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									JILL MILAN

•	 Founded	in	2010	by	Jill	Fraser	and	Milan	Lazich
•	 Located	in	the	San	Francisco	Bay	Area
•	 2010	and	2011	Sponsor	of	the	Genesis	Awards
•	 	 	portion	of	proceeds	are	donated	to	charities	that	
   rescue	ex-racehorses
•	 	 roducts	are	available	at	
•	 Mission:	Luxury	fashion	accessories	without	cruelty


•	 	 ill	Milan	offers	non-leather	accessories	
   from	Italy
•	 	 esign	elements	include	handmade	hardware	
   crafted	by	an	Italian	artisan.


•	 	 ookbook	and	website	photography	was	shot	by	
   renowned	celebrity	and	fashion	photographer	
   Lance	Staedler


     Jill	Fraser
     Tel:	(323)	669-3964
     Email: press@jillmilan.com

– The Brand

– Behind The Brand

– Philanthropy

– Recent News
                                                           THE RANGE

                                                           Jill	Milan’s	line	includes	evening	clutches,	makeup	bags,	
                                                           and	day	bags.	Line	expansion	plans	include	broadening	
                                                           the	line	to	include	accessories	such	as	iPhone	and	iPad	
                                                           cases	and	belts.

                                                           WHERE	IT	IS	MADE

THE                                                        Jill	Milan’s	handbags	are	made	in	Florence,	Italy	at	a	
                                                           small,	family-owned	factory	whose	clients	include	
                                                           Europe’s	leading	couture	brands.	The	hardware	is	hand-

                                                           made	by	an	artisan	who	has	worked	for	one	
                                                           of	Italy’s	premier	jewelers.

                                                           DESIGN	PHILOSOPHY

ETHOS	BEHIND	THE	BRAND                                     With	the	addition	of	award-winning	luxury	handbag	
                                                           designer	Maya	Stewart,	Jill	Milan	has	expanded	its	
                                                           line	of	beautiful	accessories	for	contemporary	women.	
Offering	luxurious	design	without	cruelty,	Jill	Milan	     Stewart	notes	that	she	designs	for	all	women,	making	
creates	handbags	that	are	made	in	Italy	from	Italian	      her	line	ideal	for	both	“a	20	year-old	and	for	her	chic	
faux	leathers,	linens,	and	cottons.	Each	bag	is	made	in	   mother.”
Italy	by	artisans	with	a	tradition	of	crafting	bags	for	
                                                           In	creating	the	Jill	Milan	line,	Ms.	Stewart,	a	Native	
Europe’s	leading	designers.
                                                           American,	was	inspired	by	the	geometric	shapes	of	
Jill	Milan’s	faux	leather	bags	are	environmentally-        Native	American	art	and	design.	Her	design	style	is	also	
friendly	and	PVC-free.	They	are	virtually	identical	in	    influenced	by	her	years	living	in	London,	Los	Angeles,	
look	and	feel	to	the	highest	quality	lambskin.             and	New	York.	Her	styling	is	classic,	minimalist,	and	
                                                           suitable	for	an	urban	woman.
A	portion	of	proceeds	from	Jill	Milan’s	signature	
Thoroughbred	Bag	support	all-volunteer	charities	          Her	collection	features	a	range	of	day	bags	and	
that	rescue	and	retrain	thoroughbreds.	                    accessories,	as	well	as	a	stunning	evening	collection.
JILL	FRASER                                                 MILAN	G.	LAZICH
Chief	Executive	Officer	and	Co-Founder,	Jill	Milan          Co-Founder,	Jill	Milan

Jill	Fraser	is	co-founder	of	Jill	Milan	and	has	served	     A	marketing	executive	with	experience	in	technology	
as	the	company’s	Chief	Executive	Officer	from	its	          and	consumer	companies,	Milan	Lazich	served	on	the	
inception.	The	company’s	genesis	stemmed	from	Ms.	          executive	teams	through	two	Silicon	Valley	IPOs	and	a	
Fraser’s	inability	to	find	luxury	handbags	that	were	not	   subsequent	strategic	acquisition.	
made	of	leather.
                                                            Mr.	Lazich	holds	a	B.A.	in	Economics	from	the	
A	native	of	Wellesley	Hills,	Massachusetts,	Fraser	has	     University	of	California,	Los	Angeles,	and	an	MBA	
been	an	animal	activist	and	an	equestrian	for	much	of	      from	Santa	Clara	University	in	Santa	Clara,	California.
her	life.	She	owned	thoroughbreds	and	rode	the	horse	
show	circuit	throughout	the	East	Coast.

