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					 August 2011                                            Volume 5, Issue 8
                                                                                      Event Calendar

                                                                                 2nd General Meeting

                           Corvette Club
                                                                                 Santa Barbara

                                                                                 13th Winos Gone Wild
                                                                                 Santa Barbara

                           Santa Barbara                                         25-27th Good Guys Car

                      MEMORIAL: ED BRUCE                                         6th General Meeting
                                                                                 Santa Barbara

                                    After fighting a long battle with cancer,    10th PCPA Theater
                                    Ed Bruce, a CCSB member since 1996,          Solvang
                                    passed away July 7. Until the illness
                                                                                 16th River City Cor-
                                    began to take Ed’s strength away, he         vette Club Dinner
                                    and Marylyn were able to go on many          Santa Barbara
                                    Corvette club trips. One of the longest
                                    was our trip back to Bowling Green,             Editor and Publisher
                                    Kentucky to the Corvette Museum                Fred Smith Publicity
                                    which they really enjoyed. More re-
                                                                                   Meetings are 1st Tues-
cently they joined us for the Black Gold run to the Grand Canyon in August         day of each month at
2010. As long as he was able, Ed and Marylyn were regular Corvette Club            6:30PM . The meeting
meeting attendees.                                                                   is held at Woody’s
                                                                                    Roundup Bar & Grill
                                                                                   3400 Calle Real, (Earl
Ed and Marylyn were married for 43 years                                           Warren Showgrounds)
and were a devoted couple. Ed and his                                                   Santa Barbara
two sons, James and Jason, were very
close and Ed had many stories of the car
projects and home projects that they                                                   Inside this issue:
worked on together.                                                             President’s Message         2
Marylyn had asked our members to drive their Corvettes to the services.
The morning of July 14, Bob and Inge Stallings led a caravan of CCSB
                                                                                Memorial continued          3
Corvettes down to the Ted Mayr Funeral Home in Ventura. Our cars were
parked up front right behind the immediate family cars. Jacques Bellesiles      Ventura Motorsports         3
had made a suggestion that we all wear club logo/Corvette apparel and
many of us were in CCSB jackets, etc. Ed’s Corvette family was well rep-        Winos Gone Wild             4
                                                                                Paso Robles Wine Run        4

                                                                                NCM Ambassador              5

                                                                                Activities                  5

                                                                                PCPA Solvang                6

                                                                                Membership                  7

                                                        Continued on page 3     July Minutes                8
 Page 2                                                                                     Volume 5, Issue 8

President’s Message                                       Sharon Smith

                                   At the July General Meeting we presented Bob and Inge Stallings with
                                   the Member of the Year Award for Club Year 2010-2011. Bob and
                                   Inge have volunteered many times to organize and lead runs such as the
                                   one to the Hearst Hacienda. Bob has taken the position of tail car a num-
                                   ber of times on runs, which is an important position for smooth, safe tran-
                                   sitions in traffic. Inge is our expert on flora and fauna as we travel the
                                   back roads, which are the roads of choice on runs that Bob and Inge
                                   lead. Inge assisted in creating the route book for the 2009 caravan to
                                   Bowling Green, and some of our members have benefited from Bob’s
                                   woodworking skills. These are just a few of their contributions to our
club. Thanks to both of you for what you have done and continue to do for CCSB.

The second event of the month for our club was a run to the Ventura Motorsports Gathering at Marina Park
in Ventura on July 10. We had a very light participation in this event, which is too bad because it was a nice
day and there were some fine cars on display. Jacques Bellesiles, Jerry Livers, and Fred and myself
spent a few hours mingling with owners of the American and European historic, exotic, and classic vehicles
participating in a Concours D 'Elegance setting. The owners were available and very happy to share informa-
tion about the special features and the history of their cars. Jacques shares his day there in an article in this

The second Winos Gone Wild event is planned for August 13. Tony and Paula Megowan will have another
opportunity to increase our members’ wine expertise.

Thursday, August 25 has us on the road again for a multi day event. We will be going to Pleasanton, CA for
the Good Guys 25th West Coast Nationals car show. The Pleasanton Marriott has a shuttle which will run
to the fairgrounds for the car show. The shuttle also goes to the mall (for shopping) and downtown Pleasan-
ton (for more shopping and restaurants). Ray Seider has provided the departure information in this newslet-

I know that our members have favorite destinations, know of places that we have always wanted to visit and
never have, or have a sporting/arts/music event that we might all enjoy. Please think of some of these and
bring your ideas to the August General Meeting to share. The activities committee will be meeting in the fall
to set the calendar of events for 2012. Let’s give them some great activities to consider.

