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					                            PETER D. MARSHALL (DGC)

                             FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR

                               504 - 2085 Bellevue Ave
                                West Vancouver, B.C.
                                   Canada, V7V 1C1
                                   Phone: (604) 719-2591


Dennis Dugan
“Happy Gilmore”
(310) 244-7737

Ogden Gavanski
“Christmas Cottage”
(604) 767-8589

David Roesell
“The Lizzie McGuire Movie”
(604) 202-8924

Lisa Richardson
“The Butterfly Effect”
(604) 220-3857

Wendy Grean
“John Woo’s Once a Thief”
(416) 538-9310

                                                             May 1, 2009
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   PERSONAL EFFECTS (2008)                     Director: David Hollander
   Insight Film Studios                        Producers: Kirk Shaw, Gil Netter
   Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer,    Production Manager: Mandy Spencer-Philips
   Kathy Bates

   THOMAS KINKADE’S CHRISTMAS COTTAGE          Director: Michael Campus
   Lionsgate Entertainment/The Firm (2007)     Producers: Ogden Gavanski, Julie Yorn
   Cast: Jared Padalecki, Marcia Gay Harden,   Production Manager: Simon Abbott
   Peter O’Toole, Aaron Ashmore

   EDISON FORCE (2004)                         Director: David Burke
   Millenium Films/Nu Image                    Producer: John Thompson
   Cast: Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman,         Production Manager: Brad Van Arragon
   LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake

   DAWN OF THE DEAD (2003)                     Director: Zack Snyder
   Universal Studios                           Producer: Eric Newman
   Cast: Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames             Production Manager: Michael MacDonald
   Jake Weber, Mekhi Phifer

   THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE (2002)             Director: Jim Fall
   Disney Pictures                             Producer: David Roessell
   Cast: Hilary Duff, Alex Borstein,           Production Manager: Padi Mills
   Adam Lamberg, Ashlie Brillault

   THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT (2002)                 Directors: J. Mackye Gruber & Eric Bress
   New Line Cinema                             Producer: AJ Dix, Lisa Richardson
   Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Melora Walters,       Production Manager: Brendan Ferguson
   Amy Smart, Eric Stoltz

   HAPPY GILMORE (1995)                        Director: Dennis Dugan
   Universal Pictures                          Producer: Robert Simonds
   Cast: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald,   Production Manager: Warren Carr
   Carl Weathers, Joe Flaherty

   BIG BULLY (1995)                            Director: Steve Miner
   Morgan Creek                                Producer: Gary Foster
   Cast: Rick Moranis, Tom Arnold,             Production Manager: Wendy Williams
   Jeffrey Tambor, Don Knotts

   MAN OF THE HOUSE (1994)                     Director: James Orr
   Disney Pictures                             Producer: Marty Katz
   Cast: Chevy Chase, Farrah Fawcett,          Production Manager: Casey Grant
   Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Geroge Wendt

   LOOK WHO’S TALKING NOW (1993)               Director: Tom Ropelewski
   Tri-Star Pictures                           Producer: Jonathan Krane
   Cast: John Travolta, Kirstie Alley,         Production Manager: Tracey Jeffrey
   Olympia Dukakis, George Segal

   BIRD ON A WIRE (1989)                       Director: John Badham
   Universal Pictures                          Producer: Rob Cohen
   Cast: Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn,              Production Manager: Matthew O’Connor
   David Carradine, Bill Duke
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THE FLY II (1988)                                   Director: Chris Walas
   Twentieth Century Fox                            Producer: Steven-Charles Jaffe
   Cast: Eric Stoltz, Daphne Zuniga,                Production Manager: Fitch Cady
   Lee Richardson, John Getz


    UNDERCLASSMAN (2003)                            Producer: James Dyer
    Miramax                                         Second Unit Director: Jeff Dashnaw
                                                    Production Manager: Tim Sereda

    LEGENDS OF THE FALL (1993)                      Producer: Patrick Crawley
    Tri-Star Pictures                               Main Unit Director: Ed Zwick
    (W.W. I Battle Sequence Co-ordinator)           Second Unit Director: David Wagreich
    (Second Unit 1AD)                               Production Manager: John Eckart


    BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE                   Director: Yves Simoneau
    HBO/Buffalo Coat Productions (2006)             Producers: Clara George, Thomas Thayer
                                                    Production Manager: Linda Ambury

    TOTALLY AWESOME (2005)                          Director: Neal Brennan
    Westco Entertainment/VH1 TV                     Producer: Don West
                                                    Production Manager: Suzanne Lore

    SAVING MILLY (2004)                             Director: Dan Curtis
    Milly Productions Inc/CBS                       Producers: Dan Curtis/Daniel Blatt
                                                    Producer/Production Manager: Tracey Jeffrey

