hygiene                          State Employees Credit Union Foundation
Homewood                                               T. Mason & Vivian C. Woodruff Memorial
Howerton Gowen Memorial                                The Daily Herald Women in Business
Jerry Painter Memorial                                 Vivian Staley Memorial Cosmetology
John W. Manning Memorial                               W. B. Hux Memorial
Joy Daniels-Lewis Memorial Nursing                     Wachovia
Joyful Sounds Gospel Chorus                            WestPoint Stevens
Judson & Mary Belle Middleton Memorial                 WEZU Community Radio
Julia Stanley-Elizabeth Hitchings Memorial             Wilkie Real Estate, Inc.
Juvenile Court Counselors - Halifax County             Yolanda Denise Powell Memorial
KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation
(252) 536-2551 w

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