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					A Student News Publication of Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial High School

                   September/October 2011                                  Issue 1                                        Volume 1
       300 NW 2 Avenue Miami, Florida 33128                              (305) 371-0400              www.schoolofjustice.dadeschools.net

Warrior Inauguration                                                                                         Principal’s Message
                                                                                                             Dear Warrior Family,

                                                                                                                    I am very honored and proud to serve as the
                                                                                                             principal of the Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial
                                                                                                             High School family. The Law Enforcement Officers’
                                                                                                             Memorial High School is a one of a kind high school that
                                                                                                             is making a mark in the community, nation, and around
                                                                                                             the world. As we embark on a new school year,
By:Lauren Llorca                    received their badges and pins        my badge and pin,” said An-        I expect excellence in all that we will do during the 2011-
    Excitement and joy was          on Thursday September 1, 2011.        thony Mack, a freshman in the      2012 school year.
the mood as the class of 2015       White feels a special connec-         Forensic Science Academy.
received their badges and acad-     tion to LEOMHS. “My cousin                This was the third badge
emy pins. The freshmen took         is a detective, and he works next     and pin ceremony held at                   I am confident that our staff, advisory board, and
their places in front of proud      door.”                                LEOMHS. The class of 2015          community stakeholders are committed to the success of
family members and were of-                 Freshmen were both eager      sponsor, Shelby Hamm said,         every student that enters our doors. As we move forward
ficially inaugurated into Law       and anxious as they stood in          “I felt so very proud that these
                                    their first official formation. “I    9th graders have accepted the
                                                                                                             on the road to success we will continue to provide rigorous
Enforcement Officers Memorial
High School (LEOMHS).               was really nervous,” said fresh-      challenge of representing their    curriculum specifically designed to provide relevant
    “I felt like I accomplished     man Maylin Ramos.                     class because 9th grade is a       application to our academy programs and career options.
something. I came to this school             While some students          huge time for transition.”
to get away from my friends         reported feeling anxious, others          Congratulations to the class
so that I can focus,” said fresh-   showed confidence, and pride in       of 2015!
                                                                                                                      As Warriors we will make a difference in the
man, Alisia White. White was        receiving their badges and pins,                                         lives of our students and prepare them for post secondary
one of about 140 freshmen who       showing their Honor, Respect,                                            educational options, the global work force, and to be
                                    and Integrity.“I was proud to get
                                                                                                             productive citizens within our community and amongst all
                                                                                                             of those who fight to protect rights and freedom of others.
  WARRIOR FAMILY LOSS                                                                                        Pat Riley, the Heat’s general manager, describes it best
                                                                                                             by stating, "Each warrior wants to leave the mark of his
    By: Stephanie Mogollon             Law Enforcement                         Bloom was the mother          will and his signature on important acts he touches. This is
                                   Officers’ Memorial High                 of Aisha Bloom and grand-
                                   School experienced a                    mother of three children.
                                                                                                             not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and
                                   horrible loss with the                  Bloom graduated from              declaring that is has something to contribute to the solution
                                   passing of Blonzette M.                 Miami Jackson High School         of the hardest problems no matter how vexing!"
                                   Bloom. Cafeteria work-                  in 1981. She then earned
                                   er, Delores Brayen said,                her CNA (Certified Nursing
                                   “It felt as if a part of                Assistant) license. Follow-              Once again, I look forward to an exciting school
                                   you had been snatched                   ing that, she went to work at     year and to working with you to provide a successful and
                                   without warning.”                       Miami Jackson, where she
                                        Bloom died on Fri-                 spent several years. On Au-
                                                                                                             memorable high school experience to our students.
                                   day September 30, 2011.                 gust 22, 2011 she became a
                                   That same night she                     part of LEOMHS, working           Together we are going to Soar Like Eagles!
                                   had gone out with her                   in the cafeteria.
                                   family in celebration of                    Bloom was described
                                   her 48th birthday, which                by her co-workers as being        Sincerely,
                                   was on Thursday Sep-                    “an Energizer bunny that
                                   tember 29, 2011. Later                  would always uplift you.”
                                  that Friday night while at               Her passing leaves a void in
                                                                                                             Christopher J. Shinn, Principal
      Blonzette Bloom
                               home asleep, she died of an                 the LEOMHS family.
      Beloved cafeteria worker apparent heart attack.

