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iabetes counseling Oncology
Patient advocacy
 Nutrition Counseling
     Family Medicine
 Spiritual support
   Diabetes counseling
tient education
     Cardiac rehab
         Crisis Servi
Total knee replacement
     A Message From the President
y    Nearly fifteen years have passed since I moved to Farmington with my family.

     Before coming to this community, I worked in Buffalo, Chicago, and Denver with many extraordinary people.
     But never have I worked with as many wonderful, caring, and talented people as I have in my fifteen years
     at Franklin Community Health Network. Each day that I live and work in this community, I am reminded of
     the power of hope and healing. That power comes, not just from the skill of our clinicians or our cutting edge

     technology, but also from the caring of those who work at FCHN. I’ve been privileged to be a leader among such
     good people. I am proud of what we have accomplished together to bring our core values – Excellence, Caring,
     Pride, and Innovation – to life.

     At the end of 2008, I will leave FCHN. I will miss this wonderful organization, but I am confident that FCHN
     will continue to provide exceptional care to our communities. I have thoroughly enjoyed my job from the day

     I started to this moment, but I
     seek new challenges to help other
     communities and organizations
     reach their fullest potential. I will
     keep roots here, but my work will
     take me to other places in Maine
     and the world.

     This past year we accomplished
     many remarkable things. We
     completed a long-range strategic
     plan to guide FCHN for the next
     five to seven years. We welcomed
     a new Mobile Health Unit. We
     launched the Evergreen Child
     Development Center, one of the
     few programs serving children
     with developmental and
     behavioral issues in the state.
     We opened a wonderful new
     Medical Arts Center.
     We continued to enjoy success in recruiting excellent medical staff. We prospered amidst financial challenges,
     while other hospitals experienced losses. At the same time, we strengthened the communities we serve by
     supporting education, the arts, and the economy.

h    Please allow me to make a father’s comment. My wife, Mary, and I have three wonderful and accomplished
     daughters. Our oldest daughter, Lorien, is a pediatrician. She is a great person and an exceptional doctor, and she
     has been recruited by hospitals throughout the country. Lorien and her husband Ross chose us and have moved
     here, and she recently began work at Franklin Health Pediatrics. It is the highest compliment that we can recruit
     exceptional doctors like Lorien. This is a symbol of the quality of FCHN. As a dad and as a hospital President,
     I could not be happier.

     Each new challenge and opportunity is a chance for FCHN to improve and to find ways to better serve our
     communities. Throughout my fifteen years, the organization has faced each opportunity and challenge,
     no matter how daunting, with the hard work, dedication, and teamwork necessary to succeed. At the very core
     of what we do is the concept of love: that we use our abilities to help others become the best and healthiest they
     can be. I am proud to know that this vibrant passion will continue long after I depart as President.

     Richard Batt
Franklin Health Medical Arts Center
The new 58,000 square foot building is home to Franklin Health Pediatrics, Women’s Care, Orthopaedics,
Surgery, and Urology, as well as the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center. Franklin Health Practice
Administration, Human Resources, Health Information Management, and Care Support Services are
located on the lower level of the new center.

The cheerful, bright space offers patients convenient access to diagnostic services and outpatient
specialty care at Franklin Memorial Hospital. Physicians and nurses enjoy proximity to the hospital’s
surgical suites, family birthing center, and inpatient rooms.

As one enters the large foyer, the sound of water cascading down into a calm pool below can be
heard. The atmosphere, both inside and out, creates a healing environment and borrows many of
its features from nature. From the natural stone and wood finishes of the main lobby to the beautiful
murals decorating each office, Maine’s outdoor splendors are represented in abundance.

The new Medical Arts Center is as “green” as it is beautiful! A bio retention cell collects storm
water and gradually releases it back into the ground to preserve valuable top soil. Special light
sensors in every room turn on and off automatically by detecting levels of natural light and motion.
A state-of-the-art water filtration system means that every drop is potable, thus eliminating the
use of bottled water by staff and patients. Trees and plants were saved during construction and
replanted around the Center and a boardwalk was built to save a wetland area.

Naming opportunities in the Franklin Health Medical Arts Center are still available. Please contact
the FCHN Foundation Office at 207-779-2471 for more information.
Franklin Health Medical Arts Center

                                      Franklin Health Orthopaedics Waiting Area

Franklin Health is a multi-specialty medical group, sponsored by
Franklin Memorial Hospital, which includes twelve medical and
surgical practices. Franklin Health is the largest provider of health
care services in the region. The practices are connected through
technology, an integrated medical record, and a common concept of
family centered care. The Franklin Health medical staff continues to
grow in response to the needs of our community. This year we welcomed:

                Tara Aumand, MD
                Dr. Aumand received her medical degree from Ross University School
                of Medicine in Dominica, West Indies. She completed her residency in
                obstetrics and gynecology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in
                Lebanon, New Hampshire.

                G. Richard Batstone, MD
                Dr. Batstone received his medical degree at Cambridge University
                in England. He completed his residency in urology at Cambridge
                Unversity Hospital. He is also a Royal College of Surgeons of
                England Fellow.

                 Lorien Batt, MD
                 Dr. Batt is a board-certified pediatrician who received her medical
                 degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin. She completed her
                 residency at the University of Minnesota.

                 Heidi Decker, MD
                 Dr. Decker is a board-certified family medicine physician who received
                 her degree from the University of Vermont Medical School. Dr. Decker
                 completed her residency at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.
Franklin Health         Franklin Health                 Franklin Health
Anesthesiology          Orthopaedics                    Livermore Falls
                                                        Family Practice
Peter Campion, MD       Nancy Cummings, MD
                                                        Molly Fredricks, LCSW
Heather DeCarolis, DO   Carmen Crofoot, MD
                                                        Janice Lee, DO
L. Michael Fraley, MD   R. Gregory Ellis, PA-C
                                                        Dorothy Thayer, MD
James Lancaster, MD
                        Franklin Health
                        Surgery                         Franklin Health
Franklin Health                                         Pediatrics
Emergency Medicine      Mohammed Elhag, MD
                                                        Lorien Batt, MD
Timothy Davis, PA-C     Eric Gunther, MD
                                                        John Hickey, MD
Randall Gauvin, PA-C    G. Thomas Marshall, MD, FACS
                                                        Kathleen Hickey, MD
James Hines, PA-C
                        Franklin Health                 Richard Rosol, MD
David Kearing, MD
James Pickrell, PA-C
                        G. Richard Batstone, MD, FRCS   Franklin Health
Douglas Wood, MD                                        Wilton Family Practice
                        Susan Ferra, CUNP
Stephen Zanella, DO                                     Heidi Decker, MD
                        Franklin Health                 Deborah Hamilton, MD
Franklin Health         Farmington
Hospitalist Service                                     Linda Seabold, PA-C
                        Family Practice
                                                        Gerald Tinguely, MD
Brian Clements, DO
                        J. Bertrand Audette, DO
Peter Cordner, DO
                        Armand Auger, MD                Franklin Health
Joel Dunn, PA-C
                        Beth Hartsock-Foss, FNP         Women’s Care
David Hyde, DO
                        David Huish, PA-C               Constance Adler, MD
Larry Labul, DO
                        Kristine Sanden, DO             Tara Aumand, MD
Simon-Peter Shaffer,
                        James Smith, DO                 Jacques Belair, MD
                                                        Susan Eastler, WHCNP
                        Franklin Health                 Daisy Goodman, CNM, WHCNP
                        Internal Medicine
                                                        Susan Kearing, DO
                        Stephen Goss, DO
                                                        Jay Naliboff, MD
                        Stacy Hershfeld, DO
                                                        Susan Tinguely, FNP
                        Robert O’Reilly, DO
                                                        Thomas Weigle, MD
                        David Rice, MD
Nursing: The Heart of Patient Care
Today’s nurses work in a complex, fast-paced environment that requires
as much compassion as it does skill. They are at the bedside during
emergencies, surgeries, and births. They operate sophisticated equipment,
manage pain, provide education, and offer comfort and reassurance
to patients and families. Nurses keep us safe, ensure that we receive
the highest quality of care, and continually strive towards excellence
through their participation on Professional Practice Councils and in
advanced training and certification programs. At Franklin Memorial
Hospital and Franklin Community Health Network, our nurses are
at the heart of patient care.

