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									18 | LAREDO MORNING TIMES                                                                                                                                                                                                   FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2005

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                                                                                                  and first-time Emmy nominee Patricia Ar-        which took a break last season. CBS was sec-   William Shatner of ”Boston Legal,” Oliver Platt
                                                                                               quette of ”Medium.”                                ond with 59 nomina-                            of ”Huff” and Alan Alda of ”The West Wing.”
                                                                                                  In addition to ”The Life and Death of Peter     tions, followed by                             Nominees for supporting actress were San-
                                                                                               Sellers,” which dramatized the life of the great   NBC with 54,                                           dra Oh of ”Grey‘s Anatomy,” Blythe
                                                                                               comic film star, and ”Warm Springs,” which re-     ABC with 51                                             Danner of ”Huff,” Tyne Daly of ”Judg-
                                                                                               counted Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s struggle with      and Fox with                                             ing Amy,” CCH Pounder of ”The
                                                                                               polio before he became president, other nom-       49.                                                      Shield” and Stockard Channing of
                                                                                               inees in the TV movie category were ”Lack-             Recognition                                          ”The West Wing.”
                                                                                               awanna Blues,” ”The Office Special” and ”The       also went to                                               The category that recognizes talk
                                                                                               Wool Cap.”                                         supporting ac-                                         show and other hosts was filled with fa-
                                                                                                  Elvis Presley scored again in the outstand-     tors and actresses in                                 miliar names and some new ones. Nom-
                                                                                               ing miniseries category as ”Elvis” garnered six    comedy and drama series.                             inations went to ”The Daily Show with
                                                                                               nominations including one for its star,                Nominated for comedy se-                        Jon Stewart,” which was last year‘s win-
                                                                                               Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The lead nominee,            ries were Jeffrey Tambor of                        ner, and to ”The Tonight Show with Jay
                                                                                               with 10 bids was ”Empire Falls,” and other         ”Arrested Development,” Peter                   Leno,” ”58th Annual Tony Awards” with host
                                                                                               contenders included ”The 4400” and ”The Lost       Boyle and Brad Garrett of                      Hugh Jackman, ”Tracey Ullman Live & Ex-
                                                                                               Prince.”                                           ”Everybody Loves Raymond,”                     posed” and ”Whoopi Back to Broadway—The
                                                                                                  Other nominees for lead actor in a minis-       Jeremy Piven of ”Entourage”                    20th Anniversary.”
                                                                                               eries or a movie were Kenneth Branagh for          and Sean Hayes of ”Will &                          The 57th Emmy Awards are scheduled to
                                                                                               ”Warm Springs,” Ed Harris for ”Empire Falls,”      Grace.” Actress nominees were                  air Sept. 18 on CBS. A host has yet to be an-
                                                                                               Geoffrey Rush for ”The Life and Death of Pe-       Jessica Walter of ”Arrested De-                  nounced for the Shrine Auditorium ceremo-
                                                                                               ter Sellers” and William H. Macy for ”The          velopment,” Doris Roberts of                        ny in which 27 awards will be presented.
                                                                                               Wool Cap” (who can hold a joint celebration        ”Everybody Loves Raymond,” Hol-                           Other honors, including those for
                                                                                               with his wife, ”Desperate Housewives” star         land Taylor and Conchata Ferrell of                   technical achievement and guest actors
                                                                                               Huffman).                                          ”Two and a Half Men,” and Megan Mul-                and actresses in series, will be given at a
                                                                                                  Actress nominees in the miniseries-movie        lally of ”Will & Grace.”                          ceremony a week before the award show.
                                                                                               category were Halle Berry for ”Their Eyes              ”I‘m over the moon, as they
                                                                                               Were Watching God,” Blythe Danner for ”Back        used to say,” Walter
                                                                                               When We Were Grownups,” S. Epatha Merk-            said from New York                                                        Photo by Kevork Djansezian | AP
                                                                                               erson for ”Lackawanna Blues,” Cynthia Nixon,       City.                                                             An Emmy award is displayed at
                                                                                               the former ”Sex and the City” star, for ”Warm          Joining Andrews                                               the Academy of Television Arts &
                                                                                               Springs,” and Debra Winger for ”Dawn Anna.”        and O‘Quinn of                                                       Science during 57th Annual
                                                                                                  HBO was the leading network with 93             ”Lost” in the drama                                                   Primetime EmmyAward nom-
                                                                                               nominations, even though it lacked the fire-       series supporting ac-                                                  ination announcements
                                                                                               power of its hit mob series ”The Sopranos,”        tor category were                                                    Thursday in Los Angeles.
                                                             Photo by Kevork Djansezian | AP
Actress Jami Gertz, right, reacts as actor Michael Imperioli announces S. Epatha Merk-
erson‘s name in the category of best actress in a miniseries or a movie during the 57th
Annual Primetime Emmy award nominations Thursday at Academy of Television Arts
& Sciences in Los Angeles.

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