   SGA Elects New Officers                                Warriors Reflect on 9/11                                  Sexting’s New Rules
          Page 3                                                Pages 6-7                                                 Page 8
PAGE 2                                                                                                                    September-October 2011

                                    Chandra Davis. Open House night        which featured princi-
 By: Lauren Llorca                  began with the first official meet-    pal Christopher Shinn
                                    ing of the Parent, Teacher, Student    and assistant principal,
                                    Association (PTSA) meeting of the      Davis.
By any measure, this year’s Open    year.                                      “Open house was
House was a success. “About 150              Parents and students then     nice; our parents got to
people attended this year’s Open    gathered in the cafeteria to learn     see the school and all
House,” said assistant principal,   more about the school’s academies      of our teachers,”
                                         and classes. Displays were set    said Maylin Ramos,
                                         up by each of the academies       a freshman in the
                                         and the PTSA. Parents could       Forensic Science
                                         ask about their children’s        Academy.            Counselor, Patrizio, signing parents in to Open House.
                                         classes and activities.              After home-
                                             Michael Moss said, “I liked   room, the stu-                               concern that they have for their
                                         it because it was very informa-   dents and parents walked through             children’s education,” said speech
                                         tive. It gives me insight into    a student’s daily schedule. They             teacher, Shelby Hamm.
                                         what my daughter is doing in      were able to meet their children’s              The open house was held on
                                         school.”                          teachers and learn about their cur- Tuesday, September 13, 2011. It
                                             Shortly after, students       riculum, activities, and lessons.            was the third annual open house
                                         and parents reported to their       “I was impressed by the number             held at Law Enforcement Officers’
                                         first period class. There, they   of parents that participated in open Memorial High School.
  Parents listen during open house.     watched an introduction video      house and the amount of care and

        By: Joshua Carter                                                                                          be number one in the region
                                                                                                                   and, we have planned a more
      It’s that time of year again.                                                                                aggressive campaign,” said
  No, it’s not Halloween, even                                                                                     Tirado.
  though it’s around the corner                                                                                         LEOMHS activities this
  too. It’s time to give; and what                                                                                 year include bake sales, jean
  better way to make a contribu-                                                                                   days (students can pay $2.00
  tion than to give to the United                                                                                  to wear jeans on Fridays),
  Way.                                                                                                             Coin Wars (a battle between
     “The District supports                                                                                        the strands to raise the most
                                      of a good life. They enhance                                                 money), and Pizza Party Pay-
  United Way and it is the one                                             Last year, the students at Law
                                      the common good by helping                                                   off (the homeroom that raises
  organization that we (LEOM-                                              Enforcement Officers’ Memo-
                                      children reach their maxi-                                                   the most money will receive a
  HS) fund raise money for,”                                               rial High School were ranked
                                      mum potential and achieve in                                                 pizza party).
  said activities director, Paola                                          as number one in the region
                                      school; empowering families                                                       The United Way fund
  Tirado.                                                                  in United Way contributions
                                      and individuals to become fi-        raising over $11,000. “Last             raising campaign runs from
       United Way of Miami-
                                      nancially stable, economically       year, we did not expect it. But,        September 26 through Octo-
  Dade focuses on improving
                                      independent, and improving           we had a very strong cam-               ber 28.
  education, financial stability
                                      people’s lives. But reaching         paign and all our effort paid
  and health-the building blocks
                                      these goals takes funding.           off. This year our goal is to

                                                                                                         KRISTIAN KUCHENBAUR
                                                                                                        FOUNDER | BAURSYSTEMS
                                                                                                       KRIS@BAURSYSTEMS.COM |
September-October 2011
                                                                                                                      NEWS                PAGE 3

                                                                              -Warrior Chronicle National News-
  A Message From The                                                          APPLE FOUNDER STEVE JOBS DIES

    SGA President
                                                                             The technology community received a great blow with the loss of
                                                                          Apple founder, Steve Jobs, October 5,
                                                                             Jobs was a visionary genius. He had
                                                                          been on medical leave since January of
                                                                          this year, due to pancreatic cancer. Jobs
                        As if you don’t hear this enough, welcome to the  resigned on August 24, 2011 citing health
                       2011-2012 school year. I want to take the time to  reasons. Jobs was the creative force
                       congratulate all the students on their accomplish- behind such technologies, including the
                                                                          Apple computer, iPod, iPad, and iPhone.
                       ments so far. I would especially like to congratu- Jobs was married to Laurene Powell and
                                                                                                                    STEVE JOBS 1955 - 2011
                       late Destiney Jackson, Christopher Acevedo, Kami- had four children.
                       la Relegado, Yohandra Polanco and Sergio Cruz as
     Jude Bruno,
    SGA President    the newly elected officers for the Class of 2015. I
                                                                              NBA LOCK-OUT DRAGS ON
                                                                              Pre-season games were canceled as well as the first two weeks of
                     want to also congratulate members of my cabinet for

                                                                              regular season, as a result of the ongoing National Basketball As-
being appointed to serve this school year. I look forward to working with

                                                                              sociation lock-out. Representatives of the NBA and of the players’
                                                                              union met for roughly two
each and every single one of you this school year and continue building

                                                                              hours in order to make
the foundation for our school.

                                                                              progress towards a new
                                                                              labor agreement. No details
        I also want to express my sincerest gratitude to the club

                                                                              were provided. Recently,
advisers and presidents as they begin getting our students involved in

                                                                              the league announced that
extracurricular activities. I ask that all students take the time to get

                                                                              it will postpone training
involved in club activities and join as many as they possibly can. This

                                                                              camps and cancel 43 pre-
                                                                              season games. All exhibition
will not only propel and accelerate your high school experiences but

                                                                              games from October 9th to October 15th have been cancelled.
your resume as well.