From left to right: Mary Keane, RN, BSN; Jan Bell, RN; Becky Bell, RN, BSN;
Pamela Ernest, RN, BSN, MBA; Maryanne Goodwin, RN; George Long, RN
In the Hospital...                                   In Demand…
Nurses play a vital role in the healing process      The demand for talented nurses is increasing
of acute care patients. They educate and sup-        locally, and throughout the state and the
port patients and their families so patients         nation. We believe that our own community
can return home and get back to their normal         is the best resource we have to address this
lifestyle. Nurses also promote patient safety by     problem and utilize state-of-the-art distance
participating on Professional Practice Councils.     learning technology so local students can
These councils examine patient care issues and       pursue a degree in nursing close to home.
make changes based on evidence-based and best        Students enrolled in the Central Maine
practices                                            Medical School of Nursing Program
                                                     participate in classes via video conferencing
Nurses also provide valuable education to            in the Ben Franklin Center at Franklin
help patients manage chronic conditions such         Memorial Hospital and complete their
as diabetes and heart disease. This year, the        clinical experience in the hospital. Once
Diabetes Education Program, lead by two              certified, these new registered nurses can
certified diabetes educators, was awarded the        apply for jobs through our New Graduate
Maine Cardiovascular Health Council Award            Program. This year, Franklin Memorial
in Clinical Practice for their development of a      hired eight new nurses who participated
network-wide diabetes collaborative. The collab-     in an extensive six month orientation
orative includes both clinical staff and patients,   period where they were connected with
and takes a comprehensive approach to diabetes       an experienced nurse to help make the
education, treatment, and support. The program       transition from student to professional.
is offered at the hospital and in Franklin Health
physician practices.

In the Home…                                         In the Community…
New parents, arriving at our beautiful Family        Healthy Community Coalition’s registered nurses
Birthing Center, are delighted to meet our team      are always on the go, usually in the popular
of caring nurses. Thanks to our Growing Healthy      Mobile Health Unit, to bring free health screen-
Families Program, the hospital is not the only       ings, flu shots, bone density screenings, health
place to meet them. Our Growing Healthy              education, and lifestyle counseling to every corner
Families home visit nurses provide convenient        of Greater Franklin County. Whether at the
and helpful education and support to parents at      Farmington Fair, the Apple Pumpkin Festival,
home as they prepare for labor, delivery, and        or the local Wal Mart, they are an important
newborn parenting. This year, the team provided      resource for health information and care.
over 900 visits and was recognized for their
outstanding care by The Maine Children’s Trust.
The award celebrates the positive impact our
Growing Healthy Families nurses make in the          In the Doctor’s Office…
lives of parents and children.                       Office-based nurses in the Franklin Health
                                                     medical and surgical practices are probably the
                                                     most familiar to us because we’ve had so many
                                                     encounters with them over the years. They give
                                                     childhood shots and needed comfort after a
                                                     difficult diagnosis. They explain how to take new
                                                     medications and help prepare for office procedures.
                                                     Nurses, along side our family physicians, are there
                                                     for every broken bone, ear infection, and sore
                                                     throat, helping us to get better and stay healty.
           Franklin Memorial Hospital
New Services Throughout the Hospital
Digital Mammography                                    Advanced Urological Care
The Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center                Franklin Memorial Hospital provides
at Franklin Memorial Hospital and Franklin             sophisticated outpatient and surgical
Memorial Hospital Outpatient Services in               care for patients suffering from urological
Livermore Falls now offers state-of-the-               problems. The latest additions to the
art digital mammography. The diagnostic                hospital’s already impressive surgical
screening uses computers and specially                 suites include new endoscopic instruments
designed digital detectors to produce                  and a video operating monitor to facilitate
incredibly sharp images that can be                    state-of-the-art visualization during
displayed on a high-resolution computer                endoscopic urologic surgeries like kidney
monitor. Digital mammography is different              stone retrieval, bladder cancer surgeries,
from conventional mammography in                       and prostate surgery. Franklin Memorial is
how the image of the breast is viewed and,             committed to providing advanced surgical
more importantly, manipulated. The images              procedures and after-care close to home and
can be magnified and adjusted to allow the             Franklin Health Urology is just one example
radiologist to evaluate and focus on areas             of this commitment.
of concern. Franklin Memorial Hospital is
among the first in the state to offer this
new service.

Climate Control Study
Franklin Memorial Hospital’s Laboratory is part of an exciting new scientific study sponsored by
the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine at Orono. The FMH Lab is one of only
three participating study sites in Maine, and the only community hospital responsible for daily
collection of pollen. The goal of the study is to establish a predictive model of pollen rain for the
Farmington region. The model will then be analyzed for its impact on and relationship to the local
climate condition, carbon dioxide, and ozone levels.

This ten-year-long study will have a real impact on the hundreds of Franklin County residents who
suffer from allergy related asthma. Daily pollen reports include total pollen and mold counts as well
as a rating of low, medium, high, or very high, to help individuals figure out which allergens cause
them the most problems. The reports are posted on from April to the end of November.
Outstanding Care Close to Home
The arrival of Dr. Andrew Hertler marks the beginning of an exciting new partnership between
Franklin Memorial Hospital and the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care. This new partnership
reflects a strategic focus to collaborate with health systems that can offer our patients unique and
quality medical services locally. Dr. Hertler’s services will greatly benefit patients and their families
who had to travel long distances for the same care and treatment they can receive right here.

Dr. Hertler has become an integral part of FMH’s Oncology Program. He oversees the medical and
educational aspects of our program which offers chemotherapy, intravenous fluid administration,
and blood transfusions administered by chemotherapy-certified and oncology-certified registered
nurses. He has also advanced our technical capacity as we work towards achieving certification from
the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. This prestigious designation is yet another
step in our journey of achieving excellence in cancer care.

Dr. Andrew Hertler is a medical oncologist and hematologist. He serves as the medical director of the
Alfond Center for Cancer Care in Augusta. Dr. Hertler is board-certified in internal medicine and
medical oncology. He is affiliated with the American Society of Hematology, as well as the American
Society of Clinical Oncology.

 Andrew Hertler, MD                   From left to right: Carol Johnson, PA; Nancy Simpson, RN;
                                      Rhonda Pierce, RN; Jane Stinchfield, RN; Nancy Distefano, RN;
                                      Sharon Johnson, UC; Julie Tracy, RN
NorthStar is a celebrated member of Franklin Community Health Network and our community.

Northstar’s mission of adhering to the highest standards of respectful patient care, engaging in

positive community activities, and exercising good stewardship of our resources in the pursuit of

excellence, is exemplified in all the good work they do.

NorthStar responds to over 5,300 calls a year in 71 towns and county territories throughout the

2,800 squre miles of Greater Franklin County. All the while, their team of 100 highly trained EMTs

continually strives to make this community a safe place for each one of us. With over 3,000 hours

of community service this year, NorthStar’s participation in community events and festivals, CPR

trainings, home safety checks for seniors, and numerous presentations at area schools are just a

few examples of their commitment to caring for this community.

