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					Royal Air Force Officers’ Football Team Season 2009/2010

  Cup Winners
  Hodgkinson lifts the Cup!

  College Football
  Steve Ricketts gives the low down

  Following Icarus on Ops
        I ARU S                                           Icarus FC Honours

   FO O T B A LL C LU B                                   Inter-Service Cup:
                                                          1985, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
                    2009 / 2010
                                                          Burma Trophy:
             President: Gp Capt M Neville
           Chairman: Wg Cdr E Roughsedge                  1971, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977,
                                                          1978, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1991, 1992,
       First Team Manager:Sqn Ldr J Hetherington          1993, 1996, 1999, 2006, 2007, 2008,
       First Team Asst Manager: Flt Lt G McIntosh
         First Team Captain: Flt Lt L Hodgkinson
          Director of Football: Wg Cdr S Lindsay
                                                          Argonaut Trophy:
Veterans Team Manager: Wg Cdr P Beer / Fg Off T Clayton   1956, 1965, 1967, 1973, 1984
       Veterans Team Captain: Sqn Ldr M Farrell

              Head Coach: Flt Lt J Griffin                AFA Cup:
            Club Doctor: Sqn Ldr M Farrell                Semi Final 2008
         Club Psychologist: Wg Cdr S Lindsay
           Physiotherapist: Fiona Simmons
                                                          Middlesex Cup:
               Treasurer: Flt Lt A Arnison                2010
            Club Secretary: Sqn Ldr N Smith
    First Team Fixtures Secretary: Flt Lt G Portaluri
   Veterans Fixtures Secretary: Sqn Ldr M Greenway
                                                          RAF Veterans 7s:
   Tour Manager: Flt Lt L Hodgkinson / Flt Lt A Arnison   2010
           Webmaster: Sqn Ldr J Hetherington
            Club Photographer: Flt Lt H Heap              Stephen Benjamin Tournament:
            Designed by: Sarah Hetherington
             Printed by: AIDU, RAF Northolt               Runner up 2008

First, a very sincere ‘Thank You’       I think that the Committee is sound       Last, but
to everyone in the Club for mak-        and functions the way I want it to.       certainly
ing RAF Icarus FC what it is. The       There are still a few tweaks that         not least,
RAF is smaller now than I ever          are required and, if I am fortunate       some
remember it (I joined when it was       enough to remain in the Chair, then       parental
93,000 strong), yet the quality         I will implement them over the next       musings. Very early on in post, I
and professionalism of the Club         season. That said, I need to thank        realised that I know next to
just seems to grow and you              everyone on the Committee, past           nothing about football, or
should be very proud of the             and present, for making the Club          tactics, or a whole host of other
success that you bring it.              what it is.                               things about football that perhaps
                                                                                  I should.
Now to my report; what can I            Two of the main events of my
say? The evidence of last               tenure so far have been                   However, listening to some of the
season makes writing this report        establishing a new home for the           senior coaches of the likes of
easy. The 1st Team secured the          Club, as Uxbridge became less             Doncaster Rovers and Leicester
Middlesex AFA Intermediate Cup          usable; I am grateful to Gp Capt          City, as well as John
at its first attempt. The final,        Tunnicliffe for agreeing to allow         Hetherington and Joe Griffin, it is
though, was something out of            RAF Halton to be that new home.           clear that there is one rule that I
‘Roy of the Rovers’. With 4             Equally, I am very happy to have          have known all my life; fitness will
minutes to go, Icarus is 3-1 down,      re-introduced the role of                 carry you beyond the point where
at which point we enter the realm       President to the Club and I think         skill gives up.
of the comic and that, as they          we would be hard pressed to have
say, is that. I’ll never forget it.     found a more suitable, or more            It is the first thing to ‘go’ as you
                                        enthusiastic, candidate than Gp           get older and, collectively, it
The Vets’ Team also secured its         Capt Mike Neville. It is                  brings a 12th man onto the field.
best results of a season, beating       always encouraging when the               The Doncaster Rovers Youth
Bromley twice and cumulating in         President not only wants the role         Team expect their 16 year-olds to
winning the Vets 7-a-side               but wants to play as well.                crack level 13 on the ‘Beep’ test
competition at Brize Norton. Jon                                                  and level 15 in their second year
Fox’s back-heeler into the              Turning to the future. I believe that     with them.
opposition’s net followed by their      Icarus is at the point where we
keeper congratulating him with          have to consolidate where we are          I would suggest that the light blue
the word’s “You cocky little …..”       and decide exactly how we want to         standard of our
pretty much summed up the day           progress over the next 2 years. I’m       fitness test is the baseline that we
the Vets had.                           aware of the pressure on people           should all be able to achieve.
                                        trying to get away to play sport and      One last thing, different body
I’m not going to venture any            we need to take account of this.          types require different training
further into the 1st and Vets’                                                    regimes; you will never see a
Teams managers domain. I see            The 1st Team may have a fairly            100m sprinter train by running 12
my job as Chairman as ensuring          simple agenda and, at the time of         miles, so find a system that works
that the structure of the Club is fit   writing, I’m not privy to what that       for your type.
for purpose, establishing what the      may be. However, knowing John
near future purpose may be and          Hetherington, I’m sure it is
offering a bit of fatherly or, in-      ambitious.                              Below: Jase Parr in action.
deed, grandfatherly advice where
I can.                                  The Vets Team presents an
                                        altogether different challenge. Yes,
When I took over, the results on        they still need to play the hard
the field spoke for themselves;         games such as Bromley and,
things were good in that depart-        thanks to their resurgence, the
ment. So, adhering to the               Army Crusaders.
engineer’s rule of ‘if it ain’t broke
don’t fix it’ I set about ensuring      However, there may be a more
that everyone on the Club’s             diplomatic role for them, for in-
Committee had a set of ToRs that        stance Leicester City FC are look-
accurately reflected what I             ing for us to play a ‘Legends’ game
wanted them to do and also              and the Scottish MPs game.
addressed the dependencies that
each post had on another. At this       This is something that Icarus used
point, I need to thank Stu Lindsay      to do in the past and it opened an
for providing me an excellent           influential network to us which I
foundation when he handed over          would like to grasp.
the Chairman’s reins to me; it is
relatively straightforward to build
on a strong platform.
       The Gaffer