Jill	Fraser	holds	a	B.A.	and	an	M.A.	
from	Oxford	University,	England.

DANA	FRIED                                                  MAYA	STEWART
Adviser                                                     Designer

Dana	Fried	possesses	a	range	of	operational	and	            Location:      Los	Angeles,	California
consulting	expertise	across	a	wide	spectrum	
of	businesses,	including	wholesale,	retail	and	             Education:     London	College	of	Fashion
manufacturing	companies.	
                                                            Experience:    Judith	Leiber,	Matthew	Williamson,		
He	is	presently	Managing	Partner	of	Delphic	                	              C.C.	Skye.
Consulting	Group,	which	specializes	in	advising	
nascent	companies	in	apparel,	footwear	and	                 Maya	Stewart’s	professional	experience	includes	
manufacturing.	He	is	also	a	principal	of	Harder	Fried	      working	at	leading	brands	such	as	Judith	Leiber,	
and	Associates,	which	conducts	workshops	throughout	        Matthew	Williamson,	and	C.C.	Skye.
the	United	States	on	launching	and	sustaining	
successful	businesses.	                                     A	graduate	of	the	London	College	of	Fashion,	Ms.	
                                                            Stewart	has	also	won	numerous	awards,	which	include	
Mr.	Fried’s	previous	experience	includes	serving	as	        the	Professor	Jimmy	Choo	Award,	Link-It	Lock-It	
Chief	Operating	Officer	and	Chief	Financial	Officer	        Competition,		the	Lineapelle	Young	Designers	Contest,	
of	Taryn	Rose	International,	a	provider	of	shoes	and	       Student	Accessory	Designer	of	the	Year,	ASOS	and	
handbags,	where	he	was	responsible	for	finance,	retail	     LCF	LTD	100	top	ten	picks.	She	has	also	presented	her	
and	legal	operations	as	the	company	grew	from	startup	      collections	at	New	York	and	Los	Angeles	Fashion	Week.
to	revenue	of	$8	million	in	just	2	years	and	was	named	
by	the	L.A.	Business	Journal	one	of	the	fastest-growing	    As	a	Native	American	of	Chickasaw,	Creek,	Choctaw	
companies	in	Los	Angeles.                                   descent,	Ms.	Stewart	is	inspired	by	the	artistic	
                                                            influences	of	Native	American	tribes,	frequently	
Mr.	Fried	holds	a	B.A.	degree	in	Accounting	from	           incorporating	geometric	shapes	in	her	beautiful,	
California	State	University,	Northridge.                    creative	accessory	designs.
     With	a	strong	commitment	to	animal	welfare,	
     Jill	Milan	donates	to	numerous	animal	
     welfare	organizations.

     A	portion	of	all	proceeds	from	Jill	Milan’s	signature	
     handbag,	the	Thoroughbred	Bag,	are	donated	to	
     organizations	that	rescue	and	retrain	former	racehorses.	
     Without	the	aid	of	these	non-profit	groups,	frequently	
     horses	are	at	risk	of	being	shipped	to	Canada	or	to	
     Mexico	for	slaughter.

     The	charities	who	rescue	these	horses	retrain	them	for	
     second	careers	in	other	equestrian	sports	or	as	pleasure	
     horses.	Jill	Milan	is	delighted	to	aid	them	in	their	
     important	work.

Jill Milan has recently been featured
in numerous publications and
media outlets such as Fox, ABC,
and “FashionSalade.”


Dot Marie Jones of “Glee” carried
Jill Milan at the Emmys. Teri Polo
and Fiona Gubelmann are among
the celebrities who have carried Jill
Milan bags on the red carpet. The
bags are also owned by Olivia Munn,
Bo Derek, Maria Bello, Minnie
Driver, Ashley Jones, Alfre Woodard,
and other actors.

Lisa Michelle Boyd styled the
fall 2011 and spring 2012
photoshoots. Celebrity fashion stylist
Jen Abrams consults on product
development and strategy.

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Activity	please	visit	our	website	at


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