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					                           EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                                 OCTOBER 18, 2011
                                    Anderson, SC

The meeting was called to order by President Nunnery. The following items were discussed:

The Executive Board asked the Executive Director to negotiate with the Domain owner to purchase
the Domain. The initial offer will be $500 With a maximum of $750 max.

Annual Budget: Numbers will be put together to allow for funding of operations from October I, 2011
until June 30, 2012.

Conference Report – Alan Sims, 1st Vice President described the progress for the 67th Annual
Leadership Conference. Registration is presently at 82; an expected total of 93 after walk-ins. This
does not include vendors. Suggestion was made by Dan Cimini to elect to have a step-up registration
at the Conference. He made a comparison between the SEAFC and SCSAFC.

Hagood Scholarships - One application was submitted by a member. The Board voted to award $750
Scholarship to Brian Riebe..

Campbell Awards - The Executive Board reviewed all applications for the Richard Campbell
Awards and a decision was made on the 2011 Awards.

Committees - Chief Sims will be working to get the Committees up and running.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am..


 Jack Jansen
Jack Jansen
Executive Director
South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs

Approved:       January 21, 2012
               MINUTES - 67th ANNUAL CONFERENCE
                              OCTOBER 19 - 21, 2011
                  (Anderson Civic Center - Anderson, South Carolina)

Wednesday, October 19th

0830 Hours - The Executive Committee met at 0830.

1300 Hours - Early registration was opened in the Anderson County Civic Center.

1515 Hours - Members and spouses departed for Clemson University .

1900 Hours - Early arrival cookout, sponsored by Anderson City Fire Department was held
              at Anderson City Station #3. At 2030 hours , the movie night was held.

Thursday, October 20th

0800 Hours - Hospitality Area opened with a continental Breakfast sponsored by Chick-fil-A of
             Anderson. Registration opened at 0800 in the Anderson County Civic Center Lobby.

0900 Hours - The 67th Annual Conference of the SCSAFC was called to order by President Chris
             The posting of the colors was done by the Anderson County Fire Department Color
             Guard and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by 1st Vice President Alan Sims.
             Singing of National Anthem was performed by Chief Billy Gibson of the Anderson
             County Fire Department and the Invocation was made by Chaplain Gene Ball.

              Introduction of City of Belton Mayor Rufus Callahan was made by Chief Alan Sims.
              Welcome remarks were made by Mayor Rufus Callahan.
              The introduction of County Administrator Rusty Burns was made by Alan Sims.
              Welcome remarks were made by County Administrator Rusty Burns.
              Response to the comments were made by 2nd Vice President Butch Womack.

1000 Hours - Following a break, the Memorial Service was convened by Chaplain Gene Ball.

1030 Hours - The Meeting was adjourned until 0900 on Friday, October 21, 2011.

1200 Hours - Lunch was provided at the Civic Center by the Outback Steak House.

1200 Hours - The Golfers left for Golf Tournament at Bloodstone Meadows.
1230 Hours - Ladies Program started at the Civic Center.

1300 Hours - Vendors moved in and set up between prior to 1700 hours.

1845 Hours - VIP Event with Vendors, Hosted by House Representative Mike Gambrel and
             Representative Dan Cooper, was held at The Beckley Inn and The Carriage House
             downtown Anderson. Between 1845 and 2100 hours, the Anderson City Fire Station
             1 Historic Museum open

Friday, October 15th

0800 Hours - Hospitality Area was Opened with a Continental Breakfast Sponsored by Chic-fil-
             a of Anderson.

0800 Hours - Registration is open at the Anderson County Civic Center.

0830 Hours - Vendor Area Opened.

0900 Hours - The meeting was called to order by 1st Vice President Alan Sims. A program was put
             on by Jack Abraham & Will Vaigneur on the “Fire Chief Handbook”.