Once again it has been a             We did not let the disappoint-     We were all disappointed with
wonderful season and most            ment bring the sprit down and      the performance against the
importantly for me, one in which     we went on to move through the     RAF Development Squad and
we have won a major civilian         early rounds of the Middlesex      we are in agreement that we
cup competition. The season          Cup with ease. A great night at    can only play that fixture in fu-
got off to a great start with a      Uxbridge resulted in a 0-0 draw    ture if the circumstances are
fixture against the Sheff Utd        with a young RAF Squad and it      right. For 2 years in a row we
Academy, who included a              was especially pleasing to see     have been forced to play the
winger recently signed from          the team play to a very specific   game with a weakened squad
Valencia. We took a one goal         tactical plan that night.          after having played an important
lead and held onto it until the                                         cup fixture the day before. It
60th minutes with Sheff Utd only     We continued our dominance of      does us no good nor the RAF
winning the game in the last 10      the Inter-Service Cup with a 2-1   Development Team if we are not
minutes. We built on this with a     win over the Army Crusaders at     prepared for the game properly.
weeks training in Gibraltar and      Aldershot.
began the season as well                                                We picked up the good form
prepared as ever before.             We picked up a clutch of new       again in the New Year winning 2
                                     players in December, some of       very close cup ties, 1-0 and 2-1
Unfortunately, due to previous       whom were involved in the im-      in the quarter final and semi final
good performances we did not         pressive 5-0 win over Boston       of the Middlesex Cup (William
start in the AFA Cup until the 3rd   Utd. This was another great        Fitt FC and Hale End FC). We
Round. This meant that we            leap forward for the squad as      were in now in our first final and
were a bit less sharp than we        we combined some impressive        in many ways the pressure was
should have been when we did         defensive work with some great     off after having failed in the
play and we went out of that         attacking play.                    Semis and quarter finals over
Cup.                                                                    previous seasons.
Before the final we had one of       of the season and if we can            consistently and Joe Griffin had
our favourite fixtures of the        continue to recruit high quality       has best season yet with 14
season against Doncaster             players ever year we will not          assists and some wonder goals.
Rovers. Last year we kept a          stand still as a Club as we might
team full of Championship            have done in the past.                 The targets for next season are
players to 2-0. This season,                                                straight forward. We need to
against a younger team, we           We work hard to create a unique        continue to improve as a squad,
found ourselves 3-0 behind after     atmosphere at Icarus, the best         reach the AFA Cup Final, retain
15 minutes and 5-1 down with         players play and there are no          the Middlesex Cup and
30 minutes to go. We leant a         cliques, but only those with           maintain the high reputation of
valuable lesson, and by getting      commitment get in. Most                the Club in RAF Football.
back to basics in the last 30        importantly, players are joining a
minutes we pulled the score          Club not just a team.                  We can do all these things, but it
back to 5-4 and very nearly                                                 will be tough! But there is no
snatched a late equaliser.           The final act of season 2009/10        point in doing things that are
                                     was the trip to the USA                easy. We’ll also need a bit of
And so to the Cup Final. It was      organised by Lee Hodgkinson,           luck and I’ll cross my fingers that
an amazing game and showed           Arnie Arnison, Jon Pullen and          OOA detachments take place
all of the sprit and determination   Gino Portaluri.                        during the close season!
that the Icarus Squad display all
year round with the tremendous       We did some fantastic bonding          I would like to thank Joe Griffin
attitude and love the players        and played some interesting            and Stu Lindsay for all their
show for this Club. You can          fixtures and hopefully we are          support in the dressing room
read more about the game later       now set up for an even better          this season, it is a real team
in the magazine. We finished         2010/11 when I hope to add             effort and we rely on the hard
the season with a hard fought        more silverware to the trophy          work of so many people to make
win against Sandhurst and a          cabinet.                               thing happen both on and off the
straight forward victory against                                            pitch.
the RAFP.                            We saw some outstanding
                                     performances this season. Jase         Well done to everyone for a
I was very pleased to see 5          Parr performed like a lion in the      great season and lets all work
young players from the RAF           Cup Final, Lee Hodgkinson and          together to continue the
College team make their debuts       Gino Portaluri both found the net      upwards direction for Icarus FC.
for the Club in the final game of

                                                                          Training is a vital part of our prep
Good night Grandad
Pete Beer looks into his crystal ball with tongue firmly in his check!

Grandad, is it true that you used to         Well I’m not sure we have long enough
be the manager of the Icarus Vets?           to be honest son. Mike used to be my
                                             fixtures sec and he did a pretty good
Ah son, it’s odd that you should ask that    job to be fair.
but it’s true nonetheless.
                                             On the pitch was a different matter
I never knew that Grandad until just         though. He was once fouled by an
now when I found some old                    invisible player while defending against
magazines under your bed. At first I         the Army at Aldershot. Tripped clean
thought they were some sort of               over onto his arse with no-one in sight
dodgy magazines. There was a                 for a million miles. What a clown! He
photograph of an older man sat on            loved the Butts though. Always going
the floor holding a ball. And two            on about him, particularly while
other men who looked like very               in the changing rooms. His dressing
close friends.                               order was socks, shoes, watch, shirt,
                                             tie, jumper, pants, trousers. And all in
Yes son. That would be Bondy, the            slow time. Very strange.                      He was son. Bondy got a hat-trick too
Butts and Woody. Ha, ha – the Butts                                                        that season against Old Tiffinians but
and Woody. Even that sounds strange          He sounds a bit scary to me                   unfortunately we lost him for a while
doesn’t it, but it’s ok son, they weren’t.   Grandad.                                      after that. He was a good player but
We were all pretty close back then son.                                                    the Doctor had diagnosed a lack of
I remember Vinny our goalkeeper once         He was son. He was. A lawyer you              fibre in his diet which put him out for a
slapped another player’s bum in the          know. The mind boggles!                       spell.
changing rooms before the game. It
was still wobbling at half-time.             You were quite a good goalkeeper              Low fibre Grandad!
                                             once too weren’t you Grandad?
How long were you the manager of             What was your goalkeeper like?                Yes, moral fibre I think it’s technically
the mighty Icarus Vets for                                                                 known as. Talking of Doctors, Micky
Grandad?                                     Oh we had several son. In total I             Farrell was another good player when
                                             reckon I must have played over 10             he was available which was, by and
About three seasons in total son. It         different goalkeepers during my time in       large, never. I don’t think I had a single
was a happy time and we had some             charge. If I’m honest though the main         e-mail response from him in three
real characters. You will no doubt have      man was a chap called Neil Smith.             years. Eddie did though. Micky re-
heard of the legendary Paul Barlow.          What a lovely bloke he was son. You           sponded to Eddie’s e-mail criticising
He was a cantankerous old sod as he          couldn’t wish to meet a humbler man.          certain players for not responding to e-
got older but loved to play. I once                                                        mails. Absolutely priceless son – you
brought him on to help turn the game         Don’t you mean more humble man                couldn’t make it up.
around against Barclays Bank and he          Grandad?
knackered himself good and proper in                                                       What was your most memorable
the process. Was out for months after        I know what I mean son. I know what I         moment Grandad throughout the
that. How we laughed about it though!        mean.                                         years?
He was still going strong at 50 you
know – some effort that. Mind you so         He sounds nice. Were the team                 Well I would say one of the few times
was Eddie Roughsedge albeit Eddie            successful Grandad with you in                that Micky turned out against the Cater-
looked at least 60 – that was one paper      charge?                                       ing Vets at Brampton in 2006. We
round he must have had. Remarkable.                                                        were really up against it that day play-
His top tip for continued fitness was        Actually I think we did pretty well. The      ing a very strong Catering team and we
keeping a copy of the bleep test on his      last season was one of the best if I’m        went 2 goals down in 5 minutes. Garry
ipod – I reckon that’s the sort of thing     honest. The other players were always         Ball took a clout on the head and we
you keep to yourself don’t you son?          looking out for new talent for me and         were chopping and changing players to
                                             we drafted in good men like Jon Fox           try and stay in touch. Micky was full of
Who else was in the team Grandad?            and Mark Farrell just as things were          running and bagged a brace in a
                                             looking a little thin. Truth be told things   fantastic 4-3 victory. I scored myself as
Well there was JP. He was an old             were still looking a little thin on their     I remember.
Icarus legend too. Whilst Bondy was          heads but that’s another story.
struggling for babysitters JP was carting                                                  There were other great memories too.
this hot, young au pair around to sit in     What matters is that they scored goals        The road trips were a lot of fun but by
the stands with his daughter. Pure           and stopped goals a plenty. Both fit          far the best one was when we dragged
genius.                                      and full of running. That made a big          a mini-bus full to Hereford to take on
                                             difference to us.                             the SAS. That was a great day out
Funny thing was his daughter was                                                           especially as I scored a pile-driver of a
about 13 and well able to look after         We beat Bromley twice in my last sea-         goal from a yard to claim third in the
herself. Brilliant. He was top scorer in     son at home and away. The first was a         Icarus goal scorers table for that sea-
my last season in charge mind you.           day to remember – 5-2 at Bromley.             son. Bondy claimed that it was rolling
They flew in from all angles, left and       Woody was on fire that day and bagged         across the line but I couldn’t afford to
right.                                       a hat-trick.                                  take any risks so I just eased it in to be
                                                                                           certain. There were no hard feelings
What about Mike Greenway Gran-               I thought Bondy was one of your               though – in fact I’m not sure that Bondy
dad? Tell me those funny stories             main goal scorers Grandad!                    ever referred to the incident again.
about him.
Above: Jon Fox and Neil Smith at Leicester City supporting Help For Heroes in May

