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									MICHIGAN K.I.D.S. | WWW.DNIE.COM                                                                                                            Thursday, October 7, 2010   5
                                          Yakking about Michigan news

     Movies are Michigan-made!
          ights! Camera!                person. Vichaan Kue talked               interested in more
          Background! Background?       to the Yak about his roles. He           acting roles.)
          Yes, that’s actually the      has been an extra in several                “Miley is very
    word you hear yelled if you are     films, including the upcoming            hard-working,”
    an extra, one of those people       movie with Miley Cyrus, “LOL,”           Vichaan says
    that show up in the background      which was filmed in Michigan             and he said Miley
    of shows on television or on the    this summer. Vichaan first got           stayed “positive”
    big screen.                         involved when friends told him           even through long
       Michigan is making more          about extra work for the movie,          working days,
    movies and shows, and while the     “Gran Torino.” Vichaan was then          sometimes more                                             Photo by Cathy Collison
    stars may come from California,     a junior at Howell High School.          than 13 hours.          Olivia Mikesell, left and her sister, Meredith, couldn’t
    there are many others here who      This summer, Vichaan got a                  Film work            wait to see Miley Cyrus.
    are getting a chance to act, even   bigger role in “LOL,” when he            involves lots of
                   as an “extra” or     was cast as a drummer. (He               special props, or                         Grosse Pointe Farms, said, “We
                     background         plays in a band, but now is              objects used to set the scene             just had to see her!” “We love
                                                                                 on the job. For example, Wayne            Miley!”
                                                                                 State students and bystanders                Michelle Begnoche, of the
                                                                                 may have seen another “LOL”               Michigan Film Office, told the
                                                                                 scene when it was filmed outside Yak that 24 productions are
                                                                                 on Woodward Avenue, using                 “wrapped,” or completed, this
                                                                                 the graffiti mural at the Museum          year at Yak’s press time, and
                                                                                 of Contemporary Design                    that film work does include work
                                                                                 (MOCAD). Although the filming             for kids. Michelle said, “The
                                                                                 was in August, the scene was              Michigan film incentive program
                                                                                 set for cold weather. The Yak             is working to create good-paying
                                                                                 saw “snow” laid out. He had a             jobs, is helping keep young
                                                                                 chance to touch the fake snow,            people here in Michigan and
                                                                                 which was like touching cotton            promotes Michigan in a positive
                                                                                 balls. But when the movie was             light to residents and potential
                                                                                 shot, the fabric was hosed down visitors and businesses” to
                                                                                 and looked just like snow, melted Michigan. The Yak wonders if
                                                                                 in piles.                                 anybody needs an extra mascot
                                                                                    Although most films are                on the set!
                                                                                 “closed sets,” which means
                                                       Photo by Cathy Collison
                                           Patient bystanders were               they are not open to the press               By Cathy Collison
                                            rewarded when Miley, dressed         or the public, Michiganders can
                                             in boots, tights and fall           watch stars at a distance. When              EXTRA! An adult can register
                                              clothes, could be seen from        “LOL” had one scene being shot for kids with agencies such as
                                               afar in an brief outdoor
                                                                                 at Grosse Pointe South High               Real Style, which handled “LOL”
                                                scene at the high school.
                                                                                 School, kids and their parents            extra casting. The web site is
                                                                                 gathered across the road to               www.realstyleonline.com. For
                                                                                 catch a glimpse of Miley Cyrus.           more about movies, check out
                                                                                 Sisters Meredith Mikesell, 8, and www.michiganfilmoffice.org.
                                                                                 her sister, Olivia Mikesell, 9, of

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