Justin Hurlburt, WEMT-I
Healthy Communities and
Healthy People Go Hand in Hand
Franklin Community Health Network does more than help individuals achieve good health; we also

help create healthy and sustainable communities. This is why Franklin County is one of the healthiest

places to live in Maine.

The Network plays a major role in developing and strengthening the communities we serve. We believe

that a person can achieve good health only if the broader aspects of their life, such as community and

family, are strong and healthy. In other words, healthy communities yield healthy people, and we

believe that it is our responsibility to nurture and enhance the symbiotic relationship between the two.

We create healthy communities by supporting domestic violence and sexual assault prevention

through Peace in Our Families, providing jobs that pay a living wage and have good benefits, nurturing

our local educational system including the Franklin Community College Network, recruiting new

businesses, including the Comfort Inn, to the area, collaborating with social service organizations to

support individuals who may need assistance, and publicly advocating for a healthy environment that

provides safe recreational opportunities. FCHN also educates legislators to regional issues and helps

ensure that our government uses resources wisely to support healthy communities like ours.

We listen to the stories, opinions, and expressed needs of both the patients and communities we serve

and then act to improve both the heath of individuals and the health of our society. Here in this rural
region, the strength of our Network sustains a healthy community, which in turn sustains a healthier

and stronger Franklin Community Health Network. It is this unique combination that has brought

us national acclaim and that continues to offer opportunities to improve the lives of Greater Franklin

County residents.

Job Creation                                       Hope Harvest Garden

Economic Development                               Healthy Meals in School

Business Recruitment                               Distance Learning

Political Advocacy                                 Community Visioning

Outdoor Recreation Development                     Biennial Visioning

Sponsorship of the Arts                            Equity for Rural Schools

Environmental Conservation                         High Speed Internet

Higher Education                                   Healthy Food Supply
          Healthy Community Coalition
Healthy Community Coalition Was
Awarded Two Highly Prestigious Grants
Healthy Community Coalition was awarded a $250,000 grant by the American Legacy Foundation

to implement a youth-driven campaign entitled “CUT the Habit.” The project will reduce tolerance of

tobacco among local youth through the use of digital recording and the web-based video sharing site

YouTube®. Over the next two years the campaign, led by high school juniors and seniors, will work
with all area middle and high school students.

The Coalition was also awarded a $645,000 grant from the U.S. Office of Women’s Health to

implement an employee health program using a gender-based approach. Worksites will be offered

the ScoreHealth risk assessment screening, the GOAL healthy lifestyle program, stress reduction

education, and assistance with policy development. This exciting program will be implemented over

three years in collaboration with Women, Work, and Community, the Abused Women’s Advocacy

Project, and Sexual Assault Victims Emergency Services.

Other highlights from this year include:
• The Hope Harvest Garden donated more than 800 lbs. of produce to 8 food pantries thanks to the
  hard work of over 150 volunteers.

• HCC staff spent more than 400 hours at outreach events completing almost 1,200 blood pressure

  checks, 310 osteoporosis screenings and 400 ScoreHealth screenings.

• The Community Connector local resource website had more than 180,000 visitors.
 Nate Morse, CHES, TTS-C and Eileen Liddy on the Mobile Health Unit

Bigger and Better Than Ever
Thanks to the generosity of our friends and neighbors, the new 34-foot Mobile Health Unit is on the

road and open for business. The new unit eclipses the original in size, amenities, and function with

its two private counseling areas, a wheel-chair accessible entrance, and interior and exterior media

equipment. The new home of Healthy Community Coalition’s outreach activities will be making stops

throughout Greater Franklin County to offer free health screenings, smoking cessation counseling,

health education, and information about community resources.

For more information about how the Mobile Health Unit could benefit your community through

partnerships, collaborations, and other events, contact Healthy Community Coalition at

207-645-3136. For information about how you can help equip the new Unit with computers,

printers, wireless technology, or help support general operating costs, contact the FCHN

Foundation Office at 207-779-2471.

                      excellence    pride


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                       111 Franklin Health Commons • Farmington, Maine • 207-778-6031 • 1-800-398-6031
Evergreen Behavioral Services
The compassionate doctors, nurses, social workers, and
counselors at Evergreen Behavioral Services provide a
number of vital services for our community. From their
Crisis Service and Employee Assistance Program to their
School-based Counseling Service and Eating Disorders
Program, Evergreen remains one of the most respected
and utilized mental health agencies in Western Maine.
This year, Evergreen has expanded their services and
developed two innovative programs for children and

Innovative Educational Opportunity for Youth

Crossroads Regional School is an alternative day treatment program for children, ages 13 - 18, who have

serious emotional and behavioral problems. The school is the result of a collaborative effort with the Jay

School District and MSAD #36. This intensive, specialized program provides alternatives for children who

have struggled unsuccessfully to maintain a regular educational placement, and who might otherwise be

referred to more restrictive, institutionalized settings. Students participate in a self-paced curriculum,

therapy, and a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities that range from pre-vocational training

to personally-designed internships. The school is located on the Jay High School campus and is currently

accepting new students.
Evergreen Child Development Center

The Evergreen Child Development Center is a new program to address one of the most pressing

health care needs in our community today—treatment of children with developmental disorders.

The new Center, led by the highly regarded pediatrician, Dr. Iris Silverstein, is affiliated with

Franklin Memorial Hospital.

The Center will provide diagnostic evaluations and follow-up care for children with autism

spectrum disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, and other developmental delays and behavioral

disorders. It supplements other services currently available to children and families by working closely

with Child Development Services in Farmington and with local schools. Additional children’s services

available through Evergreen’s child psychiatrist, Dr. Lourdes Soto-Moreno, and Franklin Memorial

Hospital are also available.

Dr. Iris Silverstein received her medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine and completed her

residency in pediatrics at Boston City Hospital. Dr. Silverstein is board-certified by the American Academy

of Pediatrics and also board-certified in developmental-behavioral pediatrics. Dr. Silverstein recently worked

for several years at the internationally acclaimed Boston Children’s Hospital.

                         To support and sustain this new program, Franklin

                          Community Health Network launched a vibrant

                            community-led fund raising campaign, which

                            has raised over $146,513 to date. If you would

                               like information on how you can contribute to this

                               important program, please contact the FCHN

                                Foundation Office at 207-779-2471.

                                        Dr. Lourdes Soto-Moreno

                                                         Dr. Iris Silverstein
How You Can Help
There are many ways to make a gift that will
support our community health care network.

Volunteer Your Time

Join the nearly 250 volunteers staffing the front desk, working on the parking assistance team or

using their computer skills at Franklin Community Health Network.

Become a Member of the Franklin Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

The Auxiliary is a vital contributor to the hospital through the proceeds from the gift shop and

fundraising activities. The Auxiliary always welcomes new members.

Create a Lasting Legacy

Ensure that high quality health care remains available in this rural Maine community for generations to

come by naming Franklin Community Health Network in your will, trust, or estate plans. You may choose

to contribute through a gift from your estate in a way that will best meet all of your estate goals and

objectives. Through our complimentary estate planning service, this can be done in a way that will

provide income for your heirs, avoid taxes, and give a substantial gift to charity or other organizations

that you support.

Honor and Memorial Tributes
Gifts made to honor or memorialize a loved one are gratefully accepted and acknowledged to the

individual or family. The amount of your gift is confidential and may be directed to any area of

patient care or to any community program offered by FCHN.

