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									                                                                     OCTOBER 2010

   Goings on Around HCSSL…
Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will find
                                               Sandy is one of the first people I met when
an article by Mitch Schwartz, which I am
                                               I joined the league 13 years ago.  I wasn’t
pleased to say is intended as the first in a
                                               consciously aware of it then, but looking
series of articles exploring HCSSL’s
                                               back, that probably wasn’t an accident, as
history by way of its people — or perhaps I
                                               Sandy seemed to make it a point to meet
should say its characters! <smile>
                                               all “the new guys” and make them feel
                                               welcome.  I hadn’t previously done the
As we approach our 30th anniversary next
                                               math, but if he’s 80 now, that means he
spring, we hope you will find these articles
                                               played in United at age 67 and beyond,
enjoyable, interesting, even educational.  
                                               which tells you something about him as a
We all benefit from a league built by others
                                               player, too.
over the years and it’s fun to reconnect
with some of the highlights of how we got
                                               As for that voice, we used to joke that you
here — and who helped get us here.
                                               didn’t have to look for his crewcut to know
                                               Sandy was at the ballpark — just listen for
We begin this month with Sandy
                                               that voice, especially when it called out
Sanderson, long an HCSSL fixture, who,
                                               “How does the ball take it?” after he or
though no longer a playing member, is still
                                               someone else hit a weak popup after a
active in our field maintenance operations,
                                               mighty swing.   That was as much a Sandy
immediately recognizable as “the voice of
                                               trademark then as referring to himself as
HCSSL” on our hotline telephone.
                                               the Curmudgeon has become since.  Fond
Mitch could not have picked a better
                                               memories, indeed — and a great
ambassador for the sport and the league
                                               introduction to our new series.
than Sandy to begin the series.   Not only a
skilled and knowledgeable player, but as
kind and decent a person as anyone I’ve
ever known — an outstanding role model of
sportsmanship and the underlying spirit of
our league.
                                                                                OCTOBER 2010


41 HCSSL members & friends              two hits each from several Astros,
                                                                                The 2010 HCSSL
                                        including high-profile rookies Brett
attended the September 12 Astros-                                               Directory is out.  Our
                                        Wallace and Jason Castro.  It was a
Dodgers game at Minute Maid Park,                                               apologies for it
                                        great day for Houston sports, as we
15 of them using complimentary                                                  being later than
                                        also followed the Texans 34-24
bus service from Harris                                                         intended — we’ll
                                        season-opening win over the Colts
County to avoid traffic                                                         work to improve
                                         that afternoon via smartphones.  
and parking hassles,                                                            that next year — but,
                                         Memo to selves: schedule next
all of them enjoying                                                            as you’ve seen, it is
                                               year’s Astros outing earlier
seats in the                                                                    an especially
                                                  so as not to conflict with
popular “all you
                                                                                attractive and useful
                                                  football season!  The 26
can eat” section.
                                                                                book, reflecting
                                                  people who signed up          considerable effort
                                        promptly for this game also got free
We did good work while we stuffed
                                                                                by our Newsletter/
                                        tickets for a second game vs. the
our faces, rooting the Astros on to a
                                                                                Directory Director,
                                        Brewers a few days later — a great      Ben Pruitt.
7-4 win that included lots of what
                                        value, thanks to the organizing
you would hope to see: a Michael
                                        efforts of our Vice President, George
Bourne stolen base, home runs
from Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee,
                                                                                OCTOBER 2010

More “Goings On”
                                                                             Tom Altman

