APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH PRAYER LIST
                                                                                                          December 7, 2011

Pray for our Pastor & Family; Pray for our AFC Leaders & Members                   RECUPERATING:                 MEDICAL:                              SPECIAL PRAYER:           SALVATION:
Pray for the Board and Staff of World Vision that God would provide the            Sis. Evelyn Hall              Bro. Aaron Ellington, bone cancer     Low, Low, Low,Low, Low,   Mario Robinson
financial resources needed to continue serving the Body of Christ.                 Sis. Joyce Smith              Deidra Whitaker, brain cancer         Low interest rates.       Marshall Grant
Pray for the Nation; Pray for the P.A.W. & I.D.C. & N.W.D.C. &                     Bro. Charles Robinson         Deborah Evans, breast cancer          Kevin King Jr.            David Pollard
Pray For Our Children & Communities & Schools & Politicians                        Sis. Lori McLemore            Catherine Brewster, breast cancer     Wilks family              Dorian Pollard
Pray for the 44th President of the United States of America                        Sis. Dorothulia Davis         First Lady Cozetta Foster, cancer     Anthony & Rosa Castillo   DuJuan Pollard
President Barack Obama, family and his staff.                                      Lutitia Bryd                  Latonya Shanklin, cancer              Sis. Gussie Gardner       Edward McClendon’s
Pray for AFC Expansion Project.                                                    Sis. Andrea Carr              Betty J. Caldwell, cancer             Karen Williams            Nakia Davis & daughters
                                                                                   Sis. Sharon Harris            Lee Tolbert, breast cancer            Heniretta Williams        Quikinia Simmons, deliverance
FAITHWORKS MINISTRIES BROADCASTS listed :                                          Mozella Williams              Eddie Mae Sorells, cancer             Lurlean Brown             David Brooks, Jr.
Word Network on Tuesday @ 7:30 p.m.                                                Sis. Willa Mae Swansey        Bridget L Wells, cancer               Bruce Patterson           Theresa Barber
WJYS on Saturdays @ 8 til 9 p.m. & Sundays @ 1:00 p.m.                             Sis. Lynn Miles, Rehab        Maria Williams, cervical cancer       Kaya Feaster              Michael Smith
Go to AFCCHICAGO. ORG for Sunday’s Service @                                                                     Dennis Burns, colon/stomach canc      Wright family             Creggett family
8:45 am & 12:15 pm and Wed. 7:00 pm                                                MEDICAL:                      Venita Washington, colon cancer       Demetrius Wright          Eddie Mosely, jail
BEREAVEMENTS:                                                                      Dianne Rowell                 Stephanie Jackson, colon cancer       Kendall Reeves            James M. (healing)
(1). Mr. Anthony Alexander passed, brother of Bro. James Alexander of our          Bro. Robert Leachman          Melinda Williams, esophageal can      Camille Reeves            Darrius Anthony
Sunday School Ministry. Services will be held in Memphis, TN                       Ricky Wells                   Robbie Collins, heart transplant      Dr. James Ammons          Franco Spraggins
Wake held on Wed. 12/ 7 @ 3pm – Funeral held on Thursday, 12/ 8 @                  Dan Woods                     Willie Ware, kidney                   Gail Christmas            Edward Duckworth
12 pm - E H Ford Funeral Mortuary, 3390 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN            Geraldine Fisher, healing     La Shoan Pettis, kidney transplant    Crumiel family            Damien & Tasha Rheams
38116 (901) 345-9558.                                                              Lucius Glispie                Lonnie Griffin, kidney transplant     Marvin Druck              Julia Bacescu
                                                                                   Deenia Jackson, healing       Erica Triplett, leukemia              Demitria Davis            Tom Lightrow
(2). We regret to announce the passing of Ms. Kim Cannady, sister to Sis.          Penny Hamilton                Juanita Salinas, liver cancer         Devon Davis               John Paul & Brian& Davis
Mary Wiggins & sister –in –law of Min. Michael Wiggins. Services are as            Gertrude Moore, sickle cell   Edward Sims, liver cancer             Ms. Luris Burnett         Phil Kletke
follows:Friday, December 9, 2011 A @ AFC, Wake: 10am / Funeral: 11am               Lazarck & Allen & Jones       Mrs. Kletke, liver transplant                                   Gregory Davis & Jean
                                                                                   families                      Marsha Thompson, cancer                                         ,