      It sounds like it was a really happy    I think he probably did son. Si Hays.         I bet you do Grandad. Didn’t the Sta-
      time Grandad, it really does. I think   Official Club poet you know and               tion Commander of Uxbridge used to
      you were blessed with some great        notoriously bereft of any discernible         play for you as well?
      players too. I heard that Jeff Butler   navigational skills. I think he got lost on
      scored a sensational goal.              the way to almost every single away           He did son. Stu Lindsay was his name.
                                              game unless he travelled with Eddie or        It’s fair to say that if Peter Crouch and
      You heard that from who son?            Fiona. Committed player though and            Peter Beardsley had ever had a love child
                                              looking at my stats comfortably the           then Stu would have been the result. A
      No I actually heard it Grandad. I       player with the most appearances.             versatile player and legendary Club
      remember we were living at                                                            Chairman, Stu was instrumental in taking
      Northolt at the time and I heard the    He had two memorable games against            the Club to new heights along with John
      Butts’ celebration through my open      Bromley as well scoring a great hat-trick     Hetherington. He even refereed for us on
      bedroom window. Did you often           in a memorable 7-0 thrashing at Benson        a few occasions. He managed the Vets
      play at Northolt Grandad?               in 2007 and holding the midfield              too for one game in 2010 and scored both
                                              together in the 2010 victory on the           goals. Not bad hey son for a man in his
                               We did son                                                   fifties, not bad.
                               but if I       stadium at Uxbridge. That was a really
                               recall, that   great day for Icarus, Saturday the 27th       Not bad at all Grandad. What hap-
                               day we         of March 2010. The first XI won the           pened after you left though Grandad? I
                               played at      Cup that day too.                             know you handed over to Tony Clayton
                               Uxbridge!                                                    but what happened then?
                                              I think I remember Uxbridge Grandad.
                               I think Si     Wasn’t there a stadium there which is         Well son that’s a story for another time.
                               Hays must      all run down and overgrown with               Why don’t you ask your great Grandad
                               have got       weeds now? You won the RAF Cup                Swinney when you next see him. Good-
                               fouled that    there too Grandad as a young boy?             night son.
                               day too
                               then.          Shhsh now son I Don’t like to talk about      Goodnight Grandad.
                                              that. Yes there was and yes I did. And
                                              I broke my cheekbone. I miss Uxbridge
       Above: The Butts                       you know son.
Lowe and Shutie
Letters from the Vets
by Jon Fox
What comes with a team of veter-           With a few new faces arriving into
ans? Is it a ‘group of old men’ run-       the Vets’ squad this season, how
ning around still thinking they have       they could break into a squad of
something they’ve never had; or is         talented, committed footballers who
it a case of those that can, still do?     are so close on and off the pitch?

These are just a couple of the             It’s simple; this is the most
questions one could ask when               welcoming of squads that has made
starting out in his first Vets season.     those individuals fit straight in. The
This season has shown that some            benefits of a relaxed and
of the opposing teams have been            comfortable individual are plain for
‘that group of old men’.                   all to see throughout the coming
                                           fixtures. Winning breeds confidence
But Icarus FC is different; Icarus         but where could the Vets go this
FC Vets are a team of military             season?                                  of London, the Vets lost their first
officers whom, come match day                                                       match of the season to a very good
prepare for and play in a                  After winning the first four fixtures    side. HAC won 3-1 with Icarus
professional manner that is                scoring 18 goals and                     fighting hard to the very end, a very
expected from each player                  conceding only 5, it was time for a      determined effort but were just
throughout the course of the               much anticipated fixture that saw        beaten by a better side on the day.
season.                                    Icarus travel to Bromley. This would
                                           prove to be a stern test for an Icarus   A longer than expected winter
With the competitive spirit that is        side that were full of confidence go-    break meant the Vets did not play
still evident in all that don the shirt,   ing into this fixture and a Bromley      again until the last weekend of
it is imperative that each                 side who are very physical and have      January where we travelled to
individual, even in these latter           some excellent footballers.              Guildford for yet another
footballing years, still has the                                                    convincing victory. This meant that
desire and commitment that they            On a sub-standard pitch in atrocious     the Vets had put 13 goals past
had in their youth to help build           conditions, Icarus produced a full       Guildford with only 3 in reply over
team spirit and cohesion.                  squad effort, with some outstanding      the two games.
                                           individual performances which
The standard of football that is           brought Icarus a 5-2 victory away at     Sinjun Grammarians provided a
played game-in, game-out has               Bromley; the first in recent memory      more stern test in the next fixture
been on the whole exceptional this         and enough to put some big smiles        and with some of the regular faces
season and for those new to the            on some exhausted Icarus faces.          absent, Icarus still fielded a strong
fold and old faces alike, it is of a                                                side. This was not enough to
standard that demands that you             Following this, the Vets accepted the    triumph over the opposition but a
push yourself each match to                invitation to take up a midweek          hard fought match ended in a draw.
ensure you keep your place. This           fixture at Lyneham. This was in          The next two fixtures were within
is a squad that has a great attitude       order to help Lyneham Vets say a         the space of three days.
to football and social alike. With         fond farewell to then Station
strength in-depth throughout this          Commander Gp Capt Neville.               An away day at RAFC Cranwell to
Vets squad, it has taken good                                                       face the RAFP and then away at
strong management to select the            With a good turnout of players it        Old Tiffinians. A well fought en-
starting XI from game to game              showed that the squad was still          counter with the RAFP provided
whilst leaving some excellent indi-        buoyant from the results that had        Icarus with yet another victory be-
viduals to begin matches on the            taken them into this fixture with an     fore a 2-0 victory against an Old
sidelines.                                 unbeaten record.                         Tiffinians side who were looking to
                                                                                    revenge the mauling they received
So now we know that the standard           A confident Vets team put Lyneham        from Icarus earlier in the season.
of football played by the Vets has         to the sword early in this fixture and   Following the fixture with the RAFP
been high, let us have a look at           never looked in danger of losing it,     Pete Beer stood down as the Vets
how the season has broken down             even with Lyneham throwing on            Team Manager due to work com-
for us. With a season opener away          some youth to try and halt this          mitments.
at the Army, this was an ideal team        well-oiled footballing machine.
to play first off, as this was an op-                                               This has been a great season for
portunity to put ourselves into a          Although under some pressure for         the Vets, one which has been or-
strong mental state that we have           sustained periods of the second half,    chestrated by a lot of hard work
now come to expect from all that           Icarus held out for a more than com-     from Pete. Congratulations to you
have turned out for Icarus Vets            fortable 4-2                             Pete, let’s hope your absence will
throughout the course of the               victory.                                 not be for too long, good luck to
season. This proved to be a great                                                   Tony Clayton as he takes over as
start with a win for the team and          With only one final fixture of 2009,     the new Manager.
also from Dave Bond who was in             the vets looked to go into the Christ-
fine scoring form with a brace to          mas break still unbeaten after seven     From what has been witnessed this
get him on the way for that coveted        fixtures. This was not to be, with an    season from an Icarus Vets’ debu-
‘Golden Boot’. John Pullen                 away fixture against the Honourable      tant, Icarus Vets are most definitely
grabbing the other.                        Artillery Company (HAC) in the heart     a team of ‘those that can, still do’.

 Ben Fisher—Holding Midfield
RAF College Football
Officer Cadet Steve Ricketts gives us the inside sorry for RAF College Football