Contribute to the Annual Fund

You may choose to contribute immediately by writing a check or using your credit card. These gifts

will be put to work right away helping those served by Franklin Community Health Network. When

you itemize your taxes your gifts are fully deductible.
Gifts of Appreciated Securities

When you give a gift of stock to the Franklin Community Health Network Foundation you don’t pay

the capital gains tax, and neither do we. When you itemize your deductions, you are also entitled to

receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the stock at the time that you gave it.

Recognizing Your Gift

Through the generosity of our donors, Franklin Community Health Network is able to offer exceptional

health care services to our community. In appreciation of these gifts, we are pleased to offer recognition

opportunities. Donors of $500 or more are recognized each year on a plaque located in the Main Lobby

of the Hospital and receive invitations to special events throughout the year, including events hosted

by the President. Gifts of $5 and more are recognized in our Annual Report.

For more information on any of the strategies described here, please write or call:

        Maureen Goudreau, Director
        The Franklin Community Health Network Foundation
        111 Franklin Health Commons
        Farmington, ME 04938
        Tel: 207-779-2471 Email: Web:

                          Aaron St. Pierre and his family believe in impacting the community
                          in a positive way. In 2007, Aaron created the Champions for Health
                          Care Basketball Tournament to raise money and awareness
                          for the new Mobile Health Unit and the Evergreen Child
                          Development Center. His enthusiasm for community health and
                          well-being led to a significant personal contribution to the new
                          Medical Arts Center and to raising money for the Mobile Health
                          Unit. He also launched the fundraising campaign for the
                          Evergreen Child Development Center.

                          “I want to be able to go to bed at night knowing that I’ve had a positive
                          effect on the people that I know and also those that I don’t know. You
                          don’t always necessarily see the effect you’re having on people right away.
                          But you do things because it’s the right thing to do. My parents raised me
                          to be this way.”
2007/2008 Donor Acknowledgement
Recognizing gifts received between
July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008

Franklin Community Health Network and our affiliates are not-for-profit
organizations owned and operated by the community we serve. All are
committed to a mission of service excellence and it has been the charitable
gifts of our friends and neighbors that have sustained our work and our vision.

Supporters of the FCHN Foundation participated in a wide range of events this past year.

• In January, the Sugarloaf Charity Ball spotlighted cancer research and finding a cure. This event raised

  money for the Maine Cancer Foundation in partnership with the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center;

• This spring three community members hosted private dinners in their homes and raised over $100,000

  for the new Evergreen Child Development Center;

• The 2nd annual Champions for Health Care Basketball Tournament raised money for the Healthy

  Community Coalition and the new Evergreen Child Development Center;

• Over 100 individuals toured the Hidden Treasures of Western Maine during the Auxiliary’s 1st

  Home & Garden Show;

• The 21st annual Health Care Golf Classic at Sugarloaf hosted former Red Sox great Rico Petrocelli and

  raised more than $35,000; and

• The 5th annual Wilson Lake Golf Tournament raised money for the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center
  endowment fund.

When you support the FCHN Foundation your gift stays stays here, to help serve the people of

Western Maine. Last year gifts helped to provide:

• Medical care for someone           • Support for the new                 • State-of-the-art equipment
  not covered by insurance             Evergreen Child                       for the Martha B. Webber
• Care for cancer patients             Development Center                    Breast Care Center
• Crisis intervention and              for children with                   • Support for Healthy
  mental health services               developmental disabilities            Community Coalition’s
                                                                             new Mobile Health Unit
President’s                Benefactors’                500 Club                   Donors’ Circle
Circle                     Circle                      $500-$999                  $100 - $499
$5,000+                    $1,000-$2,499               Albarrie Environmental     Anonymous (6)
Acadia Benefits, Inc.                                  Services
                                                                                  Anonymous in honor
                           Richard A. and
Archbold Charitable                                    Androscoggin Bank          of Kirsten, Adam and
                           Mary Grace Batt
Foundation                                                                        Samuel Dyar
                           Richard and                 George and Laura Appell
Annette and Wally Backus                                                          Dr. Connie Adler
                           Mary Batt and family        Rev. Charles F. Brown      and Mike Rowland
Clermont and               Berry, Dunn,                William N. Creasy
Rolande Begin                                                                     Geoffrey and
                           McNeil & Parker
                                                       Donna and Erik Cunliffe    Lindsay Alexander
Darryl and Penny Brown     John and Mardy Bogar
                                                       Donald Cutler              Michael Anderson
Davis Family Foundation    Broadlane
                                                       Tina and Richard Duffy     Brian H. Ashe
Dr. Paul and Emily Floyd   Joan C. Brinkman in
                                                       Pamela T. Ernest           Auburn Firefighter’s
Franklin Memorial          memory of Paul A.
                                                       and John C. Ernest         Local 797
Hospital Auxiliary         Brinkman, M.D.
                                                       Farmington Construction    Ayotte’s Country Store
Franklin Savings Bank      John and
Community Development      Barbar Burgess              Farmington Ford            Richard and
Foundation                                                                        Marilyn Bain
                           Jerry and Tami Cayer        Franklin-Somerset FCU
Stephen A. Hagerstrom                                                             Dr. Dale Bardo
                           Thomas and Sara Dean        Harriman Associates
Patti and Ed Kfoury                                                               Dianna Baxter
                           David and Sandra Dixon      Hartley D. Webster
Ladd Foundation                                        Charitable Fund            Richard A. Beck
                           Richard and
Main-Land Development      Leona Forster               Joseph and                 Judith Bradford Bemis
Consultants                Colon Durrell and           Brenda Holman              Mr. and Mrs.
Medical Case Management    Mary Frank                  Howard’s Rexall            Alexander K. Buck, Jr.
Group                      The Granite Group                                      Camden National Bank
                                                       Ralph and Nancy Johnson
Ranor, Inc.                H.E. Callahan                                          Carrabassett Valley
                                                       Joan and
Mr. and Mrs. John M.       Construction                Richard Marshall           Academy
Richman in memory of Mr.   Hight Chevrolet-Pontiac                                Bruce A. Chalmers
and Mrs. Hubert H. Frary                               Monmouth Rescue
                           Jordan Lumber Company       Peter P. Perry             Clean-O-Rama Co., Inc.
Aaron & Jennifer St.
Pierre, Norman & Janice    Lincoln Financial Group     Stephen and                Mrs. Gordon K. Clifford
St. Pierre                 Eric and Betty Martinsen    Deborah Pierce             Philip M. Coffin III
Kevin and Judy Vining                                  Pinellas Foundation        and Susan E. Peck
                           William and Pamela K.
                           Oppenheim                   Dr. Burgess and            Donna and Dana
                                                       Sandy Record               Costigan
                           Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau
                           & Pachios LLP                                          The Cote Corporation
Founders’                  Alice W. Price
                                                       Simplex Grinnell
                                                                                  Lloyd Cuttler
Circle                     Shiretown Insurance
                                                       Ernest Stables
                                                       Neal G. Tranten in         Dick and Gloria
$2,500 -$4,999             Agency, Inc.                memory of Eva Mozelle      Dalessandro
Catherine F. Bass          Michael Swan                Tranten                    Pat Davidson in memory
                                                       Tri-County E.M.S., Inc.    of Lloyd W. Davidson
Sugarloaf Region           Synernet
Charitable Trust                                       Sherry and Doug Walrath    Ms. Susan G. Davidson
                           Harry and Jane Tiffany
TD Banknorth               in memory of Mr. and        Philip and Edith Walters   Richard L. Deery
                           Mrs. Edson Tiffany
Hans Underdahl                                         Western Maine Insurance    Mr. and Mrs.
                           Neal G. Tranten                                        Willie G. Deshaies
Williamson Lodge                                       Elaine Wing
No. 20 I.O.O.F.            Richard and Shirley                                    Frank and Jean Dingley
                                                                                  Dorset Fund of the Maine
                           Wal-Mart                                               Community Foundation
                                                                                  recommended by Warren
                           Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                  and Brammie Cook
                           Loren Wentworth
                                                                                  Frances E. Dyke
                                                                                  Art and Peg Edelhoff
Donors continued

