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Cover story Getting postal reform through a House divided.pdf


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                          Barack Obama
                                                                                          Speaker of the House

                                                     Getting                                      Rep. John Boehner

                                                     postal                                       Outside of committee
                                                                                                          Rep. Sam Graves

                  Inside                            reform
                      Part 2                        through                              Appropriations
                                                                                            Rep. Jo Ann Emerson


                 Rep. José Serrano

Outside of committee

     Rep. Peter DeFazio
     D-OR                                                                                   Committee
                                                                                             Rep. Darrell Issa

                          Rep. Elijah Cummings                                                       Subcommittee
                                                                                                         Rep. Dennis Ross

                                                     BRAHAM LINCOLN FAMOUSLY QUOTED THE BIBLE
                          Rep. Stephen Lynch
                          D-MA                       when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot
                                                     stand.” And yet, that’s exactly what we face through
                                                 the divided government of the two “houses” of Congress.
                          Rep. Gerry Connolly
                          D-VA                     Having just fought a revolutionary war against a
                                                 despot king, it’s understandable that the Founding
                                                 Fathers created a system of checks and balances and
                                                 an election process, whereby it would be very difficult
                                                 for one entity to control the entire country. And while
                                                 that ensures a more democratic government that limits
                                                 the ability of any group to control the country, it also
                                                 can make it difficult to pass legislation through both
                                                 congressional chambers and get the president to sign it
                                                 into law, especially when separate parties control the
                                                 House and Senate, as they do now.

     6 POSTAL RECORD I APRIL 2012                                              NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS
   For letter carriers, the current divided    Cleveland, Issa dropped out of high
                                                                                                          Rep. Darrell Issa
government means that as hard as it            school to join the Army. After a few run-                  R-CA
is to pass meaningful postal reform            ins with the law, he got his GED and
legislation in the Democratic-controlled       attended college before returning to the
Senate (see ‘Inside Congress’ Part 1 in        Army. His life changed drastically after
last month’s Postal Record), it’s nearly       he got out of the Army, when he invested
impossible to do so in the Republican-         in and eventually owned a company
controlled House of Representatives.           that manufactured car alarms. After
Facing a majority that seems to                moving to a San Diego suburb, he
oppose the very idea of many federal           launched another company, which
government agencies as well as union-          created and sold the Viper car alarm
ized workers, NALC faces its greatest          (and recorded its signature “Please step
legislative challenge.                         away from the vehicle” warning) along
                                               with other aftermarket car accessories.
In committee                                      He got involved with politics through
                                               his business and eventually won his
   As with the Senate, the body is             seat in the House. With a net worth of
divided into committees to focus on            close to $220 million according to
various areas of public policy. The            The Hill, he is the second wealthiest
Committee on Oversight and Govern-             House member. He represents one of
ment Reform handles work on the                the most conservative districts in Cali-
Postal Service, and as with other com-         fornia, and has used his chairmanship
mittees, the chairman has the authority        of the oversight committee to attack
to decide which bills come up for vote         the Obama administration, the Postal
in committee and when they can move            Service and its unions.
on to the whole House.                            So it’s no surprise that his proposed
   That’s what makes Rep. Darrell              fix to the postal crisis—H.R. 2309—
Issa (R-CA) such a powerful player in          employs a slash-and-burn approach,
any postal legislation. Originally from        more likely to kill the patient than to

