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									Republican Roundup, No. 1, March 2012

Welcome to the first edition of Republican Roundup for 2012.

In this edition is a 'Message from the National Chair' and announcement of the new ARM
National Director, David Morris. There are details on conferecnes where the republic has been
'in conversation' as well as the Victorian HoS Conference. There is also included links to
some interesting articles as well as the prize winners of both the Inaugural Young Republicans
National Essay Competition and the Third National Republican Short Story Competition. Finally,
there are some dates in republican history, and what's happening 'Around the World' and
'Around the States'.
                                                                                Glenn Davies

In This Edition
   •   Message from National Chair
   •   2011/2012 National Committee
   •   New National Director appointed
   •   The republic 'in conversation'
   •   'What do we want from our Head of State?' conference
   •   Some interesting articles
   •   Inaugural Young Republicans' National Essay Competition winners
   •   Third National Republican Short Story Competition winners
   •   This day in republican history
   •   Around the world
   •   Around the states
   •   Republican merchandise

Message from National Chair
                     Dear Members,
                     Your National Committee met by teleconference on 16 January and 20
                     February 2012 and Branch Councils for 2012/2013 have been re-formed
                     and are in the process of finalising their 2012 plans.

                     I am pleased to advise that we have appointed a paid National Director.
                     He commenced work on 1 March 2012. We initially delayed the media
                     announcement of his appointment due to the saturation media coverage
                     at the time of federal politics. A press release with the announcement
                     and a copy of the National Director’s resume was forwarded a few days
                     ago to all members. The National Committee feels that this is a major

                      step forward in improving our organisational capability and are delighted
                      to welcome the National Director on board. He was thoroughly briefed at
                      National Office on 16/17 February but will obviously need to get out and
                      meet members over the coming months. As a start he will be attending
                      the Queensland Branch Council meeting on 14 March 2012.
                      At the 20 February 2012 National Committee meeting, Phil Shaw, a SA
                      member, was appointed to an existing vacancy on the National
                      Best wishes

                      Mike Keating
                      National Chair
                      12 March 2012

2011/2012 National Committee
Mike Keating (QLD) - Chair
John Warhurst (ACT) - Deputy Chair
David Morris - National Director
Grant Parker (NSW) - Treasurer and Company Secretary
David Glynne Jones (ACT) - Member wih special
responsibility for National Office
Lyn Petrie (SA) - SA Convener
Francis Ventura (VIC) - Youth Convener
Glenn Davies (QLD) - QLD Convener
Elizabeth Borello (WA) - WA Convener
Stephen Dametto (NSW) - NSW Convener
Simon Bateman (VIC) - VIC Convener
Henry Pill (TAS) - TAS Convener
Justin Ryan (ACT) - ACT Convener
Philip Shaw (SA) - Political Engagement
David Michael (WA)

New National Director appointed
The Australian Republican Movement is proud to announce
we have a National Director, David Morris.

David Morris has 25 years of experience and achievements
as a diplomat, senior political adviser and senior public
servant in building partnerships and delivering high profile
projects and strategies.

Most recently, David was Director, Government Relations,
for the University of Sydney and established its new China
Studies Centre, as well as managing for the Australian
Government a series of high level roundtables with
Australian and Chinese leaders from government, business
and academia at Shanghai World Expo.

Settling the unfinished business of the republic will help
make Australia stronger and more united for the future,
says the new National Director of the Australian Republican

David Morris, who starts in the new national leadership role this month, is developing a new
strategy for the Australian Republican Movement, to be adopted in 2012, to relaunch the
republican debate.
“It’s about pride and confidence. All Australians are proud of what we have achieved as a

nation, but we need to take one last step and have the confidence to have an Australian as
Head of State,” says Morris.
“We need to reach a new consensus for our future. Resolution of the ongoing division over
who should be our Head of State will show ourselves, and the world, that we are united and
sure of ourselves as a nation” says David Morris.
“The consensus on this final step in our nationhood has been broken for some time. Only the
people, and not politicians, can fix it. It will take time to build a new consensus, but we must
do so, to unite Australians about who we are and to tell the world that we stand on our own
two feet.”

David Morris is a former diplomat, senior public servant, political adviser and recently Director
of Government Relations at the University of Sydney. David grew up in country NSW and
Tasmania, and has promoted Australia in Asia and the US as well as on diplomatic postings to
Europe. He has an MBA from Henley Business School, in the UK, and a BA (Hons) from the
University of Sydney.

