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                       Cape Coral Connection
                       VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2                    AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2010


                       The President’s Nest

                       School bells have started ring-      The Florida Division Leader-       Did you happen to see any of
                       ing again, the lazy, hazy days of    ship and Education Conference      your fellow chapter members
                       summer are at an end and hurri-      (LEC) was September 9-10. We       on TV on Labor Day? I’d like
                       cane season is half over.                            got “Back to       to extend my sincere thanks to
Quotable:              With fall comes cooler                               Basics.” There     Carol Reilly, Janet Baxter, and
                       temperatures and our                                 were many          Carol Robb, CPS/CAP for
What lies behind us    Fall Seminar scheduled                               great learning     giving up part of their holiday
and what lies before   for October 16. I hope                               opportunities      and joining me as volunteers at
us are tiny matters    you will all join us as we                           offered. If you    the MDA Telethon.
compared to what       continue Sharing                                     were unable to
lies within us.                                                                                Last, but definitely not least, I
                       Knowledge & Wis-                                     attend, all the
                                                                                               hope to see you all at our Sep-
—Ralph Waldo Emerson   dom to Spruce Up Your                                handouts will
                                                                                               tember chapter meeting. Our
                       Career.                                              be available on
                                                                            the Florida        very own 2009-2010 Out-
Brought to you by:
                       October 16 is also Na-                                                  standing Member of the Year,
                                                                            Division web-
                       tional Boss’ Day. We                                                    Warren Baxter will be Sharing
                                                                            site after the
                       will be hosting our an-                                                 Knowledge on Expanding Your
                       nual Boss’s Apprecia-                                                   Network Using Social Media.
                       tion event at our chapter meet-      If you were at our August meet-    Learn how you can use the
                       ing on Tuesday, October 26.          ing I’m sure you gained some
Inside this issue:
                                                                                               IAAP website and other net-
                       We have a great speaker lined        great information on compos-
                                                                                               working sites to your benefit.
                       up so save the date on your          ing and editing written commu-
                       boss’ calendar. We will be serv-     nication from our guest speaker
Resume Writing    2
                       ing hors d’oeuvres, members          (and Fort Myers chapter mem-       Jayne Parker, CPS/CAP
Health Moment     3    are asked to bring an appetizer      ber) Julie Vaughn, CAP. A big      2010-2011 Chapter President
                       to share.                            thanks to Julie for Sharing
Member Focus      3                                         Knowledge with us.

Goals & Success   4

Sharing Wisdom    4
                       2010 MDA Telethon
                       On Labor Day, September 6,          raised $412,620! All that
Calendar          5
                       2010, four members of C3            money remains in our
                       volunteered their time to           community to help fight
                       support “Jerry’s Kids:”             muscular dystrophy, ALS
                       Jayne Parker, CPS/CAP,              and related diseases.
                       Carol Reilly, Janet Baxter          Nationally, this year’s
                       and Carol Robb, CPS/CAP.            tally is $58,919,838!
                       Locally, this year’s telethon
                                             Photo courtesy of From top left, Carol Robb, CPS/CAP & Janet Baxter
PAGE 2                                                                                          CAPE CORAL CONNECTION