It is notoriously difficult to make sure   Unfortunately, following a serious
all of the best College football           shoulder injury in August and
players make the transition to the         subsequent surgery early this year,
Icarus squads once they graduate.          my stay at Cranwell has ended up
On many occasions, it is not through       being somewhat lengthier than first
a lack of desire on the player’s part      anticipated!
but simply a lack of knowledge of the
club and the opportunities available       However, every cloud has a silver
to them.                                   lining and as of Oct 09, I was
                                           presented with the opportunity to try
As an already established Icarus           my hand at management with the
player, I started IOTC 17 in Jun           College side. With extra time on my
2009 with hopes of representing the        hands not normally available to a
College side but also with the aim of      cadet, I tried to ensure weekly
attracting more players to the club        training with the help of a PTI
as a result.                               undertaking his coaching badges to       Icarus take on the RAF College
                                           build a stronger, more consistent
                                           College side with more fixtures.             With training set to continue,
                                                                                        another friendly fixture lined up in
                                           With some very talented footballers          the coming weeks and then a fixture
                                           at my disposal, the College finished         against the Old Cranwellians
                                           the year strongly with a good 2-1            Association in June, College
                                           victory against BRNC Dartmouth               football is looking to go from
                                           and continued the good form with a           strength to strength, a development
                                           comprehensive 3-0 win away at                that can only be good for the future
                                           RMA Sandhurst, meaning we are                of Icarus. Although squad strength
                                           unofficially Inter-Service champions.        and results can change greatly with
                                                                                        the quick rotation of cadets, The
                                           Although the side suffered a recent          Burma Trophy is shaping up to be a
                                           setback with a 4-1 defeat to a very          far tighter affair than over the
                                           strong PEd Sqn side at Cranwell,             previous few seasons.
                                           the future looks very bright for both
                                           the College and Icarus at the
                                           moment. This was proved at the               With training set to continue,
                                           culmination of the season when five          another friendly fixture lined up in
Tony Clayton and Kev Thom                  College players made their Icarus            the coming weeks and then a fixture
                                           debuts against Boston Utd at Sincil          against the Old Cranwellians
The side is overseen by Flt Lt Martin      Bank, all performing admirably on            Association in June, College
Wyer who as a fellow Icarus                the day and hoping to join the club          football is looking to go from
member, is very keen to promote            in time for next season. Names to            strength to strength, a development
football at the College and point the      look out for are Fg Off Ali Bruce, Plt       that can only be good for the future
better players towards the Icarus          Off Adam Kelly, and Officer Cadets           of Icarus. Although squad strength
set-up. The side was managed by            Alex Toogood, Adam Fisher and                and results can change greatly with
Fg Off Tony Clayton and captained          Samuel Winter.                               the quick rotation of cadets, The
by Fg Off Ian Matthews, two players                                                     Burma Trophy is shaping up to be a
who prove the system does work                                                          far tighter affair than over the
and have successfully made the                                                          previous few seasons.
transition to both the Vets and first
team respectively since completing                                                      If you’re a cadet at Cranwell reading
the course.                                                                             this or even a recently graduated
                                                                                        junior officer, I would strongly
On the pitch for the College, defeat                                                    recommend getting involved with
to the German Air Force academy                                                         College football or your station
side away from home and then a                                                          teams and if you have the talent,
narrow loss against RAF                                                                 commitment and drive, you too
Waddington was followed by The                                                          could break into the Icarus first
Burma Trophy, which took place in                                                       team in the future. You should be
Sep 09. It is the annual fixture                                                        proud to represent the College or
between the College and RAF Icarus                                                      Icarus at the Air Force level and if
FC and is played out in memory of                                                       you always make yourself available
those that served in the Burma                                                          and are prepared when the
Campaign. The game was level at                                                         opportunity arises, I guarantee you
half time but Icarus took the                                                           will find playing for the club
silverware on this occasion with                                                        rewarding.
second half goals from Griffin and
Martins-Tonks., the game finishing

                                           Ricketts in action for Icarus
Captain's CORNER
No milling about with small talk and       The squad arrived in good time having
chit chat. My dits are direct and to the   travelled together in a bus. The venue
point; something I think you all appre-    was not quite so glamorous as to be
ciate from me.                             called a little Wembley, but the hype of
                                           the day meant we could have played in
For many the season should have            Stu Lindsay's back garden and been
gotten going a little sooner than the      phased by it. The dressing room was
Burma Trophy at Cranwell, but that         tight, a good job we were friends! Not
will be remedied come 2010-11. The         the kind of dressing room you want
win that saw us reclaiming the silver-     coming in after a loss! For those who
ware at the home of the College            weren't there, we were even crammed
came a little easier than in more re-      into the shower section of a room no
cent years, and failed to set us up in     bigger than a 12 by 12! The warm up
good shape albeit after a significant      was good, and the tempo at kick off
lay off, in time for the now highly an-    strong. We bossed the early exchanges
ticipated AFA Cup runs.                    and getting a goal seemed to settle us.
                                           Half time came and went, then full time       Steve Taylor saved the penalty that
We were taken apart by a more tacti-       with the draw.                                won the cup. Ecstasy reigned in a
cally organised side, who clearly
                                                                                         little pocket of the Capital for Icarus.
practiced together and had come off        Extra time is where it got interesting. I
the back of a few good consistent          like many others let my head drop at 3-       For a second no one knew where to
performances. The bye(s!) that took        1 down. But the key is whilst my heart        run, who to look at, who to hug, what
us direct to the third round did noth-     had sank and my brain was trying to           to do. The pile on soon sorted that,
ing but hinder us, and coming into         compute the loss, my body was going           and Steve Taylor with tears in his
that fixture cold was one of the worst     strong, not wanting to give in. We all        eyes was right at the heart of it.
things we would have wanted .              gave it the 'reserve tank' we had left
                                           and pushed on. Scoring the equaliser          When I lifted the cup I felt like all of
I like to highlight particular highs and   with the last kick was incredible. I re-      Icarus young and old alike were
lows, a habit I have probably gotten       member celebrating it, what a feeling.        standing behind me lifting it together
from day to day debriefing at work.
                                                                                         as one.
The first particular high I wish to men-   So to penalties. I couldn't begin to con-
tion is the Boston United perform-         vey cup final emotion in a penalty taker.     The final high I want to mention is
ance at home, resulting in one of the      I thought pre this game I could, but it is    T10. An ambition I have had for a
more resounding competent victories        something else, just incredible. The          long time is to take the Club to the
I have witnessed, displaying a great       nerves, but having to show the strength       US, and at the AGM I made my
disciplined formation able to break        and confidence, coupled with the feel-        intentions clear.
incisively. The 4-5-1 debate has seen      ing of being on the crest of a wave after
John Hetherington and I exchange           a last minute leveller. I stepped up for      As OIC I have worked very hard
pleasantries in the past, either over a    my pen, and I was convinced it was            alongside Gino Portaluri and Arnie
beer or in the dressing room, but in       going in. Unlike penalties in the past,       Arnison , along with very good input
my opinion the simple fact remains,        this was something else.                      from Jon Pullen to ensure that all
up until the Boston fixture this season
                                                                                         Club members get a once in a life-
we had not been able to prove that         I picked my spot, then totally                time experience.
the system can work as an attacking        mis-kicked it. It trickled in off the post,
success with the players we have.          and I celebrated like it was the sweet-       The only thing I would make com-
We frustrate like the best of 'em, but     est strike ever.                              ment of is the relative poor uptake
the ability to put five past the young
                                                                                         from the veterans. Something which
lads was testimony to how disci-
                                                                                         is only saddening based on the fact I
plined, and ultimately clinically inci-
                                                                                         like to represent the club not just
sive we were on the night. Arnie
                                                                                         particular teams when abroad.
grabbing a goal capped a great night
                                                                                         United SC were a potent opposition,
and the dressing room was buzzing
                                                                                         and one which provided us with a
                                                                                         great opportunity to demonstrate our
                                                                                         togetherness earning a solid 3-3
The second I will cover in greater
depth is the Cup Final victory. Trying
to do this match justice in black and
                                                                                         The lows I wish to cover are firstly
white would be impossible, but I will
                                                                                         the AFA Intermediate cup run (or
try my best to convey the 'on the field'
                                                                                         lack of) for reasons outlined above. I
emotional roller coaster.
                                                                                         think this gave us all a real kick in
                                                                                         the gonads, and if we needed re-
The anticipation pre match was of a
                                                                                         minding, that these high profile
tough game, but one that we had
                                                                                         civilian trophies are not easy to
every chance of winning. I personally
                                                                                         come by!
had a dream on the Thursday before
the match, and shared my premoni-
                                                                                         Particularly worthy of mention is the
tion with Lucia, that I would score a
                                                                                         need collectively to support our Club
header and we would lift the cup......
just a dream surely.
                                           The Middlesex Cup
                                                                        Above; Leading from the front in the USA