                         Speaking of events, it’s not too early to start planning for the 2014 Caravan to
                         the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The NCM is a
                         ―mecca― for Corvette enthusiasts. If you have not participated in this event, then
                         you should seriously consider doing this trip in 2014. If you have been to this
                         event before, then you know what fun it is and will be joining us again. If you are
                         interested in finding out more about the caravan, then I encourage you to send an
                         email to and ask to be added to the mailing list for
                         the eNews. Hib Halverson, CCSB member, is the Caravan Section Captain for
                         So Cal/So Nev. Hib is already well into the planning of the route to Bowling
                         Green and will be making a second PreRun of the route this fall
                         along with Sandy and the Captains from the AZ/NM and the
OK/TX Panhandle Sections. Get this event on your calendar for 2014

                         Remember without “u” there is no club,
 Page 3                     Corvette Club Santa Barbara                                             Volume 5, Issue 8

Continued from front page
                                               Ed’s participation in our Cor-
                                               vette club was mentioned
                                               several times by the pastor
                                               in his comments during the
                                               service. The slide presenta-
                                               tion during the service and
                                               hearing others share about
                                               what Ed meant to them
                                               helped us to see the other
                                               facets of Ed’s life. He was a
                                               multi talented individual with
                                               a ―can do‖ attitude and a sincere desire to influence those in his
                                               family, circle of friends, and anyone he met in a positive way. If
as it is said that our purpose in this world should be ―that we make a difference‖, then I am confident that Ed
left us having more than fulfilled that purpose. He went about his life in a quiet
manner accomplishing so much helping others and being an excellent role model
for his children and grandchildren on how we are to live life.

Thank you for supporting Marylyn and the family by your attendance at the service
and by your other remembrances. Participation with their Corvette family was a
significant part of Ed and Marylyn’s last years together and we all have great
memories of those times together. The look of thankfulness for our being there on
Marylyn’s face as she stood in the middle of the roadway at the cemetery watching
fifteen Corvettes drive in touched all of us. After the graveside service, several of
us revved our engines one last time in Ed’s honor. We look forward to continuing
to share more Corvette times with Marylyn at the wheel now. Ed would like that

 VENTURA MOTORSPORTS GATHERING                                                      Jacques Bellesiles

                                                   You guys missed a really great car show. Marina Park is on a
                                                   cliff overlooking the ocean and it’s just a lovely place for a show.
                                                   The weather was sunny with a cool gentle breeze. Fred &
                                                   Sharon, Jerry Livers and I were on a grassy knoll known as the
                                                   ―Corvette Corral‖. We had a beautiful view of the whole show.
                                                   Yes, there were lots of Vettes, but there was much more. At
                                                   least a dozen Ferrari's, many great cars from the fifties and six-
                                                   ties including Jags, Porsches,
                                                   Mercedes, Triumphs, etc.

                                              There were some magnificent
cars of the thirties including one show stopper that we had never heard of
―The Lorraine‖.

I am told they plan to have the show again next year and you really ought
to come sit in the Corral with us.
 Page 4
                          WE ARE ON THE WEB                                                Volume 5, Issue 8

   If you have not yet signed up for either of the below runs be sure to contact
                             Tony or Paula Megowan
                      Winos Gone Wild – Battle Chardonnay
                                      Once again we will participate in the old tyme tradition of eating, drinking,
                                      and being merry. On the 13th of August (time to be announced) we will
                                      meet at Frank and Barbara’s abode to taste the wonderful wine we call

                                      Each couple (or individual) will bring a bottle of Chardonnay wine valued
                                      at $15-$25. Bring the wine unlabeled in a plain brown paper sack. The
                                      wine can be one you’ve never had before or one that you drink on a regu-
                                      lar basis - it’s up to you.