1030 Hours - Coffee Break in the Vendor area was held, Sponsored by Spartanburg Fire Chief’s

1050 Hours - The Business Session was called to order at the Civic Center.
             The following reports were given:

              1.       2012 Conference Update by 2nd VP Butch Womack

              2.       SEAFC State Director report by Dan Cimini

              3.       State Firefighters Executive Director’s Report by Joe Palmer

              4.       South Carolina Fire and Life Safety Association by Les Woods

              5.       Minutes and Financial Report - Executive Director Jack Jansen
                       Minutes from June 9, and Executive Committee meetings of 9/7 and 9/21 was
                       reviewed a motion to accept was made by Chris Harvey, seconded by Dan
                       Cimini. The vote carried. Vote to accept financial report for the previous 4
                       months by Cimini, seconded by

              6.       Audit Committee - Darren Player and Mason Speer will perform an audit in
                       January, 2012.
               7.    Nominations and Elections - All Executive Board members desiring to move
                     up have expressed a desire to do so in writing. One Letter of Intent was
                     submitted by Tom Barstow of the North Myrtle Beach PSD. No nominations
                     for third VP were made from the floor. A motion was made for the Executive
                     Director to cast a single vote for the Executive Committee by Mason Speer,
                     seconded by Norman Knight.

1130 Hours - Meeting adjourned for lunch with vendors food provided in Vendor area sponsored
             by the Town of Honda Path & Chief Jimmy Smith.

1300 Hours - Joint Executive Committee meeting was held. The memorandum of Understanding
             between the SCSAFC and SC Firefighters Association regarding the proposed joint
             Association Conference was read and discussed. A Motions was made (Payne) and
             seconded (Gibson) for the SC Firefighter’s association to follow through with the
             MOA, without the last paragraph of same. The entire Board voted to accept. A copy
             of the Memorandum is attached.

1300 Hours - Vendors were asked to present themselves before the Business Session. 78 vendors

1330 Hours - Training Session, entitled, “Maintaining Your Fire Station,” by Ken Newel of SCE.

1445 Hours - Training session, entitled, “Anatomy of a Rescue” was taught by Jack Abraham.

1615 Hours - Side by side burn was held by Les Woods of SCFALSE.

1830 Hours - Dinner was held at Wilsons Construction in Piedmont, Sponsored by Wilsons
             Construction & Saluda River Grill.

2100 Hours - Carnival Games were held, sponsored by Frog 911 & TECGEN.

2100 Hours - Hospitality Room was open at host hotel.

Saturday, October 22nd:

0700 Hours - Hospitality Area Open with Continental Breakfast, Sponsored by Chick-fil-A.

0900 Hours -   The Business Session was opened by 2nd Vice President Butch Womack. Comments
               Made: Contracted Photos and Silent Auction announcements will be made at 1200

               The following Reports were made:
              1.     Membership - Mason Speer reported 500 Members, 418 Active, 29 Associate
                     and 53 Life members. The names of new members since the last meeting were
              2.     Awards Jack Jansen noted that 4 requests were made life memberships, 6
                     Richard Campbell Awards, 1 Fritz Turner Award. and 1 Hagood Scholarship.

              3.     Planning and Goals - President Nunnery
              4.     By-Laws Dan Cimini - Under New Business
              5.     Fire School Advisory Chairperson Williams - Will be posted on Web Site.

              Old Business: None Reported

              New Business:
              1.   2011-2012 Operational Budget to be placed on Web Site.
              2.   By-Laws Changes - Chris Nunnery and Chairperson Dan Cimini reviewed the
                   proposed changes to the By-Laws and accepted comments and suggestions.
                   Motion to Adopt without amendment: Norman Knight, Seconded by Mason
                   Speer. Unanimous vote to adopt.
              3.   Sondra Senn noted that Joint Council is to do a resolution to support the
                   Freddy The Fireless Feline program.
              4.   President Nunnery discussed the change in Conference Dates. 1st VP Sims
                   noted that we had 78 sponsors for this conference providing funds to our
              5.   Dues increases were discussed. They will be revisited during the 68th Annual
                   Conference in Myrtle Beach in June, 2012.