The need to focus on who we play         My reaction was in keeping with a rugby         thank you for steering our path and
and when is one that rears it's head     player, not an Icarus player, and defi-         continuing the great work that Stu's
year on year, but one we need to         nitely not becoming of the skipper. I then      legacy had left us. Specifically your
focus on specifically if we want to      showed petulance toward the referee             support for my relatively autocratic
ensure suitable preparation ahead of     when he swore at me. Regardless of the          tour organization. To John, and also
key games.                               situation that transpired, without referees     to Sarah, thank you for it all. This sea-
                                         and respect therein, there is no game.          son has a special place in my mind,
I do not propose to offer a priority     The warriors on the pitch put up with           you masterminded it with the assis-
list, that is a personal matter, but I   similar rough treatment but stood firm,         tance of Joe and Tosh. Gino and
encourage you to think along the         hanging on to a great result in the oppo-       Arnie, you remain fellow squad main-
same train and ply pressure at the       sition's own back garden.                       stays and great friends, I hope we can
AGM if you are not happy or see an                                                       review seasons as good as this in
area the Club could improve.             The final low I will cover is the late with-    twenty years when we are playing for
                                         drawal from fixtures by the opposition.         the vets! I have gotten to know certain
The second low is more of a              This year it has most notably been the          individuals a lot better this year on
personal low, and that is my display     Army. I appreciate just as much, if not         and off the pitch, Andy Harris (a great
in the fixture versus RMA Sandhurst.     more, than most how difficult it is to at-      Cup final showing!), Tom (disciplined
For those not in attendance, I let my    tend the Icarus games, wherever they            and resolute, you have come on leaps
petulant cantankerous side show,         may be. Logistically, I need the support        and bounds mate!) Rich P (Who
and the referee couldn't help but        of my Sqn, the PEd flight, and the Travel       would have thought it that you would
spot it. A terrible example to set as    Cell all of whom year on year are superb        be the rock at the heart of it all, still!)
Club captain, and one that I will not    in their assistance and cooperation. Less       Howie (Always a pleasure mate, a
repeat. In the shadows of the gran-      glory goes to the 'other half' who waits at     good footballer always smiles, and its
deur Academy on a bobbly pitch we        home, hoping we don't get injured just          infectious) Rob (My admiration for you
kicked off with a side strong enough     as much as hoping we win. So for a              is not fading, a true Club man)
on paper to retain bragging rights for   pullout to happen three days before a           Fishman (The fact that a man just
another year. The fixture gave many      kick off day is unacceptable.                   wants to be involved and feel the
squad players the chance to stake a                                                      emotion is great for the atmosphere
claim for a starting eleven shirt with   2009/10 has been a resounding suc-              around the place), and with great
cup games on the horizon.                cess, thank you to everyone. Wear your          pleasure I wish to thank them for al-
                                         tie with pride, this is a year that will live   lowing me to shout at and not throw
The match was feisty, as you would       with you, and if you were witness to            their teddies out of the pram. To
expect, and a solitary goal against      events in the Cup, one that you will tell       Wozza, welcome to a great Club, you
the run of play had us one up going      your kids about (they won't believe you,        are a fantastic addition to the setup,
in to the interval. Early on in the      or they will think you are exaggerating!).      and I believe that you 'get' Icarus and
second half I was doing the basics                                                       what we are about.
(which when I play in midfield is usu-   Icarus grows stronger and stronger, and
ally tackle hard and pass to Griff!)     we are all a part of it. To the Chairman,       You have all been great, what a year,
when I was clattered from behind.        Eddie a great friend now,                       love it!
                                                                                         Hodge out.

Tom Somerville – My First Season
I was first introduced               I have found to be indicative of
to Icarus FC by Jeff Butler, just    every Icarus fixture, and
a few weeks after I had finished     culminated in a very respectable
IOT. I had played football with      performance against Gibraltar’s
Jeff over our lunch breaks on a      national side.
few occasions when he put me
in contact with first team           Back from the training camp and
manager John Hetherington.           I was keen to put what I
                                     had learnt into action and aimed
I had heard good things about        to create a position for myself
Icarus and it was my original        within the team.
intention to find out more
about the club once I had            The standard of football
finished Phase II training.          played within Icarus is high and
However, days later I received       even the most talented players
an email from John offering me
the chance to attend the                                                 After a 2 hour minibus journey
summer training camp in                                                  and 118 minutes of white knuckle
Gibraltar. As a last minute extra                                        football we came from 2 goals
I would need to arrange my own                                           down to take the game to
flights, but that was something I                                        penalties. I felt privileged to be
was more than willing to do in                                           named as one of the 5 penalty
order to spend a week                                                    takers as we finally claimed
playing football abroad.                                                 victory over the opposition. The
                                                                         atmosphere was incredible as
I was now eager to get involved                                          skipper Lee Hodgkinson lifted
and so attended a number of                                              (and presently dropped) the cup.
training sessions at High
Wycombe as well as the annual                                            I have massively enjoyed every
presentation night, after a day of                                       fixture I have played in since
5-a-side at Northolt. What struck                                         joining the club and feel that my
me from the beginning was how                                            football has improved
committed everybody was and                                              greatly; something that is of
just as importantly, how much                                            testament to the ethos, drive and
everybody enjoyed their football.                                        talent of the Icarus players and
                                                                         coaching staff.
I arrived in Gibraltar a few hours
after the rest of the squad and      cannot afford to rest on their      Over the course of the season
as such                              laurels; however I don’t            I’ve accumulated 12 caps and 6
was greeted instantly with           believe that this is something      goals and counting; I aim to hit
the“donkey vest”; just one of the    that would even occur to the        the 50 and maybe even 100
numerous tour conventions (I         majority of the team.               cap mark as I proudly continue to
clearly remember the daily                                               represent Icarus FC over the
frenzy as everybody                  The level of commitment             coming seasons.
tried desperately to locate their    demanded by Icarus is massive
song sheets). However, I felt        with players flying the length of
that this acted as an initiation     the country for fixtures and the
process and I quickly felt part of   rest driving for a number of
the fold.                            hours to play in matches against
                                     such esteemed opposition as
Over my time on IOT I had not        Sheffield United and Boston
been able to play as much foot-      United.
ball as I would have liked and
so over the course of the week I     Icarus have achieved some
was keen to improve my game          outstanding results over the past
as much as possible; something       year alone, such as our 0-0
that I soon realised there was       draw against an RAF XI; we
plenty of room for.                  also just narrowly missed out on
                                     a great result against
Throughout the week I learnt a       Doncaster Rovers’ academy,
lot more about the tactics of        losing 5-4.
the game from coach, Joe
Griffin, but also I picked up a      However, undoubtedly my most
huge amount from a number of         favoured moment of my first
the more experienced                 season came as we lifted the
players. The camp was                Essex/Middlesex Cup.
fantastically organised,
                                                                         Above: Tom in Gibraltar
something that
Up for the Cup!!
Icarus FC met Winchmore Hill in           Sadly for Icarus, this proved not      Unbelievably in the last seconds
the Final of the Middlesex/Essex          to be the end of the action as a       Griffin was fouled on the edge of
Cup on Saturday 27th March in             Winchmore player hit a wonderful       the Winchmore box. He again
London. A confident Icarus                30 yard shot into the net to           delivered a superb ball to the far
squad travelled into London               equalise with less than 15 min-        post where once again Parr
ready to claim the first                  utes remaining.                        muscled out everyone to head
non-Service silverware in                                                        home. 3-3!
decades for the Club.                     The momentum now swung to the
                                          London side and Icarus were            Cue wild scenes in the Icarus
Nothing was left to chance in the         rocked back. It was with some          technical area and the final
preparation with the Manager,             relief that the whistle blew to sig-   whistle blew as a devastated
John Hetherington, and his                nal the end of 90 minutes of nor-      Winchmore attempted to re-start
coaching team of Stu Lindsay              mal time.                              the game.
and Joe Griffin, ensuring that the
players fully understood the              Hetherington fired-up the Icarus       So to a penalty shoot out.
game plan.                                players, demanding that they step      Schofield scored first for Icarus
                                          up to the plate in extra-time and      and it was level pegging when
Icarus began the game superbly            bring the trophy home.                 Icarus' Summerville slotted the
when Parr broke down the right                                                   second. Hodgkinson made it 3-2
and switched the play to Griffin          Icarus had the better of the first     before Winchmore missed their
on the left whose excellent cross         period of extra time, with Turner      third. Martins-Tonks stepped
was headed in at the near post            and the excellent Jim Schofield        forward to give Icarus the
by skipper Lee Hodgkinson.                both going close to giving Icaus       advantage at 4-2. Winchmore
Icarus built on this and were             the lead for a second time.            now had to score to stay in the
passing the ball excellently. Parr        However, disaster struck within        final. The penalty was hit low to
himself went close when his               seconds of the start of the final 15   Icarus 'keeper Steve Taylor's
half-volley was only prevented            minutes as Winchmore took the          right. Taylor dived full length,
from hitting the back of the net          lead with a powerful header from       pushing the ball onto the post and
when it struck an Icarus player           a left wing cross.                     winning the cup for Icarus.
on the line.
                                          Icarus threw everything forward
Next to go close was Scott, who           and now playing 3 at the back,
along with Martins-Tonks, was             with Schofield pushed forward,
running the midfield. He met a            there was always the risk that
Dan Turner cross with a powerful          Winchmore would break and
header which skimmed the cross            score a third. With 4 minutes left
bar. Again, Icarus failed to grab         that's exactly what happened and
the vital second goal as Portaluri        it looked to the hundred or so
and Hodgkinson both went close.           spectators as if the final was over
Portaluri latched onto a superb           and Winchmore would be the
Rich Pratley through ball and             champions.
beat the keeper with a low shot,
only to see it drift just wide of the     It was then that the most
left post. Shortly after                  remarkable 3 minutes of football
Hodgkinson had a powerful                 in recent Icarus history took
header turned wide by the                 place. Icarus won a free kick 40
talented Winchmore keeper.                yards out and Griffin drove the
                                          ball into the box where Parr
At this stage Winchmore had not           headed home to make the score
managed a shot on target, but as          2-3.
the manager reminded the Icarus
players, football is a funny old
game and the lack of a second
goal could be an issue in the
second half.
                                                                                 Hodgkinson lifts the Cup
This proved to be the case!
Icarus again started brightly but
as the half progressed,                                                          So skipper Lee Hodgkinson lifted
Winchmore began to get into the                                                  the Cup for Icarus in the most
game more and more. Icarus had                                                   extraordinary circumstances; it
a major let off when the                                                         had been a fantastic effort from
Winchmore forward hit a                                                          the whole Club to get to the final
powerful drive at the goal, only to                                              and the players did not let down
find the ever present Rich Pratley                                               decades of Icarus tradition as
on the line to clear the ball away.     Above: Parr head the equaliser           they came back from the dead to
Icarus Squad:
Top: A Arnison, J Render, S Taylor, B Fisher, J Schofield, G Shutie, A Harris, D Lowes, A Martins-Tonks, J
Hetherington, S Lindsay, R Pratley
Bottom: D Scott, G Portaluri, D Turner, L Hodgkinson, T Somerville, R Lowes, J Griffin, J Parr.