7 Things to Know Before Writing [or Updating] Your Résumé
Preparing your first résumé can be a        2. Focus on accomplishments                type of experience near the top part of
daunting task: You've got little work                                                  the résumé," Mirshahi says. "A new
                                            Describing your previous work or
history to share and you're unsure                                                     graduate would want to highlight it by
                                            internship responsibilities is useful,
about what else you need to include.                                                   including it as one of the bullet points
                                            but employers are more interested in
Ultimately, it's important to convey                                                   after the Objective or Career Sum-
                                            understanding what you've been able
your skills and eagerness to land your                                                 mary section."
                                            to accomplish at each job. Instead of
first job to employers, say experts.
                                            writing "File documents for office         5. Make it relevant
Most employers won't expect you to
                                            manager" mention that you were "able
be an expert and are just looking for a                                                While you're thinking about what
                                            to do this in half the time typically
concisely written one-page sheet that                                                  you'd like to share in your résumé, it's
                                            required for this type of task," Mir-
accurately shows off your skills and                                                               important to narrow down
                                            shahi says. "New
potential.                                                                                         the aspects of your profes-
                                            graduates must
                                                                                                   sional life that can truly
Putting together a résumé can take          learn to add in
                                                                                                   help you land a job. "No
longer than you think. Make sure to         more details and
                                                                                                   one cares about middle
gather appropriate materials and take       explain the context
                                                                                                   school," Enelow says.
several weeks to think about the mes-       in which they com-
sage you're trying to convey. "Résumé       pleted their tasks to                                 6. Understand the goal
writing is so much more than just a         show how they
                                                                                       "The true purpose of a résumé
listing of information," says Wendy         added value."
                                                                                       marketing - pure and simple," Enelow
Enelow, author of "College Grad
                                            3. List info about related course-         says. "Job seekers have a product to
Résumés to Land $75,000+ Jobs."
                                            work                                       sell - themselves - and they have to
Here are seven things to keep in mind                                                  effectively package, position and mer-
                                            While your Writing 101 course isn't
before putting together your first rés-                                                chandise that product to attract the
                                            something that will help your résumé
umé:                                                                                   right buying audience." As you think
                                            standout, adding in information about
                                                                                       about each part of your résumé, it's
1. Try an info-gathering activity           special coursework or long-term pro-
                                                                                       important to see how it fits into the
                                            jects that are related to your field can
Before writing your résumé, boil down                                                  larger message that you're looking to
                                            help you impress employers.
each of your previous job experiences                                                  send to employers.
or school projects to a few keywords,       "If they had to write a major paper
                                                                                       7. Think about contact information
suggests Sherry Mirshahi, president of      that is in some way related to the job
Interview Roadmap and career expert.        they want, they can give a summary of      While many résumés list an e-mail,
Use these keywords to help you sum-         it," Mirshahi suggests.                    phone number and address, it's impor-
marize your skills at the beginning of                                                 tant not to overload the hiring man-
                                            4. Avoid a one-size-fits-all résumé
your résumé. Grads "should pick up                                                     ager with too many alternate phone
to 10 keywords to                                          Instead of creating only    numbers and to keep your identity
feature under                                              one résumé to send out      safe if you're applying for jobs online.
after their first                                          to employers, make sure     "I generally recommend that students
section of their                                           that you can tailor the     omit their mailing addresses since so
résumé - typically,                                        experience portion to       much of their search will be online
this will be the                                           specific positions and      and they want to avoid any potential
Education section                                          plan to write a few ver-    identity theft," Enelow says. "Only
for new grads,"                                            sions. "A certain job       time to leave an address on is if you
she says. Under-                                           may place great empha-      want to stay local so that people can
standing your skills can also help you      sis on requiring past volunteer experi-    see you're already there and relocation
sell yourself better during an interview.   ence. Ordinarily, one wouldn't list this   will not be an issue."

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Your Health Moment                                Brought to you by

                                                                                        OUR   MENTAL HEALTH IS JUST AS
                                                                                        IMPORTANT AS OUR PHYSICAL
                                                                                        HEALTH, IF NOT MORE SO.         IF   YOU
                                                                                        NEED HELP OR JUST NEED TO TALK,
SOCIAL    ANXIETY,     AND     PANIC    DISORDER.                                       REACH OUT TO YOUR FRIENDS,


ATTACKS,     AS    WELL      AS   PANIC     ATTACK                                      CHAPTER MEMBERS.