Patricia A. Fair and       Judith K. Johnson         Redlon and Johnson         Charlotte Zahn
Gordon M. Riesdesel in
honor of the Alpine Shop   Diane and                 Elizabeth B. Reed          Dr. Stephen Zanella
Staff in Rangeley, Maine   Michael Karabin
                                                     Rivers and Trails
                           Jeff A. Knapp             Northeast, Inc.
Farmington Emblem
Club No. 460 in memory     Jeff Laniewski and        Winfield F. Robinson
of Sandra Knight           Norma L. Leavitt                                     Anonymous (23)
                                                     Winn and Vicky Robinson
Martha E. Fish             Norman and                                           Harriet W. Adams
                           Leona Leavitt             Richard Rosol
Gordie and Tricia Flint                              and Milton Kidd            Lee F. Adams, Jr.
                           in memory of
Mary M. Flint              Robert Leavitt            James and Sally Root       Shirley W. Adams
Franklin Journal           Betty J. Levesque         M. Kevin and               Alanon
Franklin Printing          Jim and                   Velma G. Ryan
                                                                                Alanon Wednesday Night
                           Betty Ann Listowich       Robert and
John and Linda Fulda                                                            Alanon Friday Night
                           Susan E. Loughrey         Marti Sampson
G & E Roofing                                        in memory of               Robert and Linda Aiello
                           Samantha and              Lydia Sampson              in memory of Sue Bonney
Randall and                Michael Luce
Audrey Gifford                                       Dr. David Sanford          John and
                           Jean Luciano                                         Betsey Anderson
LeRoy and Joy Gilbank                                Calvin B. Sewall
                           Malcolm and                                          Jane K. Andrews
Ms. Emery Goff and         Emily MacNaught           Gwyn O. Sewall and
Bill Carhart                                         Richard S. Sewall          Joanne Armstrong
                           Patricia Matulaitis
Maureen Goudreau           in memory of              Sparkes Hearing Services   Muriel J. Armstrong
Richard B. Gould in        Ben Matulaitis            Rick and Sally Speich      Dr. Bertrand Audette
memory of Frances          Estella W. McLean
Lancaster Gould and                                  Taylor Made Homes, Inc.    Robert and Nancy Barnes
                           in honor of Mr. and
Mary Whitney Gould         Mrs. Thomas E. Linder     James A. Teunas            Robert M. Bartlett
Richard A. Gyory                                     Cynthia Thompson in        in memory of
                           Francis R. Merkle                                    the Odd Fellows
Steve Haber                in memory of              memory of Jim Ledbetter
                           Helen J. Merkle           The Tobolski Family        Bee Line Cable
Dr. David Haeger
                           Barbara G. Meservey       Reunion in honor of Ed     Mary J. Bell in memory of
Hahnel Brothers                                                                 Richard McCarthy
Company                    Richard A. and            Town of
                           Joan W. Miller            Carrabassett Valley        Michael G. Bennett
Robert F. and Janice
L. Hale in memory of       Gerry Morgan              Neal G. Tranten            Charlotte Bensusan
Georgie Beauchesne         Mrs. Denise Morin         Trico Millwork, Inc.       Albert and
Donald Hall                                          Mr. and Mrs.               Lorraine Berry
                           Paul N. Mosher
Harvard Pilgrim                                      Bertrand C. Turmel         Eleanor C. Berry
                           Gloria Moulton
Leslie Hawkins                                       Norman and                 Birchwood Interiors
                           Mountainside Grocers      Suzanne Twitchell
HealthQuest                                                                     George Blaisdell, Jr. in
                           Betty Myers-Dudderar      Valley Gas                 memory of
Glenn and                  A.G. Newmyer III                                     Gemma Blaisdell
Margaret Heath                                       Mr. and Mrs.
                           Mr. Wilfred R. Noyes      Clayton G. Wagner          Norman and
Steve and Wanda Heath                                                           Linda Blodgett
                           Oriental Star Lodge #21   S. Paul Washburn
Denise Hennessey           AF & AM                   in memory of               Mr. and Mrs.
                                                     Ellen F. Washburn          Charles A. Blood
Scott M. Hiller            The Original Irregular
                                                     Peter Webber, Jr.          Allan L. Bonney
Hillside Sports Club       Stacy Papa
                                                     John and Linda Wentzell    in memory of
Hills Pond Associates      Ms. Joan Patterson                                   Suzanne S. Bonney
                                                     Greg and Nora West
Mr. and Mrs.               Peachey Builders                                     Doris Borkstrom
John Hofmann                                         Whispering Pines Motel
                           Iola D. Pike                                         Theodore H. Bradley
Richard and                in memory of              Wiles Funeral Home
Anita Holmes                                                                    Dick and Robin Bragg
                           Charles Courtney Pike     Christopher C.
Frank Hosea and                                      Williamson                 Cornelius Breen
                           Poland Spring
Sheena Bunnell                                                                  Dorothy Breen
                           Dianna Poulin             Maurice Wing
William Ibarguen                                                                Hilda and Neal Breen
in memory of               Rita M. Porter            WKTJ
Maxine T. Ibarguen
Contributors continued