     Above. Winning save:
     Steve Taylor win the shoot-out with a superb save, pushing the ball against the post before being
     swamped by his team mates!

             If you want to join Icarus FC go to

This is the second time in 3 sea-     As an Icarus player and an
sons that being on deployment         Officer who can do diverse and
has ruined a season for me; the       deployed jobs like the one I under-
turn around time for operations is    took in HELMAND, you find yourself
ever decreasing which means           making comparisons to Tosh the
more of us are being deployed         footballer and Flt Lt McIntosh the
which means LESS                      ISAF MSST leader, before you think
football. Apart from having a job     I need to see a TRiM specialist let      could return home to give them-
to do in between playing for          me explain the comment...                selves a chance of playing in a
Icarus FC the comparisons of                                                   match. I was so proud that the
RAF life and being part of more       There were some occasions when I         only 2 runners on that day were
than just a football team are very    was out of ideas and my opposition       Icarus players, we both com-
similar no matter the branch you      (local Afghans) were relentless, I       mented on this when we met up
are in.                               thought I would have to give in but      later and yes we were keeping up
                                      the footballing experiences I have       our aerobic fitness for our next
I was posted to the Military          had, through playing against             match, we were both al-
Stabilisation and Support Group       professional organisations with          ready operationally fit!!
for 12 months and this meant          Icarus, taught me that it may be
that 7 months of that time would      tough right now but if I hold in there   At some point in our careers we will
be spent in NAD E ALI, HEL-           something will happen and you can        all deploy, having a sense of be-
MAND in AFGHANISTAN as the            seize an opportunity, it did and that    longing is what we need in such
OC of the Military                    was due to the fact that people who      times, so when we start to think of
Stabilisation and Support Team        have other interests, other than         where we have come in such a
(MSST).                               work, mix with many walks of             short time and where we want to
                                      life and actually increase their ca-     go with the time we have left, I can
For those who don’t know what         pacity to interact and think laterally   honestly say that being part of the
that means in real terms; I was in    compared to those who don’t.             Icarus family has helped me;
charge of a team that brought                                                  even when I have been sleeping in
stabilisation and development to      Some footy games are like that at        a ditch, stranded in a field awaiting
those areas within HELMAND            times and the processes were just        a helicopter to extract me
that needed and required ISAF         the same; hold in there and remain       or delayed in a remote Patrol
assistance due to the damage          strong. I found myself in many           Base. Thinking of the good times I
that years of fighting against the    situations like those throughout my      have had with the players, the
Taliban has caused, I loved it        tour and the power of football is so     good games I have played in for
and the danger never once dis-        big that no matter what language         Icarus and the support you get
tracted me from what I achieved       you speak, we all understand foot-       from the lads through mail, parcels
whilst in theatre.                    ball team and footballers names!!        and emails you do realise you are
                                                                               not just part of a football team, you
I was ‘out there’ with the recce      Whilst serving with the                  really are in a family that goes be-
force and infantry platoons and       Grenadier Guards in Afghanistan I        yond the football pitch.
at times I wondered why but the       always managed to get onto the
reality of the problems out there     Icarus web and see how the lads          I have officially announced season
were so vast I thought that this      were doing, even in NAD E ALI with       2010-11 as my last as a player,
could be quite a tasty job and if I   only 30 mins internet time every         some will say about time but that
am to miss playing in a Cup           week I found a way to get updates,       will be bad news for those still on
Final for Icarus FC, then there       the Cup run was great to see and         the pitch because my voice will still
had to be a good reason for it!!      read about as it distracted me from      ring from the sidelines and stands;
                                      the bad times and I was totally          I will look to assist John more with
                                      gutted I missed the final by 4           developing the team as I bow out
                                      days. However, I was glad to be on       but my passion will not go with
                                      another Op when the other Cup            hanging up the boots, quite the
                                      defeat happened…                         opposite I feel!!

                                      Throughout all the weird places and      Afghanistan is a cruel place where
                                      situations I found myself in, I never    feeling alone makes it worse, I
                                      thought I would meet a fellow            never felt like that for even one
                                      team-mate in the same location. I        minute. I would like to thank all
                                      found myself running around the          who supported me through my 7-
                                      airfield in Camp Bastion                 months and to whoever was play-
                                      one winter’s day only to see none        ing in my position, it was only short
                                      other than Flt Lt Dave Scott running     term job, I hope John told you
                                      in the opposite direction…even in        that, I will be looking for it back in
                                      Afghanistan players were keeping         my final season!!
                                      themselves fit so they
                                                                               Thanks to you all, I hope I can re-
                                                                               pay the kindness one day soon!
Tosh meets former PM Gordon Brown

      Support Help for Heroes by going to
  The Big Swinney Interview Talking over the ‘Beautiful Old [Icarus] Game’
  Rob Swinney interview former Icarus star Des Goff.