Relative calm before the (political) storm
     lthought no postal reform legislation     reduces service and adds layers of              “As it stands right now, S. 1789 is
     had advanced to the floor of either       bureaucracy to the Postal Service,           unacceptable to the NALC and to postal
     the House or the Senate by the time       all while completely ignoring the key        customers throughout the country,”
this Postal Record was prepared, a lot of      reason the USPS is experiencing a            Rolando said. The bill was introduced
conversations were taking place, on            financial crisis—Congress’ mandate to        by Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Susan
Capitol Hill and across America, about         pre-fund 75 years of future retiree health   Collins (R-ME), Tom Carper (D-DE)
what can be done—and what must be              benefits within a 10-year time frame.”       and Scott Brown (R-MA), and the quar-
done—to solve the Postal Service’s                No other government agency or pri-        tet remained the bill’s only co-sponsors
financial problems.                            vate enterprise labors under any legal       as this magazine went to press.
   Sadly, not all of these conversations       requirement to pre-fund such benefits at        Key problems contained within S. 1789
have been constructive.                        any level, and yet the Postal Service        include calls for cutting a day of mail
   For example, each time Rep. Darrell         must set aside about $5.5 billion a year     delivery within two years, unless USPS
Issa (R-CA) speaks on the subject of sav-      in revenues to cover that mandate.           can turn a profit by then; phasing out
ing the Postal Service, the chairman of           Fortunately for letter carriers, there    door-to-door delivery in favor of curb-
the House Oversight and Government             seems to be little political will among      side and centralized delivery; and failing
Reform Committee demonstrates that             the House leadership to allow Issa’s         to call for repeal of the pre-funding man-
his so-called reform bill would not fix        bill to come to a vote, and with ever-       date, instead opting to ask for smaller
but rather would worsen the Postal Ser-        dwindling opportunities to debate the        payments over a longer period.
vice’s financial situation.                    measure remaining on the House cal-             That’s why NALC activists continue to
   “In reality, Issa’s H.R. 2309 reveals his   endar, it appears much more likely           press S. 1789’s co-sponsors to consider
true anti-worker agenda,” NALC Presi-          that the lower chamber will instead be       the provisions found in S. 1853, intro-
dent Fredric Rolando said, “containing         called upon to consider a postal reform      duced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).
language that guts the collective-bar-         bill that comes from the Senate—                “S. 1853 addresses the problems
gaining rights of postal workers,              either S. 1789 or S. 1853.                   that S. 1789 does not, and it includes

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS                                                            APRIL 2012 I POSTAL RECORD 7
         Rep. Dennis Ross                   save it. The bill addresses neither the       The son of an ironworker, the Boston
                                            needlessly expedited pre-funding that         native joined his father’s union and
                                            put the USPS in this precarious finan-        became president of the Iron Workers
                                            cial position, nor the overfunded             Local 7 before pursuing a law degree
                                            CSRS account, which could provide             and career representing union mem-
                                            the Postal Service with its easiest fix.      bers and the unemployed. Eventually
                                            Instead, his bill creates layers of           entering politics and winning a seat
                                            bureaucratic oversight designed to            in the House, Lynch is a socially con-
                                            gut employees’ pay and benefits, end          servative Democrat who stands with
 Rep. Stephen Lynch
 D-MA                                       door-to-door mail delivery service for        working people on fiscal issues.
                                            most homes and businesses, and                    As he likes to point out, 17 members
                                            eliminate Saturday delivery.                  of his family either are working for or
 Rep. Gerry Connolly                           The sole co-sponsor of Issa’s legis-       have worked for the Postal Service, so
                                            lation is Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL),            it’s no surprise that he is interested in
                                            chairman of the Subcommittee on               finding the best solution for USPS’
                                            Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service        financial crisis. His bill, H.R. 1351, is
                                            and Labor Policy, which focuses               one of the simplest and most-effective
                                            directly on the USPS. Ross is a fresh-        proposals for dealing with the crisis; it
                                            man in the House, and comes from a            directs the Office of Personnel Manage-
                                            background as a lawyer representing           ment to return the overfunded CSRS
                                            businesses in fights against workers’         money, thereby allowing the Postal
                                            compensation cases. As subcommittee           Service to fully pre-fund the cost of
                                            chairman, he has shown little interest in     future retiree health benefits now.
                                            finding a bipartisan solution, and has            Though a majority of House mem-
                                            been spending his time crafting legisla-      bers—both Democrats and Republi-
                                            tion that cuts future and current federal     cans—co-sponsor H.R. 1351, Chairman
                                            employees’ pay and benefits (see ‘A           Issa refuses to allow the bill to come
                                            new problem,’ page 9).                        up for a vote. And while a discharge
                                                                                          petition could be used to force the bill
                                            The minority party                            out of committee, it would require a
                                                                                          majority of the full House to do it, and
                                               Ross stands in sharp contrast to the       that is unlikely because of the ill will it
                                            subcommittee’s previous chairman and          would foster between Issa and other
                                            current ranking member (the leader            House Republicans.
                                            from the party with fewer House mem-              Going even further to help the Postal
                                            bers)—Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA).              Service survive the current financial