• Evaluations         Player evaluations are being     • Fall General Meeting           An almost-free
 completed and tallied this month.  The                 meal (please just bring a side dish to share),
 information produced is extremely important,           awarding of summer championship shirts,
 serving as the basis for assembling winter season      announcement of Board election results, and a
 teams and as a key reference in drafting next          chance to socialize with HCSSL friends and
 summer’s teams.  We appreciate everyone                significant others — all in all, a great evening,
 accepting the assignment and making the effort         and one we hope you will attend.  Big thanks to
 to complete an evaluation and the work of Jim          the HCSSL Ladies Auxiliary for hosting and
 Neil, who volunteered to compile the results.          arranging the food.  Bayland Community Center,
                                                        Friday evening, October 29, 6-9 pm. 
• Elections          Elections to fill four open
 Board seats are being held this month.  Anyone         • Texas Senior Games.          The Texas Senior
 who couldn’t/didn’t vote at the fields (or, in the      Games (formerly known as the Texas Senior
 case of associate members, by mail-in ballot) is       Olympics) will hold the softball portion of its
 welcome to do so the evening of our Fall General       2010 state-wide competition on our Bayland Park
 Meeting on October 29.  We greatly appreciate          fields the weekend of October 29-31.  For
 everyone willing to serve — as with any                anyone interested in assembling/entering a team,
 organization, we get good results only when good       there is information on our website (http://
 people are willing to step forward and make an         www.hcssl.org).  Would be great to provide not
 effort on behalf of us all.                            only some good fields, but some good
                                                        competition for our visitors!
• Winter Season        With 100° weather not that
 distant a memory, it almost sounds silly to say the    • INTERNAL TOURNAMENT 2              Following the
 winter season is coming, but it is.  The sign-up       successful first-ever HCSSL internal tournament
 deadline is the night of the Fall General Meeting,     last June (110 participated), the second such
 October 29, though it would save lots of last-         tournament will be held on Saturday,
 minute administrative scrambling if you’d sign         November 6.  The tournament is open to all
 up sooner, please.  The application is available       HCSSL members, and is especially targeted at
 online and in this newsletter.  Teams will be put      those who don’t typically play tournament ball. 
 together on November 2 and play will begin the         It’s a chance to enjoy for one day the fun and
 week of November 8.                                    excitement of competing in a tournament,
    playing with a mixture of old and new friends from HCSSL, without having to travel
    anywhere or stay in a hotel.  Details and sign up form are on the last page of this newsletter.
    Let’s get lots of signups and give Tournament Director Robin Wells plenty of work to do in
    getting this organized!

• Parking           Harris County recently re-striped our existing parking lot in such a way as to
    generate 5 additional parking spaces.  And you may already have seen the early signs of a
    construction project in which the County will build a new lot along the right-field side of
    Field #2, adding 30 additional parking spaces before next year’s summer season, likely well
    before then.  We appreciate the efforts of the good folks at Harris County and especially the
    fine initiative and persistence of Field #1 Director, Howard Hill, without which neither of
    these projects would have happened.

    • MDA Telethon           One of HCSSL’s own, Ewald Schadt, was featured at the beginning
    of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Telethon the evening of September 5.  An
    outstanding softball player and perhaps an even better gentleman and teammate, “E” (as he
    is universally known) can no longer play softball, finding himself confined to a wheelchair by
    the infamous ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s disease”) for which there is no known cure.  MDA and
    Channel 2 filmed him, both at our Bayland Park fields and at his home with his family.  Very
    nicely done, very classy, very moving.  A terrible mix of emotions: joy and pride at knowing
    such a good man and having had him as both a teammate and opponent in HCSSL, sadness
    at what he is having to deal with, great respect and pride for him and his family for how well
    they are tackling all this.  If you’re thinking about any additional charitable contributions
    this year, MDA would be a particularly good one to consider. 
As always, please don’t hesitate to bring us your thoughts on ways we can improve HCSSL
and the things it does. 
Tom Altman
HCSSL President
                                                                                 OCTOBER 2010

                      HCSSL—the Early Years
The following is the first in a series of articles     Field Maintenance tools consisted of two power
in which we acknowledge (and celebrate)               mowers, miscellaneous yard tools, and a garden
HCSSL members who participated in the                 hose. The hose served a dual purpose: watering the
League during its early years. While the              grass and dragging the infield. Sandy claims the
articles will focus on their recollections of         hose left the infield “smooth as glass.” Clay soil was
those days, they will also give us a glimpse of       applied to the pitcher’s mound and the batter’s box
their personal lives. Although many of the            to increase their usage time.
original organizers are gone (for example,
Vince Hartford, Stan Ward, Jim Rush and Bob              Ground Rules
Stone), there are still quite a few active            
 The dugouts were not the impressive structures
members whose memories are keen enough                they are today. Rather, they were smallish, and built
to paint a picture of those early years.              inside the fences. Instead of having doors, each
    Mitch Schwartz                                    dugout had an opening at each end – one facing
                                                      home plate and the other facing the outfield fence.