(3). We regret to announce the passing of Mrs. Luris Burnett, mother of Sis.       Burnside Family, health       Sandra Allen, cancer
Afrieda Maclin & mother-in-law to Bro. Clayton Maclin. Services are as follows:    Irene Wyner, unemployed       Sis. Patricia Brownlee, lung cancer                             Broadcast Prayerline:
Friday, December 9, 2011 @ Carter Funeral Home, 2100 E. 75th St.,                  Loretta Catto, unemployed     Calvin Esper, lung cancer                                                December , 2011
Wake: 12:30 pm / Funeral: 1:30 pm                                                  Marketa Spivey                William Hill, lung cancer                                       Min. Neville Jolly & Jamilla
                                                                                   Geraldine Wilson, cancer      Paul Greer, lung cancer                                         Devin Hampton, illness
(4). The arrangement for Anthony “Tony” Brown, grandson of Mother Marlis           Marvin Jones                  Louella Tilmon, ovarian cancer                                  Freddie Moore, Manor Care
Brown of our Senior Saints & Data Input Volunteer Ministries. Services are as      Bro. George Tolbert           Sis.Chris Hardman,ovarian cancer                                Pearline Johnson, healing
follows: Saturday, December 10, 2011 @ Salem Baptist Church,                       Leah Stevens                  Rob Henderson, prostate cancer                                  Christiana Williams, surgery
752 E. 114th St. Wake: 10:00 am / Funeral: 11:00 am                                Bro. George Brownlee          Lee Baker, stomach cancer                                       Dominique Pitchford
                                                                                   Sis. Patricia Brownlee        Eugene Walker, throat cancer                                    Patricia Adams, arthritis
Please remember these bereaved families in your prayers:                           Acqueline Johnson                                                                             Karla Davis, illness
Denton family; Anderson / Sanders family; Bryant family; Barnes / Hill family;     Phillip Johnson                                                                               Bennie Ellison
HOSPITALIZED:                                                                                                                                                                    Wilbert Bohlen
Sis. Dianne Rowell,                                                                                                                                                              Pamela Murry, strength
Sis. Gracie Warren,                                                                                                                                                              Belinda Gamel
Bro. Douglas Brewster, (husband of Sis. Catherine Brewster).                                                                                                                     Mary Ship
                                                                                                                                                                                 James Nelson
Every Friday Morning (Early Encounter with Jesus 6:30a-7:30a)                                                                                                                    Michael, healing
Prayer Focus #1
Pray that God will give our congregation a heart like His.
Prayer Focus #2
Pray that God will unify our church in ministry, giving and service.
Prayer Focus #3
Pray that God will favor AFC in land acquisition & capital stewardship as we
build the Vision He has given us.

                                                                   APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH PRAYER LIST
                                                                                              December 7, 2011
Travis Taylor                  (HOMELAND):                 (DEPLOYED):                        1. Jacinta Williams 2. Katherine Harris 3. Camille & Kendall Reeves 4. Nichelle Howard
Kelly Whitney, NJ              Bro. Jeremiah Winston       Kyle Thomas, Afghanistan,          5. Brittanie Gage 6.Tameka Stubblefield 7. Kiana Andrew 8. Bryan Spearman
Paul Lee, Jr.                  Lonnie Lumpkin, Jr.         10/2011                            9. Emmanuel & Joseph McGhee 10. Basia Simpson 11.Shay Banton 12. Richard Barnes
DeJuan Sampson                 Brandon Hendrix             Andre Barber, Afghanistan          13. Jared & Paris Bates 14. Shakeyah Brazelton 15. Philip Sparks 16. Harlan Underwood
Travis STaylor                 Tiesha Davis                Christopher Jordan, Afghanistan    17. Jonathan Waterford 18. Nicole Humphrey 19. Daniel Covington 20.Emmon Biah
Carlos Davis                   Pierre Boyd                 Brian White, Afghanistan           21. Quarvei Ferguson 22. Joshua Harrison 23. Sophia Carter 24. Ajoa Darko 25. Kaya Feaster