The republic 'in conversation'
Tom Keneally visited Perth for the Perth Writer's    On Monday, 13 February 2012 the ANU
Festival from 23-26 February and agreed to be a      university year was helped to be kicked off
guest speaker for ARMWA.                             with a thought-provoking conversation
                                                     about an Australian Republic. The guest
                                                     speaker, Greens Senator Bob Brown,
                                                     took time out from his busy schedule to
                                                     talk about the ongoing importance of
                                                     republicanism in Australia 'in conversation'
                                                     with Professor John Warhurst, ANU
                                                     academic and Deputy Chair of the National
                                                     Committee of the Australian Republican

Free Public Lecture by Professor Henry Reynolds, Sandy Bay, Hobart, Wednesday 21 March:
“The Tasmanian Roots of the Republican Issue”. Professor Reynolds will address the
history of the republican issue in Tasmania focussing on Australia’s pre-eminent republican,
Andrew Inglis Clark.
More information at

What do we want from our Head of State? conference
A conference on the riole of the Australian Head of State, both now and into the
On 4 February 2012 the Victorian Branch of the Australian Republican Movement, jointly with
Deakin University staged a highly successful conference at the Deakin University Mebourne
City Campus.
Speakers included:
* Keynote speaker: Tasmanian Senator Lisa Singh * John Power (Melbourne University) and
Harshan Kumarasingham (Humboldt Institute)
* John Warhurst (Australian National University and ARM Deputy Chair)
* Glen Patmore (Melbourne University)
* Anne Twomey (Sydney University)
* Greg Barns and Henry Pill (ARM Tasmania)
* Daniel White (ARM Victoria)
A highlight was the winding up Q & A session with panelists former ARM Chair Greg Barns,
rising Victorian State ALP MP Jane Garrett and former Liberal Senator and Minister Amanda
You can read Senator Lisa Singh's speech at
To view a video clip of the panel with Jane Garrett, Greg Barns and Amanda Vanstone see
"Where to for a republic?", The Monthly at
See also "The setting sun: Greg Barns and Henry Pill on the British monarch as head
of state in Australia, Canada, and Jamaica", Counterweights, 13 February 2012 at

Some interesting articles
John Warhurst, "Republican Leadership in Australia", East Asia Forum, 15 December 2011
John Warhurst, "Viva la republique! Why Nicola Roxon's push for constitutional reform
needsm supporters", The Converation, 19 December 2011 at
"Royals bill Aussie tax payers for gifts", NineMSN, 24 January 2012 at
Jonathan Pearlman, "Julia Gillard backs down in Queen gift row", The Telegraph, 24
January 2012 at

Inaugural Young Republicans' National Essay Competition winners
The winners of the ARM Inaugural Young Republicans’
Essay Competition have been announced!

First Prize: Scott Crawford – examined the Westminster
parliamentary system and concluded that although
Australia’s current structure is sound, we need to develop
our own republican model which combines an elected Head
of State and parliament, similar to the Irish model.
Second Prize: Brendan Forde – ‘Australia Coming of Age’
talked about Australia’s colonial past and our transition to a
pluralistic, liberal society and how our political system
should reflect that.
Third Prize: Joshua Crawford – argued that the modern
German republican model is the most desirable due to its
stability, comparing it with the American model’s separation
of powers arrangement which is less efficient to Germany.

Each submission was of a very high quality, and it was
especially difficult to separate the top three.
Scott will receive a $50 Westfield voucher, Brendan a
voucher worth $30 and Joshua $20.

You can read the winning essays at

Francis Ventura
Youth Convener, Australian Republican Movement

Third National Republican Short Story Competition winners
In 2011 Australia’s speculative fiction writers were
challenged to speculate on the possible futures of the
Australian republic using the theme ‘Citizen or Subject’.
The 2011 Judging Panel comprised Tom Keneally, Professor
John Warhurst and Professor George Williams.

                            Valda Marshall has been awarded ‘First Prize’ in the Third
                            National Republican Short Story Competition for ‘A Child of the
                            Holocaust’. She is a former journalist and TV writer who has
                            worked in Sydney, Toronto (Canada) and New York. Her television
                            writing credits include Neighbours, and Sons and Daughters. While
                            working with Neighbours, Valda co-authored two books based on
                            the Ramsay Street families: The Ramsays: A Family Divided and
                            The Robinsons: A Family in Crisis. She has been a staunch
                            republican since the 1950s. “I am an absolutely passionate
                            republican,” she said. “At the movies in the 50s, when they played
                            God Save the Queen before a screening, even then I thought, why
                            are we doing this? Why do we have a head of state on the other
                            side of the world?” Her 2010 novel The First President is a story of
                            love and politics in which Australia becomes a republic in 2016.
                            Valda was born in Adelaide and now lives in Sydney.
Richard Johnson has been awarded ‘Second Prize’ in the Third National Republican Short
Story Competition for ‘The King and Mister Crow’. He is an ex-Pommie who migrated from the
UK in 2001. He works as a structural engineer and has been privileged to work on several
iconic building such as Flinders Street Station and the renovation of the GPO. He had had a
couple of prior publishing credits, most notable of which is the Gold Award at the Writers of the
Future Competition in Hollywood last year, the world’s longest-running and most prestigious

competition for amateur writers of science fiction. Richard lives in Melbourne with his wife and
four year old son.