 His voice is strong and clear…not exactly the       The ground rules stated that a batted ball entering
voice you would expect of an 80-year-old. Some        the dugout was considered to be a foul ball. A
would say his voice is his trademark. Somehow,        thrown ball entering a dugout was ruled out-of-play.
that seems appropriate, since many HCSSL              The foul ball/out-of-play marker was a chalk line
members only know him by his voice. Sandy             across the portal where each dugout door would
Sanderson joined HCSSL as a player in 1988.           have been.
His memories of that time are quite vivid. The
following descriptions came directly from Sandy.         Rainout Messages
                                                         In 2005, at the insistence of his doctors (one of
   The Fields                                         whom was his brother, the thoracic surgeon), Sandy

 In 1988, shortly after joining the League, Sandy    retired as a player…18 years after he started.
volunteered to be groundskeeper. Assisting in this    However, he did not retire from HCSSL. He did
task was his grandson Cody. In those days, there      continue in his role as the Voice of HCSSL,
was only one six-team division. There was also only   announcing the field conditions for HCSSL’s
one field (east), and that field was much smaller       Rainout message. He has done this for the past nine
than it is today. The right field fence was only 175   years, after succeeding George Hughley. It is in that
feet from home plate, its distance limited by the     role that many of us know (of) him. Some even
nearby tennis courts. It wasn’t until the county      refer to him as The Voice of HCSSL.
agreed to move the tennis courts that the field was
                                                                                         OCTOBER 2010

                  As Sandy explains: “I inspect the     is somewhat downbeat. If his message mentions
fields early in the day. If the fields look playable, I   an HCSSL member with a serious medical
record a message reflecting that. If threatening         condition, the music is of a more somber nature.
weather is in the area, I encourage the players to      He admits that most of his CD collection is from
call back later in the afternoon. Then, if              the ‘40s and ‘50s, with emphasis on the
conditions change, I update the message…if it           saxophone. If you’ve listened to even a small
doesn’t interfere with my nap.”                         number of his messages, you’ve probably noticed
                                                        that two of his favorite adjectives are frog-
                                                        strangler and curmudgeon. Sandy’s wife Martha
                                                        says curmudgeon is a perfect nickname for him.

                                                            Colorful Characters
                                                             In the ‘80s, there was a free-spirited player in
                                                        the League named Bob Maroney. Maroney was a
                                                        huge right-handed power hitter, who loved to hit
                                                        homers - which he did with some regularity. At
                                                        that time, the right field fence was still only 175
   Sandy recording his                                  feet, while the left field fence was 290 feet.
    rainout message                                     Maroney, being a good sport, consistently
                                                        avoided hitting toward the short fence. He even
    As we all know, Sandy’s “rainout” messages          put signs on the outfield fences. The right field
don’t simply report the status of the fields. He         sign said “Sissy Fence”, while the left field sign
also adds a bit of home-spun, corn-ball humor.          said “Man’s Fence”. A left-handed hitter on
Having been a long-time collector of jokes and          another team took exception to the signs, ripped
joke books, Sandy never lacks for these tidbits.        them off the fences, and continued to hit
He also receives individual knee-slappers from          homeruns over the right field fence. Houston’s
friends and family.                                     version of the Gashouse Gang?

   While recording each message, he adds                    In the League’s early days, players sometimes
accompanying music, which he does by playing a          cruised the malls, looking for sponsors and
CD in the background. He carefully selects the          ballplayers. One of the League’s first sponsors
music based on the mood of the message. If the          was Lone Star Glass, who is still with us after 23
weather’s good, the music might be light. If the        years!
weather is of the frog-strangler variety, the music
                                                                                  OCTOBER 2010

    Baseball Career
    Sandy attended the University of Texas,
where he achieved a B.S in Physical
Education. While there, he played on the UT
baseball team, which was led by the legendary
Longhorn coach Bibb Falk (MLB star, with a .
302 lifetime batting average). After
graduation, Sandy went “pro”, joining the
New York Giants’ minor league team, the
Texas City Texans. He then moved on to one
of the Detroit Tigers’ farm clubs. His “pro”
career ended when the team’s manager said
to him: “Don’t lose yer glove, kid, cuz you’ll
never make it to the Bigs with your bat.”