So Rob, if I remember correctly, you asked me to write                I mean even before we started they were up
a few words about the Icarus Team of the past?                        to their tricks, the ref wasn’t at all happy
                                                                      about having the Tardis on the pitch and
                                                                      anytime they were blown up for a foul well
That’s it Des, good, you’ve obviously still got a marble or           you could see why they were all on the stage
two left then!                                                        – you’d never seen such pictures of inno-
Well thanks Rob but I’m not sure that talking about wing half’s       cence!
and inside forwards will be enough to get those youngsters off
their keyboards and I-Pods! Mind you there was one game that          In the end the ref booked just about all of ’em
even now some 30 years later still lingers in the                     for overacting! The technical area looked like
memory.                                                               a beauty salon! And if you thought The Three Tenors did well in Italia
                                                                      1990, this lot could sing as well. They even had their own DJ – Diddy
Really, go on then Des.                                               David Hamilton later of BBC fame.
Well even you Rob might remember that the very first forerun-         Sounds like quite a day Des?
ner    of     live    TV     soccer     as     we    know   it
to-day started in black and white on ITV early on Sunday              Indeed Rob, did I mention Szakacs earlier?
afternoons in the late 60’s when they screened matches in             No, which group was he in Des; sorry you’ll have to remind me.
which a Showbiz XI took on various ‘lucky’ teams to raise
money for charity.                                                    No, not a group Rob, he was a professional bloody wrestler – you
                                                                      remember him surely – Saturday afternoon sport before the footie
I’ll believe you Des!                                                 took it over broadcast a lot of wrestling – Mick McManus and a lot of
The Showbiz XI were to football what the Lord’s Taveners are          other gentle, friendly types like him. So there you were, ball at your
to cricket and such was Icarus’ pulling power in those days that      feet rushing towards the goal having bravely survived the Daleks in
Icarus North took them on in the Cranwell stadium on 16th             midfield to look up and set yourself for the winner when you come
January 1972.                                                         face to face with Szakacs, Tibor Szakacs to be exact, a
                                                                      multi storey professional Hungarian wrestler who gleefully dispatched
Fair enough Des          but   what’s    it   got   to   do   with    forearm smashes ‘for a living.’ He was their back four!! If you made it
today’s football?                                                     past him they still had an answer – yeah you guessed it – Extermi-
Well as I look at it, you could say it’s all about time travelling.   nate, Exterminate, Exterminate!! They had it all well rehearsed Rob
You see Rob, one of the Showbiz stars we played against was           believe me!
an actor called Frazer Hines, a one time sidekick to the Doctor
in Dr.Who!                                                            But you all survived Des, as indeed does Icarus FC.
No!                                                                   Thankfully Rob. Apart from all those Showbiz posers there’s one
                                                                      other reason I remember the game so well Rob, I thought you might
Oh yes, and it didn’t stop there Rob, no just look at the picture     have guessed when I described the Icarus goal?
and the programme for some of their other stars – Tommy
Steele no less, all of the Kinks [Beatles era pop group for you       Oh Des, you didn’t score it did you?
youngsters!] and even Gerry Marsden as in the Kop anthem              Well I just thought I’d throw that in Rob! And talking of Icarus surviv-
‘You’ll never walk alone’ , surely they’ll have heard that a few      ing I’ve got a really good idea too. What about forming a Super Vets
times, not to mention the actors Robert Powell, Tony Booth,           team?
Dennis Waterman and Richard O’Sullivan. Oh, yes we
certainly pulled ‘em in those days Rob!                               How would that work then Des?
OK, but what about the game itself Des?
                                                                      Well let’s say you’d have to be beyond retirement age say 55 or on a
Oh yes, the game, a lot to talk about there Rob! We went              pension if you’d left earlier, you’d have to remember leather boots
ahead mid way through the first half. From where you’d have           with toe caps, soggy leather laced footballs, goalkeepers in woollen
been sitting in the stand the ball was played down our left on        roll neck jumpers and flat caps, still pay your subs in £sd and get to
the stand side into the top corner of the penalty area and from       matches using Astro Nav not Sat Nav – what do you think?
seemingly nowhere one of our surging midfielders steered a
low stinging drive into the far corner of the Showbiz net that        Rob?
Geoff Hurst would have been proud of and we held out to take
a 1-0 lead into the second half.                                      Rob?
Sounds good Des, what about the second half then?
                                                                      Now where’s he gone… get me some more liniment Rob please!!
Well somehow we let it slip Rob
and it finished in a 1-1- draw but it
wasn’t without its moments,
mainly theatrical as you might
imagine with all those stars on the
pitch. You see Frazer Hines who I
mentioned before had come
straight off the Dr Who set and
brought a few Daleks with him.

They were a bloody nuisance to
say the least; you couldn’t
‘nutmeg ‘em’ to start with and
even if you did try to get past ‘em
they’d get you with one of those
robot arms of theirs.
Des, are you sure about all this;
you haven’t been at the liniment
again have you?
No of course not, but I’ll have
some later thanks!
A season in pictures

Above: Howie Heap shows his Navy side in Gibraltar                 Above: Steve Wood on the team bus

Above: The (Older) Spice Boys enjoy the view on top of the Rock.                        Above: Parr scores for Vets

                                                                                    Dan Turner takes on the IOT back 4
                                    Above: Bowden         Above: Team huddle            Above: Hays celebrates a goal

Above: Caving for team building

Above: Icarus take on Gibraltar
Combined Services
                                    Above: Lee Hodgkinson slots the ball home at Kilmarnock’s Rugby Park in June..

Above: Hodge and Gino KO v Boston   Above: The boys relax on the beach after a tough training session

Looking good!
Stu Lindsay takes a sideways look at his first season at Director of Foot-
‘Train the right way. Help each other. It's a form of Socialism                                        Firstly – food and most noticeably the
without the Politics." - Bill Shankley                                                                 provision of food after fixtures. It will
                                                                                                       be remembered that the Chairman,
                                                                                                       possibly under pressure from certain
 Many people have asked what the             Having said that, even a response                         senior players, almost pulled the
 role Director of Football                   isn’t easy given the Chairman’s                           team from this season’s Burma Tro-
 actually entails. In fact Chairman          increasing stranglehold on the media                      phy on learning there was to be no
 Eddie looked non-plussed when I             – witness his official blog statement of                  after-match pasta. He commented: ‘I
 explained that I was uncertain I could      Jan 10:                                                   knew things were tight in Lincolnshire
 produce a job description, given the                                                                  but even cabbage soup might have
 restrictions of the                         “An ineffective economy, a semi-                          sufficed – they’ve surely got enough
 hierarchical structure which I felt         Soviet social sphere, a weak                              cabbages.’
 were being imposed on the Club. ‘No         democracy, negative demographic
 the role is too complex’ I ventured.        trends and an unstable Lincolnshire:                      It is rumoured that Hetherington will
                                             these were very big problems even for                     now be told to appoint a Club chef to
 Even the Guardian seemed                    a club like Icarus,"                                      travel with the team at all times next
 confused when speaking to me in                                                                       season. This is undoubtedly
 December.                                   Eddie had also claimed that Icarus’                       progress.
                                             vertically controlled political system –                  Secondly - football. We’ve had Beer’s
 Richard Williams commented:                 in which all opposition had been                          magnificent nearly ‘untouchables’;
                                             squeezed out – was not ideal. Its                         retention of the Burma Trophy;
  ‘We seem to have                           democracy should be "open, flexible,                      victory as Inter-Service champions
 invented a third and more                   and complex" with "competitive                            again (Vets and first team); drawing
 ambiguous role: the director of             elections".                                               with the RAF; capture of the
 football, who commands the owner’s
 ear on football matters but whose
 lack of visibility and public
 accountability has created suspicion
 about their role.’

 Perhaps Richard had it in for me and
 my friends, Dennis Wise and Brian
 Marwood. After all he could hardly
 have had a favourable impression,
 given Eddie’s
 correspondence, when assuming his
 role as Chairman.

 Eddie had claimed that the club
 faced appalling structural problems
 including a weak democracy,
 shrinking membership, and a
 non-performing 200 Club. In a
 withering assessment of the Club, he
 had avoided criticising his
 predecessor, but alleged Icarus had
 failed to fulfil its enormous potential.
 The Club continued to face vast                The Director (call me Mr D) puts on a brave face following his public
 social challenges, he said, including                                      humiliation.
 corruption, a feeble civil society,
 terrorism, alcoholism, and smoking.

 I’m not going to reach, a la Bellamy,                                                                 Intermediate AFA Middlesex-Essex
                            for my 5         Harrumph! I know that many                                cup, undefeated tour of USA and
                            iron, or         commentators will be left                                 victory over Boston Utd
                            draw paral-      under-whelmed by my raising of these                      Development Team. Could we have
                            lels with        matters, particularly                                     asked for more?
                            other politi-    following Eddie’s early attempts to
                            cal sys-         shape the debate over Icarus’ future.                     Well actually we could. For the first
                            tems, but                                                                  time I have to come out in print after
                            at least         Most players continue to believe that                     a year of hurt. These achievements
                            (unlike          his strong words fail to resolve                          count for nothing when balanced
                            Lenin) I still   confusion about the source of power                       against the replacement of my club
                            have the         within the Club – these are the areas                     sponsored Audi in favour of a
                            opportunity      that may require future resolution.                       Daewoo Matiz. I have never
                            to reply         Politics aside (and I neither believe                     defended the cult of the individual but
                            without          that is possible or desirable) – we                       please – this is one insult too many.
                            waiting for      have to ask: has the Club continued                       Something must change.
                            historians.      to go forward this year? There have
                            to draw          been 2 very strong areas of success:                      ‘Comrades join me; reach for your
                            their own                                                                  car keys - the revolution starts here.
Director of Football Stu Lindsay warms up the Goalkeepers at Doncaster Rovers

Mark Bowden—Goal Keeper
The Boot Room
By J Hetherington

 This year I thought I would look at a
 specific subject as it is one that the Squad
 has discussed in the dressing room this
 season on a few occasions. I want to look
 at the back 4.