Pamela and Paul Brown      FMH Clinical               Dee and Bob Jackson          Hollis B. and
in memory of J. Raymond    Documentation              in memory of                 Natalie R. Mosher
Brennick                                              Ruth Jackman
                           FMH Food and                                            Randy and Kathy Muller
Robert L. Bryant           Nutrition Services         Dorothy L. Jaskalen
                                                                                   Arlyn and MJ Neiswander
Linda M. Bulger            FMH Health Information     Barbara Jennings
                           Management                                              Blanche R. Newell in
Stephen R. Bull                                       David and Carolyn Jenson     memory of my husband
                           FMH Information            in honor of Thelma Beal      and daughter
Alice Burnham in           Systems
memory of Nina Byron                                  Virginia K. Johnson          Sharon Nichols
                           FMH Patient Accounts
G. N. Bush                                            Albert A. Jones              Nancy Nickerson
                           Isabelle Foss
Mary Buzzell                                          Shelley Joyce                Reinhold Niidas
                           Donald A. Fowler, Jr.
Carrabassett Coffee                                   Glenn Kapiloff               Julia Nouvertne
Company, Inc.              Marie P. Gagnon
                                                      Kimberly Kavanagh-Davis      Oakland Sheet Metal, Inc.
William R. and Robin B.    Contessa Garcelon
Carter                                                Kay Advanced                 Mary L. O’Donal
                           Don and Coral Garrison     Dental Concepts
Peter Chamberlain                                                                  Sherie Packard
                           Darlene Glover             Don L. Kenney in memory
Raymond Chapman                                       of Mrs. Gussie A. Wells      Bill Palmstrom and
                           Ethel J. Goldsmith                                      Patricia Northrop
Madeleine M. Chilvers in                              Ms. Roslyn Kerr              in honor of
memory of Eddy Chilvers    Donald C. Gossom                                        Dr. Rod Prior
                                                      Anne F. Kim
Constance M. Coleman       Ms. Avis Grant                                          Norm and Anna Paradis
                                                      Samuel and
Keith and Beverly          William and Iva Graves     Mary Anne Kittredge          Carolyn M. Parr
Collins                    Alan Gray                                               in memory of Jerry Parr
                                                      Laurie E. Kovarie
Maxine Collins             in memory of                                            Parlin Kids
                           Carol L. Gray              Nancy Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Robert                                                                Cheryl G. Peak
Collins in memory of       Jill and Stephen Gray      Langford & Low, Inc.
Roger Corbin                                                                       Milton W. Pelletier
                           Heidi Greenleaf            Mary J. Lawrence
William H. Colwell                                                                 Maynard and
                           Mr. Art Hammond            Don and Jean Lehman          Marjorie Perkins
Sylvia Crafts in memory    Sarah Hardy                Cynthia J. Lewis
of Florence Goding                                                                 Victoria C. Perocki
                           William Hastings           Oakland Sheet Metal, Inc.    Pine Tree Family Practice
Suzanne Crory in
memory of Robert W.        Patrick and Joyce Hebert   Kermit Lipez                 Pine Tree Women’s Care
Crory and Elaine Locke                                and Nancy Ziegler
                           Anita T. Hedstrom                                       Scott and Nancy Pratt
Mrs. Susan S. Davis                                   Mitsuko Livermore
                           Gary and Eva Henry                                      Daphne and
Mary and Charles                                      Michelle A. Lucey            Ardene Proctor
                           Arno and Claire Hill
DeCristofaro                                          Stephen Malcom
                           Edward and                                              Melanie and Robert Pullo
Jane M. Deely              Priscilla Hinckley         Carol A. Martineau           Kate Punderson
Mrs. Marjorie G. Donald    Lee and Verna Holman       Richard F. Martineau         Bruce Puffer
Mavis Dubord               Kathryn M. Horton          Catherine L. Merrow          Arlene Raymond
Ms. Marguerite Dufour      Kathleen and               Mexico Firemen’s Relief      Eileen Reading
Evelyn D. Durrell in       William Houston            Association
memory of Phillips H.      in honor of                                             Del and Nan Reed
                           Dr. Cummings               Cheryl A. Moody
Durrell                                                                            John F. Reynolds
                           and Dr. Adler              Debra D. Morris
June E. Durrell                                                                    Jean B. Richard
                           Charles and Joline         Donald R. Morton
Tamara L. Dwinal-          Howard in memory of                                     Sylvia Richards
Shufelt                    Winona Raymond             Dr. and Mrs.
                                                      D. Wade Marsters             Theodore Richmond, Jr.
Wallace and Erlane Dyke    Jennifer and
                           Craig Hutchinson           Arlison and                  Dorothy R. Robinson
Perry Ellsworth                                       Gracie Maxwell
                           Daniel S. and                                           Mr. Gaylord Rockwell
Celeste Farrington                                    Mick and Cheryl McCall
                           Marilyn M. Hylan                                        Tammy G. Rose
Michele Y. Florio                                     Meridith and
                           Al and Nancy Ibarguen                                   Jeffrey M. Rosenberg
Glen L. Fitch in memory                               Richard Minear
of Evelyn G. Fitch         Lori L. Ireland                                         Carol A. Ross
                                                      Eleanor Potter Mitchell in
                                                      memory of my family
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Lily J. Ross              Debra Vining              Barbara and                  Sno Wanderers Snowmobile
                                                    John Burgess                 Club
Mr. S. Clyde Ross         Beth Voter                in memory of
in memory of Sayward                                Donald R. Kretzing           Western Mountain Baptist
and Mildred Ross          United Way of the                                      Church
                          National Capital Area     Frank Hosea and
Shelby H. Rousseau                                  Sheena Bunnell               In memory of
                          United Way Special                                     Armand Bilodeau
Mr. and Mrs.              Distribution Account      Dr. David and
Alden H. Sawyer, Jr.                                Sandra Dixon                 George Blaisdell, Jr.
                          Valerie M. Volpini
Robert Searles                                      Barbara Jennings             Roland and Sandra
                          Beth Voter                                             Chretien
Sandra L. Shamp                                     in honor of all
                          Celine P. Wells           special needs children       Patricia and James Debbie
Mike and Jane Shirley                                                            and Eileen and
                          Arlo White                Patti and Ed Kfoury
Kathryn Shrewsbury                                  in honor of                  Warren Ferdinandsen
                          Marcia and
Jean and Porter Sickels   William M. White, Jr.     Kate Williamson              Marilyn DeSoto

Smart Works               Sue Whitehouse            Jim and                      Fernande Girardin
Physical Therapy                                    Betty Ann Listowich
                          Cindy Whittier                                         Roland and Kathy Heatley
Joan S. Smiley                                      Samantha and
                          Lorraine J. Whittier      Michael Luce                 I.B.E.W. Local #2233
Allan L. Smith                                      in honor of Isabella Luce    Livermore Falls
                          Myrna Wierenga
Marion G. Smith           in memory of              Joan W. and                  Class of 1951
                          Hannah Fontana            Richard B. Marshall          Livermore Falls Jay
Shannon Smith
                          Mr. and Mrs.              A.G. Newmyer III             Senior Citizens
Adam Speich               Robert Wight
                                                    Rita M. Porter in honor of   Judith Mann
Edward R. Squibb          Winslow Firefighter’s     10 healthy grandchildren     Mr. and Mrs.
Venetia Stamper in        Association                                            Robert Winslow
                                                    Dr. Richard Rosol
memory of C.I. and        Rebecca A. Wood           and Mr. Milton Kidd
Oliver Miller and in                                                             In memory of
honor of Charles Miller   Lennie Yamashiro          Neal G. Tranten              Rita Bonnevie
                                                    in memory of                 9 & 11 Salaried
Jane N. Standen                                     Eva Mozelle Tranten          Group at Wausau Paper
Christine V. Stevens      Evergreen                 Norman and                   Diana Boivin
in memory of
Lester R. Stevens, Sr.    Child                     Suzanne Twitchell
                                                                                 Jenny Boivin
Marylyn and Wendell       Development               Richard and
                                                    Shirley Waddell              Andre Castonguay
Steward in memory of      Center
Gerald Bean, Sr.                                    Sherry and Doug Walrath      Romeo and Claire
                          Connie Adler and                                       Castonguay
Joanne S. Stinneford      Mike Rowland              John and Linda Wentzell
                                                    in honor of                  William and Lorette Chabot
Meredith N. Strang        Michael Anderson          Scotty Wentzell
Burgess                                                                          Bertha Jeannette Couture
                          Annette and               Greg and Nora West
Sarah F. Strunk           Wally Backus                                           Anita and Gilles Couture
The Strunk Family in      Richard and                                            Barbara Cunningham
memory of James and       Marilyn Bain              Memorial                     Anne Cyr
Barbara Faulkner
                          Richard A. and Mary       Gifts                        The Cyrs
Hannah Sullivan           Grace Batt in memory of   Franklin Community
Sandra M. Swett           Edna and Anthony Batt     Health Network and           James and Diane Deane
                          and Cecelia and           its affiliates sincerely
Nora J. Therrien          George Tilley                                          Mr. and Mrs.
                                                    appreciate the kindness      Edmond Del Monaco
Nora and                  Richard and Mary Batt     of family members
Marshall Thombs           and Family in honor       in naming us as              Virginia Ditata,
                          of the children of the    beneficiaries of memorial    Holly and Vicki
Gregory I. Thompson       Greater Franklin Region   gifts. Memorial gifts were   Claire Duguay
Julie M.Tracy                                       received as follows:
                          Clermont and                                           Erna Fournier
N. and L. Trask           Rolande Begin             In memory of
                                                    Peter Beedy                  Fernande R. Girardin
Neal Trask                John and Mardy Bogar in
                          memory of John M. Mixer   Kenneth and Joan             Arlene and Al Landry
Cindy L. True                                       Brackett
                          Dorothy Breen                                          John and Michelle Leblanc
Joan H. Underkuffler                                Franklin-Somerset
                          Darryl and Penny Brown    Federal Credit Union         Medjugorje Prayer Group,
Mary Beth Van Alstine                                                            St Rose of Lima Church
Memorial Gifts