language designed to strengthen the         (see last month’s Postal Record for an in-    USPS to profitability,” President Rolando
USPS while maintaining the service          depth explanation), S. 1853’s supporters      said in response to the plan, noting that
levels Americans have come to expect,”      could attach pieces of their legislation to   the Postal Service’s February financial
Rolando said, noting that Sanders’ bill     S. 1789 as amendments. But even with          report in fact showed a $200 million
calls for repeal of the pre-funding man-    time running out on the Senate’s legisla-     operational profit delivering the mail for
date, not to mention a refund of the        tive calendar, S. 1789 had yet to be          the first quarter of 2012—a detail that
estimated $50 billion to $75 billion in     scheduled for a full Senate vote when         got lost in the shadows of the agency’s
overpayments to the Postal Service’s        this magazine went to press.                  reported $3.3 billion loss that quarter,
retirement account with the Civil Service                                                 almost entirely due to pre-funding costs.
Retirement System—a surplus revealed        Postal plans                                     About a week later, Postmaster Gen-
by two separate, independent audits.           On Feb. 16, the Postal Service             eral Patrick Donahoe announced that
   As this issue was prepared, seven        announced its updated business plan,          the USPS was resuming its planning
co-sponsors had signed onto S. 1853 and     which continued L’Enfant Plaza’s              to restructure mail-processing opera-
joined 20 of their colleagues in February   push for Congress to allow the agency         tions—to close or merge some 223 out
in sending a letter to S. 1789’s co-spon-   to reduce services in an effort to            of more than 400 processing plants.
sors, asking them to consider including     trim losses.                                  In December, the Postal Service told
S. 1853’s provisions in their bill. While      “Any plan that calls for cutting Satur-    congressional leaders it would put a
S. 1789 stands the greater chance of        day delivery, downsizing our networks         moratorium on plant closings until May
coming to the Senate floor for a vote       and slowing delivery will not restore         15. Nevertheless, the USPS is moving

8 POSTAL RECORD I APRIL 2012                                                                NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS
       Rep. Elijah Cummings
crisis and position it to create new             Fortunately for carriers, Rep. Jo Ann                     Rep. Jo Ann Emerson
business opportunities, subcommittee          Emerson (R-MO), chairman of the sub-                         R-MO
member Rep. Gerry Connolly’s (D-VA)           committee, operates in a much more
H.R. 1262 stands still less chance of         bipartisan way than Chairman Issa. A                          Rep. José Serrano
making it out of Issa’s committee.            moderate Republican representing                              D-NY
Connolly, who represents many federal         southeast and south central Missouri,
workers in the Washington, DC, sub-           she has spoken on several occasions
urbs of northern Virginia, has vowed to       about the importance of rural mail
work with NALC to help the USPS find          delivery, six days a week, for her con-
its future.                                   stituents. Striving to work across party
   The full oversight committee’s rank-       lines, she often partners with the sub-
ing member, Rep. Elijah Cummings              committee’s ranking member, Rep.
(D-MD), is another friend to carriers.        José Serrano (D-NY), to craft solutions.
He appeared with NALC President
Fredric Rolando during a 2012 Save
America’s Postal Service rally, and has
                                              Outside of committee
offered his support for meaningful               One of the hardest concepts to
postal reform legislation. The problem        grasp about how Congress works is
remains that with Issa refusing to con-       that so much of the work gets done
sider alternative legislation, and the        in the background. With Lynch’s bill
other Republicans on the committee            bottled up in Issa’s committee, and
all working in lockstep, our friends          Issa refusing to allow any legislation
have few chances to act.                      that isn’t his own to get a vote, repre-
                                              sentatives who want to work on postal
Appropriations                                reform have to find other ways to do it.
                                                 One way is through House resolu-
   As in the Senate, the House Appro-         tions. House resolutions are non-bind-
priations Committee, and especially its       ing statements that allow lawmakers to                              Outside of committee
Subcommittee on Financial Services            take a stand on an issue, without the
and General Government, is important          politicking involved in getting the bill                                   Rep. Sam Graves
to carriers. The House must pass              passed. Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO)
matching legislation to the Senate—           avoided the oversight committee
with both measures annually including         when he authored H.Res. 137, which
language that the Postal Service must         says that the USPS should “take all
deliver six days a week—in order to           appropriate measures to ensure the
fund many government programs.                continuation of its 6-day mail delivery