0950 Hours - Business Session closed by President Nunnery

0950 Hours - Coffee break was taken in the Vendor Area.

1020 Hours - Training session took place taught by Dr. William F. Jenaway,
             Issues Facing America’s Fire Service”.

1200 Hours - Lunch was served at the Civic Center, provided for by Firehouse Subs of Anderson.

1330 Hours - Training session was held by Dr. William F. Jenaway,
             “Reputational Risk Issues Facing the Fire Service”

1800 Hours - Installation and Awards Banquet took place in the Anderson Civic Center
              Sponsored by Anderson Fire & Safety. The Banquet was hosted by Chief Chris
              Nunnery. Chaplain Gene Ball gave the blessing.

              Following the meal, Chief Alan Sims introduced the key note speaker, Andy Ellis, a
             burn victim

             President Chris Nunnery handed out plaques to Chief Alan Sims and the Belton Fire
             Department, the Anderson County Fire Commission, Anderson County, SC and Chief
              Dale Horne and the City of Anderson City Fire Department for their assistance in
             putting on the 67th Annual Conference.

             Hagood Scholarship - Awarded a $750 scholarship to Brian Riebe of Glassy
             Mountain FD for a Fire Science degree.

             Life Membership - By authorization of the Executive Board, Randy Thompson,
             Bradley Anderson, John Reich and Tommy McDowell were installed as life members.

             Richard Campbell Awards:
             All Volunteer Department with 15,000 Population or More - Anderson County FD
             Combination Department with 15,000 Population or Less - Georgetown City FD
             All Career Fire Department - Myrtle Beach Fire/Rescue
             Combination Department With 15,000 Population or More - Midway Fire Rescue
                    Honorable Mention : Horry County Fire Rescue
                    Honorable Mention: Camden Fire Department

             President Chris nunnery spoke of his tenure as President of the SCSAFC. He then
             called upon South Carolina State Fire Academy Superintendent Shane Ray to swear in
             the 2011-2012 Board. The Board consists of President Alan Sims, 1st Vice President
             Butch Womack, 2nd Vice President Tracy Wallace and 3rd Vice President Tom Barstow.

             President Alan Sims took the podium and spoke about the 67th Conference and
             SCSAFC plans for the coming year.

             President Sims gaveled the Conference closed until June of 2012 at the 68th Annual

2030 Hours - Hospitality Room Open at Hotel (Board Meeting Room)

 Jack Jansen
Executive Director,
Approved: January 21, 2012
                                      Executive Committee Meeting
                                          January 20, 2012
                                     South Carolina Fire Academy Rm 104

The Executive Committee Meeting was called to order by President Sims at 1300 Hours. In
attendance was President Sims, 1st VP Womack, 2nd VP Wallace, 3rd VP Barstow and the
Executive Director. Also in attendance was Mason Speer.

The following was discussed:

A.    The 2011-2012 Annual budget. The ED noted that a repeat of last year’s budget would carry enough money
      through June, 2012. President Sims noted that statements needed to be sent to the Audit Committee. He
      asked what the balance was from the 2010 SCSAFC Conference. The ED noted that $22,151 including the
      Bowling and golf. $21,170.63 was the 2010 Conference. The President asked for the Budget from the 2010-
      2011 listing what was spent. Based off of Income & Expenses, the 2011 Conference has made $31,373.58
      (not including the $500 due from Southeastern Fire Equipment).

      A discussion took place regarding joining with the contractor for the SC Firefighter’s Association. A
      discussion ensued concerning centralization of accounting. The ideal situation would be to seed conferences
      from existing funds. We need to have checks and balances and transparency in finances. It was noted that
      the Audit Committee has better knowledge and control of the operational funds.