Raymond and                    In memory of Marcelyn         In memory of                    In memory of
Patty Ouellette                Farnum                        Jane Linnell                    Margaret Nyman
The Rileys                     Joan C. Brinkman              Frank and Betty Samay           Anonymous
                                                             and Family
Janice and                     Lynn and Randy Cook                                           Natasha Erb
Charles Sweeney                                              Western Mountain
                               Richard and                   Financial Services              In memory of
The Thorntons                  Carol A. Davis                                                Mildred Oldham
                                                             In memory of
The Voters                     Roger and Cynthia Kemble      Helen Lucarelli                 Frances and
                                                                                             Clarence Chicoine
Wausau-Mosinee                 Ruth Knapp                    Gino and Janie Apolloni
Paper Corporation                                                                            Maurice and
                               Charles L. Kyes               In memory of                    Theresa Fraser
In memory of                                                 Norma Lucarelli
Tyler Curtis                   Faith D. Lowell                                               Christie T. Knight
                               Judy Upham                    Anita Alvino
Amvets Post No. 33                                                                           In memory of
                               Fred, Jan, Rob and            Valerie Bernard                 Richard B. Paul
Theodore and
Charleyne Burnett              Lincoln Webber                Elmer Bickford                  Crisis and Counseling
                               Wilton Fire Departmen                                         Centers, Inc.
All His Curtis Cousins                                       Mr. and Mrs.
                               In memory of                  B. A. Bowerman                  In memory of
Rodney and                                                                                   Marjorie Fletcher
Donna Errington                Emile J. Henry                Charity Rebekah Lodge #6        Plant
Betty and Tom Frazier          Maine Department of           Robert and Colette De Sotto
                               Labor, Center for Workforce                                   Keith and
Friends of Sgt. Tyler Curtis   and Information               Bert Given                      Marlene Newhall

Malcolm and                    Maine Department of           Tammy Hall-Eldredge,            Charles and
Maureen Gill & Family          Labor Social Fun              Will Eldredge and               Maxine Smith
                                                             Christine Eldredge              In memory of
Donald and Patricia            In memory of
Hopkins                        Betty James                   Mr. and Mrs.                    Anna Mae Quirrion
                                                             Richard Hamann                  Ruel W. Janes, Sr.,
Michelle M. Layman             Hight Chevrolet-Pontiac
and Family                                                   Mr. and Mrs.                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
                               Sensata Technologies          David Koljonen                  A. Janes, Mr. and Mrs.
Jolene and Richard Lovejoy                                                                   Charles Bosgraaf,
                               In memory of                  The Koljonen Family
Maine School                   Jeanne Knapp                                                  Jacqueline, Alexis,
Administrative                                               Mrs. Hollis P. Lake             Krystal and Jennifer
District No. 21                Joseph and                                                    and John Gossage
                               Florence Arsenault            Marie Lucarelli
Gerry and Sue Martin                                                                         Larry and
                               Nelda and Alan Bond           Don and Mary Lucarelli          Aline Purington
NewPage Corporation                                          and Family
                               Norman M. Doiron and                                          In memory of
Pacios, Rausch and Co.         Elaine Ouellette              Olindo and Janet Lucarelli,     Elizabeth Reed
                                                             Son and Bill, Robbie and Sue
Ken and Nancy Perkins          Marie Henry                                                   Joan C. Brinkman
                                                             William Meserve and
Sterlin M. Rebuck              Sport and Sarah Knapp,        Sondra Lucarelli                Paul and Emily Floyd
                               Levi and Brandi, Linda
Ronald and Montress Roy        Dearborn, Richard Knapp       Red Hats of Livermore Falls     Corinne M. Ives
Ronald C. Roy                  and Hector Knapp                                              Patty and Paul Jones
                                                             Sunrise Children’s Center
Gary and Gail Sampson,         Roland and Ann Marshall       Staff from Jan, Nancy,          Ruth Knapp
Adam and Katie                                               Lisa and Irene
                               Medjugorje Prayer Group,                                      Mary T. Sampson
Castonguay, Adam               St. Rose of Lima Church       John and Rose Taglienti
Sampson and Angela Lake                                                                      Betty Colley Shibles
                               Beverly Melanson              Louise Terreri
Corad and                                                                                    In memory of
Judy St. Thomas                Michael and                   Gary J. Therrien                Norman Therrien
                               Lynn Moroney
Rob and Julie Taylor                                         Norman R. Therrien              Bath Iron Works
                               WCSH 6
In memory of Marion                                          Robert J. Therrien              Roland L. Chretien
Darienzzo                      In memory of
                               Dr. Lambert                   Mary Togneri,
Richard and                                                  Henry and Philip Desotto
Lorraine McNeil                Ann Burdin, Judy Burdick
                               and Kathy J. Wells            Mildred H. Wright

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In memory of              Farmington Construction     Synernet                    Lake Kezar Country Club
Charles Thorson
                          Franklin Journal            TD Banknorth                Lakewood Golf Course
Althea Besaw
                          Franklin Savings Bank       Town of                     Longfellow’s Greenhouse
Beverly A. Besaw                                      Carrabassett Valley
                          Franklin-Somerset FCU                                   Madore’s Market
Lois Ann Cole                                         Tranten’s General Store
                          Fund for Healthy                                        Jennifer McCormack
Alvin and                 Maine/Comprehensive         Tri Valley United Way
Anne-Marie DaCosta        Community Health                                        Mt. Greenery
                          Coalitions                  Valley Gas
Roberta W. French                                                                 My Crop, Paper and
                          Fund for Healthy            Wellpoint Foundation        Scissors Store
Gold LEAF Institute       Maine/Healthy Maine
Senior College                                                                    Nonesuch River Golf Club
Ruth Knapp                                            Gifts-in-Kind               Oquossoc Cove Marina
                          G & E Roofing
Loraine and               Company, Inc.               Anti-Gravity Center         Oquossoc Grocery
Jay Spenciner             Gepetto’s                   Bag and Kettle Restaurant   Parkside & Main
In Memory of              Harriman Associates         Belgrade Lakes              Pat’s Wallpaper
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                          Harvard Pilgrim             Bird Design, Inc            Karen Reiner
Peter Webber, Sr.
                          H.E. Callahan               The Brickyard Cafe          Robin’s Flower Pot
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Susan M. Webber           Hellen and George Ladd      Calico Patch                Sandy River Golf Course
In memory of              Charitable Corporation
Lillian White                                         Cape Arundel Golf Club      Spillover Motel
                          Health Resources and
Virginia and Family,      Services Administration     Cape Neddick Country Club   Springbrook Golf Club
Aunt Linda and Family     (ORHP)
                                                      Carrabassett Jewelry        Spring Meadows
and Aunt Nellie           Hills Pond Builders
                                                      Carrabassett Valley         Star Barn Bed and
                          Howard’s Rexall             Academy                     Breakfast
Foundations,              Jordan Lumber Company       Cobbossee Colony Golf       Subway
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and Other                 The Kyes Agency, Inc.
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Organizations             LeapFrog Group
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Services                                              Dutch Gap Auto              Two Oaks
                          Main-Land Development       Evergreen Inn and           Wal-Mart
Androscoggin Bank         Consultants                 Golf Course
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                          Maine Breast & Cervical     Farmington Medical Supply   Chairmakers
Foundation                Health Program
Avon Foundation                                       Father Paul Plante          Dr. Thomas B. Weigle
                          Mountainside Grocers
Ayotte’s Country Store                                Firehouse Video             White Water Farm
                          Mountainside Real Estate
Bangor Savings Bank                                   Fitness Stylz               Jane Wilkinson
                          Office of Substance Abuse
Berry, Dunn McNeil &                                  Gold/Smith Gallery          Willowdale Golf Club
                          Office for Women’s Health
Parker                                                Green Valley Golf Course
                          Peachey Builders
Bingham Foundation                                    Hall Farms Maple Products
                          Preti, Flaherty,
Broadlane                 Beliveau & Pachios LLP      Hammond Lumber
Camden National Bank                                  Company
                          Ranor, Inc.
Carrabassett Valley                                   Harvest House Restaurant
                          Shiretown Insurance
Academy                                               The Homestead Bakery
Central and Western                                   Ikon Office Solutions
Maine PHO                 Sugarloaf
                          Charitable Trust            K.C. Jewelry
Coca Cola Bottling
Company                   The Susan G. Komen          Kenduskeag Golf and
                          Foundation for A Cure       Country Club
Davis Family Foundation
A Look Ahead
Franklin Memorial Hospital Joins the MaineHealth VitalNetwork
The MaineHealth VitalNetwork is a computerized system that tracks vital signs and other information about
critical care patients. The new system will allow physicians and nurses at FMH to have their patients
monitored by doctors with specialized critical care training located in Portland. Physicians and nurses
will communicate with one another through a video connection. This new service will provide very sick
patients with expert care close to home where family and friends can visit frequently and participate in
the healing process.