Member Focus—Geri Ferrara

Employer:                    City of Cape Coral
Position with Company: Administrative Secretary, Water Production/RO Plant
Type of Business:            Local Government
IAAP Member Since:           May 2005
How do you see the administrative professional role changing in the next five years?
I believe the role of administrative professional will climb to a position that is more in line with that of an executive, given
the changes in responsibility we’ve experienced over the past decade.
What do you view as the #1 roadblock of administrative professional’s today?
The stigma of just answering phones and filing seem to be diminishing. We’ve become much more diverse in our roles as
depicted in our daily responsibilities and challenges. With the economy such as it is, training may be put on the back burner
by employers; however, it would behoove you to continue to gain knowledge to keep up with the ever growing corporate
Do you have any advice to overcome that roadblock?
Continue to educate oneself and network to keep abreast of the latest technology; you may soon be climbing that cor-
porate ladder!
PAGE 4                                                                                          CAPE CORAL CONNECTION

                                                                Submitted by Carol Robb, CPS/CAP
Goals and Success                                             2010—2011 Florida Division Treasurer
                                           Armed with my goals I headed to the
                                           grocery store for the weeks supplies.
                                                                                       If you are good at
My life was turning into a nightmare.      Healthy and delicious were scratched
                                                                                       juggling, you will achieve your aspira-
I’m always busy at work, busy at night     off my list and I was well on my way.
                                                                                       tions with great triumph. If you’re
and usually have little time to myself.    Every week since that plane ride
                                                                                       not, heed these words: Keeping focus
Like many of you, other people’s obli-     home, I’ve worked through more and
                                                                                       on only one part of your life at a time
gations and my professional responsi-      more of my goals. I just know that if I
                                                                                       may result in abandonment of some
bilities often always come first. While    hadn’t started this new habit, I’d still
returning from Boston and this year’s                          be stuck in the gut-
EFAM, I decided to set some new                                ter and spinning my
goals for myself.                                              wheels. Focus and
                                          “...YOU WILL         concentration were
                                          ACHIEVE YOUR
                                                               two of my best allies
                                                               while realizing my
                                                               objectives and
                                           WITH GREAT
                                                               achieving success.
                                                                                       others. I define success as a genuine
                                                                                       balance of achievement in all areas of
                                                              What is your mean-
                                                                                       my life: personal, professional and
                                                              ing of success? To
                                           some people it’s waking up in the
Many of these goals inevitably re-         morning and to others, success is de-
volved around work projects. When          fined by driving a new car or hopping       Take a few moments and define suc-
Monday morning arrived, I entered          on a plane to Italy.                        cess in your own life. Try to avoid
my office armed with a list of objec-                                                  distractions and keep the focus on you
                                           Try to think of success as more of a
tives. To ensure success, I did not let                                                and your family. Your contentment
                                           journey than a destination. Pick an
distractions from co-workers or others                                                 will resonate and infect others over
                                           aspect of your life where you would
influence my tasks. At the end of that                                                 time. Do you remember when your
                                           like to achieve more success and write
work day, I felt really good about my                                                  parents said, “You can do anything;
                                           down some goals. Are they personal
actions and told myself, “Time to for-                                                 you just have to put your mind to it.”
                                           or professional? Will they improve
get about work, for now.”                                                              As it turns out, that’s a true statement.
                                           your health or a relationship with fam-
                                           ily, friends or peers?                      Who knew?

Outside of Your Realm                                Submitted by Rosemary Butcher, 2010-2011 Director

                                           is it self-satisfying but, at the end of    and shows you are
                                           the day, you have learned and               willing to learn and
                                           achieved something new.                     take on new respon-
Going outside of your realm of com-                                                    sibilities. Being flexible and getting
                                           During my career I welcomed special
fort is very important in this age of                                                  accustomed to change is very impor-
                                           projects because it enabled me to
technology and economic strife. Wel-                                                   tant … one thing we can all be certain
                                           widen my horizons, broaden my ex-
come change because if you don’t                                                       of, change is inevitable.
                                           perience and more often than not gave
someone else will. When your boss or
                                           me the opportunity to interact and          The more you know in this current
supervisor asks you to perform some-
                                           meet with new people. Most impor-           economic environment the more pow-
   thing outside of your comfort zone,
                                           tantly, it looks impressive on a resume     erful it makes you.
   go for it with enthusiasm. Not only
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Schedule of Events
                                                October 2010
• 10/13—C3 Board Meeting 5:30 PM
  Cape Coral Hospital Room C                         Sun       Mon           Tue         Wed         Thu         Fri        Sat

                                                                                                            1          2
• 10/16—2010 C3 Fall Seminar 8 AM
  Cape Coral Hospital Auxiliary Rm.