      A motion was made by Sims, Wallace 2nd to submit an operational budget of $34,370.00. Changes will be
      made to the Legislative Support; changed to Leadership Institute. The motion carried unanimously.

B.    Audit will done during late February and early March to be carried until the April Meeting. Sims made
      a motion, seconded by Barstow to forward the Credit card and Bank statements to the Audit Committee
      on a monthly basis. Motion carried.

C.    A discussion ensued regarding the date for the Annual SCSAFC Memorial Service. 11:00 AM on April
      11, 2012 is the date set

D.    Chaplain Gene Ball swore in Tom Barstow as the 3rd Vice-President of the SCSAFC.

E.    President Sims set a date set for Board Meeting at the SCFA on March 13th at 10:00 AM

F.    Motion was made to bestow Life Membership on Dan Cimini. Proposed by Alvin Payne.

G.    Motion to give Dean Douglas $100 for his assistance at the Memorial Service in Anderson. By Womack,
      2nd Wallace. Unanimous.

H.    The Conference Agenda was reviewed by Butch Womack: a drop in will be held on Sunday at Alvin Payne
      home; On Monday, the Association will hold an Early Arrival Cookout at the Train Station; The Opening
      Ceremony will be held on Tuesday at 1:00PM on the 2nd floor. Following the ceremonies, Rick Lasky will
      do a 3 - 5 PM presentation. The Ladies schedule will be 3 - 5 PM at the hotel; 7-9PM will be an off-site

      On Wednesday, the Board will meet in Conference hotel restaurant prior to day start. 9AM open. Will
      go until Afternoon Wednesday. All attendees and spouses will attend the VIP Meal on Wednesday evening.
       Thursday, attendees are free to meet with vendors. All attendees and spouses will attend the banquet on
       Thursday night. Memorial Service will be with the Firefighter’s Association on Saturday Afternoon.

       The ED will draft an agenda for the quarterly meeting tomorrow.

       President Sims noted that the cost for all Board housing for 5 nights would cost $6,000.00. 1st VP Womack
       suggested that each Board member be given an amount equal to the Conference hotel registration to use
       at any hotel in MB. He explained that the hotels will be scheduled through the SC Firefighter’s Association
       Web Site. We will put a link to both registration and housing pages of the Firefighter’s Association.

       Registration will be free to Members and spouses with a cut-off date being 14 days (2 Weeks) prior to the
       Conference. Non-members will be charged $150. Also, registrations after the 14 day cut-off will be charged
       for any events attended prior to the events.

I.     A discussion ensued regarding the SEAFC Conference in Hampton, Virginia. President Sims, 1st VP
       Womack will be attending.

J.     A Check will be Written for $100 to give to Dean Douglas of Greenville for bagpiper services at the
       October Conference.

K.     Discussion took place about transferring funds from the Conference Account into the operational Account
       and the Scholarship. A motion was made by President Sims to move $ 36,336.50 into General Fund
       Barstow First, Wallace 2nd. Unanimously passed. Motion by Barstow for $16, 005.96 in saving be used as
       seed money for the 2012 Conference. The funds will be left in Savings and removed as needed.

L.     President Sims notified the Board that Alvin Payne has indicated that he will run for 3rd Vice-President
       of the Association.

M.     Butch Womack needs a Credit Card in order to conduct the business of the Association for the 68th Annual
       Conference. Also, we need to track the number of attendees at our conference.

N.     Discussion on the raising of the Annual Dues. If a raise fails, we need to change the Conference
       Registration cost to adjust for it. We need to present options at meeting. The Association needs to have
       funds to operate.

O.     President & 1st Vice President are working to stagger members on Committees. This should be concluded
       by the end of the Month.