        As president, I ask that we all seize the opportunities that are
available to us. Don’t just complain about things but offer solutions.
Don’t just sit on the sidelines, but become an active participant. Don’t be      A LIFE OF PUBLIC SERVICE
a follower, be a leader.
                                                                                                                 The South Florida law enforce-
                                                                                                                ment community lost one of its
        We must make the best of what has been presented to us. We are
                                                                                                                pioneers with the passing of for-
a growing school and a mighty one at best. I want you all to know that                                          mer Broward County Sheriff, Nick
                                                                                                                Navarro. Navarro was the sheriff of
SGA is working hard and getting the things that the student body needs.                                         Broward County, Florida from 1985
                                                                                                                through 1992. .
Please feel free to email me, text me, BBM me, call me or even                                                    He was best known for allowing
Facebook me if you have any questions or concerns. I am here for each                                           Fox Television crews to ride along
                                                                                                                with BSO deputies, which led to the
and every single one of you.                                                                                    television show COPS.
                                                                                                                  In 1993, Navarro founded Navarro
Sincerely,                                                                                                      Security Group Ltd, a private secu-
                                                                                                                rity service company.
                                                                                                                  On September 28, 2011 he died
                                                                                                                from cancer at the age of 81.
                                                                                     Nick Navarro (1929-2011)

                                                                              KILLER MELONS WREAK HAVOC
                                                                               The Center for Disease Con-
                                                                               trol and Prevention(CDC)
                                                                               released last week that 15
                                                                               deaths have been linked to
                                                                               tainted cantaloupes from
                                                                               Colorado. The death toll
                                                                               released by the CDC in-
                                                                               cludes the states of Kansas,
                                                                               Missouri, Nebraska, and
                                                                               Texas,Colorado,New Mexi-
                                                                               co, Oklahoma and Maryland.
                                                                               Additionally, there have been at least 84 reported illnesses from the
                                                                               melons. The tainted cantaloupes are contaminated with a deadly
                                                                               pathogen known as Listeria.
    From The Letters To The Editor
PAGE 4                                                                                                                                                    September-October 2011

   Editor’s Desk                                                                    MICHAEL JACKSON TRIAL:
                                                                                   MANSLAUGHTER OR SUICIDE?

                                                                                  Dear Editor,
                                                                                                                                       TOO YOUNG FOR TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                                                                       Dear Editor,
       I am very pleased to embark as this                                                                                             How young is too
year’s new Editor-in-Chief for the 2011 -                                                                                              young for children to
                                                                                  After reading                                        get technology?
2012 school year. I know that I will be fill-
                                                                                  and hearing                                          Is it really necessary
ing in big shoes, therefore, I want to make
                                                                                  about Michael                                        for children of the age
each publication as memorable as the last.
As Editor -in -Chief, my primary focus is                                         Jackson’s                                            of six to get iPads? I think not. As technology
to bring our students a bimonthly issue of                                        death, I can’t                                       gains futuristic features, new generations
the Warrior Chronicle.                                                            believe that                                         will slow down. Once this occurs, technology
       As each publication is distributed,                                        everyone is against Dr. Conrad Murray.               will diminish from the world and we’ll have to
hopefully, you will, see my viewpoint                                             What if they convict Dr. Murray when                 start as cavemen once more. The fact that
accompanied by the style of writing and                                           he is actually innocent? Convicting him              kindergarteners are using iPads is completely
the message into which it falls. As new                                           would be useless since Michael Jackson,              outrageous.
publications are released, they will sum                                          already passed away and will not be
                                                                                  coming back to life. Although some state             Melissa O. – 10th grade
up anything and everything that accounts
for your interests. The Warrior Chronicle                                         that he drugged himself, there isn’t proof
will not bring you one point of view, but                                         that Murray killed him. I find it hard to
on the contrary, it will highlight the differ-                                    believe that the authorities want to make              OBAMA THE UNDERDOG?
ent voices, cultures and experiences that                                         him go to jail or pay a fine. What’s the
encompass life at the Law Enforcement                                             point? Jackson’s family won’t be happy               Dear Editor,
Officers’ Memorial High School.                                                   nor it will cure the damage that has been
                                                                                  done.                                                I recently read an article
Yours truly,                                                                                                                           on President Barrack
Aurora Borgen, Editor-in-Chief                                                    Alejandra H.- 10th grade                             Obama. In this article,
                                                                                                                                       he states that he will
                  Warrior Chronicle                                                                APPLE CREATOR                       be the underdog of
                  Newspaper Staff                                                                                                      the upcoming 2012
                                                                                                   STEVE JOBS DIES                     election. I agree with
 “A student news publication of Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial High School”