                                       The bags will then be numbered and we will blind taste them one at a
                                       time. Since you don’t know which wine you’re tasting, you will be judging
the wine strictly on its taste without any preconceived ideas about the winery. Once all the wines have been
tasted, we will unveil the bottles and see which ones are the favorites.
We are requesting each person bring their own wine glass to use for the evening so that the hostess isn’t left
with a bunch of wine glasses to wash. We will also be serving light appetizers (cheese, crackers, fruit, etc.).
There will be a nominal charge to help cover the cost of the appetizers (probably 2 to 3 dollars per person)
I will have a signup sheet and more information at the August meeting and I will also send out an email with
the final details.

                                       PASO ROBLES WINE RUN
The next Wine Run to Paso Robles is scheduled for the 12th and 13th of November. We are still in the proc-
ess of setting things up and will give everyone the details when we have them.

However we have decided to try a different hotel. We have blocked 15 rooms at the Hampton Inn as follows:
     5 King suites - discounted rate of $170.10
     5 King standard rooms - discounted rate of $152.10 (they only had 5 standard King rooms still avail-
     able for that date so people who want this type of room should call quickly.)
     5 Queen standard rooms - discounted rate of $152.10 (two Queen beds in each room)

          NOTE: The price of the each room includes breakfast. They will hold the room block until Octo-
          ber 1st. After that date the rooms will be released. The rooms are being held under CSB (not
          CCSB) so people should say they are with the Corvette Club of Santa Barbara or CSB when
          they call to get that special rate. Cancellation policy is 48 hours prior to arrival.

Also for those of you who want to, La Bellasera is also available. It is a
nicer (and pricier) hotel across the street from the Hampton Inn.
The phone numbers are:
        Hampton Inn: 226-9988
        La Bellasera: 238-2834

We look forward to seeing all of you at these two wine themed events. If
you have any questions call us at 805-659-5056.

Tony and Paula Megowan
 Page 5                  Corvette Club Santa Barbara                                      Volume 5, Issue 8

NCM Ambassador                                                Frank LoMonaco

                                         Corvette Racing Wins
                                         Grand Prix of Mosport

                       Corvette Racing returned to the winner's
                       circle at the Mobil 1 presents the Grand
Prix of Mosport as Oliver Gavin and Jan Magnussen scored the
team's first American Le Mans Series victory of the season.
Gavin and Magnussen won the GT class by 4.4 seconds in their
No. 4 Compuware Corvette C6.R over the Ferrari. Tommy
Milner and Olivier Beretta finished sixth in the No. 3 Compuware
Corvette C6.R after contact with a backmarker cost them valu-
able time on the high-speed Canadian circuit.
The Museum was on hand at the race to cheer on the team, and
even won the club participant award at the Corvette Corral. The
visit to the race was part of the "Museum in Motion" series.

                        ACTIVITIES                                              Ray Seider

                       Hello Guys and Gals…I'm partially back. We left Friday July 29th, by car, no not the
                       Corvette, for Des Moines, Iowa for the annual Gas & Oil Collectables show. This is our
                       tenth year. About 200 vendors and 1000 buyers and I hope to be one of the lucky buy-

                       Well July is gone and August is upon us. Tony will be telling you about WINOS GONE
                       WILD, Chardonnay, on the 13th.

August 25,26,27 is our run to the Good Guys Show in Pleasanton. I hate for any of you to miss this one but
we do have a nice group at this point. I've asked Fred and Sharon to lead our group but we will meet at the
usual Cajon Kitchen parking lot in Goleta at 8:45am and will leave promptly at 9:00. This should be about a 5
1/2 hour drive with a couple of stops on the way. We will arrive in Pleasanton about 2:30 and head to Plea-
santon Marriott, 11950 Dublin Canyon Road, to relax for a SHORT time. We have lots of leisure things to do
Thursday evening and I will work on some ideas when we return from Iowa on the 8th. I would like to have a
short meeting in the hotel lobby about 4:00 to talk about logistics for Friday morning. The show grounds open
at 8am and a great swap meet is right by the entrance gates. The vendor buildings open at 10:00. You will
see over 2500 hotrods and customs on Friday and should you decide to go back Saturday morning there will
be an additional 1500 or more. Friday evening gives us a lot of things to do which I will work on. Saturday
morning you are on your own to go back to the show, head home or head somewhere else.

I'm excited that Diane Szalay has come up with two events for September. Thank you Diane. She will talk
about those at the August meeting. (see page 6 )

October brings us the Idyllwild run on the 7th - 9th by Sharon, and Cambria/Hearst Castle which Jim and
Judy are heading up.