• 10/26—Boss’ Day Recognition                   3          4            5            6          7           8          9
  Chapter Meeting 5:30 PM Cape
  Coral Hospital Auxiliary Rm.
                                                10         11           12           13 Board   14          15         16 Fall
• 10/23—Breast Cancer Walk                                                           Meeting                           Seminar
                                                17         18           19           20         21          22         23 Breast
• 10/29—Newsletter Article Submis-                                                                                     Cancer
  sion deadline:
                                                24         25           26 Chap-     27         28          29         30
• 11/10—C3 Board Meeting 5:30 PM                                        ter Mtng
  Cape Coral Hospital Room C
                                                31 Hal-    Look for     Our
• 11/22—Chapter Meeting 5:30 PM                 loween     the next     newsletter
  Cape Coral Hospital Auxiliary Rm.                        edition of   soon!

                  02 Margaret Williamson, CPS
                  10 Warren Baxter
                  12 Suzanne Lopez, CPS/CAP
                  18 Rosemary Butcher                                                                  What do you see?
                  20 Carol Reilly
                  06 Jeanelle Havlin, CPS
                                                                                                     They are ubiquitous in nearly
                  17 Genny White, CPS/CAP                                                            every home and office in the
                                                                                                      world. Yet it always seems
                      August-                                                                          that every time you need
                      01 Teresa Alicea 2005                                                             one, you can’t find one.

                      01 Cris Rieth 2005                                                              See Page 6 for the answer!
                      01 Genny White 2006

                      01 Carol Reilly 2005
                                                                                        STAY INFORMED:
    The Gift of Membership

    Do you have a special co-worker or friend who is also an ad-
    ministrative professional? If you’d like to do something special
    for him or her we have the perfect idea: The Gift of Member-
    It’s a great way to introduce your friends and co-workers to
    IAAP. It’s easy to give the Gift of Membership. You can either
    mail or fax in the Gift Membership form or call Headquarters
    with your information.
    Access forms –


          Throughout the year, C3 is involved in various fundraisers. This section of each newsletter will be dedicated
          to what’s happening now and what’s coming in the near future.
          Current—If you have not received a new catalogue and order form, please see Rosemary Butcher at our next
          meeting. Additional order forms are on our website, should you need them.
          We will also be taking part in the Christmas wreath fundraiser again this year. More information on that will
          be coming soon, as well! Keep your eyes open the next few weeks as updates will be posted on our website,
 If you have ideas for a new fundraiser or wish to be a part of the
          fundraising committee, please contact Fundraising Chair Rosemary Butcher:

2010/2011 Cape Coral Chapter Leadership
                                                                                                   What Do You See?
President Jayne Parker, CPS/CAP                                   Board Meetings
                                                           2nd Wednesday of Each Month
Vice President Carol Reilly                                     Cape Coral Hospital
                                                                Meeting Room “C”
Recording Secretary Kim Coombs                                   5:30 PM Meeting
Corresponding Secretary Jan Hughes, CPS
Treasurer Jeanelle Havlin, CPS                                    Chapter Meeting
                                                             4th Monday of Each Month
Director Janet Baxter                                            Cape Coral Hospital
                                                                                                Roughly 20 Million pounds of
                                                                5:30 PM Networking
Director Rosemary Butcher                                         6:00 PM Meeting
                                                                                                paper clips are manufactured
                                                                                                    each year in the U.S.

Newsletter Credits
 Editor—Warren Baxter                                      Publishing Dates:
 Contributing Columnists—Jayne Parker, CPS/                7/31/2010     8/31/2010      10/31/2010     12/31/2010
 CAP, Geri Ferrara, Rosemary Butcher and Carol
                                                           2/28/2011     4/30/2011      06/17/2011
 Robb, CPS/CAP

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