 It is important to note right at the start
 however that defending is not just the job of
 the designated defenders in the side – in
 fact when a team does not have the ball it is
 the responsibility of everyone to
 ensure that it is regained and that the
 opposition do not get into dangerous
 positions on the pitch. That includes a huge
 range of jobs, from the centre forward using
 his closing down run to shape the direction
 of play, to a midfield players identifying a
 gap in the defence and filling it or a full back
 making a last ditch tackle.                        Above: Wayne Bridge moves out to close down the winger.
                                                    Gareth Barry drops in from holding midfield to fill the gap
 One of the most important principles for the
 actual back 4 is communication. It is vital
                                                    he leaves as his centre half is preoccupied.
 that each player communicates at all times
 so that the back 4 works as a unit and
 leaves no spaces for the opposition to
 exploit. One of the centre halfs will
 normally set the back line and the rest of
 the back 4 will stay in line with him in
 order to avoid players being played
 onside. Further to this each player will
 need to work with other players; for
 instance the full back will work with the
 centre half on his side of the pitch and his
 wide midfield player most often. They will
 all need to build up a good understanding
 between each other.

 When defending, the back 4 should be
 narrow with no more than the width of the
 penalty box between them. All 4 players            Above: Paraguary have a throw in on the far side. The
 move across the pitch as one unit.
 A failure to do this can be fatal.
                                                    Slovakian full back is far to far forward and wide leaving a
                                                    massive gap for the midfield player to run into. This he
 I have used 2 examples of this from this           does and scores a good goal.
 year’s World Cup. The first is
 Switzerland’s goal against Spain in their
 1-0 win and the second is Paraguay’s goal
 against Slovakia in their 2-0 win. If a full
 back leaves too big a gap between
 themselves and their centre half when their
 team in not in possession of the ball it
 creates a huge opportunity for the
 opposition to play through that gap and into
 a great goal scoring position.

 It is vital that full backs do not get tempted
 out to mark the winger when the ball is on
 the opposite side of the pitch. It may feel
 unnatural to leave a player in space, but by
 the time the ball makes its way across to
 that player the back 4 should have shifted
 across the pitch to close down that space.
 The real danger is not the winger but the
 run between the centre back and full back.
                                                    Above: The Spanish left back is not as narrow as he
 A compact well marshalled back 4 is the            should be leaving the gap that Switzerland exploited to
 building block for all great teams and it is an    score the only goal of the game.
 area we are increasing improving at Icarus.
 V Jackson     M Bowden     Steve Ricketts    N Smith          J Parr
Goal Keeper   Goal Keeper    Goal Keeper     Goal Keeper      Defender

  R Lowe       A Arnison      M Farrell      A Wilkinson      D Turner
 Defender      Defender       Defender        Defender        Defender

 R Lewis      M Bowditch       J Butler       P Barlow        T Clayton
 Defender      Defender       Defender        Defender        Defender

 B Fisher      R Pratley     J Schofield     G McIntosh       G Shutie
 Defender      Defender       Defender        Defender        Defender

M Greenway      D Scott        H Heap          J Griffin   A Martins-Tonks
 Midfielder    Midfielder     Midfielder      Midfielder      Midfielder
 D Godwin         S Hays        E Roughsedge   J Renders
 Midfielder      Midfielder       Midfielder   Midfielder

                                                             S eason 2009/
 S Lindsay         J Fox          J Swann      R Babington
 Midfielder      Midfielder       Midfielder    Midfielder

S Hyndman       T Somerville      S Wood        A Harris
 Midfielder       Forward         Forward       Forward

  P Beer          J Pullen        D Bond        D Lowes
  Forward         Forward         Forward       Forward

L Hodgkinson   J Hetherington    G Portaluri   C Percival
   Forward        Forward         Forward       Forward
Icarus FC Stats 2009/10
Player                 Position         Goals   App
Vinny Jackson          Goalkeeper          0       9
Paul Watson            Goalkeeper          0       1
Mark Bowden            Goalkeeper          0      12
Neil Smith             Goalkeeper          0       8
Dom Smith              Goalkeeper          0       2
Steve Taylor           Goalkeeper          0       4
Andrew Arnison         Defender            1    20(1)
Jeff Butler            Defender            2    10(2)
Matt Turl              Defender            0       5
Gary McIntosh          Defender            0     3(1)
Rich Lewis             Defender            1     5(1)
Greg Shutie            Defender            0    10(3)
Paul Barlow            Defender            0     3(2)
Jason Parr             Defender            3      13
Richard Lowe           Defender            0      12
Scott Millington       Defender            2       4
Eddie Roughsedge       Defender            1      12
Dan Turner             Defender            0      11
Jim Davis              Defender            1     1(1)
Kev Farrell            Defender            0       4
Rob Swinney            Defender            0     0(3)
Mark Farrell           Defender            2       7
Darren Lownds          Defender            1       1    Above: Man of the Tour 2010—Dave Scott
Rich Pratley           Defender            0    17(1)
Stuart Lindsay         Midfielder          3     9(2)   Assists
Kev Thom               Midfiielder         1       3    J Griffin         14
Steve Wood             Midfielder/FWD      7    10(1)   J Hetherington    7
Shane Rutherford       Midfielder          0       1    G Portaluri       7
Jim Schofield          Midfielder          8    14(1)   L Hodgkinson      6
Andrew Martins-Tonks   Midfielder          4      13    J Render          5
Ben Fisher             Midfielder          0       3    T Summerville     5
                                                        A Martins-Tonks   5
David Scott            Midfielder          1    11(2)
                                                        D Turner          4
Joe Griffin            Midfielder          5    16(1)   J Butler          4
Darren Godwin          Midfielder          1       4    J Pullen          3
Ady Morris             Midfielder          1     2(1)   M Greenway        3
Teo Bradley            Midfielder          0       3    A Harris          2
Howie Heap             Midfielder          1     9(7)   A Arnison         2
Dean Brown             Midfielder          0       2    B Joyce           2
                                                        G Shutie          1
Adam Wilkinson         Midfielder          1     5(1)
                                                        D Bartley         1
Mike Greenway          Midfielder          0       9
                                                        R Pratley         1
Declan McVickers       Midfielder          0     3(4)   C Percival        1
Dan Lowes              Midfielder          1     1(6)   R Lowe            1
Jez Swann              Midfielder          0     3(4)   D Godwin          1
Jon Fox                Midfielder          8      11    D Bond            1
Ali Bruce              Midfielder          0     0(1)   M Hinde           1
                                                        S Hyndman         1
                                                                                   Above: Joe Griffin got most assists
Adam Kelly             Midfielder          0     2(0)
Adam Fisher            Midfielder          0     0(1)   S Wood            1
                                                        G Shutie          1
Si Hays                Midfielder          1     7(3)
                                                        D Lowes           1
Gino Portaluri         Forward            15    14(1)
                                                        B Fisher          1
James Renders          Forward             2      6     J Davies          1
Lee Hodgkinson         Forward            16    17(1)
Samuel Walter          Forward             0     0(1)
Alex Toogood           Forward             2     2(1)
Jon Pullen             Forward            11    12(2)
                                                        Red & Yellow Cards
John Hetherington      Forward             2    7(15)
Dave Bond              Forward             6      5     G Portaluri            1
Pete Beer              Forward             2     2(6)   Lee Hodgkinson         1
Alex Stones            Forward             0      2     M Wyer                 1
Mick Farrell           Forward             0     0(1)   Joe Griffin            1
Andy Harris            Forward             2     4(4)
                                                                                   Above: Render’s season was hit by injury
Tom Summerville        Forward             8     8(9)
Scott Hyndman          Forward             2     2(5)
Craig Percival         Forward             5     5(2)
Greg Shutie—Centre Half
The Icarus Squad at Arlington in May 2010

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