    Coaching Career
    After that, Sandy attended the University
of Houston, where he got an M.S. in
Administrative Education. He ultimately
ended up coaching high school baseball and
football at schools such as Lamar, Bellaire,
Westbury and Robert E. Lee. At Strake Jesuit,               SANDY, CIRCA 1955,
he led his baseball teams to seven district titles         AT DETROIT TIGERS’
and four state championships. A few of his              FARM TEAM TRAINING CAMP
players went on to become famous, among
them Mark White, former governor of Texas,
and actress Jaclyn Smith (yup, that Jaclyn               Sandy is truly one of the League’s
Smith).                                              venerable traditions. He is one of a kind, and
                                                     we’re lucky to have him. It makes him proud
   Sandy and Martha have six children,               when people call him The Voice of HCSSL.
eight g randchildren and one g reat-                 Just don’t call him The Voice of the
grandchild.                                          Curmudgeon.
    and DINNER
OCTOBER 29 • 6 - 9
Bayland Park Community Center

                                      PLAN TO ATTEND!
                                         (please bring a side dish)

                                       DOOR PRIZES!
                                     RAFFLE DRAWING!
                                                            WIN THIS BAT!

                         Agenda Items
1. A potential move to using two umpires/game next summer
            2. A potential change in uniform shirts
                                                                            OCTOBER 2010


                                Manager - James Ingram.
Back Row: Bobby Halton, James Ingram, Mike Ferrell, Peter Hand, Mark Harding, Bill Valadez.
              Front Row: Daniel Washington, Michael Krost, James Galindo.
                  Not shown - Sam Golden, Joe Gonzales, Greg Jallans.
                                                                             OCTOBER 2010


                                    Manager - Ralph Lojo.
Back Row: Guy Schwartz, Ralph Lojo, Mike Beard, Rick White, Dick Kreger, Richard Seals. Front
    Row: Doug Klenke, Kirk Holt, Billy Cruse, Dennis Galvan, George Morales, John Vernor.
                                                                           OCTOBER 2010



                              Manager - Robert Flumach.
Back Row: Paul King, Dick Kantenberger, David Streusand, Tom Whitman, Everett Sims,
Glenn Fisseler. Front Row: Robert Flumach, Scott Baldwin, J.C. Davenport, Rick Martinez,
                            Jim Gallagher, Stephen Smolins
                                                                              OCTOBER 2010


                         BELIEF STRATEGIES
                                    Manager - Jeff Robin
Back Row: L.G. Clinton, Charles Bohnstedt, Michael Robin, Royce Robin, Jeff Robin, Bill Evelo,
Bobby Earle. Front Row: Alan Pauly, Luther Todd, Vince Brogan, Bob Roenigk, Richard French,
                                    Roland Christensen.
                                                                                     OCTOBER 2010

                 UMPIRES 2010                                    anks Guys!
 ! !                      !!                         !!                               !!

        Alfred Jack                 Bruce Jager            Russell Chase             James Foreman
! !                     ! !                         ! !                        !!

       Larry Lanier                Norm Shugar             Will Johnson                    Jerry Faries
 ! !                                                                            ! !
                              !!                      !!

        Greg Thomas                 Lance Small              Lee Smith                     Barry Heaton
                                                    ! !                             ! !

       Robert Dunaway              Jack Roden              Howard Hill                     James Ingram

                                                                          Special Thanks for assists in training
                                                  “ITS A TOUGH JOB,
                                                  BUT SOMEBODY'S
                                                    GOTTA DO IT.”
        Nick Cusano           Roy Hawkins

                                                                           Tom Pugil                  Bill Hale
                                                                  OCTOBER 2010

                          The Hendricks Sports Management team managed to win
                     not just one, but two national tournaments in the first half of
                     August. Playing in the 55+ Major Plus Division, they won the
                     ISA (Independent Softball Association) World Series in Gallatin,
                     Tennessee (near Nashville) the weekend of July 30 – August 1.
                          Two weeks later, they won the ISSA (International Senior
                     Softball Association) World Championships in Manassas,
                     Virginia the weekend of August 13-15. They won this
tournament is overpowering fashion, taking the championship game 25-3 on a run
rule in the bottom of the second inning! The team had 28
hits in 32 at bats in that game, and 8 of the 11 team members
batted over .700 for the tournament. Wow!
      Hendricks Sports Management is an HCSSL sponsor.
Players from HCSSL include manager Randy Hendricks and
David Standefer, as well as recent/former members Reggie
Simmons and Joe Standefer.
                                                                     OCTOBER 2010

                Texas Thunder
                tournament team

Texas Thunder, playing in the 55+ AAA Division, won the SPA (Softball Players
Association) Southwest National Championships in Irving, Texas the weekend of August
14-15, having to fight all the way back through the loser’s bracket in sweltering heat
(temperatures up to 106 degrees) after dropping their first game - a great comeback.
One member was named tournament MVP and four were all-tournament, including
HCSSL members Walt Cherry and Tim Solis.