P.     Copier - Looking at a way to get rid of the copier. Left up in the air.

Meeting was Closed at 6:20 PM.
                                          SCSAFC Winter Meeting

                                              January 21, 2012

                                        Denny Auditorium, SCFA

The Winter Meeting of the SSAFC was held in conjunction with the Winter Meeting of the South Carolina
Firefighter’s Association.

President Sims called the meeting to order at 0900. Gene Ball offered the invocation. Tom Barstow
offered the Pledge of Allegiance.

A.     The Executive Director distributed the Minutes for the Executive Board Meeting on October 18,
       2011 and the minutes of the 67th annual Leadership Conference held in Anderson, SC on October
       19 -21, 2011. A motion was made by Ted Martin, seconded by Speer to approve the minutes. The
       vote was unanimous in favor.
B.     Financial Statements for October, November and December were discussed. A motion was made
       by Ball, seconded by Speer to accept the Financial Statements. The vote was unanimous in favor.
       Due to a problem printing the budget document on October 21, 2011, the finalized budget was
       distributed to the attendees. The total budget was $34,370.00 A motion was made by Ristow,
       seconded by Speer to approve the budget as submitted and allow the Board to spend up to $16.000
       to seed the 68th Annual Leadership Conference in June. The vote was unanimous.
C.     President Sims explained why funds were given to the Conference Planning Committee to seed the
       next conference. He noted that it was difficult to get the Conference planned and moving forward
       due to the fact that, many times, no registration or sponsorship monies are available early in the
       planning period. Freeing up the seed money allows a little sense of relief to the planning group and
       allows these funds to be replaced as the Conference funds are received.

D.     Due to changes in the establishment of standing committees under the Constitution and By-Laws
       changes made in October, many of the staggered Committee assignments have not been finalized.
       They will be completed within the next month.

E.     Committee Reports:

       1.      SEAFC - On Web Site

       2.      Fire school - On Web Site

       3.      Legislative Committee - On the Wensite

       4.      Membership Committee - Mason Speer noted one new member, Chief Charles King
               from Oconee County Emergency Services. Active Members are 419, Life members are
               57 and Associate Members are 29 for a total of 505.

       5.      Audit Committee - Mason Speer noted that the annual audit will be completed by the next
               Quarterly Meeting.

       6.      Firefighter Memorial Committee - Jerry Williams noted that we only know of 2 LODD
               deaths within the state. He asked that anyone knowing of any other members who have
      been killed in the line of duty should contact him so that they can be honored. He also
      noted that we will need another large plaque to be installed at the Memorial Plaza.

7.    2012 Conference - Butch Womack noted that the Chief’s Conference events will begin on
      Monday evening with opening ceremonies started on Tuesday afternoon. A training
      Program will follow the Opening Ceremonies for the attendees as well as the spouses. An
      evening event will take place off site. On Wednesday morning, the business session will
      take place between 0900 and 1200 hours. The Spouses will leave in the AM for their off-
      site events until 1600 hours. In the afternoon, another attendee training session will take
      place. The VIP session with the vendors will take place Wednesday evening. Thursday
      morning will be free time while the spouses are off-site for events. The SC Firefighter’s
      Association will open their Conference at 0900 hours and will continue until late
      afternoon. The SCSAFC Banquet will take place on Thursday Evening. The Memorial
      Service will be held on Saturday Afternoon in conjunction with the SC Firefighter’s

      No registration fee will be collected for the Conference until 14 days before the opening.
      Due to the need for planning for meals, etc. a charge will be levied for anyone registering
      after the 2 week period. Registration and lodging will be available on line through the
      SC Firefighter’s Website. Paper registration forms will also be available. The draft
      agenda is up on the website.

8.    State Fire Marshal - Adolph Zubia Noted that the SFMO hired a new Mobile
      Coordinator, Eric Thompson. He asked for input regarding response to be directed to
      him. He noted that decisions affecting the fire service are made daily at the State House.
      He asked that the Fire Service be available to make presence is needed at the hearings,
      etc. Sprinkler Coalition is working in the state to assist the Fire Service in doing their

9.    SCFA Superintendent Shane Ray noted that he has been in his position for 4 months.
      They are planning session for Strategic Planning. Another item is on-line registration
      format to be in place before July.