forward even though the Postal Regula-        and that question was still being debated     a change for those who retire before
tory Commission has yet to complete its       as this magazine went to press. But if        age 62.)
review of the Postal Service’s plans.         H.R. 3813 isn’t ultimately attached to the       Future employees’ benefits would be
                                              transportation measure, Ross (R-FL)           hurt as well. Ross wants to increase their
A new problem                                 likely remains unfazed, having made it        pension contributions an additional 0.9
   In early March, President Rolando          his mission to attach his bill seemingly to   percent—on top of the 2.3 percent that
alerted members of the NALC e-Activist        every must-pass measure.                      was included in the recent payroll tax
Network to the possibility that the              Ross’ bill calls for increasing pension    holiday extension, thus raising future
House might try to pay for its massive        contributions for current FERS and            hires from 0.8 percent to 4 percent in
transportation bill on the backs of           CSRS employees by 1.5 percent over            pension contributions.
current and future federal and postal         three years (starting this January),             H.R. 3813 also calls for moving workers
employees, by folding in language from        eliminating the Social Security supple-       who are hired after 2012 from a high-3
Rep. Dennis Ross’ H.R. 3813—a move            ment for those who retire after this          average salary calculation to a high-5
designed to tap about $30 billion from        year, and reducing the multiplier from        instead, and for using a multiplier of 0.7
federal workers’ pension accounts.            1.1 percent to 1 percent per year of ser-     percent per year of service when calculat-
   Within days of that alert, though,         vice when calculating the FERS annu-          ing the FERS annuity.
there was some question about whether         ity for those who retire at or after age         Members are encouraged to become
this anti-worker pension language would       62, cutting benefits 9 percent from the       e-Activists to get the very latest informa-
make it into the final transportation bill,   current formula. (There was no call for       tion. Visit nalc.org to find out how.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS                                                            APRIL 2012 I POSTAL RECORD 9
          Speaker of the House
                 Rep. John Boehner