Harold Mally has been awarded ‘Third Prize’ in the Third National Republican Short Story
Competition for ‘Royalty Reality’. He lives in Sydney and writes short fiction. A number of his
stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies such as Blue Crow, Eclecticism, Page
Seventeen, Scribe, Narrator, Splatter, 21D, [untitled], The Bridge and The Lightship Anthology.
A few have won awards. Many have done nothing at all.

The Third National Republican Short Story Competition has continued to foster the
emerging Australian republican fiction genre. Before every great invention and before every
great journey is the idea. Without ideas and imagination, we are all trapped in the past. The
short stories ‘A Child of the Holocaust’, ‘The King and Mister Crow’, and ‘Royalty Reality’ are
exercises in imagination and help to lead the way into possible republican futures.

The Australian Republican Movement congratulates the winners of this year’s competition and
extends its thanks to all entrants. The National Republican Short Story Competition will be run
again in 2012.
                               Glenn Davies, Fiction Convener, Third National Short Story

This day in republican history
15 February 1990 - Queen Elizabeth agreed Australians
would no longer be nominated for Imperial Honours.
21 February 1891 - F.C.B. Vosper’s ‘Bread or Blood?’
editorial in the Charters Towers Australian Republican called
for the establishment of an Australian republic at any cost.
Written in support of the striking shearers the editorial was
to land Vosper with a charge of seditious libel. As the editor
of the Australasian Republican Association’s (ARA) weekly
journal he strongly advocated a revolutionary approach as
opposed to the ARA’s evolutionary approach to the creation
of an Australian republic.
2 March 1891 - First National Australasian Convention
began in Sydney to draft a federal constitution.
3 March 1986 - Appeals to Privy Council abolished.
4 March 1867 - Henry Parkes' speech advocating
27 March 1855 - All 13 Eureka rebels charged with
treason are acquitted.
3 April 1911 - First Commonwealth census held.
6 April 1895 - First performance of Waltzing Matlida
9 April 1902 - Vote given to women for federal elections
19 April 1984 - Advance Australia Fair replaced God Save
the Queen
25 April 1915 - Anzac Day landing at Gallipoli
29 April 1899 - South Australia's second federation
referendum passed

Around the world

        Republic -

Over the next few months leading up to the Queen’s 60th Jubilee celebration the UK Republic
supporters will be having a number of protests in London and around the country to voice their
opposition to monarchy. Their main focus for the Jubilee is a protest at the Jubilee Pageant
where hundreds of republicans are expected to assemble on the banks of the Thames River on
3 June 2012. More information at,uk

The latest edition of the Republic Magazine is now available to read and download from

        The Republican Movement of Aotearoa New Zealand -

The New Zealand Republican Movement released on Waitangi Day, 6 February 2012 their
updated policy. In summary, their framework is like ours, a non-executive HoS to replace the
monarch and GG, and with powers similar to the GG, and continuance of parliamentary
democracy as at present. They also propose a two stage process, with an indicative
referendum to determine between direct election and super majority of parliament selection of
HoS, and then a binding referendum on the preferred model. See,

        Citizens for a Canadian Republic -

Susan Delacourt writes in “Young Liberals want to cut royal ties”, Toronto Star, 3 January 2012
royal-ties that Liberal party members will debate whether Canada should sever its ties to the
monarchy when they meet in Ottawa this month.
The Globe and Mail reports Canada's Liberal Party has decided at its annual conference not to
adopt an official republican stance. The party debated the issue because of a resolution put up
by the Young Liberals. The fact that the remit was even put forward by the future leaders of
the Liberal Party must be worrying to the monarchists. While this resolution may have been
defeated, it represents a very solid starting point for the party to adopt a republican platform
in the future.

Around the states
ACT Monthly Meetings -
Regular meetings are held at 7:45pm on the 1st Monday of the month (except where this is a
public holiday) at the Italo-Australian Club, 78 Franklin Street Forrest ACT. To contact the
ACT branch convenor, please send an email to

Victorian Monthly Meetings -
The Victorian Branch of the ARM meets on the second Wednesday of each month at Hardie
Grant Publishing - Ground Floor, Building 1, 658 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121. All
members are welcome to attend and get involved. Call Victorian Convenor Simon Bateman on
0430 283 949.
Queensland Branch Calendar -
Queensland Branch meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every second month at
various locations around Brisbane. The next meeting will be 14 March 2012. All members are
welcome to attend and get involved. Contact Qld State Convenor Glenn Davies at for more information

                     Republican Merchandise

ARM merchandise available at

                  Australian Republican Movement
                    GPO Box 611 Canberra ACT 2601
               Phone: (02) 6257 3705 Fax: (02) 6257 3670
                      Email: staff


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