The win in Irving qualified them for the SPA National Championships in Dalton, Georgia,
which were played September 15-19. They had an excellent tournament in Dalton, finally
losing the last day to a team from Maryland and finishing third overall. Four team
members were selected as All American, including HCSSL members Will Johnson and
Brian McLeroy.

Texas Thunder has extensive HCSSL representation, including manager Johnny Hughes,
Anthony Arnt, Don Cherry, Walt Cherry, Roy Hawkins, Will Johnson, Terry Litzinger, Brian
McLeroy, Tom Rizzo, Lance Small, and Tim Solis.

Congratulations to these two fine teams and all their players for their success on the
national stage. If you have other news of notable tournament team successes involving
League members, please let us know at newsletter@hcssl.org.
                                                        OCTOBER 2010

                    Randy Swain of the Continental Division has been
              undergoing some serious health issues of late and we wanted to
              update you on the latest developments.

                     - Randy has had a heart pump put in place. His doctor
              stated that his heart was swollen and fatigued - and he would
              not have made it much longer on his own.

                    He was also having a kidney problem that has been
              successfully dealt with as well.

                    Before the procedure Randy was asking if could he could
              play softball with a heart pump in place - and was told yes.
Randy Swain
                    We have not seen the last of Randy on the ball-field!

                     We look forward to his being back at Bayland - providing

                    Randy is doing better - but still has a long way to go so
              keep the prayers coming because nothing is more powerful than
                                                    OCTOBER 2010

Ladies Auxiliary
Hello Everyone! –
                                          dies Auxiliary
I have taken over as President of the La
                                  t to learn.
since February, 2010. I have a lo
                                                    d it
                 ded Hearts picnic on May 22 an
W e held the Men
was a success.
                                  for the summer inner
W e had a concession stand setup
                                          all players
league  tournament we held and the softb
were glad to see our concession
                                                th at the
 Our fall banquet is planned for October 29
                                      at 6:00 pm, the
 Community Center. Dinner starts
                                     invited and please
 meeting at 7:00 pm. Everyone is
                                         will be provided.
 rem  ember to bring a side dish, meat
                                              Bat, tickets will
 We will  be holding a raffle for an Ultra II
                                       /50 pot with and be
 be $ 3. We will have our regular 50
                                       bster, Pappa’s and
 drawing for gift cards from Red Lo
  Olive Garden.
                                              mment, please
  If anyo ne has an interesting topic or co
  let me know.
  Marilyn Schlager
                                                                                                OCTOBER 2010

                                   A DV E RT I S E M E N T
          bill's ad:Layout 1   2/3/10   6:06 PM   Page 1

                                                            William E. Stone III
                                                            AT TO R N E Y AT L AW

                                   Estate Planning
                                Powers of Attorney

                                Retirement Planning
                                      IRA Rollovers
                                  Financial Planning
                               College Savings Plans        FREE C O N S U LTAT I O N !

                                                            5212 Linden Street, Suite 202
                                                            Bellaire, Texas

This ad, provided and paid for by a League member, was inadvertently left out of the directory, so it is being run here.
                                                                                             OCTOBER 2010

                                   A DV E RT I S E M E N T

               MASSIVE STREAM

                                             OF INCOME
          GO TO: http://www.richardbrooke.com/

                           Then call (281) 277-0904

This ad, provided and paid for by a League member, was inadvertently left out of the directory, so it is being run here.
                                 H A R R IS C O U N T Y SE N I O R SO F T B A L L L E A G U E
                                                  Registration for 2010 W inter Season
                                                   (November 2010 February, 2011)
L ast Name                                            F irst Name                                                       Name of Spouse
Street A ddress                                       C ity                                State                         Zip
Home Phone                        Wor k/C ell Phone            Date of Birth               Occupation (former occupation, if retired)
x Receive newsletter via: e M ail               Snail M ail

x eM ail A ddress (P L E ASE PR I N T L E G I B L Y):   _______________________________________________
D U T I ES: You have a responsibility to assist the LEAGUE in one of the duties noted below. Please mark your choice:
   Scorekeeper          Manager         Field Mowing and Dragging