    KILLERS IN THE HOUSE (1998)                     Director: Michael Schultz
    Ian Film Productions Ltd.                       Producer: John V. Stuckmeyer
                                                    Production Manager: Lisa Towers

    ALL THE WINTERS THAT HAVE BEEN                  Director: Lamont Johnson
    Jaffe/Braunstein Films/CBS (1997)               Producer: Christine Sacani
                                                    Production Manager: David Hauka

    JITTERS (1996)                                  Director: Bob Saget
    The Manaheim Company/ABC                        Producer: Rhonda Berkely
                                                    Production Manager: Barbara Kelly

    ANGEL OF PENNSYLVANIA AVENEUE                   Director: Robert Ellis Miller
    PMP Productions/Hallmark Entertainment (1996)   Producer: Tom Rowe/Lisa Towers
                                                    Production Manager: Ron McLeod

    FOR HOPE (1996)                                 Director: Bob Saget
    Two Sisters Productions/ABC                     Producer: Karen Moore
                                                    Production Manager: Patti Allen
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   ONCE A THIEF (1996)                        Director: John Woo
   Alliance / Fox Network                     Producer: William Laurin / Glenn Davis
                                              Production Manager: David Hood

   THE DIANA KILMURY STORY (1995)             Director: Sturla Gunnerson
   Alliance/CBC                               Producer: Anne Wheeler/Laszlo Barna
   (also: Associate Producer)                 Production Manager: Padi Mills

   THE WAR BETWEEN US (1994)                  Director: Anne Wheeler
   Atlantis/CBC                               Producer: Valerie Gray/Gary Harvey
                                              Production Manager: Ogden Gavanski

   NOWHERE TO HIDE (1994)                     Director: Bobby Roth
   Paramount/ABC                              Producer: Stan Rogow
                                              Production Manager: Grace Gilroy

   ONE MORE MOUNTAIN (1993)                   Director: Dick Lowry
   Disney/ABC                                 Producer: Marian Rees
                                              Production Manager: Grace Gilroy

   THE JOHN LIST STORY (1992)                 Director: Bobby Roth
   Republic Pictures/CBS                      Producer: Chuck McLain
                                              Production Manager: Dan Howard

   SURVIVE THE NIGHT (1992)                   Director: Bill Corcoran
   Once Upon A Time Productions/USA Network   Producer: Stan Brooks
                                              Production Manager: John Danylkiw

   CAPTIVE (1991)                             Director: Michael Tucker
   Ten-Four Productions/ABC                   Producer: Sam Strangis
                                              Production Manager: Fran Rosati


   SHATTERED (2008)                           One hour television series pilot
   Force Four Films/Blueprint Entertainment   Producers: Hugh Beard, Noreen Halpern
                                              Director: Bobby Roth

   THREE MOONS OVER MILFORD (2005)            One hour television series pilot
   Walt Disney Studios/Touchstone             Producer: Holly Sloan, Pam Williams
                                              Director: Michael Fresco

   1-800-MISSING (2003)                       One hour television series pilot
   Lifetime/Lions Gate Television             Producer: John Calvert
                                              Director: Michael Fresco

   PARTY OF FIVE (1994)                       One hour television series pilot
   Columbia Pictures/Fox                      Producer: Ken Topolsky
                                              Director: Dick Pearce
PETER D. MARSHALL                                                                         Page 5


    REAPER (2008)                                     Two - one hour television dramas
    Mark Gordon Co/ABC Studios                        Producers: Tom Spezialy, JP Finn

    MASTERS OF SCIENCE FICTION (2006)                 Three - one hour television dramas
    Industry Entertainment/ABC                        Producer: Keith Addis, Sam Egan

    WISEGUY (1988 - 1989)                             Fourteen - one hour television dramas
    Cannell Films/CBS                                 Producer: Les Sheldon

    BOOKER (1989)                                     Four - one hour television dramas
    Cannell Films/Fox                                 Producer: Steve Beers/Brooke Kennedy

    J.J. STARBUCK (1987)                              Five - one hour television dramas
    Cannell Films/NBC                                 Producer: Chuck Bowman

    STINGRAY (1986)                                   Four - one hour television dramas
    Cannell Films                                     Producer: Chuck Bowman

    HAMILTON’S QUEST (1986)                           Six - half hour television dramas
    Penta One/CTV                                     Producer: Bill Mackie


Over 25 Commercials (including Mattel, McDonalds, Toyota, Ocean Spray, Kraft)


    Executive Creative Consultant
    22 episodes of JOHN WOO'S ONCE A THIEF
    Alliance Communications

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