                                                service.” Graves, who represents               Dayton. While more of a pro-business
                                                Kansas City and surrounding areas,             conservative than a social conserva-
                                                was able to make his opinion on                tive, he’s been put in the difficult
                                                six-day delivery clear, without con-           position of trying to rally the many
                                                fronting Issa. Since he sponsored the          divergent views of House Republicans.
                                                resolution in March of last year, 219             His ability to lead was questioned
                                                co-sponsors have signed on.                    when he signaled in December that the
                                                    Though H.Res. 137 is non-binding,          House Republicans would support an
                                                it also tells Issa and the House leader-       extension of the payroll tax holiday,
                                                ship that 219 representatives, from            only to find that he didn’t have the
                                                both parties, want to find a solution          votes from his colleagues. He’s also
                                                that includes maintaining six-day              faced challenges getting some “Tea
Outside of committee                            delivery service if possible.                  Party” members of the House to
                                                    Similarly, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR)       approve bills that fund the federal
     Rep. Peter DeFazio                                                                        government, even when not doing so
                                                sponsored postal bill H.R. 3591, which
                                                mirrors Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT)            would be harmful to the economic
                                                Senate bill, though it is unlikely to be       recovery. These factors have made it
                                                taken up by Issa’s oversight commit-           even more difficult for any bill to pass
                                                tee, much like the several dozen other         both the House and the Senate.
                                                pieces of postal legislation. The liberal         Like his counterpart in the Senate,
                                                DeFazio has attracted seven co-spon-           Boehner is concerned about the limited
                                                sors to the bill, but also is setting up       amount of time he has available, so he’s
                                                his legislation as an alternative to           likely to only bring bills to the floor of
                                                Issa’s. Further, it gets representatives       the House that will pass. At the start of
                                                thinking about legislation that could          the year, it seemed that Issa’s H.R. 2309
                                                receive enough bipartisan support to           would come to the floor for a vote, but
                                                pass both the House and the Senate.            delays to that bill suggest that Boehner
                                                                                               has determined that Issa’s bill doesn’t
                                                Leadership                                     have the support to easily pass.
                                                                                                  In theory, the way a bill passes Con-
                                                  Ultimately, which bill makes it to the       gress is that both chambers pass leg-
                                                House floor will be determined by              islation and a small group of senators
                                                Speaker of the House John Boehner              and representatives go to conference,
                                                (R-OH). Boehner, who comes from                where they craft a compromise bill,
                                                modest means, serves a rural and               which gets sent back to both cham-
                                                suburban district near Cincinnati and          bers to be voted on. However, if a

     A curious appointment                      Hammond to serve out the remainder
                                                of Blair’s term—curious, given that
                                                                                               Service’s financial problems,” Rolando
                                                                                               wrote. “It focuses on competition from
       When Republican Dan Blair left the       Hammond is a Republican, meaning his           the Internet, conventional wisdom that
    Postal Regulatory Commission almost a       nomination to the commission would             doesn’t withstand scrutiny.”
    year ago, conventional wisdom presumed      give Republicans a 3-to-2 advantage               The following week, Rolando was
    that President Obama would nominate a       within the PRC’s leadership.                   featured in a two-part series on the
    Democrat to take Blair’s place. Among          Hammond appeared at a Senate                national Radio America network, where
    the PRC’s five possible commissioners, a    confirmation hearing on March 6. If his        he presented some crucial facts about
    maximum of three can be from one politi-    nomination is approved, he will serve          the Postal Service’s financial situation.
    cal party; in addition to PRC Chairman      until Nov. 22, the date that Langley’s         The series managed to focus heavily on
    Ruth Goldway (a Democrat), the inde-        term also expires.                             the pre-funding problem and noted the
    pendent postal oversight agency is led by                                                  scant support for H.R. 2309.
    Democrat Nanci Langley, plus Republi-       In the news                                       A two-part look at the USPS’ financial
    cans Mark Acton and Robert Taub.               A letter from President Rolando to the      problems by a TV station in Watertown,
       Giving Obama’s own party a majority      editor of USA Today was published Feb.         NY, on Feb. 22 and 23 did a more thor-
    on the PRC seemed like a reasonable         17, in response to the paper’s front-page      ough and factual job of analyzing the
    assumption. But in December, the presi-     Feb. 8 story, “Bell tolls for the U.S. Mail,   situation than any of the major networks
    dent made the curious move of nominat-      as we know it.” “Your article...is mislead-    have done (so far, anyway), while
    ing former PRC Commissioner Tony            ing about the reasons for the U.S. Postal      Waterloo, IA’s KWWL-TV captured key