November has the annual Wine Run and I plan to have a couple of local events, possibly bowling or some-
thing fun.
           Over and Out
 Page 6                    Corvette Club Santa Barbara                                         Volume 5, Issue 8

PCPA Theater Solvang                                        Diane Szalay

The Club needed a couple of September activities - here's some more
information for the late Summer dinner and theater Run to Solvang on
Saturday September 10.
                                                                                        Privacy Reminder
                                                                                  Old Club Rosters should be
                                         For this outing, we'll drive up San      shredded not just thrown in
                                         Marcos Pass to Solvang where we'll        the trash when replaced.
                                         grab a patio dinner at the Fresco
                                         Valley Café on Atterdag - quite close
                                         to the theater. We'll arrive at the
                                         Cafe about 5:45 p.m.

                                       We can order off the menu, be
                                       seated at tables for 8 - our dinner
                                       checks will be one per each table -
please be prepared to divvy up according to what you order, add sales
tax ( and gratuity will be 18%). This turned out to be less expensive than
our usual 3 course dinner. Please Bring Cash - Thank You.

They will provide the menu in advance of our activity and I will pass it on
to all participants as soon as I get it.
I will also get parking details/ driving directions to you.

After dinner we'll walk or drive to the theater (just around the corner on
2nd Street)! This musical production of "My Fairytale" was written for
Denmark's Bi-centennial of Hans Christian Andersen's birth.

Quite fitting for Solvang as they are coincidentally celebrating the Centen-           Check out the
nial of their own little Danish village!
                                                                                       Club website
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Pippin, and              
Wicked). Yes, you've heard his work…

Performance begins at 8:00 p.m. at the Solvang Outdoor Theater, don't
forget to bring warm layers to put on; those brisk evening breezes cut
right through light clothing. Strongly recommend jacket, hat, gloves, scarf
- stuff we're not used to wearing in these parts! Some of us bring a
cushion to make the seats more cozy, and our official CCSB Club throw
to keep our legs warm.

Refreshments are available on the Theater grounds for those who might                Jacques Bellesiles
get hungry during intermission!                                                              PARTNER

                                                                                   5740 Ralston Street, Suite #301
For theater tickets ONLY, please give me your                                           Ventura, CA 93003
checks made out to the Corvette Club Santa Bar-
                                                                                         (805) 620-4700 x4722
bara.                                                                            (888) 286-5550 - (805) 676-4320 FAX
   Tickets are $29 per person, $58 per couple,
      I must make the deposit by August                                       
            10. RSVP Diane Szalay.
                                                                                 ALL MAJOR FINANCIAL EXCHANGES
                                                                                  NOW IN VENTURA
 Page 7                  Corvette Club Santa Barbara                                     Volume 5, Issue 8

Membership Column                                                 Pat Bloom


                  With the tragic passing of Ed Bruce, and five members not renewing, we currently have 88
                  members and 73 cars.


Many members have active roles within their communities and their contributions are both admired and to be
applauded. Here is a sampling:

Steve Petersen signed up to raise money for the MDA Telethon fund raiser. Steve says the MDA is "Taking
me to Jail" and he has to raise "Bail" to get out. If anyone would like to bail him out, go to https:// to make a donation. He goes to jail August 18th.

Neil Mietus just returned from a one week mission trip to Roatan, Honduras. His church partners with a
small church in the village of Pandytown where he visited, prayed for and fed widows and prisoners. Locally
Neil's church sponsors "Laundry Love" paying for homeless people to get clothes washed at different loca-
tions in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria.

Mona Rotella has volunteered at the American Cancer Society for three years, is on the ACS Community
Council, and was on the Gala committee last year. She's been a "Road to Recovery" volunteer, driving pa-
tients to appointments and treatment who have no other means of transportation, and starting in August will
take over as coordinator in the Santa Barbara area, matching volunteer drivers to patients each week. Mona
also does call backs to patients requiring assistance and other office work as needed. She is impressed with
the medical personnel and ACS staff, all of whom are caring, dedicated and energetic people. Anyone inter-
ested in volunteering for the ACS should call the Santa Barbara ACS office, 963-1577, check out the website
at or call 1-800-227-2345.

RIVER CITY CORVETTE CLUB COMES TO SANTA BARBARA                                         Diane Szalay

We are invited to join the River City Corvette Club for a PuPu potluck at the Pepper Tree Inn on outer State
Street in Santa Barbara on Friday September 16, 2011. They will start setting up about 5:30 p.m.