Kelvin Garrett                 Major Milton R. Ware, Jr.   Shaina McGordon, Afghanistan       26. Loren Gogins 27. Mark Willis 28. Michelle Howard 29. Krystina Johnson
April Bainter                  Jones McGhee                Dion Edon, Jr. Afghanistan         30. Raquelle Richardson 31. Andrea S. Harris 32. Maximilian Tolbert 33. Amber O’Donoghue
Moores Brothers                SSG. Richard Bullard        Quentin Stewart, Afghanistan       34. Michael Ware 35. Jasminie Woodfork 36. Jonathan & Meagan Powers 37. Tevin Anderson
Pauline Lumpkins               David Brooks, Jr.           Mary Boatwright, Afghanistan       38. Sharon Ellis 39. Genean McShane 40. David Henderson 41. Joseph Celestin
Kenneth Grady                  Sgt. Troy Madden            Herman L. Buckley, Afghanistan     42. Eric Taylor 43. L’ Cariah Davis 44. Brandon Clasberry 45. Dominique Robinson
Andre Guest                    Sgt. Folayan Parks          Timothy Jones, Afghanistan         46. Elizabeth A. Williams 47. Tristion McDowell 48. Siedah Parham 49. Ciarra/Jimmie Hardin
Keith Brown                    Khadijah Taylor             John Moser, Afghanistan            50. Kylie Price 51. Bianca Rogers 52. Talya Burn 53. Thea & Terrence & Daniel Ware
Tony Clark Burch               Jessica Sutton              DeJohn Stokes, Afghanistan         54. Dejeanette & Ricky Flournoy, II 55. Chanel Moore 56. Courtney Brown
Tannille Tyson                 Evans Family,               Jessup Tillmon, Afghanistan        57. Gloria King 58. Juels E. Crum 59. Cynthia Jones 60. Imia Holston 61. Kiara Pickney
Semaj Walker                   Theo Duckett                Reginald Timmons, Afghanistan      62. Leonard Wakefield 63. Melissa Parks 64. Ashley Lisenby 65. Ashley Williams
Tommie Kenny                   Azarius Ellis               Brent Gullet, Afghanistan          66. Katrina Harris 67. L’ Kyla Davis 68. Daniel C. Green 69. Arielle & Armani & Deborah Akines
Timothy Jordan, II             Bro. Roy Robinson           Tact. Sgt. Christopher L. Evans,   70. George Ellzey 71. Michael & Marquita & Michelle Wiggins 72. Stanley D. Levy 73.Inkosana Harris,Jr.
Melvin Jones                   Joey L. Brooks              Baghdad                            74. Benjamin C. Gogins 75. Robyn Parks 76. Victoria Forte 77. Dean Johnson 78. Kim Owens
Maurice Knighten               Brian Wood                  Sgt. Raphael Pedigree, Baghdad     79. Michelle Warren 80. Erica Barber 81. Gabriel Brown 82. L’ Kesha Lyle
Jamil Gordon                   Pvt. Ron Fiedler            Staff Sgt. Terry Love, Baghdad     83. Patrick Hughes 84. Naomi Lockett 85. Antonio Martin 86. Marcel M. Pryor 87. Dante Taylor
                               Darius Carter               Jerome Claybron, Guam              88. Katie & Leah Toler 89. Neilian Smith 90. Elisabeth Forte 91. Marcellus L. Harrington
Open Door Prison Ministry      Thomas Pettis               Darrell McQuarter, Iraq            92. Ciera D. Lyons 93. Chandler Farris 94. Brianne Kelly 95. Glenn Martin,Jr. 96. Aaron Walker
visit these Prisons monthly.   Andrew Harris               Candace Matthews, Iraq             97. Seria Wallace 98. Deadra O’Dell 99. Pamela Faleti 100. Shakiah C. Webb -Harris 101. Kiara Pickney
                               Lt. Lonesha Walker          Meeka McWilliams, Iraq
Cook County Jail, MCC          Jessie Durham               Jerry Jones, Iraq
Dwight Correctional Center     Juan O’Neil                 Calvin Leeks, Iraq                 PERSONS AND THEIR CAREGIVERS:
& Stateville Prison. Also,     Charvon Madden              Major Kenny, Japan                  Lillie Mae Andrews
Grace House for Women          Bro. James Simpson, Jr.     Lydell Dargan, Kuwait               * Barbara Craddock
and IYC & Pontiac Prison.      LaPorsha Brownlee           Fred Boyd, Kuwait                  *Vivian Craft
                               Desma Boyd                  Alexander Gantt, Kuwait            *Evang. Mother Georgetta Cramer
                               Mario Brown                 Kendall Mendenhall, Qatar          *Sis. Jessie Dean
                                                                                              *Bro. Robert Fentress
                                                                                              Sis. Sammie L. Gardner
                                                                                              *Mother Sis. Velma George
                                                                                              Evang. Maggie Hawkins
                                                                                              *Sis. Christeen Lewis
                                                                                              *Laura Ross
                                                                                              *Sis. Maudell Williams
                                                                                              *Bro. Randolph Williams


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