10.   President Alan Sims recognized Sondra Senn and noted that she will be leaving her
      position March 27, 2012 after 31 years.

11.   SC Firemen’s Association Executive Director Joe Palmer talked about the changes being
      made within the Fire Services this year. One reason for these changes is the joint work
      between both the Firefighter’s and Fire Chief’s Associations. He reviewed some of the
      changes noted the change in On May 9, 2012, the Legislative Day at the Denny
      Auditorium and asked members to be present.

      Discussion was made regarding the joint legislative committee and the active monitoring
      of Legislative efforts by Stewart, Konduros & Associates. We are watching bills
      regarding the retirement systems and presumptive health and disability. In addition,
      concerns are the USAR funding, LLR funding for fire programs and proposed changes
      in SC pension programs and a possible Board of Fire and Life Safety. Joint Council is
      5 review of Strategic Planning. Offers cohesion between and strategics

      SC Firefighters forms are due this month. Please pay attention to the 1/31/12 deadline.
      Also, change in SC Firefighter’s Website. He is trying to get the filing of required forms
      so that they can be done on line. They are developing training clearinghouse on line.
      This will be a Learning Management System which tracks members time on line.

12.   Maria Figueroa from the NFPA was previously a career firefighter and Public Education
      Specialist with the Miami-Dade Fire services. She is the NFPA’s Fire Sprinkler Specialist
             for the South, representing South Carolina and Tennessee. The sprinkler effort is a
             definite priority for the NFPA. If we remove the Sprinkler requirement from the existing
             code for 1 and 2 family homes, those homes built under the adjusted code will be sub-

F.   Old Business - None

G.   New Business

      1.    Chief Dan Cimini retired from the Myrtle Beach Fire Department and, has asked for life
            Membership. The Board has voted and will grant Life Membership to Chief Cimini.

      2,    Also, Chief Alvin Payne’s Mother in Law has passed and he can not be here.

      3.    In the same respect, we have a letter of intent from Alvin Payne to run for the position of 3rd
            Vice president. The posting for this position is still open prior to the April Meeting.

      4.    Application for awards and scholarship have been adjusted due to the change in the
            conference dates. Please go to the web site or look for this information in future E-blasts.

      5.    Photos which were made of Members at the 67th Annual Conference are available and, by
            sending President Sims and E-mail, he will forward these photos to you.

      6.    Planning and Goals Committee will be reactivated so that we can visit the growth of the
            Association in the future. History of the organization needs to be retained. Any suggestions

      7.    Chief Speer noted that the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs will be in North
            Charleston and, we will be the host. We would like our members to attend if possible.

The President Adjourned the meeting at 1000 Hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

      Jack Jansen

 Executive Director, SCSAFC

                                SOUTH CAROLINA STATE ASSOCIATION
                                    OF FIRE CHIEFS EXECUTIVE
                                 COMMITTEE MEETING MARCH 15, 2012
                                     SCFA CONFERENCE ROOM
                                          Columbia, SC

The meeting was called to order at 0915 am by President Alan Sims. Present were Alan Sims, Butch Womack
Tracy Wallace, Gene Ball and Jack Jansen. The following items were discussed:

Firefighter Memorial - April 10, 2012: The Board discussed the organization of the Fallen Firefighter
Ceremony. This included the handout, color guards, the order of service, sounding of Bells (will use the
format for the USFA Fallen Firefighter Service), The Governor will not attend and Catherine Templeton has
left the Division. We need the correct name of the acting LLR Director. Dean Douglas will be piper. Motion
to give Honorarium by Ball, Wallace. Passed. Chief Dennis Cauthen (Elgin) and A/C Robin West (Startex)
are the only fatalities. Richard Carter - Honor Guards Gary Rodgers, Chaplain of SCSFFA. Presidents Sims
and Kerber will place wreath. Meeting for Board on Monday April 9, 2012 at 3:00 PM followed by dinner.