1.   Please note on the reverse side of this registration form any information that you deem important regarding your ability and/or
                                                                                               this season. You must also include your name
     on the reverse side of this registration form if you have any information to be considered. Note that this information is for
     information purposes only and is not binding on either HCSSL or on team managers. As such, there is no guarantee that you will
     play on the nights or in the division you prefer. If you list any such data, you must circle this section.
2.   If you decline to play in the division (and on the nights) in which you are drafted, your registration fee will not be refunded.
3.   The deadline for HCSSL receipt of the registrations is November 1st, 2010. Registrations received after this date will not be
     processed for the player draft. Assignments to teams will then be made according to League guidelines regarding Late Registering
4.   Registration forms and fee payments received after November 1st, 2010 will incur a $30.00 late fee. Registrations received
     without the correct fee will not be considered as received and will not be valid until the correct fee is received.
5.   Divisions, number of teams and nights for play will be determined based on the number of registrations received.
1.   T here is no guarantee you will play in the division in which you previously played.
1. You will be required to submit proof-of-age (copy of                     with your registration form.
2. Please indicate which field position you prefer to play on the reverse side of this registration form.
3. You are required to attend an evaluation session on Monday, November 1st starting at 6:30 PM at Bayland Park, Senior Softball Field # 2.
     On the morning of the evaluation, please call the HCSSL weather line 713-778-1824 for any changes to the evaluation schedule.

I (print name) _________________________________ agree to hold harmless Harris County and the Harris County Senior Softball
League (H C SS L), its Officers and its Directors, from any liability as a result of injury or death as a result of my participation in any
HCSSL-sanctioned activities.

Signed: ____________________________________________________________                       Date: _______________

      Membership Fees (Non-refundable)

      A ll Players               $55.00
      New Players                add $30 to the above (one-time charge)
      Late Fee
                  T O T A L : $________

                        D E A D L I N E F O R R E C E IP T O F R E G IST R A T I O N A N D P A Y M E N T IS November 1st, 2010
                                 A late fee of $ 30.00 will be assessed for all registrations received after this date.
                        M ake your check payable to H CSSL , and mail to H CSSL P. O . Box 1024, Bellaire, T X 77402-1024
                     C heck the Registration page of our website (W W W. H CSSL . O R G) to confir m receipt of your application
Hello Friends,

With the Summer Season complete and the Playoffs near completion, it is registration
time for our second and last League Tournament of the year. The 2010 HCSSL Fall
Tournament date is Saturday November 6th

Three things to remember:
  1. The cost is $10.
  2. ‘2010 HCSSL Fall Tournament Champions’ T-shirts go to the winners.
  3. The registration deadline is noon Saturday October 23rd .

2010 HCSSL Fall Tournament and registration information:

                 Sat Oct 23rd : Registration and fee (must be received by noon) deadline.
                                                o               $10/person entry fee, payable in full by cash or check with entry form. Entry forms available above
                                                                score house water dispensers.
                                                o               Mail to HCSSL P.O. Box 1024, Bellaire TX 77402-1024 OR Deliver to your Coordinator or Treasurer
                                                                Jim Gallagher prior to the Oct 23rd noon deadline.
                                                o               Many aspects of this tournament depend on the registration deadline, including number and size of
                                                                teams, number of managers & games, team drafting, game format, game times and more, so sign up
                                                                soon if you want to play because there can be no exceptions to the noon Oct 23rd signup deadline.
                                                o               Game format, number of teams, games and divisions is dependent upon participation and will be
                                                                announced at the close of the registration deadline.

                 Sat Oct 30th: Team Draft performed & details posted on website Tournament page.
                 Sat Nov 6th: First Annual Fall HCSSL League Tournament
                                                o               First place team from each tournament division wins HCSSL 2010 Fall Tournament Champions T-
                                                o               Most normal HCSSL/SSUSA tournament rules apply.

Thank you,
Robin Wells
Tournament Director

                •                                                                                                                                                             Fee	
Make your check payable to HCSSL, give this form & cash or check to your Coordinator or Jim Gallagher or mail to:

                                                                                                                              HCSSL P. O. Box 1024, Bellaire, TX 77402-1024


  [ ] cash OR [ ] check < - (please check one).

[ ] I am willing to manage a tournament team and will be available to attend the tournament team Sat Oct 30th draft if selected.

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