                                                                                                   By: Aurora Borgen                   this statement simply
                                                                                                                                       because America
          Editor-in-Chief                       Managing Editor                                    Editor-in-Chief
          Aurora Borgen                         Bianca Vazquez                                                                         remains in turmoil. The American people
                                                                                                     Technology wise- Apple is the
                                                                                                                                       are very gullible and go along with the
                                                                                                    universal manufacturer on the
              News Editor — Lauren Llorca                                                                                              candidate that offers them more. If and when
               Design Editor — Niya Biggs                                         planet. This is due to the mastermind behind
                                                                                                                                       their expectations aren’t met, they move
         Production Manager— Nataly Hernandez                                     these innovations that caused an uprising with
          Features Editor — Stephanie Mogollon                                                                                         the bandwagon on to something else, in
                                                                                  the launch of the first Apple product in 1976.
             Associate Editor — Roy Caneda                                                                                             this case, the republicans. The republican
                                                                                           Unfortunately, on October 5th, Apple
          Associate Editor — Erick Kuchenbaur                                                                                          candidate for 2012 will offer and promise
                                                                                  lost its visionary genius, and the world lost an
        Entertainment Editor — Natahalie Santana                                                                                       many things, and the citizens will forget about
           Advertising Manager — Sarai Haris                                      amazing human being, Steve Jobs. Jobs had
                                                                                                                                       past issues that republicans have caused.
              Photo Editor— Sucel Sanchez                                         been on medical leave since January of this
                     Photographers                                                year, battling pancreatic cancer;
                      Emily Morales                                                                                                    Luis H. – 10th grade
                     Kristal Aparicio
                                                                                            According to a letter dated August 24,
                                                                                  2011, Jobs officially indicated that his time as
 Account Executives                              Staff Writers                    Apple CEO had come to an end. He also indi-          AMANDA KNOX SET FREE
 Jeyny Garrido                                  Joshua Carter                     cated that even though he would no longer be
 Graciela Romero                               Nicolas Puerto
                                                                                  part of the Apple industry, the best days in the     Dear Editor,
                                             Pamela Whinstanley
                                              Juliette Pacheco                    company were yet to come.                            The recent news of the
                                                                                           Through this, we can only imagine           Amanda Knox trial, about
            Principal — Christopher Shinn                                         what his mind had left to be discovered. This        the jury overturning
         Assistant Principal — Chandra Davis                                      new era, without Jobs, has raised the ultimate       their decision about her
      Newspaper Adviser — Larcenia Turner-Dixon
                                                                                  $150 billion question. Who will be the next          conviction, from being
                                                                                  CEO of Apple? This figure has been estimated         guilty to being innocent relieved me so
                      Advertising Policy
 Warrior Chronicle newspaper staff solicits advertising
                                                                                  to be the official value of the corporation at the   much. I believe that Amanda Knox had been
 from the community but reserves the right to reject                              end of 2011.                                         wrongly accused of the murder of her Italian
 any material deemed as libelous, disruptive, obscene,                                     Before his passing, Jobs said Apple         roommate.
 or inappropriate.                                                                with the help of Tim Cook, will continue to
                                                                                  bring about new innovations that will outstrip       After going over the evidence against her,
                         Editorial Policy                                         what we know about technology today.                 it was proven that she was not the killer.
 It is the policy of this educational institution that the                                 Still, we continue to utilize, many of      Investigators found DNA of a different person,
 Warrior Chronicle is an official school sponsored
 media and has been established as a forum for student
                                                                                  his products every day. Whether it is calling        someone that’s not Amanda Knox. This
 expression and as a voice in the uninhibited, robust,                            someone on the iPhone, photo-shopping a              helped prove that she was not the one who
 free discussion of issues. This medium will provide a                            digital picture,or simply listening to iTunes,       killed her roommate. I felt that it was wrong
 full opportunity for students to inquire, question and                           Jobs will never ever be replaced. His legacy         that a she’s been on trial for the past four
 exchange ideas. Content should reflect all areas of
                                                                                  for revolutionizing the communication process        years. It looked like she was guilty, when in
 student interest, including topics in which there may
 be dissent or controversy. Opinions expressed in this
                                                                                  will continue every time we pick up the phone,       reality; she was shown to be innocent of the
 publication are that of the writer and do not represent                          type on a computer, or use an app.                   crime. She shouldn’t have been through the
 the views of the editorial or staff of the Warrior                                          Although we cannot replace Jobs, we       trial and her conviction.
 Chronicle.                                                                       will reminisce, that his mind ultimately trans-
                                                                                  formed technology and created products that          Patty C. – 10th grade
 Special Thanks to Daniel Wilson, Media Specialist
                                                                                  revolutionized a generation..
September-October 2011
                                                                                           VIEWPOINT                                             PAGE 5