Franklin Community Health Network Brings Broadband to Greater Franklin County
FCHN, in collaboration with HealthReach Community Health Centers and Central Maine Healthcare,
has been awarded funding through the FCC’s Rural Health Care Pilot Program to bring broadband
internet access to western and central Maine. The $3.6 million award will support the construction of
a fiber optic loop that connects the three organizations and runs through several local communities.
This project will benefit health care providers as well as local organizations and community members.

New Network-Wide Strategic Plan
FCHN unveiled a new Strategic Plan to guide the organization over the next five to seven years. The plan
is based on our vision, to be the best rural health care organization in New England, and is composed of
seven key elements: Community Health; Facilities; Family Centered Care; Financial Strength; Human
Resources; Scope of Service; and Technology. These elements will be the focal point of our goal-setting and
program development in the coming years.

Healing Garden
The new garden will be located behind the Medical Arts Center to offer patients a serene setting to relax
and reflect. This garden is a special project of the FMH Auxiliary. Included is a butterfly garden, which
is made possible by a generous donation from Loraine Spenciner in memory of her mother, Ruth Moody
Jones. Donors may join the Auxiliary in supporting this special garden. For more information, please
contact the FCHN Foundation Office at 207-779-2471.

FMH is proud to be the only rural hospital invited to participate in the pilot phase of HealthInfoNet,
a statewide electronic health information network. This new network will allow doctors to access key
clinical information they need to care for patients. We will join more than 2,000 healthcare providers
across Maine and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention in a major 24-month
demonstration project.

Expanding Services in Livermore Falls
Over the next year FMH will considerably expand our services in the Livermore Falls area to better serve
patients needing primary care, specialty care, and rehabilitation services. We intend to build or renovate
a building that will house Franklin Health Livermore Falls Family Practice, a state-of-the-art digital
mammography service, rehabilitation services, mental health services, and medical and surgical services.
Planning is underway to locate a new site and implementation will begin next summer.
Our Leadership
Franklin Community Health Network and
Franklin Memorial Hospital Board Members
Richard Batt                    Darryl Brown            David Hyde, DO               Tim Wallace
President                       Joseph Bujold           President of Medical Staff   Doug Walrath
Armand Auger, MD                Gilly Hitchcock         Evelyn McAllister            Chair
Secretary                                               Paul Soucie                  Waine Whittier
                                David Horn
Allen Berger, PhD                                       Shannon Smith                Rhonda Wiles-Rosell
                                Jef Howell
Vice Chair                                              President FMH Auxillary
John Bogar                                              Meredith Tipton

Franklin Memorial Hospital
Medical Staff                                           Healthy Community
Executive Committee                                     Coalition Board
Richard Batt                    Pamela Ernest, RN,      Richard Batt                 Kawika Thompson
President (ex-officio member)   BSN, MBA                Margery Blonder              Chair
Joseph Caldwell, MD             Chief Nursing Officer                                Meredith Tipton, PhD
                                                        Nancy Cummings, MD
Member-at-large                 Eric Gunther, MD                                     Jeanne Tucker
                                                        Trisha Flint
Gerald Cayer                    Chief of Service,
                                                        Secretary                    Judy Upham
Executive Vice President        Surgical Services
                                                        Tracy Harty                  Vice Chair
(ex-officio member)             David Hyde, DO
                                                        Betsy Hyde                   Allen Wicken
Peter Cordner, DO               President and Chair
                                                        Art Perry                    Paula Widmer
Chief of Service,               Richard Rosol, MD
Adult Medicine                  Chief of Service,       Treasurer                    Norma Wing

David Dixon, MD                 Maternal Child Health   Dennis Kamholtz, EdD
Vice President for Medical      Paul Wooden, MD         Ann Schwink, DO
Affairs (ex-officio member)     Member-at-large

Western Maine Physicians                                Evergreen Behavioral
Hospital Organization                                   Services Board
Joseph Caldwell, MD                                     Annette Backus               Douglas Dunlap
Jerry Cayer                                             Richard Batt                 Secretary / Treasurer

David Dixon, MD                                         President, Vice Chair        Susan Pratt
                                                        Richard Caton                Chair
Eric Gunther, MD
                                                        Kathy Constantine            Thomas Vurgason
Leslie Hawkins
                                                                                     Stephen Zanella, DO
Robert Jacobs, MD
Art Perry
Gerald Tinguely, MD
Tom Walker
Paul Wooden, MD
                                Franklin Community Health
  Editorial Staff               Network Leadership Team
  Melissa Danforth              Richard Batt                   April Guagenti
  Special Projects Manager      President                      Executive Director, EBS
  Jill Gray                     Gerald Cayer                   Tom Hagerstrom
  Community Relations Manager   Executive Vice President,      Director of Human
  Jodi Cordes                   FCHN and Chief                 Resources, FCHN
  Marketing Associate           Operating Officer, FMH         Leslie Hawkins, FACHE
  James Daigle                  Heather Davis, MPH             FACMPE Administrator,
  Photographer                  Executive Director, HCC        Franklin Health, FMH
  Bird Design                   Tom Dean, Esq.                 Ralph Johnson
  Designer                      General Council, FCHN          Chief Information Officer,
                                David Dixon, MD                FCHN
                                Vice President for Medical     Mandy Luce
                                Affairs and Education,         Executive Assistant
                                FCHN                           to the President, FCHN
                                Pam Ernest, RN, BSN            Eric Martinsen
                                MSB, Chief Nursing             Vice President and Chief
                                Officer, FMH                   Financial Officer, FCHN
                                Don Garrison                   David Robie
                                Director of Facilities         Director, NorthStar, FMH
                                Management, FCHN               Mike Swan
                                Maureen Goudreau               Vice President of Quality
                                Director of Development,       Management and
                                FCHN                           Physician Support, FMH

111 Franklin Health Commons
Farmington, ME 04938

800-398-6031 (in Maine)

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