Conference: Gene Ball asked for direction for the 1PM Memorial Service on Saturday, June 9, 2012. A
discussion ensued. Butch Womack, 1st Vice President described the progress for the 68th Annual Leadership
Conference. An in-depth discussion of the proposed events and planning took place. The Board meets at
Alvin Payne’s home on Sunday Evening. Then, a early arrival Dinner will be held on Monday evening at the
train depot. They are looking at a dinner on Tuesday evening at the Pirate’s Cove (old Dixie Stamped). Butch
noted that the cost will be about $36. He felt that we would need to collect a $10 for each person coming so
that we can guarantee attendance by those who sign up. He discussed several of the sponsors who have agreed
to financially support our events. They noted that an event on May 8th most vendors will attend an event at
Grace Church. Board will go out to dinner on Wednesday Evening. Looking for Hospitality Room to keep
senior retirees happy.

There are 23 Chiefs plus spouses are registered at this time. Board members will travel to Myrtle Beach on
March 28 & 9 to set up agenda for spouses. They are looking for Lasky or Silva to give a Keynote address.
Room rates were discussed. $138 plus taxes through the Conference Hotel.

Dues: A discussion took place regarding the increase of Dues. It was noted that this issue should be visited
during the April meeting. Also noted was that many local or county Chiefs Associations have dues higher than
the SCSAFC dues. Also noted was the fact that we need to find a common calendar to put events on so we
don’t conflict with other organizations. Discussed was the need to provide training and education to chief
officers. Several examples.

Audit: The President asked the ED if statements were given to Janice since we last spoke. Jansen noted that
he had to run copies and he had them with him today. It was also noted that an Audit was needed prior to the
April meeting. Jansen noted that no one has contacted him regarding an audit. A discussion took place
regarding the dues notice going out with the Firefighter’s Association packet on an annual basis.

Accounting: A discussion took place regarding the logistics of the new accounting process. A discussion took
place with various thoughts on benefits to SCSAFC members and how to collect dues and continue to get
financial support from vendors. Another thing was the listing of members who received Fritz Turner Awards.
Sims noted that the Fire Chief’s Handbook used to have great information for the Fire Chiefs.
Firefighter’s Association ED Joe Palmer talked about the way that the accountant will work. He asked that he
be the contact person for the accountant. He talked about the advantages are to doing it this way. A lengthily
discussion ensued.

A Motion was made for the SCSAFC to change the way we do bookkeeping with Palmetto Bookkeeping at
the set up cost of $200 initially and $35 each month. The accounts will be moved from Wells Fargo to First
Citizens. Motion made by Tracy Wallace, 2nd by Womack. A discussion ensued. The question was called and
the vote was unanimous.

Motion was made by Chief Womack, seconded by Chief Wallace, to give the signing ability of the SCSAFC
President, SCSAFC Executive Director and Joe Palmer, the SC Firefighters Association Executive Director
to sign. Credit cards will be issued to ED, President and 1st VP. Vote was unanimous to pass.

AWARDS PLAQUES: A discussion took place about the Hall of Flame at the SCFA. The Association wants
to have records of awards and presidents of the Association.

OTHER: A discussion continued about the existing Copier Contract. Copier cost will have to be taken out
of budget. Also shirts (white button-down)were discussed - L.L. Bean.

ED Jansen noted that the website went down. It took 3 days to get the site back up. He also paid $116.05 on
the new Domain name www.scfirechiefs.net . A discussion took place regarding the web sites.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm. Wallace made motion and
Womack seconded to adjourn.


 Jack Jansen
Jack     Jansen
Executive Director
South Carolina State Association of Fire Chiefs


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