By: Aurora Borgen, Editor -in- Chief                                                                        Facebook also launched Smart Lists,
                                                                                                           enabling users to connect to their closest
        Take a look at your Facebook page today;                                                           friends. Friends are sorted into designated
you’ll be able to recognize alterations fuelled                                                            lists, automatically arranged to fit prior
by the creator itself – Mark Zuckerberg. These                                                             background history.
changes include the addition of Facebook Time-                                                               Remember when all you could do was
line, Smart Lists, Facebook Gestures, which are                                                            ‘Like’ something? Now, you will be able
the primary features presented.                                                                            to follow up on a minute by minute ba-
         I believe that these changes creates a                                                            sis, accepting alerts on exactly what your
more user friendly environment to see the world                                                            friends are doing. This is one of the fea-
in a new way.                                                                                              tures on Facebook Gestures.
        Facebook’s Timeline allows users to                                                                          Gestures also allows you to create
shape their personal profile into whatever they                                                            any verb into a button. This however, will
want it to be based on past and current events.                                                            generate a profound way of “over sharing”
                                     It’s kind of                                                          along with accumulating on your news
                                     like your life’s                                                      feeds.
                                     album. So                                                                        Despite these modifications,
                                     the further     Mark Zuckerberg - “When you give everyone a                Facebook, still remains an internation-
                                     you scroll      voice and give people power, the system usually ends       ally recognized icon enlightening
                                                     up in a really good place. So, what we view our role       users to achieve maximum usage for
                                     back, the
                                                     as, is giving people that power.”                          their daily activities.
                                     along                                                                           Perhaps, Facebook’s motive is to
                                     people will view your history; your become the social layer that supports, powers, and connects every piece
                                     birthday, parties attended, apps you      of the web, no matter who or what it is, or where it lives.
                                     have used, and personal stories.

                                                                                                                   SHE SAID...     BY: NIYA BIGGS Copy Editor

       Throughout my years at                                                                                          I believe that a friend has all those
                                                                                                                       characteristics and more. Unfor-
L.E.O.M.H.S (Law Enforcement
                                                                                                                       tunately, there are many people
Officers’ Memorial High School)
I have seen what has happened to                                                                                       who “pretend” to have those char-
my friends and friendships. When                                                                                       acteristics. There are some people
school starts to demand attention                                                                                      who pretend so well that they
for work, it’s interesting to watch                                                                                    trick you into thinking that you
what happens with people we con-                                                                                       can trust them. In some extreme
sider to be friends.                                                                                                   cases, those people can take your
      I thought I knew a person
                                                                                                                       trust and turn it against you. You
really well. This person had been

                                 WHAT IS A FRIEND?
there for me, day in and day                                                                                              don’t want somebody who calls
out. Suddenly, this person                                                                                                themselves your “friend” to talk
just disappeared. That same                                                                                               about you behind your back, or
person I knew for so long is                                                                                              start rumors about you, or even
just a person that I barely say “hi”    With so much work to do and so         “Friends. How many of us                steal your boyfriend or girlfriend
to nowadays.                            many new responsibilities that                                                 away from you. The imaginary
                                                                               have them? Friends. Ones we can
         In high school you go from     come with the high school experi-      depend on.” More than just lyrics       friendship code is not carried out
having a lot of friends your fresh-     ence it may seem like you don’t        in a song, many people have many        like it should be and that is very
men year to having just a handful       have time for friends. But friends
of them your junior year. In high                                              names for friends, whether they’re      sad.
                                        are the people that you can go to
school you become the person you                                               classified as associates, buddies,               It is very important to
                                        if you need a shoulder to cry on or
said you would never be in middle       just because you’re stressed about     pals, besties, closties, or trusties.   find out who your real friends are
school.                                 schoolwork.                            But what is a friend? Many people       ASAP. It may take some work,
         Things change all the time;            We all have issues, time       believe that friends are people         but it will all turn out well in the
sometimes for the better, some-         commitments and problems.                                                      end. At the end of the day, 10% of
                                                                               who have your back when you’re
times for the worse. At the end we      Through all problems that many         in need. Maybe you believe that         people care about your problems
wish that we all could just come        people may have there is one
together. After all, we all come                                               a friend is someone who you can         and 90% of them are happy that
                                        thing that can make them smile.
together at one point or another,                                              come to when you need some              you have them. So who are your
                                        It is knowing that someone cares.
whether it’s at lunch or in the         Knowing that someone wants to          help. Maybe you believe that a          true friends? Who has your back
library. It may be even at a study      to help you and guide you and not      friend is someone who you can           when you need them? Who can
group while we’re preparing our-        hurt you or watch you drown is         trust with your utmost darkest          you trust? Who is your friend?
selves to become something in life.     worth the effort it takes to make      secrets.
                                        and keep a friend.
PAGE 8                                                                                                                       September-October 2011