Last year a group of us got together and split the cost of the items we took to share. The variety of River
City's delicious offerings was endless, from hot and cold appetizers to desserts. Bring your own beverages!

The Desert Hot Springs Club will have a few members there as well. Let's show them how hospitable we lo-
cals can be! Let us know if you plan to attend and if you want to bring something on your own or share in
the cost.

Shopping committee will get the goodies, although homemade treats are also welcome. We can probably
show up closer to 6 p.m. RSVP and/or sign up sheet available at meeting on Tuesday August 2.
Page 8                   Corvette Club Santa Barbara                                        Volume 5, Issue 8

                              Minutes of July 5, 2011 General Meeting
                     Woody’s Roundup Bar & Grill - 3400 Calle Real - Earl Warren Showground's, Santa Barbara, CA

                     1.     Meeting called to order by Sharon Smith tonight at 6:32 pm.
                     2.     Introduction of Officers.
   3. Secretary’s Report distributed and approved.
   4. Treasurer’s Report distributed and approved.
   5. Membership Report: Pat reports 94 members with 76 cars. Must turn in waivers. Still some mem-
        bers have not paid their dues yet. Make sure you use current roster when sending emails. Members
        of the year award given out to Bob and Inge Stallings. Great job to a well deserved couple. The
        club thanks you for all your hard work.
   6. Bragging Corner: Email Pat for anything interesting happening to you for the newsletter.
   7. NCM Ambassadors Report: Frank LoMonaco reports. Need to know anytime you purchase raffle
        tickets online.
   8. ACTIVITIES: Ray Seider in Europe. Sharon reports. Thanks to Frank and Barbara LoMonaco for
        hosting the 4th of July party. Discussed having persons assigned to set and clean up at events the
        club holds.
       7/10/11 – Ventura Motorsports Gathering in Ventura. GM marquee and Corvette corral.
       8/25-8/27/11 – Good Guys Anniversary West Coast Nationals Car Show in Pleasanton.
       8/13/11 – Winos gone wild. Will send out email. This time it’s Chardonnay. (Last time we had 16
       10\29-10\30\11 – Hearst Castle/Cambria run. More information to follow.
       11/12-11/13/11 – Paso wine run. To email hotel information. (Different hotels this year.)
       12\3\11 – Christmas party at Mulligan’s.
   9. Old Business: Thor’s logo on jackets. Email Frank LoMonaco so we can get a group order to-
   10. New Business: Happy Birthday to Linda Petersen, Al Rotella and Thore Edgren.
   11. Tech Talk: Fred Markley answered questions on tail lights. Discussed having a run to willow
       springs or go carts. Lee Whitney discussed the new C7.
   12. Trivia question: .Al Rotella won ticket.
   13. 50/50 Raffle – Rusty won pot $30.00.
   14. Next meeting August 2nd at Woody’s Roundup Bar and Grill.
   15. Correspondence. 1981 Corvette For Sale
   16. Meeting adjourned at 7:22.

         Respectfully submitted,
         Sandy Rubel Halverson, Secretary
  Page 9
                                           For clothing embroidered with               WE ARE ON THE WEB
                                           the Corvette Club Santa Bar-    
                                           bara logo contact Frank or Bar-
                                           bara LoMonaco.

                                           For clothing that is silk screen
Members of the NCM receive 10% to
15% discount on purchases from the
                                           printed with the Corvette Club
museum store.                              Santa Barbara logo contact
                                           Bob Szalay.
Check the store before buying Corvette
related items from other vendors—you
might be surprised at the current inven-
tory as well as prices. Be sure to check
the items on sale while you are there.

  Corvette Club Flags                                                                          Ad
We still have a few CCSB Club                                                                 Here
Flags left...

They are 12"w x 8"h and are $15                                                               Call Fred Smith

Please contact Frank LoMonaco
to purchase one or more.

                                                   Alan E. Emslie, P.E.

                                           5290 Overpass Rd.,         805-683-1233
                                           Suite 217
                                           Goleta, CA 93111      Cell 805-340-4921
301 S. Hope Avenue Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Phone: (805) 617-3438 Email: Contact Us Fax: (805) 898-2244 Service/Parts: (805) 617-3436

                    National Corvette Museum August 2011 Calendar Wallpaper

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