    10 POSTAL RECORD I APRIL 2012                                                                NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS
postal bill passes the Senate, Boehner            One of the earliest proposed fixes
will have the option of bringing it           for the postal financial crisis was to
straight to the House floor for a vote,       compel the Office of Personnel Man-
bypassing Issa’s committee.                   agement to return the overfunded
   In that scenario, each House mem-          CSRS money to the Postal Service,
ber probably would have a chance to           which the USPS could use to pay for
add amendments to the bill, which Issa        the pre-funding of retiree health bene-
likely would try to do. If there are no       fits. Many independent sources have
amendments or if the amendments               estimated that the overfunding totals
are agreeable to the Senate, and the          $50 billion to $75 billion. Rep. Lynch’s
measure passes the House, the bill            H.R. 1351 would do just that, but it is                           President
would then be sent to the White House.        bottled up in Issa’s committee.
   However, if the Senate rejects the             However, Congress isn’t the only                             Barack Obama
House’s amendments, the leadership            authority able to make this fix. Presi-
then could go to a conference commit-         dent Obama could have used his
tee, where a compromise would have            executive authority to order OPM to
to be hammered out. Finally, if the           make the change, but decided not to
Senate bill is voted down in the House,       do so, forcing a solution to come
the House could look to take up a             through Congress. Obama could be
separate postal bill, and since Issa’s        worried about a potential political
H.R. 2309 has been voted out of com-          backlash, if this fix were made, as
mittee, the House could take that one         some Republican members of Con-
up for a vote. Both Issa’s bill and the       gress likely would claim that it was a
Senate bill would have to go to a con-        Postal Service bailout, despite the
ference committee.                            fact that those freed-up funds would
   At this point, there’s simply no way       be the Postal Service’s own money,
to tell what will happen.                     and would not in fact be a taxpayer-
                                              funded bailout.
The president                                     Further, Obama has signaled
                                              through his proposed budget and in
   In theory, President Barack Obama’s        various public statements that he
role is limited to deciding whether           approves of the USPS’ desire to move
to sign the bill into law. However, in        to five-day delivery service. While it’s
the case of postal reform, Obama’s            unlikely he’d veto a bill that didn’t
role has been and continues to be             include the change to five-day-delivery
more complex.                                 service, he is giving cover to those in

aspects of the Postal Service’s financial     area residents, it would hurt small busi-       On March 8, The New York Times
situation in its Feb. 23 report, which        nesses that are open weekends and need       published a letter to the editor from
featured an interview with Region 5           to receive financial documents,” he wrote.   Rolando. In it, he praised The Times’ idea
Regional Administrative Assistant Mike            Rolando’s letter to the editor of The    of encouraging Congress to address the
Birkett. And California State Association     Topeka Capital-Journal made that             Postal Service’s financial problems, but
President John Beaumont took part in          paper’s March 3 edition. “Congress           he noted that the true fix lies in repealing
a panel discussion about the USPS             needs to repeal its 2006 mandate that        the 2006 postal reform law mandate—not
on Feb. 27’s “To The Point,” a daily          the Postal Service pre-fund, within 10       in reducing service to the public.
National Public Radio program.                years, most future retiree health bene-         Rolando’s op-ed piece from the Dec. 6
    A generally supportive editorial in the   fits over the next 75 years,” he wrote.      Times recently was quoted on author
Feb. 29 Philadelphia Inquirer noted that          That same day, Phoenix Branch 576’s      and radio commentator Jim Hightower’s
“it remains in the national interest to       Keith O’Brien defended workers’ rights       website, part of a takedown of the myth
provide reliable and comprehensive mail       in a story that aired on that city’s Fox     that the USPS is broke. “Degrading
delivery across the country.” President       affiliate, while Saginaw, MI Branch 74       standards not only hurts the public and
Rolando responded to the piece in a letter    President Dave McKenna penned a              the businesses we serve,” Hightower
published on March 6, noting that the         guest column for the Midland Daily           quoted Rolando as saying. “It’s also
Postal Service’s plan to end Saturday         News on March 6 that laid out the facts      counterproductive for the Postal Service
delivery or close large numbers of facili-    behind the Postal Service’s financial        because it will drive more people away
ties “would not only affect Philadelphia      problems.                                    from using the mail.” ✉