 By: Nataly Hernandez and Stephanie                  misdemeanor. After that, a third strike will          This is fairly common. More females “sext”
 Mogollon                                            be considered a felony, and the person could          than males. Girls think it is flirty and fun and
                                                                                                                      guys think it’s hot so they share it
        “Send me a picture ;)” Have
                                                                                                                      with their buddies.
 you ever received one of these
 messages and been a part of a sexting                                                                                 According to The National
 conversation? This is probably                                                                                      Campaign to Prevent Teen and
 one of the many conversations that                                                                                  Unplanned Pregnancy, 20% of teens
 parents haven’t talked to their teens                                                                               ages 13-20 and 33% of young adults
 about. “Don’t send nude photos of                                                                                   ages 20-26 have sent nude or semi-
 yourself out into cyberspace”. Well                                                                                 nude photographs of themselves
 it’s too late now because they already                                                                              electronically. But this trend of
 are.                                                                                                                sending sexting messages has an
                                                                                                                     even darker side.
        “If I received a sext I would
 delete it because I would be afraid                                                                                  “The pressure and the anxiety of
 that the authorities would track me                                                                                 not knowing if the person you sent
 down,” said a female student who                                                                                    it to will expose you can drive you
 asked that her name be withheld.                                                                                    insane” says unnamed source. The
 Her sentiment is exactly right.                                                                                     majority of these “sexting” stories
 Although sexting is a very recent                                                                                   end begin and end in the same way.
 fact that has been increasing in its                                                                          A lot of teens get bullied and
 popularity, it is also a crime.                                                                              harassed and are not able to handle
                                               Male LEOMHS students read an interesting text message.
       As of Saturday October 1, 2011,                                                                   the pressure so they decide to take
 teen sexting is now illegal in Florida.                                                                 drastic measures. Some teenagers have
 The consequences will be determined by the         receive a sentence of five years maximum.      committed suicide due to these sexts.
 amount of times the law is broken. The first                   “I know of a girl who sent a naked       In the end, it’s important to know that
 offense will result in completing eight hours      picture to her boyfriend, then he showed it to what may seem as fun, sexy, and sensational
 of community service or paying a $60 fee. A        other boys,” said an unnamed freshman female. can lead to something that may have an awful
 second offense will be considered a first-degree                                                  effect.

Metal Mouth Malaise
 By: Pamela Whinstanley                              Daniel. Braces come with both
                                                     advantages and disadvantages. An
         Braces, are they a high school teenagers’   obvious advantage is getting perfect
 worst nightmare or a new bold fashion state-        straight teeth; on the other hand, a
 ment? Who knows? What is known, is that a           disadvantage would be feeling that
 teenager will see braces come and go. Some          pain every time they are tightened.
 teens like their braces while others don’t.         “It’s like a headache that won’t go
         “They make me feel attractive, people       away, even if you take any type of
 notice my almost perfect smile and most guys        pain relievers,” says Graciela Rome-
 find braces to be cute,” said junior Chione         ro. After they get tightened most
                                                                      teens aren’t able to
                                                                      eat some types of
                                                                      foods because of the
                                                                                                           to cope with the situation is totally up to the
                                                                      pressure that they feel.
                                                                                                           individual in the long run. “Going every month
                                                                               Some teens however,
                                                                                                           for a check-up is very annoying even though
                                                                      are willing to put up with the
                                                                                                           my teeth are getting fixed I really want them off
                                                                      pain for the sake of appearance.
                                                                                                           as soon as possible,” said sophomore Nathalie
                                                                      Sophomore Raul Ortiz said, “I
                                                                      felt like I had an ugly smile, now
                                                                                                                   Through the pain, insecurities, and time
                                                                      that they’re off I’m not as self-
                                                                                                           spent at the orthodontist, braces pay off in the
                                                                      conscious about my smile.”
                                                                                                           end with a perfect smile.
                                                                               Having braces comes
                                                                      with many obligations. Ulti-
                                                                      mately, how a teen chooses
September-October 2011
                                                                                                  FEATURES                                       PAGE 9

Student                                                                                                   Faculty
Spotlight                                                                                                  Focus
Robocop-Unplugged                                                         DO YOU KNOW MR. DOUCIMO?
                                      Godoy is a member of U.S.
                                      Customs and Border Protection                                                           Doucimo joined LEOMHS
                                      Explorer Post #99.                                                              after many years at Miami-Dade
                                         Military roots run deep in                                                   County Public Schools. “I came
                                      Godoy’s background. In fact,                                                    from Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior
                                      they were the inspiration for                                                   High School. I taught at the same
                                      him joining the Explorers. “I
                                                                                                                      school as Mr. Shinn. I’ve been
                                      had one cousin in the Explor-
                                      ers who is now currently in the                                                 teaching for seven years now,” said
                                      U.S. Navy,” said Godoy.                                                         Doucimo.
                                          Godoy feels that his train-                                                         Doucimo’s desire to teach
  Adolfo Godoy aka Robocop
                                      ing gives him an advantage                                                      was formed at an early age. “My
                                      that others don’t have. “I push                                                 grandmother was a teacher and
                                      myself to be prepared for any-          Todd Doucimo, Reading teacher
By: Nicolas Puerto                                                                                                    she guided me towards teaching;
    He trains extensively on his      thing.” His training includes
                                                                                                                      my family inspired my passion to
body, as well as with firearms.       running, push –ups, and even
                                                                               By : Nathalie Santana                  teach.”
He does acts of community             the fireman’s carry. His official
                                      certifications are in: FEMA,                                                            His marriage of two years
service on a daily basis. He has
already been a drill sergeant. And    CPR, First Aid, and shooting.            “All children can learn. It is all     has also given him the strength
yes, he’s a Law Enforcement Of-          In the future, Godoy sees                                                    to continue teaching. Other than
                                                                          a matter of the teacher determin-
ficers’ Memorial High student.        himself in the military. He said,                                               teaching and reading, he loves to
                                      “After 911, I felt the country      ing how each student learns and
   You may know him as “Ro-                                                                                           make stained glass art. He’s not only
                                      needed people to help keep its      then meeting those precise needs
bocop” or the rising star in the                                                                                      an extraordinary man, an amazing
Police Explorers program. He is       defense, and defend our free-       through their way of learning.” This
                                      dom.” He intends to defend this     is the philosophy on education of           teacher, and a loving husband, but
Junior, Adolfo Godoy.
                                      country’s freedom, and give it      Todd Doucimo, an extraordinary              also a warrior! Welcome to the war-
“I actually like it when people
call me Robocop. It makes me          the help it needs, and deserves.    new Reading teacher at LEOMHS.              rior family, Mr. Doucimo!
feel motivated,” said Godoy.

                                        Club Newsflash
                                        FOREIGN LANGUAGE                        Forensics Club
                     -This club                                                 - Aspiring criminologists, forensic            S.H.A.P.E          -
                                                                                                                       “Anyone who has a heart to vol-
                     presents                                                   engineers or anything of that na-
                     mock trial                                                 ture would                             unteer and
                     competi-                                                   be inter-                              help the
                     tions and                                                  ested in                               commu-
                     is involved                                                the foren-                             nity should
                     with the                                                   sics club.                             join,” said
community. Participants receive        -These students go on field trips to     Participants                           Jennifer
community service hours and meet       see exhibits and foreign language        take part in                           Brown.
community leaders. Meetings are        music and movie festivals. The           case inves-                            They have
on Wednesdays with club sponsor,       club sponsor, Barbara Cornacchia         tigations,                             fund raisers benefiting various or-
Tangela Ramos in room 358.             in room 408.                             crime scene investigations, fin-       ganizations. For more information
                                                                                gerprinting, blood sampling, hair      see Jennifer Brown in room 357.
                                                                                sampling, and autopsies. Contact
                                                                                Kerry Hinton can in room 416 for
SALSA CLUB                             Key Club                                 more information.
                                                                                                                       FPSA                   - The Flori-
Feel the rhythm of the music with

                                                                                Math Club
                                       -Key club helps     students meet                                               da Public Service Association will
a Spanish flare! Beginners and
                                       requirements          of community                                              host a series of competitions this
experts learn steps to help you im-
                                       service                  hours in a                                             year where students will get an op-
                       prove your                                               - The club is
                                       fun                        way. This                                            portunity to compete in categories
                       salsa. Meet-                                             now recruiting
                                                                    looks                                              such as CPR, traffic stops, open-
                       ings are on                                              more members
                                                                    good                                               ing statements, public speaking,
                       Mondays.                                                 and adding to
                                       on                       college                                                and crime scene investigations.
                       For more                                                 its roster to tutor
                                       appli-              cations. See                                                Those who win the competitions
                       informa-                                                 students who
                                       Marcia         Chisholm in room                                                 will earn ribbons, medals, and of
                       tion contact                                             need help with
                                       419 or Juliette Sierra, President,                                              course bragging rights! For more
                       Barbara                                                  math. Club meets room 402 for an
                                       for dates of meetings.                                                          information visit Adriana
                       Cornacchia                                               hour after school.                     Gonzalez in room 336.
                       in room 408.
PAGE 10                                                                                                                            September-October 2011

Chris Brown Comes to Town
 By: Niya Biggs                                                                                 getting dressed, and texting friends and a significant other were
          “Your beauty is inside you. Don’t let them bring you                                  shown.
 down, no”. These are lyrics from Chris Brown’s Beautiful People.                                    The explosive show ended with a light extravaganza. Brown
 If you didn’t know already, Chris Brown was at the American Air-                               and his entourage of dancers appeared in light-covered suits and
 lines Arena on October 5, 2011 performing the FAME Tour with                                   face masks. He danced the night away to Beautiful People hyp-
 Tyga, T-Pain, and Bow Wow. Miami welcomed him with a full                                      notizing the audience with his wondrous dance moves. At the
 arena. He made his grand entrance with a bang with light shows                                 conclusion of the show, he tells everyone in the audience how
 and a dance performance of a lifetime. The set was heart pound-                                much he loves and appreciates them, giving a special shoutout to
 ingas excitement ran high. The stage had five cylinders on the                                 Team Breezy. After this performance, it’s easy to see that Brown
 floor with CB in center stage. In the end, there was a plethora of                             exhibits attributes in common of that of the King of Pop, Michael
 ladders, ramps and stairs showcased to thousands of his fans. He                               Jackson. With Miami’s super active crowd, the performance was
 performed songs including Deuces, Paper Scissors Rock, No BS                                   the cherry on top of a world renowned artist.
 and All Back. During intermissions, videos of him in the bathroom