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS                                                          APRIL 2012 I POSTAL RECORD 11
                                            Congress who want to eliminate Satur-       Understanding how each senator
                                            day service.                                and representative is important to
                                               The lack of whole-hearted support        the final product is a vital part of
                                            from the White House has made the           the process.
                                            challenge of achieving meaningful              But just understanding how Con-
                                            postal reform all the more difficult.       gress works isn’t enough; carriers
                                            But NALC members have stepped up            will need to contact their representa-
                                            to the challenge, drawing out large         tives and ask for their support for
                                            numbers of bipartisan support for           the right piece of legislation. Joining
                                            Lynch’s H.R. 1351, Graves’ H.Res. 137       the e-Activist Network is a good
                                            and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Senate bill        start, so you can be informed of the
                                            (see last issue).                           latest news from Washington at a
                                               That dedication will continue to         moment’s notice.
                                            be necessary as the process moves              With your knowledge, and your
                                            forward, and legislation gets taken         action, you too can be part of the
                                            up by the entire Senate and House.          solution inside Congress. ✉

                                2012 COLCPE contest
                                                                                    Gimme 5 participation, will receive a num-
                                 T      his year’s COLCPE competition again
                                        encourages letter carriers to boost their
                                    branch’s number of “Gimme 5” contributors.
                                                                                    ber of $100 American Express gift cards
                                                                                    for them to use a raffle prizes.
                                      For the first time, all branches with 25         And as a further incentive to become a
                                    members or more have been divided by            contributor to the letter carriers’ political
                                    branch size into eight categories. The top      action fund, all donors at the Gimme 5 level
                                    branches in these eight different cate-         will be entered into a general raffle for ten
                                    gories, that have either the highest total      $100 gift cards.
                                    percentage of automatic Gimme 5 contrib-           In the box below is the breakdown for
                                    utors or the largest percentage increase in     each category. ✉

   Category 1: 2,000-plus members             Category 4: 350 to 499 members           Category 8: 25 to 49 members
   1st place—5 gift cards                     1st place—4 gift cards                   1st place—2 gift cards
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   4th place—2 gift cards                     4th place—1 gift card
                                              5th place—1 gift card                    Notes: Branches will be able to monitor their
   5th place—1 gift card                                                               branches’ progress on the NALC website.
   6th place—1 gift card                      Category 5: 200 to 349 members               To qualify for a prize in either category (highest
                                              1st place—4 gift cards                   total or largest increase), each winning branch in
   Category 2: 1,000 to 1,999 members         2nd place—3 gift cards                   either part of their category must increase its total
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                                                                                       the total branch membership.
   2nd place—4 gift cards                     4th place—1 gift card                        If there is a tie between winning branches,
   3rd place—3 gift cards                     5th place—1 gift card                    both branches will receive gift card prizes.
                                                                                           Contest results will be based on automatic
   4th place—2 gift cards                     Category 6: 100 to 199 members           Gimme 5 contributors who are in by the follow-
   5th place—1 gift card                      1st place—3 gift cards                   ing deadlines:
   6th place—1 gift card                      2nd place—2 gift cards                       ✦ Electronic funds transfer (EFT) and annuity
                                              3rd place—1 gift card                          contributors must have their contributions
   Category 3: 500 to 999 members             4th place—1 gift card                          reflected in our system by Dec. 1, 2012.
   1st place—4 gift cards                     Category 7: 50 to 99 members                 ✦ PostalEase contributors must be reflected
   2nd place—3 gift cards                                                                    in the system by the second pay period of
                                              1st place—3 gift cards                         December 2012.
   3rd place—2 gift cards                     2nd place—2 gift cards                      If you have questions about the competition,
   4th place—1 gift card                      3rd place—1 gift card                    please contact the Department of Legislative and
   5th place—1 gift card                      4th place—1 gift card                    Political Affairs at 202-662-2833.

12 POSTAL RECORD I APRIL 2012                                                              NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS

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