                                                          Best on DVD
                                                            While the final page may have      deceased headmaster’s brother.
                                                                                                                                   By: Aurora Borgen,
                                                                                                                                     Editor -in- Chief
                                                                                                                                      The final scene at Platform 9¾
                                                          been turned four years ago,          One of the film’s downsides is      is poignant, stirring up a decade
                                                          the much-beloved Harry Pot-          that Aberforth’s story is never     of memories. Some fans may rec-
                                                          ter saga truly ended on July 15,     explored, not allowing the audi-    ognize the music from the end of
                                                          2011. Since the book release         ence to learn about Albus Dumb-     “Sorcerer’s Stone,” when Harry
                                                          of Deathly Hallows four years        ledore’s past.                      is returning to Privet Drive. In
                                                          ago, this film has been the most        The highly anticipated Battle    retrospect, making a return in
                                                          anticipated of the series. Beloved   of Hogwarts was among the most      what will probably be the most
                                                          characters that fans have watched    dramatic action scenes in the       tear-jerking part for many who
                                                          grow up before their eyes would      film series. While some may have    remember that scene of our boy
                                                          be lost and the final battle be-     worried about the changes made      wizard telling his friends that he
                                                          tween good and evil fought. The      to Snape’s scene, Alan Rickman      wasn’t going home, “not really.”
                                                          film wastes no time in setting the   truly shines and surprises every-      “Harry Potter and the Deathly
                                                          scene, showing the dark, somber      one. The film is fast-paced, has-   Hallows – Part 2” is a brilliant
                                                          Hogwarts with Snape as head-         tening the already short movie.     end to a truly magical series.
                                                          master. Meanwhile, Harry, Ron,       Certain moments that book fans      While it omits some parts of
                                                          and Hermione have to break           may have been looking forward       the book and shortens others, it
                                                          into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault     to were cut, leaving room for       stays true to the heart-wrench-
                                                          at Gringotts in order to find an-    Harry and Voldemort’s final         ing, pulse-pounding excitement
                                                          other Horcrux.From that point        face-off, when only one would       that J.K. Rowling wanted her
                                                          on, the film is non-stop action.     emerge alive. I’ll stop there.      fans to experience. It definitely
                                                          While the scene at Gringotts            While most of you already        doesn’t disappoint. And now,
                                                          is exciting, we’re anticipating      know the outcome, I don’t want      after more than a decade, Harry
                                                          the trio’s return to Hogwarts,       to ruin it for anyone who has       Potter enthusiasts can consider
                                                          as they sneak in with the help of    been living under a rock for the    mischief managed.
                                                          Aberforth Dumbledore, their          past four years.

   Life at LEO...                                                                                                By: Stephanie Mogollon
September-October 2011
                                                                                                       EVENTS                    PAGE 11


  By: Lauren Llorca                             migration Exhibition,” said Hector Huertas,     “I thought it would be great for my students
                                                eleventh grade English teacher.                 to explore immigration in Miami and to put
   Students have noticed a change in the
                                                These pictures were taken by students           that into an art form,” said Huertas.
halls of LEOMHS the past few weeks.
                                                which represent culture and heritage. The       Throughout the halls of LEOMHS there are
Photographs illuminate the fourth floor.
                                                exhibit is just in time for Hispanic Heritage   various displays, be sure to take a look.
“The title of the project is the Uprooted Im-

                   FORENSIC WORD
                                                                                           Help Fight Against
                      SEARCH                                                                 Breast Cancer
                                                                                       Cancer Awareness Month: 10-11
                                                                                       Kick-off event for National Breast

                                                                                       a.m., Oct 3, 8600 NW 17th St., Suite
                                                                                       200, Miami.

                                                                                       4-5:30 p.m. Tuesday at Broward County Main
                                                                                       Think Pink Teen Craft Program:

                                                                                       Library, 100 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale.

                                                                                       Put on Your Pink Bra: Registration 7:30 a.m.,
                                                                                       Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk/

                                                                                       walk begins 9 a.m. Oct. 9 at Huizenga Plaza,
                                                                                       Andrews Ave. & Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale.

                                                                                       Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure: 7:30 a.m.
                                                                                       Oct. 15 at Bayfront Park, 301 N. Biscayne Blvd.,

                                                                                       Healthy Living Discussion: to discuss breast
                                                                                       cancer prevention, treatment and scientific
                                                                                       breakthroughs, 2 p.m., Oct. 11, Delray Beach
                                                                                       Public Library, 100 W. Atlantic Ave.

                                                                                       Florida Breast Cancer Foundation: 6th annual
                                                                                       Shades of Pink Masquerade Ball, 7 p.m. -11 p.m.,
                                                                                       Oct 25, Trump International Beach Resort, Sunny
                                                                                       Isles Beach.

                                                                                       Wear Pink to Zoo Miami: 12400 SW 152nd St.,
                                                                                       all month long.

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